Appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix. The appendix is a worm-shaped hollow pouch attached to the cecum, the beginning of the large intestine.


Appendectomies are performed to treat appendicitis, an inflamed and infected appendix.


After the patient is anesthetized, the surgeon can remove the appendix either by using the traditional open procedure (in which a 2–3 in [5–7.6 cm] incision is made in the abdomen) or via laparoscopy (in which four 1-in [2.5-cm] incisions are made in the abdomen).

Traditional open appendectomy

When the surgeon uses the open approach, he makes an incision in the lower right section of the abdomen. Most incisions are less than 3 in (7.6 cm) in length. The surgeon then identifies all of the organs in the abdomen and examines them for other disease or abnormalities. The appendix is located and brought up into the wounds. The surgeon separates the appendix from all the surrounding tissue and its attachment to the cecum, and then removes it. The site where the appendix was previously attached, the cecum, is closed and returned to the abdomen. The muscle layers and then the skin are sewn together.

Laparoscopic appendectomy

When the surgeon performs a laparoscopic appendectomy, four incisions, each about 1 in (2.5 cm) in length, are made. One incision is near the umbilicus, or navel, and one is between the umbilicus and the pubis. Two other incisions are smaller and are on the right side of the lower abdomen. The surgeon then passes a camera and special instruments through these incisions. With the aid of this equipment, the surgeon visually examines the abdominal organs and identifies the appendix. The appendix is then freed from all of its attachments and removed. The place where the appendix was formerly attached, the cecum, is stitched. The appendix is removed through one of the incisions. The instruments are removed and then all of the incisions are closed.

To remove a diseased appendix, an incision is made in the patient's lower abdomen (A). Layers of muscle and tissue are cut, and large intestine, or colon, is visualized (B). The appendix is located (C), tied, and removed (D). The muscle and tissue layers are stitched (E). (Illustration by GGS Inc.)
To remove a diseased appendix, an incision is made in the patient's lower abdomen (A). Layers of muscle and tissue are cut, and large intestine, or colon, is visualized (B). The appendix is located (C), tied, and removed (D). The muscle and tissue layers are stitched (E). (
Illustration by GGS Inc.

Studies and opinions about the relative advantages and disadvantages of each method are divided. A skilled surgeon can perform either one of these procedures in less than one hour. However, laparoscopic appendectomy (LA) always takes longer than traditional appendectomy (TA). The increased time required to do a LA the greater the patient's exposure to anesthetics, which increases the risk of complications. The increased time requirement also increases the fees charged by the hospital for operating room time and by the anesthesiologist. Since LA also requires specialized equipment, the fees for its use also increase the hospital charges. Patients with either operation have similar pain medication needs, begin eating diets at comparable times, and stay in the hospital equivalent amounts of time. LA is of special benefit in women in whom the diagnosis is difficult and gynecological disease (such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ruptured ovarian follicles, ruptured ovarian cysts, and tubal pregnancies) may be the source of pain and not appendicitis. If LA is done in these patients, the pelvic organs can be more thoroughly examined and a definitive diagnosis made prior to removal of the appendix. Most surgeons select either TA or LA based on the individual needs and circumstances of the patient.

Insurance plans do cover the costs of appendectomy. Fees are charged independently by the hospital and the physicians. Hospital charges include fees for operating and recovery room use, diagnostic and laboratory testing, as well as the normal hospital room charges. Surgical fees vary from region to region and range between $250–750. The anesthesiologist's fee depends on the health of the patient and the length of the operation.


Once the diagnosis of appendicitis is made and the decision has been made to perform an appendectomy, the patient undergoes the standard preparation for an operation. This usually takes only one to two hours and includes signing the operative consents, patient identification procedures, evaluation by the anesthesiologist, and moving the patient to the operating area of the hospital. Occasionally, if the patient has been ill for a prolonged period of time or has had protracted vomiting, a delay of few to several hours may be necessary to give the patient fluids and antibiotics .


Recovery from an appendectomy is similar to other operations. Patients are allowed to eat when the stomach and intestines begin to function again. Usually the first meal is a clear liquid diet—broth, juice, soda pop, and gelatin. If patients tolerate this meal, the next meal usually is a regular diet. Patients are asked to walk and resume their normal physical activities as soon as possible. If TA was done, work and physical education classes may be restricted for a full three weeks after the operation. If a LA was done, most patients are able to return to work and strenuous activity within one to three weeks after the operation.


Certain risks are present when any operation is performed under general anesthesia and the abdominal cavity is opened. Pneumonia and collapse of the small airways (atelectasis) often occurs. Patients who smoke are at a greater risk for developing these complications. Thrombophlebitis, or inflammation of the veins, is rare but can occur if the patient requires prolonged bed rest. Bleeding can occur but rarely is a blood transfusion required. Adhesions (abnormal connections to abdominal organs by thin fibrous tissue) are a known complication of any abdominal surgery such as appendectomy. These adhesions can lead to intestinal obstruction that prevents the normal flow of intestinal contents. Hernia is a complication of any incision. However, they are rarely seen after appendectomy because the abdominal wall is very strong in the area of the standard appendectomy incision.

The overall complication rate of appendectomy depends upon the status of the appendix at the time it is removed. If the appendix has not ruptured, the complication rate is only about 3%. However, if the appendix has ruptured, the complication rate rises to almost 59%. Wound infections do occur and are more common if the appendicitis was severe, far advanced, or ruptured. An abscess may also form in the abdomen as a complication of appendicitis.

Occasionally, an appendix will rupture prior to its removal, spilling its contents into the abdominal cavity. Peritonitis or a generalized infection in the abdomen will occur. Treatment of peritonitis as a result of a ruptured appendix includes removal of what remains of the appendix, insertion of drains (rubber tubes that promote the flow of infection inside the abdomen to outside of the body), and antibiotics. Fistula formation (an abnormal connection between the cecum and the skin) rarely occurs. It is only seen if the appendix has a broad attachment to the cecum and the appendicitis is far advanced, causing destruction of the cecum itself.

The complications associated with undiagnosed, misdiagnosised, or delayed diagnosis of appendicitis are very significant. This has led surgeons to perform an appendectomy any time that they feel appendicitis is the diagnosis. Most surgeons feel that in approximately 20% of their patients, a normal appendix will be removed. Rates much lower than this would seem to indicate that the diagnosis of appendicitis was being frequently missed.

Normal results

Most patients feel better immediately after an operation for appendicitis. Many patients are discharged from the hospital within 24 hours after the appendectomy. Others may require a longer stay, from three to five days. Almost all patients are back to their normal activities within three weeks.

Morbidity and mortality rates

The mortality rate of appendicitis has dramatically decreased over time. Currently, the mortality rate is estimated at one to two per 1,000,000 cases of appendicitis. Death is usually due to peritonitis, intra abdominal abscess, or severe infection following rupture.


Appendectomies are usually carried out on an emergency basis to treat appendicitis. There are no alternatives, due to the serious consequence of not removing the inflamed appendix, which is a ruptured appendix and peritonitis, a life-threatening emergency.

See also Laparoscopy .



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An appendectomy is performed by a fully trained surgeon who, after medical school, has gone through years of training in an accredited residency program to learn the specialized skills of a surgeon. A sign of a surgeon's competence is certification by a national surgical board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). All board-certified surgeons have completed an approved training program and have passed a rigorous specialty examination. The letters F.A.C.S. (Fellow of the American College of Surgeons) after a surgeon's name are a further indication of a surgeon's qualifications.

Appendectomy is considered a major surgical operation. Therefore, the surgeon must perform this operation in the operating room of a hospital. An anesthesiologist is also present during the operation to administer an anesthetic.


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sunny sohn
i took a Appendectomy surgery, i want to know how do i care my body and please recommend to after care.
my boyfriend is having a appendectomy right this minute and i am so worried you guys helped me understand what it is exactly thank you all so much you were a great help.
I'm doing a research project on appendectomies and this was the best source of information i've had so far! Thanks! =)
Cheryl Moloney
I had my appendix removed laproscopically yesterday morning about 7:00 a.m. and I left the hospital at 2:00 p.m. I wanted to be home rather than in the hospital where you can't sleep very well. I'm having some pain but the Percocet is helping with that. I work part-time (3 hours a day) for a lawyer and I'm thinking about going in on Monday. I mean I sit most of the day so I see no reason why I shouldn't go in.
I had my surgery jan 29 appendectomy and hernia repair in a ton of pain and wanna take a shower anyone know how long it takes before you can shower???
To Nikki,

I had laparoscopic appendectomy done about a week ago. I was told I could shower 1 day after leaving the hospital, so 48 hours after my surgery.

Yesterday took my small bandages off and was amazed about the size of the scars! SO SMALL :D I expected much bigger but because I had the laparoscopic appendectomy, there's only 3 X 3/4 inch scars and I bet they'll heal into almost nothing. My advice, if scarring is an issue for you, definitely have a LA done.
I had an appendectomy last week, my scar is on the left, is this normal?
I had a bad ruptured appendix durring a vacation on thanksgiving. I was in the hospital for a week! and drains for a week after. Now I still have 3 little scars. :P
I had an appendectomy at 6pm last night and was released at noon today. Mine was laparoscopic (sp?). My doc told me to shower the iodine off today in the shower. I have pain but haven't taken anything since the vicodin they gave me at 10 this morning. I'll probably take something to sleep. I'm walking around and just taking it easy.

Mine was very routine and a very smooth procedure. They even had me on solid foods for breakfast.

