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The sling procedure, or suburethral sling procedure, refers to a particular kind of surgery using ancillary material to aid in closure of the urethral sphincter function of the bladder. It is performed as a treatment of severe urinary incontinence. The sling procedure, also known as the suburethral fascial sling or the pubovaginal sling, has many forms due to advances in the types of material used for the sling. Some popular types of sling material are Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene), Gore-Tex ® , and rectus fascia (fibrous tissue of the rectum). The surgery can be done through the vagina or the abdomen and some clinicians perform the procedure using a laparoscope—a small instrument that allows surgery through very small incisions in the belly button and above the pubic hairline. The long-term efficacy and durability of the laparoscopic suburethral sling procedure for management of stress incontinence are undetermined. A new technique, the Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Sling Procedure (TVT), has gained popularity in recent years and early research indicates high success rates and few postoperative complications. This procedure is done under local anesthetic and offers new opportunities for treatment of stress incontinence. However, TVT has not been researched for its long-term effects. Finally, there are many surgeons who use the sling procedure for all forms of incontinence.


Incontinence is very common and not fully understood. Generally defined as the involuntary loss of urine, incontinence comes in many forms and has many etiologies. Four established types of incontinence, according to the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, affect approximately 13 million adults—most of them older women. Actual prevalence may be higher because incontinence is widely underreported and underdiagnosed. The four types of incontinence are: stress incontinence, urge incontinence (detrusor overactivity or instability), mixed incontinence, and overflow incontinence. There are also other types of incontinence tied to specific conditions, such as neurogenic bladder in which neurological signals to the bladder are impaired.

Stress incontinence is the most frequently diagnosed form of incontinence and occurs largely with physical activity, laughter and coughing, and sneezing. The inability to hold urine can be due to weakness in the internal and external urinary sphincter or due to a weakened urethra. These two conditions, intrinsic sphincter deficiency (ISD) and urethral hypermobility or genuine stress incontinence (GSI), pertain to the inability of the "gatekeeper" sphincter muscles to stay taut and/or the urethra failing to hold urine under pressure from the abdomen. In women, as the pelvic structures relax due to age, injury, or illness, the uterus prolapses and the urethra becomes hypermobile. This allows the urethra to descend at an angle that permits loss of urine and puts pressure upon the sphincter muscles, both internal and external, allowing the mouth of the bladder to stay open.

Urge incontinence, the other frequent type of incontinence, pertains to overactivity of the sphincter in which the muscle contracts frequently, causing the need to urinate. Stress incontinence is often allied with sphincter overactivity and is often accompanied by urge incontinence.

Severe stress incontinence occurs most frequently in women younger than 60 years old. It is thought to be due to the relaxation of the supporting structures of the pelvis that results from childbirth, obesity, or lack of exercise . Some researchers believe that aging, perhaps due to estrogen deficiency, is a major cause of severe urinary incontinence in women, but no link has been found between incontinence and estrogen deficiency. Surgery for stress or mixed incontinence is primarily offered to patients who have failed, are not satisfied with, or are unable to comply with more conservative approaches. It is often performed during such other surgeries as urethra prolapse, cystocele surgery, urethral reconstruction, and hysterectomy .

The sling procedure gets its name from the tissue attached under the mid- or proximal urethra and sutured at its ends onto a solid structure like the rectus sheath, pubic bone, or pelvic side walls. The procedure is used in the severest cases of stress incontinence, particularly those that have a concomitant sphincter inadequacy (ISD). The sling supports the urethra as it receives pressure from the abdomen and helps the internal sphincter muscles to keep the urethral opening closed. The procedure is the most popular because it has the highest success rate of all surgical remedies for severe stress incontinence related to sphincter inadequacies in both men and women.


Urinary incontinence (UI) plagues 10–35% of adults and at least half of the million nursing home residents in the United States. Other studies indicate that between 10% and 30% of women experience incontinence during their lifetimes, compared to about 5% of men. One reason that more women than men have incontinent episodes is the relatively shorter urethras of women. Women have urethras of about 2 in (5 cm) and men have urethras of 10 in (25.4 cm). Studies have documented that about 50% of all women have occasional urinary incontinence, and as many as 10% have regular incontinence. Nearly 20% of women over age 75 experience daily urinary incontinence. Incontinence is a major factor in individuals entering long term care facilities. Women at highest risk are those who have given birth to more than three children and women who were given oxytocin to induce labor. Oxytocin puts more pressure on the pelvic muscles than does ordinary labor. Women who smoke have twice the rate of incontinence, according to one study of 600 women. Those women who do high-impact exercises are at much higher risk for incontinence. According to the medical literature, those at highest risk for urinary leakage are gymnasts, followed by softball, volleyball, and basketball players. Finally, women who have diabetes or are obese have higher rates of incontinence. Women who require sling procedures have often had other surgeries for incontinence, necessitating sling procedure to treat intrinsic sphincter deficiency caused by operative trauma. A rarer cause of stress incontinence in older women is urethral instability. In men, stress incontinence is usually caused by sphincter damage after surgery on the prostate.


Anti-incontinence surgery is used to address the failure of two parts of female urinary continence: loss of support to the bladder neck or central urethra and intrinsic sphincter deficiency (ISD). The surgery does not restore function to the urethra or to the ability for closure to the sphincter. It replaces the mechanism for continence with supporting and compressive aids. Stabilizing the supporting elements of the urethra (ligaments, fascia, and muscles) was thought for many years to be the most important factor in curing incontinence. Called anatomic or genuine stress urinary incontinence (SUI), retropublic procedures, like the Burch procedure, sought only to restore the urethra to a fixed position. However, it became clear with the high failure rate of these procedures that ISD was present and unless surgery could confer some added compressive ability to the closure of the bladder, SUI would persist.

The urethral sling procedure is effective in the treatment of the severest types of incontinence (Types II and III) by re-establishing the "hammock effect" of the proximal or central point of the urethra during abdominal straining. The surgery involves the placement of a piece of material under the urethra at its arterial or vesical juncture and anchoring it on either side of the pubic bone or to the abdominal wall or vaginal wall. This technique involves the creation of a sling from a strip of tissue from the patient's own abdominal fascia (fibrous tissue) or from a cadaver. Synthetic slings also are used, but some are prone to break down over time.

The urethral sling procedure is most often performed as open surgery, which involves entering the pelvic area from the abdomen or from the vagina while the patient is under general or regional anesthesia. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are offered intravenously. If the patient is fitted with a urethral catheter, ampicillin and gentamicin are administered instead. The patient is placed in stirrups. Surgery takes place as a 6-to-9-cm by 1.5-cm sling is harvested from rectal tissue and sutured under the urethra at each end within the retropubic space (the area that undergirds the urethra). Synthetic tissue or fascia from a donor may also be used.

The goal of the surgery is to create a compression aid to the urethra. This involves an individualized approach to the tension needed on the sling. While the sling procedure is relatively easy to complete, the issue of tension on the sling is hard to determine and involves the use of tests during surgery for determining the compression effect of the sling on the urethra. Some manual tests are performed or a more sophisticated urodynamic test, like cystourethrography, may determine tension. It is important for the surgeon to test tension during surgery because of the high rate of retention of urine (inability to void) after surgery associated with this procedure and the miscalculation of the required tension.


Candidates for surgical treatment of incontinence must undergo a full clinical, neurological, and radiographic evaluation before there can be direct analysis of the condition to be treated and the desired outcome. Both urethral and bladder functions are evaluated and there is an attempt to determine the conditions associated with stress incontinence. In many women, incontinence may be due to vaginal prolapse. Stress incontinence can be identified by observation of urine during pelvic examination or by a sitting or standing stress test where patients are asked to cough or strain and evidence of leakage is obtained. Gynecologists often use a Q-tip test to determine the angle and change in the position of the urethra during straining. Other tests include subtracted cystometry to measure how much the bladder can hold, how much pressure builds up inside the bladder as it stores urine, and how full it is when the patients feels the urge to urinate.

The frequency of stress incontinence as measured by typical symptoms ranges between 33% and 65%. The frequency of stress incontinence is around 12% when measured or defined by cystometric findings. The ability to distinguish SUI as the cause of incontinence, as opposed to ISD, becomes more complicated; but it is a very important factor in the decision to have surgery. A combination of pelvic examination for urethral hypermoblity and leak point pressure as measured by coughing or other abdominal straining has been shown to be very effective in distinguishing ISD, and identifying the patient who needs surgery.


IV ketorolac and oral and intravenous pain medication are administered, as are postoperative antibiotics. A general diet is available usually on the evening of surgery. When the patient is able to walk, usually the same day, the urethral catheter is removed. The patient must perform self-catheterization to check urine volume every four hours to protect the urethral wall. If the patient is unwilling to perform catheterization, a tube can be placed suprapubically (in the back of the pubis) for voiding. Catheterization lasts about eight days, with about 98% of patients able to void at three months. Patients are discharged on the second day postoperatively, unless they have had other procedures and need additional recovery time. Patients may not lift heavy objects or engage in strenuous activity for approximately six weeks. Sexual intercourse may be resumed in the fourth week following surgery. Follow-up visits are scheduled for three to four weeks after surgery


Although the sling treatment has a very high success rate, it is also associated with a prolonged period of voiding difficulties, intraoperative bladder or urethra injury, infections associated with screw or staple points, and rejection of sling material from a donor or erosion of synthetic sling material. Patients should not be encouraged to undergo a sling procedure unless the risk of long-term voiding difficulty and the need for intermittent self-catheterization are understood. Fascial slings seem to be associated with the fewest complications for sling procedure treatment. Synthetic slings have a greater risk of having to be removed due to erosion and inflammation.

Normal results

Regardless of the procedure used, a proportion of patients will remain incontinent. Results vary according to the type of sling procedure used, the type of attachment used for the sling, and the type of material used for the sling. Normal results for the sling procedure overall are recurrent stress incontinence of 3–12% after bladder sling procedures. In general, reported cure rates are lower for second and subsequent surgical procedures. A recent qualitative study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of 57 patients who underwent patient-contributed fascial sling procedures indicates good success with fascial sling procedures. At a median of 42 months after the procedure, the postoperative objective cure rate for stress urinary incontinence was 97%, with 88% of patients indicating that the sling had improved the quality of their lives. Eighty-four percent of patients indicated that the sling relieved their incontinence long term, and 82% of patients stated that they would undergo the surgery again. The study also found that voiding function was a common side effect in 41% of the patients.

Morbidity and mortality rates

The most common complications of sling procedures are voiding problems (10.4%), new detrusor instability (7–27%), and lower urinary tract damage (3%). Some of the complications depend upon tension issues as well as on the materials used for the sling. There are recent and well-designed studies of patient fascia and donor fascia used for slings in five centers with follow-up from 30 to 51 months that report no erosions or vaginal wall complications in any patients. Prolonged retention or voiding issues occurred in 2.3% of patients and de novo or spontaneous urge incontinence developed in 6%. These figures relate only to a large study utilizing patient or donor fascia and one that did not control for other factors like techniques of anchoring. In general, studies of the sling procedure are small and have many variables. There are no long term studies (over five years) of this most popular procedure.


Alternatives to anti-incontinent sling procedure surgery depend upon the severity of the incontinence and the type. Severe stress incontinence with intrinsic sphincter deficiency can benefit from bulking agents for the urethra to increase compression, as well as external devices like a pessary that is placed in the vagina and holds up the bladder to prevent leakage. Urethral inserts can be placed in the urethra until it is time to use the bathroom. The patient learns to put the insertion in and take it out as needed. There are also urine seals that are small foam pads inserted in garments. Milder forms of incontinence can benefit from an assessment of medication usage, pelvic muscle exercises, bladder retraining, weight loss, and certain devices that stimulate the muscles around the urethra to strengthen them. For mild urethral mobility, procedures for tacking or stabilizing the urethra at the neck called Needle Neck Suspension, as well as procedures to hold the urethra in place with sutures, like the Burch method, are alternative forms of surgery.



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Nancy McKenzie, Ph.D.


The surgery is performed by a urological surgeon who has trained specifically for this procedure. The surgery takes place in a general hospital.


User Contributions:

Alice Schell
Would like to contact other patients who have had sling procedure for bladder prolapse.
Annette Puig
I would like to contact other patients like myself who have had the sling procedure for bladder prolapse.
Nancy Richardson
I would like to hear from anyone that had bad results from the sling procedure. The GYN that did the procedure did the bladder sling and failed to do anything with the urethra, I don't believe he even checked it. I was incontinent when I coughed, sneezed, laughed, etc. before, now I even leak from walking. I went to a urologist who is a good friend of the GYN that did the surgery and he wants to give me injections in my uretha instead of lifting it to permanently cure the problem, but I don't feel that this is a good solution to a messed up surgery. I am not sure if my insurance will cover changing Doctors and I have no idea where to turn.
I would be interested in knowing exactly how others felt 2 days after the sling procedure. I did not get catheter.
Dee Bird
My wife is Dee,

She had the procedure 1 month ago, and has been self-cathing since Day 1. By the way, she has an ingenious little home-built design to make self cath easier and very portable for night outs and anytime...

She is dissapointed to JUST LEARN, via this forum, that this healing process, if successfull, might be 2 more months longer before she can void on her own!

It does beat her laughing and sneezing peeing, and the interuptions during our being close.

She is 43...

I am 40 and very active so I opted for this procedure. My urologist used a new material that is combination of synthetic material and pig dermis and the sling is not attached to my pelvic bone but instead, is attached, actually glued, through two openings in the skin over my pubic bone.
I am 2 day post op. I voided after a nights stay in hospital and was released without the cath. Other than a excruciating stinging sensation in my left groin the recovery has been ok. My right side and inside pain is minimal and the stinging pain comes and goes with certain movements.

Has anyone felt this type of pain?
I am 41 and just had the suburethral sling procedure on Friday. After 4 days, I am still hobbling around, having difficulty lifting my legs into bed without shooting pain in the groin, especially the left side. First 2 days felt achy in the hips from having been kept in stirrups during procedure, but feeling better now. No bruising other than around incisions in left groin/upper inner thigh area. As a result, having low tolerance for sitting during long periods. I'm hoping for speedy recovery and long term benefits. Best wishes!
I am 36 years old and just had a sling procedure and hysterectomy all at the same time. I got my cath removed after 1 week. I can void on my own except it is very painful to urinate. Does anyone else have this problem? Is this normal for 1 1/2 week post op? I did not have that pain when I had my cath.
I recently had the sling procedure. I wore a cath for a day but then I noticed nerve pain (right leg only)back side just above the knee. Has anyone had this experience?

Other than the nerve pain, everything seems different, no pain when I urinate. Right after surgery, I began taking 1/2 of my pain medication, about every few hours, so not to be so heavily medicated.
kelli reed
Hi Nancy,
I had the sling procedure one year ago and I know something went wrong. I have urgency soooooooooo bad. It worked for about 9 months but I am having severe back pain as well as the urgency. I will have an ultra sound next week to see what's wrong. I hope you find some relief soon. I am praying for an answer to my problem.

Kelli Reed
I just had the Sling done on Tuesday, went home without cath, had pain in my legs & groin area. Today is Friday, the pain has eased up. Had no problems urinating, but the right side still has no feeling in it. I had a lot of bright red blood, the first 2 days. I'm only spotting occassionally. I get sleepy & tired very easily. I suspect the reason my legs ache so much is due to my RA and the Osteo-Arthritis as well.
I am hoping this will take care of my frequent bouts of Ecoli Bacteria in the bladder. I drink lots of liquids, so this will heal faster. I hope when I sneeze, now, it won't trickle down my leg...
Does anyone know how long this surgery takes and did it work well after the healing process?
I had this surgery done on April 4th. Everything went good and is working fine. The problem is I am experiencing painful sex. Is there anyone else having this problem. I don't remember being told that the surgery would cause any problems like that.
I had the procedure done 4 months ago. I had a one night stay due to being nautious. I went to my 90 day follow up appt and my doctor told me she could see the sling, it did not heal correctly. She wanted to do another surgery to make a small incision and pull my tissue over the sling. The day before my schedule surgery she called and said let's try something else and give it more time to see if it will heal. She prescribed estregen and it has not helped. When my husband and I have intercourse he can feel the sling scratching him. Not sure but I have been sick, cold cough, sinus's, upset stomach since the procedure. In the past I have been very healthy and maybe got a cold once a year. I think by this wound being opened inside me it is keeping my imune system very low and I can't get well. Has anyone else had the problem of the sling not healing correctly? I have made an appt to get mine taken out.
I had a sling procedure in Dec 07 and April 08. First one was adhesive second one not. Neither one has really helped. I have painful intercourse too and have been told "it's healing". That's not going so well, I'm only 39 and not ready to give up that part of my marriage and neither is my husband. I now am seeing a specialist and may have to have collagen injections since the sphincter "is shot". I probably didn't need the second sling but nobody could tell me why I was still leaking - worse and all the time. Anybody have this? What did you do?
I just mesh sling placed two days ago. Simple surgery but I am afraid I still leak. Are we supposed to get immediate results? I have heard good things from others about their results. I am 34 years old.Any suggestions?
My OBGYN performed the TVT sugery on me last friday.I had the surgery due to SUI. I feel great as far as pain goes, however, I still can not void more than 100cc at a time. I find myself going to the bathroom 15 to 20 times a day. I'm worried that this will not improve. Is this normal a week after surgery? Was able to void 100cc 2hours after surgery and was not catherized.
kristy L.
I just underwent bladder surgery yesterday. I never had a catheter, nor was it ever mentioned that I would. I voided and emptied my bladder two hours after the procedure and was allowed to go home. I am feeling fine today, other than being sore from being in the stirrups. I can't imagine haveing to self cath? Is that normal after this type of surgery?
I had the sling procedure 3 years ago and if i had known then what i know now, i would never have done this. My sling is now eroding have every day lower back, leg and foot pain. I also had kidney stones and several bladder infections. The stones were imbedded in the bladder and had to be surgically removed. Now i have to go to the urologist every months to keep an eye on my sling. Good luck to everyone who had this procedure done.
. I have a friend who was talked into this surgery in two weeks and I was trying to discourage her based on my experience. I told her that when I had the procedure in 1999 I was convinced by my doctor that there was a 99% success rate and the recovery time was very quick. I had a horrible time and outcome and all these years have felt like god why did I have to be in the 1% that did not have a great result. She tells me that her doctor (different from the one who did my surgery) claims only an 80% success rate. Well at least they aren’t lying as much anymore.
I had the procedure done in outpatient day surgery in our local hospital. First of all I was taken back that I was not briefed on how much more invasive it was than what I had been anticipating. I had the procedure and left the daysurgery unit a few hours later. That night I was in excruciating pain, could not even walk into the bathroom in my house without terrible shooting pains in my leg and groin. This went on for days and I called the doctor and asked if this should be happening. They acted like I was a big baby and prescribed more painkillers. I eventually started to function but with difficulty ( constant pain in my left groin radiating down my left leg. When I went in for my recheck I complained and the doc set me up with a urogynocologist about 50 miles away. This guy did not get me in for 4 months from the date of my checkup. I spent the rest of that miserable summer just ticking off the days until I saw this guy. I had bleeding issues, I had pain and I was getting depressed thinking that I was just overreacting. I had had Csect surgery before this and recovery was very quick so I just couldn't understand why no one was taking me seriously on the pain issues. I finally went in to see the urogyno guy and he was appalled. I had part of the mesh cutting through my vaginal wall which explained the bleeding he quickly set me up to have the mesh surgically removed. I had the removal 2 months after that and he did a simple bladder tack. I still have residual groin pain, tissue wasting on my left upper thigh and groin area (obviously a nerve was compromised in the original procedure) I have ok bladder control, I can walk, run and play without worry of incontinence but if anyone asked me I would gladly pee my pants than to have gone through what I did. I was made to feel like a liar by my doctor, I worked for a law firm and I think they were way too careful about admitting any wrong doing and dragged their feet on getting me the help that I needed. I had the tvt placement in Feb and the removal was in Nov. too much time had elapsed in between and the damage was already done to the nerve. I cannot sit for long periods of time or I get pain in the left groin and down my left leg, I also have an area that has no feeling above the tie off spot from the surgery. There was little info on the procedure itself back then because it was new. I am distressed to think that they are still doing the procedure and people are going through what I did, yes there are success stories just too many that aren't.
i had a hystarectomy 2 years a have constant bladder infections,blood in urine stoma in stomach,rectocle,cystacele...and urinary retention,,,,i was urinating a little the normal way then using my stoma to empty the rest.......antibiotics do not work.........should i be admitted to hospital.......also i had pyloneaphritus 3 weeks ago.......i was fine before this in back,cannot urinate,and very nauseaus
I had the sling surgery a year ago. The recovery was great and I no longer dribble on myself. But it is like having a troll at the entrance when I have sex. The skin didn't grow through the mesh as it was supposed to do, and so the insision pulls apart during sex. Uncomfortable for both my husband and I.
They recently went in and did a second surgery, but it is worse than ever. I am trying to figure out where to go from here. Anyone eles in this same situation? What did you do to remedy the situation?
I had colporrhapy and vaginal repair. My legs were in stirrups for 2 1/2 hours and now I am getting a cramp (6 weeks later) in my right leg when I drive or sit (sometimes). It almost feels like my hip is dislocated, but the pain is in the front of my leg and hurts. No relief from tylenol/advil or a muscle relaxant...
Has anyone else had the same problem? and what did you physician recommend.
I wish I had seen this before my procedure last week. I had my surgery done in an outpatient setting, but was admitted to the hospital due to the groin/leg pain. I can not void, I had a foley in place during the surgery that was removed a day later and I could not void. It was put back in and left in over a weekend, and still, this past Monday I can still not go to the bathroom. I now have the foley in until next week when my doctor returns from vacation. I have found several people with my same complaints, but the dr said he had never had anyone with leg pain before. I read that a loosening procedure can be done in the first 5-10 days post op, but after that you have to wait the entire healing period to have something done, and remain with a foley in or straight cath yourself. My dr did not tell me of any of these risks, and with him on vacation, I can't have the loosening procedure done in time. I am at my wit's end, I chose to do this operation to improve my quality of life, and now I may have worsened it to a horrible extent.
I would love to hear from any one I had a sling put in and had the subpub cath in for three weeks and then it came out. I ended up in the er and had a normal cath put in for a week. Now I am self cathing 4 times a day.... When does this stop!!! when can I pee like a normal person again
I had my sling surgery 2 weeks ago, stayed overnight and did not need to Cath. I had slight pain on the incisions areas and took my meds for a few days. I feel great and I pretty much pee normally and when I do sneeze, I sort of hurt by the incision areas which I think is normal since I did have surgery there. No leaking here and I pretty much feel great. I know I am not supposed to exercise for at least 8 weeks but, I need to! I cant function without running or getting on my elliptical. Since I feel normal now, how soon does anybody think I can start getting on my elliptical machine? Im sorry to hear about all the bad outcomes from most of you. I hope you all get better. Thank you.
I had the sling procedure 12/3/08. Foley removed that evening and I could not urinate tried again the next day still nothing. Released from hospital 12/5/08 with a foley. ER on 12/8/08 because foley stopped working completely new one inserted. Friday 12/12/08 went to Dr. office for removal of foley and attempt to urinate. I urinated but scan showed at least 300 cc of urine being held in. I am cathing myself at home still as of today 12/17/08 and when I do pass urine it is a trickle. I am with Reva, someone PLEASE when does this stop. I was supposed to feel better and i have been nothing but miserable!
I had this procedure on 12/3/08. Had a cath for one day. I was able to urinate with slight discomfort. On my second attempt to urinate, no problem or discomfort at all. My only complaint was that my surgeon stitched my valva to my thighs. I did not realize this until the forth day of the surgery. Each time I moved my legs I would have very sharp pains. On Monday, I contacted the doctor's office and was advised that since I was in so much pain to take sitz baths (originally I was told no baths or showers for 4-6 weeks). I did this for 3 days. The stiches were so tight that the day they melted (day 7), they drew blood. Once the cuts from the stitches healed (2 days) I was fine and pain free. I have had no leakage at all and the sensations (signals) you get letting you know that you need to urinate have returned. So other than the stitches on my valvas being too tight, I have no complaints.
I had a sling put in severe incontience. After four weeks I returned to the doctor to be released (hopefully) just to find out I have an oozing infection. I have been on antibiotics for over 6 weeks with just slight improvement of the infection. I am still on all restrictions, no lifting, NO housework,no driving, etc. With the threat of being hospitalized for iv antibiotics and possible removal of the sling. My doctor says he has never seen this before (reassuring mhmZZ). I am beginning to worry I have something else wrong with me......a disease of some type. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
I had the bladder sling surgery done nearly 2 weeks ago and I feel great. No more urgency or anything running down my leg. I never thought to ask though, how long does "spotting" go on?
I had the TVT procedure done two weeks ago, as well as rectocele repair and uteroscopy with laser and stent for kidney stones. Other than "tearing" vaginally after my first BM a few days later and bleeding thereafter, I feel okay. I have pain in my upper legs/inner thigh area. I believe this is where the incisions were. My right leg in that area aches all the time. I am not peeing myself so that is good but I am hoping all the aching leg pain will go away soon. I had the catheter in for 6 days as well. Why do my inner thighs/upper legs hurt?
I had this surgery done June 2008, cystocele repair, rectocele repair and the bladder mesh hammock inserted. Even as a diabetic I was out that day. best thing I ever did. I was ore for a few weeks, since they do cut through the vagina for all of it, but difference was noticeable immediately. No intercourse for 6 weeks (I cant say I even WANTED to until about week 5) but would do the surgery again in a minute, it was that worth it.
I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and all is good except the leg pain. I am getting nervous reading all these posts regarding leg pain. This has been asked several times but no one has answered. When does the leg/thigh pain stop?
I am considering having the sling surgery for severe incontinence, but after reading these comments, I am terrified. My doctor is a female UROgynecologist in Cleveland Ohio, and has performed this procedure over 1000 times. I am sure the doctor's experience and training is a contributing factor to complications, or lack thereof. Has anyone had complications from a Cleveland doctor? I don't know what to do because I am desperate to fix my incontinence problem. Even with thick pads, I am peeing my pants twice a day. Help!!
Debbie...I live in Cleveland and just had the surgery done almost two weeks ago. I stayed over night and was able to urinate a couple hours after surgery. I currently do not have any incontinence or problems urinating. I had a hysterectomy, bladder sling, and rectocele repair all done at the same time. I am still sore but able to move about but need to remember that I need to take things a bit slower than I usually do. I have not have any problems..the only thing I have to say is the spotting. I did not get a good explination about this and I spotted the first few days after the surgery..and I notice spotting when I over do activity. I would do it again. It is scary after reading all the bad experiences but I have no complaints and I would do it again because peeing on yourself is not a quality of life I want to keep experiencing. Good Luck.
Hello all just found this site getting ready to have my hysterectomy and having a sling done all at hte same time. I have talked with several women that have had it done said the best thing they every did. My question in about the cath why do you need it after you get home. Can anyone help me on this one.
Thanks Maria
I live in the Dayton, Ohio area. I had surgery on March 5 for repair of a cystocele and rectocele. I also had a mesh sling put in under my urethra. I had a one night stay in the hospital and went home with a catheter. They removed the catheter after three days. I returned to the doctor eighteen hours later when I hadn't voided. They put the catheter back in and removed seven cups of urine. This was the most pain I had. I actually thought that my bladder might explode. I then kept the catheter for seven more days. I now have worse incontinence than before the surgery and am rescheduled to have the sling adjusted on May 18.
just had the sling and hysterectomy and feel terrible, lots of cramping is this normal, and gas too, had it done 6 days ago.. tell me how you all felt.. Thanks.. have a catherer on now cause i wasnt releasing all my urine...
Had my 1st sling in 1999 - GREAT!! no problems. Had my 2nd sling last week.... I'm still LEAKING!! Not just when I cough, but when I get up in the morning from sleeping, it starts coming out before I even get to the bathroom!! I was able to pee after surgery, therefore no cath was needed. Anybody else having these issued?? I'm very disappointed!!!
Linda Grossman
Just had a sling procedure done a month ago - - total success. The surgeon also 'fixed' a hernia in the same area. Such relief. I'm human again. Now I can truly laugh and sneeze and cough without worry.

