A mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure that removes an infected portion of the mastoid bone when medical treatment is not effective.


A mastoidectomy is performed to remove infected mastoid air cells resulting from ear infections, such as mastoiditis or chronic otitis, or by inflammatory disease of the middle ear (cholesteatoma). The mastoid air cells are open spaces containing air that are located throughout the mastoid bone, the prominent bone located behind the ear that projects from the temporal bone of the skull. The air cells are connected to a cavity in the upper part of the bone, which is in turn connected to the middle ear. Aggressive infections in the middle ear can thus sometimes spread through the mastoid bone. When antibiotics can't clear this infection, it may be necessary to remove the infected area by surgery. The primary goal of the surgery is to completely remove infection so as to produce an infection-free ear. Mastoidectomies are also performed sometimes to repair paralyzed facial nerves.


According to the American Society for Microbiology, middle ear infections increased in the United States from approximately three million cases in 1975 to over nine million in 1997. Middle ear infections are now the second leading cause of office visits to physicians, and this diagnosis accounts for over 40% of all outpatient antibiotic use. Ear infections are also very common in children between the ages of six months and two years. Most children have at least one ear infection before their eighth birthday.


A mastoidectomy is performed with the patient fully asleep under general anesthesia. There are several different types of mastoidectomy procedures, depending on the amount of infection present:

After surgery, the wound is stitched up around a drainage tube and a dressing is applied.


The treating physician gives the patient a thorough ear, nose, and throat examination and uses detailed diagnostic tests, including an audiogram and imaging studies of the mastoid bone using x rays or CT scans to evaluate the patient for surgery.

The patient is prepared for surgery by shaving the hair behind the ear on the mastoid bone. Mild soap and a water solution are commonly used to cleanse the outer ear and surrounding skin.


The drainage tube inserted during surgery is typically removed a day or two later.

Painkillers are usually needed for the first day or two after the operation. The patient should drink fluids freely. After the stitches are removed, the bulky mastoid dressing can be replaced with a smaller dressing if the ear is still draining. The patient is given antibiotics for several days.

The patient should inform the physician if any of the following symptoms occur:


Complications do not often occur, but they may include:

Normal results

The outcome of a mastoidectomy is a clean, healthy ear without infection. However, both a modified radical and a radical mastoidectomy usually result in less than normal hearing. After surgery, a hearing aid may be considered if the patient so chooses.

Morbidity and mortality rates

In the United States, death from intracranial complications of cholesteatoma is uncommon due to earlier recognition, timely surgical intervention, and supportive antibiotic therapy. Cholesteatoma remains a relatively common cause of permanent, moderate, and conductive hearing loss.


Alternatives to mastoidectomy include the use of medications and delaying surgery. However, these alternative methods carry their own risk of complications and a varying degree of success. Thus, most physicians are of the opinion that patients for whom mastoidectomy is indicated should best undergo the operation, as it provides the patient with the best chance of successful treatment and the lowest risk of complications.

See also Tympanoplasty .



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Carol A. Turkington
Monique Laberge, Ph.D.


An mastoidectomy is performed in a hospital by surgeons specialized in otolaryngology, the branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the ears, nose and throat. The procedure usually takes between two and three hours. It is occasionally performed on an outpatient basis in adults but usually involves hospitalization.


User Contributions:

Jorge Castro
My mother was given advice to perform a radical mastoidectomy.
She has cronical infection of the ear, suffers from diziness, and loss of hearing.

However, the doctor did not give success rates for her age group .
My mother is 70 years old. I think she would prefer to go for it if only she knew her chances (in fact she would go for it given an half chance (50%), such is her suffering)

Where can I find figures for the success rate of this procedure, for her age group?
my brother had a mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty performed several years ago. (i cant remember what type of mastoidectomy it was.) yet, even up to now, he still continues to have ear infections. sometimes, as often as once in 2 months, to which the doctor prescribes heavy dosage antibiotics such as zinnat and augmentin. we do not like him to be always taking antibiotics since he has problems with his kidneys too (glomerulonephritis). our doctor is suggesting for another operation to prevent complications from cholesteatoma. why does he continue to have ear infections now, even after he already had a mastoidectomy? if we have the mastoidectomy operation done now, will the infections stop or will it still recur? thank you so much for providing helpful information.
vikas bhuta
my sister is 48 and she is suffering with the infection in the ear since last 3 year and dr milind lele baroda india has advise mastoidectomy . i am in tension about the hearing loss and result of the operation.

can you suggest what to do and what will be the success ratio and any other option instead of surgery

vikas bhuta

my son had a radical mastoidectomy two and a half years ago and he had two and a half of the bones removed from his ear, he came through it fine. He still gets ifections every now and then but the consultant at the hospital said he would, but the infection is treated with antibiotics and it does the trick now but before the op nothing worked so although it was a nightmare i am glad he had the op.Beverley, Birmingham,England, UK.
Kev McConnell
My younger brother of 14 years old is about to have his fifth mastoidectomy, under going his first at only the age of 5. After each operation, promisis were made that the infection would not re-occur. However, they did. Each time he underwent an operation, more and more bones were removed from his ear. It now has got to the stage where there is nothing left to take out, yet his fifth is about to be performed. Why does this keep coming back and how dangerous can this be to remove??. Kev McConnell. Perth. Scotland
arnie s, tinio
after mastoidectomy,what are the dos and donts in caring the ear and the wound .inorder not to experience again the mastoiditis i read the above comments that mastoiditis always coming back maybe cause of unsanitary cleaning right after the operation . and maybe the whole affected bone not fully removed.thank you and more power!arnie s. tinio philippines
Christie Clarke
I had a radical Mastoidectomy at the age of 17. I'm now 35 years old and still my ear drains, now to the point where it has a really bad odor.I've been going to one doctor to get it drained out because he suggest that I should not get another surgery due to my facial paralysis after the first one.My new doctor said if I don't get another Mastoidectomy, the inflammation may cause brain damage and or permenant facial paralysis. Is my new doctor correct?
Bev Towse
I had a radical mastoidectomy when I was 29 years old and continued to suffer with discharge from the ear for about 6 years after the surgery and thought it was never going to end. I had 4 weekly visits to the hospital for it to be cleaned and have a wick put in, which is a dressing soaked in antibiotics.
I am 39 years old now and pleased that I had the surgery although it was very painful at the time. I was quite deaf in the ear before surgery and even deafer after, which I was warned about but because the stape was left behind I was able to wear a hearing aid. I wear hearing aids in both ears and can hear really well.
My 11 year old son had a mastoidectomy in feb this year. He had bone, some of his eardrum taken out, also muscle taken out the back of his head and put in his ear, then a titanium frisby. 6 hours in theatre,i thought it would have been the end of his infections and pain he goes through. It has not. He has had ongoing problems since the op. He has been in and out of hospital since with infections. He just had another op to drain an absese from under the scar behind his ear. He has not done a full week at school because of ear infections. he has to go through it all again in feb next year. I am at a point now, and thinking is it worth putting him through this, as the risks are of putting, and the ops dont seem to be very succesfull. Is it real necessary that he has to get another big op???
Good Advice
You all need to get professional medical advice from your family member's treating physician and surgeon. An internet forum is not a good place to get medical advice - despite this being a fairly comprehensive and accurate patient information summary.