I should have 3 very tiny scars. One of mine will also be on the left which surprised me also.
I had an operation last May 17, ruptured appendix. I got back to work after 1 month. Just wanna ask if it is normal to feel some aches (as in sa tahi ko?!). Does it something to do when i carry heavy things and doing some laundry wash this morning? pls spend time to answer me...thanks alot!
My husband was diagnosed with acute appendicitis about 2.5 weeks ago. The general surgeon performed an LA and found his appendix had ruptured. There were no tubes used to drain anything from his abdomen after surgery. He has been back to the emergency room, 3 days after discharged from surgery, and a CT scan showed a giant softball size fluid filled sac but the surgeon insisted this was not an abcess. However, he maintains around a 101.6 temp daily and can actually feel the big ball in his stomach. The surgeon tells him to wait through the weekend to see if the temp. continues and they will do a 3rd CT scan. Should I be looking for a second opinion??
I had the appendectomy procedure performed early sunday morning its now tuesday morning Ive been trying to carry on a regular diet and some physical activity such as walking around my house but i seem to get poor results. Im hunched over in severe pain the vicodin isnt helping with the pain and im still nauseated my surgeon however said these symptoms were normal, i on the other hand have doubts its still constant pressure i have one incision thats roughfly 5 inches long and i guess my question would be when does the pain go away and should i be seen again?
In December of 2008, my 23 yr. old son had severe pain in his lower right abdominal area. He was taken to a local hospital where was diagnosed w/appendicitis. We were told surgery was necessary and his appendix would be removed via the Laparoscopic procedure. Fine. After a short while we were told that surgery went well and son would soon be taken to a room for an overnight stay. Great! Well ... January 30, 2010, 1 a.m., my son and I found ourselves in ER again with lower rt. ab pain, this time at a different local hospital ER. His pain was not going away, just increasing. We were questioned about previous surgeries, we answered with his appendectomy of 12/08. We were literally laughed at. "Where is the scar then?" was the question we kept hearing, like we performed the surgery ourselves. There were 3 scars. One on lower left side, one at lower abdomen area, and one at the belly button. As the morning turned out, after MRI, it was discovered that appendix had not been fully removed and son needed to have yet another emergency appendectomy! Reading latest surgeon's report was extremely interesting and quiet scary noting the internal area to be abscessed and inflamed. So after a few hours surgeon came out, said surgery was a bit difficult but turned out fine. Son needed to be on antibiotics and remain in hospital for 3 days after surgery due to infection. I am so bothered by the first surgery results and not sure if there is anything I can do about it other than forget about and move on. Except we still owe first surgeon/hospital $ that insurance co. would not pay! Thanks for listening ... needed to vent! Be careful out there!!
i had mine on tuesday, june 8th , it is now the 11th.
i was wondering if anyone knew when i could have a cigarette or if there is anytime limit on when i could do so.
please let me know!
thank you.
i got my appendix out a few years ago as a child and i remeber being in for nearly a week im really suprised by the time pepole are in now their haedly in till their out again wich is a good thing as i feel you recover better at home wish i had been in and out though the hospital staff were really nice and i befreinded the other kids i missed being at home and i remeber one of my get well presents was a Madeline doll and she was ment to have her appendix out too cute i thought
One of my friends is suffering from occasional pain on her appendectomy scar.She underwent the procedure about one month ago and had to take 2-week rest as it was infected.Am I supposed to worry?How can she be in full recovery as soon as possible?
I had my appendix out just over a week ago. When I went for my check up yesterday the Dr. told me that the infection had spread and he had to take part of my cecum out as well. What does this mean and how will it affect me.
I just had a LA September 2, 2010, about two weeks ago, and I am feeling pain at the incision cite. Is this normal?
I Had appendix removal " laproscopically " yesterday . and i have to fly 12 hours after 4 days !! i donno if thats will be ok or not ! any advices ??
my Question is that, My 3 year old baby have a problem of appendix . after the operation appendix in the operated area a liquid flow from his body and doctor have no idea about that what I do?
Very helpful article, thanks. I had LA 10 days ago - Sunday night trip to the emergency room, that was fun :P

The only thing I would question in this article is the cost. My bill was over $18,000 (billed to insurance, who knows what I'll have to pay). Granted, that includes the Emergency Room, the CT scan, my overnight hospital stay (since the surgery was at 10pm) etc. But just the surgery was over $6,000 of that. I'm in the Pacific NW. Maybe it's more expensive here?

I'm back to work (desk job) after a week off. As with any abdominal surgery, it was very painful for a few days till the muscles start to heal again. Taking it easy on housework and not lifting anything heavy. I feel a little soreness on the incisions now and again but everything seems to be healing well.
WHat kind of hurt does if have. Like a sting or burn or what? Thanks in advance
At home recovering from an appendectomy (done 4 days ago). Normal pain, not really needing the percocet for the surgery but for the headaches which don't last more than an half of day. However, I'm beginning to worry about the pain in my lower back and the one bowel movement I had which was a watery one, yesterday. My belly is full and I don't have an appetite which I associate with not being able to rid my body of the food I’ve eaten within the last 2 days. Should I be worried or is it just my intestines needing time to get back to normal?
I had my appendix out on at midnight onFriday the 19th of November.

My work have told me that I will be fired unless I return today - Nov 23rd. Surgeon faxed my workplace advising 2 weeks off work. I'm in an at will state and have no access to FMLA, am I screwed?

Anyway, it was done via LA, I was meant to be discharged at 10am on Friday, a mere 11 hours after leaving the surgery! But due to the pain in my shoulders from the air being pumped in to me, I had to stay a few extra hours.

