Tympanoplasty, also called eardrum repair, refers to surgery performed to reconstruct a perforated tympanic membrane (eardrum) or the small bones of the middle ear. Eardrum perforation may result from chronic infection or, less commonly, from trauma to the eardrum.


The tympanic membrane of the ear is a three-layer structure. The outer and inner layers consist of epithelium cells. Perforations occur as a result of defects in the middle layer, which contains elastic collagen fibers. Small perforations usually heal spontaneously. However, if the defect is relatively large, or if there is a poor blood supply or an infection during the healing process, spontaneous repair may be hindered. Eardrums may also be perforated as a result of trauma, such as an object in the ear, a slap on the ear, or an explosion.

The purpose of tympanoplasty is to repair the perforated eardrum, and sometimes the middle ear bones (ossicles) that consist of the incus, malleus, and stapes. Tympanic membrane grafting may be required. If needed, grafts are usually taken from a vein or fascia (muscle sheath) tissue on the lobe of the ear. Synthetic materials may be used if patients have had previous surgeries and have limited graft availability.


In the United States, ear disorders leading to hearing loss affect all ages. Over 60% of the population with hearing loss is under the age of 65, although nearly 25% of those above age 65 have a hearing loss that is considered significant. Causes include: birth defect (4.4%), ear infection (12.2%), ear injury (4.9%), damage due to excessive noise levels (33.7%), advanced age (28%), and other problems (16.8%).


There are five basic types of tympanoplasty procedures:

Depending on its type, tympanoplasty can be performed under local or general anesthesia. In small perforations of the eardrum, Type I tympanoplasty can be easily performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. An incision is made into the ear canal and the remaining eardrum is elevated away from the bony ear canal, and lifted forward. The surgeon uses an operating microscope to enlarge the view of the ear structures. If the perforation is very large or the hole is far forward and away from the view of the surgeon, it may be necessary to perform an incision behind the ear. This elevates the entire outer ear forward, providing access to the perforation. Once the hole is fully exposed, the perforated remnant is rotated forward, and the bones of hearing are inspected. If scar tissue is present, it is removed either with micro hooks or laser.

Tissue is then taken either from the back of the ear, the tragus (small cartilaginous lobe of skin in front the ear), or from a vein. The tissues are thinned and dried. An absorbable gelatin sponge is placed under the eardrum to support the graft. The graft is then inserted underneath the remaining eardrum remnant, which is folded back onto the perforation to provide closure. Very thin sheeting is usually placed against the top of the graft to prevent it from sliding out of the ear when the patient sneezes.

If it was opened from behind, the ear is then stitched together. Usually, the stitches are buried in the skin and do not have to be removed later. A sterile patch is placed on the outside of the ear canal and the patient returns to the recovery room .


The examining physician performs a complete physical with diagnostic testing of the ear, which includes an audiogram and history of the hearing loss, as well as any vertigo or facial weakness. A microscopic exam is also performed. Otoscopy is used to assess the mobility of the tympanic membrane and the malleus. A fistula test can be performed if there is a history of dizziness or a marginal perforation of the eardrum.

Preparation for surgery depends upon the type of tympanoplasty. For all procedures, however; blood and urine studies, and hearing tests are conducted prior to surgery.


Generally, the patient can return home within two to three hours. Antibiotics are given, along with a mild pain reliever. After 10 days, the packing is removed and the ear is evaluated to see if the graft was successful. Water is kept away from the ear, and nose blowing is discouraged. If there are allegies or a cold, antibiotics and a decongestant are usually prescribed. Most patients can return to work after five or six days, or two to three weeks if they perform heavy physical labor. After three weeks, all packing is completely removed under the operating microscope. It is then determined whether or not the graft has fully taken.

Post-operative care is also designed to keep the patient comfortable. Infection is generally prevented by soaking the ear canal with antibiotics. To heal, the graft must be kept free from infection, and must not experience shearing forces or excessive tension. Activities that change the tympanic pressure are forbidden, such as sneezing with the mouth shut, using a straw to drink, or heavy nose blowing. A complete hearing test is performed four to six weeks after the operation.

The tympanic membrane, or ear drum, may need surgical repair when punctured (A). During a type I tympanoplasty, a perforation in the ear drum is visualized (B). A tissue graft is placed over the perforation (C) and held in place by the existing ear drum (D). (Illustration by GGS Inc.)
The tympanic membrane, or ear drum, may need surgical repair when punctured (A). During a type I tympanoplasty, a perforation in the ear drum is visualized (B). A tissue graft is placed over the perforation (C) and held in place by the existing ear drum (D). (
Illustration by GGS Inc.


Possible complications include failure of the graft to heal, causing recurrent eardrum perforation; narrowing (stenosis) of the ear canal; scarring or adhesions in the middle ear; perilymph fistula and hearing loss; erosion or extrusion of the prosthesis; dislocation of the prosthesis; and facial nerve injury. Other problems such as recurrence of cholesteatoma, may or may not result from the surgery.

Tinnitus (noises in the ear), particularly echo-type noises, may be present as a result of the perforation itself. Usually, with improvement in hearing and closure of the eardrum, the tinnitus resolves. In some cases, however, it may worsen after the operation. It is rare for the tinnitus to be permanent after surgery.

Normal results

Tympanoplasty is successful in over 90% of cases. In most cases, the operation relieves pain and infection symptoms completely. Hearing loss is minor.

Morbidity and mortality rates

There can be imbalance and dizziness immediately after this procedure. Dizziness, however, is uncommon in tympanoplasties that only involve the eardrum. Besides failure of the graft, there may be further hearing loss due to unexplained factors during the healing process. This occurs in less than 5% of patients. A total hearing loss from tympanoplasty surgery is rare, occurring in less than 1% of operations. Mild postoperative dizziness and imbalance can persist for about a week after surgery. If the ear becomes infected after surgery, the risk of dizziness increases. Generally, imbalance and dizziness completely disappears after a week or two.


Myringoplasty is another operative procedure used in the reconstruction of a perforation of the tympanic membrane. It is performed when the middle ear space, its mucosa, and the ossicular chain are free of active infection. Unlike tympanoplasty, there is no direct inspection of the middle ear during this procedure.

See also Mastoidectomy .



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Monique Laberge, Ph.D.


Tympanoplasty is usually performed on an outpatient basis by an otolaryngologist, a physician specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the ears, nose, and throat. For most adults, Type I tympanoplasty is performed in the office of the otolaryngologist with topical anesthesia at the tympanic membrane site, and subcutaneous local anesthesia injection at the graft donor site. An overnight stay is recommended if the the tympanoplasty involves ossicular replacement.


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My son had this surgery 3 years ago and there is still a coil band or surgery still 3/4 of the way into his ear drum and he only has 20% hearing in that ear?
I have had two mastoid surgerys on my right ear. The first was great, it lasted eleven years. the ear drum busted, in turn I had another operation. And guess what? I have had no ear canal for forty four years, and alot of drainage and infection, and no I do not have health insurance. THANKS for nothing Doctor in West Virginia.
Dr Maher
can i ask you about TORP and PORP technik
thank you
I am sorry for my question, but I would like to know if it is possible to execute this procedure using the membrane of an egg (chicken) ... somebody told me that they did it to him and I am not quit sure that is can be possible ... Thanks.
Prranati S Oak
It seems my eardrum has stuck to eustatian tube because of which it does not get enough air. My doc. says it can be corrected by surgery. I have mild pain on & off in my left year. When i get cold my ear is blocked. I have dry wax formation in that ear only. It sticks to eardrum & cnnot be removed easily until it is softened which I did by putting water drops in the ear. Please suggest.
itseems that i need to undergo the Tympanoplasty ....my question in that will there be any cosmetic disorders after the operation directy or inridectly?
If the doctor titles the procedure as Tympanoplasty I... but no fascia plug or graft was used just a gel-foam then EpiDisc was placed on top of the gel foam would this be considered a Tympanic membrane repair instead of Tympanoplasty CPT 69610?
Thank you for these orientation