You want advice? Go with your family member to see your doctor...
Dear Doctor,
I am diagnosed with bilateral cholesteatoma. And I am suggested to have a radical mastoidectomy. I have discharge for 1 year and since last month there was no more pus coming out from my right ear. I did a CT scan and the doctor said I have cholesteatoma in both of my ears. I would like to know if it is possible that I do not do the operation? Since I do not have complete hearing both of my ears, I do not want to take the risk to loss them all.
Please help!
Belinda Stair
i found out that i had a mastoid operation when i was a little girl (not exactly sure what age) but i know it was before i was 7.From that time on i was in and out of foster care and no follow up treatment was ever done.What iwould like to know is,should there be follow up treatment or anything that has to be done on a regular basis for the rest of my life,as i do get alot of dizziness and presure in the head and sometimes tend to lose hearing while the dizziness is occuring.Could this be from that operation all those years ago or could it be something else.
Lyda Diiwa
I just have mastoidectomy surgery two months ago, my questioned is how many months before my ear be healed and how come I have my dizziness all the time. Is this normal? How long do I have to suffer for this dizziness. I would very greatful if you are going response my questioned. I thank you in advance.
there is a cyst behind the mastoid bone and a hole will be drilled to removed. What are the complications?
I had a mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty done about a month ago. I am still in some pain from it. The thing that is bothering me the most is the ear drum pain, the actual cut behind my ear was rarely noticed.
i am a singer and dancer and perform all over the world i am about to have a mastoidectomy and i am worried i will have to finish my carer especially if i get facial paralasis is it better to prolong the op until later in life as i am only 29 x
Hello, I have a cholesteatoma, one doctor suggested a Radical mastoidectomy, as soon as possible, however I did get a second opinion, and the doctor said he could just operate me using a laser. Im really worried and confused I do not know what to do. Can this problem be solved by laser, through the inside of the ear? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME.
I had a mastoidectomy 3 years ago and I still get infections often. I was also left with almost no hearing in that ear. I've found that if I proactively go to the ENT every 6 months to get cleaned and checked, it greatly reduces the chances of infection. It hasn't been easy dealing with the aftermath of the surgery, but the complications of not doing anything about a cholesteatoma are much worse. Personally, I'd rather be deaf and have the occasional ear infection than facial paralysis.
I will be having a mastoidectomy in 2 weeks due to a 6 year long ear infection after the insertion of PEtubes.I am not thrilled with surgery but Im tired of painful infection and bad smelling drainage, anyone else have post op information.would like to prepare myself.I had hearing loss after the tubes were put in just seemed everything got muffled I have given up on the hopes of regaining any of my hearing but would like to be free of infection.and to the person who listed we shouldnt be coming to a forum sharing experiences helps some people and obviously if our DR's were answering our questions we wouldnt be looking for answers!
Don Morris
I recently had mastoidectomy surgery which was done successfully in Burlington,Massachusetts at the Lahey Clinic.
I had the ear canal and ear drum rebuilt along with the removal of the infection.
For the rest of my life I will have to go back every 6 months for a check-up as this disease can come back anytime.
Sometimes we have to say that enough is enough and accept they way we are i have a son that was born with with a brain disorder and i'm learing that myself he is 6 but congitve he is between 6-8 months old so i as mom have to decide when it's enough.GOOD LUCK with what you choose it's not easy by any means that's for sure.
When I was 9 I had a mastoid operation due to a continuos infection. I had that operation. It did not work. A year later at 10 years old I had a radical mastoid performed by Dr. Yanigasawa from New Haven CT. I had a bit of hearing loss and no infections (I did have a couple infections in my 20's but they were handled with antibiotics that worked 100%), and no smelly, bloody discharge!
I am 37 now, can hear fine. I cant get water in my ear or go underwater while swimming, but other then that I am 100% cured!
i am 54,i had a mastoid operation on left ear about 40 years ago,all i had at the time was tonsilitis and an ear infection.i had tonsils removed and instead of being given anti biotics,st thomas hospital in london did a mastoid operation on me. being a youg gullible lad i was in no position to object or question.what a result,i left hospital about 80 per cent death in left ear and have had a lifetime of problems. my gp always calls my ear a mess and cant understand why i had to hane severe surgery instead of anti dosent end there, for the llast 25 years i have suffered with menieres desease because of this.i feel like my life has been put on hold for all this time.there is no cure.just constant buzzing tinitus,dizziness,drop attacks and sickness,suicidal thoughts.every day is a challenge to have a good day.i probably get a good day one in fifty.
My mom 60 yrs have been diagnosed in ct scan with evidence of Mastoidectomy in her right ear also she had a perforation in the same year and a surgery was done before eight years ago in the same ear miringoplasty. doctors had given many antibiotics but nothing has helped yet, now doctor advice for a surgery in the rt ear ''mastoidectomy with typanoplasty''.

Is this types of surgery are successful with already some past surgery miringoplasty done on the same year.

Please help.

Vinay jaiswal
In 1997 I had a Mastoidectomy with Tympoplasty, I had severe ear infections that ate through my eardrum, no matter what they tried the infection just got worse.
They tried the plug that they do in their office,(That hurt worse than anything) Maybe the forgot to numb it!! Anyway that lasted over night, by morning it was on my pillow case.
So they did the surgery, it is well worth it, the only problem I have with it is the sound is like you are under water, I know this is because it is not the eardrum you were born with, But sometimes I feel like there is something behind my ear drum, Like it needs to drain!
I still have a lot of ear infections, but they are mild compared to before the surgery!!

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam, if anyone else has these same feelings, sound off!!!
Dear Luther,
It sounds like you really need to talk to someone about your suicidal thoughts as soon as you can, I know this is about 2 months after you wrote this, But I have had these thoughts too, I acted on mine. I was lucky, I'm still here! Please get help!!
I just had a mastoidectomy and tymponoplasty after dealing with problems my whole life with my ears three years ago I had the procedure done on my right side and this time on my left side. It was worse than the doctor anticipated and had to patch a hole in my skull because the infection ate through it exposing the brain lining. It has been 2 weeks since the procedure and it took a little while but I feel like I am starting to maintain balance and getting taste back, and hearing is starting to pick up.
Risks from surgery include: Hearing loss, tinnitus, dizziness, and altered taste. More severe complications can include: Brain Abscess, Facial Paralysis, total loss of hearing. If you have a good ENT specialist than they will advise you of best options and always remember to write down questions you have b/c we always forget when we're in the moment.
The Son of my sister is going to have Mastoidectomy, But the CTE Examinations Show inflammation of the right mastoid and the middle ear cavity that spreads into the auditory canal, without evidence of bone destruction or ossicular lysis.
The question is:

What is the type of Mastoidectomy necessary to his case, and through where the operation must be performed, through the ear or through a cut (incision) behind the ear?

10x for help
I had a radical mastoidectomy due to the extensive spread of a cholesteotoma. This has caused hearing loss but more importantly chronic infections and discomfort. The surgery was in 1995. What can I do to permanently reduce the frequency of these infections?
Yeah im 18 had the op 2 years ago could only say worse pain ever has stopped the ear leak and smell but resulted in wearing hearing aids however I have always suffered with herein having had 4 pairs of grommets and this I don't even know what it is to this day and why they removed my bone but I have a serious build up of wax now that is rock solid and that's all I have now it also minimised ear aches after the op
i already done this radical modified cholestetoma along 7months, because the woundjust will dry after 1 yrs, now already 7months from op, but always infection on and off, like now is my fouth time infection, always drop the antibiotik drop into my ear and follow up doing suction, now 3month drop the sofradex 2drops tds, but still have discharge problem and sometimes have the abnormal sound, may i knw after this op, is it will often get discharge if the wound havent properly dry?
Can one need a Mastoidectomy and not have anything show up on a MRI or CT scan?
I had one of the first ever Tympanoplasty and mastoidectomy procedures by the medical pioneers who developed it, around 1970. My hearing was restored and I had no ill-effects whatsoever.
I am going to have mastoidectomy surgery next week.I have discharge for 4 month from my left ear.My doctor adviced me for the surgery.Doctor told me that i could hear 70% to 80% after surgery,right now my hearing is 100%.Its not emergency but after few years it will become emergency with major complications like Facial Paralysis,total loss of hearing,Brain Abscess etc.Perfect cure is surgery.