I'm taking Lortab, I'm trying to get around and get mobile but it always puts me in uncomfortable pain around the incision area at night and first thing in the morning.
I had my appendix out via LA on Wednesday the 16th of November at 11:30pm. Came out of surgery at 1:00am and left the hospital that night at 7:30pm.
My right shoulder bothered me a little bit and I knew that was from the CO2 they fill your abdomen with- pretty normal. I did take some Miralax on Friday and a dose on Saturday as I was nervous about having a soft bowel movement. Worked great and had no pain when I finally had a bowel movement Sunday evening.
My husband is a respiratory therapist so here is a great tip for coughing. Take a towel and roll it up, when you have to cough, press the towel to your abdomen firmly before coughing- this helps immensely. I was told that I shouldn't drive (not using Percocet anymore) because it is an abdominal surgery. I thought that statement was ridiculous so I drove to the store (about 5 miles)for a few things. I live in Minnesota and we just got 5 inches of snow- it was a little slippery and I found myself riding the brake, needless to say my abdomen was pretty sore after I got home. I understand why I shouldn't have been driving- back to taking a Percocet tonight. Is anyone have a stinging sensation at one or more of there incision sites? I think that is what bugs me the most.
I had a LA done friday Nov. 26th 2010 admitted at 10:45am and was on my way home by 5:30pm. I have hd 2 children normal births no meds and been hit in the eye with a bungee cord this is the worst pain I have ever felt physicaly. Does anyone have any suggestions on certain foods or way to ease the pain. They gave me hdros and ibuprophenbut those don't seem to work.
I had LA done Tuesday Nov 23 at 12am. was out of the hospital Wedensday at 12 noon, the first two days were hell could not get out of bed or a chair without assistance. by the third day coud get up and down a lot easier,not without pain but it was better. now I have very little pain
Nov.27th wonderful "bowel prep" = no food and laxatives all night long.
Nov.28th Endoscope and Colonscopy. Due to having severe stomach cramping and diarrhea. Checking for all gastro issues on both ends of the spectrum.
Nov.29th scope results = ALL NORMAL!
Nov.29th evening before midnight SEVERE stomach pain went to emergency room.
Nov.30th (6:30am) appendicitis surgery scheduled for removal,(5;45pm! various docs,various pain meds, no food)
Apparently my appendix was such a mess it was hard like a woody pulp from ongoing leaking! Nasty
Dec. 1 - Overnighted in hospital, discharged at 4:30pm. Ride home advice!!! Have whomever is picking you up from hospital to bring pillow so you can lean car seat back,place pillow over belly, then seat on. Percocets was the pain pill prescribed to me. Stay on top of taking your pain pills! Never think , hey I'm feeling fine, I don't need them and fall behind on your pain control. Not fun.
Something that has not been mentioned yet in all feedback that I think all should know...
Pain killers from hospital and whatever you are taking at home will cause CONSTIPATION. Your abdomen is sore to begin with, trying to go #2 is a sore/painful experience. Just eat soups or something easy to pass. It feels really odd having a bowel movement also.Best way to put it. You know when you are going to have pain before it happens and the same with relief.
Taking a shower, be careful not to take a overly hot shower, due to lack of food on your stomach combined with pain meds makes it VERY easy to get dizzy and passout.
Dec.5th Due to boredom and frustration of felling useless, I went to post office and got haircut.
SPEEDBUMPS SUCK! Driving the bumps are painful. Obviously I'm not going to take pain meds and drive. After cut I was ready to go home. EXHAUSTED! I ate some, showered, pain med, and went to bed feeling like I climbed Mt.Everest.
Last advice, don't rush into doing stuff and don't lift anything to heavy. Doc told me nothing heavier than a gallon of milk for a week.
Goodluck anyone/everyone and I hope this helped.
I woke up Friday, Dec 10, 10, around 8 am when my boyfriend woke up and went in to work. Had excrutiating pain in upper abdomen radiating to pubic region, nothing in particular about the appendix location. Shot out a couple of texts, to both mom and boyfriend, letting it be known I was going to the E.R. because of the pain intensity. Arrived at the e.r. at 8:45 and immediately was checked in. Explained symptoms and e.r. doctor started me on blood tests, a urine analysis, then a gall bladder ultrasound. At this point, appendicitis wasn't even considered heavily since I had only been in pain that day. Once everything came back as negative, the dr. applied pressure to various areas of my abdomen and said we could try a CAT scan as last resort, or send me home and have me check back in 8 hours. Seeing this is silly, I opted the scan. By the time it was completed my boyfriend had arrived from work and the doctor came in about 30-45 min later, around noon, and told us I had very early staged appendicitis and this was surprising since I was already in so much pain.
At 4:45 pm I went into preop and then surgery shortly after. They did the laparoscopic surgery. It is now day 5 and I am still in some pain, not as intense as the first 3 days after surgery, but very intense at times. Stnading for a long period of time is not optionable at this time as it puts too much pressure on the area where the appendix was. I suppose it's from everything settling into place. The right shoulder pain has not completely gone, depending on how I lay or sit, and the belly button incision is still draining. The i.v. in my hand caused my vein to swell and harden. I am also extremely nauseous and having no easy time with bowel movements-they are painful, again from the pressure I assume-and I immediately have to sit down for a long amount of time. I have showered and change my bandaids every two days. The only one that really needs it is the belly button incision. All three incision sites are slightly raised and hard, not sure if this is normal but intend to inquire about it at my follow up on this coming Friday Dec. 17, 10.
Hopefully this helps if anyone has anything similar with their appendectomy experience.
Wed, Dec 2, 2010, I woke up feeling like I had a mild case of food poisoning. Went to work but the nausea never eased. The next day (Thu) I woke up feeling about the same but had a fever, 100.4. Stayed home from work and in bed most of the day. About 2pm, I woke up feeling considerably better but not much of an appetite. Took a shower, washed and dried my hair, makeup, dressed. I spoke w/my sis about 4pm and told her I felt better and wanted to go to a class that night. By 5pm, severe cramping started and I told my sis I couldn't make it. The pain continued to worsen to the point I almost passed out. Although my whole abdomen hurt, the most severe pain did begin to localize to the lower right side just before I called my bro to take me to the ER. After blood tests, urinalysis, CT scan and the doc doing the pressure/tenderness test, appendicitis was diagnosed. I had surgery 7am Fri, Dec 3rd, for a ruptured appendix. I was very fortunate the surgeon was able to do the procedure laproscopically. I was in the hospital for 5 1/2 days, had a drain tube which was removed just before release, and have 3 small wounds which are almost healed. I had LOTS of pain the first 3 days in hospital. I agree with Brian above, stay on top of your pain control! Day 1 - Ice chips, small sips of water or ginger ale. Day 2 - Any liquids, broth, jello, popsicles. Day 3 - Grits, soup, yogurt, pudding. After that, whatever I felt I could tolerate, which wasn't much for a couple weeks. I was allowed to shower 3 days after surgery. I live alone and was able to take care of myself when I came home, just took much longer to do things! 9 days after release I developed a severe case of hives. Doc suspected the Levaquin and switched me to Augmentin, also prescribed Medrol pack for rash. No other problems since. Almost 4 weeks post-op, I still have some discomfort through my mid-section..achy, stinging, the skin is being pulled tight in the general area of the surgery wounds. If I'm on my feet for long periods or trying to do too much around the house, I'll be exhausted. This was, absolutely, the sickest I've ever been and the worst pain I've ever had in my life! Luckily, I have great benefits at my job and have plenty of sick leave. I've been able to recuperate at home with no worries.
On Thursday afternoon, I got a stomach ache that felt like the lining of my stomach was inflamed. As the night went on it got worse and pain went into my ribs and around to my back. I then got nausea and vomited a couple of times. Well I don't vomit easily so I went to hospital. After hours of testing my gallbladder, and several other things, then they did a cat scan and said it was my appendix..Doctor was surprised as all my pain was going up my chest and I had none at all down by my appendix. He said I was a hard case.. but all turned out ok. I am home, sore and cant wait to get over this. My only worry is when will I start to use the bathroom again?.. my stomach is very bloated.
I had mine out the old fashioned way two weeks ago. My stomach is constantly bloated and I still feel some pain now and then. Walking is nightmare.
I am very glad to have this opportunity - in order to advise with the benefit of my experience -
PLEASE do read. For many years (although very active and fit) I had had many peculiar problems with my stomach and hips - aches and pains. Of course in my mind - I'm thinking it must be because of a riding accident I had - or maybe after having my children. All sorts of things - and then suddenly - bang - I had breast cancer - I was very lucky - and because I went to the hospital very quickly I was treated with cemo therapy and radio therapy and did not have to have my breast removed as the tumer disappeared immediately after my first cemo. However, for some reason and I don't know wether it was the cemo - radio - or drugs - I was at last free of PAIN.
You see - I had got so used to pain in my left hip and leg area - it had become the norm. Little did I know - but all those aches and pains - were most probably grumbling apendix all those years - but because I thought I new what it was and because I had not been treated seriously by the doctors and specialists - because I always present myself as O.K. this had been missed, so that suddenly although NOT in pain - I became ill - in that I did not want to eat - I had a very high temperature - I was very tired - which was not unusual because of the cancer treatments - I just thought that I had picked up a bug of some sort. However - things did get
a little worse - so we called the doctor - who on examination - discovered that I was rather dehydrated - and so suggested some sort of medication - or in order to deal with this quickly -
I could go into hospital and be put on a drip - I decided to go for this option - because I remembered being dehydrated before with the cancer treatments and it wasn't very pleasant. On being taken into hospital - I found myself in a hospital bed (by the way the visiting doctor did mention that he thought it could possibly be appendicitis). The following afternoon and after having to go to the toilet I don't know how many times - I had a scan - which certified that it was indeed apendicitis. That evening at about 10.15p.m. or so I was taken into theatre where I had my opertion - only by this time - my apendicitis had unfortunately turned into peritonitis. This meant that I nearly lost my life and had to have a very large incision causing me to at a later date have more surgery (incisional hernia) which has left me with very unsightly scaring and unfortunately the hernia has come back again - so the reason I write this is to say - DO Not be fobbed off - get yourself or whoever properly examined and get the problem sorted as soon as possible - O.K. Thanks for taking the time.
My enlarged appendix was found during a CT scan for kidney stones. When I met with the surgeon prior to my appendectomy he told me there was a growth on the appendix. After the surgery, I was told that this growth was an actinomyes infection and was usually treatable with long-term antibiotics. The surgeon said he would check with an infectious disease doctor he knew and get back to me - he never did. I finally pinned his nurse down and she said his contact had said no further treatment needed after surgery. Untreated actinomycosis sounds pretty serious - should I look for a second opinion???
I had my appendix removed laproscopically on Monday at around 8, it's now Thursday and I still feel pain where the appendix once was. It isn't there now, but i still feel the abdominal pain that i had when the appendix was there, just not as serious, is this normal?
I took an appendectomy suggery,pls tell me how to take care of my body and the type and quantity of food to be taken per time.thanks
i remember i had my appendix removed when i was in the 6th grade and thats pretty young for an appendectomy but now i have one small scar. i was actually rushed in for emergency surgery but im happy with the results =)
I don't know why I can't find any info on this, but I had my surgery Thursday night at 10pm...
Its now Sunday, and I haven't had a bowl movement. I have had gas, but I feel worried that I should be going to the bathroom. Can someone please tell me when I should start/ should have been going?
tina tollady
i had my apppendix out 10 days ago the old way. im still bloated and in pain when will bloating go and also th
I underwent appendix open surgery, after surgery 17 units of blood transfused and lot of antibiotics were given given bcoz of this two my kidney functions elevated to peak. After Two blood dialisis only i came to normal.
After surgey the surgery wound heals took 7 months. After the surgery spot become Herinia and the doctor says it needs to be removed, otherwise it will become more complicated.
can u advise me the best solution for this.
I had a laproscopy and appendectomy eight days ago, the following evening i fainted in the toilet of the hospital, they did blood tests and said my blood count was low. I was told that I would be taken in the next morning for another op to see what was wrong. My husband insisted that I be taken in the same night, the discovered that I had lost six pints of blood. I really thought this to be neglicence on my drs behalf, who knows what might have happened if I was left over night in this condition as my bp was down and so was my pulse rate, should I take the matter further. I would also like to know if it is common to now have severe brusing at the upper part of my legs at the inside of my thighs they are purple bruises and run down about 15 cm it does not look good should I be concerned, I was discharged with pain killers only. Please your reply with regards to this would be appreciated.
I had a la performed on Tuesday of this week and they found I had cronic appendicitis with a large stone stuck in it as well. Im still hurting really bad and im bleeding from time to time from the places that were stiched shut. Can anyone explain to me why im still hurting so bad and why im still bleeding?
I had my appendix removed on monday night and was disxharged on wednesday. I have a pain above my belly button and I hard ball on my right hand side. Is this normal? I feel full all the time and have been to the bathroom twice since monday its now friday? Sometimes I feel like I need to go to the bathroom and then nothing, please help.
I have recently had my appendix removed through key hole surgery, since having the surgery my appetite is not as big as it was and have lost 2stone within weeks. Is this normal? Will I re gain my appetite?
4/03/2011 Had the surgery at approximately 8:00 p/m 4/02/2011 and I am at home and it is 11:30 a/m (4/03/2011). I had lap (spl) surgery. The three holes are to access the app and also to insert the (bore scope) ie. tiny television and the instruments to remove the app - so thats why the three tiny holes are there (body creams for scars will get rid of most of the scarring - so don't panick :)). I am also NOT taking pain medication, even though I'm tender to walk and sensitive to touch in the area. I am exceptionally pleased with how it turned out. I AM suppose to not lift anything over ten pounds and this is to go from 4 - 6 weeks (my livelihood is working on boat and truck engines, so my work is out of the question until I thoroughly heal.) As I have said, the work was expertly done, and now it's upon me to take care of myself, so I don't cause myself complication. HEY, don't worry or sweat it - I was impressed!
I got an appendix operation last dec 19 2010 by laparoscopy or LA but I wondered why is in left side of my abdomen?.. I also have sharp pain I the lower side of my right side abdomen and almost a week already after 3 months after my operation.. Pls I need an anwers..

Thank you so much
Beth new york
I got an appendix operation last dec 19 2010 by laparoscopy or LA but I wondered why is in left side of my abdomen?.. I also have sharp pain I the lower side of my right side abdomen and almost a week already after 3 months after my operation.. Pls I need an anwers..

