Tooth extraction


Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone.


Extraction is performed for positional, structural, or economic reasons. Teeth are often removed because they are impacted. Teeth become impacted when they are prevented from growing into their normal position in the mouth by gum tissue, bone, or other teeth. Impaction is a common reason for the extraction of wisdom teeth. Extraction is the only known method that will prevent further problems with impaction.

Teeth may also be extracted to make more room in the mouth prior to straightening the remaining teeth (orthodontic treatment), or because they are so badly positioned that straightening is impossible. Extraction may be used to remove teeth that are so badly decayed or broken that they cannot be restored. In addition, some patients choose extraction as a less expensive alternative to filling or placing a crown on a severely decayed tooth.


Exact statistics concerning tooth extraction are not available. Experts estimate that over 20 million teeth are extracted each year in the United States. Many of these are performed in conjunction with orthodontic procedures. Some extractions are due to tooth decay.


Tooth extraction can be performed with local anesthesia if the tooth is exposed and appears to be easily removable in one piece. The dentist or oral surgeon uses an instrument called an elevator to luxate, or loosen, the tooth; widen the space in the underlying bone; and break the tiny elastic fibers that attach the tooth to the bone. Once the tooth is dislocated from the bone, it can be lifted and removed with forceps.

If the extraction is likely to be difficult, a general dentist may refer the patient to an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons are specialists who are trained to administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), an intravenous sedative, or a general anesthetic to relieve pain. Extracting an impacted tooth or a tooth with curved roots typically requires cutting through gum tissue to expose the tooth. It may also require removing portions of bone to free the tooth. Some teeth must be cut and removed in sections. The extraction site may or may not require one or more stitches (sutures) to close the incision.


In some situations, tooth extractions may be temporarily postponed. These situations include:

Before extracting a tooth, the dentist will take the patient's medical history, noting allergies and other prescription medications that the patient is taking. A dental history is also recorded. Particular attention is given to previous extractions and reactions to anesthetics. The dentist may then prescribe antibiotics or recommend stopping certain medications prior to the extraction. The tooth is x rayed to determine its full shape and position, especially if it is impacted.

Patients scheduled for deep anesthesia should wear loose clothing with sleeves that are easily rolled up to allow the dentist to place an intravenous line. They should not eat or drink anything for at least six hours before the procedure. Arrangements should be made for a friend or relative to drive them home after the surgery.


An important aspect of aftercare is encouraging a clot to form at the extraction site. The patient should put pressure on the area by biting gently on a roll or wad of gauze for several hours after surgery. Once the clot is

A dental surgeon uses special forceps to pull out a tooth (A). In its place, a blood clot forms (B), which becomes new bone with gum tissue over the top (C). If the blood clot does not form or falls out, a dry socket occurs (D). No new bone forms, and the nerves are exposed, causing pain. (Illustration by GGS Inc.)
A dental surgeon uses special forceps to pull out a tooth (A). In its place, a blood clot forms (B), which becomes new bone with gum tissue over the top (C). If the blood clot does not form or falls out, a dry socket occurs (D). No new bone forms, and the nerves are exposed, causing pain. (
Illustration by GGS Inc.
formed, it should not be disturbed. The patient should not rinse, spit, drink with a straw, or smoke for at least 24 hours after the extraction and preferably longer. He or she should also avoid vigorous exercise for the first three to five days after the extraction.

For the first two days after the procedure, the patient should drink liquids without using a straw and eat soft foods. Any chewing must be done on the side away from the extraction site. Hard or sticky foods should be avoided. The mouth may be gently cleaned with a toothbrush, but the extraction area should not be scrubbed.

Wrapped ice packs can be applied to reduce facial swelling. Swelling is a normal part of the healing process; it is most noticeable in the first 48–72 hours after surgery. As the swelling subsides, the patient's jaw muscles may feel stiff. Moist heat and gentle exercise will restore normal jaw movement. The dentist or oral surgeon may prescribe medications to relieve postoperative pain.