But now i am scared after reading this forum.The doctor told me that this surgery would cure it but many people here have another surgery and still have infection.
I am scheduled to have the "Mastoidectomy" and the "Tympanoplasty" procedures done in the next few weeks... These are repeat surgeries that I had done in 1992.
I to have had multiple ear problems and surgeries. I do know that I am going to have to see my E.N.T. every --so that he may examine my ears and catch any infections early on.
My question is, "Is there a place of the internet where people who are of "Bad-Ears-Anonymous" groups, or something... ;)
i had mastoidectomy last year i always get ear infections i wonder was there any point having the surgery?
jason,i am dr praveen,i am a ear surgeon practising in mysore,india.if you have been diagnosed with a cholesteatoma you will need surgery.laser is not the answer.the best procedure would be a mastoidectomy.
i have a tumor wrapped around the back of my ear drum. its comming from the top and the doctor doesnt really know how big it is.he said i needed a tympoplasty mastoidectomy, the tumor is begnin. i just wanted to know is the supposed to be something you have the rest of your life? its called cholesteatoma, i think he called it that.and its supposed to be setting on the nerve that goes to half my face, what are the permanent risks to that?
I had a right mastoidectomy many many years ago for BPPV. I now have MCF Encephaloceles. I can further explain with the result of my CT Scan. The Ct impression states: Postoperative changes involving the right temporal bone. There is a lobulated soft tissue density projecting into the superior aspect of the right mastoid cavity suspicious for meningoencephalocele. My doctor agrees with the meningoencephalocele. I am going to another physician for evaluation and treatment. Could the MCF Encephaloceles or meningocephalocele be caused from the mastoidectomy? Is there a treatment for this?
Thank you for you time and consideration.
I had a mastoidectomy only a week ago still not had a full nights sleep. My ears still weeping at the moment and keep getting quite a lot of stabbing pains within my ear as anyone else experienced this and if so for how long. I havent found any comments on how theve felt after the op. Please share comments
Stephen Z
I had tympanoplasty w/ mastoidectomy about six weeks ago. While my hearing hasn't improved
and may in fact have gotten a bit worse (not totally unexpected), I can't say I'm displeased.
While the discharge I was experiencing FOR YEARS was treated effectively with antibiotic drops,
from all indication I won't have to be dealing with the chronic infection again. Down the line it appears I'll be undergoing another surgery to have a prosthetic bone grafted in my ear to hopefully restore some hearing. Guess what I'm saying is if yoyu have confidence in your surgeon, its pretty much a no-brainer having the surgery.
Continues 2... Again, sorry for the spam, but the website's word filter blocked some bad word that didn't exist!

The surgery itself took nearly 6 hours, under full anesthesia. It is kind of a strange feeling, as I went "to sleep" at like 1pm and when I woke up it was like 8pm. I had to stay the night in the hospital, for further observation, but the next morning they sent me back home. The next couple of month I had to visit the doctors once every week for changing some sort of bandage - that's something related with wall down mastoidectomy - they put inside the ear (and couldn't hear a thing). But after the 2 months passed and the doctors completely removed the bandage I could feel my hearing improving to a very good level.

One thing to keep in mind is: Cholesteatomas produce the so-called "columella effect" (they actually conduct the sound through the middle ear, just like the little bones), so even if you have a cholesteatoma you can still have a very good hearing, and then believe you have no problem at all. CT scans are probably the best to identify a cholesteatoma properly (normal mastoid/middle ear structure should appear in a black colour - meaning it is "empty" -, but cholesteatoma will appear as a grey area filling all the cavity).

And as awkward as it may seem, experienced doctors are able to distinguish between normal middle ear otitis and cholesteatoma even from the unpleasant smell of the discharge. Believe it or not, one of the doctors smelt some drainage from my left ear to rule out the possibility of another cholesteatoma!!! O_o I had to have a tympanoplasty - more simple surgery - done in my left ear in 2010, but no cholesteatoma was found then. But they said I should keep monitoring the left ear as well, to make sure it won't develop another cholesteatoma, as the eardrum is a bit retracted on my left ear, even after the surgery (according to them, it has something to do with my mastoid bone anatomy).

So, to finish these long posts. Cholesteatomas are a serious problem, but can be treated, and the sooner the better. Recovery depends on the patient as well (I actually got this problem because I "loved" to clean my ears with cotton swabs, and perforated my own eardrum! That together with swimming and recurrent middle ear infection made the problem get worse and worse to the point I had this little 2cm diameter thingy grown inside my ear that could've killed me), so: No more ear cleaning (leave it to the doctors), no swimming if swimming causes you ear infection (likely to happen if you have a teared eardrum).

I hope my posts are somehow helpful to people facing the same problem I did!