My 3 year old son had ear tubes surgically removed about 6 months age leaving a large perforation. It was my understanding with the ENT that he could perform a tympanoplasty using an EpiDisc or piece of synetheic material to help close the hole. He said there would be a 70-80 percent chance the sugery would "take" due to his age. He mentioned it would be better to wait until the child is a little older (7-8 years old) to do the surgery for it has a better chance of "taking". Why would waiting until the child is older make a difference? What's the chance of his hearing being restored at that age? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
My son had a tympanoplasty in 2002. In using the donor skin to replace his eardrum, the doctor unfortunately opened up a new hole in the new eardrum. Just recently the eardrum replacement fell in on the bones behind it. Should I have the same surgeon repeat the surgery?
Hey, I have had lots of problems with my ear. In fact my mom told me I was born with an ear infection. At an early age I was given tubes frequently when the tube was removed anouther was put in. I remember the day I got my big hole. I was 6 years old and the doctor pulled the tube up and for the first time I cried because the doctor was messing with my ears. Pain struck my ear hard. It even started bleeding. I have had that first procedure. My ear got infected and the graft went away. That was when I was eight. I now have only 20% hearing in my left ear and it is decreasing a little more every year. I have chronic ear infections and pus that stinks really bad when it comes out. I was not allowed to swim ever because my parents thought it would lower doctor bills. I recently spoke with a mother who has a 7 year old boy who had the same problems. He had the first surgary done and it took; however, she did say some things that were a bit different then the way the procedure was done on me. She said he was opened from his canal, instead of behind his ear. He also stayed in the hospital a week in enough pain for stong pain relievers. He also had to wear a bandage that went around his head. None of these things were with me. It was 1997 when I had my procedure done. I was wondering if there has been a new procedure since then? Also if you would recommend me getting anouther tympanoplasty? I now have no health insurance and I don't want to have to pay on something the rest of my life if it is not going to work. Thanks for your answers! God bless!
Hey Lacey,
Sorry to hear that you have had so many problems with your ears.
I too have had countless ear infections since the age of 6 months, tubes put in my ears and 2 tympanoplasty surgeries.
At 48, I just had my last set put in last year. The left fell out 3 months following and the majority of my ear drum has disintegrated. Given the many many ear infections and the possibility of many more due to Eustachian Tube dysfunction, I was told, to do another tympanoplasty would create more infections. My body has disintegrated my ear drum in the attempts to regulate the air pressures without infection. So replacing the eardrum would start the cycle again. I want to be free of many attempts, and forgo the ones that fail.
So, now I am looking forward. Finding the right hearing aids for me, interesting ways to use technology to hear what I love. Aswell, I am looking into finding a stethoscope that I can use with my hearing aids. I am an RN now and love what I'm doing.
Having fun researching new hearing technologies and working out the kinks.
My motto? Never Give Up!!!
very good explanation of tympanoplasty this is very helpful for who all are looking for this topic
My daughter has had 5 surgeries ( Tympanoplasty) 3 in her right ear and 2 in her left. The last surgery was just a little over 3 weeks ago. She has had ear infections since she was 2 weeks old now she is 14. she too developed holes after surgery to regulate the air pressure. my daughter has been through hell. I just saw that her ear that she has had surgery in is leaking again. I hope it is not because she has a hole in her ear again. I hope itt is because of the surgery she just had but I am not sure about it. I saw where someone said that they do not swim because of their ears, I wanted to say that I have found that their is a swimming cap that has ear pockets in it, it works too. The ear stays dry and she is able to swim. I too was scared to let her swim, but I did not want her to miss out on swimming so when I found this cap I was happy. I still put ear plugs in her ears and then the cap. the plugs are for backup. You can find these caps on Amazon. All you have to do is type in swim caps w/ ear caps. They cost about 8.00 and well worth it. They also have other caps that you can get all you have to do is google swim caps for ear problems. I thought that I was the only one who has gone through this and now I feel like I am not alone anymore. I live in a small town where not alot of kids go through this and I have no one to talk to. It helps me to know these things. I hope the info about the swim cap helps, I wish they would invent other things that could help kids with these problems. thanks for letting me vent it has been a long road to recovery.
I had my ear operation last april 13 in aalborg Denmark it was so sad becaise it turn out really bad on my physical face right now. after my operation i feel something wrong to my right face where my rigth ear was operated. I lost my control to close my right eyes, paralyze in my right eye my taste also is gone. I was really unhappy about the out come because as far as my concern my doctor did not explain to me all what will happen to me after my operation I think we as a patient we have the all right to know what is pros and cons before or after. I was really sad because I trust him what he say aside from 90 percent of the tympanoplasty will be success. I just hope it will turn to normal again. But sad to say I found out that some will turn back to normal and some are not especially if the nerve was really damage it calleD VII NERVE. Guys to those who have some case as mine please research first and never trust what the doctor will say about it..by this time i keep trying to take some herbal and intake fish oil and vit b for the nerve to grow again. I hope so.. well I wish you all the best in life and God bless you..
I had my ear operation last april 13 in aalborg Denmark it was so sad becaise it turn out really bad on my physical face right now. after my operation i feel something wrong to my right face where my rigth ear was operated. I lost my control to close my right eyes, paralyze in my right eye my taste also is gone. I was really unhappy about the out come because as far as my concern my doctor did not explain to me all what will happen to me after my operation I think we as a patient we have the all right to know what is pros and cons before or after. I was really sad because I trust him what he say aside from 90 percent of the tympanoplasty will be success. I just hope it will turn to normal again. But sad to say I found out that some will turn back to normal and some are not especially if the nerve was really damage it calleD VII NERVE. Guys to those who have some case as mine please research first and never trust what the doctor will say about it..by this time i keep trying to take some herbal and intake fish oil and vit b for the nerve to grow again. I hope so.. well I wish you all the best in life and God bless you..
Recently, my eardrum is ruptured due to an accident. 70% of my eardrum is damaged no other damage in nerve. How much would it usually cost to perform tympanoplasty? I just have a normal health insurance. Thanks for the help!
My name is sandeep.I had many queries about tympanoplastry because just 1 month ago I had undergone tympanoplastry.I was very happy with information.Many of my doubts are clarified.I think this information would receive a loud applause if the figures of the ear drum before and after the surgery are placed.
Is it possible to fly 6 weeks after this op without causing further damage
I have to say that the Tympanoplasty surgery my ENT performed on me during my freshman year of high school (I'm now 17) I don't believe worked. After a year (fall of my sophomore year) I begin to feel a tickling feeling happening in the inner part of my ear where I could not scratch it continued and when we visited my doctor he put me on NaselNex (Sp?!) it didn't work then we visited his boss who tried to clear it up with an old school method. It worked for awhile because apparently there was a white tissue that was very unusual around a certain part of my ear. However then I began to put kleenex or cotton in my ear and wax would come out. Now it's still wax but it's incredibly liquidy I've been getting a nausea/dizziness feeling and we recently visited him and he cleaned out all the wax, yet the next day it was bothering me again.

We're going for a second opinion as recommend by my doctor but he's beginning to think that I might not be able to handle the pressure in my ear and need the hole reinserted. All I'm saying to all you parents with kids like me who have perferated eardrums/hearing loss I feel like my hearing has gone down in that ear (plus the right still hasn't been fixed) if I'm not paying attention I'll completely miss what people say or if I'm in a loud room I can't hear people talking to me. Be careful with the Tympanoplasty surgery they say that my symptoms that I'm feeling are very rare but they know it's serious because it's gone on for over a year and a half.

My parents pushed for it because they didn't want me to have a hearing aid but now I wish that they would have seen the other side because I'm in more pain than I've ever been in before. I'm not saying not to get the surgery but definitely talk about a hearing aid before you do or if you do get the surgery and your child starts to have these symptoms believe them because it took a long time for me to convince my parents and doctor of what I was feeling.
My son is having this surgery done on his right ear on July 28th @ 5:30 am. and he's had tubes put in his ears twice.. and the doctor told him if he didn't have this surgery that he would lose all hearing in both ears... I guess this is why he has to turn the tv wide open when he is watching tv or playing video games and he's 15 yrs old now and all this with his ears has been going on since he was born.. Please pray that this will fix his ear problems cause it's been going on long enough...
I had this surgery done in March of 2010 after a drunk jet skier hit the tube I was in. There are not any cosmetic disorders that are noticeable. My left ear (the hurt one) is now higher than the right but no one notices until I tell them. He cut my ear from the back and I have a large scar but no one can tell unless you show them because it is behind the ear. It did take me a full week to recover. I slept the whole week. A few months after the surgery I was still hearing popping and my ear still hurt. I went back to the doctor to learn the new eardrum he built had pulled away from my inner ear. I just had surgery again where he packed my ear with gelfoam. This surgery is way less painful then the first surgery. Hopefully I will be fixed soon and can return to my jet ski!
i had one of the tympanoplasty surgeries where my eardrum was replaced by skin graph its been almost a week since surgery and i feel fine but every time i swallow i get a popping sensation in my ear.does this mean that the surgery was unsuccessful?
i had this operation a week ago tomorrow i have an appointment with the doctor to remove the bandages, I must say it was not easy the first couple of days i had a puffy face and the noise was incredible it felt like Lord of The Rings movie was playing inside my ear the whole time, after 5 days the puffy face went back to normal and l hear less of that noise now, the perforation i had was a small one according to my surgeon i lived with it for 30 years (infections, swimming problems, flying ear pains and the whole deal you know) it costed me a week of not being able to work and might take another week to fully recover i dont know how successfull the graft is they should be to tell tomorrow. I have not made up my mind about the surgery I mean if it goes successful i will have no trgrets but if it doesnt i will have my doubts about the 90% success ration as I hear a lot of complaints and lots of people had it bad, I am like so many of you was not told about the risks I am exposing myself to by accepting going under the knive but that is medicin in this day and age for some hospitals it is easy money because this operation is not a life risking one and you can never tell how successful it is, so for those who are about to take this op i say weigh your options. good luck.
I had Tympanoplasty w/ mastoidectomy just a week ago. I am a 51-year-old female who apparently has had an ongoing issue with my right ear. As a kid I did suffer from ear infections, but not anything alarming. As an adult I have had a couple of minor infections but recently I had one infection that wouldn't go away and I had a perforated eardrum.The perforation didn't heal so I was sent to an ENT. He immediately noticed that I had a cholesteotoma on the back of my eardrum which was causing the hole in the eardrum. I was scheduled for the procedure and had it done a week ago. The pain after surgery was awful, and I have a high pain tolerance. I am having less pain as time goes on. I have no idea if the procedure was a success or not, I go back to the doctor tomorrow. It is frustrating to not be able to hear from the ear, because it is packed with antibiotic and the gel pack is on the eardrum. I'm praying for success and hopeful for the future. Two of my 3 kids have had this same surgery because of many ear infections. I knew it was a painful surgery and I was very sympathetic with my kids when they had it done, but after I had the procedure I had a whole new sympathy for them and all the others who go through this procedure. Good luck and a healthy future to all who have this done.
ihad a ear drum replaced today at the shea ear clinic in memphis tn this is the 4th one a local doc jw dabbs replaced both of them in florence al when i was 11 or 12 they worked great for a long tme before they went bad coyle shea replased my right ear bones and drum 4 years ago and it is doing great i thank god for the gift these people have to let him work threw them with theyre talents the doctor today has to love it his name is john emmit jr shea he is 86 years old and still helping people he has performed over 10,000 of these surgerys you know he is not doing it for the money i would have retired a long time ago. just google shea ear clinic for info on the procedures they can do its amazing there is hope out there buy the way they can help tinitus also which is ringing in the ear i was amazed how queit it can be without it after my last redo
Gul-E Rana
My left eardrum hole has been repaired through the procedure of Tympanoplasty four weeks ago. Now, I want to go back on work. Is it safe to uplift weight about 50 lbs after surgery. if yes, for how long should avoid to carry weight for complete recovery?
I had the tympanoplasty surgery done a week back on my left ear. I had the perforation for about 5 to 6 years now and atleast once in a year i use to have this infected because of water getting through the perforation when i bathe.and when this happens it troubles atleast for a week or 2