Hope the effects are long term.
Donna Breuer
I had surgery on April 23. Now is May 2nd and I am still self cathing. If I don't drink 14 oz.water every hour I get the urgency to void and little urine and it is bloody. I had two previous surgeries for the sling and the last one had to be removed because it was eroding the vag. wall. Now they used a Cadaver tissue sling. Except for cathing every 1 1/2 hour 24/7 I feel good. Am getting sleep deprived. I was not advised the post op part of this and intend to tell them they have to be more forth coming on postop. The other two surgeries I was out the same day and was able to urinate right away and had no problems. If I had it to do over I would not go through this.
I had my sling procedure done on Apr. 29th. I still feel like I am leaking but am also having bloody discharge so am not sure if this is what is happening. I am hoping this is all normal and will clear up after totally healing. Does anyone know if this is normal and how long is the healing time????
Billie Jo
Hi I had this surgery on April 16th, It has helped me but for a few days after surgery I had lots of pain. Every now and then I still have sharp pains deep in my abdomin. When I have intercourse it is not the same. Most times it is painful and uncomfortable. If anyone can give me advice on how to help this.
sandi Watts
I had my sling procedure done April 09. Thought I would be healed by now, and really not sure what is going on. I can pee but I still dont think my bladder is emptying all the way. Also I have had 2 episodes where all of a sudden, no warning it just gushed out of me. As far as sex 7 wks later it is still painful especially on right side. Dont think I can do the self cath. And still have some bloody spotting. Any input would be appreciated.
Roseann Devlin
I would like to hear from anyone who has had the Bladder Sling operation in the last few weeks... and how long the recovery period is... As I am having the procedure on the 25th June ...
Mary Jane
I had this surgery on Dec. 3rd, 2008. I had a cath for 24 hours. The 1st void stung, but after that it was fine. The worst part was not being able to walk at my normal stride the first 7 days. I found out that my doctor had sewed my vulvas to my thighs (spread eagle). So as the days went by it became increasing painful to walk, move or turn over. By Day 3 I complained so much that I was allowed to take sitz baths. On day 5 the suture on one side finally popped. I was going to have the doctor remove the other sutures, when I had my 7 day check up, but wouldn't you know it, they popped that very morning (I physically felt it). That is a pain I never want to experience again. My discharge lasted approx 3-4 days. The incisions (2) in my abdomen took approx 1 month to heal (they felt like large pimples that went down after a month). From Dec 3 until Friday, June 26, 2009, I have not had a problem. Saturday and today, different story. I have a bronchial infection. Each time I have coughed I have had an accident. The more I cough, the greater the accident. Today, I can cough once and will have an accident. I am back to wearing pads (not liners) again. Now I am searching the web to find people who have had this surgery more than once and if it is worth it. I have acid reflux, which causes me to cough uncontrollably at times. So as you can see this is very important to me. hope the information above helps someone.
Wow - Glad I did not find this site before I had my surgery! Would have scared the bejesus out of me! I have my sling surgery on July 1 - the doctor did warn me several times about the possibility of having to have a catheter for several days or having to self catheterize and that failure to do so might result in the bladder stretching resulting in possibly months of catheter experience. I think this was just a Dr precaution not to call him over the holiday weekend and to come back to the hospital if I had issues. I had a hysterectomy 20 yrs ago and think this was a potential cause of the incontinence.

The surgery was performed as a day surgery. I came out of surgery with a catheter but they removed that and I was able to urinate on my own. I have not had to have a catheter since. However, I had my post op checkup late yesterday - after EVER person at the Dr office asked me if they had removed my catheter already. It occurred to me then how fortunate I was not to have had to use a catheter post op!! Pain - first time out of bed post op (to go try to urinate) was OMG!! But unexpectaly to me in my upper thighs and hips - the nurse laughs - must be your time in the high stirrups (a visual I wish I had never had!). That go better quickly and I have taken little pain medication. I over did on Saturday (3 days post op) - guess painting was a little overambitious! Yesterday (5 days post op) - back to work - long day and sore by the end! First time driving, hauling laptop back and forth and going grocery shopping. But all in all feel pretty good! Only leaking when my bladder is full (but I know I am full)and sudden movement. I am completly emptying my bladder now! This was at 50% pre surgery.

Dr says - come back in 6 months! Bigger issue is going to be lack acoiding all the things on his list - no ab tension, no heavy lifting, no sex, no leg lifting. So elliptical but no treadmill for another 4-6 weeks. No Pilates, no ab crunches, no ball class! No lifting (what is considered heavy?) -traveling for work next week - that should be a challenge. And the strangest things - this I learned from painting and rediscovered yesterday cleaning out the refrigerator - you use your ab muscles to stand from a crouch!

Remember to take your stool softener and laxitive - constipation requires a bunch of ab muscles too!! GOOD LUCK!
I had the TVT sling done in dec. 09. I had the same scratchy feeling during intercourse. The small 4 mm Incision on my right side of my vaginal wall had not healed because the mesh was twisted and the rough edges kept pushing through the incision. I went back into surgery and my doctor cut (released) the mesh and sewed me up. I slowly lost the effectivness of the sling over the next 3 months and now I'm feeling a scratchy feeling near my urethra. Has anyone had a TVT totally removed? Please let me know how it went. I have read horror stories.
hi, i had my first sling done in april 09 and i stayed post op till the next day when they removed the caf and i peed right away. i went home and basically went back to my normal life. my legs hurt for a few days except that i had horrible body discharge and went back to the dr a few times and they told me everything was fine except that i had an ecoli infection from it. they gave me antibodictis and they did not work. still had the body discharge. beginning of july and i wiped myself after going pee and felt something and felt something come out and went to the dr right away they told me to go see my urolgist first thing monday morning, Sure enough it was the mess coming out. 7 days later i went in again for surgery to have the mess repaired and the sling fixed.
i did not stay overnight even though i was in the OR longer and
had no caf put in, I am one day post op and feel very sore in the canel and its hard to sit up but other then that i am peeing fine.
Has anyone else had the mess fall out and had to go under again. how long does it take to heal a second time?
I had the sling procedure along with anterior and posterior vaginal repair June 2009 - surgery went well, voided after surgery, went home that day without a cath - yes, I was sore, but nothing like I've been reading - maybe it is because I can still do the splits :) (no leg cramps from the stirups) I thought all was fine, had some spotting and was told to take it easy. My urine stream wasn't as strong as it use to be, and it took forever to finish. Three weeks in, I got a bladder infection. Then I started to notice I had a princess bladder - not holding as much. They are setting me up for a radiological test for post voiding, and I just got another bladder infection. I'm frustrated! I only had a leaking problem 1-2X a month after sneezing or straining, now I traded that in for a daily problem - ugh! I had complete trust in my doctor and didn't ask a lot of questions, but since I've been researching this - I should have asked a lot of questions. I'm still hopeful this will be fixed, but I'm also afraid it might not be. I was told that many women after having a hysterectomy need a sling procedure. As for sex, I was told by my male doctor to resume after one week ... I waited one month - it was sore, but not painful. My husband nor I can feel much of a difference. If you are planning on this procedure, please ask a lot of questions. I've found out that the sling comes in many forms - some better than others - so check into which is being used in you. Educate yourself, it doesn't mean you don't trust your doctor - and if they are offended by your questions - find another doctor! God Bless and good luck.
I had the sling procedure along with anterior and posterior vaginal repair June 2009 - surgery went well, voided after surgery, went home that day without a cath - yes, I was sore, but nothing like I've been reading - maybe it is because I can still do the splits :) (no leg cramps from the stirups) I thought all was fine, had some spotting and was told to take it easy. My urine stream wasn't as strong as it use to be, and it took forever to finish. Three weeks in, I got a bladder infection. Then I started to notice I had a princess bladder - not holding as much. They are setting me up for a radiological test for post voiding, and I just got another bladder infection. I'm frustrated! I only had a leaking problem 1-2X a month after sneezing or straining, now I traded that in for a daily problem - ugh! I had complete trust in my doctor and didn't ask a lot of questions, but since I've been researching this - I should have asked a lot of questions. I'm still hopeful this will be fixed, but I'm also afraid it might not be. I was told that many women after having a hysterectomy need a sling procedure. As for sex, I was told by my male doctor to resume after one week ... I waited one month - it was sore, but not painful. My husband nor I can feel much of a difference. If you are planning on this procedure, please ask a lot of questions. I've found out that the sling comes in many forms - some better than others - so check into which is being used in you. Educate yourself, it doesn't mean you don't trust your doctor - and if they are offended by your questions - find another doctor! God Bless and good luck.
Salvador Rodriguez
Requesting communication withe men who had had urethra sling procudure.

I'm using now two or three pads a day, due to incontinence caused by proton radiation and Cryo. What procedure could be recommended in my case as an alternative to the sling's?
Just yesterday, 7-27-09 I had the sling procedure for bladder prolapse. I was able to void urine at the hospital before going home. It was an out patient procedure and it was performed by my urologist. 1 1/2 years ago I had a hysterectomy with a bladder lift that both my GYN and Urologist performed together. However, I still experienced some stress incontinence that Detrol LA helped with at first, but I found it was not sufficient. So far I have been tender but have been able to urinate without problems. Some bleeding, but not much. I was given a prescription for loratab, but have not really needed it. Obviously it is still early in my recovery time, but for the most part, I feel good. I was warned that the bladder will need to heal before I really can experience what the sling should do in supporting the neck of the bladder so I don't have the stress/urge incontinence. Email me if you would like, and I will be happy to answer your questions and keep you informed of my healing process.
I would like to hear from any one who had the sling procedure done more
then a month ago. I am going to have this proedure done end of August,
and would like to know if its worth it or not.
I would like to know why some of the sling surgery are at a one day surgey
center and the other are done in the hospital with over night stay? I also
would like to know why some have catheters and some do not. I am thinking
about have this sling surgery and from reading all of these stories
I am very worry that the surgery may not be worth it. I am 48yr and
never had any type of surgery before. I also would like to know if
any one has had both types of slings and witch one is better, I have
heard good and bad about both. Thank you for your help and comments.
Good luck to all who has had problems. I will pray for you.....
Hi! I went for my post-op with my urologist yesterday, 8-4-2009. Even though I feel great, the doctor and nurse warned me to not over do it until 6 weeks has passed. I don't have any pain, so it's hard to realize that I still need to be careful- no pushing, pulling, lifting, splits, for a few more weeks. The Urologist input a poly type sling. It was done with laprascopy and through the vagina. The poly sling can have erosion problems, but my urologist stated he has not had any of his patients with that issue. I go back in September for him to check if it is eroding and make sure things are secure. As I mentioned, I have been warned to take it easy for 6 weeks so as not to undo the surgery. I am already experiencing the benefits of the surgery. The urge incontinence is 99% gone. I only hope I can keep it that way. For me the surgery was pretty painless- I had some tenderness in the vaginal opening for a few days as well as some bleeding for a few days. One and a half weeks later, the tenderness is gone and no more bleeding or spotting. My bladder is functioning and emptying. I am able to stay in bed the entire 7 hours during the night without having to get up in the night. I would recommend the surgery, but make sure it's done by a urologist who has done it before. I would not trust this surgery to a general surgeon/physician. My hysterectomy/bladder lift in October 2007 was performed by both a gynecologist and my urologist together. I am 49yrs and so far am glad to have had this surgery. I realize it comes with risks and I have read alot of comments about the sling not working, and being painful, etc. It scared me too, but I knew I needed to try it, the incontinence was getting too much that I knew I needed to give it a shot.
For those considering surgery I'm just over a week out and recovery so far hasn't been very eventful. Aside from learning how to self cath in the doc office and at the hospital before I could leave It's just been slow going. I do feel like I can do more than I should.My surgery was on 7/29/09. I'm 45. I had a partial hysteretomy, synthetic bladder sling and anterior and posterior repair of the vaginal the wall. I was only in the hospital for 1 night. I'll say it right now. Don't be stoic about the pain. 1 nurse wasn't helping me stay on top of it and that first night was very uncomfortable. They took the cath out that next morning before I was to leave. I had to self cath for 2 days because I retained over a 100 ml in my bladder after going. I know I still retain some but it's under 100 ml and my doc seems to think that's fine for now. I'm assuming iti'll get better. I'm sore, it's hard to sit comfortably, I don' have a strong stream when I urinate plus hard to sit there for long when I know I have to go. My doc is both a gynecologist and a urologist and I know she teaches this surgery but that doesn't mean I won't have complications. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the symptoms are that things are coming undone. I can't imagine having sex for a while so I'm happy about the 6 week thing. I'm a little afraid of possible pain during sex, like another that's one thing my husband and I have/had had going for us. I'm still bleeding a little but I'm only a week out so I'm not to worried.
So far things seem to be going as I was told they would. Good luck to those who have this planned. So far I can say I think this has bettered my life. I'll write more after my 2 week visit. I'm still wondering what the symptoms are that things are coming apart.
I had a suburethral sling procedure done on Aug 3rd, am 4days post op. It was fairly uneventful thankfully. Was cath'ed at the surgery center and it was removed once I felt awake enough to walk to the bathroom. It felt a little difficult to void but the Dr assured me it was simply due to swelling. It got easier each time I had to go and I have had no problems since. The pain is minial, groin pain mostly and I have taken no pain meds at all. I have been put on 2 weeks of restriction of no housework, lifting or anything strenous. And 4-6 weeks of no driving, exercise, lifting etc. I lead a very acxtive life and hopefully I can resume playing soccer and karate with my boys without having to stop and go to the bathroom every 5 minutes and wear a pad! Will post more as the recovery continues.
To WWilson- I also have been told to not exercise, lift, etc. but have been given the go ahead to drive. Did your doctor tell you why no driving? I;m curious to know why no driving for the 6 weeks. I will be back to work as of August 10th- 2 weeks post op. I am still restricted on the lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. since I have a desk job. Glad to hear you did not have to self cath or go home with a catheter. This surgery is different for everyone. I have read a lot of other blogs with negative results but I was desperate to have my problem taken care of. Hope your recovery continues to go well. good luck!!! Shauna
Hmmm, that's interesting. I had read on various different sites of the variations for recovery time and limitations. I will be having my 2 post-op appt on Friday, a few days early. Will certainly ask him why no driving. I have 4 children ranging from 11-2 and it's hard enough not to lift the 2 yo. but who's going to do the grocery shopping and I would like to take them to the park while we have a bit of nice weather!
The pain is very minimal now, just slightly tender and very little spotting at all today, am anxious for that to stop before my cycle begins or that will be bleeding for a long time!
I am curious, how much did you limit yourself as far as activity for the first 2 weeks? I have heard no limited walking and no stairs to anything is fine except heavy lifting. Personally, I have been just been laying around and walking in the yard, but my Dr said no housewrok even for 2 weeks. My body is craving movement! Have started to clean up in the kitchen today, as dh isn't quite in tune with the needs as I am ya know? Did you do housework?
Glad to hear from someone sortof in the same boat. take care and blessings in your recovery! To me, it is well worth it if I can run around with my boys again!
Had outpatient surgery 7/13. Went home with cath that I removed the next morning. Had to try to void, measure that amount and then self cath 3 times the second day but that was it as I was able to void most of the urine normally.

Did nothing first week except read and watch tv - minimal stairs as my house is three stories. Second week did a little more walking around each day. The only complaint at that time was a sore back from so much sitting around. Did not drive for two weeks and was told not vacuum. sweep or lift anyhting heavier than 5 pounds for four weeks.

Returned to a desk job the third week and started walking real slow on the treadmill - 2 miles per hour for 30 minutes and did some lower back streaches which relieved the back pain. Following week upped the speed to 2.5/3.0 mile per hour.