Good luck to all of you! :)
Hi there everyone wishing to perform mastoidectomy and or the ones who already have one done performed.
I had a full radical mastoidectomy perfomed on my left ear 51 years ago.. If any one is suffering from after effects such as pain, after infections , and needs adequate self treatment of the ear I can give you tons of prooven advice.
my email is
This is a difficult issue for the sufferers but life can still be pleasant.
best wishes to all open ear sufferers.
Hi there everyone wishing to perform mastoidectomy and or the ones who already have one done performed.
I had a full radical mastoidectomy perfomed on my left ear 51 years ago.. If any one is suffering from after effects such as pain, after infections , and needs adequate self treatment of the ear I can give you tons of prooven advice.
my email is
This is a difficult issue for the sufferers but life can still be pleasant.
best wishes to all open ear sufferers.
I had Tympanomastoidectomy surgery 12 days ago. I am still experiencing quite bad shooting pains in my ear. Is this common? Packing is not due for removal for another week.
I am so glad that I read your post I actually had this surgery in April I was also 29. I am still continuing with problems. So are you telling me there is hope? I am so sick of this and getting very discouraged and stressed about it. I am also getting a hearing aide next week. Please let me know what I can expect and when I can expect to feel relief.
I had radical mastoidectomy thirty seven years ago, and have blessed Dr.Schroder everyday since!! I had numerous ear infections as a child and never went to a dr. until after I was married. I had horrible pain, pus, discusting odor and could not hear at all. After the surgery I was pain free and my hearing returned (at least 80%) I was a happy camper. Alas, now after 37yrs. I am experiencing discharge, pain and hearing loss. I have been to several drs. and they flush out the ear and prescribe ear drops. This helps for the duration of drops but returns with a vengence!Blood,yellow smelly discharge, and a black waxy stuff comes out of the ear. No pain just itching and a weird snapping crackle sound when I chew and swallow. Can mastoid infection return?
Hi, I had a mastoidectomy with tapanoplasty(something like that) ended up in surgery a total of 4 hrs. I am so bruised down the right side of my neck and it hurts so bad, not to mention the ear and surgical site. I am guessing this is normal, does anyone know? Such a scary surgery and I have to have it done on the left next. So glad to know I am not alone. Thank you all and God Bless.
I am having an open cavity mastoidectomy done. Has anyone had this done? I been having an ear infestion. I went 2 times to have ear surgry. Once to reconstruct my middle ear and again to rebuild my middle ear because it did not take. Now 3 yeqrs later it is back and now I need a open cavity mastoidectomy done. Can anyone let me know about this operation.
Thirty five years ago I had mastoidectomy. Cholesteatoma Left me without ear drum, and two of the three bones removed. Five years ago I had a Inplant or sound proser. Its called a Baja and was done by Calif. Ear Inst. Stanford/Palo alto. Reconstruction of my ear would have been a costly mistake.
I had an ear infection that went undiagnosed about 1 and a half years ago, which resulted in a polyp and smelly discharge. O had the polyp removed and the discharge immediately cleared without antibiotics. At the time the Dr said o could have a grommet put in or get my ears cleaned every 3-6 mths which I have been doing. The time before last my ears had a bit of wax but were otherwise clean and dry. Last week I went and there was a little bit of skin that had collected I'm the attic of my ear and the Dr suggested what o think is a mastoidectomy. This is the 3rd Dr I've seen and I'm not sure if He suggested this op cos I made such a fuss when the suction made me giddy! Since the initial infection I have not had another and never got ear infections before, should o have the op, which could create more problems in the future?
Too bad I did not get to post my experience of having 4 mastoidectomys. the message is Sorry, bad language is not allowed. [1]. uh, what bad language would that be? I did not use bad language. your website is lame (that is as bad a word as I will use here.) ta ta
My 14 yr old son had a mastiod op on the 14th of december, but still has a yellowish fluid coming from his ear. Is this normal after 12 days?
I had tympanectomy,canalplasty and mastoidectomy eleven days back. Since last night reddish/brownish/colorless liquids oozing from operated ear. Why? and what do i do? Please help.
I am a 54 year old women. I have had three surgeries for a congential cholestroma that invaded the temporal bone and destroyed then entire ear as well as facial nerves. I have had a radical mastoidectomy and tymponoplasty,canalplasty Had all ear parts removed,reconstruction of the temporal bone, muscle, facial nerves and dura. The past 4 years has been a nightmare of surgeries. Currently I am suffering (and have been since my last surgery 2010 with sever nerve pain. Is anyone else having this problem? I am scheduled to see a neurologist to try a new medication. Was wondering if others had suffered the same problems extreme pain, dizziness, vertigo,.
Robert Hanson
I had a modified radical mastoidectomy with tymponaplasty about 4 months ago. Generally feel well except my tongue feels numb on the side i had the op and taste is strange. Also my ear lobe feels dead to touch and really hurts in the cold. How long roughly for tongue to get sensation back and is ear lobe normal.?
I had undergone modified radical mastoidectomy in the year 2002. Since then the hearing has been a question of matter in several government examinations, and i am really a lot worried about this operation and thereby hearing loss. Please help me in this regard by furnishing information in this regard that on mentioning of this operation as my past medical history would cancel my candidature or not. Though it should also be mentioned that i suffer from no such illness or have no problem in my left ear since it was operated. I would be obliged to know from you in this regard.
Barbara Justice
I had a mastoidectomy 62 yeas ago whenI was six-years old. They went throught the ear canal, taking the eardrum, and all the mechanisms in the middle ear. I now have a tear in the eardrum they made me. I have had ear infections about every three months for the last year and a half. Until now cipro took care of it. Now my ENT says there is a whole in the grafted skin over the mastoid bone that was left. What kind of surgery will they have to do to correct it? Is it another mastoidectomy or just a cleaning up?
terrieann langton
I had my mastoidectomy proceedure 34 years ago now. However, over the last 2 years i have been experiencing facial palsey. My consultant has been reluctant to investigate this and feels this is a neurological problem and not associalated with the surgery. Can anyone suggest any ideas as to why this is happening.
I had the mastoid operation about a month ago after having ear infections constantly. Pain doesnt occur anymore, my hearing is worse than before the op and i think i have an infection in the ear again. yippie =(
I think i can smell the ear every so often when i move my head. Im so bored of infections in that ear, no idea why it just keeps coming back!? dont think anyone does know. its just one of those things inniee.
Hi,I had my radical mastoidectomy last april 18, 2012. Im back in work now, but Im still dizzy my doctor it might take about 3 months plus loss of taste on the side of the tongue.And I can't feel my earlove either. My ear is still numb. When can all of this back to normal?
On or about the 17th of march i discovered that I had a mild ear leak. I visited an ENT who recognised the infoection as a Cholestoetema and prescribed an antibiotic. three weeks later after exhausting the antibiotic treatment I had to undergo a tympanomastoidectomy on the 28th of May. Stayed in hospital for one night and back at home and feeling great. I would advise anyone who has a ear infection to visit an ENT specialist immediately and not a General Practitoner and dont delay surgery as leaving the problem unattended can lead to serious problems and even death.
Do some research on the track record of the ENT's in your area and check their success rate. You do get good ENT specialists and mediocre one's. Anand
Naveen kumar
I had a mastoidectomy 7 MONTHS back.iam 27 years old now iam getting humming sound continuosly even doctors giving antibiotics its not showing any effectand also I am experiencing discharge, pain.Please help in this by suggestion
I had a radical mastoidectomy before my 8th birthday. I had some hearing loss and generally no problems until I was 34 when I had to have a revised mastoidectomy. I had developed a severe infection in the ear and the doctor was concerned that it would spread to the brain since there is no longer any bone to protect it. The second mastoidectomy was supposed to have taken 1.5 hours, but the doctor had to slow the surgery down considerably so that he could clear the infection and scar tissue from the endura (lining of the brain) without tearing it. (A tear to the endura could have been fatal with the spread of infection to the brain.) Originally my doctor told me that it would take about 3 weeks for the feeling to return to "normal" for my ear, but because of the prolonged surgery with the incision behind my ear and the lack of blood flow, it took about 1 year for it to get to that point. At first it felt like a piece of cardboard stuck to my head :-) ... but it felt "pretty" normal about a year later. Unfortunately, I'm starting to have problems with drainage again (18 years after the second surgery.) Good luck to all!
From age 13 to 17 (in the 1960s) I had 3 mastoidectomies due to severe, recurrent infections in the right ear. I suffered permanent, profound hearing loss in that ear because of the surgery, but I feel it saved my life because I did not develop meningitis or other intracranial conditions. Because of the manner in which the mastoidectomy surgery was completed in the 1960s, an "open bowl" existed from my ear canal to the remaining mastoid cavity. This was a constant source of fluid collection, and hence, a source of chronic (although not severe) infection. I dealt with this for over 35 years, having to have my ear cavity medically cleaned in the doctor's office at least every 6 months. When the drainage got bad, I would go have it cleaned. Until 2005, when my ENT referred me to a "super-specialist" who performed a revision of my original surgery. The "open bowl" was revised to where there is now no opening for moisture and fluid to collect. I have been without an ear infection for 7 years now!! It has truly been a life-changing surgery for me.
Hi i am from India and would like to know any cholesteatoma sufferes from India. My son is having similar proble undergone a surgery 3 months back but still his ear is not dry.kindly advise
It took about 4months for the doctors to figure out my mastoiditis. Ive have had i again since. How many times do.i have to be symppyomatic, until i am refereed to the ent will it mean then only solution is surgery?
i HAD fall hurting my head and back in the men me I had this mass on my mastoid muscle with swollen lymph gland the radiologist recommended an biopsy be done on the mass on my mastoid muscle as he felt it looked suspicious could this be cancer I don't have ear problems its on the muscle not in my ear
Having a mastoidectomy can be pretty scary. After all, it is head surgery. Here's my experience:

My first mastoidectomy was at age 12 (radical, right ear) and my second at age 16 (modified radical, left ear). The scans showed in each case that cholesteatoma cysts had broken through my skull and were resting on my brain. After both surgeries, recovery was relatively easy and uneventful. There was no facial paralysis or taste distortion. Really, the only hardship was the big bald spot and strange dome-like dressing on the side of my head I had to deal with post-surgery. Trying to wash your hair with a plastic bag over a quarter of your head is a bit of an adventure, too.