Potential complications of tooth extraction include postoperative infection, temporary numbness from nerve irritation, jaw fracture, and jaw joint pain. An additional complication is called dry socket. When a blood clot does not properly form in the empty tooth socket, the bone beneath the socket is exposed to air and contamination by food particles; as a result, the extraction site heals more slowly than is normal or desirable.

Normal results

The wound usually closes in about two weeks after a tooth extraction, but it takes three to six months for the bone and soft tissue to be restructured. Such complications as infection or dry socket may prolong the healing process.

Morbidity and mortality rates

Mortality from tooth extraction is very rare. Complications include a brief period of pain and swelling; post-extraction infections; and migration of adjacent teeth into the empty space created by an extraction. Most people experience some pain and swelling after having a tooth extracted. With the exception of removing wisdom teeth, migration into the empty space is common. Braces or orthodontic appliances usually control this problem.


Alternatives to tooth extraction depend on the reason for the extraction. Postponing or canceling an extraction to correct tooth crowding will cause malocclusion and an undesirable appearance. Not removing an impacted wisdom tooth may cause eventual misalignment, although it may have no impact. Not removing a decayed or abscessed tooth may lead to septicemia and other complications.

See also Wound care .



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In 2003, teeth are most often extracted by maxillofacial or oral surgeons. Occasionally, a general dentist will extract a tooth. Teeth are most commonly removed in an outpatient facility adjacent to a hospital under general anesthesia.


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How long after any extraction with dry socket, should there be pain. i had tooth extraction 10 days ago.
Joe G
I had one of my molars in the top left side of my mouth pulled this past Wednesday! Today is Friday! It still hurts if I don't take some Ibuprofen every 2-3 hours. The worst part was the bleeding right after surgery! The Dentist neglected to tell me to moisten the gauze pad before replacing the old one. So Every time I would change the gauze it would pull out what little blood clot I had formed. So after about 6 hours, a lot of swallowed blood and a sore stomach... the socket finally stopped bleeding. I wasn't able to eat for the first day due to the nausea, excessive blood, and pain. It's a lot better now, but I hate how careful you have to be not to dislodge the clot.
Are you allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage after you get a tooth extraction? Its been about 4 days since. Would it be okay?
Wayne Gower
Yes I had all of mt teeth pulled from two different dentist.The teeth the second pulled all have what i call bone spures or very sore spots.Well anyway one of the sockets hurt so bad that i cannot put any pressure on it without it hurting exscrufilly.It has been four months now since I got my dentures and five months saince the teeth were pulled and I cannot where my dentures because the pain is so bad at that extraction site.I need to know what to do about it,I no longer have the money to see the dentist.
Wayne Gower
My upper left tooth was pulled on Wednesday of last week and today is Tuesday of the next week. I cannot feel or see a blood clot, so is that neccessary to see or feel a clot or can I have one deeper I cannot see. I have pain in my lower left teeth area and no tooth pulled there. I take two extra strength tylenol for pain there. The upper extracted area is still swollen on my cheek a bit but not much...Please I need an opinion
Hello I was wondering
I feel a pain from wisdom teeth
and Its been already 3 days, How long will this pain be and how much longer is it gonna be until my pain is gone??
i had my tooth taken out a few weeks ago and went straight to the chippy lol it doesnt hurt, it aches a little when the numbness starts wearing off and is a bit sensitive for a couple of days x
I had a tooth extracted about 3 days ago, maybe 4 I am not 100% positive ^^

