Incisional hernia repair


Incisional hernia repair is a surgical procedure performed to correct an incisional hernia. An incisional hernia, also called a ventral hernia, is a bulge or protrusion that occurs near or directly along a prior abdominal surgical incision. The surgical repair procedure is also known as incisional or ventral herniorrhaphy.


Incisional hernia repair is performed to correct a weakened area that has developed in the scarred muscle tissue around a prior abdominal surgical incision, occurring as a result of tension (pulling in opposite directions) created when the incision was closed with sutures, or by any other condition that increases abdominal pressure or interferes with proper healing.


Because incisional hernias can occur at the site of any type of abdominal surgery previously performed on a wide range of individuals, there is no outstanding profile of an individual most likely to have an incisional hernia. Men, women, and children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds may develop an incisional hernia after abdominal surgery. Incisional hernia occurs more commonly among adults than among children.


An incisional hernia can develop in the scar tissue around any surgery performed in the abdominal area, from the breastbone down to the groin. Depending upon the location of the hernia, internal organs may press through the weakened abdominal wall. The rate of incisional hernia occurrence can be as high as 13%

An incisional hernia occurs at the site of a previous incision (A). Intestinal contents break through the abdominal wall and bubble up under the skin. In a laparoscopic repair, the surgeon uses laparoscopic forceps to pull the material, omentum, from the hernia site (B). A mesh pad is inserted into the site to line the hernia site (C and D), and is tacked into place (E). (Illustration by GGS Inc.)
An incisional hernia occurs at the site of a previous incision (A). Intestinal contents break through the abdominal wall and bubble up under the skin. In a laparoscopic repair, the surgeon uses laparoscopic forceps to pull the material, omentum, from the hernia site (B). A mesh pad is inserted into the site to line the hernia site (C and D), and is tacked into place (E). (
Illustration by GGS Inc.

with some abdominal surgeries. These hernias may occur after large surgeries such as intestinal or vascular (heart, arteries, and veins) surgery, or after smaller surgeries such as an appendectomy or a laparoscopy , which typically requires a small incision at the navel. Incisional hernias themselves can be very small or large and complex, involving growth along the scar tissue of a large incision. They may develop months after the surgery or years after, usually because of inadequate healing or excessive pressure on an abdominal wall scar. The factors that increase the risk of incisional hernia are conditions that increase strain on the abdominal wall, such as obesity, advanced age, malnutrition, poor metabolism (digestion and assimilation of essential nutrients), pregnancy, dialysis, excess fluid retention, and either infection or hematoma (bleeding under the skin) after a prior surgery.

Tension created when sutures are used to close a surgical wound may also be responsible for developing an incisional hernia. Tension is known to influence poor healing conditions because of related swelling and wound separation. Tension and abdominal pressure are greater in people who are overweight, creating greater risk of developing incisional hernias following any abdominal surgery, including surgery for a prior inguinal (groin) hernia. People who have been treated with steroids or chemotherapy are also at greater risk for developing incisional hernias because of the affect these drugs have on the healing process.

The first symptom a person may have with an incisional hernia is pain, with or without a bulge in the abdomen at or near the site of the original surgery. Incisional hernias can increase in size and gradually produce more noticeable symptoms. Incisional hernias may or may not require surgical treatment.

The effectiveness of surgical repair of an incisional hernia depends in part on reducing or eliminating tension at the surgical wound. The tension-free method used by many medical centers and preferred by surgeons who specialize in hernia repair involves the permanent placement of surgical (prosthetic) steel or polypropylene mesh patches well beyond the edges of the weakened area of the abdominal wall. The mesh is sewn to the area, bridging the hole or weakened area beneath it. As the area heals, the mesh becomes firmly integrated into the inner abdominal wall membrane (peritoneum) that protects the organs of the abdomen. This method creates little or no tension and has a lower rate of hernia recurrence, as well as a faster recovery with less pain. Incisional hernias recur more frequently when staples are used rather than sutures to secure mesh to the abdominal wall. Autogenous tissue (skin from the patient's own body) has also been used for this type of repair.

Two surgical approaches are used to treat incisional hernias: either a laporoscopic incisional herniorrhaphy, which uses small incisions and a tube-like instrument with a camera attached to its tip; or a conventional open repair procedure, which accesses the hernia through a larger abdominal incision. Open procedures are necessary if the intestines have become trapped in the hernia (incarceration) or the trapped intestine has become twisted and its blood supply cut off (strangulation). Extremely obese patients may also require an open procedure because deeper layers of fatty tissue will have to be removed from the abdominal wall. Mesh may be used with both types of surgical access.

Minimally invasive laporoscopic surgery has been shown to have advantages over conventional open procedures, including:

Surgical procedure

In both open and laparoscopic procedures, the patient lies on the operating table, either flat on the back or on the side, depending on the location of the hernia. General anesthesia is usually given, though some patients may have local or regional anesthesia, depending on the location of the hernia and complexity of the repair. A catheter may be inserted into the bladder to remove urine and decompress the bladder. If the hernia is near the stomach, a gastric (nose or mouth to stomach) tube may be inserted to decompress the stomach.

In an open procedure, an incision is made just large enough to remove fat and scar tissue from the abdominal wall near the hernia. The outside edges of the weakened hernial area are defined and excess tissue removed from within the area. Mesh is then applied so that it overlaps the weakened area by several inches (centimeters) in all directions. Non-absorbable sutures (the kind that must be removed by the doctor) are placed into the full thickness of the abdominal wall. The sutures are tied down and knotted.

In the less-invasive laparoscopic procedure, two or three small incisions will be made to access the hernia site—the laparoscope is inserted in one incision and surgical instruments in the others to remove tissue and place the mesh in the same fashion as in an open procedure. Significantly less abdominal wall tissue is removed in laparoscopic repair. The surgeon views the entire procedure on a video monitor to guide the placement and suturing of mesh.



Reviewing the patient's symptoms and medical history are the first steps in diagnosing an incisional hernia. All prior surgeries will be discussed. The doctor will ask how much pain the patient is experiencing, when it was first noticed, and how it has progressed. The doctor will palpate (touch) the area, looking for any abnormal bulging or mass, and may ask the patient to cough or strain in order to see and feel the hernia more easily. To confirm the presence of the hernia, an ultrasound examination or other scan such as computed tomography (CT) may be performed. Scans will allow the doctor to visualize the hernia and to make sure that the bulge is not another type of abdominal mass such as a tumor or enlarged lymph gland. The doctor will be able to determine the size of the defect and whether or not surgery is an appropriate way to treat it. A referral to a surgeon will be made if the doctor believes that medical treatment will not effectively correct the incisional hernia.


Many months before the surgery, the patient's doctor may advise weight loss to help reduce the risks of surgery and to improve the surgical results. Control of diabetes and smoking cessation are also recommended for a better surgical result. Close to the time of the scheduled surgery, the patient will have standard preoperative blood and urine tests, an electrocardiogram, and a chest x ray to make sure that heart and lungs and major organ systems are functioning well. A week or so before surgery, medications may be discontinued, especially aspirin or anticoagulant (blood-thinning) drugs. Starting the night before surgery, patients must not eat or drink anything. Once in the hospital, a tube may be placed into a vein in the arm (intravenous line) to deliver fluid and medication during surgery. The patient will be given a preoperative injection of antibiotics before the procedure. A sedative may be given to relax the patient.


Immediately after surgery, the patient will be observed in a recovery area for several hours, for monitoring of body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and heart function, as well as observation of the surgical wound for undue bleeding or swelling. Patients will usually be discharged on the day of the surgery; only more complex hernias such as those with incarcerated or strangulated intestines will require overnight hospitalization. Some patients may have prolonged suture-site pain, which may be treated with pain medication or anti-inflammatory drugs. Antibiotics may be prescribed to help prevent postoperative infection.

Once the patient is home, the hernia repair site must be kept clean, and any sign of swelling or redness reported to the surgeon. Patients should also report a fever or any abdominal pain. Outer sutures may have to be removed by the surgeon in a follow-up visit about a week after surgery. Activities may be limited to non-strenuous movement for up to two weeks, depending on the type of surgery performed. To allow proper healing of muscle tissue, hernia repair patients should avoid heavy lifting for at least six to eight weeks after surgery, or longer as advised.


Long-term complications seldom occur after incisional hernia repair. Short-term risks are greater with obese patients or those who have had multiple earlier operations or the prior placement of mesh patches. The risk of complications has been shown to be about 13%. The risk of recurrence and repeat surgery is as high as 52%, particularly with open procedures or those using staples rather than sutures for wound closure. Some of the factors that cause incisional hernias to occur in the first place, such as obesity and nutritional disorders, will persist in certain patients and encourage the development of a second incisional hernia and repeat surgery. Each subsequent time, the surgery will become more difficult and the risk of complications greater. Postoperative infection is higher with open procedures than with laparoscopic procedures.

Postoperative complications may include:

Normal results

Good outcomes are expected with incisional hernia repair, particularly with the laparoscopic method. Patients will usually go home the day of surgery and can expect a one- to two-week recovery period at home, and then a return to normal activities. The American College of Surgeons reports that recurrence rates after the first repair of an incisional hernia range from 25–52%. Recurrence is more frequent when conventional surgical wound closure with standard sutures (stitches) is used. Recurrence after open procedures has been shown to be less likely when mesh is used, although complications, especially infection, have been shown to increase because of the larger abdominal incisions. Laparoscopy with mesh has shown rates of recurrence as low as 3.4%, with fewer complications as well.

Morbidity and mortality rates

Deaths are not reported resulting directly from the performance of herniorrhaphy for incisional hernia.


The alternatives to first-time and recurrent incisional hernia repair begin with preventive measures such as:

See also Femoral hernia repair ; Inguinal hernia repair .



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L. Lee Culvert


Incisional hernia repair is performed in a hospital operating room or a one-day surgical center by a general surgeon who may specialize in hernia repair procedures.


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Aimee Haring
Can you please send me some information on Doctors who preform these precedures on incisional hernias in my area, I live in Houston Texas
Verlene Birdsong
I wanted to send this home because this article explains incisional hernias best. V-
I had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia and diastasis rectus 3 weeks ago. I am having a lot of fluid build up in the middle of my abdomen. I have had it aspirated 2 X and am going back next week for a 3rd time. Everytime they aspirate it seems to build more fluid? What is going on and will the fluid ever stop? Frustrated!!