So far it looks to be holding good.I had the outer packing removed today and have the cotton filled in my ear and held externally by a small bandage.

My next visit to the Doc is after 2 weeks from today when he would remove the cotton and see if the graft has held up or not.

Some of the things that iam experiencing post surgery are.sound in my ear(tick-tick) when i swollow something..constant feeling like a slow wind blowing out of my ear...
Apart from this there is slight drowziness due to the medication that the Doc has prescribed.

As i checked with the Doc today iam still not suppose to take head bath for next 2 weeks until he has checked the ear and seen how the graft has held up.

Some precautions that need to be taken care for 2 to 3 weeks more are
1. No sleeping on the side of the operated ear.
2. No hard nose blowing
3. No weight lifting etc.but less sternes exercises like jogging, running etc can be done.

The surgery itself is not physically difficult on you but the inconvinence of having the ear stapped with bandage and not being able to hear well for sometime is a little inconvinent at most.

To all those who have gone through the surgery and recovering.Get Well Soon!
and to those who have decided to go for the surgery.Best of Luck!
I had tympanoplasty (ear drum graft) operation 4 months ago. An hour after release from the hospital, blood gushed from the ear, mouth and nose and ER got it stopped. The surgeon prescribed ear drops. Two weeks later blood drained down my neck in church, another trip to the emergency room. It has been draining blood off and on for four months. It stopped 3 weeks ago and I thought I was out of the woods, but tonight it is bleeding again. The surgeon is evasive and is surprised, can't understand what I'm doing to make my ear bleed (I am not causing it). Has anyone out there had this problem and what was the outcome? It is scary. Thank you. ellahav@hotmail.com
I had undergone tympanoplasty suregery on my left ear 2 months back. I still feel some numbness around my ear. Could you please explain how is it and how long it will take to be normal condition.
my husband is being seeing at the mayo and will be undergoing surgery soon. His ear drum has fallen back and is collapsed against the ear wall further into the ear canal than it should be, his hearing bones are also deteriorated and they are concerned about growths behind the ear drum that can grow together [benign we are told] but they can grow through the skull bone and up into the brain and cause problems. He will be having his hearing bones replaced with a prosthetic device and they will be using the outer ear cartilage nub [near your cheek]to help repair the ear drum and place it in the ear correctly and keep it away from the ear wall. If they do not have enough cartilage they will be using cadaver cartilage we were told. They will also be putting in a permanant tube and he will be able to go swimming with this type of tube and not worry about getting his ear wet at all. They will be using two surgeons for the procedure and they will be going in through the ear canal and they will also be drilling a whole through the skull behind his ear. They have told him overnight in the hospital and then about a 3 week recovery with no work of any kind. They have not guaranteed him his hearing back they have been great in prepping him for worst case scenario which is no hearing or little improvement and also because of the drilling behind the ear there are nerves there that could be damaged and cause some facial muscles to relax [droop]. They have been wonderful with educating him and letting him see the camera scope and the ct scan that was done and they have answered all his questions. He is prepared for the worst case scenario but is hopeful it will come out positive.
I am also one of the unfortunate people having recurrent ear infections and malfunction of the Eustachian Tube. Many grommets have been put in my ear drum and one of them fell into the middle ear. Doctor said this was almost unheard of and it was only found out very recently (after probably 2-3 years since I noticed a popping sound in the ear when I moved my head). Ear drum was perforated and did not heal. I did the tympanoplasty 3 weeks ago - but no help yet on the hearing loss. And also not sure about whether the recurrent infections (due to malfunction of teh Eustachian Tube) will stop. But of course, the glue ear and the tinnius are all still present. Good luck to everyone having ear problems - only you know how hard it is when you have really experienced!

From: KK
hello! i have sister that she had undergone tympanoplasty surgery on her left ear 5 months back. she said that theres still appears fluid in her ears. How long will it take to recover from the surgery? Could you please explain how is it and how long it will take to be normal condition.
i have sister that she had undergone tympanoplasty surgery on her left ear 6 months back. why still appears fluid in her ear. How long will it take to recover from the surgery? Could you please explain how is it and how long it will take to be normal condition.
Just read your blog about your tympanoplasty. Was just wondering how it was going? I had my surgury 2 weeks ago today and I am like you and hear the slow wind blowing or hear myself breathing through my ear. Not being able to hear fully is really bothering me. I go back to the doctor next week but just hope that the graft has held up.
I am scheduled for the tympanoplasty surgery in a week. I have about a 25% perforation in my ear. I am reading through all these posts and am mortified. I was informed of some risks but not of the odds. I am doing this because of intermittent ear infections and several perforations that have healed several times over the years. I can hear just fine but I am unable to do diving, I get disoriented. But after hearing all these stories I am not as concerned about being able to dive, more about keeping my hearing, feeling in my ear, taste in my taste buds and not gaining the ringing in my ears. Since I can hear and only worries I have are about keeping the ear dry while swimming to avoid infection, Should I do this surgery?
after one month of my eardrum surgry i am suddenly feeling my ear is blocked. what is the cause?
My daughter has a hole in the ear drum, but to be honest it hasnt interfered with her job until now. She wanted to be air hostess, she applied for a job at a well known company. She flew through the inteview got the job on the count that her medical was fine. But she had her job to away from her due to her ear problem. she is deverstated. What i want to know If she decided to have tympanoplasty operation would it work and would it help her if she went for a nother company. and would flying make her ear any worse in the long run. Are would it be adviced to just leave it alone. As i have been reading the comments above it seams that its not that successful. I want the best formy daughter please be honest with your answer thank you
I had this surgery three weeks ago. I'm 35 and a full-time working mom. I had my surgery on a Thursday, and was back to work on Monday. Other than feeling groggy the day-after I've been fine, minimal discomfort from my ear. I did not take pain medication, just used Tyelol with Codein to help me sleep at night as I usually sleep on my side where my surgery was performed. I had more issues with the rash I developed from an allergy to the medical adhesive on the tape used after the removal of my IV, but other than that it was an unremarkable experience. I do have moments of dizziness, but no more than what I had experienced previously, nothing that would cause me to worry. I go back in a few weeks to visit with my surgeon to check on my progress. Success cannot yet be determined as the graft can take months to heal. My surgeon did open my ear up from behind, and I have stitches under the skin behind my ear.

My background: I had a perforated eardrum for over 17 years caused by a careless ENT who had removed a tube in my ear along with 1/3 of the eardrum tissue. I never had any issues until a skiing trip about 15 months ago where a cold turned into a really bad sinus infection that later gave me an ear infection that did not go away. My ear was uncomfortable, inflamed and infected. I saw my ENT specialist every other month with almost no improvement even with the countless use of expensive ear drops and oral anti-biotics. I was given a referral to another ENT Specialist in Los Angeles, they helped with the infection by using a simple and cheap vinegar/water ear swish I would drop into my ear every morning. This helped the inflamation and infection so that my surgeon could finally feel comfortable enough to recommended surgery to repair the perforation.