I bled a hell of alot and it made my throat sore, but other than that everything was fine. I stopped bleeding the next day, however I am not sure if I dislodged the blood clot, my wife says that she sees the bone and for some reason my breath is horrible, but I dont feel any real pain. If I have dry socket, will it set in later?
Ranjit Mehta
10 days after extraction of a lower molar tooth, I still have pain in one corner of extraction sight, especially at night and alsO on and off during the day. My dentist keeps telling me it takes time and I have not heard anyone with any type of extraction well done having pain for so many days. PLEASE ADVISE. Thanks.
i have to get my tooth pulled out becasue my permant has come in thro the gum and is goin outwards casue my baby tooth is stuck and wont come loose...does anyone know would the dentist just wiggle it to get it loose or is he just goin to yank it out????its my first time ever having dental work soooo scared... plz help plz thank you jsut emial me at
i had a tooth extraction on tuesday. and i keep looking at the hole to see how its healing and there was a bone couler whare the hole is on. i thourt it was infected so i got some tcp and used it like a mouth wash and now it has gone. but in the morning its painfull. the thing is i do smoke and drink often.
i had 2 teeth extracted 4 days ago, my upper back molars. i have been in pain and taking advil every 4 hours or so. its not excruciating pain but it hurts. it is also still swollen and has caused sores on the roof of my mouth on the right side. is the sores and swelling normal or should i go see my dentist?
i have just got a tooth pulled out and every time i touch the gum it hurts like hell i looked at the gum and it has white gum tissue on it its really hard to eat on one side were the tooth is gone i have taken nearly every drug and nothing works can you help me
My 4 yr old unfortunately has to have his two front teeth extracted. Hopefully based on what I have read, and the info the dentist provides me my childs mouth will heal quickly and in good order. My biggest fear is the migration of nearby teeth into the spaces. His appointment is tomorrow. Thanks for all the info.
I have a question and any answer is greatly appreciated. One thing is that I am 32 years old with gum disease and my mouth is so small that my wisdom teeth were overlapping the last tooth in my quadrants on the right bottom, right top, left bottom, and left top. I learned that your never to old to get your wisdom teeth in. Yesterday, I went and got a tooth extracted for emergency because of being in excruciating pain. My questions are the following: What are the symptoms after having a tooth extraction? Has anybody ever had a fever after getting a tooth extracted? How can you tell if you have a blood clot? I am brand new at this and any information is greatly appreciated.
Hi I had two teeth extracted last monday today is Thursday and apart from taking prescribed painkillers every so often, I am still in pain, how do I know if the gum or socket is affected or not. or what time limit should i give for the pain to subside if at all.
a speedy reply would much be appreciated,
thanks janet.
hi i am about to get 2 teeth pulled tomorrow annd i was wondering how long it might take i mean i know i cant eat but i want to know how long i will be out of school for the day? thanks
matt goldrich
I had an upper molar extracted and was keeping tea bags on the spot for a day, the next week i sneezed and most of the blood clot came out but everything was healed fine and 3 months later it is almost fully healed, i was prescribed vicodin for the pain but i never had any pain i just took alot of ibuprofen for the swelling and the slight fever i had.
had 9 teeth extracted and a new plate fitted the same day, Iam having problems with sores but not from the extractions , it is from the plate, went back to dentist 2 days after and he did an adjustment, but it is worse I rinse with warm salt water, and putting orgel on them at least 5-6 times a day, severe pain when taking or putting plate back in. Dentist wont be back in for another 2 days. any sugestions
i had a tooth pulled in tha back of my mouth and im in pain all the time its been 4 das and i had bad breath the 2nd day...and blood on my pillow..and i have headaches
I had a tooth extracted last week from the back, rather a large tooth.

The gum has healed superbly but i am left with what can only be described as shrapnal in the gum, this is so painful but i am told it is left over tooth from the extraction which will fall away over a time.If i touch it i can feel it almost like a splinter where the end stands up, but the skin is forming over. Anyone had this problem?
Just had a double lower right extraction two days ago. Looks like there is a clot in place. I would like to know what dry socket looks/feels like, And when I can eat solid foods and when Can I stop wearing this gause crammed in there. It has been 48hours and there is NO steady ooze of any liquid, but little tiny bit of blood when I changed the bandage first thing this AM.