Procedure seems to have worked - although it does take me longer to empty my bladder. No leaks sneezing or laughing but have not started running & jumping so the big "test" is yet to come.
I am 10 days post op and everything is going well. Except I noticed a small peice of off white (i am assuming) fabric sticking out from where the stitches dessolved! Anyone experience this? Had to delay my 2 wk post op appt due to my cycle starting. I am afraid it will be too late to do something if I wait another week. Would love to hear from someone!
I had a vaginal hysterctomy along with sling placment on Aug 7th. I did not know til I got home and went to shower that I had an incision in both groins.The most pain I have endured is from my groin that extends down to my knee. I have occcasional spoting with some pressue in my vagina. I haven't been for my followup yet and I am worried my sling has failed. If I may get very personal, This am I had passed what appeared to be a stich. I wonder if anyone else has had this.My follow up is this Thursday and I don't know if I should wait. Am I overacting?
I went in for a sling consult yesterday and it seems like a fairly risk - free surgical procedure with good results. I am a marathon runner and leak like crazy when I run. Are there any runners out there that could possibly comment on how their surgery went and how is it affecting your running now? thanks!
Help! I had my ovaries/tubes removed, anterior & posterior repair w/mesh sling about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I have to self-cath about 7-8x per day. How long will this go on? So far I have not had to go back to work, but I can't imagine having to do that there. Very difficult to go out in public, cause when the urge hits me, I've got to cath...Other than that I've had no other problems except I'm very sore when the dr examines me...Any assistance would be appreciated.
I just had the sling done on me a week ago today...I'm doing fine no leaks so far and never no pain..but today It feels like something is dropping out of me and I can feel it...but there is nothing...
Had my mesh sling/cystocele/rectocele surgery a week ago. Still spotting some-- it had quit after the 2nd day and has started again,figure it is just being on my feet more. Butt and back started hurting so much from sitting lastr week and back is tired. Woke from surgery with catheter, spent first night in hospital, they removed cath and I started urinating on my own without any pain. Had to take stool softners and laxatives after about 3 days but none since but drink alot of water. Had been packed heavily with gauze that was removed with the catheter (had not been told of this before surgery) also had alot of gas for a couple of days. I have no outside sitches and was never told to not shower or not drive. (did not take pain pills after 2nd day) Once home my Hips hurt some. I had a hysterectomy 29 years ago and am 63 now but over active for my age. Had a husband die in 2002,remarried 3 years ago and basically still on a honeymoon (married a wonderful man 11 years younger so sex is a BIG (no pun intended)deal to us both. Deceased husband was 11 years older than me and had been sick for several years so I am catching up on sex-- now after finding this site I hope I don't have trouble with that!! Was only told not to lift or vaccum and be very careful on stairs, no exercise or sex for 6 weeks. Sorry to hear of bad problems with so many of you. I am doing remarkably well so far, not leaking, making it to the bathroom in time, energy good so am having to make myself behave.Hope my luck stays this way and you all get better. Of course right now am glad I did this, plus watching my wonderful husband cook, do wash, etc. has been a plus. Live in Nashville and moved here from Dallas 8 mos. ago-- am most impressed with Drs. here!!
I had mild stress incontinence and at the encouragement of my OB/GYN, had the sling in April 2009 (7 months ago). I was not able to void after surgery, and still can not void normally. I have to cath several times a day since the surgery. I can only void while standing, leaning forward, and meditating. Even then, I dont empty my bladder, and frequently the stream goes down my legs, all over the floor and my clothes. I am only 41 years old, and this is destroying my life...both my self esteem, and my sex life. It is very depressing to think that I chose to do this to myself. If I could go back in time, I would never do this again. I would rather wear diapers.
Angela Dunlap
thats exactly how it was or should i say still is for me...being in the stirrups hurt my hips sciatica nerves and legs in alot of pain,on top of the procedure.i also had endomtreosis burned off and cysts removed from my ovaries...ugh! im only 28 and have a 3yr old.i also have that means more pain! :( hope u feel better doc released me that DAY!! with no cath..seems weird after reading all these othr stories
i am so glad i found this sight -was so excited when i heard about the sling from my gyn dr- i dont think i could ever go through this - better to pee i think so whats a pad compared to these stories- but had a suggestion on the hip and leg pain-i injured by back about 10 years a go and found a chiropractor that gave me back my life seven years after injury- i have to have my hips aligned a few times a year - just try it for your hip and leg pain- they are so under used and do such great things - what do you have to lose- thats what i asked myself- wish i hadnt of wasted so many years not seeing one- just do it for yourself
I had it done in july everything needed lifted. my bladder got nicked during the procedure and 3 months later i dont leak but i have a terrible urge and sensation when i do go..I ended up having to go home with a cath due to nick, they took it out a week later and that whole day i could not go and by the time i got sent to the hospital to be recathed i was shaking and crying and in pain.. so another week i had it.. I do not know if i would do it again due to the feelings i am having..Hopefully it will clear up..So thats my experience
Great article. Had surg (sling) 2 wks ago. voiding is biggest issue. Now self cathing as needed. (4 times a day) Had suprapub cath 12 days. although not happy about this due to gosh aweful bladder spasms when I try to void, keeping positive attitude. Enjoy watching hubby do dishes and such. Cannot go back to work for sev. more weeks. Not happy about this. But, hoping to not be incont. on the golf course (hoping for a more confident swing). Hoping not to urinate on spouse with orgasms, and looking forward to not having urine run down legs at work if I cough or sneeze. Willing to sacrifice this difficult period of time to have a more active life. My glass is always half full, right now my bladder is half empty! Urecholine is helping the spasms. Your responses tell me you all want the same thing, I am experiencing the same as you and we all heal at a different level, based on age, health, activity, attitude. Hang in there, ladies.
I'm just a little concerned- I had my surgery Nov.4...a little over 2 weeks ago.I am still having to self cath because I can not urinate. I called my doctor and the nurse called and left a message on my cell phone(not home or the other numbers she had) to be in surgery the next morning @ 6:30a.m. Well this alarmed me especially since he has not seen me or examined me to see what he needs to work on. Is this normal? I'm almost to quit bleeding and am as healthy as anything! I called back the nurse said that she could reschedule me for the Wed. before Thanksgiving & to be there @5:30 a.m.for surgery. I asked her what he might do and she wasn't sure...he had told me previous 2 days after surgery he might have tightened my sling too tight? The nurse said he might dialate my bladder or stretch my stem. I have never had stem trouble before nor were I warned about this not working 100% ! I'm scared and for one thing will not be put to sleep without knowing what he might to to correct what he might have done wrong. Should he not do an ultrasound before this or even check me before I'm put on the table again? Please anyone with any type of advise please reply...I have 5 buisneses and 4 boys...I can't keep this up!
I had the pubvaginal sling with my own fascia harvested 6 days ago. My surgeon warned me about urinary retention as he stated that he tied it extra tight since this was my fourth surgery in 12 years for stress incontinence. I have to catherize myself every four hours and it sucks. I am afraid to leave the house, let alone this lasting for weeks or months from what I read in the journals. I did read about a few options for urinary retention, like an alphablocker medications or another procedure to loosen the sling. I hope that this does not last much longer. Can anyone out there tell me how long they have experienced urinary retention? I have urinated twice, only 25-50cc, but I think it was related to rectal pressure from a bowel movement. For those who's urinary retention diminished or disappeared, did you start urinating a little at a time first? Please reply, need some hope.
I am 54 & had a total Hysterectomy, Bladder Sling, appendix removed & gallbladder removed all at the same time Nov. 12, 2009. Had a wonderful team of 3 Doctors that I knew and was told by a Dr. my GYN ask his assistant to help him during my help with my mess. I had a mass as large as an orange & fibroids on both female parts. He told us that there were at least 9 surgeons in with me at one time. Had bladder cathader from Thurs. till Sun. morn. when they removed it & I voided on my own fine & was released home that afternoon. Been 2 1/2 weeks now & my pain medications just ran out this past Friday. Tried to use something else, but just did not work! I am tough, but not this tough! I just hurt so I can't walk.
I read many of the responds above and had many of the same feelings. I kept asking my GYN nurse & Urology Nurse...What am I supposed to be feeling...pain wise? They have yet to explain it to me as to what my pain level should be at this point.
I feel I have done great up to this point, but not with out my pain medications.
The stinging in Left and esp. Rt. side has always been with me. It is better, but still have sharp stinging sensations at times. Getting my feet to move getting in & out of bed was the worst! My husband was the best!!!
The incision at my legs just made it hard to sit. Still peeling off this glue stuff they used on me. I also have had a time with my belly button incision hurting esp. when walking. I hold myself with a small pillow. Oh well, this too I feel will pass!
Sitting is a problem & standing for a long time...have to rest often. Will rest for an Hr...then get up & move around. Keeps me from being so stiff.
Good luck to everyone else!
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Cindy Lynn
I had the mini sling put in 3 weeks ago for incontinence issues. Right after surgery I too had a problem with pain in my left leg. I could barley walk after surgery without being in great pain. It started up at the top of my leg( groin area) and then traveled down to my shin bone. Of course no one has ever heard of this problem. It has since went away as mysterious as it came. I have been doing well except now I have this achey feeling in my groin area, almost like I am having my period, except I have gone through menopause and do not have anymore periods. So now I don't know what is going on. I don't know if this is the beginning of an infection or are things coming loose? Otherwise I am staying dry, even when I have laughed and sneezed real hard. I have read many horror stories and there seems to be alot that can go wrong with this surgery. Don't know how things will be having sex yet. Have to wait. I am 52 years old. Would like to hear about similar stories.
I had a sling procedure done 3 years ago. Due to erosion I had another procedure done a few months ago. I am completely healed now and realized I have no vaginal wall sensation. Has anyone had the same experience and does anyone know if this can be repaired. I don't know which is worse, not holding my pee, or not feeling my partner while making love.
I had the sling procedure done on Dec 17, and I came home the same day without having to use a catheter. The urine stream is still pretty weak, but I'm thankful about not needing the catheter. I'm wondering if anyone had a problem with constipation? I'm very tender and the pain pills are worthless. I've been having some cramping, mostly on the lower right area, and it is difficult to stand up straight. Any advice would be gratefully accepted.
Oh Lord, ok, im 4 weeks and 2 days out of this surgery. I havent slept since because when I lay down it feels like I have to pee. When I try i feel like im being squeezed and it hurts. I can only pee after I have walked for 20 minutes and every once in awhile it burns so bad that I just want to scream. Now, I have had 4 kids with no drugs. THAT WAS EASY. This sucks bad. Does this get any better? Im tired and I have no meds, maybe I should ask for some, atleast so I can sleep. Oh and when I do actually have to pee really bad, I can barely make it. I am 36, just turned and was in the hospital for 3 days and now the cath seems like a dream at least I wouldnt have to deal with this pain. Please, will this improve? Dear Lord, I hope so.
I had my sling surgery in August '09 in Louisville, Kentucky. I have nothing but kudos and praise for the procedure and for my surgeon. This operation changed my life. I'm happier, healthier and in a better mental frame of mind. The only problem I've had is that sex is a little weird, but I think that eventually that will work out. I stayed one night in the hospital, had my cath removed the morning after surgery, and I've never leaked once. My back hurt for weeks, as did my legs, but all in all, everything went very well.
Gloria, it's good to hear your surgery turned out well. Nearly two weeks after my own, I'm hoping for an equally good result. I hope your recovery continues favorably for you.
Robin Thomas
Hello all. I wanted to share my experience as well as ask a question to anyone who may have an answer for me. I had the sling procedure. Because I am young the doctor used the mesh sling. He said it would last longer. Anyway, I spent two nights in the hospital because my insurance paid for it and I wanted to go home with out a cath. I had a pericath and was working three days post op. The nurse read my numbers to the doctor and he said it was fine to go ahead and take out the peri-cath. When I got home, I couldn't pee at all and it hurt so bad. I was crying. I went back to the ER, and had to get a regular cath put in for two more days. But after that I was fine. I am now 3 weeks post op. I still have trouble emptying my bladder completely, but most of the time I am completely fine.

Ok... my questions to those who are more educated than me.

1. I have not had sex yet and I know I am not suppose to but for those who do have pain during sex after this operation, what causes the pain?

2. I have also never had any leg pain. What causes the leg pain people experience after this operation.

3. Ok... this is my main question... my doctor said the worse thing I can do is over lift something, but he never said a particular weight amount. I don't want to undo what he just did? He made it sound like I could never lift anything of significant weight because I could break the stitches that is holding up the sling.

Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
I had a sling inserted and now 9 weeks after surgery I am back into doing my normal exercise and such and I still have the leaking. I thought this was meant to stop any stress leak and yet it doesn't seems to have done very much at all. It has help with a few little things like walking and stairs however anything more physical I leak. IS THIS NORMAL or not?
Update on my surgery: I had the pubovaginal sling with harvesting my own fascia 7 weeks ago. I had to straight cath myself for about 3 weeks. I am doing well; no leaking once!! Though, I am experiencing a pain in my left groin when I walk too much. The doctor extended my leave for another couple of weeks.

Robin, the doctor always told me not to leave over 10 lbs. As far as the leg pain, I think that most have it because of the lithotomy position that we are in for an extended period of time during surgery.

Sue, Sorry to hear that your surgery did not completely work. I had the 'easy' sling (TVT)in May this year and did not work either (actually, made things worse). That's why I had the more "complicated" pubovaginal sling in November. The new surgeon used my own fascia (muscle) because the mesh did not work.
I am 5 days post op. After reading the posts I am not sure which sling, I thought I knew. I went hm after one day with no cath, was still leaking so called Dr and they put a cath in for weekend, although i still seem to leak a bit with my cath, maybe the way I'm sitting not sure. Nervous about still leaking and what to expect in weeks ahead. No real pain to speak of a bit sore and sometimes discomfort in bladder area (maybe because of cath??) Any insight out there? I feel like I did not research this enough.
i had the devinci hesterctomy bladder sling done dec7 2009 i am going on 5 weeks post-op i was in the hospital 2 days due to allergic reaction to med . i was on a catheter for a day then self cath but was able to leave the hospital without the cath.i am still having a very slight leakage of urine , im feeling very well no pain when i came home i took no pain it normal to have slight urine leakage? i return to the dr this week ,i have a feeling of stiches in between my rectum and vagina is this normal? sometimes it feels like the stiches pull , overall my situation was pretty good not sure if id do it again.
Hi I am 34. I had the Monarc with an anterior vag repair 7 days ago. I am unable to pee and now self cath at home now a few times a day. Not sure how long this can go on for before something needs to be done. I feel the urge to pee, but it just won't come out. I did experience some leg discomfort the first few days, probably due to legs in stirrups and/or the material being attached to the hip bones?? But it is fine now. I am fearful reading about everyone's issues and hope it will all resolve for us in time. The thought of painful intercourse is terrifying to me. I will re-post with updates as they occur. Thanks for this forum. Misery loves company, but I guess we have to just try and remain positive. Best Wishes to everyone.
I had a hysterectomy and bladder suspension with sling September '09. I spent one night in the hospital and could not void after the cath was removed. I went home self-cathing for a time. I now am 1000 times worse off than before surgery. I just saw an urologist Tuesday and he said that my bladder has prolapsed. It has fallen back down, but the sling is holding up part of it where the stem enters the bladder. I have been having terrible spasms that prevent me from voiding and no prescription drugs have helped. Someone recommended an over the counter drug, AZO, and as long as I take it the spasms are better. Unfortunately, when I am not having spasms I am having frequency, urgency, and incontinence. I am up all night long and am miserable all day. I have never had problems with depression, but I think I am just worn down. I am trying to carry on with my daily activities, but I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone. The urologist has scheduled a cystoscope and an urodynamics test in February and said that he can "fix" me. I am holding out hope and praying that this nightmare will be over soon. If I could get a "do-over" I would have never had this surgery. Some people have had such great success with it, but my bladder certainly didn't like it's new home. My husband wants his happy wife back again, but right now I am not even sure who I am! And to add insult to injury my out of pocket expense after insurance has been close to $4000.00. Now another surgery is ahead and I am in a new deductible year. It makes me sick, but I can't continue living this way. Just beware of the risks if you are contemplating the surgery. You might use an urogynecologist or urologist instead of a regular gynecologist
Had the surgery on Monday. Left the same day. Had to have a cath until Wednesday as I wasn't fully voiding myself. Now everything is working fine. I didn't have to fill the script for the narcotics that were prescribed -- and by Wednesday I was forgetting to take Motrin. I do occassionaly feel achy in my groin, but not terribly -- mostly if I cough or move quickly, I feel sort of an uncomfortable tightening. My problem is that I feel well enough that I keep half-forgetting to not lift my youngest child, and am terrified that I'm going to mess the surgery up!
I had the TVT Sling procedure done in Jan 2009 and for the first couple weeks was not sure that it worked for me. After the few weeks I noticed a huge improvement and no longer needed to wear anything but underwear!!! Then I took a major fall and I feel like something happened (although my doctor said everything looked fine). Now I am beginning a 5K training and I feel like I leak again all the time. Has anyone else felt real good after and then began a training that made them feel as though somethings not working well anymore??? :)
maria k
Hi i had sling put in on 5th of dec 2008,i knew from the min i woke in recovery ther was something wrong, the pain in my back was so pain full i neary screamed.i have spent the last year fighting with doctors to find out what has happened. I have got know where, i have being told last monday that my sciatic nerve was over strtched during surgery.I am now on morphine lost my job and have just being left with back leg and groin pain, cant walk properly and need crutches, i cant have sex as it is to painful i feel my life is over i am only 40, the only comfort is after reading this page it is not all in my imagination like the doctors are trying to make out.
I had the sling over a year ago for some mild stress incontinence. I still cant pee normally or empty my bladder, and have to self-cath every time. Now, the leg/groin pain that began post-op has gotten much worse. Pain shoots down my groin and leg, especially when I am sitting. I am taking Advil around the clock, and it is not stopping the pain. I feel like I am living in a nightmare and I would do anything to be able to go back in time and NOT DO THIS PROCEDURE> Yes, I am no longer incontinent, but the constant pain and having to carry a catheter everywhere I go is so much worse.
Wish I would have found this site before I had my surgery last week (1/23). Even though I was able to go twice (200 cc each time) in the hospital (outpatient), I still was not emptying my bladder. Still had 600-800 cc's left. Ended up going home with a Foley cath for the weekend. Had it out last Monday and was told if I didn't go in a stream, to come back at the end of the day to have another placed. I went, but I don't think I'm completely emptying my bladder. (I didn't go back to have it theory being that if I didn't make it work sooner than later, it would become too easy to not work at all.) I got very sharp pains in my bladder, almost felt like contractions, when I started to go. They have eased somewhat and the stream is getting better, although there's not much force. Every now and again, (not often) it feels normal. Restrictions: No lifting over 10 pounds for another week, then 20 pounds for 4 more weeks. No sex for 6 weeks--and I'm a little nervous about resuming that part of my life! :) The leg pain and weakness in my legs is finally getting a little better, but I was lucky. I didn't need to take any pain meds--not even Advil--from day 1. I'm hoping each day brings improvement. Still have the urge to cross my legs when I sneeze, cough, laugh, etc. So far, no leaks. I'm feeling very fortunate after reading everyone's problems! Good luck everyone.
had sling surg 1/21...wore a foley until today 2/1...came home with supplies for self-cath, hoping i won't need them...but i am experiencing severe bladder spasms that i hope will stop after what my doc says is a two month recovery time...

doc made it seem like i was weird and rare that i couldn't void after surg...i actually had a friend tell me she went back to work in just a few days...
I had my bladder sling surgery on Jan 4. I came home with cath ,had it for 6 days.Week later had infection. Then started to leak again. Went back to Dr. he had ultrasound done again .It shows that im not emptying my bladder.I now have to have dialation of urthea done.He said if this doesnt work then he will have to loosen the sling.The pain in my back is crazy I feel like im going crazy.I also feel like the sling is pulling on my left side . Does anyone have these same problems?
I had bladder sling surgery Jan. 25th and peed the next day and thought things were going to be good. Now it is Feb. 18th and I am wetting the bed!! I wear a pad to bed but it is like a faucet opened and only 6 steps to the toliet but it is too late. I did not do this before!! Also still wearing a pee pad during the day and have to think about it all the time especially when going anywhere. I pee before I leave the house, watch what I drink, get my bearings where a restroom is, pee when I get somewhere and have even started to carry extra panties and slacks in car in case I have a accident. Doctor says to be patient!! I am worse off then before . Is this normal for anyone else to get worse before it gets better?? Also I think I can feel the mess thing when I wash in the shower shouldn't it be up higher??

Had Bladder TOT surgery performed on 2/18/10. The nurse instructed me not to sit and lay around but walk around the house. After a week, I was told I can walk a little outside but no treadmill or stomping. Never needed a cath to take home because I voided good. The nurse also warned me that I may have pain when I void. Never!!! Had pain from lifting legs and I know this is a NO, NO. Nurse told me not to sleep on a high bed causing me to lift my legs, needed family members to help with putting on pants, walking slowing as expected. I have laugh, cough, sneeeze and no leakage. I do at times feel a little pain so I may/may not take a pain pill after two weeks of surgery My question is, has this surgery interfered with your sex life? I am worry about that.
I had the sling surgery last monday on the 10th.The Doctor said the best way to do the surgery was to lift the eurethra with the sling.It has helped already.I had all of the problems associated with leakeage and could not live a normal life anymore.So I finally gave in to have the surgery.So far no problems.
I had a bladder sling procedure using fascia from my own leg and a urethral diverticulectomy on March 5, 2010. I was in the hospital for two days since I had a ton of pain that wasn't being relieved by pain meds much at all. I went home with a foley in for 10 days. I really hated having it in and could feel it in my bladder with any movement at all! On the day of my appointment to have it removed I was elated! I peed while in office though my bladder felt really irritated like I still had to go or had an infection. That day I went to out to lunch and hung out with family, then in the afternoon my bladder started to fill up and I could not void it out!! It got so painful I went to the ER and literally screamed my head off, freaking my mom out and out of control with shouts of help. I ended up having nearly 1400ccs of urine in me!! As of right now I have not heard from my Dr. yet on this. I have a foley in again and I'm scared about the prospect of self catheterization. I'm overweight and not sure I could fine the hole ha ha ha! And I'm young 38 for the love of God! Does anyone have experience with bladder retraining for retention?
Wow so glad didnt find this before my surgery or I dont think I would of had it.I think all in all u must make sure u trust your doctors. Mine sat down with me and never rushed me even drew me a ppicture of what he was going to do with the sling. Had a vaginal hysterectomy and sling two weeks ago. Stay in hospital two nights, cath only one day. Yes hurt the first time to pee. Slow walking for almost two weeks. I didnt feel like my bladder was emptying total when I first came home think because of swelling.I spotted for almost 2wks. Pain I think is when i try to do to much. I really cant wait to see long term what happens. But I trust my doctors had obgyn Dr. Winters of Borgess Kalamazoo MI wonderful doc. and urologist Dr. Isacksen.
I had the my surgery . no problems and then after 3 weeks my docter told me to use Premrin cream and then at once i stated bleeding and then i am having spotiing now. to day while cleaning my vagina i had some suter in my hand i am worried as my docter has gone on vaction overseas
I had this procedure done 3 weeks ago along with hysterectomy to remove a very large fibroid. I do not have the leaking I had before but I am not sure if the sling is holding up. I still have the feeling that my bladder has slipped slightly. I see my doctor next week but over the phone he seems to think everything is fine. Has anyone else had this feeling after surgery?
I just recently had this procedure done on the 3rd of March. I did have to cath myself for about a week but haven't had any problems since for the most part. I did let my bladder get over filled once during the last six weeks and when I was finished didn't feel as if my bladder had emptied all the way so I did cath myself once more to empty it. Overall I am totally happy with what was done. I can sneeze, cough, and jump with no leakage and well am excited that the healing period is almost over. In addition to that surgery I had the two layers of muscle that separate the vaginal wall from the rectal wall sewn back together to prevent bowel prolapse that I was experiencing which was painful but well worth it now that I'm healed. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has a leakage problem. The Dr. that I went to was awesome and very meticulous in explaining everything. I do have some cramping which he calls muscle spasms which are like charlie horse pain,and he says that is because I'm a baby when it come to this procedure.and it's normal because of muscle tone in younger people. I'm 42. Most women who get done what I had done are much older evidently.
I have not been intimate yet so don't know if there will be problems with that.
I had the sling surgery about 220 days ago, the bleeding stop after the scond week of the surgery but stil having a daily discharge odorless, still having prooblems sitting and walking diferent,slower maybe cauutios please someone knows if this discharge is normal or howw long i will have to wear th pads.
Has anyone experienced a bad urine oder after the sling surgery?
I had the TVT procedure done this morning 4/23/10. I was able to urinate after the surgery and was allowed to go home. Before reaching home, I felt the urgency. Within 3 hours, I was going to the bathroom every 10 mins but was unable to urinate more than a few drops. I called the surgeon's office and was told to come in ASAP The nurse put a catheter in and I voided 1000cc! What a relief! The catheter will stay in for 4 days. I never heard of sling patients being catherized until today. Other than not being able to void on my own, I really have no pain so far.
I had the sling in November, 2009. It did not work. I'm back to sqare one and not happy. Going back to doctor's tomorrow. Please let me know if all worked for you.. Thank you.
Had my sling procedure on April 9th Main concern was feeling extremely bloated. went for my two week post op exam and found I was carrying around 990cc of fluid in my bladder even though I had been peeing constantly every 2-3 hours since surgery. Dr said I wasn't emptying my bladder. So basically my bladder was so full everytime I went I was just emptying what it couldn't hold. Sent me home and I have been self cathing for a week. She said she may have to loosen sling. I am finally feeling like anormal person again working driving and i can't even think about starting over again right now.
I had a newer sling procedure, the MiniArc, done on Friday (it is now Monday). I did not need to staty overnight as it was outpatient. I still can't sit down due to soreness and it hurts if I cough or sneeze, but no other real pain. I have had no problems peeing and was able to since shortly after surgery. I also have very significant bruising (worst I've ever seen) around my pubic bond and on the inside of my left leg. My doctor told me I would be able to go back to my desk job this last Monday (yes, just 3 short days pro-op) but that just was not realistic. I am still extremely sore from the bruising, Otherwise I'm anxious to start running this summer. This procedure is rather new as they make one incision and go in from the vagina and the reocvery time is supposed to be much shorter than other methods.
Hi Veronica,

I just had this surgery. It's much better than it was before but not to where I was hoping it would be 100%. How about you?
Hi all:

I am supposed to have this done by a Duke University doctor here in the Raleigh, NC area next month. Has anyone had any experience with them? I had my baby there and am seeing a Urogynecologist from there too. I am having the Urethra Sling procedure, using the synthetic mesh. It is supposed to be outpatient too. She has told me that there is good success with this. I am only 38 and am ready for this to work!

Any thoughts?
In Feb '09 I had a total hysterectomy and miniarc sling done laparscopically. I am 46. At my 6 wk ck up found that not all stitches were removed & had raging infection which was treated. After I was released for normal activity urinating was still a bit of a struggle and still frequent but no leakage as before. Initially sex was painful & thought that was the norm. It's been over a year now and during sex it feels like there's a speed bump or something and it's painful. I also have little to no sensation and no libido anymore. My spouse says he doesn't feel the "speed bump" at all. I have had constant discharge which I didn't expect since I have no uterus or cervix. Recently I just started having severe pain in my low right groin just above the crease at my belly & thigh and the pain spreads down my thigh almost to my knee. Sometimes the episodes are brief & other times it last hours. Prior to my surgery I had lost almost 25 pounds and have yet to gain it back. I'm 5'8" & weigh 100 pounds, but I feel healthy. I can afford the Dr copay but I can't afford the tests, my insurance sucks. I really am just wanting to know if anyone else has gone thru this and what did you do about it??
OMG I am scheduled to have this surgery next month. I had decided that I was willing to do whatever was necessary to alleviate the UI. Now, I really don't know if I should go through with it. Sounds like it has caused more problems than it has solved for most of you. And many of you are asking questions that no one is answering. Looking now for info on the "bladder tack" or "bladder lift". Is that a simpler ordeal?
HeY D:
I too just had the surgery on 4/21, experiencing some pain in left groin area, also suture around rectum as you stated. No leakage thus far, but I notice brusing in the upper inner thigh area, that does not seem to be going away. I take sitz baths and regular baths but no sure what this is.
I also had an infection. Overall, everything is going well. I also had an additional procedure done at the same time for an enlarged vagina. Doctor stated everything is healing fine, but the bruising is scary. Did anyone experience brusing in the upper inner thighs.
I would like to hear from other people having the bladder slin surgery done,and what side effects have occured. I just had the the surgery done on May 4,2010 during my hystorectomy and am having complications with voiding and still having to be cathed with the folie. Too much pain. how much longer with the folie.
Had TVT surgery and vaginal wall repair end of January. Was not able to empty bladder and had catheter for 2 weeks. Still could not empty bladder and was taught to self-cath. Did this for 4 weeks and went in for 6-week check-up and still could not empty bladder. Urologist assured me this was not permanent and could schedule me for surgery to loosen sling or I could give it a little more time. I decided to give it a little more time. Went in for check-up at 3 months and was able to empty bladder. Have had no further problems. Very pleased with the results. Sometimes, you have to give your body time to adjust. Don't be discouraged, time is a good healer.
I just had the urethral sling surgery on Tuesday - 5-25-10. I had to come home with a catheter because I couldn't void on my own the day of surgery. The catheter was removed today - Friday & I am having no trouble voiding on my own. I am, however, itching like crazy. Does anyone know if it's ok to use vaginal wipes after this procedure? As far as discomfort & pain, I just have a little discomfort where the incisions are. There is no bruising whatsoever. I read somewhere above (could be from a few years back) that someone had the surgery but did not have a catheter. Dump that doctor. That's dangerous. I'm surprised the urine did not get backed up.
As mentioned above, I had the urethral sling surgery on 5-25-10. I was cut in 3 places - 2 cuts in the pubic area & one in the vagina.Last night, I had massive vaginal itching. I know we can't put anything inside the vagina but does anyone know if it's ok to use something on the outside, such as gynacort or any other type of anti-itching cream? Would this affect the stitches in the vagina?
I just had this procedure a week ago. The recovery was very painful due to my bad back (herniated disk) but I feel that I am much better in terms of the effect of the procedure. I am 55.
My wife had this sling surgery 8 weeks ago and seems to be working well. Found this article very interesting anf informative. Give more insight and broader information on the issue

Ellen.. I am sure by know you have been to Dr. BUT you were probably told you have a yeast infection. It was caused by all the anti. they gave you before surgery or from the suture tape. This is exactly what they told me. Gave me a high dose med for it and anti itch cream went away in 5 days.:)
I can't read the names here--they are partly cut off--but it looks like Shelley maybe, was asking about the length of time using a Foley.