It has now been 12 years since my last surgery. Since the cholesteatomas damaged my hearing to begin with, I wear bilateral hearing aids. I also have to go in to an ENT every six months to a year for a "debridement" (cleaning) and I frequently have to use ear drops (Oflaxacin) for drainage (usually odorless). It's not that big of a deal, though. I do have to be careful about showering/bathing, since water in the ears can lead to an infection. Swimming is pretty much out of the question, since I don't really trust any ear plugs to actually stay in. There is still some numbness at the incision site on my left and both sides tend to get pretty tender if I wear sunglasses or headbands, which can lead to some wicked headaches.

Hmmm, what else? I haven't been able to wiggle my ears since the surgeries, which is truly a tragedy. I was a great ear-wiggler.
sandra Holland
I have had hearing problems since I was ten and have had two myringoplasty operations, one operation helped to repair one perforated ear drum but the other failed. I never had any problems with the ear that couldn't be fixed then my hearing began to fail and the ear specialist said that my perforated ear drum was very big. My other problems began when I began to wear a hearing aid, I've had persistent ear infections since I was wearing the aid. I was told to disenfect the ear mould but that doesn't help. the last infection that I've had lasted two weeks through lack of sleep it was so bad I couldn't put my head down on my pillow. The pain was so bad it came in waves and it was worse than toothache. I tried to use a warm compress but that didn't help neither did using a cold one either as this seemed to have agrivated this problem too. Hearing aids don't help people with chronic ear infections due to the fact that the ear mould is made from plastic and there are no durable materials that can be made that are breathable. the problem lies with the plastic as it causes a vaccum and the ear can't breathe properly as it causes a blockage and the ear canal must be able to have air circulating around it. I carried out my own research on this but after having 2 courses of antibiotics again, the problem has returned again. I have hardly worn my aid but when I have I have used it it is for a very short period. I have found that chronic ear infections don't clear up on their own but do respond to antibiotics but this is not a long term solution because they kill off the useful bacteria that grows around the gut. I have been turned down for surgery as my specialist had said that nerve damage would add to the damage that I already have now. Sandra, Scotland.
Im 29 years old and I had a canal wall down mastoidectomy due to a cholesteatoma. After the surgery I developed a staph infection and my stitches were coming out of my skin. 3 months later I still have a staph infection and have had bad pain and a itching feeling under my skin and my ear still feels numb. My doctor says I am allergic to the stitches and now i have to have a scar revision surgery. Has anyone had a similar situation? what was the outcome?
I had a mastiodectomy at the age of 44,after years of ear infections. I have had no further problems till now at the age of 64 and I have to start wearing an hearing aid due to losing my hearing and having tinnitus bad
Hi, my daughter has had a total of 6 mastoidetomies and one investigation. Her most recent was a mastoid obliteration, she had to have bone graft which was harvested from the base of her skull as she rejected the previous artificial graft quite badly. she has just been informed that it does not seem to be working and has a severe infection. if the infection is not improved in the next 5 days they are rushing her in for emergency surgery. can anyone tell me what the next step might be. i am a desperate mother as her last infection almost made it to the brain. she has 3 small children and i am scared for them all, please give me any information you think may help. thanx
Better now
My mastoidectomy caused much greater problems that it was suppose to fix. Methods not offered by typical western medical practitioners were the solution.
When I was 13, a mastoidectomy was performed due to infection in my right ear that would not be healed with antibiotics and office visit manual drainage. The surgery caused great hearing loss and made me incredibly sensitive to nausea due to motion sickness and change of temperature. The resulting cavity in my ear affected the canal and made it more difficult for my ear to fight infection with its own defenses. The surgery was performed in the state of Alabama in America. Several infections and several treatments of antibiotics later, I obtained the advice of a doctor in Germany. I made a 50% alcohol, 50% white vinegar solution. Warmed it to prevent nausea. Applied several drops to the infected ear. Let it soak. Then used a warmed saline and water solution and irrigated the ear over the sink several times with an ear syringe. This manually removes much of the infection in the ear canal. I gently dry the ear with tissue and carefully with Q-tips. When mostly dry several minutes later, I add the alcohol/vinegar solution to the ear, which helps sterilize, adjust pH balance, and dry the affected area. I repeat as necessary. This has worked very well. Under the advice of my naturopath, I also had a blood work up to discover food allergies. In my case, I had to remove gluten, dairy and egg. I took a full array of high quantity probiotics to replace the flora that was killed by the antibiotics and greatly affected my immune response. These actions greatly reduced allergic and hystaminic reactions that actually was a great cause of the infections. After a couple of decades of some ear infections every year, I have been ear infection free for over two years.
steven powell
Yes i had the same operation when i was 13 now lm 46 went to docotor today said had middle ear infection and put wick in it no insurance cant afford to go to ent still having brown discharge am i risking my self to major problems.
I am slated to undergo a surgery to remove mastoid. Does anyone have any positive experience post surgery...worried reading the posts here.
Does anyone know if you can still swim after a Canal Wall Down procedure is done? I've already had the Canal Wall Up and my Cholostonoma has came back again after three years. Anyone swimming after the Wall down procedure?
I had mastoidectomy and tymphanoplasty done one week ago ,my ear still hurts terribly bad.My concern is of my tongue and top of ear being numb,I read all posts and saw lots of issues all of which I am expieriencing but not as worried over.If anyone has same problem please let me know will this go away?
Is there a less i nvasive mastoid laser surgery? With technology today you would think a guided laser into the ear would be available.
Had all my right inner ear removed 19 years ago, it's constantly infected but doesn't really bother me, just needs cleaning.
If you're wearing a hearing aid or something that is causing infections I would advise to just deal with the hearing loss, unless this is particularly troublesome.

I guess I'm lucky because it's not painful most of the time but honestly the best way to clear it up in my experience is looking after yourself. Even after one night drinking or not sleeping the stuff in my ear gets alot worse.

If you can't use antibiotics and the doctor hasn't given you a spray, a few drops of 3% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide from a health food shop will clear it up, but might not be permanent. ASK YOUR DOCTOR though I'm not a professional.