Thanks, Danielle
nizar Murar
I have same problems as Ann Johnson.Any comments concerning same
I had an incisional hernia repair done two weeks ago, and I am still sore inside. I also have a lump in my tummy where the hernia was. Its not the hernia, as it does not pop in and out with coughing or straining, but its a lump. Is this normal and will it go away on its own? I also have pain near my pelvic bones when I bend. I also cant wear any of my jeans yet because of pain.How long can I expect to be sore? Thank you.
can it cause cancel, iam have incisional hernia repair but it from a c-section , in 1999
I have had laprascopic surgery, to repair my hernia with a mesh put in, it has been two weeks since my surgery , and the same big lump repaired afew days after my surgery, they made 8 holes to repair it, I don't understand why it is still bulging out, but now it does not go back in when I sit down or lie down, does anyone know what it may be..I have not lifted anything or done anything that could have damaged it, it is freaking me out thinking that I might need to redo the surgery, it has been an extremely painful experience, please if anyone has any information it would be appreciated, oh and I have tried to contact my doctor, but she is away.
Danny Hestand
I am 2 weeks off the abdominal lapro hernia repair and have the same bluge at the surgery site. My doctor today advised me it is fluid build up and will dissipate into the body in 3-4 weeks. He gave me the option of having the fluid drained, but suggested against it, mentioning that every time you stick a needle in your body, you risk the chance of infection or even more fluid build up, and those that have gotten "drained" seem to always have more build up. He suggested to let the fluid dissipate naturally over time. Hope this helps someone
I had lapro inguinal repair 22 days ago. I feel very good now considering the first 7 days after surgery was miserable. I had regrets during the first 7 days of whether I should have had the surgery. Dr D. Echevarria in Tampa, Fl performed the surgery. On the 7-8 morning I woke up feeling a LOT better. Truly getting REST was the difference, even 7 days after the fact. On that morning I felt much better and now over weeks later, I do not have any regrets. I feel a lot better than before the surgery and the bulge is gone. I will now continue with an even better diet (I believe significant weight loss combined with straining was the cause) and light exercise to regain strength and routine. Good luck!
David Lillard
It's been over a month, and I am still having LARGE amounts of fluid (900 to 1600 cc) aspirated twice a week. This is ridiculous!!
It was interesting reading everyone elses comments. I am supprised to hear about the fluid build up so many of you have had. I had surgery 4 weeks ago and am still sore and woundering how long it will last. As far as fluid build up I have had none, however my docotor did leave in a drain tube in me for 1 week after surgery in which I emptied out daily. Any ways good luck to everyone.
Stina VanderZee
My husband had an incisional hernia rpr done 6 weeks ago with many complications, including excessive hemorrhage requiring emergency surgery 16 hours after the original surgery. His surgeon placed a JP drain in. 4 weeks after the surgery, he lost 1500 cc's through it and needed 2 units of blood and 3 additional days in the hospital. Last week (5 weeks after the original surgery) he spiked a fever to 102. The drainage had slowed to 30 cc's per day, but since the fever, it's draining about 200cc's daily. I'm concerned that he has developed an abscess, but cannot get the surgeons to listen to me. My husband looks pale and has no energy (which is totally not like him). Is this normal or should I start yelling louder?
Gina Livengood
I have had three hernia surgeries and a mesh is in there.At my navel. It has been 6 mos since mesh put in and now there's a huge bulge. I feel gross and worry about risks on waiting to have surgery after I can AFFORD it.Please answer me at also am on blood thinner coumadin.
Gina Livengood
My doctor said that hernia surgery is cosmetic.What the??!!
I had hernia repair surgery a little over 3 weeks ago i had 3 large hernias.i have 3 large mesh patches my stomach feels so heavy and hard and constantly hurts i wish i never had done it but doc said it was necessary just wish the pain would go away.
I am 21 and in the army.I have had 2 surgeries in the past 5 months to fix the 2 ubilical hernias i had.Now I have just found out that I have another hernia.This will be my third hernia and my third surgery.I am not actually doing anything too hard that should cause me to get a hernia.Why am I getting hernias over and over?
Also, mesh was used in my last surgery and the site around my navel, were the mesh is, protrudes and you can tell exactly were the mesh is. I thought the mesh was supposed to be thin and undetectable???
I am having the same problem five years later. I am due to have mine drained in a couple of days. I do not understand why the fluid builds up.
6 weeks after open hernia repair. cut from between breast to hair line. Had a drain for 3 weeks. Still have water build up. My Dr. doesn't want to drain it yet. Now that I have read the problems here I don't either. I worry it may build up around my heart. I an 71 and know it takes longer for me to heaI just hope the fluid goes soon. I can stand the pain but some days it's worse. feels like hot pokers sticking in you. I hope I am not 5 years into this thing.l.
I am coming on 1 year out of my hernia surgery. I still have fluid build up. Is this normal? Also, I have read about defective hernia patches... how do you know if you have one of those?
Thanks for ur team. because this cleared my doubt about the inscisional hernia repair and this improves my curiosity of human science.
Janice Barton
I read number 16, sherry, comments on her hernia repair surgery. Would it be possible for me to converse with her by e-mail as I just had the repair about 10 days ago and am having difficulties.
mony kony
Please tell me, how can i differentiate by clinical signs between parastomal hernia and insicional hernia?
Thank you
I had open incisional hernia repair surgery with placement of 25cm by 35 cm mesh 2 weeks ago. I have a JP drain. In the hospital the Dr. was concerned that I was draining a lot of blood. I am still losing 110-150ml's per day. Dr. says it is a vein that is bleeding. Dr. says he would have to open me back up to find it. Sounds sound too great. Will the bleeding ever stop without surgery. Isn't there a way he can find the bleed without a big opening again? Find it and then laprocopicly seal it off? Any helpful e-mail responses will be gratefully appreciated!
I have had surgery for a incisional hernia about 3 wks. ago, ended up back in the hospital after 3 days of constapation, then home with mild to no pain meds, but still have awful nausea, went in and doctor drained the incision in office, sent home again with pain and still constant nausea. Prescribed a anti nausea med, but it knocks me right out, then feel awful dopey after. I have to get back to work..has anyone had this after 3 wks. may be fuild under mesh, then more surgery needed. I wish I had never had this surgery at all.
Charlotte Liddy
I have been diagnosed with abdominal hernia after surgery for bowel resection last January 2009. Can you recommend a surgeon in my area who specializes in this type of procedure. I have consulted with Lorenz Iannarone, MD at Holy Redeemer Hospital but would like another recommendation for a second opinion. THank you
June '09 I Had Triple A Surgery. The stiches used were staples. Almost immediately I had problems, including an infection. Why are Vascular Surgeons using the staples to close when incisional hernia can be a side effect? What can I do to avoid having this problem again?
Since my aneurysm was at a 6, I was told, "we saved your life". As well they did, however, I thought the staples were barbaric and wondered if they could have closed another way. Six years ago I had Chemo for breast cancer and am free now. I am not overweight, eat a healthy diet, and have always been an active person. I think I am more terrified at the prospect of a recurring incisional hernia than any other thing I have been thru.
Vera Orohwe
Is there any non surgical way to treat Henia???

Please get back to me as fast as you can,

Thanks for your time.

Mrs Vera Orohwe
I have had three incisional hernias, one umbilical and one ventral. I am going tomorrow for the fourth incisional repair. I was a liver transplant recipient and was dying of liver cancer, so my body was not in very good shape. But, I am very tired of these repeated surgeries. I asked my transplant surgeon if maybe I should have a 'reconstructive surgeon' repair it this time, but he said no one would do the surgery due to my immunosuppression issues. So, here we go again! All I can say is, keep the weight off, try to get in shape, which is very hard when one is medically disabled and just lucky to be alive at all. I had a severe super infection of CMV after the liver transplant which has permanently damaged my entire nervous system, including my brain. I can barely walk at times for my feet are without feeling and hurt like frost bite. There is hope!
it for my sister she is 76 years old she had colon cancer 3 years ago now we find out that she has INCISIONAL HERNIA her Dr told her that she has the choice to be operated on or wait when it be came sirouse to the emergency to get operated on,please can somebody tell me how long it take for this kind operation time was in the operating room thank you again
I have had many previous surgeries. 2 Ventral and 2 Lateral. After losing a baby in 2000, my womb was ruptured and unbenown to the doctor, i was sent home. After 15 days i was rushed back into hospital to find all my insides had fused together, along with a serve infection. Hense the reason for the amounting surgeries. Since i have had a hysterectomy. Then a lump appeared along the side of the Ventral scar. My surgeon said he wasnt keen on giving me a mesh repair, but insisted he wanted to give me a repair using sutures. And also insisted if this didnt work, he would then perform reluctantly a mesh repair. Now 12 days after my surgery, after immense pain, not specifically where the wound is, but along my lateral scar, so much pain i couldnt cough, laugh, even move for a number of days. Which fortunately is just dying away now, Now I find a lump twice the size as my hernia originally was, and pertruding double the amount also, running the full length of my wound, running right across to the right side of my tummy. The lump is very hard indeed! And im wondering what this could be? and should i re-call my surgeon to get it checked out? Could it be the return of the hernia? Please someone help me as im really frightened :(
I will be having an incisional hernia repair in early May. After reading everyones comments, I am scared to go through with it. At the same time, I would hate to have to have an emergency surgery.

Can you suggest a good surgeon in Indianapolis, Indiana that could help me?

I am 65, overweight, out of shape, and very scared. From now till May I will be trying to lose weight and get in better shape and control my blood sugar better as I am a diabetic.

Thanks for whatever you can offer me.

Hi, I found this article very informative however I am wondering how many incisions are usually used in the laprascopic surgery. I just had the surgery friday feb 12 2010 and received 7 yes 7!!! incisions! I am in severe pain and begining to think my surgeon did not do it right.
To answer Angela, I had 7 incisions also for my laprascopic surgery for a strangled hernia. That is very common, 6-7 incisions. It has been about a month now and I have very little pain, just alittle soreness where the mesh was placed. My navel pouches out still, but my surgeon says it is alittle fluid and it should re-asorb into my body in 3 to 4 weeks. So far that hasn't happened yet. I still have problems with nausea, but I don't mind, because I need to loose weight anyway. Hope this helps.
I had a incisional hernia repair in Jan. 28th 2010,I have been in so much pain since. My right side near my ribs for 2 weeks or so. I was wondering if that was common, or should I call the doc?
I am scheduled to remove my hernia on March 19th, and from reading all these comments I have noticed that no one is successfully recovering from any of these surgery's. So therefore I have chosen my mind to a later date to gain more information on this surgery, and why there is so many negative feedback.
i have gone through the surgery of inguiral hernia on 4 march 2010.i am now looking 4ward 4 the care procedures through which i can avoid the risk of having it back .can u suggest me all the procedures n care in detail through which i can avoid getting the hernia problem back.will b waiting 4 ur reply.i normally drive a bike .is it safe to drive a bike after the surgery of inguiral hernia .if so than in how much time i can drive my bike again.please reply soon
I had laparascopic surgery on December 3rd 2009,and I still have a lump where the mesh was used for the repair.Im quite worried as it near my scrotum,i've been back to the hospital since but i never get to see the surgen that proformed the operation.I was wondering what this lump possibly is,its not the hernia as it dose not pop out when i cough or lift.if anyone has any advice or ideas on this please let me know!!
I had incisional hernia repair 4-6-2010. I return to work two days later. I am a very healthy 46 year old. I had this same operation 5 years ago. I am not overweight, I run in marathons.I would like to start running again, the Dr. says I have to wait 4 weeks. Does anyone think that this time period is way to long. I would like to get back to normal routine, yet I do not want to have this again.
I had Incisional hernia repair 2/5/10. I went back to work 2 weeks later. I've had alot of soreness. My DR has advised me to not do any bending, stooping or lifting for 3 mths. He said I would only be 80% healed at 3tmhs. that the other 20% will come during the year. he has also stated that I could have to have more surgery if I'm not caerful. I had 2 small holes & no mesh was used. My abdomine was swollen for quiet awhile after the surgery. Because I can't do much of anything I've gained about 20lbs. Now I worry about the extra weight causing a reaccurance. This isn't what i signed up for when I agreed to have the surgery!!
I had hernia surgery in January 2010,The doctor put that mesh in and after I started healing. The top of my incision popped open. I had a hole in my stomach that would not heal. My body rejected the mesh. I thought I was doing fine. I know my stomach hurt a lot with the mesh in there. I had to go back to the hospital to have the mesh removed May 11, 2010. It feels so much better. I don't have the pain I had before. Now I am worried that my stomach will not be strong enough for me to do the things I used to.
Kim, I had the incisional hernia repair dec 16 09, with mesh and have been having trouble with fluid buildup since then. The surgeon who did the surgery told me that it would absorb back in my body and released me. I went to my urologist for intercystial cystitis visit and they found the fluid buildup during a sonogram had drastically increased. I'm scheduled to have it drained May 20th. He told me that he couldn't remove the mesh, even though my body was rejecting it. my q is, was the dr able to remove it easily without allot of scaring? I would really like to have this thing removed. Until reading this, I was thinking that once it was drained, that would be the end of this nightmare. Also, how is everyone doing that has had the fluid drained? Complications? has anyone had success with this and did you come home with the tube? The day is coming fast and I'm afraid
I had surgery about 9 years ago which involved more than one surgery and I had this done at IUMG in Indianapolis. All of the doctors have since retired and I am needed an excellent surgeron to repair what I had done. I had it done in Terre Haute IN and then at St. Vincents and then finally at IUM in Indianapolis. I don't know how to find out who the doctor's are because it has been so many years ago. Could you please help me or let me know who I need to contact to get this information? I think I have both areas come loose that was repaired and it is very painful. Thank You for whatever help you can give me.
I had surgery about 9 years ago which involved more than one surgery and I had this done at IUMG in Indianapolis. All of the doctors have since retired and I am needed an excellent surgeron to repair what I had done. I had it done in Terre Haute IN and then at St. Vincents and then finally at IUM in Indianapolis. I don't know how to find out who the doctor's are because it has been so many years ago. Could you please help me or let me know who I need to contact to get this information? I think I have both areas come loose that was repaired and it is very painful. Thank You for whatever help you can give me.
What is causing the fluid buildup at the meah site after hernia surgery? What can I do I still have a drain tube after 5 weeks of surgery.
@ Danielle, do not aspirate anymore, it is normal and will go away in about 6 weeks- 8weeks. the only possibility is that it will get infected by introducing the aspir needle. you can put a compressive bandage to reduce the production of fluid... hope it will stop soon!
I had hernia surgery 2 weeks ago for 3 hernias and an abscess. I was doing fine until i stopped taken my inflammatory drugs. I have also got a cough at the moment and feel like i have pulled a muscle in the lower right side of my abdomen. It seriously hurts when i move or cough. I am really worried. There is no sign of swelling or redness to my scar, which is clean and dry and looks really well. Am i worrying over nothing?
This is the best article so far that i have read on this procedure
I would like to know if after the sugery does the stomach size go down at all
The hernia is not that big and is on the uper part of stomach which pushes stomach out
i need to have a hernia op done and am quite scared about it ihave had 4 c sections the classical type not bikini line my hernia does not hurt but it does seem bit bigger than when i saw the consultant who is not very helpful and no contact after the general meeting am not sure what to do next i was advised to lose some wieght which i am trying to do ive had several visits to the dietician but every visit is the same chat and she is not telling me anything i dont already know or do i walk a lot and am very active and i eat a lot of fruit n veg i dont eat too many sugary stuff but the weight is not shifting also after surgery will the size of my tummy be reduced
I had incisional hernia in dec and i still have stictches coming from my belly button and still bulging on the left side and get sick all the time and is painful what should i do?
After reading all the comments, I would like to encourage all of you who may be faced with a hernia surgery. After a twin pregnancy, I developed a huge ventral hernia. In fact, I still looked pregnant. Because the hernia was reducible and pain free, I didn't bother to have it repaired. Almost 14 years went by, and I had to face the fact that it was getting worse. I would have severe pain and I couldn't sleep on my stomach anymore. What really woke me up was reading an article that highlighted the risks of a hernia strangulating. That constitutes a true emergency which can be life-threatening. By the way, that happens when a loop of instestine gets stuck in the hernia and its blood supply is cut off. It can be fatal if not immediately treated. Because I couldn't reduce my hernia down anymore, I decided that intervention was called for. Reluctantly, I saw a surgeon. I went in to the hospital on a Monday and ended up staying until Thursday. The surgeon told me that the hernia was huge and that a very large piece of mesh was required to repair it. The long hospital stay was due to my intestines shutting down, which can happen after abdominal surgery. Actually, I appreciated the longer stay since I was really in a lot of pain. However, aside from that, I had absolutely no complications. Sure, I was really hurting for about a week, but everyday that passed was better than the day before. I was told to wear my binder for 6 weeks and I did. I was told to walk and I did. I took it easy for 2 whole weeks and didn't lift anything heavy for 6 weeks. I have never regretted having the surgery; it feels so much better not having my insides hanging out. Please know that hernias can be dangerous if they become strangulated. It is better not to wait to have them repaired. Blessings.
I wish I wouldve read a little more on this ventral/umbilical hernia surgery before I had it done. As well I have fluid build up above my belly button which seems to hurt and it's pretty hard. My belly is still somewhat numb and I had the surgery done a bit over 2wks ago. I totally dont recomment the surgery at all unless you are in serious pain with the hernias.
I have ecently had an operation (10days ago) on my incisional hernia, since the op I have had complete rest, no lifting or housework, but there is a hard lump appeared where the hernia was, this does not move when I touch it and it appears sore and numb to feel. Can you please advise if this is normal after the operation or could it be the hernia back?? I am not seeing my surgeon until end of September so I have sometime to wait for answers from him. It would be grea if you could help me on this one.
June 4, 2010 I had a very large umbilical hernia repaired - mesh is about 7 inches sq. Two nights ago I had bent over to retrieve a bag with 1 DVD in it and when I straightened back up, I immediately doubled over in excruciating pain. Called my surgeon the very next morning to be told that I needed to take it easy and take some Advil. This pain is not Advil pain; it's Rx pain so here I am, nearly 8 weeks post-op with a new pain. I put my abdominal binder back on - if you're having this surgery purchase one prior as you will definitely be glad to have it post operatively - and taking Advil. It's not helping so I'm calling the Dr. again today as the pain has gotten worse. I would never have done this even knowing about the risks.