I am 13 days past the surgery. I had a bladder sling, hysterectomy, and rebuilt rectum. I have not yet been able to void on my own, not even drops. I am self-catheterizing and it is quite miserable. At times I feel hopeless that this might be permanent. I am drinking very little to limit the number of times a day I have to cath, so I am always thirsty.

I will see my doctor again in one week. He says that If I cannot void by myself at all by that appointment, he will schedule an outpatient surgery to cut the suburethral sling loose.

I am desperate for my life back--feel like I'm slowly dying here, unable to interact with people, can't leave my home for more than a few minutes because of all the sanitary issues with cath'ing outside of a clean bathroom.

Please tell me there is hope! Will cutting the sling really restore voiding function?
I am now 18 days past the surgery and I still cannot urinate without a catheter. I see my doctor tomorrow morning and we will be scheduling a second surgery to cut the sling. He says some scar tissue should have formed by now, and that may be enough to still give some support to the bladder so that I don't have as bad a degree of prolapse and incontinence as I did before. But the sling placement must be wrong. My doctor believes that if I was going to ever regain voiding function with the sling in place, it would have happened by now.
Hi all, Thank goodness I found a site where women are discussing this. I can't believe there are no forums for this. Sorry for such a long post coming but I want to be able to hear input on anyone who can relate. Ok so I'm 41 pretty healthy but My periods have always been heavy and I just thought it was due to me being almost 6 foot tall and 250 pounds. Basically I always shrugged everything off to being TOO FAT and when my co-workers had a procedure called Ablation that aleviated their periods all together I jumped at it. So I went to my gyn and requested it. I listed my other problem which was incontinence and she suggested I consult a urologist she recommended to see about the procedure at the same time of a sling. so long story short I had the endometrial ablation and vaginal sling (forgot which type )surgery on June 14th. I have not had any pain other than first night. I could pee a small stream and did not have to self-cath because I heard from the doctor "you would have to self-cath if you can't go when you get home" but I went even though small amount and said "ha, I don't need to use the catheter". I used Ibuprofen a few times but other than that no pain other than a little achy. Within 5 days I started worrying that the small streams must not be enough because I was carrying around my usual 32 ounce cup with water and probably drank 2 of these a day. So by 9pm 5 days out I called the on-call urologist just to ask if I was voiding enough. He just said to call the office in the morning and talk to them. (uggh) so I called them and they said "you need to self-cath and see how much is coming out!" well I poked and prodded trying to remember how to do it from that very hurried and embarrassing instruction I had from doctor's office but I never could do it. Here I was crying and worried to death that I might explode or damage my kidneys or something. So I just kept making myself try to pee every couple of hours and today makes a week and I am back at work. Get this though, if I sneeze or cough, no problem nothing comes out but when I move around in bed I feel a small squirt not so much as squirt but a small rush of fluid coming out. I am back at work today and I just got up out of my office chair and same thing. It takes a few seconds for me to begin a stream of pee and it is very slight but then here I am just moving around in a normal manner and it's coming out? I'm so worried!! My next appointment is in a week and I just hope they can reassure me that everything is ok. Also when I was poking and prodding trying to self-cath, I felt a wierd substance on my right side up in there that felt like plastic tape or something. I called them about the leaking and the substance and she just said they'd look on my next appointment. I am not an overly emotional person and I'm not so foolish to believe that in one week I should be at 100% but if it is a sling what will time tell me differently? you sling it up, that should be an immediate effect and in my opinion time won't suddenly make my leaking dissappear if it hasn't from the get-go.. Right? I truly am afraid I made myself worse from doing this surgery but the nurse tells me it takes time. Thanks for anyone who will write back to me and maybe point me to any other forums with this discussion.
I had my sub-urethral sling surgically altered yesterday, and within 12 hours, I was able to void on my own. My doctor re-opened the vaginal incision to reach the sling and cut the sling just under the urethra. He said that when the bladder muscles engaged to void, the sling was tightening against the urethra and causing a crimp in it, so I could not pass urine. He left the cut sling in place so that the scar tissue on the sides of it will help provide some support for the bladder and neck of the urethra. I may then get enough benefit from the sling to prevent the incontinence I was experiencing before the procedure.
I am relieved to have voiding function restored. I would prefer a little occasional wetting to having to self-cath for the rest of my life.

@Denise: I am sorry I have nothing to say to address your specific situation, but I hope it improves dramatically for you and that you get the answers you need at your next appointment.
Just had the sling procedure and rectocele corection. Cath was removed yesterday. Feel great. Everything is already working beeter. Only problem has been a sore hip- feels like my leg is out of socket but I expect that to go away. Probably a short tech on the left side leaned on my leg during surgery.
I am considering sling mesh/TVT surgery for moderate stress incontinence post vaginal delivery. I am 35 years old and concerned about an active lifestyle and very concerned about effects on my sex life. I can't decide the risk/benefit for diapers vs. sexual dysfunction or voiding issues. Also, the longevity of the procedure since I am so young. Any thoughts?? Any other women under 40 have same issue. I want to end wearing pads everyday of my life but some of the complications seem worse.
I had this surgery done three weeks ago and also had my tubes tied. I had alot of pain in my legs but I'm sure it was due to the stirups because the pain is gone now. My doctor tells me that I can return to work after 48hrs but there was no way that was going to happen because I could barely walk for a week. Everything has been going fine. My allergies acted up and I had a sneezing fit but luckily no pee came out. Now I have resumed regualar activities. Slight lifting and housework. At my job I have to climb several stairs to get to a certain section of my building. I have been back at work for five days now. This morning my bladder was full, but I have been able to hold it alot longer than before the surgery, I sneezed and a little bit of pee came out. What I want to know is, has this surgery failed me or is this expected. I am worried that maybe I have ruined it with walking so many steps and lifting small amount of house hold garbage. Any info would be so great. Thanks.
I had my surgery for a sling on March 23, 2010. Procedure went well needed a cath because I could not void all in my bladder. Sent home before the 24 hour period. Pain with the incisions but had pain medication. Everything was good until about two weeks after. I started having urgency issues and still do. Doctor put me on medication and the side effects suck. The dry mouth is terrible especially when working out. So I am on detrol la and having pretty bad stomach aches. Seeing a urologist next week, not sure I would have had this surgery if I read the entries above.
Deb: Thanks for the input. It didn't turn out to be a yeast infection, just part of the healing process. I'm assuming you mean antibiotics by anti. The only antibiotics I had related to this surgery was what was put in the IV. I used cortizone & it helped tremendously.

Denise: The sling is not always an immediate affect. You have to see how you heal & scar around the sling. The substance could also just be discharge from the surgery. That goes on for a while. I'm 5 weeks post-op & still discharge every so often.

Anyone having the surgery, make sure it's done by a urogyno, not just a plain uro or plain gyno. My urologist actually referred me to the urogyno stating that they have more experience in this kind of surgery.
Just one final update, I think:
I'm now a 15 days past the surgical revision of the sub-urethral sling. (Additionally I also had hysterectomy, vaginal wall and rectal wall rebuilding, and trans-sacrum support done on the first surgery 5 weeks ago.)

The revision of the sub-urethral sling seems to have worked quite well. I can urinate on my own without a problem, and I seem to have enough support of the bladder and urethra to control incontinence. I haven't yet tried running, but I can sneeze and laugh without an accident, and I am building up to try the exercise.

Walking is coming along. I put in three hilly miles tonight and was noticeably sore across the lower abdomen, but not in pain. I won't push it.

My recovery was quite an ordeal. I can't yet throw up my hands in rejoicing that I did this. I wish I had been better prepared ahead of time for how difficult it could be if the revision was going to be necessary. I like to know these things ahead of time. But I think I can see the possibility in the future that I will be able to say one day that the surgery was a good choice for me.

Best wishes everyone!
I had tvt done 7-9-10. I am 4 days post-op and very happy, from what i can tell objective obtained. After surgery was given a hydrocodone to go home along with a foley catheter. Had catheter removed yesterday, and had no problem with voiding completely. I had slight discomfort, stinging and burning in suprapubic incisions, no other pain and that is almost all gone now. Have sneezed a couple times with no leaking, woohoo! Given antibiotic to take 5 days after surgery along with 800mg ibuprofen for pain, which was all i needed. Also given instructions to drink some cranberry juice twice daily 3 days before surgery and 5 days after and to go to bathroom every 2 hours during the day. No lifting or twisting, especially lifting and twisting. I took 2 weeks off work to make sure all is well as i am a stylist at a busy salon, and am on my feet 10ish hours a day. Have a check up in 9 days, and am sure all will still be great. One thing is for sure...Follow the dr. orders.
I had the sling proceedure performed on 9th July.I was discharged the next morning after having passed 2 wees of at least 200ml. I was achy but otherwise fine. No catheter(which i would have hated!) and no painkillers. The next day i felt great and started pottering about the house. That was my mistake! I'm now taking it more easy and feeling better everyday! Incidentally I'm 57 and overweight. Just do as you're told and all will be ok. I can now laugh to my hearts content without leaking!!
I am getting ready to have a sling surgery. I had a hysterectomy (but kept my ovaries) over 5 years ago. Tolteradine was working for many years, but is now ineffective. Now that I am in menopause they doctor says that I have pelvic organ prelapse. My questions are for those who exercise. I am the type of person who does pilates everyday, circuit training 3 times a week, and Fluidity ballet once or twice a week, and have a very healthy diet (no processed sugar). (1)Did you feel like you healed sooner than 4-6 weeks. (2) I see that some people say that they slowly got back into exercise by using an elipical trainer. Any tips from those who have had the surgery and how and when they slowly started working back into their workout regimen?
Carol; I hope you didn't let the negative comments stop you. There are many success stories as well.
I had surgery June 10th to repair prolapse of my bladder, rectum and uterus. Although I went home with a catheter, it was removed less than a week post-op and have no problems since up until a few weeks ago. I started feeling an urgency to urinate...even if I had just urinated. The dr. examined me and said everything was healing fine. He cathed me (after voiding) and I had about 100cc of urine which he said was fine. He is seeing me again in about 2 weeks and said if the issue hasn't resolved itself he could remove the sling. I teach school and can't go back to school having the urgency to urinate constantly. At the same time, I don't really want to undergo another surgical procedure at the beginning of the school year. Has anyone had these issues with severe urgency (feel like I spend all my time in the bathroom)? Has it resovled itself or did it require additional surgery to remove the sling? Other than that, I've been very happy with the surgery.
I had the tvt and vaginal wall reconstructive surgery in January 2010. I had problems retaining urine and it took about three months for everything to work out. Doctor gave me the option of releasing the sling, but I decided to give it time, which paid off. I also had urgency problems and was up every two hours at night to go to the bathroom. Over time, this also worked itself out. I now sleep all night or get up once at the most. I go to the bathroom about every 4 hours during the day. I don't know exactly what your situation is, but I can say that it does take time for the body to heal and everything to get back in working order. I was released from my doctor in July which was six months after the surgery. Hope things go good for you.
Hello ladies had to share my experience I am 6 weeks post op after a fascia tissue sling put in and cystocel repair done. I was in hospital 5 days due to complications from blood loss and pain. I came home with foley Cath and day 13 I went to doc appt to have cath removed, I was able to void in office.. less than 24 hours sever pain set in in back and legs, even though I was voiding some.. Went to ER ended up with another foley cause of urinary retention.. Had cath another week, went to doc had the dialation done and cath removed.. Again 12 hours later in ER with sever urinary retention, and foley cath placed once again. Follow up with doc 3 days later, cath removed more dialation and was taught self cathing.. I have to cath after every time I urinate.. In the mornings I can't void at all, throughout the day I can pee some but I still self cath approx 7 times a day.. Things aren't seeming to get better and I'm sure I'll be facing another surgery to correct this.. I'm with the others on if I could go back in time I would not do this surgery if I would of known all the problems I would have.. I'm 33 years old and never thought I'd be in this situation.. I just hope to anyone contemplating this surgery make sure you know the risks and understand what could happen.. I'm hoping and praying this nightmare ends soon for me and all the others struggling with complications from this surgery.. God bless you all!
I just had Surgery on 8/4/10 for a urethral sling. Same day surgery, was hoping to pee on my own, but needed to self-cath.I drank about a liter at the hospital, trying to urinate on my own, ending up w/pains in my kidneys, and the ability to self-cath immediately! I'm still cathing after 1 1/2 weeks, wondering if we ever get the same pee flow as before?It is getting better, but not a steady stream. Still going slow, no pain from surgery, just a huge desire to pee! I have had friends who have done this surgery, and are extremely happy w/ the results. Why don't the Drs tell you that its fairly normal to have to self-cath? It's like this big mystery. I've been hanging out at home, thinking there'something wrong w/ me, and found this site. Obviously we are not alone!
Thank you! This is what I was hoping to hear since the urgency issue isn't as bad as it was a month ago. I go back to the dr. this week and I know he'll give me the option again to remove the sling, but if there is still the possibility of healing without removing it, I will wait and hope for the best. Getting up only once at night sounds wonderful! Thanks again for your help!
I had the mesh sling done in April 2008 and by September it had dropped! Now it is August 2010 and I have a full prolapse. I am so upset and tired. I do have Intristial Cystitis and have problems peeing(it takes a while). I am only 40 and everything has basically dropped in the bladder area. My life is hell! So i am going to have a surgery soon with a Urologist and a Gynecologist to get everything done right!! Sometimes it's a matter of getting a second opinion. I am so thankful i did. Be careful with those slings and don't lift anything very heavy for a while,you'll regret it. Good luck gals,i wish the best for you!
I'm starting my 4th week since the procedure. I left the hospital the morning able to void on my own. I started my first menstrual cycle since the procedure and I haven't had cramps this bad since I was a teen (I'm 40). Also, I think I can feel my stitches when I do a regular wipe. Is this normal?
Karen H
I am a very healthy 41 year old with 4 children. I had heavy periods and my mom died of ovarian cancer so when I went to see my surgeon he suggested a full hysterectomy (laproscopy) and while I was in surgery have a urologist do a bladder sling...although I was have no problems with my bladder..he said after the hyster. and having 4 kids, the bladder would more than likely give me problems down the road so just go ahead and do it. I agreed, trusting him completely..I did not do my homework. I am 5 weeks after surgery...full hyster. and a bladder sling...I spent one night in hospital and came home next afternoon without cath. since I could go on my own. It was painful and difficult for about 2 weeks but AZO helped and I was determined not to be catheterized again. I am now feeling swelling and looked down there and see stiches and swelling on the right side of my vagina..I thought it might be an abscess but was assured it was not. I was told to take it easy and not lift anything over 10 lbs. for 6 weeks and until then just hang in there for the bladder muscles to grow into the mesh. I don't get how some people are saying they had it removed. I am still in pain..I can urinate pretty normally..haven't had sex yet..just feels like a full tampon is in my vagina...had no idea it was so invasive. I go back on Monday and will demand some answers and why I still have sutures and swelling after almost 6 weeks. I do have back pain and groin pain and still take a pain pill every once in awhile. I have started drinking lots of cranberry juice and aloe juice and putting salt in my bathwater twice a day...this has helped...I'll get back about the final word on the 6 weeks checkup and even though I have been married 20 years...still looking forward to the sex part. Hope it doesn't hurt! Ill let you know!
I am 6 weeks today. ( Sling/prolapsed bladder repair/perineum repair and a tubal ligation)I am surprised by how many woman were not told about the long recovery. I researched it a lot before I had it done, but my Dr. told me to lie flat for the first two weeks-only get up to pee. She also said it would be 3-4 months before I could exercise again and she firmly stated not to do much the fist 8 weeks-take it very slow. She said 'If you don't want to repeat the surgery- let those stitches heal and create scar tissue').The stitches need to secure themselves. She also let my husband know not to allow me to pick up even a gallon of milk for 8 weeks. I had hemorrhaged after the surgery-so my recovery is slow, and I was in for 3 nights. I did what she said and waited even to drive until this week-which was not too much. I can feel my stitches as well (everywhere) and at my 4th week check up she had to take 2 stitches out( from the perineum area)-painful but relief afterward. The best remedy-Epsom salt sitz bathes! and Neosporn on my perineal repair area-what relief! Girls it is a bit hard to do but oh so worth it!. Use a mirror and a q-tip,then spread a little Neosporn on the sore stitched area if you had the Perineum wok done and voila-relief when you pee! God bless you all and I please take care of yourselves-est and let nature do what it needs to do. You will feel better soon!
I am 31 and I have had a little bad luck when it comes to my health due to genetic disorders. I had a hysterectomy seven years ago and a lower spine fusion five years ago. Due to the trauma on my body due to these disorders and surgeries I am now getting constant bladder and kidney infections and have been told a sling will help. After reading the above comments I am worried. I did physical therapy twice a week for a year to help strengthen my urethra and it helped with the leaking but increased the infections. Are there any other options?
Hello , is their anyone out their who had the tvt done about 6 or 7 years ago. I did and have no side effects. Recently I had painless bleeding quite alot, the doctor perscribbed anti biotics which worked to stop it, but it is still in a dip stick test for blood. I am being referred to a haematuria clinic within 2 weeks, has anyone got any ideas what this may be or is it linked to the tvt. Worried Louise ps I am 49
Can anyone one give me any advice/insight into what I am going through? I had a sling inserted on Aug. 10th at the same time as a colon resection and colon prolapse repair. I was fine for 12 days after surgery but was then readmitted into hospital with acute pain in my lower left side. I am told by my colon doctor that nothing is wrong and that I should see a pain specialist. My urologist saw me for a few minutes in the hospital and said the pain was not in the area he worked on. I see from some older posts that others have experienced ths. What has been the outcome? The pain is a burning/stabbing sensation when I am in certain positions. Getting up from sitting or sitting down is the worst. I am controlling it somewhat with pain meds every 4 hrs. a pain patch and ice packs. Please e-mail me with any advice:
I had a monarc sling procedure 3 years ago and for the last week I have been have pain in the groin around the incision. This procedure have worked i have to wear pads every day. About five months after the surgery I started getting pains from my buttocks down my leg and sometimes I can not walk I never thought it could be a result of the surgery but after reading all the comments I wonder if it is. i see my Gyno in 2 weeks but don't know if I can wait that long.
Hello again ladies I posted a few weeks back when I was 6 weeks postop, now I'm 12 weeks post op and still self cathing.. but wanted to let the ladies know who had stitches still in the vagina, it took mine almost 8 weeks before they were gone.. Returning to sex has been tough. It hasn't been too painful but very uncomfortable but I still try :D... I go back to doc on Sept. 30th to see what next step is to get me to voiding on my own. I can't wait I just want to be through with this all, I mean its been nearly 3 months and I'm still not up ot par yet.. Again ladies know this really is a long recovery and to be prepared for lots of complications.. HOpefully you wont have any but know there can be alot of long term ones.. like me self cathing for 3 months and counting! Anyhow good luck to you all.
Hello all,
I had the bladder sling surgery done by my GYN 5 days ago. It was done as an outpatient procedure. I had to go home with a catheter and then go back to the doctor's office the next day to have it removed. I was able to void after it was removed but not completely. They measured what was left by doing an ultrasound. I was under the limited amount so I got to go on home.
I haven't really had much pain in the surgery area but I have really bad hip and back pain when standing for a while.

I am also still having some blood here on day 5. Does anyone know if the bleeding usually continues or stops and comes back? It is not bright red, kind of dark and like it is watered down.

Thanks for any info,
I had this sling procedure done in Nov 2009. It helped the incontinence issue but I have had nothing but an uncomfortable tight feeling. Like a snapping rubberband, with almost constant discomfort in the right lower quandrant. Until I read this forum I thought it was all in my head or from something else. At this point I would opt for the incontinence again. I also have had pain in my leg and side ache, but I didn't attribute it to the sling. But it seems that all the symptoms I have are similar to other women who have had the procedure. My doctor never examined me after I left the hospital which I thought was a bit odd. I am also unable to have sex due to the discomfort and tight feeling I have. I really am not sure what to do as everytime I have to go to the hospital is cost me at least 1750.00, so another procedure is not really an option.
I thought about you after reading all of this. I have to say reading alot of these reviews scare me so i think I'm going to have to do more research.
RE: follow-up to my June 21st post: (see above)

Dear All, I have been meaning to get back here thinking that I had lost this site but was clearing out my favorites and found it posted. I am so Thankful to God for having this surgery. After my follow-up with my Gyno and Urologist it was discovered that what I thought was urine.(I was so sure)was actually vaginal fluids from the Endometrial ablation. So here I am 3 months post-op with the sling surgery, and not one drop has been lost to coughing or sneezing. I have actually been nauseated twice and thrown up (I love spicy food) and if anyone knows how it is to Throw-up with incontinence, rest assured that with this surgery I haven't had any problems. My best advice is to keep calm and know that it is true that TIME does make the difference. Thanks for letting me vent in here. Denise
I had my surgery 10/11. Cath post op for 4 days. Now having trouble peeing- cant start. just called in a script for catheters and will begin self cathing today to see what I get - I was told if less than 1/3 of what I put out by going normally I do not have to self cath so will be measuring intake and output starting today. No pain- just fullness. will check in a bit here- seems like if things go well- you dont go looking for answers so there are not too too many success stories here. I am hoping that I will be one of them- keeping my fingers crossed. Looking to hear ids about making self cathing easier- I go back to work on monday and I dread having to do this at work
I will like to know how soon after the tvt sling procedure do I know that the surgery work?
Does the procedure works right away or how long do I have to wait to see the benefit?
I had the procedure done five weeks ago, I am still having small leaking while sneezing.