Not sure if my canal wall is up or down but I've been told not to get it wet and had an ear plug molded, I lost it years ago though but I still go swimming and surfing the only noticeable effect is I get dazed sometimes; my ear is beyond doing damage to it though as there is nothing there so again ask your doctor and don't stick random stuff in your ears!.
I had the radical or (last one listed) mastoidectomy. My ear constantly has infections with drainage and blood. The dr who did it has prescribed many ear drops/creams/ and pills and nothing is getting rid of this infection. Im allerfgic to pennacillin and polysporin. So some ear drops i cant use. The dr who did the surgery was forced to resign 2 months after the surgery! Its been 3 years now and still massive infections and no dr will touch my ear because of the way he did the surgery. Lots of things need to be removed and reconstructed. Also the i co is stsrting to make its way closer to my skull even more. I have no jearing i that ear. And some nerve loss tbere to. Any suggestions on what i should do niow???
This is for JJS, what was the radical surgery you had and possibly the name of your Dr. I too had surgery back in the late 60's and in the early 90's had a second surgery, but the original one left a cavity in my right ear. Every year I have had to go and get it cleaned out due to the build up, luckily no infections. Now that I'm 50 though, it has gotten to be a big deal, I get sick and vertigo almost every time. I have spoken with my dr and not getting any real information about closing the cavity. When I was 18 my dr who did the first surgery suggested to get it fill, but he was retiring at the time. I've been looking the last couple of years of some information about possibly getting the cavity filled or closed. Anyone else have this problem and know of a surgery?
I had a Mastoidectomy when I was 20 months old in 1978. I don't remember anything about it. I have had a couple of minor infections in that ear since and have slight hearing loss but apart from an ear ache which needs only the slightest excuse to descend ( a cold, change in pressure, change in the weather etc...) it hasn't caused me much trouble. I had two operations over three days and during the first op they discovered that I also had an abscess on the brain, which I think was why it took two operations. The surgeon later told my parents that mine was the first operation of that type that he had done in six years. After the surgery I apparently recovered very quickly and my mum says that I did not seem to need pain killers.
I had a mastoidectomy 2011 because of ear infections, dizziness, and pulsating of my heartbeat in my ear. The recovery was not bad at all. I seen the doctor until it was healed and used ear drops to keep fluid from building up. I also had to have a vein tied off to stop the pulsating. For 18 months I was fine everything was going great. Then I fell and broke my nose and now I'm looking at doing the operation all over again. But if you have a excellent Doctor which I had you will be very happy to have had it done. Hope this helps everyone.
I am 37 years old now, but since i was born i was having ear problem, liqieds always comes out of my ears, i cant hear clearlly till now, what will i do to cure it complitelly?
Joey Howard
I am 48 years old, I had a mastoidectomy nearly 13 years ago, I lost most of my hearing because of the op and suffer from Tinnitus too. I get a loud pounding noise in my ear also...
I am currently training to be a Lifeguard and during my first test I got cold water in my ear and this caused unbelievable dizziness, I experienced this before and it was just as bad. I am actually looking for a good sminning aid to completely block out the water from getting in my ear. My doctor keeps telling me cotton wool and vasiline, this is good but not good enough... Has anyone got any really good water blocking ear aids i could buy...?
thank uoi in advance...
Gu Swiss
Hello everyone who encountered surgery of mastoidectomy, I had done right modified radical mastoidectomy since one month ago. I am now 22 years old.I found above comments. Then I'm afraid that will I undergo next time surgery for right side or both sides coz of infection? Now I suffer ringing sound and noise in my ear. May I know in which time will this noisy sound relieve? I got so many stress :'-( coz of this surgery & I thought why was I caused as this? But now I found so many people had done mastoidectomy. I got toothace when I was eating food since this surgery had done. Can toothace be related with mastoidectomy? I want to know when can I go swimming or I cannot go swimming throughout my life. I scare post operative complication such as facial nerve paralysis,brain abscess,meningitis. I want to know why you caused mastoid infection? I took so many antibiotics such as ofloxacin,metronidazole,azithromycin,cefixime,amoxicillin-clavulanic acid,lincomycin,erythromycin. I afraid normal bacterial flora from my gut would all be destroyed & my kidney & liver being damaged by these drugs. I forgot to say that I had got staphylococcal ear infection. May I know how can I prevent not to enter this infection again & how should I clean my operated right ear and normal left ear? I have a great thank if Doctors can answer my question. Please help me answering. Thanks a lot if anyone will discuss. :-)
Ms. Perry
My grandson has had three sets of tubes which did not work or they fell out early. He has been hospitalized for IV Antibiotics for ear infection which cleared it up for three weeks. Now he has new ear infection and they are considering a mastoidectomy. He is 4 years old. Do you think he is too young for this type of surgery and also should he try another set of tubes?
divyesh chauhan
Helo!!! I am 27 Yr. old. I had a mastoidectomy operation in year 2002 and again in year 2005 but after that i was suffering from continuous ear discharge then finally my re-surgery of mastoidectomy performed on 7th JANUARY`2014.Since last two days my ear is start discharging with white clear fluid. is like that this type of discharge is expected after surgery ???
Holly Jaynes
I am 45 and also have MS. I went for a MRI through my Neurologist to check on the progress of my MS on my brain. That is when he found a mass on my mastoid bone. He said it is likely mastoiditis and that I needed to see my ENT. My question is I have been back and forth between 3 ENT's because I have had serious issues with my left ear ever since the first ENT put a tube in my left ear due to numerous ear infections and loss of hearing. I has leaked and bleed on my pillow for 2& 1/2 years since that was done. AND I contracted MRSA in my ear from the surgery. EVERY time I went to the ENT all they would do is act like I was over reacting and would prescribe me an antibiotic ear drop and SOMETIMES an oral antibiotic. I am a single mother who works 40+ hours but I don't have an abundance of funds. I am tired of paying ENT's what type of doctor should I contact? I live an hour from Charlotte N.C and 40min from Concord N.C so I am hoping there is a doctor in either of those locations that can help me
Cholesteatoma is a relatively common but potentially dangerous chronic ear disease that usually requires surgery. In summary, the middle ear (eardrum, ossicles, and mastoid bone) may be essentially amputated in whole or part - modified/radical mastoidectomy-surgery of many years use that leaves a cavity that is prone to infection.. The alternative is more complex "closed" surgery (intact canal wall mastoidectomy). The choice remains controversial.
In the last 20 years, the rehabilitation of mastoid cavities has developed substantially (see The Laryngoscope, December 1996, last article). Cavities can be successfully eliminated, but specialist surgeons are essential. Nonetheless an ear free of infection, suitable for water sports is most often achievable, but the hearing will depend on the severity of middle ear damage. Canal wall reconstruction is optimal. Filling-in the cavity may be recommended, but carries the risk of retained disease.
Hi MY DAUGHTER Katie is about to under go a Mastoidectomy and Tympanoplasty in 2 weeks time on her right ear and then her left at a lateer date, she is 8 . This is the first forum i hhave found after much searching! I have to say after being relieved about the fact that they are finally operating after 7 years of constant ear infections and the awful smell. I am now aprehensive by what i have read. It seems that most people still have infections. i THOUGHT THIS OPERATION WOULD irradicate the infections and she would be curred. She has a hearing loss already in both ears and we were told it may get worse but at least she would be able to wear her hearing aids more regulary.
Any advice dos don't what to be aware of? would be gratefully recieved
Hi, I had and still deal with chronic mastoiditis. I hade chronic mastoiditis for months and dealt with terrible drainage mainly because people with chronic mastoiditis don't show symptoms other than drainage, unlike someone with acute mastoiditis who will show symptoms. Having chronic mastoiditis means that my ear no longer drains and I have to visit my head and neck doctor every six months to have it drained or risk infection. I got mastoiditis because my Eustachian tube didn't develop most likely to due to second hand smoke as a baby which eventually led to infection. I've had two surgeries, one when I was seven which was a mastoidectomy that destroyed most of my middle ear in 2002. The second was reconstructive surgery in 2007 to restore some hearing. To anyone wondering both surgeries went flawlessly even thought my reconstruction surgery had a 50% success rate. As someone who's dealt and continues to deal with the ongoing effects of this disease I can say constant awareness is needed to prevent infection. Personally If my ear ever acts up or feels off I go see my head and neck doctor immediately.
Answers of above questions.
Recently done my left ear surgery. I feel buzzing sound after 3 days of operation. Dr said when packing will m will remove the sound will stoped. It was no cholestetoma in my ear. What precautions you prefer for me.
Had surgery as a pre-teen in 1945 when antibiotics did not work for me. It worked and have had only very minor problems (an occasional washing out) since then. No hearing loss. The worst part was having my head partly shaved and having to wear a scarf to school!
wow,I have learned a lot, thank you all,my wife has had terrible pain in her ears, no hearing loss as of now,we have see an ENT,and just about every doc I could get my hands on,,I feel the pain that you and your families have suffered through,the ct scan reveled infection in her mastoid,but still unsure how bad it is, it seem u must weight the pros and con when it come to this life changing operation,the pain is so bad that I cry with her,the warm compresses seem to help a little,and heavy pain meds to,is there definite type of doc other than an ent? those asking about swimming,well i would just give up,or at lease be very careful,about most having a problem with ear infections from hearing aid ,it sounded like the implant hearing aid was an answer,maybe expensive but an answer to infections,i.m worried about how people have recovered from the operation,so many different cases and different reactions,well I.ll do my homework,and we,ll see ,again thanks!
I had mastoiditis 4 years ago and it was recommended that I have my mastoid removed. I pressed the doctor for other options, he finally agreed to try an extremely high dose of IV antibiotics, which was administered via a pic line for 7 weeks. This did work - although I did end up losing 60% of my hearing in the right ear. For the past 6 months I have been experiencing dizziness, short-term memory issues and an overall unwell feeling. I had an MRI and it showed that I have fluid in the mastoid bone. I'm now waiting to see the specialist. My family doctor thinks that they will recommend a Mastoidectomy. Has anyone experienced a similar issue ? If so, was the surgery successful ?
Smitha J T
I had a mastoidectomy in the year 2010. I have not have any discharge from my operated ear(Right)but i am filling a occasional pain at the upper side of the operated portion of the ear and i also fill giddiness sometimes. i have lost my hearing entirely in this ear. What should i do to improve my hearing and save myself from giddiness and pain? me.
My son has gone throu one op of mrm and now another doctor says that the op ws not successful so once again his both the ears hs to be operated and he will be facing problem of hear loss. already he has 60% hearing loss at the age of 14. Will this be now ok to hv another mrm and will there be chances of improvement in hearting and even he doesnot improve will hearing aid be ok for his whole life.
Growing up I had persistent clear fluid coming out of my one ear - no pain but made it difficult to wear a hearing aid with the fluid blocking it up. Often times my family Dr. had to syringe it. I also had occasional balance issues from it. In my 20's I had rhinoplasties and the ear fluid suddenly stopped but started coming out one side of my nose at occasional times when I bent over - not a leaky drip but actually a short pouring out of fluid, which was very embarrassing as they occurred unexpectedly. I developed migraines for many years after the rhinoplasties, which usually occurred in afts. esp from any physical activity.
In my 40s, I hit my head and developed occasional wind-sound type tinnitus with off-set balance issues when hearing specific sounds. I had a cochlear implant/mastoidectomy for the tinnitus (my hearing was good with a hearing-aid). No spinning vertigo. The CI appeared to have stopped the fluid coming from my nose and migraines greatly reduced since. However, I'm now have new symptoms that did not occur prior CI: of consistent head pressure during ANY physical activity, severe all-over consistent tinnitus (with occasional gloomping sounds in back of head), nystagmus from ALL sounds and autophony. I also cannot wear the CI due to this nor able to go back to wearing a hearing aid.