It was 3 weeks before I could leave my house because I could not stand up, walk without a pillow supporting my belly (and then I was able to get a binder which helped immensely). Getting out of bed to use the bathroom took almost 1 hour one morning; good thing I didn't have to urgently go.
I'm suffering from a ventral hernia in my stomach and adhesions and scar tissue, my pain is so horrific that I don't know why I'm living. I have a history of returning hernias along with the scar tissue and adhesions, I don't know whats causing what. I'm just tired of being in pain all the time. I've had 5 stomach surgeries between 2004-2006, and I'm still in pain. No doctor will operate on me due to me health history and the number of surgeries I've had on my stomach. They all think I will die, and the way I'm feeling now I would probably be better off. Over the last two years I feel like there is something inside of me that should not be there, I feel like I'm beening ripped apart inside, its like constant labor pains but no baby is born, this is not right
and I know its not. I'm a beleiver of GOD and I know He is the Higher Power, see GOD gave doctors knowledge but what good is that knowledge if the doctor has no faith in GOD?
Now I'm 57 years old and my health systoms are as follows: C.O.P.D.,sarcoidosis,heart problems, arthiritis,highg blood pressure, P.A.D, I have problems and I still have no fear, I'm sick, If I was well for a week I would be gratiful. I have no life with my 12 grandchildren, I can't drive due to some new symptoms that started about a month ago, I wa in the hospital for 4 mdays and I left there the same way I went. In June 2010 I developed dizziness, nausea, very upset stomach,my balance was off, after taking anything by mouth, medicine food anything, I'd get really weak, extremly tired and a sleepiness would fall on me and I just start going to sleep on and until I would just give into it and take a nap. This is anytime of day. And I gained about 30 pounds eating hardly nothing, one of my doctors increased my lassix from 80mg to 120 mg, that started taking the weight off, but did nothing for the other symptoms. My med list is as follows:
Promethazine w/codine 120mg one tsp every 6 hrs as needed,Pulmicort Flexhaler 180mg 2 puffs a day, Loratab 10mg, 2 tabs every 4 hrs as needed, hydrochlorothiazide 25mg i a day,atenolol 50 mg itab twicw a day,amlodipine 10mg 1 tab a day,trazodone 50mg 1 tab at bedtime,klor-con m 20 1 tab a day,promethazine hcl 25mg 1 tab every 6 hrs as needeed, hyralazine 25mg 1 tab a day, morphine 15mg i tab twice a day, ranitidine 150mg 1 tab twice a day, furosemide 80mg, 1 tab a day, also a 40 mg tab every afternoon, zolpiden tartrata 5mg, 1 at bedtime, meclizine 25mg, 1 tab twice a day, tracleer 125mg, 1tab twice a day, carisoprodol 350mg 1 tab twice a day as needed, diphenox/atropine 2.5mg, 1 tab twice a day as needed..
What a list, even with the pain meds they give me, I'm never pain free. I've taken loratab for 8 years and just recently the morphine was added on for what it does'nt help.
I need a surgery that no one will do, where ca I get help, I'm fron wichita kansas and i have a medical card through the state, do you know anyone who will at least look at my case, I can travel with a referral, please someone help me. Myphone number is 316-832-9633 and my cell phone number is 316-217-6099. Leave a message if theres no answer. Thank You for at least reading this plea for help. GOD BLESS YOU!
I had my second ventral hernia repaired open incision with mesh last week. My first was repaired with no mesh nor any problems subsequent. I am having nothing but pain, itchy, burning pain under my incision. There's also an awesome bulge, even higher, than my incision. I was told by an ER doctor that it IS THE MESH. You know, that "undetectable" mesh?! I have read this entire thread and I am extremely unhappy. I am 26 years old and 112lbs, the bulge and scars are ridiculous, to be completely superficial. Anyone who is looking for a natural way to repair hernias, I read a lot about people suffering multiple hernias could possibly have a copper deficiency. The only way to test for copper through hair strand testing. I don't remember the sites so search HERNIA+COPPER. Hope everyone having problems get some relief & resolve.

And I'm going to murder someone if I need a drain.
In the early phases, healing hernia without surgery is possible. The following steps may be useful to treat a mild form of hernia:

1.Use of hernia belt to prevent the protrusion and reduce pain. Special type of hernia belts is available for each type of hernia.
2.Treat constipation, recurrent cough, urinary obstruction, etc. whenever they occur.
3.Lose some weight will increase the strength of abdominal wall.
4.Accommodate a healthy diet
â—¦Eat food rich in fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables and grains for easy bowel movements. Leafy vegetables such as cabbage, dandelion, sweet potatoes, artichoke, etc. are some of good choice. Have grains like barley and millet.
â—¦Eat six small meals instead of 3 big meals
â—¦Eat Cayenne pepper
â—¦Drink warm tea in hot room and sweat it out
â—¦Keep away from foods which are hard to digest
5.Healing hernia without surgery through a healthy lifestyle changes
â—¦Do abdominal exercises regularly to increase the muscle tone.
â—¦Avoid bending or lying after eating
â—¦Stop smoking
â—¦Avoid weight lifting that put pressure into the intra-abdominal leading to severe risk of hernia
â—¦Keep off from alcohol
◦Don’t get depressed
◦Don’t wear tight clothes
â—¦Keep a cloth soaked in rupturewort tea to the affected area for some relief
6.Try other systems like homeopathic treatment, herbal medicine, etc.
V.A. Hospital Fayetteville Ark. Success and problems with this surgery?
V.A. Hospital Fayetteville Ark. Success and problems with this surgery?
I had this surgery in February 2010 and I am still having pain from it. It is on the left side of my body near where my stomach had been. (They removed that in September 2009) Is it possible that I can still have pain from the mesh being put in to repair this incisional hernia? Thanks for any info you can give me.
I had colon surgery in September of 09. While I was in the hospital, I got sick and tore everything loose and had emergency surgery. I tore the stomach muscle completely apart. It has receded to about 5 inches apart. I went in for the laproscopy to inseret the mesh. That was in April. I have a huge bulge and pain in my right side.The pain is constant and the Dr. said I will have to learn to live with it! Is there really nothing that can be done about this? Can the Muscle not be put back together?
I had umbilical hernia repair 3 yrs ago. I pulled stitches last month. They redid the heria repair this time with dissolvable stitches. It's been 9 days. I am still feeling slight pinching and poking sensations when I twist and turn. Is that normal?
Hi-I am 6 weeks pot op from hernia surgery. 4 years ago I had gastric bypass and 1 1/2 years ago I has a bowel obstruction which could not be done lapro. I developed a huge hernia from that operation. With about 130 lbs of weight loss the amount of excessive skin on my stomach was incredible. When I had the hernia repair, I also had 9 lbs of skin removed from my stomach. Since the hernia was so large, my dr. used pig skin instead of mesh. I am wondering if some of you have had your dr, mention this idea if you are rejecting the mesh. My dr. swears by it. I am also developing 2 hard spots along the incision line and am headed to the dr. today. Can anybody tell me what is involved if he wants to aspirate it? Also-my stomach opened up at the "T" point and I have a pretty large hole in my stomach and I now have a wound VAC attached. Anybody have any experience with this? Thanks so much.
I've had 2 previous csections and ever since my last operation on June of 2009 I've had a very uncomfortable pain on my lower left side right by my scar. I am unable to do crunches or situps of any kind due to the pain.Also when I am laying down I have to be careful how I get up to not hurt myself. Can someone give me some information and tell me if it can be a hernia?? And if it is how much does a surgery like this cost?? I am worried and a bit scared. Please email me
I have an incisional hernia, not huge, maybe the size of large wart when I'm resting. It has emerged from the top of my splenectomy wound from too much exercise. I'm a kickboxer and I have trained in Thailand. Usually, I'll train for 4-6 hours a day, doing up to several hundred sit-ups daily. Recently, I added weights and planks to my routine which caused the break.

I'm currently living in Korea so I cant get an exact answer. Doctor says I dont need surgery, but what about running, kick-boxing and sit-ups?
A few yrs after gastric bi-pass, i had incisional hernia repair. Pain was pretty bad for about 7wks after the surgery, but i didnt have to have anything drained. I had negative emotional side effects from different prescribed at home pain meds, and want to warn others that if you get real depressed, you may be better off with over the counter pain meds, or at least seek help for the depression while recovering. Best wishes to all who are struggling.
I had colon re section five weeks ago which left me with large abdominal hernia. I am 74 years old. Feel real good. Any advantage of Laproscopy surgery over abdominal surgery?
I had open surgery 3 weeks ago in my stomach above my belly button to repair a incisional hernia. I did get a bulge on my stomach (not the same spot as hernia) a few days later. My dr. told me it was fluid build up. He explained that he wouldn't do anything for at least 3-4 months to see if it goes away on it's own. He did explain that putting a needle in can and almost always makes it infected. 3 weeks later and the bulge is almost gone. I think everyone should just wait, because remember you just had surgery, your body needs time to adjust. This is my 10th surgery procedure, (first hernia repair) It's not the most painful, but frustrating because I can't lift anything. Also I did find that Im not in constant pain, but it does linger on back and forth. I had a 2" incision done to repair hernia with a tension free mesh. I hope this helps someone :)
I have recurring hernias,three at the moment. I also have had multiple s surgeries. How much mesh can be used to cover about a site about 6 inches.
I already have had 2 repaired.
My incisional hernia is huge but just was able to receive insurance with the new Plan that was just passed in Aug. Does anyone know if my not feeling well and flu like symptoms can be caused by this hernia. And are there other symptoms that could be related. I am trying to wait until Jan for surgery because of the $2500 deductible. I am also having difficulty eating due to lack of appetite. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Peggy
I have to have a second incisional repair. The first used mesh. The original repair was due to a gall bladder operation using open surgery. Is there anyone doing a repair other than mesh? Can you provided names of surgeons that have extensive experience in incisional repair. I live in Ohio but am willing to travel. thanks
My partner had a hernia operation a week and a half ago. and he developed a hematoma after surgery. still after a week the wound has not healed and it is still bleeding he has about a 1cm gap where the blood is still coming out.he has alot of swelling and is still in alot of pain. we have been to the hospital on 3 occasions and been told its ok and normal. he is due to go back tomorrow and have the staples removed, but the wound has not healed, is that right? and is there anything they should be doing.
I had a repair done on Nov.3rd 5 days later feeling really good glad I did it but still very sore at incision. at least I can stand up straight now. Get it done it is worth it.
Afriend has had a second hernia operation and has had this large hole left open to be stuffed with gauge and cleaned twice a day. Is this normal? The flow of fluid is extreme and she is in an enormous amount of pain. How can I help her in reaching the confidence she needs to master all this discomfort?