Thank you,
Ps, the article is very informative.
I have had this done please contact
I would like to talk with others who have had this done. I am now n my 4 month of recovery and I have questions!
I just had the TVT and the ablation done on Monday past. I was really sore in the hips but that is good now. How long before I know the procedure as worked? It seems like to me that I still leak but it's hard to tell. When I sit to pee it automatically starts flowing,is this normal? I am taking it easy, no lifting anything heavy. Some say the leaking is from the ablation I had done at the same time, Is it?
I had a pubivaginal sling done two weeks ago, would like to know how long before I can start exercising? I'm also having some discomfort in my lower region. It feels like I have alot of pressure in the vaginal area, does anyone know if this is normal?
I had the bladder sling surgery over two years ago,before surgery I just leaked ,for the past 2 years I hgave been in sever pain,I went to Vanderbilt 9 months after the original surgery and the Dr. took out most ,but not all, of the mesh ,He said the mesh was twisted,frayed and so tight instead of the 2 -3 inches wide it should have been it was like a violn string..I am still in so much pain I can not work,walk very far,sit upright for a short time,lifting ,pulling etc. I sure wish I could have seen what my life would have been like, but I trusted my DR.I've told my daughters to NEVER have this surgery. My pain is a burning vaginal ,with sharp pain different ways I move my legs, most of the time I feel like I'm being eaten alive in the left leg/vaginal area..
i had the bladder sling prod about a year ago and i am still having issues with it. Were thy connected it to my wall is a knot and now im hurting so bad im really thnking about going to er. If I had to do it over i would never of had it done. It has been pure hell since thn.
I had a sling put in in may it's Nov. and I started about a month ago leaaking urine so my dotor sent me to a differant Dr. than the one who did the surgery.
The new Dr. found that at the end of my vagina where my cervics would be (I had a complete Hysterectomy)a good part of the sling comming through. She asked my husbad did he every feel anything during sex he said yes. She also found a part near the G-spot where the sling was rubbing through. Soshe has sceduled a test for me that includes them filling my rectum, vagina and bladder with a contrast material at the same time and hole my vagina and bladder closed as I try to push like I'm taking a bowel movement. Depending on this test it will tell her if the sling has penetrated my bladder and my bowels too. if so I'll have to have the different parts repaired. And she will have to put ing a different sling in one that disenergrates over a period of time. if this sling penetrated my bowels a pert about 4-6 inces will have to be removed.
Today I kept noticing a pricking feeling down toward the front of my vigina. So I felt aroung and found that the sking that hangs down sort of like a door to you vagina is now being perferated by the sling now too. It hurts to stand, sit and walk. I'm suppose to see the Dr. This Thur. to have that test done and go over the results with my Dr. along with my new findings she would have gotten me in earlier but she is in surgey all day on Wed.. I'm not lifting, pulling, having sex or anything else you wouldn't be alowed to do after surgery to just make sure I don't make it any worse. I'm practicaly staying in bed. My Dr. said this wasn't necessary a Dr's. error it was what the actually sling was made of that was the problem. Certain sling made of certain material, the FDA has put out a message for them to be no longer made by the manufactures. So It's more their faults. She won't know what material it's made of until she gets it out. The chances of this happening to someone is slim but I wanted to put it out there because Dr. aren't up and front about this possibly happening. Hopefully nobody else has to go through this. I just cried and sob when she told me that basically mast all of my pevic organs may need to be completly repaired. I hope it doesn' mess up any part of me that causes me problems later or that can't be permantly fixed. But the part that I'm most embarressed to say I hope is repairible to complete working conditon is my vagina. I've been married 18 years and sex was just becoming enjoyable again. We have our dry spells, some last more than others, this one was one of those that lasted longer than others, part of that was because I have been dealing with other health problems for somewhere between 1-2 years. I was just starting to feel better than I got hit with this new and the only thing I could do was cry and sob in the room where and while tha Dr. was still checking me. I was pissed and sad, overwelmed and so many othe emotion were coming through. I was like welcome back to the insanity of my health crises. Lot's of Dr's., test, needles, different meds. to go into my own personal perscrition cabinet and waiting for this and that. This totaly sucks,but it could be worse they could have told me I had cancer. So there is a bright side to this. Best of luck to the who have a sling,those that are having one put in and those considering it. God Bless!
I had the sling operation the one above the pubic bone,on 10-13-10 my experience was not uncomfortable, however I did experience and accident right in the bathroom. I have not since had that occur again. I don't think anything has changed regarding my urgency to urinate, but I no longer smell of urine, while sitting. I am only 36 years of age and to have gone through this really had me depressed. I am very athletic, and I love to dance, sometimes I am hesitant to do what I love.

I practice the kegals and I exercise a little differently.I will have to check my progress more closely to ascertain the efficacy of the procedure.
I am 49 and just had surgery one month ago. I voided the same night after surgery 3x. I had the sling surgery. I had both sides of sling stitched to my pubic bone and a few stitched inside. I felt alot of pressure on both of my inner thighs and the burning sensation inside me. The pain meds given were great and I just put cold compresses between my legs which helped alot. Unfortunately my right upper thigh muscle was numb. The doctor said he may have bruised a nerve in my leg and that my feeling should come back in about 6 months. Please note this is my second sling procedure. Had my bladder lifted when I was 29 years old fell down 17 stairs backwards ouch!!!
I feel alot of tugging on the left groin side still and its been a month. I was told since my bladder is now in a new position it now has to adjust and all the nerve endings and tissues have to heal which takes 6 to 12 months to fully heal.
I am a 42 year old active person, 6 days post op from the suburethral sling (the one with the stitches inside and little cuts to the pubic bone)and I'm sitting at home feeling guilty not being at work when I feel so great. I am writing this because I thought there were lots of negatives posted about the op but not too many positives. The days before my op I did the google thing and got really panicky. I almost chickened out but am so glad I went through with it. I voided within an hour of waking up, surgery was at 8.30 and I was home in bed, feeling pretty groovy on my meds by 12. Peeing was a little bit 'stingy' at first but fine after a couple of days. Annoyingly I also had my period so a little blood lost was hardly noticed! I took the pain meds until Sunday but by Monday thought I would give it a shot without them and actually felt a million times better without them. I think I'll save them for a time when I can really appreciate them! Kidding. This morning, out of curiosity, I put a finger up there to see what it felt like and freaked out a bit because I felt sharp whiskers. I was worried because I didn't think I would be able to feel anything let alone sharp whiskers! (I was actually more worried about my sex life than my health!) I quickly googled this and found a page with EXACTLY my description and it said as the tissue would grow over and the stitched dissolved this would disappear. Fingers crossed. Peeing is a little strange (a little harder to empty and a slightly slower flow) but this is getting better each day. When my continence problems started ( I had two nine pound babies, naturally) I felt so ripped off! I'm only 42 and had started playing netball but had to wear a pad because I couldn't jump without it. You all know the embarrassing bits. My advice is to remember that people usually only post the bad stuff so make your own decisions, keeping the risks in mind. The thought of having to self catheterise appalled me but, as an high school teacher, the thought of the kids smelling pee on me was worse! I had a fantastic gyno who never dismissed my silly questions. Don't 'relinquish' yourself to doctors...demand answers to any question you have. Good luck.
I had the sling surgery 1 week ago. My most discomfort was a sore throat from the breathing tube. I voided within minutes of having the catheter removed 18 hours after surgery. (Spent the evening in the surgery center) I have had slight leakage one time that was noted on my underwear. Absolutely no pain, however, I backed my car out of the garage yesterday and had some shooting pains for a few minutes - in vaginal area. I was told not to drive for 2 weeks. I think key is to sit still.

My only problem is the urologist surgeon told my daughter and husband that he called my OBGYN during the surgery and questioned if I didn't need a hysterectomy; my OB told me before the bladder sugery that I did not. Now I wonder if it will not go back to the same problems soon. I go back to the surgeon next week and am very curious to find out what that is about.

So far so good. If it worked I will be happy. I had to be off work 2 weeks which even though I am paid in full, I hated to do.
I had my sling surgery 1-1/2 weeks ago. I feel great. There was some pain where the groin incisions were but that passed after a few days. I did not come home with a catheter and urination is normal except for the fact that I don't pee everytime I cough or sneeze, etc. It does feel different inside me, though, like it's swollen. When I went to the doctor yesterday and asked about this he said it was the stiches. That's really the only discomfort I have now. My history after surgery has always been uncomplicated with a short healing time. I don't know why my body heals so quickly. Anyway, good luck. It was a good move for me.
I had this surgery over 15 years ago. I still leak but not nearly as much as I did before. I mostly leak going into the house after being somewhere drinking coffee. On the other hand, I can play cards all afternoon with no problem so think perhaps the urgency going into the house is partly psychological. I do get up a couple of times during the night but am diabetic. Today when I held it in I got a terrible pain in my bladder which I think was due to a spasm but am okay now. I never heard of all these complications until I found this site after reading about the sling procedure. It was quite painful after the surgery but I had also had a hysterectomy at the same time. All in all, what I experience now is far better than before when I was having accidents several times a day.
For all you ladies contemplating sling surgery - my advice to you is try to find an alternative if you possibly can.
What I have had to put up with after having my sling surgery I would not wish upon my worst enemy.
So what, if you have to use pads to soak up any leaks? It is better to do that than take the risk that things will not turn out the way you hoped.
My mum had the procedure done twice, it did not seem to help her, she now has an infection and they have to reverse the operation after her infection is gone. She is being treated in hospital at the moment, hopefully the infection will go and they can operate to remove it. She is in a great deal of pain. Has anyone had the sling removed and how did it go? Is there something mum needs to know about recovery etc? Any help would be appreciated! Mum is 55.
Help, I had the sling put in 2 yrs ago, I work in a factory with heavy lifting. I think I have broke something, all at once I can't hold my urine. How can u tell if it broke? pain on left and right sides by ovaries.
I had the sling put in 5 yrs ago, and I have had nothing but problems ever since. I went back to another doctor about 3 years ago because I couldn't hold back my urine very long after I have the urge to use the bathroom. All they did was use a camera to go inside and they gave me a prescription for infections. They did not listen to me. I'm now 53 and I can not hold my urine more than 5 mins after I get the first urge. And if my panties rub against me the wrong way on the way to the bathroom I will wet myself. If I run a bath and I touch the water and if it's just a little warm I will have to use the bathroom.

I even get chills if I wait to long, and I've wet myself many times just pulling my pants down.

What can I do?
13 days ago I had the sling surgery by a Urologist. I had a cath during surgery and was able to leave the same day and was able to urinate. These stories are very scarry and I wish the best for the ladies who have had problems. The procedure worked for me as I could tell the next day I felt the urge to urinate, I was able to hold it until I reached the bathroom. I am urinating with ease but I notice it takes me a little to 'feel' finished. I am still wearing a pad because of spotting, but I would have this surgery again. I also experienced leg or hip pain for quite a while after surgery but the last day or so, no pain. Like other comments on this page, I didn't ask enough questions before this procedure. I feel comfortable with my decision but see how things could be different according to these other stories. I am 56 years old and am in good health. I am a little overweight and prior to surgery, walked my dog faithfully for 2 years on a daily basis. I wish you all luck in recovery. God Bless.
I had a bladder sling inserted along with my full hysterectomy 23 days ago. I've been miserable since the surgery. I've had an incredible urge to urinate, burning in the urethra area, severe kidney infection to the point my right kidney was shutting down & I had to be hospitalized. I still have the same feeling of having a bladder/kidney infection although it isn't as bad pain wise as it was. I'm just wondering how long it takes to regain full function of the bladder again & when the burning & fullness will leave. If anyone has any info, please let me know. Thanks.
I just had the sling operation in late November. Since then I've had several (actually one long) bladder infections which are not reacting to antibiotics (Cipro x 2 rounds and now on a sulfa drug).
One doctor I've seen when I was on vacation and in severe pain, said it's probably a nicked bowel and the ecoli is leaking into my bladder or vagina somehow. The NP I saw yesterday said it's obvious that bacteria is 'wicking' into my bladder somehow and she supposes it's through the sling material used.
I see the surgeon today.
I apologize for above. It was my toddler.
So far so good. I had it done about 3 weeks ago, and I had no complications.

My doctor recommended I avoid carrying anything heavier that a gallon of milk, drink enough water to flush my bladder (not in excess, though) and to drink prune juice to avoid constipation.

The procedure was just fine, I just have a complain: sometimes I have pain when i lift my right leg. Almost like I pulled a muscle, a nerve, or as if I have a strong cramp.
Even driving causes the pain, since I need to keep moving my right leg. I hope it will stop soon.

I no longer pee when I laugh, cough, or sneeze. :)
Had the sling procedure (2) weeks ago. Everthing seems okay but I can feel and I am very conscious of my bladder, especially once I get up after sitting. Has anyone else experienced this? I am not sure if this is normal or not.
Had the sling procedure 6 weeks ago...stayed one night in the hospital with a was removed when I left the follwoing morning. Was able to relieve immediately after the catheter was removed. There was no pain at all...took no pain meds...only a slight feeling of pressure, like when you are going into labor and the baby has dropped into position. Already seeing a huge difference with leakage control. Looking forward to exercising again.
Lisa Cripps
Hello Ladies,

I just had the pubo vaginal sling procedure today. This is the third operation I've had since I turned 24 when I started having problems. The first operation they did was suturing the bladder up and it lasted two years before the problem occured again. The second was the sling made with fasia whereas they cut me inside and out to put it in. This was during the last tsars epidemic. I was hospitalized for four days and sent home to catherize myself for a week until I voided normally. I gained a lot of weight in the past few years and I think that's why it stopped working. I'm now back to a healthy weight and held it off for 2 years. Todays operation was done as day surgery. After the operation, my doctor came to the recovery room and said it was very succcessful. I am not bleeding at all and he didn't have to pack me, but I am home with a cathedar. I'm to go back tomorrow to see if it can be removed. The only problem I'm having is "the charlie horse" type pain and its very painful. He's given me tylenol 3 (20 pills) to take 1 or 2 every four hours and Cephalexin - Antibiotics (take four times daily). I've been given strick instructions to have bed rest and no housework, driving or sitting up for long periods. Hence, I can't go to the office for two weeks. Then, the obvious, no sex for six weeks. I'm not sure what will happen in the next few weeks,ie. will I start bleeding, how long the pain will last and most importantly will this work without complications. I am however, putting a positive spin on this since I really don't want to have to go through this again. I'm now forty and I never had children and wasn't obese when I was first diagnosed. It's humiliating to pee everytime you cough, sneeze, laugh to hard, orgasm and smell from wearing depends pads. I've also kept a change of clothing in my office along with wet ones to clean myself. I'm just praying for feeling normal again. I will follow up on the recovery for others.

Lisa Cripps
Today's update. I took a cab to the hospital to get the cathedar out. Was told I wasn't bruised yet which was a good sign. Was told not to have much liquid for the next few days since I'd be swollen and it could cause problems. Also told the following:
- No bath until at least Tuesday
- Can shower, but must dry area of stiches completely
- no bending, lifting, walking up and down stairs too often, stay in bed for at least two weeks. The concern is I may start to bleed and damage the surgery.

I can't even lift up my cats. The doctor was very strict about this. No driving also for two weeks.

The pain in the groin is still strong but will most likely calm down in the few days and he said to be prepared to keep walking as slow as I am for at least a week. The onus was on bed rest.

Take care

Had mine done January 17 - open for any questions and have a few of my own. Contact me if interested.
I had my sling done in November and its now going on febuary and I'm still leaking.
I have two weeks ago had a sling operation to hold up my bladder. Please tell me how long before I can drive here in Spain. Also lift heavy loads. I am 77 years old and am not a good healer. Sincerely, Marie Jenkins.
Lisa Cripps
Well, I'm still at home having a bit of discomfort around the groin and my area surrounding the uretha feels like it is slightly burning. It's still hard to go up and down the stairs, so I take it slowly. What is bothering me is I coughed today and a slight amount of urine came out. I'm going to call the doctors office tomorrow. They also tell you to watch out for bleeding. I'm due for my monthly today and just had some spotting, therefore, don't know whether there is a problem or my monthy. I'm hoping it is just that. The incontinence issue is what scares me though. Anyone have this happen within the first few weeks and if so, did it go away?
Thank you, Danielle, for your post. I, too, am a teacher and only 42, and this pad-wearing, fear-of-peeing- everytime-I-jump,-cough-or-laugh syndrome is ridiculous! I had one of the office tests today - the one where they catheterize you in both private areas and fill your bladder w/saline. Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck for the past few days just thinking about the embarassment. I made it through. Prior to reading any posts, I was perfectly fine with the thought of most likely having the sling surgery. However, when I started reading these posts about an hour ago, I got really scared. I didn't realize the level of recovery, possibly having to self-catheterize, pain in the lower back, etc. I thought, "Great, what am I going to do now?" I'm glad your surgery went well. I'm going to be asking A LOT of questions at my next appt.
I just had my second procedure yesterday.I spent a miserable night. So much pain in the groin area. I was supposed to remove the cath in the morning. 6:00AM came and that was morning enough for me. I removed the cath. No wonder I had so much pain. It was almost as big around as my little finger. This is my second procedure. The first one was 4 years ago. I don't think the Dr. knew what he was doing. My problem went from leaking, stress incontince. to using 2 or 3 full super pads daily. Then he tried collagen. I was so trusting, I told him to go ahead. I feel more confident with this Dr. I hope I don't have to self cath. I'll determine that later in the day. Lots of pain in the groin area. But I'm used to pain. I'm 77 years old and had a spinal fusion 40 yrs ago. It was a very new procedure at the time and I've had constant pain every since. Hang in there girls. Life isn't always a bowl of cherries. Thank God you have insurance to try to correct an unpleasant thing.
Well, its now Saturday, I'm off the meds, still some discomfort, but I can deal with it. Still the burning sensation, a little soreness in the back and thighs. On top of what I hope is my monthly, now I think I've develloped a yeast infection, probably from the antibiotics, which might attribute to the burning. Wiping after voiding is tender. The incisions are clean though and not red. Off to my gyno's office on Monday, since it's hard to get a quick apt with the surgeon and I want to make sure I'm healing fine and if there is a yeast infection it's treated. As you know they say nothing is to go into you for six weeks, even a tampon, I'm afraid of having my husband get me canistan and then make things worse. Still following the doctor's orders and behaving as hard as it is for me, since I own my own business and don't like not being physically there.