The risks of this surgery are all over the internet, and the clinics do give you a large list of complications that could arise. I consider myself fortunate that the doctors and nurses were very skilled.
I am scheduled for this procedure in a week. Is there anyone who has had excellent results? with a supposed 90% success rate, It would be great to hear some of the more positive testimonials- What I have read here has been great, but sobering information- thank you for taking the time to contribute.
Ours is a rare case, but it might be helpful information for some parents out there. My son had tubes inserted at age 1 due to numerous ear infections with complications. Unfortunately the tube holes in both eardrums failed to heal after tubes came out. At age 5 the worse of the two eardrums was repaired with a graft. The "new" eardrum has performed well for two years, but now it is "sucking in" due to an ineffective eustacian tube. His hearing has suffered over last few months. Doc says we now must put a tube in the repaired eardrum to save it. So his next surgery is in 3 weeks, and will consist of repairing the other ruptured eardrum with a graft, and putting a tube into the other "sinking" eardrum. Lesson learned is that all these procedures are delicate and none are 100% foolproof. We had to put in the initial tubes because the ear infections were severe and not responding well to antibiotics. However, DO NOT PUT TUBES IN THE CHILD'S EARS UNLESS YOU AND YOUR DOCTOR DECIDE IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!
I have done with my tympanoplasty mastoidoctomy last May 11, 2011.. and after 3 weeks the colds occurred.. I sneezed more times in heavy force. I feel my hearing was totally blocked... what should i do? and this coming June 8 i have scheduled to meet my surgeon.
Hi my son is scheduled for this operation on 23 june and after reading this site I wonder should he just leave well enough alone - have there been any successes with this procedure? would love to hear from someone with positive results
my mother had a maryingoplasty in 1993.since last 2 years she had recurrent infection of the operated year.since feb.2011 she again had ear infection and vertigo, the doc. diagnosed it 'bppv' and another hole in tympanic membrane.the doctor says there is no treatment.please suggest treatment.
I am a 28 yr old female. I had the surgery done back about 15 years ago. Maybe a few more than that. I had busted my eardrum with a qtip (Smart! HAHA) About 6 years ago I got a really bad inner ear infection, which were extremely common since I got the surgery. Atleast 5 or 6 a year I was getting now. I'm not quite too sure what happened, but ever since then I have had pretty much constant smelly drainage from only that ear. I have off and on hearing loss. On normal days, Im at about only 75% hearing in that ear. Anytime I get a cold or my allergies start acting up it drains worse. And swimming is out of the question. Honestly, I would suggest against the surgery. Recovery wasn't that bad but if there are other options you have to look into, definitely pursue all avenues. :) .. Hope this helps ..
I have a perforation in my left ear drum. I have not had any infections in my ear. The main problem I have is some hearing loss. My doctor says the perforation may heal but has not changed in the past 5 months. Should I have tympanoplasty surgery or just live with this the rest of my life. The main complaint I have is that it is very irritating. I deal with the public in my work and it is tiresome for them to have to repeat everything.
Also, can you get a perforation by have your ears cleaned out? Just say that the Nurse that is flushing the ear out puts too much pressure and suddenly you have excrutiating pain in that ear.
Next thing you know, you have a perforation.
pawan chavan
i done my left tympanoplspasty in 3 months ago due to hearing loss and pus formation. Pus stopped but there is minor hearing loss.
I had this op over a year ago and still have discomfort and an "odd" pressure feeling is thisnormal?
3 years ago i had tympanoplasty (for central perforation) but my experiance was bad after that i had regular problem of infection and now my doctor again suggestto operate on the same ear.
is it ok to undergo operation (again n again). now my doctor again saying to operate also on nose which is regularly block. so may be coz of this blockage pressure is developing on that side of eardrum.

please suggest me should i again perform the operation
i had the surgery and after 6 month i had a pain and checked with the doctor just to know that i have perforation once again in my ear .again the same solution is to get a surgery done.
really tensed as i may lose my hearing .
I have had 5 tympanoplasty and going to my 6th one on next week. The doctor does not know what is wrong but my tympanic membrane keeps tearing. Does anyone have had an unsuccesful tympanoplasty?
Thank you
I have undergone this type of procedure all the way from Type 1 to Type V nine times (4 on the right and 5 on the left) during the course of my life at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles. First 7 surgeries were performed by Dr. William House and the remaining two by Dr. Brackman. Due to having the mumps at the time of having my tonsils removed, the resulting infection effected both ears. The first seven surgeries began when I was 7 yrs. old in 1958 and were completed following my freshamn yr. in college. Dr. House told my parents that without the surgery, i would have become deaf by the time I was 18.Procedure held up until just last year at the age of 59 when I required a "revision" due to deteration in my left ear. Required a two step process (May 2010) which was just completed 3 weeks ago (Aug 2011). Hearing has already improved. I highly recommend to anyone who has an ear "problem" to contact the House Clinic. They require no referals by your Dr. Excellant Providers and Very caring professionals!
My doctor suggests that I have to undergo tympanoplasty surgery due to frequent infection of my perforated middle ear. May I know if a patient remains naked during this type of procedure?
Thank you.
My son has just been to see the ENT doctor yesterday. He is 10 years old.

He has had recurring ear infections over the years, has had tubes put in his ears twice and now has fluid in his ears with significant hearing loss.

The doctor has suggested a tympanoplasty in one ear that he says has a perforation in it probably from the tubes that were put in his ears.

In the other ear, he wants to put a tube in that one.

The doctor says my son has about 40 decibels of hearing loss and probably won't get hearing completely restored in the ear that will get the tympanoplasty.

But, says that the ear that is getting the tube will probably require repeat operations (tubes) over the years until he just grows out of it.(most of the time in mid to late teens)

My question is: If what i keep hearing is true and tubes can cause the perforations, then why would a doctor knowingly suggest this course of treatment? Almost sounds like reaching a point of diminishing returns..

Can someone please explain to me what other options are out there? It almost sounds like once you get on this carousel, it's never ending..

Frustrated father in Texas.
1 Adnoidectomy,5 set of Tubes, a partial mastoidectomy, and three typmpanoplastys, and one choelesteoma later Im feed up with ear surgeries, is there any other options? Maybe just plug up my ears and give me a BAHA? Nothing has helped...my last right ear tympnoplasty with surgical steal implant seems to be holding for now, but now the left has gone wrong again :( Eustashian Tube Dysfunction is HORRIBLE!!
Hope Hoffman
I just had Tympanoplastyy Surgery on my Left Ear yesterday and I have to say that it is very painful after surgery, and I pray after reading what I have read, I Pray that it was worth the Surgery. Previous to this surgery, 1 year ago I had to have a tub placed in the left ear and the tube is what caused a hole as it was taken out by a Nurse Practitioner . She claimed that it was out but as she went to remove it from my ear,I felt a hard pull and it hurt extremely bad. That is my experience with ear surgeries. And I pray that I am not looking forward to anymore surgeries.
To all that has had or going to have the Tympanoplastyy Surgery, I wish you the best and rest and do as the doctors say afterwards.God Bless you all.
I had tympanoplasty surgery last August at a Duke Medical Clinic in NC and I most say I am very lucky that I did not experience any of the problems mentioned here. I understand that hearing improvement won't happen until a few months after the procedure although I already noticed a slight improvement. The only problem I temporarily experienced was a funny taste in my mouth but it's gradually going away.
i want to join airforce flying branch but there is whole in my eardrum.
is it possible for me?
even after the operation.
I am 47 yrs old and had a blow to my ear causing a perferated eardrum at age 19.I had the tympanoplasty surgery and assumed all was well.Thru the years ive had many ear infections,and a drainage from my ear that is smelly.When the weather gets humid my ear gets clogged and feels full .If i tug on my ear lobe a can feel the pressure relieved ,but then it comes back.Recently ive had trouble with pain in my ear and the surrounding area,mostly at night when laying down,It even hurts in my head?When i get out of bed a while the pain is relieved.Ive been to ear dr a few years back and he did a cat scan and hearing test and all are good.So why do i have so much pain and drainage in my ear?Is this something that i need to be concerned about?What can be done to correct these issues?
I had a burn in my left ear over 3 months ago. I went to a hospital er the day it happend. they gave me drops & pain medicine & told me it should heal in about 10 days. After 3 weeks I saw my family doctor & he sent me to a ent. After 3 visits & 3 months the burn spot & a piece of metal that was stuck to my ear drum fell off exposing a large hole in it. The ent wants to perform tympanoplasty 1 graft. The hole won't close up naturally because of the skin around the hole has hardend. The ent says the success rate is 90% + for this operation. I believe its more like 50% Has any one had a graft after a burn perforation, & how were the results? What about Urine & blood tests? The Ent has not scheduled these. I have an appointment weth a audiologist. I have alot of pain, but the pain is a lot less if I have an ear plug in the right ear.
I had my 6th surgery 2 weeks ago, it was tympanoplasty, mastoidectomy and cholestoma. I have my check up appointment next friday and I hope this time my ear drum remains sealed.
I had to have this surgery due to shoving a Qtip through my entire ear drum, whoops. For anyone who has to have this surgery to shower as normally as possible I recommend ear plugs. My doctor told me to use cotton balls and vaseline to block out any water during a shower and to put cotton balls in to keep out infections any other time. I hated having to clean my ear terrified of harming myself in the proccess and it took a very large amount of my time to clean my ear and to apply all it to make sure no water could get in. I use Mack's Pillow Soft earplugs. (google to see example ) They are silicone earplugs for almost everything. I checked with my doctor to see if all was okay for me to do this and he say'd it would be absolutely alright. All that you need to be careful of is placing the earplug and removing the earplug with too much force. It is so much easier to shower and much much less nerve racking. I hope this helps anyone other there I know it helped me out!
James dooley
Hi, when i was younger i was told by doctor that i have a large perforation in eardrum. Tympanoplasty was performed by making an incision behind my ear.The operation wwasnt completely succesfull but my hole is much smaller now. My hearing is pretty good but i rreally want to be able to enjoy swimming. Could i get another tympanoplasty operation performed but through the ear canal on local anesthesia instead of an incision behind the ear. thanks
I had a Tympanoplasty/Mastoidectomy(removed a CHOLESTEATOMA) on my right ear about 6-weeks ago here in Kansas City. Thought things were fine. Went to my doctor a week after the surgery, he said looked good no infection no problems. Went to him a few weeks later, still no problems. At that time it had been about 5 weeks since the operation. So now Im feeling pressure in my ear. And based off of previous experiences, I know in my mind it is infected. So I call my doctor and make a visit. Sure enough the ear is infected. And Im shocked. He tells me to do this rinse with white vinegar/and rubbing alcohol for 7 days. Im still feeling pressure in my ear. So then yesterday I go back to the doctors office, and he gives me a product called CRESYLATE. Says it has acid in in and changes the P/h in your ear and that bacteria and fungus dont like it. Tells me to do this stuff for 7 days.