Dorothy Shertzer
I had surgery 10/29 for an incisional hernia and for the removal of adhesions. I have fluid like some of you have mentioned. I was in the hospital for 5 days. My surgeon is wonderful and says the fluid with go down on its own so I guess it is a wait and see situation!

The pain from this surgery has been pretty bad. I was not expecting this much pain especially since the surgery was done laparoscopic with 7 holes and an eighth with the belly button!

I am hoping for a successful outcome when the healing is complete. Has anyone had success?
I had surgery 10/29 for an incisional hernia and for the removal of adhesions. I have fluid like some of you have mentioned. I was in the hospital for 5 days. My surgeon is wonderful and says the fluid with go down on its own so I guess it is a wait and see situation!

The pain from this surgery has been pretty bad. I was not expecting this much pain especially since the surgery was done laparoscopic with 7 holes and an eighth with the belly button!

I am hoping for a successful outcome when the healing is complete. Has anyone had success?
I had surgery 10/29 for an incisional hernia and for the removal of adhesions. I have fluid like some of you have mentioned. I was in the hospital for 5 days. My surgeon is wonderful and says the fluid with go down on its own so I guess it is a wait and see situation!

The pain from this surgery has been pretty bad. I was not expecting this much pain especially since the surgery was done laparoscopic with 7 holes and an eighth with the belly button!

I am hoping for a successful outcome when the healing is complete. Has anyone had success?
i had a incisional mesh repair three weeks ago and have since had a huge bulge.The doctor kept telling me i was constipated until i demanded an ultra sound.I have a fluid build up of blood apparently has anyone had this before.Waiting to see Doctor tomorrow.
i have had 7 surgeries, i have alot of scar tissue, evry time my sugar gets unstable is when i start vomitting and my stomach has ungodful pains. i am not constipated and that is what the emergency room tells me im hurting and need help...
I had emergency umbilical surgery on Nov. 27th to fix a pretty big hernia which looked like a babys head coming out of my belly button. I was in the hospital from saturday to wednesday and got better gradually everyday. I got home Weds. afternoon and from then till about Sat night I ran around everywhere. Come sunday morning my right side has a pain in it. it is a little under my ribs and only really hurts when I breath in. I am wondering if I strained a muscle and if so how long does it take to go away? It is now Thurs. morning and the pain is still there. My incision area is doing fine according to my doctor who took half the staples out tuesday.
I been diagnosed with a double ventral hernia I also have lower back pain from injury they tell me my hernia is above my stomach right by breastbone in the last few years I have put on 75 extra lbs i can't lose any lbs and I have a lot of constipation help rusty 12-26-2010
i had open hernia operation 3 1/2 wks ago for an incisional hernia.. pain lasted not too long .. i am still getting the odd twitch and pulling if i sneeze without holding my stomach and i can feel the mesh in the area where the hernia was.. or at least i think thats what i'm feeling. swelling goes down a little each day. i've been pretty careful .. sitting around most of the day and doing light housework. i have not lifted more than 10lbs and am careful when i bend down. i m going back to work in 5 days . can't wear my pants yet . .worried about how long it will take for the rest of the swelling to go down. my incision healing nicely but still a bulge in that area .. i havent had any fluid drained like most of you mentioned.. is it normal to still feel pulling if you sneeze almost 4 wks later . i am paranoid about getting another hernia and maybe being over careful
I had incisional hernia repair last year. I have had 4 abdominal surgeries-one C-section (bikini cut), hysterectomy (at same bikini cut), 9" incision for mass which was a mucinous cyst adenoma on my right abdomen, and then the incisional hernia mesh laproscopic repair at the 9" incision. I need serious rehab/abdominal strengthening regimen. Two days ago I had pain in my left abdomen and I fear I have a hernia (I am a massage therapist since 2005--abdominal surgery in 2006, hernia last year). Can anyone suggest abdominal strengthening regimen for me?
I have been trying to find info on the possibilty of the lap belt could damage the mesh during a vehicle accident I had a large incisinal hernia repaired 6/10 8 months ago and was recently in an auto accident rear ended and front collison and having increasing pain feels like 1000's of needles are sticking me from inside told the drs and they say ok your neck hurts where dont know how to get it through to them that im having more pain in abdomin where seat belt squeezed me. any suggestion on how to get my point across or is it impossible for the mesh to be damaged doing that
I have been trying to find info on the possibilty of the lap belt could damage the mesh during a vehicle accident I had a large incisinal hernia repaired 6/10 8 months ago and was recently in an auto accident rear ended and front collison and having increasing pain feels like 1000's of needles are sticking me from inside told the drs and they say ok your neck hurts where dont know how to get it through to them that im having more pain in abdomin where seat belt squeezed me. any suggestion on how to get my point across or is it impossible for the mesh to be damaged doing that
I had a 3.5cm infraumbilical hernia repaired surgically with mesh on December 22, 2010. My incisional pain is nearly gone, however, my whole abdomen feels painful on a daily basis. It is worse after I eat (I feel even more bloated then) and is much worse in the evenings. I cannot yet put on pants with a waistband without being in pretty good pain for the rest of the day. I have a nagging pain in the upper left quadrant of my abdomen right under my rib cage- it feels like a really bad gas bubble, however I have had it for over a week, it does not move and my bowels have been working just fine. I am not overweight ( I am 5'4" and weigh 135). When I sit up straight and my stomach 'scrunches' together it is very uncomfortable. The more stretched out I am, the better. I am wondering if my abdomen is going to be this sensitive forever?? It doesn't seem to be related to the surgery, but maybe to the mesh? I did not have any of these problems before surgery! I also feel a nagging feeling (some pain, some pressure or tension or something) in the 'pit' of my stomach, right in the center above my navel. I have not had this before either. Not sure what I should do...wait or worry? I have spoken with the doctor's office and there is no reason to believe that anything is 'wrong'. I have no fever, I am eating, I am not nauseaous, my bowels are moving, I have no bulges, my incision has healed perfectly (you can barely see it, although it is about 3.5" long, however I do have some bruising around it). I did read about the Kugel mesh they recalled, it had the outer coil that was coming apart or something. It was made by Bard. I asked the office what kind of mesh was used on me and I was told Bard mesh and I believe it was the Ventrio line-which also has an outer coil that springs into a flat shape when placed in the abdomen. Any thoughts or suggestions? I never thought I would ever be writing to a site like this, I am just a little worried that things don't seem to have turned out the way I thought they would.
I was just diagnosed with an Incisional hernia. I have an appointment with a surgon mon Monday. I am so dreading it. I just had major surgery one year ago. Back Fusion with three cages and 8 screws. Another major surgery is something I really don't want. I am not getting any younger 59(60 in less than a month) and it takes me longer to bounce back now. I have found your article very informative. I have also read a bunch of forum's that are full of horror stories of mesh rejections in probibly 95% of the stories. Depending wht the Doctor says on Monday I am seriously considering NOT having it done. I am not in any pain, just a big knot where I have had two incisions from two surgeries. Back surgery and gall bladder surgery. I am over weight, which I know is part of the problem. If I take off some weight, is it feasable that I could avoid the surgery?
Excellent information. Clearly presented and complete. Thank you very much!
I have had one hernia surgeries, At my navel. It has been 3mos since surgery and now there's a huge bulge. I feel gross and worry about risks on waiting to have surgery after I can
"Alternatives to first time and recurrent incisional hernia repair begins with preventive measures such as..."

Does this assume the person already has a hernia and may be able to avoid first time incisional hernia repair, or does it refer to how to avoid an incisional hernia in the first place which would necessitate incisional hernia repair?

Betty White
incisional hernia is a complex and multifactorial problem that requires primarily intense focus on history for proper selection of patients before surgery,Optimization of general and local patient's condition according to the causes of herniation.One of the main imediate postoperative causes of incisonal hernias is the shearing forces on the suture lines at time of extubation due to vigorous and expulsive cough at time of extubation and recovery from general anaesthesia. Operator attendance at time of extubation for the purpose of offering wound support seems to be of great help.Wound support by abdominal belts,heavy packing and tight plastering.Regional and local anaesthesia may be more preferable for on table evalution of repair competence.Impulse localization on coughing helps to a great extent the on-table assessment of repair competence .Areas of weakness might require more reinforcement and mesh plugging.
I had a Laproscopic rectopesy 15 months ago, that was made an open operation because of anaesthetic breathing problems during. The open incision was from above my umbillicus to the pubic symphasis. I had some infection problems during hospital fom Claustridium Dificile, and that was eventually fixed with antibiotics.
The drainage tube was removed too early, and after discharge from hospital the skin opened at my umbilicus and serous fluid emerged... about 300 mls daily but eventually subceded. I now have a hernia from above the umbilicus to an ulcer at the umbilicus that is slowly healing, and hernia right down to the pubic symphasis. Ultrasound shows small intestine a few mls below the skin all the way. What should I expect my surgeon to do in repairing this? And will the ulcer that is small but still there present any problem if it is cut out ... joining the two sides if the umbillicus together again?
I had a incisional hernia repair 3 weeks ago. Is it uncommon to have a burning pain and "catches" near the area where the instruments were used? It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it is almost unbearable to sit, stand. Only relief is laying on back. Does this sound like a pinch nerve of some sort? Anyone that can give feedback would be appreciated.
I had an open incisional repair done two weeks ago, was sent home within 3 hours of surgery and the surgeon never spoke to me or my husband after the surgery. I am still having pain and where the surgery was done is bulging and tendor and painful, larger lump than prior to the surgery. Has anyone else had this problem? I go for my follow up in 3 days, I am so frustrated. As for the comment from Danielle, I have anxiety about fluid build up and the process to aspirate, do they at least numb the area? Thought I would be better than this by now, I look deformed!
had my follow up appointment, less than 5 minutes. The doc said the swelling is fluid and is a common reaction to the mesh. He said I had a large mesh placement on the top of the repair. He told me today to wear a belt to help with the support and fluid. I asked how long this fluid retention was going to take to go away ( it is large) he could not give me even a ball park time. It is still tendor and pain on and off. So, if anyone else is having this fluid problem, go get a belt for support and hopefully it will help reduce the buldge from the fluid over time. I look defomed, my left side of my stomach is flat and the right is heavy and huge..uuuggghhh
Incisional hernia repair is a surgical procedure performed to correct an incisional hernia. An incisional hernia, also called a ventral hernia, is a bulge or protrusion that occurs near or directly along a prior abdominal surgical incision. The surgical repair procedure is also known as incisional or ventral herniorrhaphy.
I to had an umbilical incarcerated hernia. The most undescribable pain ever (it took almost 2 years to find it). I had emergency incisional surgery, mesh was placed in two area. It took 8 weeks to get over it. I to had fluid build up, and had it aspirated once. I wonder why they dont put JP tubes in for drainage. I had surgery in October 2010 and am continuing to had the same problems as before. Scared there is another surgery in the future.
I just had umbilical hernia repair today April 21 im not,, obese was wondering if i should wear,an abdominal binder to,help me,recovery is it recommended i,need some advice thanks my incision was,in my belly button
My husband has a very large incisional hernia from Crohn's surgery. Does anyone know a expert in the Florida area. Most surgeons seem do be most concerned about this surgery. Thanks
Mary Ann
I had major incisional hernia repair done laparoscopically over a year ago and even though I was told I'd have 5-6 small incisions (I'll call them "poke holes") I ended up with 12 poke holes and a 2" long incision due to the initial mesh application not being large enough so the surgeon had to remove it through the incision! This was all very painful and recovery was about 2 months. At my last doctor's visit I found that the hernia is back and it's again very large and I'm not sure I want to go through that again! I'm having minimal pain and discomfort at present but it weighs on my mind daily. If any of you have had repeat hernia surgeries (Ventral) please respond as to the outcome and recovery time. Thank you.
It has been 4 1/2 months since my ventrical hernia repair. I weighed 193 lbs. before surgery and now I am 192 lbs. Last week I did a lot of core exercises in water aerobics then mowed the lawn then returned to bellydance class. Now sex has become very discomfortable again, sometimes painful, and I ache on one side of my abdomin. Did I give myself another hernia? Or is it just the soreness my surgen warned me about as I get active again. I so donot want the pain of another hernia.
I'm looking for another primary care doctor in my area. My PCP didn't think the hernia was anything to worry about. My OB/GYN was quite alarmed by just feeling it & refered me to see a surgen ASAP. The surgen agreed it should not wait. So I really want a PCP I can have faith in like the OB/GYN or Surgen. I'm frustrated in trying to find a really good PCP. My search on the internet gives me such anziety. So do I have another hernia? Who can I see?
It seems like a lot of people are having so much pain and swelling. I had a Incisional hernia repair done two weeks ago here in Canada. I had previously had a open surgery for gall bladder 20 years ago. Instead of 4 incisions, the surgeon had to make 10 as there were many small repairs needed. He put in a large mesh. I stayed in the hospital overnight and was able to walk the next day holding a flat pillow as support. The first 2 days at home were painful getting up.
It took 3 days before I had a bowel movement. I ate lightly as I knew I would have constipation if I over ate.
I am off any medication. 2 Extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours, 2 regular Ibuprophen is all I took for 4 days. I still have some pain when I sneeze or cough. And it hurts to sleep on my right side. Otherwise I can walk for an hour and take care not to lift heavy objects. The key is to wait for at least 3 months before one can get back to normal activities.
I have had incarcerated hernia repair surgery w/mesh and staples. I had this done about 2 yrs ago and I am now feeling little bumps and when I touch that area it feelsike little balls rolling around there. What can this be or what should I do?
I had an Incisional hernia repair with a large mesh 12 weeks ago. Previous to my surgery I had read the comments here and was concerned at the number of complications people had experienced. Unfortunately my hernia was so large I had no choice but to have the surgery.
My surgery went really well, I had no complications, mild discomfort for a few weeks and I am now able to resume to my previous life.
I wanted to balance the comments and let peoiple know that not all repairs end with complications.
My husband had an umbilical hernia operation 3 weeks ago, and has had a build up of fluid from his navel. It is not infected, the Dr has given him anti-biotics as a precaution and the wound is looking good, he had 250ml drained from it about a week ago, but it is still continuing to leak out. It has been over 2 weeks now and it is still continuing. When is this likely to stop as it needs a new dressing daily and is always leaking on his clothes. We saw the Dr again yesterday and a nurse dressed the wound and said that the dressing would last for about 5 days, this morning it was full of a watery bloody substance, and had to be changed. Are we getting the run around from the hospital, and should we go back for more care.
Jamy Valadez
I had an incisional hernia repair with mesh back in 2006 I think, a year after having bariatric surgery. When I had my tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon said he couldn't get between or under the skin due to the mesh having become deteriorated. He removed the mesh and sowed the two parts together as part of my tuck. I had xrays taken just recently of the back and shoulder. The xrays revealed numerous small "coils" throughout my abdomenal area. Is it possible that it is remnants of rhe mesh? Although I have no pain, I am concerned because there were a lot of them. Snould I be concerned?
majeda begam
infection lower abdomen after hernia surgery.then doctor give me wound vac 2 weeks and this time i saw another infection 2 inch lower old infecton area.then doctor treatment 1 week in 1 week i'm husband dressing my infection area 2 times a day but no change anything.drainig blood and some pose everyday..what can i do now?please suggest me
hi i was wondering about any problems after the mesh was put in its has occurded again in the same spot also i have had stomach pains for the past few years and no doctor can find out what its from usally hurts after 10 mins of eating i had the mesh put in in 2003 and again in 2005 and again in 2009 but that was the other side trying to find out what is wrong with me since i never went to the hospital for anything else besides when i burnt my hand any help would be great
Hi, I wanted to share my experience as I am glad I had the repair done. I had an incisional ventral hernia repair, with mesh, just about four weeks ago 6/08/11. Due to the size of the hernia, I had open surgery, which was closed up with a dozen staples. This was an outpatient surgery and I felt sore but "ok" until I woke up the next morning. OUCH! The first week was extremely painful; it was hard to get out of bed and difficult to stand up straight. I had no complications and the second week was a little better. At 2 weeks I returned to the doc to have the staples removed. My stomach is still swollen and the tissue is hard, which is normal and will/has improve(d) with time. I was told "no bending, no lifting [not even a kitchen trash bag], no strenuous chores, and to limit stairs and ...return in 3 weeks". It is now 4 weeks, I go back next week, and the pain is gradually decreasing. I still have pain if I cough or sneeze so I try to hold my stomach if possible. It also hurts getting up and if I sit too long. It sometimes bothers me when trying to sleep. The incision area is still tender and I can't wear pants yet as the incision is at my waist. So, I am slouching around the house doing light housework and going through the healing process. I was told recovery is normally 6-8weeks so I guess I am on track. My incision is still healing and this may be due to the fact that I have T2 diabetes and may heal slowly compared to another. So, if you need it done, find a good surgeon at a good hospital and follow the instructions given. Do what you can, as you are ready, and don't push it. My biggest pain now is the insurance company; they wanted me to return to work after two weeks! LoL!
I had hernia repair in '06. Last year I noticed a bulge around the hernia area. It is painful and big. Does anyone know what this is? Did it come undone? I read where someone is getting it drained. Do you think I have to do the same?