Thank you so much
Beth new york
I had my appendix removed 8 days ago, laparascopically.
I was dismissed from the hospital one hour after surgery.
The next day, I was in a lot of pain, mostly from the CO2 in my body. My right shoulder was in severe pain.
Days two and three were also painful, and I was also nauseated. I stopped taking hydrocodone on day 3.
Day 4-7 have been much better. I'm sleeping well and have no more pain in my shoulders.
I took the bandages off of my incisions on Day 6 and the wounds look great- very small and almost closed up.
I still have some pain near my belly button area (the largest incision), but I expect that to go away in a few days.
i got my Appendix removed on 20th April 2011 but i still have pain while urinate some times while it ok to have this kind of pain?
I had a ruptured appendix 10 years ago, Does anyone else get a burning feeling in there scar when they cough or sneeze?
I had my appendix removed 18 years ago when i was 8. i was released the next day and went back to school a week after my surgery. i was wondering if any one else has a numbing sensation every once in a while. cause i do and it can last from 10 mins to 4 hours or longer.
I had my appendix removed 2 days ago with the LA procedure. Very smooth, and quick. I was released from the hospital the next day, and aside from the CO2 in my body("shoulder pains") I'm fine. The Surgeon sent me home with a prescription of Tylenol 3, and it helped me fall asleep last night. I'm planning to take a shower tomorrow night, and take the bandages off in about 5 days.
I had an LA about 4 weeks ago. Everything was going good, so I thought that I would be able to workout again. Now when I bend over or twist wrong I feel a tugging pain around the incision by my belly button.
had a laparoscopic appendectomie 2 days ago, when i coughed i thought i would pass out in pain from the incision by the navel. is this pain a usual effect of the proceedure? if so, how long can i expect it to go on for. (am doing every thing conceivable not to cough)
can any one suggest ways to minimize the pain when coughing.
had LA procedure done 8/20 and was out 8/21 after mistaking constipation for what turned out to be appendicitis. only thing that hurts is incision sites as they are now bruised and tender. not many after effects except headache 3 days after surgery. most painful thing was urinating as i forgot catheter was inserted and removed during procedure. am very aware of all information given before on this site and will try to be conscious of any post complications. thanks for all the information and not feeling so alone.
Hello. I had my emergency appendectomy the traditional way on 7/24. I tried to avoid the ER, dismissing it as gas pain but I'm glad my family fought me. Due to pulmonary and other complications I was kept in the hospital until 7/29. I only took 12 hours of the pain medication due to the fact that there was a risk of pulmonary complication; I can handle my pain well. lung collapsed regardless. Within a day of being home I developed thrush and a vaginal yeast infection, as well as a whole body rash/hives. After being home for two weeks the pain finally started to subside. Now a full month after the surgery I am still home...still mild pain but the worst part of all: my drain hole at the end of the incision is STILL LEAKING. Had a followup CT scan on 8/24 and it revealed no abscess but "inflamation" at the site. My BM's have finally leveled off, and I still have an odd sensation when I urinate. I am overweight so I know this has hindered the speed of my recovery...but I can't see how the constant leaking is normal. Still can't bend down, still can't drive. I have no idea when I'll be freed to return to work. If anyone else is still reading this article and had the traditional surgery, please let me know how long it took for your drain hole to close. Thank you!
i got appendictis and i my appendix was removed last friday night. im a taekwondo player. how long does it take to recover my pain so i can train back again? please answer my question. thank you
Hi it's me again...from 8/26. Turns out if I had just waited a day or two the CT scans would have shown the infectious abscess that was forming. Next thing I know I met the Dr in the ER on 9/3 and had another procedure in the hospital on 9/4 to clean and drain, otherwise known as an "I & D". I was awake and aware for the entire procedure...I have no idea how I didn't freak out seeing, feeling and hearing all that I did. Hopefully now I can fully recover and return to normal life. Just goes to show you, everyone heals differently. Most people can return to moderate daily life in 4 weeks. I'm now on week 7.
My mother had the Dr. remove my appendix when I was three years old. I suspect she needed the money which she probably got paid. I am leading a normal healthy life at the age of 62. Again when I was 15 the Dr. performed another phony operation. Removing cysts from my ovaries which turned out to be a lie. Again my mother needed the money. Most of her life she has lived off of other people. Have a nice day.
My GP referred me to the hospital after I was complaining of abdominal pain, nausea, lack of apetite and constipation. The blood and urine tests were clear. The ultrasound and CT scan were clear. So after three days the hospital sent me home with pain killers and no diagnosis. They shrugged their shoulders and mumbled something about a viral infection.
A day later I was back and I was in more pain than before. More tests and scans were done and still they all came back clear. The surgeons had no answers for me so they decided to do surgery to take a look and while they were there they were going to remove my appendix whether it was inflamed or not because they said it is useless.
The plan was for a laparoscopic surgery but they ended up making a last second decision to do an open surgery because they said something about how my belly peircing makes it easier for bacteria to get trapped in the belly button and they were worried that it would cause a greater risk of infection if they went through there. It turns out that my appendix was extremely swollen and had a large amount of pus that they said it could have burst at any time. They kept me in hospital for a couple of days later because the appendicitis was so bad.
And the sonographers prepared some kind of final report saying that after a second look at the ultrasound they can see that the appendix did look somewhat suspicious.
I had my surgery a week ago, and although the pain is easing of the wounds I am still feeling unwell. I feel hot and clammy although I have no temperature. I feel a little dizzy, and just generally unwell. Is this normal?
I had a laparoscopic appendectomy a week ago today, as I see everyone googles it like me and comes across this page so I thought I would add in my comment. I had it on Saturday, had to have a catheter put in that night for bladder problems then I had it out the next morning, went home Monday morning and have been walking around taking it easy ever since.

My incisions were just below the belly button, the centre of the lower pelvis and centre left side. They form a near perfect quadrilateral triangle so at least my scars (if any) will be symmetrical.

I am itching but to be honest I think it's a sign of healing.

I couldn't eat full meals but after a couple of days I was back to my normal habits again and eating fine.

I have been given 2 weeks off work which is fair and I am going to take to let the sore feeling and the back aches go away. I will be back to normal working life then.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.
I had a laparoscopic appendectomy a week ago today, as I see everyone googles it like me and comes across this page so I thought I would add in my comment. I had it on Saturday, had to have a catheter put in that night for bladder problems then I had it out the next morning, went home Monday morning and have been walking around taking it easy ever since.

My incisions were just below the belly button, the centre of the lower pelvis and centre left side. They form a near perfect quadrilateral triangle so at least my scars (if any) will be symmetrical.

I am itching but to be honest I think it's a sign of healing.

I couldn't eat full meals but after a couple of days I was back to my normal habits again and eating fine.

I have been given 2 weeks off work which is fair and I am going to take to let the sore feeling and the back aches go away. I will be back to normal working life then.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.
OK, maybe I'm different, but...

My appendectomy went great. I had been experiencing abdominal pains since about 2 pm on Wednesday, and by the time I went to bed I knew something was odd. The pain persisted all night, I figured OK, this isn't gas, and walked five blocks to my local hospital at 6 a.m. Thursday. They did a CT scan by 9:30, and at 10 am the surgeon told me I wouldn't be leaving that day. They did a laparoscopic procedure around 2:30, and by 5 I was in a hospital and feeling so well I wanted to go home that night. They kept me overnight for observation, but I was discharged at 9 am on Friday and walked the five blocks back home.

I did have pain in my neck and shoulders that weekend from the gas, and the surgery aggravated some pre-existing back pain I've had for years. But I was driving by Sunday, went back to work on Monday, and still haven't even filled the prescription for my pain meds. Very happy with the results all around.
I had my appendix removed a month ago. I had pain on Sept.18. Thought it was food poisoning from Taco Bell. Went out with my girlfriend with a horrible bellyache Called out sick on Sept. 19. Thought it was the flu. Went to urgent care on Sept.20. Attending doctor thought it was stomach flu or food poisoning. He prescribed anti-nausea meds,anti-acid meds and pain pills for abdominal pain.

If the abdominal pain persisted,especially on my right side,go to the ER,he recommended.
The next day the pain was all on my right side of my abdomen. Drove myself to the ER. After blood tests and a CAT Scan, I was told that my appendix had ruptured. Not a full blown explosion, more of a small leak.

I had an appendectomy about 12 hours after I had checked in. I had a massive antibiotic treatment. Spent a week in the hospital. Had two drains to remove fluids from the sugery site.

I go back to work on Nov. 7. Until then no lifting anything over 10 lbs. No stressing my abdominal muscles. I lost about 10-15 lbs. Didn't eat much in the hospital. Was on liquid diet most of the time.

Still have some tenderness,but it gets better with each passing week.
i was told not carry heavy object after i had appendectomy. Please i want to know how long it will take me to be able to carry heavy objects?
My 10 yr old son had his appendix removed by incision 1 month ago. I'm a little worried as his scar is red and is protruding. There is a lump where the scar is. The doctor says this is the tissue underneath, which was a week ago but it still doesn't look normal to me. He has been swimming as well. Can you let me know if this is normal and how long does it take to heal? Thanks
I had laparoscopic appendectomy on nov 20 .. When can I drink red wine
I had pain in my right groin area a few years ago. I went to a gynecologist who sent me to a GI doctor, who sent me to an Orthopedic surgeon (??) who sent me back to my gynecologist, who sent me to a general surgeon. Confused? The general surgeon said he thought I must have strained my groin area or either there was a hernia there. He set me up for exploratory surgery. I awakened without my appendix. He sent me home right away and left for vacation. I am in worse pain than I started with. It feels like labor pains and has been going on for years. I can barely walk at times. This doctor practices in a hospital in Ocoee, FL and Clermont, FL.