Take care...
Surgery was a week ago yesterday (mid-urethral sling); left hospital with catheter; had it removed 48 hours later; trouble urinating -getting started, slow dribble, not completely emptying; that has gotten a bit better each day, such that it doesn't freak me out anymore; no pain at all; but I am tired. I crawl into bed every 2-3 hours for a good nap. It just seems so strange to me that I don't feel any pain, but can be so tired. 5-10 minute walks are also exhausting and leave me a bit dizzy. I also have a greater urgency when my bladder is full, or actually feel the need to urinate almost every hour. I hope these will all pass with time. My doctor and nurses told me 1-2 weeks for staying home from work and I thought by the end of 1 I would be fine. 2 weeks now seems more realistic, even though I sit most of the day and do lots of work on a computer. Reading an hour of emails is exhausting! I am shocked to read about so many problems of other women with this procedure; I trust it will be great in a couple weeks. I look forward to not worrying about running in the yard with my kids, coughing, or jumping while playing basketball on the Wii console!
Hello, I had a partial hysterectomy (I kept my ovaries) and a bladder sling done on Oct 1st 2010. I was in the hospital for a total of 24 hrs. My surgery went well and only lasted about an hour. I only went into the hospital to have the hysterectomy. While I was prepped and waiting for my turn in the operating room, my dr came in to tell me he had been looking at my charts and noticed I had incontinence checked off on my list of health issues. This was not really something that bothered me all that much, only if I sneezed or coughed or jumped on a trampoline. He told me he could do a procedure while he was in, that would only take an additional 10 minutes and is 95% effective. I ask him so you're telling me I won't even know you did it? And his response was, you will know I did it because you won't leak anymore. It sounded good to me and I trusted him obviously with my life so without any research or prior knowledge that this procedure existed, I signed the consent form! Wow did I feel like an idiot later! I did not have to use a catheter and I could pee afterward it just took a moment to get started and then my flow was very slow and a little stingy. The thing that bothered me and hurt the most was the incisions in my groin area. The right side felt like I had a fish hook and line stuck in me. No position I tried sitting or standing would alleviate it. That went on for about 1 week and 5 days. By the time I went in for my 2 wk post op visit it had gone away. Lucky Dr. I have not had any leakage since the surgery. It definitly worked for me. I still feel different and can tell that it is there and at times feel a tiny twitch or sting that lasts only seconds. Sex is still uncomfortable for me and I can feel that it is there and it is all I can think about during, so that really spoils it for me. I hope that someday I will wake up and not even know it is there. But for now I am doing good and can live with the slight discomfort. My story is not a horror story and the surgery has been 100% success. I do worry about it eroding into my vagina because I do feel it there like a foreign object inside my body, and because I know that it can happen. But it hasnt happened so I am keeping a positive attitude :) I hope this helps others who may be feeling the same things.
hi i had a tvt procedure about 6 weeks ago and am having to use speedy cath twice a day how long will it be before my bladder gets back to normal and i dont have to self catherter
Hey Kim - I had to self cath for about 3 months, but it has been over a year since my surgery and everything is good. Surgery was successful with urine retention for 3 months after the surgery the only problem. After 6 weeks of self cathing, my dr told me he could do a surgery to loosen sling or we could give it a little more time. I chose to give it a little time and when I went back for my 3 month checkup, I was able to empty my bladder. My doctor told me they cut into a lot of nerves and it takes time for those to grow back and for you body to adjust to the new position of the bladder. I guess he was right as it all worked itself out. Good luck to you!
hey everyone I am 32 yrs old and have been suffering from urinary incontinience for about 6 years I have been to doctor after doctor I have been takeing bladder medicine for overactive bladder but I still pee my self all day I go through about 4 pads a day and have alot of pain and pressure on my bladder all the time I wake up every 5 minutes to go pee so I never sleep I found a urologists and I am hopeing he will tell me he will be able to do surgery to fix this problem because its very depressing I never want to go anywhere I feel embarrased about my problem and its mentally and physically exhausting I just want it to be fixed can anyone tell me how long it normally takes the doctor to decide if they can do surgery to fix it
I am 42 i had hyterectomy 2 and half years ago - Having Bladder Sling & Prolapse Surgery together soon, has anyone else had these done together and what should i expect when i come home-
Need to cath myself after i am very scared of the thought
Had a TOT on Thursday evening and steri strips to close incisions in thighs with dressings placed over the top. Had a shower today and dressings have now come off. Should I be worried- have no pain at all.
I had leakage problems since I was in my teens. I am now 80 years old. I tried kagels & medication and nothing worked. I had the Gynecare TVT Mesh inserted March 2010 and have had NO problems since. I do not leak anymore, whether I cough or sneeze. In fact I have to remind myself to go urinate. The only problem I had after the operation. (I say operation) but the small hole on each side of my lower stomach was hard to even see. I stayed in the hospital one night and was told the next morning I could not be released unless I urinated on my own otherwise I would have to have a catheter to take home. Well thats all they had to tell me I urinated in just a couple hours and have had NO problems since. I wish I would have done this years ago. I might add I did get constipated from the medication, but that cleared up in a couple days. I had a pelvic exam in Dec and the gyn said it looked find.
I had the bladder procedure w/sling and a Recticole done all together. I had pain for almost 2 weeks straight not horrible but alot of pulling and pressure. The pain has subsided but still have pulling every once in awhile. I do have a discharge that i have no idea what it is.I dont know if it is a rejection of the sling or what. I went to the doc before it got worse and of course she rushed me out of the office said i was ok ,and to have sex was ok at 4 weeks. I told her she was crazy that i was still hurting but she said go ahead. I wish i did more research on this procedure for the back aches are horrible and the right leg in the front top right are not right.I do have to say i dont have the urge to go every 1/2 half hour i am about every 4 w/only the discharge problem not leakage that i can detect but i am still wearing a pad. I hope it only gets better from here but a bit anxcious.If i had the choice i dont know if i would go thru this again.
I had sling procedure done two weeks ago. I still leak. It seems to be about the same. I had a hysto at age 42. I did great, until menopause. I'm not happy.
I have to have my sling removed.I had it done jan 2010 and have had major problems since.This will be my 4t surgery.Can anyone tell me how they felt after.My doctor said he will cut and the surgery will be 1.5 hrs and that he wont be able to get all of it.Is this normal why?
please email me
I had this procedure done about 6 years ago and I am very happy with the results. Once in a while I will have a drop but it is so much better than having to wear a pad.
My husband has had prostate cancer and has been incontinent for 5years,his dr suggests a sling to control this problem.We are scared this won't work for him.I need some support from other patients.
I had a hysterectomy, bladder lift, and an uretha lift all at the same time on March 14, 2011. I did not come home with a cath, but have urgency sometimes still. Discharge is the stiches disolving and as long as it is not blood all is ok. My doctor says to still take it easy, no bending, lifting, crunchs, stretching, so I am hearing different things on this site. He says I can walk but still not up to it yet. He just told me at my first visit after surgery no bending or sqauatting way down for at least a year and that is why women end up back in surgery. Hope this helps. I couldn't believe the year thing, so be careful what you do.
This site will not let me say ANYthing negative about TVT! My email is to anyone who wants to hear about the "dark side" of this surgery!!
I didnot have incontinence as the reason for having this surgery with the mesh implant. My tissues or bladder(I am not sure) was protruding outside of the vagina and I had to push it back up. I hope this surgery was to correct this because I had this surgery 12 days ago and I still have a catheter and cannot void on my own yet. The Dr. said if I can't go by this Tues. I have to go back in as an outpatient and he is going to loosen the sling. I hope I made the right decision to have this procedure done!!!
I had a TVT sling operation on 28 March 2011. I stayed in hospital for 3 nights. I could not pass urine so had to have a catheter fitted. I ended up going home with a permanent catheter which was left in for 8 days. Went back to hospital to have it removed and was taught how to self catheterise. When I tried to pass urine I was in a lot of pain and could only pass a small amount so had to catheterise. Today is the second day after having the permant catheter removed so its probably early days to wee without pain and not have to self catheterise.
If anyone else has had these symptons please let me know ans also how long did you have to self catheterise for.
I had a TVT sling operation on 28 March 2011. I stayed in hospital for 3 nights. I could not pass urine so had to have a catheter fitted. I ended up going home with a permanent catheter which was left in for 8 days. Went back to hospital to have it removed and was taught how to self catheterise. When I tried to pass urine I was in a lot of pain and could only pass a small amount so had to catheterise. Today is the second day after having the permant catheter removed so its probably early days to wee without pain and not have to self catheterise.
If anyone else has had these symptons please let me know ans also how long did you have to self catheterise for.
I had this surgery on March 10th and I had severe numbness in my left leg and could barely walk on it as soon as I left the O.R. but it gradually went away after about a week and a half and the doc said it was because of the way my body was positioned in the stirrups. I had the partial hysterectomy at the same time so my sling was vaginal. All you ladies worried about the numbness and pain in your legs post-op, this seems to be normal and will go away within a week or two. The pain from the surgery was minimal though and it seemed to help to NOT take the morphine or loritabs. Motrin worked better for me. Thankfully I've had very few side effects and am feeling great and happy to be off birth control and I don't have to worry about heavy periods or getting pregnant anymore, but with my bladder, at first I had some leakage, this was normal I'm told, but that problem went away. But now, one month in, I'm having a steady trickling when I walk or move around a lot. This worries me because I didn't even do this before the surgery. Is this normal? My problem before was not making it to the bathroom if I had been sitting at my work desk and got up quickly or ran water and hadn't urinated lately. But now I'm going through a bag of panty liners every two days or three. It's odd. If anyone had this problem and it went away, can you ease my worry and reply to this? It's early to tell yet, I know I just had the surgery done a month ago but I didn't trickle like I have this last two weeks before my surgery. I'm a mother of four and I'm 32, thank you!
I had a hysterectomy and bladder sling surgery in Dec. 2010. Before surgery i only had accidents when I coughed, sneezed, ran etc. Right after surgery, for about 2 months I had a steady leak all the time it seemed like. Now, I am really enjoying only having to change my panties/pants after showers, or when I want to and not because of peeing myself. The problem that I am having is groin pain. I teach Kindergarten and sometimes I sit in the floor with the children. I am not able to sit all the way down on the floor anymore without severe pain. The pain is accompained with nerve pain and discomfort. I will have time to call my Dr. this week, but has anyone else had a problem like this post surgery? I mean I can feel how tight the sling is. The pain and discomfort rediates down my leg and to my foot.
I had this surgery in March and my doctor told me no bending, squatting, yoga, pilates, or anything like that for a year. Sitting on the floor is like a yoga pose. It is really upsetting to hear all these stories. I am still not feeling right after this surgery and really wish I had researched it more.
I feel the same way. I needed the hysterectomy before I bled to death, and just thought of the bladder surgery as a bonus. My Dr told me my limitations were no bending what so ever for the first 2 weeks, and I followed orders. No sex for 6 weeks, and I followed orders. After my 6 week check up she told me my only limitations where not to lift anything over 40lbs. for the rest of my life, and I have followed those orders. I am on Spring Break this week, so I will have time to call my Dr. and talk to her. My groin area is so sore right now. My daughter had softball pictures made last week and the photographer posed her on the ground with her bat and glove and then wanted to add the family. I can get down on my knees without to much pain, but I sort of sat to the side and my big toe on my left foot went into a spasm and I thought I would not be able to move or get up. Basically I ruined the picture, or my condition did. I never really thought about sitting down before, and now I have to. All of these stories are heart wrenching, and I do PRAY that all will find some relief and sense of normalcy.
I had my initial surgery which was a hysterectomy, bladder lift, and apendectomy Aprli 10,2006. It seemed pretty good for about a year then I started having the pain in my groin area and infections all the time. When I went back to see my GYN he told me I had to have the mesh removed, that it had eroded through my vaginal wall. So I had it removed, and was back to square one with my incontinence. I am 44, and that is too young to have these problems. I finally had enough, again, and this time went to a urologist, and had surgery number 3. I am truly hoping that this is the end. This time they were able to use my own tissue to lift my bladder, so they didn't have to use any foreign materials. That was just 4 days ago so I really know what everyone is going through.
I wrote earlier in march (age 50),but i have to say it has gotten much better since then though i was very reluctent on my outcome. I had to wear pads for almost 2 months but i do not have to any more. The only problem i had after 2 months was a discharge but it is now gove w/ medication.I had the Surgery Jan 26th 2011 and i dont get up in the night and i almost dont have to go in the am right away!! woohoo so all in all the side effect i have is the backache which might not go away ,that is from the sling being tied to the pelvic bone and the pain in the groin but exercise does help alot.So there is still hope for all that just had it good luck to u all.
I wrote a week or so ago. I wanted to let everyone know that I talked to my doc since then and the leaking is normal. He said it was actually the stitches breaking down and leftover fluids trickling out and that it wasn't just urine, that it was vaginal too. Reading back through some of these posts, other people have said the same thing and that it went away. Mine has gotten so much better to where I hardly have to change panty liners as much. I am very happy with my surgery and am glad that I had it done. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I can sit or be active for quit a while and then run water and NOT have to run too the bathroom! YAY! I have no pain and my sex life is BETTER than it was before. I was worried that it would change with having my uterus out and then this surgery too, but no problems there lol. Plus my husband loves the way we don't have to worry about me getting pregnant and/or me worrying about how I smell or me leaking during. I feel so free and sexy already and I'm not even fully healed yet. I have also lost ten pounds since. There are obviously risks and someone who doesn't really need it should research before-hand, but in my case and others that I know, this was the right choice by far.
I wrote earlier this week.
I saw my Dr. today and she said my problem with sitting on the floor and squatting is from the tension on the tape that is supporting my urethra. She said it is like tendonitis, and has me on a steroid. I should know soon if the steroid works.
I had the surgery in 2006. Did not know what to expect if it did fall. It did on April 17, 2011.I was sleeping and i felt a gush of water with no control come out of me it was scarey. Now I feel everything up under my ribs. I think I will go to another doctor and to see what he/she says about it,
Hi Just had this procedure done 5 days ago, really like to hear from others on how its worked or not wworked for them. I am going to be 52 and had a hysterectomy done 2 years ago, I HATE menopause.
I am 49 had align sling procedure april 15th almost 4 weeks. Sent home same day with catheter. Went back next day to have catheter removed and gauze in vagina. First week had to go back in because i was not empting my bladder doctor said to set on toleit and read book and let water run.
I am still having leaking and i feel like something is falling out of me. I am a little worried after reading comments,wished i would have found this before i had it done. It is weekend so i will have to wait tell monday to call doctor.
i have been having a very hard time with just about all of the complaints mentioned above. I cannot find a doctor to take this out to stop my 2 years of suffering from this bladder mesh sling that did not work. Even getting from some doctors apparent infections are caused by wiry mesh protruding out is causing bleeding in urine and tests have came back showing infection.

What does a woman do to find a doctor that will undo this surgery and just do a simple bladder tack up? This is unreal that you cannot get a doctor to relieve a woman from pain. I cannot have a relationship and haven't for 2 years.

If anyone knows what a woman can do to find a doctor that will undo this surgery please answer. Why are doctors not willing to do anything fast to get someone out of pain? I don't understand.

Are they still allowing doctors to do this surgery knowing so many women have had problems that have effected their lives so painfully? If so WHY?
I had this procedure done in 2001. I have had nothing but problems ever since. I am still leaking, and there is a foul odor in my urine. The doc says there is blood in the urine as well. And there has always been a very uncomfortable burning sensation in the uretha after the surgery. I don't recommend anyone having this bladder sling surgery. It is too risky and not perfected. That is why they call this the practice of medicine. The docs are practicing and it is your life they are fouling up. My aunt had this done and reversed the procedure one month later. It did not work for her. Now she really has problems from that reversal surgery. That is a horror story in it's self.
Don't do this surgery!
I a, 64 and had this surgery December 2010 with synthetic mesh band around my urethra and a vaginal sling placed between my bladder and vagina. I've had urological/pelvic discomfort ever since, with difficulty voiding. I'm heading back to the surgeon next week to see if he will help. My stress incontinence is improved, and my urgency is better, but if he recommends reversal, I'd be interested in hearing from women who have had the reversal surgery and the affects from that. My current pain is livable, but uncomfortable. I take Urelle almost daily to relieve the discomfort. This tends to relax my bladder and I can void better. I am VERY sorry that I had this extensive surgery. I agree that uro-gynecologists are "practicing" on us, and we need to learn to speak up and say NO! When my uro-gyn was giving me an overview of this procedure, I had a gut feeling not to do it, but my husband is a doctor and he didn't seem concerned until AFTER the procedure. He is upset that OB/GYNS are experimenting on us.
I just had the surgery done a week ago today, I am very pleased. I took a week off work, but my Dr. said, two, but I will go back Monday. Anyhow, I am 42 and love to run. I would have to urinate before my run so I would not go in m pants, then in the middle of the run, go again, but still pees the whole time in my pants. I had the tests done, and this is the result. The sling. I am so far pleased with it.
very little pain after, but took it easy almost this whole week. I do have minor pain in the crease of my pubic bone, but its more of a dull ache. I am very pleased so far. I have sneezed a few big ones, and no leakage. Before the surgery if I sneezed I would literally pee in my pants so much.
The true test will be when I run. There is a six week recovery period for this type of activity. I will wait it out because I don't want to undo what I just had done.

Good luck to all
5-2-11 had monarc bladder lift surgery, bleed alot first 3 day.(I am 58 and have not had a period in 7 years. Today is 5-14-11 still spotting bright red blood. Looked at my vagina and I have what feels like a piece of suture (plastic stitches)sticking out next to the spot where I pee. If I touch the stitch it starts bleeding. Is this normal, will the stitch disolve??
I had the TVT Secure Vaginal hammock procedure done 4 days ago. I was in and out of surgery within an hour and was told that if my bladder would empty on it's own I could go home. Of course it didn't and then I started bleeding. They packed my vagina to stop the bleeding, and resinserted a catheter then sent me home. I spent an uncomfortable night mostly because my groin muscles had been stretched so far in the stirrups that I had lots of leg pain. My surgeon
said that unfortunately unless I was a master at yoga, my leg muscles would suffer from the positions that they had to be in during this surgery. The bleeding and the inability to empty my bladder were caused by swollen tissues. I went back to the surgeon the next day and was able to empty my bladder without the catheter and the bleeding had slowed down. The pain in the groin muscles was still excruciating, but over the next few days it lessened. I was told that there would be continued spotting for the next few days but today 4 days after surgery it seems to be more and a brighter red. I will give it a few more days and hopefully that will end. It is a different sensation when I urinate, I don't feel like I have the control. I get a tingling sensation and then my bladder kind of empties on it's own. I have to retrain myself not to go the bathroom as often. I was always trying to keep it empty so I wouldn't have accidents. Now I tell myself to wait until I really feel like I have to go. I am excited about the final outcome. It is too early to test as I am not allowed to do any exercise yet but my surgeon assured me that the results, barring complications were immediate. I am so looking forward to sneezing, laughing, running, lifting, and jumping jacks!!! I will post again in a few weeks and let everyone know how it turns out. As of right now I would definitely do it again. Godd luck to the rest of you, and here's to a wonderful active life.
UPDATE FROM 06/21/2010 post: it's been almost a year since my vaginal sling surgery (also had an edometrial ablation for heavy periods at same time) everything is so heavenly... I felt the need to come back and say how much of a life saver this procedure has been. At one point in my life (only 41 at time of surgery) I felt so depressed having to stand up, sneeze, laugh or cough and literally having to go change my clothes because of urine leaks. Now if you have this problem and have had to vomit you know you have to use a trash can because you are certainly going to pee on yourself... well since my surgery I have thrown up twice and that was the true test and not one drop leaked out... my best friend just had it done in April and she is so thrilled also... If you are thinking the risks involved are too complicated, think again... it is a simple 20 minute surgery and yes your groin area will ache due to the stirups but my friend and I both were back at work after a Thursday-Sunday recovery time. If anyone wants more detailed information please email me... I guess I'm just so happy to be free that I am the poster girl for this vaginal sling surgery... ps: don't get me wrong, I know all operations come with risks, and I know everyone's body is different but the very minute discomfort of having this done compared to the depression and embarrassment and multitude of other factors in not having the surgery come no where close... anyway thanks for letting me vent on my almost 1 year out... Take care Denise
That is very good comment you shared.Thank you so much that for you shared those things with us.Im wishing you to carry on with ur achivments.All the best.
I had steamy bladder neck suspension done June 7 I had a catheter in for almost two weeks because I couldn't void . It is now June 26 and the doctor tells me that he didn't know why I am not voiding so just to self cath. I am only 24 years old and I have to self- cath at least twice a day . I would review all of the risk involved before doing a procedure like this. I wish I never had gotten this surgery done .
i have heard on tv that slings for bladder trouble are dangerous, is this true, i have been geeting alot of utis lately
Sandra Doe
I had the sling surgery 3 years ago and had zero complications afterward. It has been so wonderful to not have any moments of concern since. Everything is as it should be now, working so well that there is no need to ever give it a thought. This is the best thing I have ever elected to do for myself.
my name is sharon i had this procedure done june 30 of this yr has been but a few day but so far it is great!!! legs hurt really bad day after i had it done not sure why but leg pain was terrible doctor said it from the position they have you in durin procedure if you have any question feel free to e-mail me or look me up on face book sharon schroder : )
Had bladder sling surgery 10 days ago. Still on the catheter at home. I can feel the desperation of my comrades in arms here. When will I be able to urinate on my own again? Why is this happening? I don't know about anyone else, but being catheterized is sort of like a "worst-nightmare" thing after you've suffered things like in-office urethra dilations without general anaesthesia. Seriously!
I am considering the sling for stress incontinence. What advice could I get as to the advantages or disadvantages of this procedure? My dr. made it sound so simple but after doing some research, I am having second thoughts.
I had this surgery last Friday, July 15th and was able to void within 4 hours of being in post-op. The first thing I noticed was the extreme pain at my incision sites, which morphine and Vicodin did not seem to alleviate. It has been 4 days now and I can finally get up and walk a bit with some problems voiding, but I feel that once the bladder inflammation goes down I should be ok. The only problem I am having is sharp right leg problems at the groin area. I had sat at the computer to send a fax and have been having sharp pains ever since. I am not sure whether to call the doctor or not.
Had sling surgery June 30 this year. Had to have cath for two and half weeks. It has been 4 weeks and I am now back at work. So far so good. Only thing is I felt something inside that was kinda sticking out. Not sure if it is the stitches or something else. Can anyone comment on this?
I had the sling surgery on July 18th for incontenence. The uro said that the surgery has a 75% chance of improving my overactive bladder and inflammation. I am 39 years old and otherwise healthy. My OAB and symptoms of inflammation began in December '10. I have had some level of incontinence of varying degree throughout my adulthood.

Here is my recovery experience:
Day of surgery: 1 week prior-no symptoms or flare ups, sent home with a cath and gauze packing in the vagina
Day 2: sore legs and arms from surgery position? Cath and packing out at dr's office. bloody urine which is normal from being cathed, minimal bleeding on pad
Day 3: sore left leg (I think from the way I got out of bed the previous days. I think I started my period
Day 4: sore left leg still, hoping the blood is from my period
Day 5: less leg pain, can feel the stitches in my vagina
Day 6 (today): spotting, think period is ending, can feel my stitches, bored out of my mind, read way too many "slings gone wrong" stories on the web.

So far, I pee fine, I feel good except for the restricted movement

I wish you all well and pray for healing for all.
The FDA issued a warning about transvaginal mesh complications following POP and SUI surgeries involving organ perforation, pain, urinary problems and more. There have been lawsuits filed by women based upon these side effects. For more information visit the your lawyer website
I was told I was the youngest to have this preformed on I did do some of those test and leakage did happen. But now I have noticed pains, and sharp shooting pains and I don't know what to do can someone please help me?
Marissa, when did you have the surgery? where is the pain?
Repost without the spelling errors!
I had TVT surgery along with vaginal hysterectomy and anterior and posterior repair in November 2010. I was told that there was a risk of bladder perforation and unfortunately this happened to me. However, I was not told about the long terms risks eg. erosion of sling months or years after surgery, nor was I told that "voiding" issues (ie not emptying your bladder properly)could be permanent. I have had to self-catheterise 2-3 times daily since coming out of hospital as there is always about 200-400mls left in my bladder after I have urinated normally.

I have also had recurrent urinary tract infections since having the operation and I am now on long term low dose antibiotic therapy.

I am scheduled to have the tape divided in September but have been told that stress incontinence may return after this operation or be worse than before. Before my original operation, this was hardly an issue at all, just something I mentioned when I went for my initial appointment about pelvic floor repiar.

I really trusted my surgeon and did not do any homework on this "minimally invasive" procedure. I was more worried about the hysterectomy and also wanted to avoid having more time off in future so opted to have the TVT at the same time rather than wait to see how bad my then minor stress incontinence would get after the repairs. (I was told it would get a lot worse once they pushed the bladder back into position as the prolapse was creating an 'articial kink' in the urethra.)

I really wish I had waited and done my homework! Now I am facing further surgery with an uncertain outcome. Also, I am really worried about erosion months/years down the line. The doctor seems reluctant to remove all of the mesh. I did not know that this stuff was permanent and difficult to remove once it had been in the body for more than a few weeks.

If you are considering this surgery, you would gain more knowledge of the problems people have had by googling "TVT mesh complications". These aren't isolated cases. The US FDA have issued a press release in July 2011 saying that these complications are not as rare as previously thought. I am not part of a study here in the UK, so my statistics are not included in any study. Also, studies have focused on the TVT effectiveness (its "success") rates rather than its safety. Even if complications are rare, they can be serious and affect a woman's quality of life.

If your stress incontinence is mild, please think very carefully before having this operation.
Had sling in 2009...i find that now in 2011 i have trouble with "sensation". I always feel the need to go to the restroom. lately its gotten so bad i make sure i know where all the toilets are located before i go anywhere just in case i really do have to go. Surgery was not too bad, lots of little weird things to get used to but now after all this time I wonder if it was worth the effort...just saying. See like right now, I have this sensation of needing to go, I just went! This is just aggravating.
I will be going in for surgery on the 6th on September for removal of an old sling that has slipped and will be getting a TVT inserted. Has anyone had these two procedures done and how was your outcome?
I had a sling procedure done in nov of 2010 for severe stress incontinence and the surgery was successful in what it was suppose to do. I was able to void right after surgery and with the pain pills I did not feel much pain during the recovery stage. I was able to go back to normal activities after 8 weeks and feeling fine. What I do notice now is that I dont void all the way, I have to sit and wait a few seconds for my bladder to empty out all the way, and I am getting a lot of urges to use the bathroom even after I void. The other thing that I have been feeling is pressure like I have a bladder infection and I even caught a yeast infection. Usually this symptons occur after sex and last awhile. Has any one else experienced this symptons?
I just had the surgery 3 weeks ago. now, I have an unpleasant odor that started 2 days ago. Curious if this has happened to anyone else?
I had a tot sling done in june, im very very happy! It took a few weeks to work, but kept gettin better n better. Best thing I have done for myself! Only complications I had was from being in surgery n I guess? My inner thighs were so bruised, felt like they had pulled my muscles. Still havin leg pain some. But my bladder tot sling? Hey id do it again
Hello, I am 2 months post op for prolapse and hysterectomy surgery. I have felt wonderful until 3 days ago when I started to have burning? pain right side of my vagina. I investigated and found the stitches have started to dissolve. I only felt around the outside of the vagina; no additional pain as I investigated. Q. Should I worry about this?
Thank You.
I had the mini sling done a week ago today. I actually felt farely good considering I just had surgery, I was sore but was expecting this. After the third day I feel worse. I beleive I started my menstral cycle but my pain is in the lower abdomen, legs, and lower back. I have had my follow up appointment but he told me to give it another two weeks. I pee fine but have had some leakage when I sneezed. I am holding the pain is from the menstral cycle. Can someone please comment. I was reading Sams progress is similar to mine can you let me know your status after a month has gone by. Is leakage common after a few days of surgery. I see that not being able to pee is an issue but I do not have that problem. Someone please advise. Thanks
First Surgery July18
Around the 3rd week I felt fine with soreness on my left groin area. The soreness have been stronger on the left side from the begining. I examined myself. I could feel what I thought was a long stitch in the left side of my vagina. It took me a few days to realize IT WAS the mesh sling not a stitch.

So I went to the doc on August 16th with a full blown heavy period. The NP thought I just popped the stitch but kept looking when I expressed my doubt. The doc checked it out and confirmed. I had to go back to the hospital the next day to have it "revised" which just means he stitched it back up. The doc told my husband that he thought my stitches just disolved early.

Honestly, I know I lifted too much and went back to work too soon.

The doc used non-disolvable stitches in this time and he will have to take them out for me.

I have been much more careful this time. I am limiting my workload. Thank God my employer is cutting me some slack.

No I do not blame my doc. I know I lifted too much (but nothing over 15 lbs.) I was told not to lift over 5lbs.

I notice that I have minute chronic leakage. When I move around, I feel like I leak and find a tiny dab of wet in my panties. However, I was shaved so I don't have pubic hair to buffer any leakage. I also have no issues with lubrication. AND I have ongoing over active bladder issues.

I have soreness wherever the sling is tacted down at. I restrict my movement involuntarily.

Not that this really matters but the doc and nurse were sooo kind and responsive to my concerns.
Sam thanks for the update so you are fresh out of another surgery. My paid is on the right side. When I mentioned to my dr that the pain was worsening and it was more on the right side he stated I had bled more than normal on the right side during surgery. He explained to me it was going to take longer to heal on that side therefore expect the soreness. I did not know how sore I am suppose to feel and should I do the self examination as well just to be sure? I am not due back to see my dr for another couple of weeks. I am taking it easy and trying not lift anything but with a three year old it is a little hard, but I am working through it. I do work and was orginally told I would only be off for a week, when I went into to see the dr they are now telling me six weeks.
I would check myself. You are not going to hurt yourself. There was an obvious different between the feeling of the stitch and the sling when I examined myself. I just did not realize it.

It is very difficult with a 3 year old and working. My kids are older. Opening and closing my car door is a chore.

Wish you well!
Is there anyone who has had the same symptoms as me after having a TVT. I had mine done on 13th May 2011 and have had nothing but trouble with my bladder since.I now seem to have a very over active bladde rand it sometimes takes ages for me to empty my it properly, I have also been on antibiotics for 3 months because I cant seem to get rid of a urine infection. I can also feel bladder pressure when my bladder is filling up.The leaking has stopped but having this done has brought out all these new problems. Sometimes when i think i need the loo it feels like a drop of urine drops down into my bladder,it stings and burns which is really uncomfortable. Also I find it gets worse when i have emptied my bowels... Is there anyone else outhere that has simular problems because i am really fed up with it all.
I've had a bladder sling now for 10 years! Anyone else has one?
I under went a suburethral sling surgery 2 years ago for incontinence and was assured a positive outcome. I was sent home without a catheter and in the wee hours of the morning had my daughter rush me to the ER - I was about to explode. A catheter was inserted which I needed for three weeks. Then I had a UTI which was treated with antibiotics. For the first six month I did not have leakage but had terrible stabbing pains in my left groin area. I can not empty my bladder at the first attempt in the morning. At times urine accumlates in the vagina and then when I stand runs down my leg. I do not have the stabbing feeling any more, it has decreased to almost a constant pinch. I have a slow urine flow and I believe I leak more now than I did 2 years ago before the procedure. I now see all sorts of ads for law suits regarding some slings and the mesh material used - are any of us candidates to join this class action?
My name is Danni and my email is if anyone wants to know my opinion due to experience with surgery.
I had TVT-O surgery two years ago and have been in constant pain since. I was not told of the possible side effects by the doctor who performed my surgery. I am on strong pain killers, unable to work, have been granted Long Term Disability and very seldom leave the house. The center section of the prolene mesh (arms cannot be safely removed) was removed Aug. 4, 2011 and I seem to be in more pain. I was told that this could be the arms rubbing the surrounding tissue.