Thank you
I have the same liquid build-up in my abdominal area. I have been tapped over 25 times. Had every test know to man done on me. Liver doctors, Infectious disease doctors, & hospitalization doctors, no one can find anything wrong. All tests are negative. I had a incisional hernia repair in Feb. of 2011. This is an ongoing problem. Very poor quality of life. The doctors say after othoscopic surgery then found inflamation of my intestinal area. That was all. Where am I to go from here. Thank you if you can help.
My husband has a neo bladder done 5 years ago. He had 3 major surgery's due to the fact that his stitches tore, because he was very over weight.
His entire stomach has a skin graph and the hernia is very very large. (the entire stomach). He wears a brace and is in alot of pain. The plastic surgeon who applied the skin graph said he needed to lose at least 100 pounds which he has exceeded 100 pounds. The have to remove the skin graph and repair the hernia. We are very afraid of the proceedure and dont' know what the risks are, and the recovery. Also because of his 3 surgery's in 9 days he has lost the function of one of his kidneys. Can you help?
I had hernia repair 2months ago but i still feel pain on the area the repair was done.Is this normal?In this condition can i still carry any pregnancy? is it safe/
Had 3 abdomen surgeries...Tow f which were hernia's
i have an lump in the middle of my stomach i dont know what it can be and slo when i push on it if feel like air is coming out of it ?
I have had 3 umbilical hernia repairs and now I have a hard buldge right under my belly button. It petrudes out and is very uncomfortable. One doctor has told me that it was just dead tissue. It causes severe pain like its pulling my insides tight and then it goes away. Is this common? Even as I lose weight, the buldge looks awful because it's the only thing sticking out. Shall I get a 2nd opinion?
Some comments about post-operative fluid and pain:
I had my incisional hernia repaired with mesh about 8 weeks ago. I had fluid build-up, which was drained twice. The second time I asked the doctor if the build-up could be reduced by wearing an abdominal binder (a wide elastic belt fastened with velcro and that compresses the abdomen or waist)or hernia support belt. He explained if the gap between the mesh and the skin is minimised in this way, there is not so much space for fluid to form in. It's not that fluid is leaking from anywhere, it's just the tissue producing it in response to the operation. OK so I wore the abdominal binder, not very tight, day and night for 2 weeks and there was much less fluid produced, so little that there has been no need to drain it again! It will be reabsorbed into the body over time. I still wear the binder during the day but leave it off at night.
I still get pain, but the surgeon just smiles and says that is not surprising after a major operation. Laughing, coughing and sneezing hurt, but I put my arms across my belly and hold tight and that makes it less painful. Healing takes time, we have to be patient and let the body do its job. Hope this helps.
Hello everyone - I had my 7th incisional hernia repair 9/2/2011 went in for day surgery came home 8 days later. After a bad hysterectomy in 2003 I have had nothing but abdominal problems. I want everyone to know the more surgeries the more complications. This last repair discovered that adhesions had grown into my small bowel and I had to have major bowel reconstruction and these types of things do not show up on X-Rays, CT or MRI's only found through exploratory surgery once they open you up. Please listen to Doctors when they say lose weight, mild to moderate exercise and take plenty of time to heal. I now have a 12+ inch vertical scar from stomach down to privates from all of the surgeries. I have lost 100+ lbs since October 2010 and am still losing as I NEVER want to have surgery again. When your intestines become involved it is extremely unpleasant, painful and can kill you if not caught in time. Please take care of yourself unlike me who didn't listen for 7 years and when I did it was almost to late. I almost died during this surgery and wanted to tell my story so it may help others somehow. Thanks and good luck to anyone having hernia surgery I feel for you.
rose nurse
why you dont wright some ducation about patients need to learn?
I just had my 3rd hernia repair. In 2010 i had an umbilical hernia and he repaired it, well not even a few months later it came back. I didn't go see the doctor until sept.2011 and he just repaired it, this time it was Ventral Hernia. He used the mesh to fix it this time. The day after my surgery i noticed that it seemed has if he didn't do anything to it. It was still buldging out. he said it was normal, but he didn't say anything about fluid. Should i go to a different dr. and get a 2nd opinon? I noticed after i eat , it tends to stick out and ache a bit like it did before my surgery. Should i have it done again, ?by a different dr. of course.
well I have an incisional hernia that really isn't bothering me very much...and..considering the comments that I've just read...thinking that maybe I should leave well enough alone!
Brittany your Dr did nothing. I had incisional hernia repair in Sept. 2011, there is no buldging, no great discomfort as heavy pain just a little and that I believe will soon go away. I had a drain bag for fluid which from other Drs. is quite normal. if you still feel the same way as if nothing was done, see another Doctor
I had an umbilical and 4 ventral hernias repaired in one surgery a year ago. The doctor described the size of the mesh placed inside as a piece from under my breasts /ribs to both sides and 3 inches below my belly button. A very large piece of mesha. I was in the hospital for one week and a day. I wasn't in that much pain, it was just that I couldn't have a BM (not to mention that I had my monthly visitor 2 weeks early - I'm sure because of body shock). Anyway, I thought I recovered but like the Dr. said, I will always feel discomfort of the stapled mesh pulling. So after a year now and an unsympathetic / not big on helping husband, I have also gained bulges. Don't know if this is fluid build up but I sure can say that I also feel intense pain on my left abdominal area. This was where the biggest hernia repair was. I can be sitting at my work desk and suddenly it will feel like someone zipped that stomach section into a zipper and then let it go. OUCH. In a couple days I go for a CT scan. Should be interesting to see what they find. Yes, my gallbladder has been gone for over 4 years now and I had a set of twins miscarriage 3 years ago. I am 46 years old. I'm posting this because I don't see any posts similar to mine and I am scared so I thought it might help...
I had incisional hernia repair surgery 8 weeks ago and had 14 incisions, all the nurses said they had never seen that many incisions before. I am still in enough pain that I cannot stand up for over 20 -30 minutes without burning pain in some of the incision areas. When does the pain and discomfort go away. I am so ready to move on with life and go back to work but am unable to because I cant sit or stand for long periods of time. I also have notices alot of swelling around the largest incision site, does this mean I possibly need it drained, i didnt even know they drained incision sites until I read some of the responses on this site.
Breast. Cancer follower buy rejection of implants, tram flap 2 years ago, have now had 5 hurnias repaired, 23 days in hospital last surgery, mesh was infested and had to come out. Surgery again in 1 week to fix another hernia. Dr doesn't want to use mesh again. Worried about when this will end?
I had 18" of sigmoid resection done 15mos. ago by a competent GI surg. from CO Spgs., due to three recurrent diverticulitis episodes (luckily no C was found) but over the year I developed a side by side ventral hernia near the top/umbilical incision which healed very poorly with *staples & had a bleeding hole which had to be packed w. silver gauze for nearly 1.5mos before it finally closed..{*Suturing takes too much time.. poor excuse!, peoples health is at stake here!). Surgeons (& most other medical professionals did far better work back in the 1970s).

The doc told me to resume gym activities after another month. Just for grins I waited until last Nov before working out again. BAD mistake.. I get to go on 11/29/11 for 5K deductible to have the hernia fixed via a standard fascia suturing with an underlay of a newly developed biosyntheic mesh by a five star Doc well versed in both procedures...It better work, or I am going have to sue TWO doctors instead of one. I'll let you all know how it turns out.
I have to have this surgery and I am scared to death, I have 2 incisional hernias. I had a my spleen remove 20 years ago and exploratory surgery and had staples and sutures. I read all the comments and I am even more scared, because I hate pain and I have a lot of health problems. It seems like mostly everyone have had a lot of pain and a build up of fluid which i never knew you had to get a drainage bag too! How long does the surgery last? My Doctor told me he is going to admitted me right after surgey, I am thinking about getting it done in December. I am so scared to have it done, it is not bothering me, it just getting larger. I wish every one the best and quick recovery.
my grandmother has a sergical hernia she is scheduled for surgery in just a few days. the plan is to start small and as a last resort do open surgery. She wants to know if the bulge will go away? from what i have rea its seems like open surgery would have a better chance of bulge reduction?
After reading some of these comments I am a little nerves. I have a scar tissue Hernia on my right side from a hystertomy surgery. I have a bulge that you can see while wearing clothes. I bloat so bad from this thing that it is crazy. I think I have lesion and internal scar tissue is this the same as a hernia? I am so confused. I am getting a second a opinion before I have surgery.
I had an umbilical hernia (stapled) 6months after delivering twins by c section. No problems. Two years later I was told abdomen hadnt closed together after pregnancy and I had developed another hernia on right of abdomen. I lived with it for 8yrs as at the time was told they couldnt operate as there was nothing to attach a repair to, only scar tissue. As I suffered three strangulations of this hernia in a year, my doctor told me I needed it repaired asap. Like others here, I had the mesh repair under a general. I went home the same day. I had a month off work and took it very carefully. I was told to wear supportive panty hose and nothing too tight or restrictive. This would help reduce the fluid retention. It took 4 months before I was seen for my post op check up! I have a huge deformity on the right hand side of my stomach with the left flat as before. My doctor too told me the fluid would be re-absorbed. It is 4 months now, I hope this happens naturally because there is no way on earth, I am having a drain done.
#129 VerneY: I live in the Springs. Who's your doctor?