Would a CSF leakage have anything to do with internal fluids being redirected somewhere else internally to cause these symptoms? What would be the best approach to check of any Ear or Nasal related defects with CSF Leakage since it's stopped? I did have one coronal slice CT that indicated the CI was "in the right place" and a 5mm CTA where reports of some fluid in the mastoid bone region, but was not further evaluated. I have abnormal Vemp results that's atypical of SCD but cannot be seen. if the prior fluid is now NOT coming through the ear or nose region anymore who would this be checked to see if that may be the cause all along? My right sinus is also blocked for years since rhinoplasty that has affected the eye as well. I also had 3 occurrences of unknown high white blood count infections - was in ER with antibiotics. It's an ongoing issue.
It's been a full year and I truly would appreciate your guidance for what to do for evaluations. Drs are "stumped" thinking maybe a round window issue but the CT does not show this. I never had a MRI of the temporal bones in my lifetime. I researched some info.about injections of dye into middle ear 72 hrs prior a MRI to check for CSF leakage? I just want to get my life back. Thank you.
My ear started draining in 2007. Went to an ENT Dr. for a year, trying different drops & antibiotics. It was decided I had mercer in my ear. A mastoidectomy was performed and 6 years later, I am still going to the Dr. because of ear drainage. Antibiotics both orally & ear drops are not working. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You.
Bruce Black
All the above comments refer to cholesteatoma, a cyst of skin in the middle ear. One form of treatment is to clear much of the middle ear - a radical mastoidectomy - developed late in the 19th century and since refined.
Once performed, the radical, or "open cavity" site is prone to ongoing infection. This can be treated by there operations: obliteration (filling the cavity), reconstruction (repairing the site), or by totally sealing-off the ear (ablation). The surgery requires an expert ear surgeon (not a general ENT surgeon).
For suitable cases, the reconstruction technique perhaps delivers the best chance of hearing restoration.
Also, if the nerve of the ear is intact, several implant are available (Bonebridge: Med EL, BAHA: Cochlear).
If the nerve is dead, special hearing aids (BiCROS) or even cochlear implants may be relevant.

Few ears cannot be dried up permanently.
james rai
hi i am a patience suffering from mastoiditis, i have done the surgery and i guess it would be working ear is still ringing and the pain is still there but the doctor told it will go away...and it s been 9 days ago..i have seen all the comments and i was scarred about it..but i pray for you all that this sickness will go away...i am 19 years old and i want to join the Indian army after my studies..i was been shot by a soccar ball as i was a player..hope my sickness will go away and my army preparation will be successful in the coming days..i pray for you all..hope to get out of this sickness..thank you
10 days ago my wife Had the radical mastoidectomy surgery along with TYMPHANOPLASTY,

She was recovering well and all seemed to be well but on the 7th morning she was brushing her teeth and had lost movement in her mouth, couldn't property blink in her side she was operated on and had water always streaming,
We went to the hospital who say she may have a damaged nerve from blowing her nose and they gave her some steroids and antibiotics,