Life has not been the same since I had this 'simple' procedure. If you are considering TVT-O surgery PLEASE do your research first!
I had LAVH with bladder sling and anterior repair 6 days ago. I feel great except I find it hard to sit on my bottom. When I stand it feels like someone is pulling my vagina out and i have pain in the left side of my vagina constantly. Is this normal and how much longer will it last. My left hip also feels like it is dislocated.
I had TVT with Advantage Mesh in 2007...Went home after an overnight stay due to inability to void...had a catheter for three or four big deal...I'm a nurse...Mild abdominal/pelvic discomfort post op. My OB-GYN doctor did the procedure, after extensive testing by cystometrogram. I couldn't even go up or down stairs w/o leakage prior to the surgery. My quality of life was suffering, and wearing pads all day wasn't appealing to me anymore. Anyway,
my surgery was successful, no problems as yet, and I have no regrets. However, I recently had
the need to apply for private medical insurance (BCBS), and they excluded any complications that
may arise from the TVT, EVER!!! Still have no regrets, no more stress incontinence!!! I feel as
a medical professional who has taken care of many patients who have had the same procedure, that the failure rate may well be directly related to the amount of expertise/ experience the doctor
has. Choose your physician carefully. Incidentally, I was 55 years old at the time of the
surgery, had 3 vaginal deliveries, TAH,BSO 8 years prior, and not overweight, physically very active. Best wishes to all, especially those experiencing problems.
I just had my surgery 6 days ago, Sept 2011. I was op surgery and was able to urinate in recovery room. My thighs were hurting and I asked the nurse and she said you should see the position you are in , I can only image..
I am still sore and moving slow , still spotting. But able to urinate and no leakage. I have glue instead of stitches in the two very small incisions . I never had to self cath .
My dr. has been doing these for 15 years, wrote in medical journels about them. My sister had it done 2 months before me by my dr, (her dr sent her to him).
I am a very active woman , but my dr. says NO sex, lifting, pulling ,exercise , swimming, baths for 6 weeks. I have to take a stool softner for a month.
So far so good for me, I wish you all good luck
I had the suburethal sling procedure in April 2009 for severe incontinence. I couldn't sneeze, cough, laugh, walk at a fast pace, etc. without urine leakage. I had 3 vaginal births and I had a partial hysterectomy in 2005. I put this surgery off for 2 years because of all the horror stories I had read. I had a female urogynecologist that had done this surgery many times. I was so tired of all the aggravation every time I wanted to exercise or just laugh. I decided the risk was worth it. I had out patient surgery in the surgical area of my doctor's office. I left without a catheter and had no problem urinating. I went out and walked 2 days later with no leakage and was back at work on Thursday after having this done on Monday. I can now laugh, cough, sneeze and even run with absolutely no leakage. Have had no other problems. It is the best thing that I ever had done! I think the key is asking a lot of questions and having a urogynecologist that has really studied this procedure and has also had much success with performing the procedure.
I've lifted when I've been told not to. How do I know if I have messed up something?
(post-op 3 weeks today)
Thanks for your input!!
does anyone have severe pain intheir side from this procedure? i had it done in 2005 and in 2008
i started having pain in my right side. please anyone let me know
I am 32 years old. I had this procedure done when I had my complete hysterctomy in 2004. I never had to use the cath except for while in recovery at the hospital. Although, I have had major pain in my hips, they feel as if they want to lock up. I also have been swelling pretty bad in my stomach and yes, I do hurt in my sides. I now have issues with bowel movements. At 1st the sling seemed to help with the urinating but now I am having the same problems all over again. I go constantly and feel like I can never empty my bladder. I do have an appointment in the morning to figure out what to do next with this issue.
One week ago I had pubic sling surgery for stress incontinence. This is my 4th surgery since 2001 for stress incontinence -- 2 Burch proceudres, a TVT and now this one. The 2 burch procedures required me to have a foley cath for a week. The TVT allowed me to leave the hospital the same day uriniating normally. This time I have self cathed for a week now. I am hoping to be able to go naturally every time I go. Guess I am a bit nervous that it has been over done this time. But hopefully it is just still the swelling from surgery. Any idea how long to expect to have to cath without worry? I see the doctor next Tuesday.
I had to make a appointment this afternoon to have the Urethral Sling done...changed my mind. I do not want to change one set of problems for another set of worse problems. I will just live with the pads and the wettings. I can not take a chance of having some of these terrible complications and pain.
Thanks for all of those who posted, I wish you all well.
I had my sling placed 5+ years ago, when I was 55. My most striking complication was a deep purple/black bruise in the shape of a bikini bottom across my lower pelvis, lasted forever. The surgery took no time at all, I took my cath out at home that night and since then have had no incontinence or voiding problems whatsoever. A huge nuisance, though, is a daily slow vaginal discharge that might or might not be related to the sling. My GYN thinks it's not, and he's assured me I have no erosion--but I do have vaginal dryness. So I'm going back on the estrogen patch to see it I can clear up the discharge. It's not bloody, but it's everyday and very unpleasant. I would do the procedure again. It's great not having incontinence. Intercourse is OK too.
Had TVT sling done in April 2011 by a urologist recommended by my GYN. It took me 3 yrs to finally be fed up enough with the stress incontinence to do the surgery at age 51. No complications and only relatively minor soreness, easily managed with X-Strength Tylenol. lifting, exercise and sex restrictions for 6-8 weeks. worst part for me was remembering that I had to be careful when I felt fine. So far this was a life changing surgery, one that I wish Li had done much sooner!
I had the sling done over 10 yrs. ago and recently am having all kinds of things come up, along with pain in my lower abdomen. Now I am wondering if it is related to my sling because I am having nausea, diarrhea, having to watch everything I eat due to these two things and also have the pain in my lower abdomen. I don't know if it's related but I am wondering now after reading some others problems.
becky F
Hi Ladies,
I had the tvt procedure in the uk two weeks ago, inner thighs ached like mad when came round and for a couple of days after. Seamt to start my period quite soon after. Pre-op I only ever bled for three days, last time was for at least 10 days. I have had lower abdomen pain ever since the op, put this down to period pain, but the pain seems to be lingering on. How do I know if I have an infection? I dont have a follow up appointment until mid November and dnt really want to bother my doc with this. I also seem to have a watery discharge that is blood stained too. Can anyone help with my symptoms. All in all though the procedure does seem to have worked, I dont now have to wear pads for the original problem lol.
I had the TVT procedure done about three years ago. It did cure my coughing/laughing/sneezing/jumping incontinence, but I still need to go rather frequently and sometimes I have to cross my legs to hold it. Sometimes I don't void completely and need to go again soon after. There is some pain still, but I have no regrets. I take a packet of wet wipes in my bag all the time and after urinating each time, I clean myself with them to prevent odor.
I haven't had sex, so I don't know if this would have changed the equation.
I am going to the doctor to inquire about the sling procedure Nov. 8th. After reading all of the comments here, I think I have already made up my mind NOT to get it. I feel bad that all these women, just like me, wanted a cure for their tinkling problem and came out worse off. I can't imagine how you all feel. God Bless and I'm sorry for you all. Take care...
I've been contemplating the sling for a couple of years and followed the process of kegal therapy hoping it would get better but at my age of 47 I didn't think my muscles would improve to handle my situation. After a horrible cough and more frequent sporatic releases I made the decision for a sling. On sept 24 I went in and left with a catheter. Three days later, I returned to outpatient but failed void test which resulted in 5 more days of catheter. Today, I voided 225 of 350, I was given instructions to self cath which I have failed to do the first night home. I am drinking fluids and voiding mere amounts. I'm hoping I don't end up in ER. I'm told I need to stop pushing which is what I've been doing for years. It's a re-learning I've been told so wish me luck. At this point in this very early stage I strongly feel I should have tried medication before surgery. I really had no idea how much adverse affect recover would be. I'm hoping I made the right decision and it's too early to tell. Oh, my friend who has been on same page had procedure 3 weeks before me and she's had absolutely no problems, no catheter, no problems voiding. How and why is it different..
I had surgery done dec 29th 2009 had problems since day one bard avaluta I am in lawsuit litigation my mesh is shrinking I am in pain had bladder retetntion, I also had a partial hyseterectomy and he was suppose to take out ovaries if the cyst were still thereI noe have a cyst over 3mm on my left pvary I think burst today going to er in a few. I hear th pig skin graft is old school but best way to go I am having my sling removed sent to lawyer and pig skin put in. If you think cathing is bad I had a hose calleda subpubic catheter coming out of my pelivic area for 3 weks. I told them some thing was wrong he sent me to his buddy a pain dr, they kept me on morphine and morphine type products and spinal injuects to the gangeli set of nerves to your abdomen to shut me up it didnt help I got a second opinion and they said I was full ofscar tissue not to mention when I woke up I waspouring blood because they didnt sticth a arterty in my back wall vault If I had not noticed my bed wet I would have died, I had to have a blood transfusion. Be careful, my life is worse since the mesh!
I am 44 years old and had the surgery 3 months ago, recovery was amazing, I can actually run again, my doctor is awesome.

However since the surgery I am experiencing frequent BV infections, monthly I can count on it. I don't know what it is wrong. Years ago, I found out I couldn't wear nylon underwear and can only wear cotton underwear and am wondering if the infections are related to the sling. I'm so happy to not be leaking but the frequent infections are driving me crazy.

Has anyone experienced this.
I am glad that I did not read this site last night. I had a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago and then experienced a prolapsed uterus three weeks after the surgery. Had very slight leaking when Isneezed a couple of times so the physicians decided that the sling made out of pig skin was my best option. Had the surgery today (11/8/11) and was able to void at the hospital 2 hours out of the recovery room. They sent me home, am able to void pretty easily other than have the feeling at times that my bladder is not completely empty. The did it vaginally however I just discovered two small incisions right about my pelvic bone on each side. Not sure that that is for as I had been told all my my incisions would be internal. Have only needed to take one pain medication so as of now feeling pretty good. With the controversy with the mesh did not want to go that direction. Hoping that the pig skin does not cause any trouble. Good luck to all of you who have had the procedure or are thining about having it done.
hi ive had a sling done on the 7th nov so fed up im still leaking iv tried to get help but im not getting anywere and i feel as if im on my own ive tried to look for info and asked docs on leaking but so many people are saying yes and some people are saying no please could someone tell me for defantly yes or no cos im so confused please could you write to me so i can get a peace of mind please thank pauline =(
Great information on this site. Need any help or advice I can get please.
I feel the need to add something to the comments here for those that are suffering, my heart goes out to all of you!My mum is a sufferer and has been desperately trying to find someone to remove it!she acted on some advice which was supported by someone who calls herself 'TVT mum' aka Lorrain Evans, this women is fake and a presumed advocate for Johnson and Johnson collecting information for them, a shark amongst us!Dr Zimmerman was recommend and is endorsed on her site and my mother spent thousands getting over to Texas to have her TVT sling removed after increasing pain, inability to sit down, stinging, burning and swelling, and complete decrease in her quality of life, and he performed an experimetal procedure on her called 'Tape division' this made things 100x worse, instead of urging incontinence she now suffers total incontinance, a serveer bladder, vaginal and bowel prolaps none of which she had before, there is very little information on this procedure but what information there is on these 'trial methods' can be found on google! Dr Zimmerman has further ruined her life and left her feeling hopeless.I have just had a little girl and now worried she will never know her grandmother due to fake sites and people pointing desperate people in the wrong direction!

I have had to used intials due to harrassment from these individuals but hope that this helps even just one of you to avoid making the same mistake my mother did!
I am 45, and had the Sling proceedure done between 2005 and 2006. I was doing very well, however I just started leaking again, when I cough, exercise, laugh, sneeze, same things as before. However, I do not have other symtoms mentioned, I am concerned of what happens now, because I had insurance when I had this proceedure, but have no insurance. Any ideas or suggestions?? And has anyone else had this happen??
To kjl i know how she feels there no info out there and its conflicting so you dont know wots wright and wots rong iv had my op 2 weeks and i still leak was so up set and was in tears trying to find out diddant get any were so in end. cos diddant know wot to do i rang ward i was on she sed i shouldant leak at all and i told her i am and she put me thru to my doc got to go back to see him on 5th i am so hopeing he going to sort it out but i am worrid it doueant get sorted and end up leaking for rest of my life idont know wot i would do if that happens yors pauline
Kim and all the rest that are having trouble with your mesh bladder slings.I had one done in Feb 2010,and have had bleeding ever since.I went back to my urologist and he said he saw a little spot of Cancer which I knew I had,but the mesh was laying against that and it made it worse with the type of slow growing CA.that I had.Well he would't do any thing about it so my ob-gyn Dr.cut off the mesh.I thanked him for doing the other DR's work and I'm supposed to go back in Jan to see the OB DR.Well I have had bleeding ever since and it is coming out of my vagina.Guess I'm lucky its down so low that the DR's can't be so stupid as not to see it.I'm nervous,sad.pain down my leg,depressed can't set in comfort.My advice tell the DR's to go to HELL and just pee your self on your pad.I still do anyway.All have a good day.
Hi - this is the second time I've been on this site; once before having TVT (+ posterior repair and perineum "rebuild"), your comments scared me to death ... and now tonight, 4 weeks after the op! I seriously thought about not having the TVT but ended up just wanting the leaking to be resolved after 4yrs of not being able to run etc with my daughter. Am in UK. Was in hospital for 5 days due to haemoglobin dropping (I kept fainting!). First time I emptied my bladder after 24hrs of catheter, it was like opening flood gates .. I was also worried I was leaking until I left hospital but the docs said it was blood etc. Had terrible pain in right side of groin near incision site - that pain has lessened but is still there. 4 days ago I started getting back ache & pain down back of right leg to knee ... not sure if this needs a trip to the chiro or something to do with the tape/healing - does anyone know??

I was convinced I was leaking for 2 weeks after getting home. Tried to test myself(Stood over toilet and coughed & leaked) then decide I shouldn't be testing it too early! I have read so many things re this op & basically I feel that so many people go into surgery without doing their homework. There are definitely risks with this surgery (as with any surgery)and you have to weigh up how much you hate leaking as to whether it's worth taking the risk, but remember that it CAN happen to anyone so I think you have to be realistic when considering options.

The main help I can be is with a few quotes: "it takes 102 days for anasthetic to leave the body" (told by a doc. when I said I'm still so tired!) "if the tape needs to be loosened or made tighter it should be altered within 7 days, ideally, or no more than 14 days" (a Gyni. Theatre Nurse ... basically, if it's already been 14 days give yourself time to heal as there's nothing you can do immediately), "Don't push yourself; rest as much as possible" (loads of women who have had this op!!), "The pain should subside but it could take up to 12 weeks to feel right" (a Nurse), "Trust your instincts" (Me, after feeling really sore and that there was something not right with my 'undercarriage' and going back to the Ward .. I had one permanent stitch which needed removing and I felt so much better afterwards). Hope this helps. Please let me know if I should be worried about lower back pain - good luck to all :-)
I have had this surgery as alot of you did. Im in pain and cant work. Is there an answer or a cure for this bladder problem. e-mail
I'm looking for an advocacy group. I've had my sling removed because the application was not performed correctly and it was too tight causing frequent bladder infections. Thank you.

I am have and have had the same leg issues and other affects to my right side. I have not had any answers from anyone. I now think the issues with my hip have been caused from the operation and has worsened my hip, causing over compensation of my knee and ankle over the last year. I am seeing a Chiropractor right now to help, because as you mentioned tylenol/midol, none of those help. Have you found out anything new?
I had a sling {tape} put August 9th 2008, I have been cathing ever since!
I went back to OB-GYN who put it in, said he could take it out... but... I would leak urine worse than I did before. I also went to Uro-gyn, said I needed vag* (it won't let me display the whole word) "shock" therapy (went twice for that, no help)... Inter-stim, the electrodes that get placed in the small of your back (very painfull!)and no help. I was 39yrs. when this started, WHEN will it end?
I had this surgery the day Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I did a lot of research before I had it and looked up the information on the FDA site due to the number of complications. Mine was done by a urologist. I talked it over with my gynecologist, we decided I needed to ask several questions before the op: how long have you been doing it? how many procedures, what materials do you use? What complications have you had experience with? My surgery was for incontinence as well as my uterus prolapse and I needed some pelvic floor repair. I stayed in the Hospital one night. When they took the catheter out, I was able to go on my own without a catheter. The only thing I experienced was the inability to raise my leg as if I were putting pants on without sever groin pain, but that went away after 2 - 3 days. I had no virtual pain and I no longer have the incontinence. My Urologist warned me about the recovery period at every appointment prior to the surgery, no sex for 2 months, and he must clear me, no lifting no squatting down, no baths, etc. He says it is an investment and he is right. We also discussed the operation from the complications side and he felt that too many OBGYN were getting into the procedure and taking weekend classes or watching videos to learn them and that their lack of experience combined with popularity of the surgery has caused this. He says he knows that one day he will have one that doesn't go right, but he has been dong them for years and so far so good.
teri tbs
had tvt in nov2009 pain on standing,sitting forward cant exercise, surgeon had stitched vulva to inner thigh, have had chronic pain in right side of groin area, 3 vaginal infections ,bleeding ,feel if someone pulling my inside out, sex so painfull partner said it feels like wire inside , my quality of life has been so affected, cant lift ,severe pain , only relief,when legs in same position as stirrup position,so dr has done my tape too tight, this operation i would not recommend , i wish i could turn the clock back, i want this tape removed and having surgery in next few days, but drs cant take all the tape out as you have skin growth called granulation. i wont know the extent of damage that has been done till after surgery and the surgeon makes a decision on what he is going to repair for me, i am a 58 woman who wants her life back, i dont believe enough research on this operation has been done or the after effects to date. you have been warned.
I just had a hysterectomy (with r ovalry still in)on 12/14/11 along with a sling put in. I honestly feel the sling was put in incorrectly. Since the sx i've experienced pain and a tightness sensation when urinating and it feels like something is moving inside me when i have to make a bowel movement. It is such an uncomfortable feeling and i really wish i would have known the outcome was gonna be worse than the problems i was having before the sling was added. I am now looking into having the sling removed.
It can be disheartening to read so many comments from women who have had bad experiences. I am glad I did not see this site before my surgery. I had a full hysterectomy and bladder sling procedure during the same operation and at six weeks post-op, so far so good. First check-up at the three week mark I was told everything was healing nicely and to continue on doctors orders to not lift anything over five pounds, to walk daily increasing distance and speed, and to not have intercourse until the doctor gives the all-clear. I have two weeks more to go before my second post-op at the eight week mark. That has been the only discouraging thing - I thought it would be at six weeks but he increased it to eight.

If I could offer two suggestions they would be; exercise and be fit pre-surgery to help with recovery and do your research about the doctor performing the procedure. For the second suggestion, talk to as many women as possible in the area you live. If you have medical connections, ask about the doctors success rate. With luck, will have the doctors in your area listed - this usually gives a good indication of who to deal with and more importantly, who to avoid.