I had a colon resection gone bad, then a year later needed large ventral hernia repair from surgery site. My whole abdomen bulges now and am concerned about future hernia due to bulging.

Any one know how to reduce the bulge? I've been losing weight, but bulge is still huge.
I had an incisional hernia surgery two weeks ago. It was an open surgery due to the two surgeries I had to have the previous year for a ruptured intestine due to diverticulitis. The first week was painful in the whole abdominal area, however the second week was good, no pain meds maybe some Advil at the end of the day and a few twinges during the day. I start back to work next week. Where my incision is I feel a slight knot but nothing more and hope it will go away. It's nothing compared to the hernia. My surgeon was great and as hedid last years surgeries I felt positive of the outcome. I wanted to post for those who need surgery but haven't read a positive result. I was nervous reading this page prior to my surgery so I wanted to let people know it can turn out well people who don't write usually are the ones with no issues. Good luck to those having surgery soon, make sure you find a good surgeon you feel comfortable. For those with issues I wish you a speedy recovery and hope all will be well soon, and remember your doctor works for you so you shouldn't feel like you are bothering them. Last year was scary and I asked lots of questions. Take care.
Just had a hernia 2" above belly button repaired Lap/General, mesh on the inside. Has been two weeks. First 2 days sucked bad. Third day decided to get up and slowly walk it off, worked. SLOW pace aroung the house felt MUCH better. Now two weeks later off of pain meds completly. Going to work on Monday. Have a small hard bump where the hernia was, does not move, does not hurt. The main hole on my left side under my ribs where they worked through hurts still but liveable and getting better every day. I think I am out of the woods?
I have a hernia and are drinking pills now and have to go for the operation but everyone else tells me that i should not because I am only 21 and very active and also studies sport and they say that it will tear open easily when i am active again. Is this true?
I live in Houston ,Tx. I'm looking for information about cheapest price of Inguinal Hernia surgery (I have all the symptoms of inguinal hernia ).
I have not insurance and no family, so I need to plan every step of the way : cost of surgery ( montly payment),how to pay my bills while recovering time ( rent, etc, etc. ). I have this for the last 5 years and was waiting to save some money to do this but with this economy I've worked wherever I could just to survive; I'm feeling pain last few weeks and my line of work is heavy lifting all the time.
Just went through a second hernia surgery. (Tummy)I thought I only had 1 hernia but it ended up being 4. 6x8" mesh put in. I am on week 3. Went back to work after two weeks with severe pain. The muscle spams are the worse. Is anyone else having those? I did not see anyone post about that pain. I feel OK as long as I am sitting. I refuse to live on pain med's. Just not my thing. Someone send me an email and let me know if you are also having the muscle spams.

Thank you, Toni
I mother had a large hernia. Doctor gave him 3 days treatment and after that they doing operation on her. but after it they put on her on ventilator. but unfortunate she lives no more. my question is is there hernia cause to death? howmany stages hernia have? and why doctor put her on ventilator?
I had incisional hernia surgery in next to my belly button on Nov.14,2011. All went well until I tried to have sexual intercourse with my husband 6 months later. Every since then it has hurt too bad for him to try and enter into my vagina or pelvis. We have been married over 20 years and I have never had this problem in the past. What can be done to correct the situation? PLEASE HELP...
I had surgery in groin area recently for a re-hernia however below the incision area i have a lump like an upside down hot dog bun but not that big of course.My question is will this disapate to normalacy in 2 months or what is the facts.
On the 29th of May I had my gall bladder removed, it was full of gallstones. My CT scan at the time showed I also have an incisional hernia. They want to remove the hernia, and I will have to have two doctors to do my surgery one surgeon and the other a plastic surgeon. I know I need to lose weigh before my surgery, but my fear is having to have a tube place up my nose or throat down into my stomach. I realize they need to remove stomach contents during surgery, but is this necessary? This is what scares me the most.
Where do I begin ? Feb of '11 hubby had collectomy because of cancer tumor in colon. About 6 months later developed bulge in tummy. As of last Monday, bulge was the size of a baby and he was in a great deal of pain. Went into hospital for laproscopic, same day surgery on Monday but surgeon switched to traditional surgery. Now today, Wednesday, he is still in hospital with no bowel function yet and tube down throat due to projectile Vomiting. Although pain was horrendous night after surgery, currently no pain and no pain Meds. Also being fed intravenously. Dr says nothing to worry about just taking longer than anticipated. Very scary but his stomach is perfectly flat !!!
Wow!! I think I just read 145 comments about incisional hernia repairs. I had kidney Cancer in 2004 they took my right kidney, which left a really long scar on my side, (I was only 38 yrs old). Anyway I just had my 3rd hernia repair 8 days ago. All different surgeons, hoping this will be the last. After what I just read, I'm really not sure now. I see my Doc. on Tues. I was going to tell him about this site hoping he will look at it, and maybe him and some of his Doctor friends could put there heads together, and realize what there doing with this mesh is NOT WORKING. I mean the lady before me, Belinda #145. Her husband went in for a hernia repair and is now being fed intravenously. I still have a very large bump on my side that is tender, and will probably never go away. Know more Bikini's for me!!! HAHA
July of 2010 had a perforated colon as a result of diverticulosis. Underwent emergency surgery to remove diseased section of sigmoid colon. 10 days later another surgey while still hospitalized to repair surgical wound dehiscence from trying to stand. Wore a bag for three months and then another surgery for colostomy reversal in October 2010. January 2011 underwent another surgery for parastomal hernia with mesh implant. Developed another very large ventral hernia below my sternum and still another hernia repair in October 2011 consisting of separation of components as well as mesh implant. Also, the previous mesh implant had torn loose and was perforating my colon. Threw a clot in my right lung the next day and was sent home with coumadin. Two days after getting home I spiked a 102 fever and it was determined I had a severe infection. Back to the hospital November 2011 to have the mesh surgically removed and spent 3 days in ICU with a wound vac and another surgery to remove the wound vac and a simple closure. Met with the surgeon 7/30/2012 and was told to stop smoking and lose at least 40 pounds before another hernia repair surgery could be perfomed involving a 'Biomesh'. I have absolutely NO stomach muscle at all. As of 8/18/2012 I have lost 15 pounds in 18 days, stopped smoking and am now experiencing severe pain directly under an area of my abdomen where the skin has thinned and there is an open wound. The pain is getting worse the more weight I lose and this seems that with less pressure from inside the pain should actually be less. I wear an abdominal binder except when sleeping but the pain is gettin worse no matter the position. My question is: Has anyone reading this had, or knows someone who has had a biomesh implanted, and what was the long-term outcome? I am finding it very difficult to get any detailed information concerning this procedure. I have asked my surgeon for information on the biomesh and she says they have had good luck. That's all. Any related experience in some detail would be appreciated. Thank you.
Last year I had a hernia operation. I was told the incision would be approximately 3 inches. It actually entailed about 12 inches. The dr. said it was much bigger than he thought. Also, when I picked up the papers from the hospital, it stated that "the patient is aware of the complications, like infections, etc. The dr. never advised me of such. I think this is so wrong. I now have a big "swollen?" stomach, looks like I'm six months pregnant. I have always prided myself on a fairly flat stomach. I now have a lot of tenderness and soreness in the abdomen. The dr. says there is nothing wrong. I am at my wits end. Does someone have an explanation? Thanks.
I had a rather large incisional hernia above navel and a lower abdominal wall calapse repaired with mesh laprosopically 6 weeks ago. In hospital 5 days. Extremely painful first week especially, don't even remember first two days in hospital. I have a total of 20 insision holes. After three weeks off work I went back half days for two weeks. This week is my first attempt at full days. Didn't quite make if all day everyday, I get extremely tired. Pain is getting better. Sitting long periods is the worse but according to my nurse friend it is the best thing for you and sitting in straight back chair as soon as you can after surgery, within days, is the best as well. She recommended 15 min of every hour to sit straight up which helps work your stomach muscles without much staining. Then walk a lot. I had a histerectomy 7 months ago and the hernia was located where they started my histerectomy by laproscopic procedure and ended up opening me up. The weakened abdominal wall repair was at the site of my open insition of the historectomy. So basically one needed surgery caused the hernia problems. I'm still taking pain meds but not often - maybe once a day. I do have quite a bit of swelling yet too which doctor also says will reduce in time. He doesn't say there is fluid, just imflamation yet. However, I've developed what he has only seen in a handful of his patients and that is a pinkish rash on the lower half of my abdomen and my insisions are all a dark pink which he thinks may be a slight allergic reaction to something. Treating with Benadryl and a cream. The redness doesn't really itch - just stings some. Has anyone had this happen and what was it and what was done to help? I've had rash for one week now. Thanks. I appreciate very much reading all these comments. My husband had a mesh hernia repair too about 2 years ago and did very well with no complications. I beleive a good surgeon is partially the key to the success of this type of surgery.