Has anyone else out there experiencing anything like this? I don't think my appendix needed removing. The doctor put in my medical records that he came outside of the operating room and asked my husband for permission to remove my appendix. My husband had never met, seen, talked to or given permission to this doctor ever. After surgery I had complications and there was no doctor on call while this doctor was on vacation. I could not find anyone to touch me. I ended up in the emergency room in another town.
I had my appendix removed 24 hrs ago. They sent me home 10 hrs ago but I have yet to pass gas. Is this bad? I can feel bubbles in my tummy but nothing happening.
Hey i had my Appendix Removed nearly 10 years ago now but i was left with a horrible scar
Its around 5inc long and i have a strange lump above it as the scar dints into my body
Does any one now if i could have sorted out as i am just worried that it may be connected to a muscle in the stomach and later in life i mite have problems when having children as it pulls really bad when i exercise or stretch my stomach in any way.
Please if you have any information about about let me no
My father-in-law, 83 years of age, was sent to the emergency room by family doctor with suspicion of bladder retention with symptoms of abdominal and right groin pain, distention of three to four inches in the tummy area over very short period of time, extreme frequency of urination. A scan showed no bladder retention. Urinalysis was done showing blood in urine but no UTI indication. A CT scan was done and ruled out kidney stones. He had had no fever, nausea, or vomiting. The ER advised that the CT scan showed there was a growth on the appendix and recommended a surgical appointment and PET scan, suggested possible cancer. They had no differential diagnoses of appendicitis and didn't suggest appendicitis. We made first surgical appointment we could get, one week later due to findings from ER. Turns out it was appendicitis. Although we weren't told that at the time, frequency and blood in urine can be symptoms of appendicitis. At the time we thought maybe he was having two problems, something to do with his urinary tract and something to do with possible cancer because of what we were told. When the surgeon saw him, he hospitalized him that same day, looked at the CT scan with the radiologist and immediately decided it most likely indicated appendicitis. My advice based on what I know now would be to ask for the surgical consult while in the emergency room. A surgeon would have identified the appendicitis concern immediately.
dr wafi
thinks from every body to shire a good information about appendectomy
I did an appendicitis surgery 4 years ago,am recently experiencing some pain below my right abdomen before the scar.Is it possible to have appendicitis twice?
"I had an emergency appendectomy on the 3rd of May. The incision on my belly button is purplish red, and had a bump. What could this possibly be?
*Has not had. And it also is quite irritated, itchy, very sore and the bump is numb on the inside of my belly button but i can feel pain on the outside. Can I get some possible answers? I'm freaked out cause this is my first surgery...
d d
admitted to a&e 28 march severve abdo pain top right around gall bladder and going into my back . no temperature blood pressure normal bloods normal only sign anything wrong was me screaming wondering why someone can have such pain and remain consious. having had 3 kids hysterectomy and by pass surgeries am used to some pain .admitted to ward diagnosed with gastric colic !x ray and ultrasound normal . only ct showed ruptured appendix and peritonitis . so 22 hours later taken to appendix had burst and was stuck to gall bladder hence no response on normal appendix examination . had 6 litres pus and poo in my guts setting record for surgeon off using 16 litres to wash me out .had 27 stitch laperotomy . home 4 days post op .pain and swelling in lower abdomin grew worse kept asking doc for stronger pain relief till wound leaked at bottom . admitted to hospital where bottom 10 clips removed causing "fontain" of about 2 litres pus . wound packed sent home. same thing to top 5 stiches 4 days later but only @litre pus this time .10 weeks on having had district nurse to pack wound daily am just starting to go out and attend doc surgery for dressing .am still experiencing abdo aches n pains especially on eating and drinking snd going to bathroom . has anyone been unlucky enough to experience something similar and when will my abdomin stop spasm and pain ?
I had my appendix out about 3 weeks ago now I seam to have lumps under my scars is this normal
I just had an appendectomy on June 7 and when I went to the follow up I still had pain and the Dr. Told me it was normal. Well it isn't normal after 2 weeks and I ended up in the ER the next day after I resumed normal activities with bleeding and severe pain. I had an abscess that had to be drained and five days in the hospital. So if your still having pain go to the ER and have yourself examined don't put it off is my best advice for those having oain weeks after surgery.
erhimona b
i had my appendix done 6 years ago but for 3 months av bin feeling severe pain in the area of the scar i av gone for a scan but the scan shows nothing what do i do?
Is there a possibility that person specially men undergo w/ that surgery can provide a child?
My 10 year old son had an emergency appendectomy on April 11th of this year. Appendix ruptured during surgery.Nine days later we returned to the hospital with lower abdomen pain again. The rupture caused an abscess where the appendix once was. A few weeks after coming home from the hospital my husband had routine surgery on his stomach. Somehow my husband contracted C.diff (if you don't know what this is PLEASE look it up because it is becoming more common in hospitals). Not knowing he had C.diff when we first brought him home, he passed the infection to my 10 year old recovering son. It is now 4 months after his initial surgery and his LA site scars hurt and he recently has been experiencing sever lower right back pain as well as experiencing pain when he passes gas. He missed 2 1/2 months of school last school year to recover from everything. We are on day 3 of the new school year and he had to stay home because of the pain. What is this? Anyone else have a similar situation?
my mother is 48 years old. she had a pain into her belly but we did not know about appendix ...then we came to hospital but we decided to operate her appendix after 6 weeks. then she did appendicitis surgery before 5 days. right now my mom is discharged from hospital but now she feels pain when cough continueing...then hand and legs are a bit swalling then what can be the problem??
thank u
after TA surgery how long should I wait o play high school football/pratice
Post appendacectomy how many days should avoid intercourse
I had my appendix removed a week ago And i now have tenderness around that area. The surgeon had mentioned that my appendix was gangrenous. Is this pain And tenderness normal?
Woke up with mild headavhe on Thursday. By 11:30pm the vomiting started. I could keep water down. I threw up 9x in 14 hours. Friday around 9 pm the cramping started in my tummy started on the right side. I just thought it was from all of the purging. The pain prevented me from sleeping. Saturday very sore thinking I had food poisoning. Late Satuday night the pain was so intense I couldn't sleep or move from the fetal position. I thought that I had severe gas. Sunday morning I was able to have a very loose bm but the pain wasn't getting any better and my tummy seemed swollen. I started to feel chilled and finally decided it was time to go to ER. Agter normal testing, blood/urine, ct scan and a millon questions, test results came back positive for appendicitis. The doc said I had good timing and we would be able todo the surgery before it ruptured. My advice...listen to your body. I am greatful that i didn't wait any longer. I've been home for 2 days and I am feeling better. My stomach is swollen and i have a big bruise under my belly button.This surgery was more painful than my hystorectomy. LA is the way to go. The incision on the far left is where the camera is inserted. Thankful for technology! I wish you all well. To those who continue to have a fever, suffering a lot of pain, ball of fluid in your gut...GET A SECOND OPINION!! IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!
I just came home from Laparoscopic appendectomy last night. I stayed in the hospital overnight, then came home the following day after I was able to use my urinary muscles again. The anasthaesia affected my ability to urinate and they had to use a catheter. Once I could go on my own I was discharged. I feel sore all over, and although I was told I could shower today, I'm going to wait until tomorrow, 3 full days after surgery to be on the safe side and give my wounds a chance to close a bit. I went in with appendicitis pain to the ER on Thursday, but I was afraid of surgery and refused it so after 3 days the pain had subsided to a 1 and I was discharged with antibiotics to take for a week. I felt great for one full day, and then started feeling that rumbling and gas that I'd gotten before the pain began, and I vomited and had nausea. I called my doctor and told him I couldn't keep down the antibiotics, so I went back to the ER. I wish I had just gotten it done the first time! But I thought it was menstrual cramps or gas, because I happened to be on my period. I'd had symptoms for 10 days, the whole time I thought it was PMS, then cramps, and finally when the pain localized to the lower right quadrant and I had rebound tenderness is when I drove myself to the hospital. I also recommend that you trust your doctors (unlike me, I learned the hard way)and get that thing removed as soon as you are diagnosed.
my grandmom had her appendix removed almost 2 weeks ago and is suffering from a continuous buring in the lower right side of her abdomin. is this normal?
I had undergone a laproscopic appendectomy on 09th September and stayed in the hospital overnight. Though everything is fine but still any special advise is there
I had my appendix taken out on sept 15, stayed in hospitall for three days. After I woke up from surgery, I had the hardest time breathing. Every breath HURT! I was taken really shallow breaths and I was getting yelled out by the nurse and doctor th at if I didnt take deeper breaths that I could get pnemonia. It was so hard to take a deep breath. By the second day it got better, but if I had to move to go potty, omg it hurt my lungs so much, because it felt like I ran a thousand mile marathon. It hurt to breathe!! Finally, it did subside but I was at great risk for pnemonia. I have stopped smoking since then. Hopefully I will never pick it up again. Next, its been two weeks after my appenedectomy and my low back really hurts. My lower left back feels bruised. What does this have to do with the appendectomy when its on the other side??
I had my appendix removed four days ago and now I feel that I can go back to work. I do feel pain when i stand up, walk and first set down. Put it is nothing that I thing that can keep me from working. Should I wait the 2-3 weeks like my doc said befor going bake to work?
Where are the answers to people's questions? My husband had an appendectomy 7 days ago. He is still feeling tired and running a 99.5 temp. all the time. Went back to the surgeon today and he was concerned about it but said to wait and not rush to do a CT scan unless he develops diarrea.
Yeah I had a la done yesterday and I'm not in a lot of pain, given I am eating pain meds. I have three scars. One on my lower left ( biggest one) , one in my belly button, and one where a belt buckle would go. So this was a pretty helpful guide before I got the surgery ;).
I am having an appendectomy tonight actually and i am a little scar ed but this made me me feel better!
I had an appendectomy done almost two weeks ago. I had just moved out of state anx 4 days later
I was In the ER. I had the larenscopic procedure. Went well. I left the hospital about 16 hours later.
My first week was painful. I did walk and move around and as for lifting anything like laundry..dont
Do anything over 10 pounds and wait atleast a couple days before you attempt to. Sitting down and getting up
Still is a little painful but it is a little better. Any smokers I would suggest no smoking or drinking for the first week and a half to two weeks. Smoking can very much increase the risk of pneumonia which can be really bad.
Other tips is drink a liter bottle of gatorade a day for a few days after surgery. There are electrolytes I. Gatorade that will help recovery and its a good thing for hydration. No sodas or carbonated drinks cuz the carbonation will make you gassy and a bit painful. No tight clothing...uhn.. Im trying to think of any other tips that cohld be is normal to have the following: a uti...loose stool the first 3-4 days after surgery..a LITTLE bit of blood in the stool or a yeast infection during recovery. It can happen so just get antibiotics for it and dont stress too much. And before surgery you can always get the surgeons name and look them up and do some research on them. I did with mine! Dont be afraid to do so. :-)
Wow, peeps have gone to some screwed up doctors not giving answers.

Im 29, healthy, I had LA done few days ago and I was in and out the ER in 2 and half hours, lol but the 5 hours i had before they started was no joke. Yea pretty amazing recovery for how much pain I was in (kicking and almost screaming), thank you Kaiser. They printed out all the info I needed to read at home and more on their website. Follow up appointment 1-2 weeks later.

No work for a week, said normal eating habits after were fine, but I stuck to soups for the past days and loaded up on electrolytes and water. Screw the pain meds (had norco) gave me a bad headache, little diarrhea and constipation (did not take stool softener) but really didn't have bad pain that needed norco. Experience normal pain and weakness, nothing alarming. Walking longer distance on 3rd day seem fine but still walking hunched like an old man. Lifting after 4-6 weeks but remember doc saying nothing strenuous for a YEAR? No idea, I was in pain when he told me but thankfully I have a follow up appointment to ask questions. If they cut the abdominal wall, it probably won't heal in a month, you risk a Hernia, but a year is long as hell.

Incisions were on the left also, but geez, watch a video how the operation works, it's normal.