Im confused as to what has caused the infection? Especially after going (2) times to the doctor within 5 weeks post surgery and there not having been any infection, and now all the sudden there is an infection again? ANY IDEAS TO WHAT THE PROBLEM IS? THANKS
Ive had grommets put into both of my ears for at least 5 times.
This is because I have fluid inside my ears and they form into bubbles that crackle and pop every single time i open up my mouth causing blockage in my ears that will not unblock unless i sniff.
The ear specialist that i go to say that this is very rare and they have not seen anything like it before, and they are guessing it is caused because the hole in my ear drum is not big enough for fluid to flow out once it gets in.They say they have no other ways to treat it besides continuously inserting grommets into my ears every time they fall out.Besides that they say they could cut open my neck and take the muscle from there and put it into my ear but are not sure that it will be successful and might end up in the same result as the grommets being put in.
Is there any other ways to treat this?
I would be grateful if you could get back to me!
I had my eardrum graft taken from the the side of my face from the part of the skin attached to the ear this was done 6 days ago I still have the packing in my ear and this will not be removed for 10 days. So far I did not loose my taste buds, I was advised there was slim chance of having a lasting metal taste. I do hear my own voice loadly in my head and I am hearing rushing noises and wind like sounds hoplfully these will pass. They feel like the noises when you had a bad infection in your ear. I cant tell if my hearing has inproved or gotten any worse as yet. I am getting the feeling of wetness when I touch the part of dressing sticking out from the ear. I do have to consider having the other ear done but I will be honest I do notwant to consider as I dont yet feel the result of my proceedure as yet but these are early days yet. I still need the pain killers.ithank you all for comments I wish you all well i will keep you posted.
I had surgery for eardrum replacement a week and a half ago. My eardrum was very scarred and thick from previous tympanplasty four years ago. I showed a decrease in hearing this year and am hopeful that this procedure will restore some of the hearing loss as well as prevent infections. I have had no dizziness since surgery nine days ago, however I have experienced pain in the ear canal. Two tylenol every four hours has been effective for the most part in managing the pain. I have found that the pain is worse at night. I have taken an antibiotic, my ear is packed, have had some bleeding which has gotten less. I return for a check-up in three days and look forward to positive feedback from my doctor. I feel I want to give myself every chance to be as healthy as I can be. My prayers are for a successful and complete recovery. Your comments have been very helpful. Thank you for sharing!
I had this surgery 12/3/2011, I woke up with pain in my mouth. I couldn't eat or drink without any food hurting my tongue. Now I have NO taste buds. I have had this surgery once before on my LEFT ear, and the ENT decided to do the Right ear. With a mastoidectomy ? Has anyone had this problem? I can not taste, spice(from onions to habanero spice), chocolate, meats list goes on! I hate spicey food and recently I can eat any food and it doesn't bother me!

Has anyone had this problem? I would like it to come back! Any craving I have has been left unsatisfied because I eat what I am craving and nothing happens!

28 Male healthy except for my hearing, and now my taste..!
Hey I had a tympanoplasty done last wednesday. Everything looked good but now everytime I swallow my ear pops, and sometimes I think I feel air in my ear whenever I breathe. Does this mean it didnt work>? if it didnt, would they just do another surgery? Im doing it because Im joining the Marines and they say I have to have it fixed before I can join.
Hi i would like to Find out after my operation can i still go for my exercise as usual thank you
HI Im REn I had tympanoplasty last year my 1o% fracture is not perfectly sealed but it become 5% rupture in my ear drum...My Doctor said it have a big chance that my 5% ruptured will be healed without another surgery...would you think that this is true??...what food will help me in my ear problem??
Has anyone had positive results with the Tympanoplasty surgery? Also has anyone ever had an ENT try a different approach where the doc tries to simulate the eardrum to regrow by touching the edges of the drum with something? I found this info on this site- entassociates.com/perforation.htm
I have just had this procedure done and I wanted to find someone that has it done to speak to and see if the things that are happening to me post op is normal. please someone reply! i feel like im going out of my mind. I am hearing noises in my ear..like a pulsing sound and a ringing sound..is this normal? and i woke up this morning and my voice was very loud for me ear..is this normal too? I am really worried that this is the way im gonna be left. If you have had these symptoms..when do they go? I would really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you [:)]
I had this surgery a week ago today,I had to have a general anaesthetic as there was a bit of extra work to do and I also had to stay overnight in hospital as I have issues with low blood pressure.Got home Friday and was managing fine with difene and codeine,until early Saturday morning when the pain became unbearable,went to my doctor and it turns out I have an infection :-(So now I am on an antibiotic,morphine tablet and anti inflammatory,I am constantly dizzy and feeling generally bad,back with my consultant on Tuesday,really hope this has all been worth it!!Will let you all know.
I had a hole in my ear drum since many years, And i had this surgery last year april 2011, but after surgery it has got worst..most of the time my ear used to be like something blockage is in my ears(like cotton). i have to Plug my nose and blow air to clear my ears then i can hear clearly.but after some time again it happens..and after i bathe fuild comes out of the right ear.
i consulted the doctor who operated me, he said its the "Eustashian Tube Dysfunction"..and he gave me "LAZINE tablets" for cold..today after one year my ear is paining and am very much worried about it.
And the most horrible thing is that am craven for any operation.
Am really frustrated... please help me..
I underwent tympanoplasty for my left ear one month ago, it was incision behind ear.I did't experience any problem that above stated.I found there was an improvement in hearing too.Im with positive hope for future.two days back my doctor tested and shown me my healing membrane through endoscopy.After 15 Days i have to go for next surgery for my right ear.Important things to do after operation are taking best food,no head bath, and regular intake of antibiotics.
I just going out my fourth graph is deteriorating and was wondering if these tours of thina have a average lengh that theU last...
how long does the tympanoplasty operation take my 6yr old daughter is having this done in 3weeks time
Crystal(comment 45, July 5, 2011, 4:16 pm)?