So many negative comments/outcomes. And I go in tomorrow (Thurs Sept 20 in a Beijing hospital) for an incisional hernia repair. Dr. says he is ready to use mesh if needed but will only make that decision after he gets inside to take a good look. Dr. is same doctor who operated on me 7 months ago for an internal diaphragm hernia. Incisional hernia has occurred where that open surgery occurred. Well I am now certainly armed with a Whole bunch of questions to ask before the op. PRaying now.
Ok. 12days later. All went very well. Actually ended up with open surgery. 7 stitches in a round pattern that were used to secure the mesh patch. Then a cut down the old cut to resew the abdominal area that was had a "hole" where my stomach pops out. There are internal sutchers that will always remain and some that will eventually dissolve. Then there are the external ones that will get removed tomorrow. All looks good. No red inflammation can be seen (a good thing). Almost no pain unless some stressfull moves made. No "leaking" liquid of any kind any where. The whole area is very dry. I did stay in the hospital for 7 full days AFTER the surgery. It's a Chinese thing. You don't day much "day" surgery in China. However the extra time in hospital does ensure that I don't start to do even simple silly things (lifting, stairs, bending over, good diet, etc, etc). Still need lots more time though. Will start a walking routine once I get back home. Not stressful but hopefully regular.
Bob Griffin
Having Ventral Hernia repair on 10-23-12 to repair two hernias caused by past surgeries for colon removel due to ulcertive colitis. Have had hernias repaired in the past on emergency basis due to strangled small intestine. Doc says due to mesh from prior surgerys he may have to open me up but will try laparascopic first. Any ideas which way this could go or risk involved i am 63 years old and male non smoker. Thanks.
If you have surgical hernia is it dangerous not to do anything. I had a repair and now 8 months later have a large mass near incision. I am about 50lbs over weight and have started exercising and eatting better. Hoping to loose weight will it go down
Carol Stamp
I had a double incisional hernia repair done 6 wks. ago and the pain and discomfort come and go, especially when standing or getting in or out of a vehicle or out of bed. When present is relatively intense especially when moving the wrong way it feels like I am pulling something that causes a burning sensation and major aching around the pelvic bone area through to my back mainly on the left side. Also my whole stomach seems to be swelled a bit but when touching it does not cause any pain. The operation was more work than expected and took over 3 hrs. to repair. Skin underneath had to be removed because it had somewhat rotted due to the fact that the fat tissue had also moved away from the opening. Areas of my stomach on top always feel like I have a sunburn. Mesh was used for the repair and I have been told to not do anything strenuous for 4-6 months. Will this discomfort eventually go away and can I prevent it from comin.
Cindy Smithson
I had a very large incisional hernia repaired almost 3 weeks ago. The doctor did it laproscopically. The pain that night in the hospital was horrific and no medication seemed to help it. I was able to limp home the next day but it was hard. The first 5 days, I wasn't sure I'd make it, the pain was that bad. But I'm finally getting better. I still can't sleep in my bed yet, I'm sleeping in a recliner. But my surgeon sent me home wearing a wide abdominal binder (a wide piece of elastic material that closes with velcro)and told me to wear it 24 hours a day. He said I could remove it only when I took a shower. He explained that this elastic binder would keep my abdomen from filling up with fluid. I think it's worked well. My abdomen was huge the first week but then has come down alot. I tried several strong pain killers like Oxycodone and Norco but they didn't even touch the pain, they just made me extremely sleepy and I hated taking them so after two days, I just switched to Tylenol and Advil. I'm still taking those several times a day. I'm very heavy and understand that my extra weight is probably what caused the hernia so I'm determined to lose the weight since I never want to go through all this pain ever again. I was very fortunate to have a recliner to sleep in and also we had a portable commode that sits over our toilet and raises the height of the seat so I don't have to squat down very far. If I hadn't had these items at home, it would have been much more painful for me. You definitely will need someone to be with you all the time, at least for the first week. You won't be able to get around much at all and you'll need someone to help make your meals and in general be there for you. But my surgeon told me that if I'd not had the surgery, I had so much of my intestines sticking through my hernia, they would almost definitely have twisted at some time, gangrene could have set in and I could have lost my life. So even though this experience has been extremely painful, I'm still glad I did it.
I live in Europe and have read all your comments with interest after my incisional hernia repair operation almost 2 weeks ago. on France.
As I was wearing a hernia support belt prior to surgery the care staff strongly advised me to wear it immediately after surgery. This I am doing but am still experiencing a good deal of abdominal pain which I am treating with Parcetamol.
I have been advised to do everything carefully, without exertion or strain which is common sense and will see my surgeon in another 3 weeks for my follow-up visit.
I don't wear the belt for sleeping and can now lie on both sides but have to take care when turning.
I have had a laproscopy hysterectomy leaving one ovary.. only one out of 3 incisions left me with an ventral hernia. I waited two years. to get it fixed. They tried to fix it.. They went laproscopy through the other side and pulled down.. Said there was a gap of fluid and it should go away. Still have PAIN after 5 1/2 weeks.. they put polypropolene/goretex mesh with titanium tacs. I have had so many ct scans before the surgery. I need to know what is going on now.. They wanted to inject me with pain meds.. I said no.. that is only covering up...I am worse off than I was before!!! Any ideas??
I recently had an abdominal surgery and am having a lot of built up fluid, when I went to the doctor after my first week he said he would drain it on my next visit I had some but now I have twice as much, should I be concern.
Had my third hernia repair 8 days ago. This I my third time only difference this time I had laparoscopic repair as opposed to open repair. I have to say and speaking from experience it was a much better experience no where near as much pain and i am recovering a lot quicker. The other thing this time I have been made to ware a abdominal support belt it is supporting the site and helping in my recover.
sir my name is sudhakar jagana ,i had a surgery of incisional hernia previously but it come again and facing the same problem please suggest me what i hav to do ... plz sent information to my mail address
I had incisional hernia repair 7 months ago, wish I had never had surgery initially had a lot of swelling and pain, now I am in constant agony the surgeon has disappeared and have just found out he was only a trainee, be very careful who you let do this surgery on you as this has ruined my life, I can no longer work, sleep or do the most simple things like put shoes on without pain, of course they just keep saying it will take time. All right for them they are not the ones living with it everyday
I am a 78 year old male who had incisional hernia surgery this past February. All is well on that front BUT now I have a swollen lower abdomen which is almost as big as the original hernia. Is this just fluid build up or is there something else going on? There is no pain involved, just the swollen area. Anyone having a similar experience and would like to exchange ideas on this matter, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
I had an incisional hernia repair to repair a previous hernia repair. I am in so much pain I can't stand it. I had a big bulge after my last hernia repair and have been on lortabs 7.5 for over a month now. I am really hoping it worked this time. I can barely move it is so painful.
What might not be obvious is that many of the case stories related here are from countries all over the world, which would account for different treatments and outcomes. Also, in most of these cases vital information is ommitted such as weight and age so it would not be a good idea to draw any personal conclusions as related to them. But one thing that helped me most prior to my hernia surgery was learning how hernias were dealt with 50 years plus ago. (You don't want to know) Anyway, my open surgery with mesh on my "large" hernia was successful (followed by 3 days of moderate pain, not bad enough for oxy which I was prescribed) and then it eased up considerably. Good luck to all.
Dyanna Moore
I had a very large ventral incisional hernia mesh repair done in Sept of 2002. For the first few months there were not many issues, but slowly over time I have noticed my quality of life diminishing. From the beginning intercourse was somewhat painful but I had been informed that we would have to find a comfortable position. My hernia repair was a 12 x 8 with mesh implant. Slowly, I started to have urinary problems, then bowel problems, intercourse problems, not to mention I look like I swallowed a football and it's stuck sideways in my lower abdomen. Today the urinary problems are extreme. I saw a euro gynecologist who informed me there was no way for them to fix my incontinence problems and that they were still going to continue to grow worse, he also informed me that the mesh implant was eroding inside me. I am in constant pain again and no matter which way I move, I feel like I am being ripped apart inside. Sometimes the pain is so intense that it sends me crashing to the floor. Today, I go through a package of 40 mini pads in just a few days. I can't bend without it gushing, I can't cough, I can't sneeze, I can't pick up anything, I can't squat down...this is a real no no. I am constipated for more than four or five days, I pass what seems like rabbit pellets and my abdomen swells and I look pregnant, then the intense pain comes and I have massive watery diarrhea for about four to five hours. I can't work anymore, my marriage is really taking a beating since the mesh implant, my husband doesn't really understand, he thinks the pain is in my head or that I am using it as an excuse, I gave up trying to explain so now I sleep in a separate bedroom most of the time, I can't walk very far before the abdominal pain becomes intense and I have to sit which is no relief either, I can't sleep because no matter which way I try to lie comfortably, there is no getting comfortable, it feels like I am being shredded inside. When I cough the muscles under my rib cage feel like they are being pulled apart, no matter what I do, which way I turn, how I sit or lie, there is no relief. The latest doctor after ct, ultrasounds and other tests informed me that I have more tears inside my abdomen...and that I needed further surgery to repair those but that the implant can most definitely NOT be removed, it has been too long and the complications from trying to remove it will only cause further problems, so, I opted out of having any further repairs done. I have suffered enough over the last almost twelve years because of this implant. Which incidentally, let me tell you, the hernia was caused by the doctor who did my surgery for diverticulitis, and FORGOT to put the sheath back together before he closed me outside. Months later, the hernia was found and a second operation was needed to repair what the first one messed up. I am depressed all the time, I don't leave my house anymore unless absolutely necessary, and every morning, I wish I just would not wake up. As for pertinent information being omitted, I think I have covered it all. I was 109 pounds when the mesh was implanted, the first problem began six months after and continues today and is the biggest factor. The surgeon told me not to gain any weight because it was so massive that I could tear the mesh implant and cause my own death by it slicing me inside. So naturally six months after when I began losing weight drastically, I sought help, not knowing it was because my body was trying to fight off this foreign material inside. So instead of them working from that issue, they stopped my thyroid from functioning, this process took from March 2003 to Nov of 2007, on and off. Nov of 2007 I stopped all the methimazoile because my weight was now well over 150 with me fighting constantly to try to keep this added fifty pounds off, and the major problems began and have continually grown worse. I got up to 165 and that was the beginning of the major ripping and tearing. I (...)
I have a consult for a hernia repair im just scared
Susan Winn
I have read all 166 questions and having had incisional hernia repair myself over a year ago( and now suffering from an inflamed stomach due to mesh)was wandering if there are any answers anywhere .
janice adams
I had a hernia repaired 2 months ago, my stomach looks like I have a inner tube on it. It still is numb and burns. I wonder how long it takes for the Water to go down by its self. I do a little running but when this bounces it hurts. This was caused from having a tumor removed last year that had flipped over my intestines witch was very painful and ended up going to the hospital in a ambulance because of going down in a parking lot. Will this go away, I can't fit my clothes beasuse of it.
I had a Hiadias Hernia operation done in 92.
In 2001 I had a strangulate bowel In my upper chest. Was like a baseball size. Incessional hernia. After the operation I asked Dr how many hernias I had and he said I do not know, as the scalple touched you you were exploding. 78 staples later .
2004 Had another exposion in my abdomen to the right of belly button. another 88 staples
2011 Incesional hernia repair by laproscopic. Mesh added. covers my whole abdomen.
2014 I now have a large incessional hernia to lewft of where belly button was and I think another starting mid abdomen .
the scar tissue seems to have been causing bowel blockages for the last 3 years.
anyone have any answers?
I recently had a very small umbilical hernia repaired a local outpatient surgery center, by a reputable surgeon. I was sent home in (perfect) condition and told to take it easy for a few days. That night I almost died, my intestine had been nicked or burned and I ended up in emergency surgery and then my one stitch ended up being a 7 inch incision scar... 4 days in ICU and another 4 days in the hospital... now I'm stuck with 40-60K in medical bills and my insurance won't pay, they say it was someone else's fault... I contacted an attorney and was told I probably don't have a case and if I sued It's cost about 100k and take 4-6 years to go to court and that the insurance companies and doctors usually win... has anyone had a similar experience...??? are Doctors allowed to operate with impunity?
I had this incisional hernia repair four months ago. I am 62 years old and did some running a couple times a week like three miles now I just can't my stomach bounces so much it's painful. I have this huge inner tube around my belly button and had no stomach before the surgery. If this is water how long does it take for it to go down because mine seems to be only getting worse. I've also gained 14lbs. So depressed. Had a cat scan and they said everything is fine. Need to know if this water will go away. Thanks
Gillian Heaton
My husband had an open hernia repair 2 weeks ago, the first few days he was doing well. After a week in agony he had a severe infection. I made a call to the hospital that performed the operation ( Ashford in Kent) only to be told to take him to our G.P. We were sent here there & every where but got no where, after calling an Ambulance he was rushed into Medway Hospital. The doctor took one look at him saying that antibiotics would not get rid of the infection,1 day on & the wound burst open due to the amount of puss inside of him. Today 3-10-14 he has had to go back into theatre to have the sight washed out to remove the rest of the infection so he is now back to square 1. I am disgusted about the lack of after care. Those of you that can afford to go private please do so, sorry if this has frightened any one that is due to have a mesh repair but please be aware!!
Sandra Weberg

I think my husband needs a second hernia repair. He had mesh and his hernia keeps popping out. Please send me a list of experienced doctors with this procedure in Seattle, Lynnwood, Everett area of Washington.
Maybe i won't complain about my problem then, you all sound like you had disasters! My only issue was that about 1-2 months after the surgury, one of the pieces of material used to close things popped away from where it was stiched up, and so now i have a squishy bit of sponge like material 1/4" away from the original hernia hole. I showed the doctor and although he sent me for a cat for verification and i don't have a second hernia, he is leaving as is. I wanted it fixed. should i push the issue? I feel like when i work out/exercise/ski/golf etc, it was sore this summer thus prompting me to have it checked out to begin with. Other than that, i feel fine, and was sealed on the first try.

disolving stiches on outside, sutures on inside (traditional hernia surgury), walked out after op and was taking care of myself from day 1. sorry to hear about your stories!

My son is 5 he had his apendix removed 4 days after he had a larger surgery to untie his intestine that was knot.2wks after we found out that he has gallbladder stones and 2mths after and he developed an incisional hernia.He is so small to have so many surgeries! What should i do?
Akshay Mahajan
I have incisional hernia due to a chronic kidney failure around 9 years back. Pl tell me the evidence and cure.
Also tell me whether this is caused dye to diet
Yvonne Gilmore
I had colon cancer about 2 years ago,I have developed an incisional is quite large . I worry should I have surgery? My Dr suggested I not have it unless it strangulated,he said I only have a 5 percent chance of that happening.I don't have any pain my primary care dr.agreed not to have it. I really want it gone because I worry all the time about it strangulating.,but after reading all these reports of complications I feel I should listen to my Drs..I am overweight and I know it would help if I lose weight. It does seem to be getting larger.
My husband has a JP tube, the tube is no longer round, it is flat and not getting any suction. He was sick most of the night what should I do?
I had Colon Cancer on July 2014 and had surgery. Was send home in five days with home care. Developed a wound infection.Had to go back to hospital for surgery on the wound. Took eight months to heal at the wound center seven days a week. Then I developed a Hernia, and now I have two Hernias, that I call my Twin Turtles.They are so ugly, that all I hear is lose the weight and will do surgery of a big incision.I have gain fifteen pounds since surgery. I am four eleven and small frame.Had been healthy all my seventy two years, but this Cancer stage three mess me up. I refuse Chemo and all tests after ten months shows no Cancer.
I strongly believe that taking the drainage cup out and leaving the sutures of fourteen days developed the infection and complicate my healing. Now I am very afraid of another surgery and also afraid of strangulation on the intestine. I am living with this fear of the severe complications I have been left with.

What are my option since I have been advise to lose fifty pounds,I weight one hundred and fifty. and I am only four eleven. A high risk for surgery I have been told.

Thank You!
I had an hernia surgery like 2 weeks ago and the doctor already removed the stiches I feel good no pain at all but now it still feels hard and pointy , the doctor told me it is normal and it is supposed to soften with time but im still worried
Mary Photakis

I think you have had more troubles than I have, I will pray for you and the others. At least all of here are not alone, many people suffer from illness, disease, and/or post-
operative pain and complications. May God Bless You and all of the Suffering patients on this website.
Had open surgery done for embellical hernia (Fat) a week ago on a Friday. Stayed in hospital overnight, released on Saturday morning. I was given Naproxen, novo-gesic, docusate sodium. I took these pills as prescribe until Thursday. Didn't take anything Thursday night and this morning, the side of my stomach upto my armpit on the left side feel inflated a bit and internal pain with travel to the mid portion of my back.
I started retaking the pills again this morning. Is this Normal or should I go to the Hospital??
No fever, no bumps or redness around the stitches, and my stool this morning is ok.
All I want to know if the pain on my side is Normal for this type of recovery.