We are worried sick she will not regain her smile, and angry when she was discharged from hospital she was never told to not blow nose .
This may not be the reason she not has facial paralyses , we don't go back for check for another 3 days and are worried sick ,
Can anyone comment on what they think this is or how long it will last . The dr has lost my faith , currently feeling terribly down
3 weeks ago I did surgery for mastoidectomy but still I have kind of blocking in my ear and sometime dirt and liquid come out,what is your advice and thanks.
I had a mastoid surgery 4 months ago . I had a colastatomia however you spell it. It was very huge . I have had 4 other surgeries in the past for the same thing. But this was the worst surgery. I am having unbearable horrible pain from my temple on the right side all the way down my neck. To where i am in tears and using a heating pad. Is this normal.
I had a mastoid surgery 4 months ago . I had a colastatomia however you spell it. It was very huge . I have had 4 other surgeries in the past for the same thing. But this was the worst surgery. I am having unbearable horrible pain from my temple on the right side all the way down my neck. To where i am in tears and using a heating pad. Is this normal.
scotty thornton
i have suffered ear issues for 30 years. i am now 55 years old. There is no true cure for any type of ear problems. i have had too many surgeries to count.I have been to the best ear doctors in the USA. Ear issues are not like a broken bone in the arm. It can not be fixed in one simple surgery. It is a lifetime struggle to fined relief. There is no one cure for ear issues. Enjoy the good days and suffer thru the bad days. Once i excepted there was no true cure life seem to be more bearable. never stop looking for answers. Ear issues are a life time struggle. my god be with with thru the bad days.
matthew chin
after my radical mastoid surgery I began having a numbness in my right thigh the surgery was on the right ear I told the doctor about this and asked if I was strapped from there and said yes but I don't know why I am having this problem even now. could this be due to my surgery?
thank u for this information. i have a question to ask here. i have been through a tympanoplasty with crotical mastoidectomy on my left ear. i have lost 50% of hearing in it. my surgeant told me that much of my hearing loss will be restored after this surgery(although not 100%). however u said hearing lost will follow after this surgery. please clearify me on this because i am already very scared. thank u
I have undergone two times mastoide radicle surgery on right ear due to dangeorous infection 30 years back when I was 10 years old.lnfection was controlled but not stopped and many antiiotics and treatments taken. but it could not stopped. so after 15 years when I was of 25, one more mastoide surgery was done for extensive chlosteotoma and almost all bones were removed alongwith some scleroted air cells.infection gets well controlled but with major hearing loss. still it occurred intermittantaly .meanwhile a sudden and unexpected infection occurred in left ear and it damaged all ear alongwith hearing. it was with vertigo and tinitus with so many sounds in the left ear. emergency surgery was done and almost all the ear parts from eardrum-mastoide bones-8 th cranial nerve were removed. after very long time the infection got controlled but almost complete deafness in left it is under control. but before 4 years back, it was again occured unexpectely . doctors conuslted for ane another surgery. but this time I was getting shocked. because nothing was left in the ear for removal and there was only lucent area.this time I pathologically examined the puss and found the dangerous 'staphillococus' bactiria. fortunately after proper administration of antibiotics, surgery got prevented. now both ears are dry with hearing impairment.
I expencierd as told in medical science that infection in ear is serious problem and may or may not be controlked by surgeries. so we have to take care of ears as same as our child and any infection if seen got timely treated .
My mom is 93, she had scarlett fever as a child, and had several mastoid surgeries. One ear has no ear drum. She has no hearing in one ear and very littlie in the other. She wears hearing aids. Her dr. said they cannot do any x-rays on her head because they could cause the scar tissue to move or grow. Is this fact? If so please explain. Thank you
I had a mastoidectomy at the age of nine (removal of most of mastoid, anvil/hammer/stirrup, part of the eardrum with patch on it. I had continuous drainage and frequent ear infections throughout teenage years and early to middle adulthood, and still have drainage despite suctioning every six months. I had a revised mastoidectomy when I was in my 20's to remove the rest of the mastoid and widen the ear canal to reduce infections, without success. Because of my sensitivity to oral antibiotics, my ear specialists regularly prescribe ear drops (Ciprodex); however, it does not clear it up totally or for long. I eventually sustained auditory nerve related hearing loss in my left ear, and audiologists recommended a hearing aid for the right ear to balance out the sound. I am very disappointed and somewhat angry, because I kept telling them that the quality of the sound would be distorted. Now, after about $2000 I can't hear anything out of it. The mold causes pain and restriction of movement in the side of my face. I've tried changing the filter, cleaning the aid, changing batteries and had it sent back, to no avail. I've come to the conclusion that hearing aids do not work for mastoidectomies and chronic drainage. If anyone has had any success with a particular type of hearing aid, I would love to hear about it.
Sachin Joshi
What are the possibility of succeess rate of regain of hearing after middle ear construction surgeryif done after mastoide surgery as i have write my experiance as above. Pl guide me?
Wheather it is 100% safe operation or hearing will get reduced?
How can I read everyone's answers, my daughter has just had her second surgery
I just had a mastoidectomy with ossiculoplasty on 8-31-16. The pain is horrible, the whole left side of my head is killing me. This surgery is more painful than my hysterectomy.
Hi all,

I had a modified radical mastoidectomy in 2007. I realised something was wrong when I couldn't taste food on one side of my mouth. luckily an ENT doc realised what it was and I had my surgery that year.
since the op I go back every 3 months to have my ear cleared and checked for recurrence. I have had a balance test which was really weird, but came back ok.
my head and neck gets quite painful as I get closer to my clear out. But I have found that if I get my partner to squeeze my head, with his hand across my jaw, it relieves the pressure and helps me carry on with day to day.
a heat pad on my neck and a neck massager help too.
I also find having a steam releases the pressure by opening up my tubes.
I try to avoid painkillers but do succumb to them if it gets really bad or if I haven't slept too well.
hope this helps, and if anyone has any other tips I'd love to see em.
I had a mastoidectomy W/ Ossiculoplasty 11 days ago ( 8-31-2016)... I went to my post operation visit this past Tuesday ( 9-6-16) He said I had a infection because I had a clog in my ear , so he suctioned it out, and put some ear drops in and said he would write me a different kind of ear drop this time ( I have not taken the first antibiotic by mouth , all he has prescribed is 2 different kinds of drops.) Ok. So. As of today, right this second., my ear is still bleeding, like I can push on my incision and I can hear the blood bubble up and feel it run down and out of my ear ... It still smells awful ... I also noticed today that I have some facial paralysis going on, Oh and where my incision is ( behind my ear) I feel like a weak spot, like its very tight or hard every where else except here, and when I lightly push on it I can feel a small like whoosh of air going into my ear. Not to mention, this just started within like the past 8 hours, I am also having trouble with my vision... And, I just don't know what to do...
Daralyn Christensen
I have 3 major reconstructive mastiodectomies. 2 on the Left ear and 1 on the right ear. I no longer have ear infections and that is very good. But I now only have 60 to 65 % of my hearing and wear hearing aids. I was wondering if there was any stem cell treatment to restore my middle ear conductive loss.
Good afternoon I have think i have masioditis i have an bump at the back of my ear.The Dr told me there isn't eney ear infection and it is nothing to worry about.I alsow have problems with both of my ears and went for operations one with mastiodectomies on the left side at the age of 12 and the right side i went for grommets at the age 0f 4. I'm 19years old
I had a mastoidectomy done 3 years ago and I am still suffering from chronic pain and I still have pus coming out of my ear I have 28% hearing loss no doctor is able to fix my problem. The pain is so bad. I tried everything out there. I don’t know what to do anymore
I visited an ENT doc a few days ago for a CT scan of my left ear canal due to fluid behind my eardrum. The CT scan revealed that the Tegmen had erroded away and the fluid that filled my middle ear behind the eardrum is brain fluid .. So now i have to get a Canal wall down Mastoidectomy surgery scheduled to get the fluid cleaned out and the Tegmen repaired .. I still have to get alot more information from the doc on how this procedure is going to be performed because like i said , this was just a few days ago. I'm 49 years old ... Not too thrilled about someone cutting into the back of my skull but dont like the idea of my brain leaking into my ear canal either. Pretty nervous about the whole ordeal. We'll see how it goes.
6 weeks after surgery, still ear feels plugged, vertigo and tinnitus, ringing in ears and headaches!! Doc told me I'm healing
Hi, I had a mastoidectomy about 4 years ago and my ear still doesn’t feel right. Half the bones in my ear were removed so I’ve loss the majority of my hearing in that ear which is now replaced with tinnitus. There is also a feeling of pressure, static and discomfort which I fear may never go away. Has anyone one else had problems like this after surgery?

Thankfully it has remained dry and I’ve had no infection since. Just discomfort and occasional pain but I do feel like I’m just waiting for it to come back.

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