I was looking through this site since I most likely have to get the
surgery again because I got another hole, but this time they want to
use cartilage instead of fascia which is supposed to be more robust.
I stumbled on your comment about having frequent infection,
hearing loss, and drainage with a fetid odor from your ear. It's rare,
but I think you may want to have that checked by an ENT if you haven’t
already to be sure it’s not a cholesteatoma. I had to get my ear checked
for one by CT before I could do the surgery.
After reading all the posts, I'm somewhat reluctant to go forward with my surgery in two weeks. I ruptured my eardrum two months ago after doing an ear wash. Unbeknownst to me, I had an infection at the time and the ear wash blew out my eardrum. Next to child birth, it was the most horrible pain I have ever experienced in my life. I saw my primary care doctor the following day who misdiagnosed me, saying I had a "ball of wax" in front of my ear drum and referred me to an ENT. She did say I had a horrible infection, so she did not want to attempt to remove the wax. The ENT could see the rupture with a scope and ordered a CT and hearing evaluation. The CT confirmed 50% of my ear drum is ruptured and the hearing evaluation confirmed mild to moderate hearing loss. Aside from the frustration of the decrease in hearing and a feeling of fullness in my ear, I have no other irritants. I'm more concerned with having general anesthisia, then I am with the success of the surgery. Did anyone have the procedure done under procedural/IV sedation? I hate the idea of general, since you are put into an induced coma and unable to breath on your own.
Tilly Harrison
My 10 year old son had this operation yesterday on the NHS in Coventry and it is amazing - he seems to be in no pain despite having his ear packed to help the graft take and 5 stitches where the ear was reattached after the operation. Too early to say whether it will be successful but so far everything is going smoothly. I was very worried about pain and discomfort after reading all this posts but it seems that only the problem cases get reported so just wanted to add a positive note - it can be a problem-free procedure!! He has not needed any pain relief today. Best wishes to all parents of children facing this operation - it's a difficult decision.
Jane peters
Hi I on the waiting list to have my ear drum repaired was meant to have it done last year but I cancelled as I was scared, but now I struggle at work to hear properly and am fed up when I can't make out what people are saying if there s a lot of background noise. They said I could have a local anaesetic and sedation as I m scared of a general anaesetic ,but don t know what to do for the best.it s making me so anxiety and depressed as I want so much to have it done but fear just takes over. My family and husband think I'm silly so I feel like I'm on my own..as anyone else felt like this x
hi i had also undergone tempanoplasty surgery 6 mos ago.before hearing test result into mild hearing loss and after the surgery my hearing test result into both ear normal hearing...still i felt some ear pain inside and around the wound it hurts sometime especially when i got into work. is this is a normal healing process or complications? I would like to know if this can affect into my career or taking medical exam?
i had tympanoplasty surgery 6 months back for my right ear..
hi my name is neelima, i had undergone tympanoplasty surgery for my left ear 6 months back under general anesthesia...the surgery was very terrific...its not went well, am going to have another surgery mastoid and tympanoplasty surgery next week for the same ear.hope it will be success...
I had a perforation and got tympanoplasty and thee earbomes repaired last 1st May 2012.ear pack was removed after 10days and another ear pack replaced a which was removed after 20days.i didnt have any problem till then. But after the ear pack was removed.After th e ear pack go
t remov ed,my hear ing improved a lot but i started getting a ringing sound and its ther for the last 3 months now.I called up the Ent Surgeon and he says it will 100percent go away.Please advice as the sound is very irritating and loud sometimes..
sanjay chauhan
My wife had tympanoplasty with cartical mostoidectomy surgery on 31 october 2012 under general anesthesia. can some body tell me about the possible complications of the surgery...
I had this surgery along side with the mostoidectomy 7 years ago when i was 11, the surgery was a complete success leaving me with probably better hearing than my other ear. However from time to time it does get blocked up with wax and is mild pain now and then (even more so when i have a cold or flu)
I would like to say how it is a painless procedure but i'd be lying. It was the worst 3 weeks of my life the pain was unbearable at times and still is, but not very often.
As long as you look after it for example excessive loud noises or swimming too often and keep it clean with ear drops if it gets blocked the chances of complications aren't very high.
Hope this has helped.
Alicia Pyaar
I found the perfect place for my needs. Contains wonderful and useful messages.
I had a tympanoplasty surgery on my left ear 3 years ago and my right ear last week along with a mastoidectomy and hearing aid implant the pain from this surgery last week is way worse then the first one but it was a lot more work done this time my left ear healed fine the hearing is still dull however the doc said I have to have some bones put back in my left ear but the infection in my right ear got really bad it was smelling and leaking everyday I feel real comfortable with both surgery s which I feel was done by some of the best doctors inthe world right here in my hometown of Baltimore at university of MD I do have appointments to have my left ear cleaned about 3 or 4 times a year at theatat the university of MD Ent clinic I had several tubes put in my ear as a kid I feel much better now as for pain I don't use pain pills I just smoke some bud and it relaxes the nerves which ain't approved by my doc but it helps a lot
With age 16 I was hit underwater, big hole was left in my ear drum, we waited month and it did not close. I then had tympanoplasty, hearing improved significantly ...don't know hat it was before the injury, but after tympanoplasty it was at least as good as the healthy ear. 10 years later I got my PADI (diver) certification, until then I did not have any problems with my ear. Diving was not good for my ear drum, Dr. said tympanoplasty stiffend it a little, so equalizing was not good and produced ear drum inflamation ...hat to stop diving. 10 more years have passed with minor complications: some ear popping once in a while while speaking, very anoying ...I even stoped snorkeling, most problems are gone. Lately I get often cerumen obtrusion in winter in that ear (every 3-4 weeks). All in all I have been very lucky with the tympanoplasty results and evolution, only the minor handycaps as compared to the other ear.
Can someone give me a rough estimate of how much a tympanoplasty would cost me? According to the surgeon it will only take hour and a half for my left ear, and I failed to ask the cost.Thanks.
I just had my second tympanoplasty procedure yesterday and I am almost 23 years old I had my first tympanoplasty procedure when I was 14 I think the first procedure the graft didn't stick and it collapsed I hope this procedure will be last one I have had problems with my right ear for quite some time now I also had some of my inner ear bone shaved too so the doctor can see my inner ear drum better with a microscope I have had severe hearing loss on my right side and I hope my hearing has improved this time if not then I can live with permanent hearing loss I suppose.
Can someone help me understanding how much will it cost for tympanoplasty surgery if we have good insurance coverage? My doctor told me that would cost like some thousands of dollars, is that true? Thanks,
Hi, My wife had a combined approach tympanoplasty operation which repaired 3 perferations in her eradrum plus removal of a Pearl and reconstruction of the mastiod bone, in all a three hour operation. She had the operation four months ago and is still in pain. She has a feeling of her ear being full of something, ear ache, popping, crackling and pain from the inner ear plus pain and soreness behind her ear where the major incision was made. She saw her consultant 3 weeksd ago who said sometimes it can take up to nine months before everything settles down but in a letter to her GP he said that there was no concerns but that the ear drium looked inflamed. The constant pain which is not helped by quite strong painkillers (Co-drymadol) is really getting her down and when she saw her own GP last week her GP was very suprised that she was still in pain four months after the operation and recommended she go back to the consultant ASAP. I cannot believe this is normal and am worried that she has an infection in the iner ear that is not being picked up. Any advice would be very much welcomed.
I just had my 1st Tympanoplasty 1 done on my left side 3 weeks ago. This was to improve my hearing. My doctor cleaned out the ear today. It feels betters but I don't really notice that much of change in hearing. Is that normal? Are results suppose to get better as it continues to heal? or is this as good as it gets?
Regarding my Wifes post operation problems explained in post number 96, she saw the consultant again who prescribed a ten day course of antibiotics and some cream to put on the area behind her ear but he never explained why he prescribed the medication. He did say it was unusual to still have these problems five months after surgery and he arranged for a CT Scan to be carried out. Having had the results of the CT Scan he told her that it showed a slight thickening but did not explain what that was or where it was and he also said the repaired eardrum was being pulled inwards, again wiothout any explanation as to why. He has noe prescribed another ten day course of the same antibiotic and booked an appointment to see he again on 1st July (six weeks away).
She still has pain like constant ear ache and a feeling of her ear being full and is now very dejected at the constant problems over almost six months.

I feel that the issue lies with the Estiun Tube being blocked by fluid but the consultant seems to be using a suck it and see approach which is not helping the concern she has one bit.

If anyone can shed any light on this it would be much appreciated
I had under gone myringoplasty on last march, everything was going all right except that I had this ringing noise one day after the operation called Tinnitus. And now I'm still hearing it
I had a chronic infection on my right ear since I was three and now I am 30.My parents tried different local medicine to stop the infection. I almost have a hearing lose in the defective ear, and I am suffering from recurrent infection and sanitary problem too.I do not have a Health Insurance now if I do the surgery, and I am planning to get a surgery after three or so years when I think I will afford to buy insurance. But it will be three years ,if not more, in hell. Had I had insurance and had I known where to do the surgery, I would not hesitated.What do you recommend me.
hello.. sir.
i m 23 years old now . i have a chronic ear recurrent infection of middle ear with perfiration for the last 15 years that has now fibrotic on the edges with minor mastoiditis . i hve done audiogram which shows eighty percent hearing loss.
the ent specialist has adviced me to do the tympanoplasty for it .
but i am afraid of it prognosis.
would u like me to give the best place or hospital where it can be affordable and well prognosis .
even if the surgery is done in uk ,
i am a medical student studying in pakistan.
plz share with me the detail cost and procedure and prognosis of the tympanopasty .
PLEASE Please PLEASE have the surgery if you have chronic infections! If you don't. You could die seriously I mean it! Your brain is literally just behind that bone behind your ears! I just had my latest surgery just Five days ago and had a 'state of the art' surgical procedure at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. Home of the University of FL Gators! I am officially Bionic! I have a spevial card to prove it! A special titanium implant was placed in my ear by Dr. Patrick Antonelli He is one of the Very best Otoneurologists in the World! Contact me for questions if you have them. I had surgery twice before over 20 years ago for a cyst removal that was growing towards my brain called a cholesteotoma. I also had a biopsy to check for Cancer! Yes, you Can get cancer in your ears! Just do the surgery. You get drugs. The good kind. Just ask for 5 mg of oxys and you won't get hooked and you will have No pain!
25 years ago my E.N.T. suddenly pierced my eardrum with a pointed blade and inserted a grommet, no anesthesia, without telling me what he was about to do. Needless to say my pain was undescribable. Two weeks later at my follow up visit the grommet was gone. We both assumed it fell out, but I felt a hard, painful lump behind my earlobe, and had developed tinitus, blockage of the eustachchian tube, and swallowing difficulties. I never followed up with him and have lived with these complications until now. Recently the lump has become extremely painful, swollen, and the blocked eustachian tube is causing me alot of symptoms. My question is : What type of scan will show this grommet, and will surgery to remove it relieve my symptoms after 25 years??
the issue you are describing here is mastiodious and is a serious condition please find a doc especially ent specialist
Saqib Ali
Hi alls,