Thank You
Elaine Taylor
As soon as I came round from having open abdominal surgery to have a fibroid removed. I noticed I had two bulges at either side of my mid-line incision.
I mentioned it at the time to the surgeon and was told that the swelling would reduce through time. A year later the bulges have increased significantly in size, one is bigger than the other.
I am now booked in for open Incisional hernia repair in two weeks time. Despite the surgeon arranging the procedure he is still unsure whether it is an incisional hernia. I had an MRI scan which did not detect a hernia and a physical examination. The surgeon still cannot decide whether the bulge is an incisional hernia or has been caused by sutures being knotted too tight at each end of my mid-line incision. He mentioned that sutures knotted too tightly would create a string purse effect and could have caused the bulges at either side of my abdomen. My mid-line incision is very pulled in and concave plus I am very swollen above and below the incision. The surgeon also suggested another reason for the bulges could have been because I didn’t have a lot of fat on my abdomen; scar tissue may have been able to go through the layer of abdominal fat and adhesive itself to the muscle in the middle of my incision. This pulling in the middle of the incision may have caused the fat to be pushed to both sides of my abdomen which maybe created the bulges on the right and left hand side. Another reason he did not think they were incisional hernias was because the bulges were too symmetrical at either side.
The surgeon concluded there could be a number of things that caused these bulges (which are painful when I bend.) He said there is only a 50-50 chance of any improvement and this will depend on what he finds when he opens me up. So I may have to go through this surgery have my mid-line incision opened up again and have to take about 4 weeks off work for nothing. I am wondering whether I should bother. Has anyone else had such trouble getting diagnosed?
I would be very grateful for some feedback as I am extremely worried.
Darryl Horsley
my case started in 2012. i had a small umbilical hernia. This hernia was repaired using synthetic mesh. By 2014 i had an incisional hernia repair performed using biological mesh. this procedure required the synthetic mesh to be removed and a biological mesh put into place. By April of 2014 i had a recurrence of the incisional hernia. I had another repair performed adding more biological mesh. there were complications with this procedure due to the incision opened and required home health care to help get the wound closed. this took 4 months. during this time another hernia developed. on october 20th i received yet another procedure using robotics to repair the area. It has been 16 days since the procedure and it looks like there is still a herniated area present. this was after wearing an abdominal binder to support the affected area. I am worn out from all of the procedures taken place and need to know how i can finally get this situation taken care of for for good?
Marie L Georges
I had an incisional repair 4 weeks ago however even with the drains ,the fluid build up is tremendous, between 400-500cc a day ,where all this fluid is coming from, what is the best approach to solve this problem. Please help
Sharon Page
My husband had his hernia surgery 5 days ago he feels great but there is well it looks like what a blister would on his belly button area is this normal
I had incisional hernia repair 13 months ago. The hernia has recurred. I can't go to a different surgeon because no one locally will see me I suppose for liability issues. The hernia isn't painful. Can I live with it as is, unless it strangulates or causes other problems? Surgical repair doesn't seem to do it. Can't see my self going thru this annually at my age. Has anyone had better luck going to a hernia center?
Cynthia johnson
I had incisional hernia repair with mesh in 2014 still have chronic pelvic pain have had all nerve blocks and all the meds curious if I get the mesh out if pain will go away can't stand it to much more
I am having an incisional hernia repair done next week by a top colorectal surgeon. After readin these horror stories I am scared. I wasn't before. My hernia is from an infection in the incision after diverticulitis surgery and too big to ignore. Are there any positive outcomes out there ? It seems as though most of the time people only report the bad, never the good turnouts. Please tell me some good news.
Sundaresan Balakrishnan
I had a leproscopic groin hernia repair after my previous Hernia repair that was not leproscopic 28 years ago failed. After the recent hernia repair I had a lump at the site of the area where I had hernia bulge earlier. I had a catscan which my surgeon said showed that this was some fluid accumulation which can be syphoned out or surgically cleaned. I still have concerns about what happened to the previous mesh that was inserted on the outside 28 years ago? If surgically cleaning is the option used can a new mesh be placed at the outside at the same time to prevent future drainage? Can the old mesh be removed at the time of surgical cleaning? What complications are possible and I should be aware of? Thanks for any information that can be provided.
In September 2015 I had hernia repair just above my belly button to he right side. I was having a lot of pain and insurance would not cover and test. Finally the doctor got the insurance to approve a ct scan & needless to say this was end of December 2015. Then there was the answer the mesh did not adhere, came loose. On Dec 31, 2016 had another hernia surgery for repair & the doctor stated that I now have 2 pieces of mesh to correct. Well this is May 24, 2016 & I still feel as though I am not recovered. I still have a lump in my stomach, I still can't pick anything up past 10lbs, tried walking and I get so worn out and stomach begins to ache. I have gained more weight, now at my highest ever been 193. My average is 140-150. I was advised to just try walking & don't do anything that would require using the stomach muscles. I feel like I am at a never winning battle now. My stomach looks deformed & I am very self conscious about it. I just don't know what to do. Do you have any suggestions. Thank You,
Hi Wendy
I had a kidney transplant over 10 months ago. The new organ is functioning well. My last check-up revealed I now I have a small hernia where the new kidney was located at the right side of my stomach. My stomach is extended . Surgeon declined to treat hernia because it is hitting my new kidney. I also experience pain in that area of my body. For the last 2 months, I have attended aqua aerobics at local sports centre. This helps to ease the pain and control the growth of the hernia. In addition, my surgeon suggested short walks to strengthen my ankles, knees & legs (strengthen to control the bulge in my belly). Another method to control the hernia is to try doing 5 sit-ups morning & 5 at night. I am doing this program myself. Hope it helps you. Please let me know how it helps you.
I developed a ventral her is 3 1\2 yrs ago after surgery for ovarian cancer. As time went on, it got huge. I don't have pain but it is very difficult to bend and tie laces. I'm considering surgery this winter, as my son is getting married next June. I'm just not sure if I'll be ok for the June 30, 2017 wedding if I have the surgery in march 2017. I plan to Dee a surgeon soon, but wanted your input. Thank you all.
Hi Jg, 2nd day at home after my inscissional hernia repair. Spent 7 days in hospital, 2 drains which are now out. I'm doing fine, a little sore, but nothing extreme. I too had surgery after having a perforated Bowel due to diverticulitis. This surgery was nothing over that. I hope you are doing well and recover fast. My one piece of advice is follow your post op care instructions. Don't lift anything heavy for 6 weeks and if the pain gets on top of you seek medical attention immediately. Best of luck take care.
George J Eady
I have had two hernia surgeries. Are there any abdominal workouts I can do to get my figure back?
Karen Armstrong
Had an endoscopy on 4/10/2016 & the dr. Perforaited the upper curve of my stomach, didn't admit it for over 3hrs. 6hrs later had emergency surgery and had to be put on life support. The surgeon had to do extensive abdominal surgery to remove the sepsis that had leaked into my abdomen. The incision was 5" above my navel to 4"below it. The incision was left open to allow healing from the inside. The Dr gave me paralytic drugs for 2mo & kept me in ICU on a ventilator & another month in rehab to learn how to speak, use my hands & arms to be able to hold a glass and to feed myself,to sit up, stand, & walk again. 4mo later an incisional hernia began to appear in my upper abdomen. I've had 3 small intestine blockages after I was released to go home. Each time I had to be hospitalized for 4 to 5 days. The Dr wants to wait 6mo from having the wound vac removed. The hernia has grown from about 3" to now completely across from my left side to the right side & from my breastbone to below my navel. I've been referred to a hernia specialist & diagnosed with an incisional hernia. He wants to open the original incision, use muscles from each side of my ribs & put a piece of mesh about 10"x10". The Dr said it would be a 5 to 6hr surgery. Has anyone ever had the rib muscles used and a piece of mesh this large to repair a hernia this large? If so, how painful is it & how long is the healing process? Did you have any complications from the surgery? How long were you in the hospital?
Ellis Butler
Had open abdominal incisional hernia surgery on Oct 20th to repair 4x6 inch hernia that resulted from open surgery to remove part of my colon due to cancer in 2013. Being
overweight I was told I had to lose enough wait to get down to 37 bmi before they would operate, which I did. Surgery took 3 hours, was in the hospital for 4 days and sent home with pain killers and 5 drains. Three were removed after 8 days and the remainder are to be removed tomorrow. Due to other health concerns (Ehler Danlos Syndrome) I have been told I will never be able to lift more than 20# due to the mesh they placed inside my abdominal wall on top of the muscle. At this point in the recovery, would do the surgery again and recommend to others depending on what their primary and surgeon recommend. In my humble opinion the key is weight loss before surgery and to continue with losing weight after surgery. During first 4 weeks you should be doing almost NOTHING - stay at home, walk three times a day with someone to steady you at first, move around the house, do dishes etc - don't just sit and watch TV or play on the computer - you need to be moving, but not doing anything strenuous - very hard when you are used to active outside work, but necessary in order to be able to do what you want in the future.
I need feedback desperately. April 10, 2016 had an endoscopy & dr perforated my stomach. After suffering severe abdominal pain, emergency surgery was performed 8hrs. later. My incision was 2" below breast bone to 3" below navel. I almost died 3 times and was put on life support. Dr left incision open & I was in ICU 7wks & was kept in a paralyzed state, then moved to a continuous care unit for 3wks then in a rehab hospital 4wks. 3mo later developed a hernia in upper left abdomen. Dr would not repair it for at last 6mo. During this time the hernia has grown to the size of a soccer ball. Surgery to repair hernia is set for Jan 3 2017. Muscles from each side of ribs will be moved to my abdomen & mesh will be placed to cover my entire abdomen. Surgery will be 6 to 7 hrs. long. Has anybody had this surgery, what was the outcome, pain level, any complications & recovery time? Please email me with any information you may have! I'm scared to death having this surgery due to the extensive surgery I had and the months I had to spend in hospital. I need to know what I'm facing with the up coming surgery. Please, please, share your information with me!
Zachary Lyons
This is really the 9th or 10th different place I've tried to look for an actual answer and still couldn't find it exactly. My boss had a laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery and says the scars just aren't healing and there's still some pain. He's 92, which I'm sure contributes to the factor as well. But I need a little more specific information on anything else that could be causing the delayed healing and pain. He's still fairly active as well which might also be part of the slow healing, he returned to normal activity within 4 days of the procedure.
Hi there,

My father has a ever growing hernia in his genital area and he will have to go through surgery soon to have it removed. He does heavy lifting as that is what he does for living (HVAC).

However there is something else. He DOES NOT SHOWER EVERYDAY. He strongly believes that personal hygiene will not affect his hernia or the growth of his hernia. He blames it on the heavy lifting.

I've been trying to prove him wrong that an average person showers everyday. If he showers every day, it will help with his hernia. I can't seem to fine any articles online anywhere.

Can someone/a doctor/ profession please reply to me if you can find proof for me to prove my father wrong.

I don't understand why he doesn't shower everyday, it's disgusting. Please HELP!
I have had an open repair incision excisional hernia + keloid and adhesidysis.about 2 weeks ago a lot of scar tisses from my previous op (tumor removed). Back at work. Experencing a lot of pain when I sit .What medication can I take also what time frame for recovery...Thank you
Kaleb Osborne
Excellent information Im specifically delighted to read real diatary truths for our fruitiverous tract which they forgot to teach in public school. ?!
Ricky Wright
In regards to charlene's expierience,Im in total agreement with these people listening to the doctor,if they ta;lk with one ,Im on here because I had the surgery where I wsaited to late and had to have it asap. and I did, was walking through my ,house normal and turned to go thrpough door and got terrible pain ,(bent me in half),Didnt knpow what was wrong, and so I waited before going to hospital till it hurt to bad and had dropped into my scrodum ,they cut me open and installed mesh,I was better when I left, and have had no real problems, except once in awhile when I have sex,I get this bad pain down there ,and then after a few min. 15 the pain is go0ne,I dont know if I need to go back to doc. or not .But thats not why Im on here,Its because my wife had gastric bipass surg. ,lost @ 100 lbs,Then she had to go for gal bladder surg.awhile later ,(day surgery/lapriscopic) she came home ,that was dec 18th on fri. she continued to get wporse and less coherint as the weekend went on until sun. when the ambulance came because we could not get a blood pressure reading, and they hooked up IV and got her BP up and took her ,She had a nick 9in her bile duct that happened in surgury and was leaking all weekend,Had to cut her open and do washout every 24 hrs. and put her in a comma ,she finally came home Feb.8 ,The most horrific site Ive ever encountered,She was in a comma for 10 days ,The good news is she is doing ok now and taking care of her parents .
I had ventral Harnia repair through laparoscopic surgery 20 days later kindly advise when can I drive my car or when can I go for ultrasound


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