Geez, do yourselves a favor and call a nurse or doctor if u have questions. Good luck.
Came back from California last Monday night 3/18; had real difficulty sleeping due to lower R abdominal pain but to tell you the truth I chalked it up to gas from the long plane ride to Philadelphia. I woke to some nausea and more pain 3/19 but able to go out for one brief errand. When I got home Tuesday PM I fell into bed as I just felt awful. Decided to take my temperature and it was 101.5; peaked at 102. One symptom I haven't seen anyone mention that the ER doctor told me is very common is no appetite. My appetite was ZERO -- couldn't eat more than few spoonfuls of soup. That's when I thought -- something isn't right so I called my doctor's office Wedn morning 3/20 for an appointment. They told me to go to the ER because it sounded like acute appendicitis. CAT scan at ER confirmed it and I underwent laparascopic surgery that evening. Although they tried to discharge me Thu evening, I had only had one solid meal since admission (dinner at 5pm Thu) and firmly requested to stay one more night just to make sure I had no complications, which they allowed me to do. Since discharge Fri morn 3/22 my pain has been quite tolerable and I have have not taken any of the pain pills they gave me. Had to sleep on my back when I came home. Last night was the first night I was able to sleep partially on my side. You need to be home for at least two weeks I think. I saw my surgeon for one week follow-up today and he said recuperation is progressing nicely. I do not plan to return until April 8 (2-1/2 weeks). I do feel tired; sleep and lots of rest is key I think to regaining my strength. Today is the first day that my abdomen is not as sore and my movement is better.
Hey, I'm going to try and make this short. I'm Jen&im 12 years old, I had an LA about 30 hours ago. After the op, I felt sick&kept puking ( which is normal ) then I had a sore throat the next day. I'm finding it easy to eat and drink. But I'm a bit scared to remove my plasters, as in my belly button one there's a bit of blood on it. Its hard to walk without crouching, and I get back&shoulder pains at night. Its all completely normal!x if you think you are suffering from appendicitis, go to a&e asap. I went 3 times and they said it was nothing, but I kept getting pains so I went back&had to have an op the next day.
My husband went to the er with stomach pains. The er dr did a CT scan and it showed he had inflamed appendix. They rushed him to a near by hospital for emergency surgery. The surgeon was suppose to be waiting on him to get there. We waited 3 hours in the er while he was in his office then went to the holding for surgery we waited 4 more hours before he had his surgery. When the dr started the surgery he found that his appendix had ruptured while waiting to have surgery. My question is - is it normal to wait so long for an emergency surgery?
Our 70 yr old mother went to the ER on 6-11-13; CT scan showed inflammed appendix, possibly ruptured; went to OR and Dr performed a LA; she went home the next day 6-12-13; she kept vomiting with severe abdominal pain I called the hospital, surgeons office and primary they all said it was normal; BS!!; 6-14-13 back to the ER; another CT scan done and it showed a 'surgical hernia' due to a major infection plus they missed a blockage in her intestine! it turn's out that they should have really done a TA to have been able to catch the major infection she had plus the blockage and should have drained the area to help rid toxic liquids; NOW a 'exploratory lap' surgery was done which the cut was done from the belly button down; we're upset but most importantly worried she gets rid of this infection. She's in ICU under heavy pain killer, anti-biotics and has several tubes in her with controlled fever. Advice: if you keep experiencing any type of pain that it is not isolated to the cut and specially if you feel like vomiting or definitely are vomiting... go to the ER ASAP!! do not wait. specially if you feel a fever, that's a worse sign that your body is at its extreme trying to fight a major infection. INFECTION IS THE WORSE ENEMY IN THIS SITUATION!!
I have had an Appedix surgery one year and 6 months ago, and during that time I have had rectal bleeding four times up until present day. It would occur for a day or two then stop, on all of those occasions I had lift heavy items, but I had lift heavy items before and nothing happen. Whenever I put on a back band it stops. please help
I had my appendix out last week, it had ruptured. The doctor had made me drink 2 bottles of contrast first/quickly. Then immediately, took me into surgery.
Later, When the throat tube was being removed after the surgery, I was unable to breath. As a result,I developed severe Pulmonary Edema. Extremely scary and very dangerous. I am a teenage. Malpractice?
I rushed myself to the hospital last July 9, 2013, because I suffered from too much pain inside my stomach. I vomited twice. I couldn't move my feet due to severe stomach pain. The doctor asked some details about the pain I suffered. The doc perform some physical test on me (bending of knees, putting hand pressure on my stomach etc.)and said that the sign of appendectomy is not visible to me. It is just a mild stomach disorder.They only gave Buscopan. I stayed at the hospital overnight and the doctor advised me to went home, but I told my doctor that I still felt a minor pain on the right portion of my abdomen and it intensifies, I suggested that I want to undergo ultrasound so as to know,what causes this pain in my abdomen. The result of the ultrasound revealed that there is fluid in the lumen (appendicitis,suppurative).That very day of July 10, 2013 at 9:00 in the evening I scheduled in the OR to remove my inflamed appendix via surgery. Thanks God, for this second life given to me. Now I am on the healing process. Hopefully I could go back to work when things go right.
I have a huge question. A friend of mine had LA couple weeks ago. He is a young healthy male. During this procedure which he should have come out with 3 or 4 small incisions, well the Doctor cut his aorta . So now incision all the way down his stomach. The Dr. had to cut him wide open to repair the aorta. Has anyone ever heard of this happening??? His Dr. told him Oh this is common.. Well if he calls that common, He will never operate on me.I think the Dr. made a huge mistake. Any thoughts?
I had LA 10 weeks ago. I have been suffering from lower back pain and muscle spasm below my shoulder blade (right). Has anyone else experienced this???
Thanks for a wonderful information.
Three months ago i had a lower right abdominal pain & doctors had my appendix removed by open surgery. Now i experience pains at same, what could be the cause of d post appendicetomy pain?
my husband had severe temperature and stomach pain. he decided to cure it himself with laxatives. after four days he finally decided to go to ER. he had a ruptured appendicitis. his white blood cell count was extremely high and temperatures of 104. surgery was finally performed 7 hours after being admitted. his surgery lasted 3 hours. his incision is about 6 inches and they had to wash his intestines and other organs because his insides were infected when his appendix errupted. he stayed at hospital for 8 days with the bag for draining and a hose in nose also for draining. finally he is home but in much pain.
It started with lower right abdominal pain. I felt it might be related to gastric problem that used to bother. Antacids only helped to unbloat but pain continued. Pain was clearly noticeable during deep breaths or when right arm raised up. Mild fever used to come right after any meal. Nearly 7 days later, upon visiting a doc, scans revealed it is due to acute appendicitis. Got it operated the very next morning and stayed at hospital for 3 days following. It went really well and there's absolutely no pain after the operation. It took 3 days to wake up off bed by my own, I needed assistance till then. Walking certainly helped to flex mid section. Food that doesn't cause heavy gas formation was helpful.
My pain started at work about 9:00pm and got worse as the night went on at about 12:00am I went to the store to get Gas X and a laxative but this didn't work .I left work about 12:30am got home and started to vomit and the pain was unbearable I was on the floor .My wife called 911 to get me to the hospital when I got there the gave me pain meds witch helped a lot for the pain then the Dr. Wanted me to have a CT scan .One hour later he came in and said you need emergency surgery for appendicitis . The surgery lasted about 1hour . I was in the hospital post surgery for 1 day . First day at home is painfull around the belly button.Its hard to cough or sneeze .They have me on 5mg of oxycodone witch helps with the pain.I have a follow up in one week I hope the pain won't last till then.
On May 4th 2014 I had my appendix taken out alone with two cyst on my ovaries. I was cut down from my belly button straight down about 5 inches which was my old csection scar from 3 csections before.Any ways I stayed in the hospital for 4 days.They sent me home,,the 2nd day I was home my incision started to leak blood and puss..I went to the ER and they put me bck in the hospital ecause I had e coili leaking out my incision. And after 25 bags of meds and then they sent me home again Im still leaking and my incision is still not healing right.. I still have my 19 staples in my belly also.. I feel as I am going to die before I can get well.Has anyone had thi problem if so please let me thank you
I did appendectomy on the 27th of april 2014 can i play football on the 27th of may? I need urgent reply.
Had severe stomach cramps Monday July 20 2014 in the evening. I thought it was gas as it was mostly on my left side. I tried to sleep but it was painful. In the morning I tried to eat or cereal but only could eat a few bites. The nausea and vomiting set in and I was sure it was food poisoning as I had eaten a chicken sandwich the day before. The pain began radiating in my belly and was over the belly button. It H U RT! My sis came over and took me to urgent care and the doc checked me over and said to go to the er. The er was jammed, and after waiting 5 hours in the waiting room in the most intense pain of my life, they took me back and did bloodwork (normal) and a ct scan, which showed a very inflamed appendix. This was at about 11 pm. They called in a surgeon, and my appendix was out by 1 am and I was in a hospital room by 2 am. I was able to eat some jello and have some Gatorade and they gave me IV antibiotics and pain meds. By 6 am I had toast and tea.
The doc came in and said I had a gangrenous appendix but luckily it had not ruptured. By 2 pm I was home and have been taking it easy. I have Percocet but have taken it only a couple of times. The pain is there, but nothing like before surgery. It hurts when I move around and I am walking pretty slow. I am going to take ibuprofen today and save the Percocet for nighttime. I think I might live!!! I see the doc in 2 weeks for a follow up. Hang in there everybody. The pain of an appendicitis is crazy, but it does get better.
Had my appendix removed last tuesday.all seems ok just a consern I have is when I cough a sort of lump forms under the skin iam guessing in the this normal?it is quite sore.
I had LA one week from today. The surgeon did not use stitches but put the sterile strips the one below my belly button is bleeding and has dried up blood on the strip and inside my belly button is this normal?
I have my appendix removed 8 days ago and I find it so difficult to sneeze and cough, kindly advise what to do. Thanks
I had my appendix taken out and it was perforated back in Jun and it is now Jan. and I have had 3 what I call flare ups from it and am having one now ! I have had 2 CT Scans and it is bruised and bleeding from straining myself in some way . Has anyone else experienced this before ?
I had an appendicitis operation on december 12, 2014. Now its almost one and a half month done. It was a laproscopic one so I have 3 scars one in my belly button one on the left side bottom from where the camera was sent in andone on the right side top. They are almost fading away but now I suddenly have some kind of pain whenever I eat something a bit spicy so the doctor advised me to not eat anything spicy for 3months. Sad me...
I had appendectomy last jan2.2015 because of ruptured appendicitis w/perotonitis .. i would like to ask how long it takes for my stomach to back to normal because its bloated and my incision is at the middle.and also i want to ask how mamy months can i do workout like for abs..? thanks you po
I had surgery Jan 24 and its Jan 27 2015 I am in so much pain I can only lay on my back if I move my shoulders hurt so bad and I can't breath. They told me to walk around and rub my shoulders and I have been taken percocet 3 just to ease the pain. I called the surgeon but havevnot revived a call back I am getting ready to go to the er. People that have had this said I should not be in this much pain. I wish I never had to have this done. How long before I feel better?
Advice from a survivor of Appendicitis w/Complications -- My original comment is #30 above. I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL! THIS IS ONLY MY EXPERIENCE AS WELL AS OTHERS I KNOW PERSONALLY.