I am saqib from Pakistan. I have deafness left ear, ringing, buzzing & have a hole in left ear drum. My Doctor advised me for tympanoplasty surgery. So my question here after the surgery deafness will be completely or not?... can i live normal life same to normal people who hear well or not?...
I had Tympanoplasty surgery on my left ear July 2013. I've had 4 sets of ear tubes as a child and had developed hearing loss in my left ear which left me with 36% hearing, my right ear is at 97%. Fotr over a decade, I was left with scar tissue and a small pin hole in my left eardrum. I could not go underwater without getting waer in my ears. Flying was painful with the pressure. And it seemed whenever I developed a cold, which seemed frequent, it started in my ears. After routine CT scan in January 2013, my local ENT thought I could have developed a cholestatoma. I was refered to a Oto Surgeon. He suggested replacing my ear drum in my left ear. After reviewing the pros and cons of surgery, I had it July 2013. My earing pre-surgery, I was able to recognize 25% of words, now I can hear 50% of words. I did lose some lower frequency hearing. I was able to fly 6 weeks after my surgery with my pain. And I haven't caught as many colds as I used to. I still have a little bit of pain on the top of my ear, which causes discomfort if I sleep on it. I am going to follow up with my local ENT soon to see if a hearing aid would help.
I received a blunt force trauma to my left ear in November of 2012, it burst my ear drum. I had a tympanoplasty done in June 2013. In late August 2013 I sneezed, and without thinking held my nose which resulted in me tearing my new ear drum open. My ENT led me on for a couple months and finally said it was too bad for him to continue so I was sent to a specialist out of University of Cincinnati. They said my ear drum was pretty much completely gone. I knew I had a lot of drainage constantly but was unaware that the drainage basically eaten it’s way through my new ear drum, causing it to be very damaged and easily to tear open. Well the specialist performed a tympanoplasty on me November 26, 2013. So far it has been successful, the past 2 weeks my hearing has diminished again so I’m waiting until my follow up next week to see if it’s tore again or just plugged up. The tinnitus started when I sneezed back in August and tore my “rebuilt” ear drum. Ever since that day I have had constant ear ringing, the new surgery did not help that. It’s 24-7 constant ringing, sometimes it’s louder but usually a loud chime. The specialist is saying it is probably going to be something I have to live with for the rest of my life, I’m 32 and a mom of 4 and a professional. I am having a very hard time dealing with it and don’t know if I can make it through the rest of my natural life with this dehabilitation.
I just had a myringoplasty on my left ear, its day 3 after the surgery and i dont know if what i am feeling is normal or there is something wrong, i have packing in my ear canal, every time i swallow i can feel the packing in my ear move i dont know whether that is making the graft move also. tinnitus is there also but i already had this but just not this bad really sharp and sometimes painful.. i just want it to all be over with so i know whether its been a success or not.
I was told that if I did not have surgery soon I could die. I do not have a eardrum , hammer , small bones in my right ear along with deafness in my ear . The way I was explained I have no protection to my brain and I come in contact with menegitis then I cac get it in my brain . I can not find anything on how they can repaire this. And no I am getting the run around about my widow's benfefits . I have no insurance to save my life I have 2 children that depend on me. I was wondering has anyone heard of my condition please I sure could use some insight . Please pray for my children and I.
Dave Waller
My name is Dave. In 1967, I was diagnosed with a carcinoma in my left ear ( benign ). I had just turned 12. I did not realize that my eardrum and ossicles were destroyed by the carcinoma. I was sent to the ENT depart in Gainesville, Fl at the UF Shands Teaching Hospital. Dr. Richard Kohut, chief surgeon at the time performed a partial mastoidectomy , tympanic membrane replacement, and ear bones replacement. My cochlea was intact. Do not know the extent of hair follicle damage. During surgery, I was suddenly felled with a high fever, which was later determined to be malignant hyperthermia, allergic reaction to substance in anesthesia, which had a 80% mortality rate at the time. I had no prior suspicion or knowledge that I had this condition. Surgery lasted almost eight hrs and I was in recovery for over 14 hrs before waking up. During surgery, my tympanic membrane was replaced along with the three middle ear bones and reconnected to the window of the Cochlea. I was in the hospital for seven days. The surgery was a success.! I was able to hear. I had no complications of any nature from the malignant hyperthermia ( fever of 106 ) or of the surgery. Hearing was restored. I was told at the time that my surgery of both ear drum and ossicles was the first in the US. Summer of 1970, I was allowed to be fitted with a set of ear plugs , and allowed to go swimming. Later that year, I was back in Shands with a second carcinoma. Dr. Kohut proceeded to take out the tympanic membrane and ossicles and the carcinoma. Would you know it, again, that malignant hyperthermia hit me again! I survived again! Since 1970, I have been middle ear free. Can I hear in the left ear? Yes! Although over the years it has progressively worsened. I am 59 now. The biggest problem over the years has been directional. Very hard to GPS on sounds. To Tracey #109.. Go to a teaching hospital such as Shands. Dr. Kohut recently retired from Wake Forest university. They will be a good choice. I will pray for you and your children. GOD Bless!
I had tympanoplasty last week today it was all right but still ringing in surgery ear.
Can anyone explain me why is it so?
It has been one month since i have undergone my left year tympanoplasty but my hearing loss from left year has been worse than before surgery. Is it because packing / graft has not been fully dissolved? and how much time will it take to recover completely?
I had problem ear noise and hearing loss from my 12 year, i was done Myringoplasty before 10 year on my right year doctor said it must have done in the right ear, my both ear got affected . mostly affect ear is left ear, i had done by ENDOSCOPIC Myringoplasty recently on my Left . as per doc advice step by step may noise will decrease or not surely hearing will improve. I am 33 old now I want know what all the improvement i can feel after 3 to 4 week