Thanks for any info.
i have had two teeth pulled out today and its now 8 hours later and its still bleeding. is this normal? please email me back
Sutures fell out after tooth extraction. My husband had a tooth removed (molar) 3 days ago, he felt a long string after a day and the stitches have now come out completely. It is the weekend of course, Saturday, and the dental office is closed. Does he need to be concerned about this? Thanks!
Good day. I just got 2 of my lower wisdom teeth operated 2 weeks ago and now the thread was removed.And now im in so much pain because of that my gums hurt (somewhere in the lower right canine part) it has been 2 days that it hurts so much. Is the tooth extraction was the cause of gum pain?? Someone told me that it is normal after tooth extraction. Please help and email me at Please. Im just 13 and i cant take the pain anymore.
my toooth was extracted last 2 weeks.but the swelling remains and sometimes i feel pain in the are wer my tooth remove.what should i do??
Hi.. k so i have gum disease but my upper molar is already loose and has very bad decay so i have to get it pulled... was just wondering will i be able to th way i have gum disease?? & im dosed up on solpadine 4 th pain so will this affect th chances of getting this tooth pulled?? i cant stick th pain any longer i need that tooth pulled asap!!=[
Charlie B
I had a tooth pulled 2 days ago and am suffering with really bad jaw ache!
Is it normal to still hurt this much and for breath to smell like a compost heap? I also drank quite a bit of alcohol last night, have I done an damage?
IF I have a lower molar tooth pulled, will the tooth above grow longer and cause problems?
Hello there. I have a serious question. On Monday 28th June I got two of my wisdom teeths pulled. The procedure was very successful. I have just a slight swelling to the lower part of my jaw on the right hand side where the teeth were extraced, but besides that I'm fine.