A pillow across the abdomen will help ease the pain when coughing, sneezing, laughing or just standing up. Pain in shoulders, under ribs, etc., is most likely from the gas they use to inflate the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery. I had a bubble stuck under my ribs and another under my clavicle that did not want to move. The nurse at my doctor's office told me walking was the best medicine but also OTC gas relief medicine seems to help ease it even though it's not the same kind of gas. I have a treadmill and would make myself walk 3-5 mins at a time (commercial breaks are great for this!), walk to the mailbox and back, around the backyard, etc. As soon as I could drive, I enjoyed going to Walmart to walk around using a shopping cart as a walker.

Recovery can be slow but moving as much as possible (NOT over exertion) and sufficient rest are the keys! If you work full-time, start weaning yourself off those wonderful afternoon naps about a week before your return and try to get back on a regular work day schedule. I was out of work for 6 weeks and was able to make it through full-time days when I returned but was exhausted and achy by the time I got home. Just be patient and take it slower than you think you need to!

Everybody has their own time table. I was one of the more severe cases. I occasionally still have mild pain caused by abdominal adhesions from peritonitis and the surgery itself. My nephew had a little better experience -- no rupture, out of hospital 24 hrs after surgery, 2 1/2 weeks out of college. My brother was even luckier -- no rupture, surgery Thurs, home Fri, back to work on Mon with NO pain meds and NO further issues!! So there you have it, my family's experience ranges from one extreme to the other. The experiences of most others I know have been similar to my nephew's.

Get well soon!
on Dec 1, 2014 woke up & just didn't feel right. Slight achiness in hips. Dec 2: Same symptoms so stayed home again from work. Dec 3: woke with a slight fever (99.5) and hips ached to the point I couldn't stand it anymore. I had pain in my lower LEFT side and under my belly button. I decided to go in to see the doc. They thought it was just my IBS acting up, but doc did run some blood tests and sent me home. 4 hours later doc called to tell me to go to the ER because blood count was at 38 (should be 8-10). CT scan at hospital showed ruptured appendix (and rupture was pooling in my lower left side - that was the pain I was feeling) & was in surgery at 10:30 pm, removed LA. Spent 4 days in hospital and then went home. Two weeks to day of surgery, woke up with 101.5 fever and hips ached worse then when I had the rupture and could barely stand up straight. Went back to doc and blood test came back - count was at 24 - back to the hospital. Had a drain placed for a complex abscess that pooled in my back. Had drain removed on Dec 29. On Jan 1, 2015 had some different pain near my belly button. Went back to doc on Jan 2 and found that my incision in belly button was herniated. Back into surgery that same day to correct that and was put on a no lifting restriction for 6 weeks. I now (on Feb 15th) have had a pain in my lower back (right side) for the last 3 weeks and hoping that it is not another abscess or something related to this - but not sure what else it could be since I haven't lifted anything over 10 lbs or done anything strenuous in the last 6 weeks...Anyone else have lower back pain after appendectomy after this long of time (10 weeks after original surgery??)
Ayanda Simelane
i had my appendix remove on 9 may 2015 and i went back for relook on the 11 the following week when they do tests on my blood know i have c.difficile n they want to discharge me.what if my famirly gets infected?im stil in hospital help
Gift Mlambo
Hi everyone am a 17 year old boy in grade 11 I had a appendix remove last of last week Friday my scar was stitched and the stitches were removed on Monday and now my scar is not healed its still bleeding

what can I do ?
Hello everyone
So I have my appendix removed 7 weeks ago and it was preety bad, a week after the operation I got a drain due to the infection.
My question is: now at 7 weeks after why do I feel like a balloon at my belly and passing a lot of gas and starts to hurt when i Press on my belly? 😐