It is awful that sometimes, even though you have done everything right, the surgery fails and my heart goes out to all of the women who are still struggling post-surgery. That being said, I would recommend the surgery by a qualified specialist with a good track record.
I had a hysterectomy, oopharectomy and bladder sling done 8 years ago. At first is appeared to be successful with incontinence. In the last 4 years I have painful intercourse, leaking at various times, pain in my lower abdominal area like something is "caught" when I roll over and unbelieveable pain in my lower back. The back pain can be reduced if I can void. The sysmtoms appear like sciatica but no meds help. I have tried nerve relaxers, Gabapentin, Cyclobenzaprine Vicodin, Onxycodone (sp) and basic OTC including ibruprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen. No relief. I cannot lay in bed at night and sleep. We are going on 4 years of not sleeping more than 2 hours a night. I have to sit in a chair to keep pressure off of the lower area. So here I am 52 pounds heavier because of limited activity and bowel movements are a real pleasure too.
I had the suburethral sling and a supercervical hysterectomy. However, after the sling, I have problems going to the bathroom, and when I think I'm "done", I'm not. It is worse than having to go all the time.
In Jan 2008 I got the bladder sling first it appeared to be successful,with no incontenence.experiencing sever bladder spasms.that keeps me up all night using the bathroom.unable to get any sleep.than came the bladder infections.I have been on all differnent medications.
the DR will not admitt the infections has come from the bladder sling.the DR has agreed the infection are interstitial cystitis.also required me to be on an interstitial cystitis diet with six different medications.this operation has turned my life up side down.Please if this has happen to any one .email
I am instructed to self-cath, was provided with ~ten catheters (more ordered) -- but am UNABLE to perform self-catheterization. Could this be because I am ~ overweight? Did not receive any instructions as to HOW to self-cath; does anyone have any tips?
In December 2010 I had the TOT sling procedure performed by my GYN. The surgery and recovery went absolutely fantastic. I lost approximately 25 pounds (planned with the help of Weight Watchers)over the next 6 months. At the 25 pound mark I began experiencing stress incontinence again. The GYN had never had a patient return who initially had good results then months later a return of the SI. He also did not think the weight loss had any influence on the return of SI. He referred me to a urologist for a urodynamic study and sure enough the problem had returned. The uro doc said the weight loss could have an influence on the TOT not continuing to work and the muscle, organs, and such shift with weight loss.I opted to have the TVT procedure done. Right now I am 5 days post-op. The TVT has proven to be not quite the cake walk the TOT was. Despite successfully urinating before leaving the hospital, within 24 hours I had to return to the doc because of massive pressure in my abdominal area and urinating on myself before I could get to the bathroom. A catheter was inserted and almost 2000 cc's of urine had backed up. I also became severely (and I mean severely) constipated the next day and thought I would have to go back to the doc. Things do seems to be looking up today. I go back to the doc tomorrow morning to see if the cath can be removed. I do not regret either procedure as the incontinence is a quality of life issue for me - I exercise alot and do not want to wear pads. For those considering the procedure (either the TOT or TVT) I suggest making sure the doc has extensive experience in the procedure and know there may be a few bumps along the recovery process, but the end result is worth it.
Had the TVT procedure done on fri Feb 2012 came home with cath wore ,from fri till monday had no pain or anything so far..only from bladder spasms from cath .. cath removed on monday.. I seem to be going fine spotting blood I did check with my Doctor on his success rate and complications that he had on his other patients before my surgery he was very experienced and thought he did a good job so far only time will tell..I have not taken any pain killers at all.. very sorry for all the ladies out there that are having such trouble...will have to update later on my progress...Iam 49 yrs old
I had the pubovaginal sling done December 2011. It was outpatient, and they had wanted to cath me so I could go home. But they put someone on it who is definitely not a Catheter specialist. A half hour of prodding and poking later, from two nurses, I had kind of lost patience and asked if I could please just give it one more try, using the bathroom to void...success!! Went home without cath. No complications, other than three seemingly separate "periods" in the following weeks. My advice is to let the body fully awaken from anesthesia, post op, instead of just assuming someone will need a cath. I think I just needed time to "wake up." A few months out, I am am fully appreciating that this surgery is the best choice I have ever made.
Nancy S.
Had sling procedure done last April on an out-patient basis. Did not have to go home with a catheter. Had no problems after the procedure. I used to really leak quite a bit, especially when walking a fair distance, so much that the maximum pad would be full and urine would leak onto my clothes after I sat down. I would say the procedure was about 90% successful for me. I still leak just a tiny bit at times, but I don't flow like I did before. I find that if I go to the bathroom more often, I have dryer days. I wear the thinnest panty liner when doing Zumba just in case. Otherwise, I no longer wear pads. Glad I had the procedure.
I had a total vaginal hysterectomy along with the bladder sling on march 9th 2012. As I read the comments I found my symtoms. I too have ache,cramp,pain and discomfort on the LEFT SIDE of my pelvic area. I have my post op appointment coming up later this week and I will definately ask and let you all know what I find out.
I had a hysterectomy and TVT in 2007. After the surgery I had a suprapubic cath. inserted, and it took 5 days before it could be removed. After I was able to have it out, my bladder completely refused to void. I ended up in emergency 3 or 4 times over the next couple of weeks, and had to walk around for a month with a catheter completely inserted. After that, I had to self-cath for months. Dr. suggested removing the sling after a few months because I still could not pee. He suggested I try taking 3000ug/day of an Omega 3/6 supplement containing at least 1000ug of DHA and EPA before they did the second surgery. They are natural anti-inflammatories. This worked!! Whenever I have a problem, I take the super-dose and within hours I can pee again. Also helps to drink less caffeine, and more water. Whatever works to avoid more surgery!!
Sue Green
Had a suburethral sling this Tuesday, I live in Spain. From reading a lot of websites I thought I would be sent home with a cath, but this doesn't seem to be a common procedure here in Spain. The cath was removed as soon as I could walk, about 5 hours after the op. Since then, although I can pass urine, it is a slow trickle and very little quantity although it is almost clear.The more active I become the more I can pass urine. I rang the surgeon just to make sure this was ok and she it's normal. Also I haven't needed any painkillers. I know retention of urine can be a very serious problem but is a cath really necessary as standard procedure in all cases? It's too early so say if the op has been a success or not. Whole procedure was pretty painless.
i had a vaginal hysterectomy(complete)and had sling put in maybe 3 years ago. things were fine until a few months ago. now i can't sit for long periods of time, nor stand for long.both legs ache alot,i suffer with lower back pain.that's my reason for being up now the pain is almost like being in labor.i've starting wetting myself again.i have to run to the batroom when i get the urge to go,no waiting around.right now i'm thinking about having this removed. i've read letters about women with problems in the past.i was looking to see what the side effects thank you for this information.
I had a full hysterectomy in 2003 then in 2005 i had a bladder sling done i been having alot of pain and leakage and bleeding for about two years now.i have to wear a lite pad because i leak all day and night and have trouble making it to the bathroom sometimes,having sex is very painful i leak and bleeding during sex and after.does anybody else have this problems would like feed back on this.thank you,
I had the uretha sling done in June 2009. I have had some problems since then. I seem to keep a UTI. I never had one before this surgery. Has anyone else had the same problem.
marie broderick
i had this op 6 weeks ago and have had no problems was operated on the tuesday and was home on the friday no pain or discomfort at all i was delighted prior to the operation i was on the web and was terrified with some of the horror stories but for me it has changed my life i am back running and am dry hope this is of help to anyone thinking of have the procedure i had my operation in dublin ireland
I had the sling and although it has solved my incontinence, which i have endured all my life, it has affected my groin and i get severe internal inflamation that renders me horizontal from 12.30pm daily?? Is anyone else experiencing this and what treatment exercises are you doing? I want to start walking again as the weight is going on, too scared to as feel it will make me more sore internally. Some days it is as though i am carrying a football field around inside me. Grateful the incontinence is gone, however this is affecting my life, family, job. I sat in a four hour meeting the other week and took me two days to recover from the internal pain.
any advice welcome.
I had the sling and although it has solved my incontinence, which i have endured all my life, it has affected my groin and i get severe internal inflamation that renders me horizontal from 12.30pm daily?? Is anyone else experiencing this and what treatment exercises are you doing? I want to start walking again as the weight is going on, too scared to as feel it will make me more sore internally. Some days it is as though i am carrying a football field around inside me. Grateful the incontinence is gone, however this is affecting my life, family, job. I sat in a four hour meeting the other week and took me two days to recover from the internal pain.
any advice welcome.
I had a bladder and urethra sling placed in October, 2009. I had the initial inner thigh pain for about 3-4 days after, but then it subsided and I felt fine. I never had to have a cath. I haven't had any problems with subsequent incontinence since then, but I am still not able to fully empty my bladder unless I do aerobics while sitting on the toilet - move from side to side, forward and back, etc. Within the last 8-12 months I've started to experience inner thigh pain that radiates from my groin to my knee, sometimes requiring an ibuprofen to help, and now I've started having vibrations in my inner thigh as well. It's as if I have a guitar string in there that someone plucked and it vibrates. It comes in waves and isn't really painful, but does weaken my leg. I talked to by GYN about this last month (also the one who did my surgery) and he said the pain and vibrations are from the sling and nerve damage that it has caused. It seems to slowly be getting worse and more frequent. I get pelvic area pain now too, and sex seems more frequently painful. Most of my symptoms seem common among a lot of women with problems from the sling, but I can't find a lot of complaints about the vibrations. Anyone else experience these? Thanks.
I have been dealing with urgency and leakage for about two years. The past seven months I have been wearing a pad all day. I have to change it 3 or 4 times a day. I hate smelling of urine. I have a skin condition called lichen sclerosis. The bladder problems has made it very difficult to control the lichen sclerosis. I went to a urogynocologist who did testing which measures bladder function. It confirmed leakage when the bladder is only partially full. The doctor said that my bladder, uterus and rectum are prolapsed. He is reccomendiNg a sling made from pig skin instead of mesh because it is more gentle on the skin. I will also have pt for pelvic floor retraining after surgery. After reading about these horrible outcomes, I don't know what to do. In my case, the leaking is making my lichen sclerosis worse. I would have 4 weeks post op before I would have to return to work. Would this be sufficient?
I had the tvt a month ago and have been unable to pee since. I had a catheter for 3 weeks, now am doing intermittant self catheterization. This is not a normal life! I had the tape mobilized at two weeks but it didn't help, now I'm looking at a third operation to cut the tape.
I had a sling put in about 7 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did, I'm just sorry I didn't do it years earlier as I would have saved myself a lot of embarrassing moments. It was an outpatient surgery, I didn't have a catheter and I didn't have any problems. Results were immediate and absolutely awesome!!!
(a very satisfied customer!!)
I'm 30 years old and 4 months ago had a vaginal hysterectomy and a sling. Ever scince my surgery, I have had pain in my groin and pain that runs down my leg (only my left side). It is like I have been droped kicked in my lady parts every time I try to sit or walk up stairs... I do have to admit that, I have not peed myself (laugh, cough, sneez) But if I had known the issues I would have I would not have gotten the sling. I'm on pain meds,musle relaxors, and haveing PT. This is not a normal life. Does any one els have these issues?
To Anel. Given the fact that you have had this surgery and are recovering well other than the boredom, personally I would take things easy and see how you go, I have my surgery in a months time and hope that like you I just get bored, there are a lot of unhappy ladies on this site and I hope you continue to recover well, my surgeon told me that it can take four weeks or there abouts for the operation to reach its optimum result. So take things easy. there is alot at stake. Best wishes for your continued recovery.
Had sling surgery 4 months ago. Everything went fine, no cath little bleeding. Could go a long time without urinating, and no leakage. Then about 6 weeks ago I could not hold my urine when the urge hit. I would wet all over my self. This only hapenned twice so I thought I was ok, then this week I have had a horrible and embarashing ordeal. I have had sudden urges and not able to make it to the bathroom urine would start pouring out and also within 2 hours later same thing would happen. Having to wear depends just to keep from having urine run down my leg in public when the urge comes and it comes on all of a sudden. This is so humiliating. Does anyone else have this problem. Hope evryone gets better. Also when I urinated it was not a little it was alot. Surgery done February 2012.
I had the procedure done in April of 2011 at the same time as a hysterectomy. I was in pain and could void at all after the surgery. Had to self cath for 10 days. Then my doctor "undid" the bladder lift. Of course, my issues are worse now. Besides be incontinent again, I have chronic pain in my right hip and sometimes down into my leg. Keeps me awake some nights. Hoping there is something that can be done.
I am planning on having the Mini Arc Sling System (MAS) procedure done in Sept and all these comments are sure making me rethink it. I question which sling people are having implanted. I see no mention of the Mini Arc. My doctor, who is respected in his field as a urologist has said it will be minimally invasive, little to no pain, 1.5cm incision, short down time, 80-90% effective. There has been NO mention about a catheter. He says it will be done as an outpatient in the hospital and explained once it has been inserted, they fill the bladder and have me cough. If I leak, they go back and tighten a bit further, and if I cough and there is no leakage, I go home. If over the next day or two I have problems urinating, he said they simply go back in and losen the sling. He has explained the possible complications, however stated he has seen very few problems or complications with the AMS Mini Arc System. He also advised that the controversy in the news on the material being used in surgeries, is NOT the same material being used in the MAS. Also, the information provided by website is very incouraging. So, has anyone had this AMS Mini Arc Sling System procedure done recently? How have you made out with it? Thanks for sharing.
I had the bladder lift in 2005 in conjunction with a hystorectomey. I experienced alot of problems. Once the tube was removed I had problems voiding. There were two emergency room visits. The first visit I had approximately 1000cc and the second visit 750cc, extremely painful. I was sent home with a bag and eventually wound up having to cath myself until I got an infection. Even to this day, I have issues. There are times I barely have time to make it to the bathroom and times I urinate extremely slow. Can take several minutes to empty my bladder
I think it makes a huge difference who your urologist is and where the procedure is done. The research that I've done for POP..Pelvic Organ Prolapse..has led me to believe that UCLA is the facility that REPAIRS these mesh sling problems. I've opted for the fascia sling, using my own tissue which is taken from the pelvic area, without damaging any muscle tissue. This is done on an outpatient basis at UCLA Clark Urological. This procedure has been done for decades at this facility. I can only urge women who face this problem of urinary incontinence to do your homework!! Go on line and do your own research! Most of the mesh problems occur because doctors do not know how to perform the procedure correctly.
I would not recommend this surgery to anyone. TVT has caused nothing but heartache for my family. It has cause pain & permanent organ damage to my mother.
I am meeting with my urologist in October to discuss the sling and a rectocele. He recommended this surgery over 5 years ago, but I figured I would rather just pee several times through the night and leak when I sneeze every once in a while. I still do not have any leakage (other than an occasional sneeze). The reason I am considering having surgery now is because I have a great deal of urgency, pressure, and pain in my pelvic area. I have had ultrasounds to rule out other issues.

My question is how long will I be out of work? Maybe I don't understand catherization, but I teach and can't imagine this. People have said they had a cat. for months. Also I am very concerned about urgency and leakage. I don't want my problem to be worse. My other question is did anyone else have the surgery because they were experience pelvic pain and urgency?
dette thompson
I am having the sling done in a few weeks and also having my fallopian tube and ovary on my right side only taken out, decided to have the sling done at the same time. Reading all these post makes me rethink having the sling done, but as I'm reading there are different types of slings and can anyone tell me best one! And has anyone had all these procedures done at one time. Thanks.
I am 42 and on 15 December 2009 I had a hysterectomy and the bladder sling. Many things have improved like no more pain during sex and I do not urinate on myself with a sneeze or when I do a jumping jack. I am however having pain every time I go. It is sometimes just a pressure but most of the time it is pain and then when I begin to go it is such sweet relief. Thanks
I had the sling operation a few years ago and regret it terribly. I was leaking whenever I sneezed or coughed.
The operation was performed and later I had a small secondary procedure--I think to check on the sling.
I am now wearing a pad all the time, having discharge and can urinate anytime without any notice. When I roll over to get out of bed in the morning the urine just comes out of me and all over the bedding. I am having constant bladder infections, discharge, and recently lower back pain. Last week my family doctor referred me back to the doctor who did my surgery.
I called the urologist's office this morning and told his receptionist about how things were going and that I am just barely able to function at my job. I am getting very sore from wearing a pad and I need some help and cannot wait for months to get it. She said the doctor was in surgery all day today. She took my phone #, and told me she would try and fit me in to see the doctor within a couple of days. I discourage anyone from having a bladder operation as it has made things worse for me. Hoping for some help soon!
I had a bladder sling procedure on Aug 13 2012. I came home the same day without a cath. It took me 6 weeks to fully recover but I still have leakage. I have no pain or complications after my surgery. The doctor now wants to try another sling to put my bladder in a different position and tighten the first one if needed. Has anyone had any sucess on a second mesh?
I had my procedure done on September 26th and all is going exceedingly well so far. I had my cath in for 5 days and voided afterwards with no issue. The only issue I'm having is like a cystic acne from hair growing back. Weird. I tried to call my MD's office today about it. I have had no leaking, which is a vast improvement from where I was before. My surgeon is highly skilled and I researched a lot of urologists before I chose this chap.
I had my surgery in 2002 and that's when the problems really started. I started having pain in my legs and back also in the area where the FACIAL SLING was implanted. I had to have surgery again to see if the Sling was in place correctly. I am still having pain and running to the restroom about 15 times or more a day. If there is someone out there who has had this type of surgery (FACIAL SLING)and is still having problems, please write a comment about what you are doing to help with the pain and the constant need to go to the restroom.
How long after sling surgery till I can go back to work?
leona hopper
i had this procedure done october 2009. everthing was fine until january, 2013.
now, i noticed my bladder has dropped. going to a new doctor this week. very upset had no problems with surgery. my doctor said he told me the mesh could be eaten up by my body. never told me this would happen.
I had surgery to have a bladder sling implanted for stress incontinence in December 2011. My doctor told me the surgery had an 99% effective rate. After only 6 months by incontinence started to return and now a year later it's exactly as it was prior to having the surgery. I guess I'm the unlucky 1%.
I had a hysterectomy and bladder tack done a year ago. Hysterectomy went fine. Dr. Used the sling for my bladder. The incontinence stopped, but now I have had recurring bladder infections, I hurt all the time, and have blood in my urine sometimes. My regular doctor keeps saying its kidney stones but I have yet to see one! I don't even know what type of sling was used and am worried because of all the bad publicity this has gotten. The doctor that did the surgery is no longer here. I don't know whether to go to another ob/gyn or a urologist but I know I'm tired of hurting all the time!!
I had the mesh sling surgery done two and a half weeks ago. I am completely cured. I am so happy.
I just had the sling surgery 4 days ago . I had minimal pain, legs hurt from being in the stir ups.I still have spotting but no leakage of urine, So far so good. I didn't have to Cath could go one my own. It's nice not having wet underwear .
i had the operation on the 11th March 2013 yep the legs huet for a few days and trying to do as less as possible hard work for me tho as always on the move. Not sure how lond the dissolvable stiches will take to disappear. Very happy at the moment no leaking when i cough or sneeze but will do pelvic floor exercises sonn as when i want to go i have to go dont know if this will improve but at least i did not have a caffeter done another three weeks taking it easy would love to hear from anyone else who has had it done Julie from the uk
Had the op on 12th March 2013, had no catheter,had to self catheterise once for 1st pee but no probs since, my Dr explained that peeing would be a little slower and if I lent forward while peeing and when it stopped straighten up and lean forward again this would help empty bladder completely and this works for me, I also had an anterior and posterior vaginal repair, a D&C and a mirena inserted, although I have some pulling and pinching type pain intermittently, and spotting that comes and goes usually associated with pains (which I think is associated with doing too much) I am so very happy at the moment as previous 3 posters, reading posts from prior years I'm hoping that advancements in technique and materials make this procedural more successful now. Fingers crossed. Ashleigh from Australia, would like to here from any other people who have similar procedures.
Had tvto balloon abbration,hysteroscopy,polop removed,nearly 4weeks ago,but I have pain in my lower abdomin is this something to worry about?
Charles Runels
There's a new treatment for stress incontinence to cause stem cells to generate new healthy tissue. The procedure is called o-shot which has been very effective with my patients.
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Charles Runels, MD
I had a bladder sling done on June 25th 2013. I am a RN I have had wonderful results but I must say the most important thing to do is to find a doctor that performs this type of procedure routinely do not just go to a doctor because he is in your insurance network this your body ladies. And most important of all you must follow the discharge instructions no heavy lifting means no heavy lifting! Any ? Email me Robin @
I would like to know what about sex after surgery. I am told that the surgery makes the vagina tighter!! Is this true?
I had the procedure about 4 years ago and have suffered sciatica ever since. can anyone please tell me where t5he sling is attached as I am very sore on my right hand lower pelvic bone area.
im having my surgery on feb.6, how long will i be off work? my doctor said none, but reading some of these storys im not sure about that?
I had the surgery yesterday morning. I researched my surgeon very carefully. It is important to get an experienced and respected urogynecological surgeon who has years of experience. I also was able to speak with two women who had the surgery with him. I am a 48 year old active Ultra marathoner and basketball player that had occasional stress incontinence. I was able to pee 300ml within two hours post surgery and have had no catheter at all. I have used no pain meds and am walking around a little but I want to be super careful about my recovery. I won't know if it was successful until I am back to running and basketball. Again, research your surgeon carefully!!
6 weeks post op with sub-urethral sling done by a urogyn. Everything has been perfect until today. I don't leak anymore and in fact, I don't get up anymore in the middle of the night to pee. My hubby has been counting down the days for that 6 week mark so we could have sex. I thought it would be great but it was awful! I have been in pain for 7 hours now and even took a pain med. My vagina hurts so bad and I am super crampy. I hope this isn't what I have to look forward to...I would have never chosen this route. I just hope I need more healing time.
march 10 2015
hello, I would like to know how these completely, happy and cured, woman are doing today since they had the sling procedure? the sling was placed in me 2010, my life has been ruined Bby the sling procedure. and i know i am not the only one. google mesh erosion, mesh complications, its not a sling, its mesh. my not have any type of sling procedure done. it will ruin your life get the word out. there is no new sling. it is all mesh none of it is good.
I had the mesh tvt put in on Feb 11, 2015. I didn't read or pay attention to all the law suits because my doctor was very confident it would help me.
Let me say, this was the worst decision EVER. I was sent home with a cath because I couldn't void. Two days later it was removed because I could void. Less than 24 hours after that I was in the ER (on valentines day) because I couldn't void again. The drew out almost 900cc of urine. I did this TWICE (voiding trial then back to the ER). Finally I started self cathing 4-7 times a day. Four weeks post op I had a Uriodynamics test to figure out what was going on. With no answers or options left we decided it was best to cut the sling. In the meantime I got a UTI and yeast infection...this all due to the self cathing and four weeks of Macrobid antibiotics, which btw wasn't working so we switched to Cipro two days before the second surgery. Today is March 29, 2015 and I am 11 days post op the second surgery. I am experiencing all the symptoms of a UTI, again. My doc thinks I may not be emptying completely, so I am self cathing. Again. The residual is not much. My main complaint is the horrendous back pain. It literally feels like back labor.
If I could warn everyone and discourage many people from doing this surgery, I feel like my suffering is worth it. Otherwise this is the worst thing I have done in my life.. Please take time and research...or invest in "pee pee pads". At this point I'd rather pee myself and move on.
Jessica Arora
I am 25 and I had my tvt surgery a week a go. I havent leaked since then apart from having the urge for a pee. But i get pain in my thighs and legs and groin area. I really hope its not permanent and just part of the recovering period. I had to get this done due to the quality of life. I am also scared about sex being painful.
Nita Gatlin
I had a pelvic organ prolapse (POP) bladder and vaginal wall surgery done 9-10-15 with an over night stay in the hospital using the device called "Uphold LITE", a non-absorbable synthetic mesh. I immediately had excruciating pain in my right buttock as if an ice pick was stuck in me and a burning sensation same place. I could not urinate on my own at discharge from hospital so a catheter was placed in me to go home. The Dr. gave me a shot up thru my vagina to work as a blocker to assist with my hip pain. Dr. had hoped he had hit the right area I was having the pain. But to no avail it did not help. I went to Drs on Monday, had to use wheelchair was hurting too much with hip pain. Dr removed catheter and gave another shot thru vagina in hopes to hit the correct spot. Went home but could only urinate slightly but several times that night and next day. Bladder would still feel full. Went back to Dr and he emptied 1200 out of me and put me on antibiotics and put catheter back in. Did not give me blockage shot for pain in hip hoping I would be relieved since he emptied my bladder. I am still in excruciating pain in my hip and cannot be out of bed on my feet or sitting for more than 5 minutes if even that long. I have another Dr appt Monday. I have got to have relief. The Dr says it would be a nerve in a ligament that is causing me the pain. Has anyone else experienced this happening to them and how did they get the problem fixed? Please help!! Thank you!!
Had surgery end of January. They performed tvto and a&p repair. Doctor advised I might have pain in my hips since she said cuts into those muscles to insert tape. I've have no pain in my hips. I was in the hospital overnight and sent home with a catheter for 3 days. I did encounter an infection which was constant burning and swollen vagina. I was given an oral and topical antibiotic which cleared the infection within 2 days. I've been cleared from the doctor and back to work after 6 weeks of being off. I no longer leak when I cough or laugh and I'm not constantly running to find a bathroom. First couple of times we had sex doctor told me to use a lot of lube. It was still sore not painful but it's getting better and we no longer have to use lube.
I had the surgery on May 9th along with a hysterectomy.. The first week, I slept a LOT and was very tender and sore. I started experiencing pain in my left side about 30 seconds before I have to pass gas or before a B.M. It is to the point where I want to cry when I have to go or I'm hunched over in pain. Has anyone else experienced this? I have an appointment with my doctor, but she keeps telling me I need a suppository. I don't think she is understanding that the pain starts prior, I have no problem going!
Has anyone ever had the pelvic screws/staples successfully removed? I found a dr to clip the sling and release the original implant but he won't remove the hardware...says it's too difficult.
anyone had a tvt sling operation in south africa with complications, its a tvt supris mesh sling
Tina Thompson
I Would never ever advise a cystocele with bladder sling surgery to anyone. Unless your bladder fell out onto the floor! I had mine August 2016 first my bladder was not emptying and my bladder filled up to 280 cc before the doctors caught it, and I had the Foley put back in for another 2 weeks than had to cath myself three times a day for a month. To this day I am terrified every time I have to urinate and have to hold it because I'm not sure I will make it to the restroom in time. In addition to that ever since I had this surgery I've been getting frequent diarrhea and now have bowel incontinence and now over the last couple of days I am having a very sharp pain at my incision site. I don't know what's wrong yet since my doctor has yet to call me back regarding this problem. This procedure has truly been a nightmare for me.
Joyce Gerber
I had bladder repair and hysterectomy surgery
last September. I now have lower back problems and when I walk for more than 3 minutes I get very tired and my legs feel weak. I am not sure if this is connected to my surgery or not. Has anyone else had this problem?
Hi! i just had my surgery 1 month and a week ago, the Obtryx sling and cysto, and my life is totally different now. I just have good comments and a great experience about the procedure and the doctor who performed the procedure. I had the surgery on May/1st/2017 at 11:00 am, and I left the hospital the same day around 5:00 pm, with anything on me except my medications for preventing infection and pain. I was a kind of lost for that day and the next, due to the general anesthetic, but recovering at my own house, feeling just occasional abdominal, pelvic floor pain, and on the incisions placed on the inner legs parts and having troubles on moving my right leg, but after 2 days everything went better every day; for Thursday, 3 days after surgery, I was walking by myself and performing my basics activities, and after 1 more week I turned back to my job as teacher assistant of a prek classroom, just avoiding lifting anything or walking faster. After 2 weeks the pain on my right leg disappear completly, and I started my common and simple activities as mom and working mom and wife, except having the intercourse, of course, because my doctor said that I have to wait at least 4 to 6 week to have it. I have the control of my life and my bladder again.
I had the surgery on July 19th came home the day after the only pain that I have had is in my right leg where they took the graft other then that have been able to void ok and no real pain I'm going crazy not lifting anything and 3 weeks out my house looks bad. I am going to start doing more but hope that it don't hurt anything I just cant not go grocery shopping anymore and not lift more the 10 pounds would like to know what others have done
Beverly Seach
I have my bladder sling and cystocele repair Nov 2. Now I can't hold any urine. It just flows out. I now where incontinence pads constantly. She said give it 2 mths and if no improvement another surgery. 2 mths is a long time to be urinating constantly.
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I had a pelvic floor lift and had the mesh put in to avoid having incontinence later. It's been 6 months since the surgery and all has gone well until now. I started feeling the pelvic floor falling especially after I had lunch and my bowels we're pushing it down. I now have a place inside the vaginal where the mesh is poking through. My husband says he can feel it during sex. The surgeon wants to go in and clip the area on the mesh and sew the skin over. The surgery is scheduled in 2 weeks.

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