i mean where it was done perfectly
Can someone help me ... ? My boyfriend...his right ear couldn't listen probably because two years ago he had an accident if i do eardrum transplant on him is it he can able to listen again ?? or anything else i can do for him ?
I have my tymplanoplasty surgery a year ago, so far my hearing improved 99%. I am very lucky to have this surgery...
For Mary Wibben: How did your surgery finally turn out? I had graft tympanoplasty 5 days ago and they don't expect it to improve my symptoms. However I did have some kind of skin growth both behind and in front of the eardrum that was blocking my whole ear canal. I don't call it no improvement if it gets rid of that. However I have unrelenting tinnitus in my right ear that gets worse when I take antibiotics and certain other meds or vitamins. It all started with retracted eardrums and very little hearing loss, along with screaming tinnitus in both ears. Tinnitus in right ear is gone but I still have retracted ear drum. Doctor has not given me a name for this just said it's extra skin. Can anybody give me any hope, pleae tell me about your experiences.
This is my second tympanoplasty, this time the incision behind my ear became infected. Has this happened to anyone else, and what was the treatment and outcome. Thanks
On May 19th I had the my first tympanoplasty operation. I was kinda nervous about the whole procedure. I have had so many issues with my ears(both) my entire life. I went to doctor after doctor and none really never had anything to say about it beside suggesting tubes, and seeing lots of fluid in my ears and scar tissue. So I found this great ent doctor in my Community. I seen two of the doctors there, I also had two different opinions because I wanted to really get a great understanding about what was really going on. The first doctor told me he refused to work in my ears because he would suggest tubes and I have no air space left in my ears and too much scaring from all the surgeries I had In my childhood. So be redricted me to another Doc that enjoyed and specialized in tympanoplasty, and other procedures. When we looked into my ear he right away knew what he needed to do to correct the issue.. I also had a unusual addiction issue.. I had holes in my L and R ear drums, as well as little no air space and my ear dumbs had shifted over the years they were very deep and not in the milled of the ear anymore they were also sucked in.. So he wanted to get the surgery on the ball if I was ready and if I decided that I would like to go through with it. I honestly thought the surgery was going to be hell. Just know what they had to do to correct it.
So far I have had my first surgery on my right ear I currently have packing still in my ear and I can't hear out of it yet.. But my sutures and my ear look great. The first 3 days I was sore and still coming off of the Anastasia my ear was very bruised and tender.. But it is tolerable. At times I can hear ringing and the first day I was really dizzy.. Every time I Took a car ride I would get carsick. I was suppose to rest like the first week after surgery but I couldn't I was ready to get up and do things.. But maybe that's just me!? Idk. The part I disliked the most was that they had to shave part of my hair.. But it wasn't too bad it's kinda in style know anyways.. I have another apt on the 9th of June to have the packing removed and make sure that the procedure was successful. So I am hoping for the best. So far though my experience wasn't horrible and it was very tolerable. I am trying to stay focused and positive that it will be successful and I will have 85% better hearing and maybe for once be normal. :)
I just had my 3rd Typanoplasty/Mastoidectomy 2 weeks ago. The 1st two recovery was quick, and I was back to work within 10 days. This 3rd surgery is causing nausea that is never ending. I am also feeling fatigued. Has anyone else had this kind of side effect from surgery?
Tiffany Goodin
I had a hole in my right ear fixed on the 4th of June 2015and I'm haveing ringing and popping and terrible pain in my ear and now I'm upset and scared does this mean I have an infection in my ear
i had a large hole in my left ear drum n had surgery 10 days ago. I had some packing taken out 2 days ago, my ear has felt plugged since surgery n have constant blood drainage n pulsating pain n dizziness on and off, is this normal and how long should bleeding last n other issues? Any answers pls n thx would help
My mother had this surgery in June. She lost her hearing completely. She also lost her tasting ability. She asked the doctor if he can recommend any treatment or specialist to recover her hearing. He said, "I did all I can do for you. You have to live with it (deafness) the rest of your life." Is there any doctor in the world who can properly diagnose and treat their patient with care and passion?
Useful information for those who are required to go for surgery of the ear to get rid of bone infection,as chances of failure of mastoidectomy surgery resulting in total hearing loss and imperfect closing of perforation are for more than by Tympanoplasty as it has happened with me at the age of 81yrs.
i had this operation done on me this month. its been 3 weeks now. whenever i shallow food especially while taking liquid things, i feel a popping sensation. my operated ear oftens gets block. tinnitus is also there.. my hearing has also lowered. is everything fine with my ear or has the surgery failed? please help me clear my doubts.
Ok I'm scheduled for this operation to graft my eardrum and remove some bone. After reading all these comments I am totally freaking out! I'm terrified of the pain and that I will be worse off after the op. Also how long should I take off work? I work in childcare with three year olds.
I have a an approximated 1/8 hole in my left eardrum and trying to find the right Doctor to fix it, but after I have read all these reviews seem like not much percentage of successful, even my Doctor told me he's not sure that would improved my hearing after the surgery. I'm loosing 20% of my hearing impaired but what bordering the most is the fluid keep running off my ear time to time. keeping water off the ear is not a problem but how do you keep the water not running out from inside every time you are drinking...?. Any one know the Doctor that successfully perform the surgery on their ear please let me know. Thanks in advanced !
Dear Zeny #115 seem like you had luck with your surgery. Please give me the advise...Thanks ! (tommy77075@yahoo.com)
I was undergone myringoplasty in my left ear 4 weeks ago. The doctor said ear drum sealed very well but my hearing is not improved rather it worse. will my hearing improve i am in doubt.Please suggest me what should I do. I have no infection nor inadvertent anything happened.
ever since i was a baby ive had many ear infections, draining ect. ive had tubes put in my ear over 5 times and none have worked. the doctors were guessing i got a perforated eardrum because of the many times ive had tubes. in 2013 i had a right tympanoplasty done and had only 30% perforation. the surgery did not go well and one week after my first surgery i got an ear infection. the hole came back and ever since then the hole has been getting bigger and bigger. i did not see another ENT doctor until recently because my hearing was affecting my everyday surroundings. i went to the doctor one month ago and had 100% hearing loss and perforation in my right eardrum so the doctor said my eardrum was just sitting in my ear. two days ago i got another right tympanoplasty done and there were more complications. the doctor said you arent supposed to get nauseated or dizzy and i got both during my hospital stay. i have a gauze head wrap on and just like the last surgery, they cut the outside of the ear to get to my eardrum and right now it hurts. im only 13 years old and i dont want to be dead my whole life. i remember how bad it hurts getting my head wrap off and im getting it off in about two hours. my taste is gone and everytime i eat something, i throw up. i cannot walk or stand because i have blood clots in both my ankles due to staying still so long in surgery. i keep hearing noises and draining in my ear and it makes my head and ear hurt very very bad. i hope if anybody gets this surgery they understand the risks, pains and time that come along with the surgery. thank you to all and i hope everything goes well
tympanoplasty surgery has completed to me before 20 days & the whole packing is removed .Doctor said to put ointment with cotton into ear . from yesterday some light yellow fluid with bad smell coming from ear . Is it dangerous?? plz respond for it
My mom has as had a torn eardrum for almost 49 years she got surgery but it took no effect and she misses going into the water with me and my family. Is there a way to get her eardrum fixed???
HOW MUCH IS THE COST FOR MASTOIDECTOMY SURGERY? I' m going to do this surgery it my ear still aching my location is somewhere in capiz. please give me insact cost so that i can prepared, hoping you can get me at least estimated cost only, tnx
I had a tympanoplasty after an ex-friend beat me up, totally destroying my left eardrum. A tympanoplasty saved my hearing in my right ear, but I want everyone who can to smack John Nave in the same ear (right) to make him deaf such that he feels the same. The request will not happen, as we all know, those that deal do not feel. Nevertheless, you all know . Hearing is next to sight, and plx dill him.
I had tympanoplasty 2 weeks ago ..I sneeze mouth close now im feeling my ear blocked does it fails grafting my worried
Raju Potharaju

I am feeling the pressure building up in my ear after the tympanoplasty.
what happened to my ear is it okay ?
Is anyone answering questions here? I had a Tympanoplasty preformed 15 years ago with minor hearing loss. So minor I never noticed, in fact. I couldn't go underwater without pain. Three years ago I started hearing a clicking in my ear (audible to someone else if they leaned in close). It came and went and seemed coorelated to changes in pressure. That didn't last, but next I started occasionally hearing my voice sound in my head, like talking in a tin can, and pain/fluid popping/pressure that comes and goes. It is extremely annoying, painful and unpredictable. I still can't go underwater.I'm wondering if anyone else experiences these odd sensations and if they think it's related to the original surge
ry, or perhaps a second rupture? I'm at a loss and going mad.
I had the surgery in 2012 when my eardrum tore away from the wall, which I was told was the most difficult to repair. It took two surgeries to take, but it was successful and I have had absolutely no issues. Until this winter when I was sick for what seemed like months coughing and blowing my nose excessively. I blew out the same ear drum. I will be having the same surgery again in a few weeks with no hesitation. I cannot stand the feeling of my ear being plugged, the sound of white noise in my ear, and the hearing loss. Let's hope three times a charm!
I had a Left eardrum repair back in feb 2017. Now when I try to put a cotton swab in there a little ways it goes thru a narrower canal than my right. Why is the canal smaller now? It's going to drive me nuts. Plus the whole ear is still so numb.
I had a tympanoplasty September, 2017 done by a, read very carefully, a neurotoligist.
Radhey shyam
I had Tympanoplasty preformed 6 years ago and lost 50 present hear loss
I had Tympanoplasty performed on my right ear 6
months ago. It was very painful and now I have no sense of taste. I still am totally deaf in that ear and my other ear only has about a 10% hearing with a hearing aid. I would not recommend this procedure to anyone!!!
I have done this operation 4 days I hearing a sound all time like rainfall it's natural or wrong after operation. Pl give answer. Thanks
I had this procedure done two days ago. Today, my ear feels soo full and is ringing. Is this normal?
Mofiz Sheikh
Hope, You will suggest me about this proble, l want to know that after tymnoplasty surgery, balence is attacked and roaring sound is occurre, So what should l do?
Felica Washington
My daughter had the same surgery. Left was first then a year later the right ear. I think the surgery went very well and she can hear just fine. My concern now is does this surgery causes a person to be tender headed? She wasn't tender headed before. She was a little bit tender headed after her first surgery. After the second surgery it got worse. Now it's hard to comb her hair without going through pain or screaming and twisting. Is there any chance for this surgery to cause tender headed and what should I do? I'm very concerned.
I had a Tymcanoplasty w/epi disc/ fat graft on right ear.. Yeah they made a cut behind my right ear removed fat and cartilage to graft on the very large hole in the small portion of ear drum I have left. I am 50 years old , but i got a really bad infection in my right ear that was categorize as a ear disease when I was around 7 years old it was very pain and the daily oozing stinky drainage was terrible. I had a total of 7 surgery's but by the time they try to put the last tube in, the infection had eaten half of my eardrum and no tubes would fit they just fell out while the were putting them in. So I have dealt with hearing lost pretty much my whole life I can read lips .so I have to face you when you are talking to me so I can see what you are saying more than hear. Now my hearing lost is worsen and my speech has started to change because of your audio flap is on right side so when you lose you hearing in that ear your speech will also get worse and I did not know that but I was glad the lady doings my test explained it to me, didn't make me fell better but its nothing I can do about it. Pluse my doctor said that he was no sure my surgery would be a successful because of my age. If not he would have to do a more avesives procedure.
I had my tympanoplasty surgery 4 weeks. Ago. Still now my right ear is blocked. Some kind of noise always ringing inside my ear. When I eat and swallow it's pops my ear. Sometimes I have pain over my incision area. It's getting worse now. I went to see the doctor twice. But he said it's normal. But I am feeling its very uncomfortable. I am very frustrated too. Because I can not do my job and house work properly. Do you have any idea how long it will take to fully recover. Please help me.
Sylvia H
Had the ear op 10 weeks ago No pain and it so far has successfully healed Its noise is constantly changing Sometimes it feels there is
a lot of pressure in the ear other times there are loud noises Sometimes the ear is reasonably ok The hearing is still damaged as antibiotics were given by the doctor who did not see my perforated ear
Will all these different sensations finally go with time?
Angie Hearn
Hi I had a tube put in years ago, after 3 days tube pushed out made hole in eardrum that wont heal, I have been through 3 operations and each time a hole comes back in a different area than the orgingal hole. The last two they grafted skin and tried to repair but a hole will come back. I am at my wits end. I have lost most of the hearing in this ear, i need to find another doctor any suggestions.
Wolf McCauley
Hello, my wife had this surgery done and after several trips to the dr for 8 months she was told that the graft was completely gone she has had more fluid in her left ear the whole time and had some infection but the graft was still there then it just vanished! The doctor seemed confused on what happened she was told the surgery would need to be done again?

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