Thank you very much
Wynonna cotton
I am a 16 yr old girl who had my appendix taken out on a Sunday. It is now Tuesday and I am not feeling any better. I keep going to the toilet a lot more than normal and I have stabbing pains when I do so. I have had continuous numbing pains and when I eat I feel stabbing pains and I feel sick. I am extremely sore and I really want to get back to school with no pain. Please help me
I have an appendix surgery last april 28,2015.. Its been 3months and 5 days.. Can i go to physical work like production operator where can lift a heavy things and stand in 12 hrs..after 3 months of recovery do you think i am physcaly and fully recovery.. Please answer me.. Thanks
I had a nasty case of appendicitis that started when I woke on Friday morning. I assumed it was a tummy bug, so went about my day as planned. Later in the afternoon, the pain became unbearable so I went into emergency. After a CT scan and an IV dose of buscopan, they diagnosed gastro or food poisoning and sent me home. I spent the next 10 hours thinking I had food poisoning, and hugged the toilet in an attempt to expel the bug. I was unable to vomit and did not have diahorrea, which I found quite confusing having experiences food poisoning several times over the last few years. After an agonising night, I went back into hospital where they diagnosed appendicitis and operated later that afternoon (after the surgeon's golf game!).
The operation went well, I was able to eat a normal breakfast the next morning, and was discharged at lunchtime 18 hours after the surgery. I am tender, but that is expected.
Apparently the misdiagnosis was due to my pain appearing higher in the abdominal, it is common for the pain to drop over time.
I have cancelled the horseriding adventure I had planned for the weekend, but hope I can get back into yoga in the next couple of weeks. The doctor's advice is to return to exercise if you feel up to it physically.
I don't even know what to say anymore I was operated after two weeks some side where heal but half of it where something like bad blood after some days he got burst but I'm feeling pains and sometimes I also press out pulse from it went to see the doctor and he prescribe some drugs for me am just confuse by tuesday it will be 3 weeks,what do I have to do I'm just confuse right.
Had my appendix out 2 weeks tomorrow and I am in agony on my right side like a sharp pain and worse when I eat or move please help
ayesata siddiqui
I had my appendix surgery on this 15th november. It's been almost a month i feel like im completely fine it does gives me a very mild pain sometimes but it is bearable! Can anyone tell me if i can play basketball in this condition?
I had my appendix out Friday night Dec 11, 8pm. By 10am I was able to walk. Just got super hungry because all they gave me in hospital was yogurt and water. Was discharged at 8pm - 24 hrs after. Doctor prescribed Fraxiparine injections which am not planning to buy. (Have not seen anybody here mention it) Now I have my menstruation - fine time to have it. Just a bit scared that it might be bleeding instead of the regular monthly period. But am willing to wait it out until I go back for a follow-up after 5 days.
I HAD my LA done on the 3rd dec. 2015 i feel well but still not ack to my eveyday duties.. does intercoarse affect the LA ?
I have appendicitis. but its still inside me . were have no money for the operation . I'm so worried please help me
Tailah Clarke
Hey, I had my appendix removed a few days ago and the surgeon said my appendix was abnormally large.
I still in alot of pain and my incisions still bleed a little. I haven't been able to go to the toilet at all and it really hurts to pee! Should I see a doctor or is this all normal?
Thank you.
I got an echography showing my appendix slightly inflamed on thursday but I decided to travel w my mom to my natal city, where all my family is, to be operated there, 2 hours and a half with the risk of my appendix bursting in the middle of NOWHERE, operation was from 12 am to 1am on friday, now it's almost 7days post op and my wound feels really weird, it looks to be healing fine outside but there is like a painful and hard mass inside and it's like a protuberance, i cant walk very well and have a lot of gas, i think it's an hernia and i imagine my bowels coming out of it and being strangled but doctor saw me yesterday and said it was fine and part of the healing but idk i hope not to die, at least not soon
i share some information now, in my case, pain started at 10am on wednesday, identically to an indigestion, pain increased as the time passes and focused on my lower right side, it felt like there was a heavy bag in that area and was difficult to pee, didnt want to poop but I felt if i pushed the bag would explode, i had some headache, and felt better laying down, even on my side that sitting or standing, my pulse accelerated but in thursday evening, never had fever, had appetite, the doctor told me to do sth that hurt like hell, stand on my tiptoes and then fall with the feet, also on thursday evening before the operation my abdomen was rigid to touch, i mean due to the pain my abdomen didnt want to be touched and muscles were tensed, i had a high amount of white cells and well that's all i guess
Hi there. Back in August last year I began to get awful pains in my stomach, my doctor had no idea what it was and I was sent for so many scans and blood tests. All they knew was that I had a 'mass' in my abdomen. It took 7 months and a LOT of complaint letters before a specialist agreed to perform a laparoscopy to see if they could find out what was causing the pain and the 'mass'. I woke up to find out that they had removed my appendix as it was swollen and infected. I stayed in hospital for one night as my blood pressure was very low. The pain was awful and found it very painful to go to the loo, I'd have contraction type pains when ever I needed to poop. That soon went. I was very surprised with the small scars, they don't really bother me at all. I was pretty much all well and back to work after 2 weeks, I still had a bit of pain but I just took it easy. It has now been over 2 months and I have had a call to say my appendix was sent off to be tested and has come back with a type of bacteria which could need treatment, up to a year of antibiotics! I have had a cold for pretty much the whole time since I left hospital and now I'm worried that this infection is affecting my immune system. My doctor is waiting for confirmation from the microbiology department as to whether I need this antibiotic treatment. I'm very angry that it took so long for them to realize it was my appendix which was causing my pain, but now I'm angry that it has taken them so long to tell me that a bacteria had been found. Has anyone else had this year long treatment?
Frietta Floyd
Hello!! My name is Frietta.I recently just had an LA done this past Sunday June 19,2016 on Father's Day.I kept thinking I was having a miscarriage cause I had all the symptoms.As the hospital ran test on me they discovered my appendix was about to rupture & said I wasn't allowed to leave the hospital,due to me needing emergency surgery.I was scared at first,but to be honest it actually hurts more now then it did when I didn't know it was my appendix.Good thing I know my body and I knew something wasn't right about me.I kept feeling the need to push something out of me.Like I mentioned before I thought I was having a miscarriage.Well turns out I had the surgery with 3 small incisions & so far it has been a success.The doctor said I made it just in time because my appendix was about to rupture.I think by far this was the most painful surgery I have had in my life.All my other surgeries were laparoscopic & female releated.I just wanna say watch for all the signs cause I stayed with nausea,sweating,swelling of the abdomen,right,left & belly button pain.Also I notice I didn't have an appetite anymore.I started dropping weight.These are just some of the signs of having appendix problems.However I am so glad this surgery is over and done with.& I'm thankful it didn't rupture cause I heard the pain is much worse like you dying.
Had mine out after father's day. Had a bad car wreck. I started getting nauseous then tgrowing up. My blood pressure dropped down into the 70s my Dr said get to the ER now. They did ultra sound took me straight to surgery. They did it lap. Afterwards they couldn't keep me breathing I coded twice. I finally pulled the breathing tube out enough they had to take it out. They wanted it back in and I argued enough with them that my status came back up. And the surgeon let me go home. And I was not impressed with the icu nurse at all. Very bad experience at our small town hospital. But at home I wasn't much better. I did nothing but throw up. Couldn't hold any thing down. All I could do was lay on my bed in a little ball in extreme pain. Finely started feeling better after 2 1/2 weeks. I still hurt but it's manageable. And have only thrown a few times..but tonight I noticed a baseball sized lump just above my appendix's hard and hurts alittle. The ER wants me to come in but won't answer my question if it could be constpation. I don't want to go in if that's all it is.Ive been blocked up before and don't remember any baseball sized hard lump before. Should I go in. Or try and wait til morning.I definitely don't trust our little hospital
I'm 63 with a bad back. I had this stomach pain that came and went for a month. Just a minor annoyance. One night it was bad and I was laying on the floor. My Grandson forced me to go to the E.R. He said "if you don't go, I'll punch you in the stomach then, you will have to". Guess he saved my life because the appendix had ruptured 3 weeks ago. Sometimes they wall themselves off and the infection is contained. (lucky me)
CT scan I had 3 days prior showed nothing until the hospital doctors requested the images. One hour later, I had Lapro surgery. 5 days in with a drain and NG tube. Took about 4 weeks to get back to my normal self again. I'm a tough old Vietnam vet but, this almost did me in. Most everyone will be fine. Make sure to get a colonoscopy in 6 weeks in case something else caused it. Good luck.
Tina Claahsen
I had an emergency appendectomy LA. I have 3 scars. One below my belly button one above and one to the left. I had a severe burning sensation after the surgery on the left side. At my follow up the Dr. Said that is normal because he had to put a stitch in. About 4 weeks the farthest left side of the scar had what looked like a 1/4 of an inch fishing line sticking out of it. I removed it. The burning wentcaway in about 6 weeks. It has been nine weeks now and the last two days that burning has started again right above the left side incision. Should this be happening?
Melinda Hernandez
I woke up about 2am on 8/11/16 feeling fine. I made myself a cup of coffee and got online to check my email. I started to get an upset tummy. It gradually got worse. I thought I had food poisoning. I tried some tums, they didn't help. The pain started moving into my lower right abdomen area and that is where the most persistent pain stayed. I tried to go to the bathroom but nothing happened. At 530am I showered myself and drove myself to the closest ER . it only took about 15 minutes to get me back into a room. The Er doc came in and asked me some questions and pushed around on my abdomen on the left, no pain, on the right, felt like I was being stabbed. I was given a urine pregnancy test before I could have any pain meds. After a negative result I was given morphine . it didn't touch my pain. I was given a little more. Still nothing happen to make the pain go away. By 730am I was having a CT scan and by 8am the doc came to tell me that my appendix was inflamed and he was going to call the surgeon and see what he wanted to do. By 1020am I was admitted to the hospital. The surgeon came in about 2pm and said that the were going to take my appendix out and fix a hernia that I had as well( I didn't know I had a hernia) at 5pm I was in surgery and by 845pm I was heading home. I felt so much better other than being sore. It has now been 2 days and I still very sore in by belly button incision and it hurts to cough and I have a sore throat from the breathing tube they put in before surgery. I have 3 tiny incisions and I am hoping for minimal scarring . I heard it takes about 3 weeks to feel like yourself again. I hope its true. The soreness is nothing compared to the pain before my surgery but it is still annoying . I had a great team of doctors.
At work on Sunday, August 7th, when a sudden sharp pain hit me. The pain got worse. I thought it was gas, but something didn't feel right. After work I went to the er. They took blood, urine, and did a CT scan and vaginal ultrsound. Doc said I had Appendicitis. But it was not ruptured. They prepped me for emergency surgery. Had a LA at 9pm that night! I was released Monday at around 9:30 am. Took painkillers for about 2 days. Couldn't do a #2 for about 2 days after surgery. After I stopped taking the painkiller, I finally did a #2. Gradually went back to my regular diet, also.. Had my post-op check up yesterday, 12th. I feel awesome! Going back to work tomorrow, 14th! Light workload for a week! No issues!
Well I went on a plane to another state alr on my 2nd day of a very bad cold. I started having unrelenting burning abd pain on the plane. Went to the ER on my 6 day vaca and ended up getting an OPEN appendectomy. Was in the hosp for 4d and am home recovering now. Ugg, at first they tried to send me home and said I was constipated until I demanded a CT that showed it. I didnt really notice typical right sided pain until the Dr pressed there. They unknowingly had to do OPEN vs Laporscopic because he said my appendix over yrs of abd pain, had attached the whole length of the cecum. The cecum was also floating (which is like that in some people) and made the appendix hide. Anyway me open scar is midline w 14 staples. It's only been a wk but I'm still in pain when I walk, at incision, esp after flying hm for 4 hrs after major surgery. The worst part is that the cough of my cold set in when I got discharged and I'm still coughing. Pain with each cough. I also had some complications with constipation when discharged from hosp but I had to really sweat that out . It was quite awful to say the least. I bought it all...suppositories, laxatives, magnesium citrate. I have to be out of work a month. Rant over. Good luck out there.
I had emergency surgery 1 week ago today to remove my appendix. I'm in Germany so they did it the old fashioned way with the real incision and multiple layers of stitches. My stomach is swollen and has not really gone down after a week. However, I do feel stronger everyday and have been walking which helped relieve the swelling in my hands and feel from laying in bed while in the hospital. I would like to know - is the swelling normal and how long should I take for recovery after the traditional surgery? Thanks for your comments...
I got a sharp pain in my side on Friday. By 4:30 AM Saturday I went to the ER. By 6 AM was I was told they were going to remove my appendix. By 11:30 AM I was home. I took three pain pills the rest of the day. On Sunday I stopped talking the pain pills. I guess I was lucky. I got four little cuts on my belly. I took a shower on Saturday. I just keep the water off the front of me. So far so good.
Hello. I got my appendix removed about 11 days ago. I've been feeling pain on my belly button and on my right incision especially when I get out of bed. I feel like my belly button is ripping apart! Is this normal ? How long does it take to heal from the inside? Can I eat spicy food yet?
Has anyone ever had a doctor say that you have a perforated appendix and surgery is optional??? That's what they told my boyfriend he chose the surgery but they didn't open him up or anything. Just wondering if anyone else had anything like that said to them cuz I am from a pretty small town
I had my appendix removed yesterday through key hole surgery now on top of my stomach is burning what can soothe it even the slightest breeze of air or the slightest touch of clothing stings someone please give me ideas my stomach is on fire
Nazeer yusuf uba
An 18 yo lady presented to the hospital complaining about abdominal pain on her RIF, tenderness was found on the RIF. The doctor diagnosed she has appendicitis. She prepared for laparoscopic surgery.
Unfortunately, the doctor found the appendix was normal. He checked for mesenteric adenitis,salpingitis etc
My question is that; regardless to other affected organs, the appendectomy has to be done or not though the appendix was normal?
If the appendectomy has to be conducted why? And if not why ?
I'm a medical student, future doctor by the grace of God, i need your assistance.
Thank you
My experiences may be somewhat familiar. On Monday last, the lower right side of my abdomen started hurting. I thought it may just be gas so I went for a long walk. The pain stayed with me the rest of the day. That night, I went to an Urgent care and explained my symptoms. The Doctor told me that I could be in the early stages of appendecitis. He order some labs taken right away and asked to report to imaging for a CT scan the next day. Since it was a stat order, I had to wait at the imaging clinic for results. Upon receiving the scan, both the Doctor and Radiologist told me to go to the Emergency Room. By 5:30 PM, I was in surgery. I guess my appendix was still intact however, they told me it was gangrenous. I was in the hospital for two days with extreme pain in my abdomen. My abdomen was also distended. I felt pregnant. On the second day, they told me that I could go home if I pooped. All the time, they had been giving me Norco on a 4 hour basis. They gave me a cocktail of milk of magnesia with a prune juice chaser and a suppository. I went very little and demanded to be released. I went home and have spent the last three days, having to take 10 mg of Norco every 4 hours along with a dose of antibioitic, flowmax and stool softeners. I have had three enemas with little luck, a 16 ounce bottle of Magnesium Citrate Saline Laxative Oral Solution Cherry yesterday. The enemas helped a little, but not much. Today, I extend the time between my Norco doses and had a great bowel movement. I have never been more proud of myself. It has been very difficult moving around. Getting in and out of bed is a challenge. Alot of pain. Need the meds, but hate the side effects! Don't think I will be ready to return to work for another week.
I’m 2 weeks post Laparoscopic Appendectomy but still have very tender stomach which is bit swollen. Meant to be going back to work next week but tried on pants with waistband & pain excruciating. How long before I’m totally pain free?
Abiodun blessing
I did appendicitis surgery around second week of August, I used a week in the hospital... I use serval drugs prescribed according to the doctor because I still feel pain. I feel pain at the spot I had incision to my back region, the scar is very big and I still feel pain still today... I don't know what to do
Rachell Cabintoy
I did my surgery in appendix around second week of January but why still feel a sharp pain inside my wound?
Maurice Ife
Pls I had my surgery appendix surgery I didn’t eat for 7days. After I after I eat I feel pains in my upper abdomen and my food didn’t digest pls what do I do
Jo Ann
is 2-3 months to long to be on clear broth ONLY after you had your appendix burst and peritonitis set in? Tubes are still in place surgery was feb14

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