I want to go to the hair salon tomorrow (Saturday 3rd July) to get my hair washed, treated, and styled but my mom says thats not a good idea beause I shouldn't be going under any hair dryer or around heat after just recieveing to procedures. She says it's hazardous to my health. Is she right? Is it ok for me to go to the hair salon tomorrow?
hey I got a tooth pulld out and i work under the sun is it ok to have a hole still after 1 week
i had an extraction by a regular dentist he did not numb the site before the shots to numb the gums after he did not give me any pain meds or antibiotics. when i went back 5hrs later in pain unbearable he said he would give me antibiotics and pain meds cause the tooth was so infected my question is why didnt he give it to me before i left the ofice and why didnt he warn me about the pain and could there be complications for pulling an infected tooth without treatment before it was pulled
I got my wisdom teeth (2) extracted on the upper right and lower right 7 days ago. Yesterday I went back to the dentist because I had a large hard lump, which he diagnosed as an infection and sent me home with Peridex and a stronger antibiotic than the original. I started using this and kept up with the moist heat. This morning I woke up to abnormal pain in my jaw and a mouthful of blood (it wasn't weird, nasty, metal tasting like before though..I didn't even know it was blood until I went to brush my teeth). It seems like my cheeks or something is bleeding profusely. How do I stop it??? And what is going on?? I thought the Peridex and antibiotics are suppose to help?
how long after having a tooth out should you have servia pain?
ive had my tooth taken out due to it being cracked and a absess forming. will the absess go on its own or do i need anti biotics to help it go? also when ive looked were my tooth use to be there is like i whitish bit in the center and abit of blood around it is this normal after having the tooth taken out?
I had a tooth out on monday and everything seems to be healing okay but i have pain running across my top teeth and my bottom teeth the pain feels like my teeth tightning the only thing resolving the problem is drinking lots of water plaese help me as i am in pain and cant sleep thank you.
hope this helps people do not for get to wet the gause be for replacing otherwise it will take even longer for it to stop bleeding also a good way to stop the pain is to get a co-codamol and put half at the side of the extraction point till it disolves this worked well for me had about 4 hours relief for one half so helps alot hope this helps
I have a question. I am about to get my back molar pulled next week on Monday. I am just wondering, is it normal for after a removal of a tooth, for there to be fragments of a tooth or bone to come out AFTER the tooth has been pulled?
I am going to a dentist where 2 friends have had several teeth removed, they are both males, and have afterwards had pieces of their teeth come out from the spot where they were removed. One of them had all of his top teeth pulled for dentures, and the other one just had a molar and wisdom tooth extracted. I am very worried if this is not normal, because I will be going to the same dentist as them, and I don't want it to happen to me if it is not normal!
Thank you!
I got a tooth extracted today. The procedure did not go very well and they put stitches in my mouth which fell out about 7 hours after I got home. What should I do?
I had 2 teeth removed tuesday of this week,my upper back molars. i have been in alot of pain since and my mouth itches, is this the healing process or is it infected?
I had a morel removed 3-4 days ago. I fear the blood clot falling out when is it safe to stop worrying about the clot falling out?
I had my tooth extracted last Wednesday.Durind the surgery, i had serious bleeding. Is this allergy or something else?
I live in the czech republic, and I don't have a dentist, and if you don't have insurance they won't treat you.So I pulled out myself 2 days ago, it still hurts though, what can i use to stop the pain, i've been using asprin, numb gels, and pain pills.Is there anything better to use.
I have had my molar tooth taken out 3 days ago and i am in constant pain, i didnt realise that you were meant to leave the blood clot so i think i have accidently taken in out and i am in pain. How long does a dry socket take to heal and why am i in constant pain? What should i do about it?
I had 5 teeth taken out 2 days ago. My back left molar, and another one of that side. As well as 3 on the right hand side, 2 on top and one on the bottom. They were all baby teeth except for my back left molar which i cracked biting onto a super hard candy. Because i had teeth removed on each side, top and bottom, how long will they take to heal and how long will it be until i can eat solid food again such as chicken and meat. If you have any answers or advise it would really help me out. Thanks...
i had a tooth takin out cuz i had a extra tooth and i got a infection afterwards and they didnt give me no medicine for infection so i had to go to paitence first and they gave me medicine so i wonder if they used dirty tools to do my tooth
Advise welcome... I had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted on moday under a general. The pain is subsiding but the after effects of the general are still with me and I still feel really spaced out four days on, it is intermitent but I feel really sleepy and sick also. Is this normal and how can I speed it up to remove from my system. I need to resturn to work? Thank you
Vit C helps to clear toxins out of the body. That might help with the general, I don't know. Only thing that helps pain when the OTC or codeine won't, is homeopathic remedy. You can always do your own research on this. Arnica 30 is good for tooth pain. Traumeel cream put on the outside of the face helps reduce swelling and pain. Do your own research on this. You decide. Good Luck.
Sir, I have a question to ask, the molar next to the wisdon tooth which is already removed is giving a lot of trouble, and needs to be extracted. The X-Ray shows curved roots, the dentist tried his best to remove it but without success,it does not move even 1mm, now some other procedure will have to be adopted, they have tried to perform root canal treatment but it is a total failure. the roots are fixed in the upper jawbone. Can you please advise how this problem can be solved and by what procedure, all this is very painful. Thanks.
I had my bottom left wisdom tooth removed 2 months ago and am in pain with the left side of my face ever since my ear,eye and jaw.The dentist said I am a bit tender and gave me antibiotics I am two days into them and still in pain.Also I forgot to say there were risk taking out my teeth because my root was curved I have no numbness but just all this pain is this common?
hi, ive just taken out one of my wisdom teeth, the pain is unbareable. id like to know how long the pain stays n how does the clot look exactly. btw, wut r the procedures for post-extraction??
Hi, On tuesday I had 8 teeth removed
the problem is that now, i have a big red balloon thing where one or the teeth was...
any ideas what it is? and what to do to get rid of it?
i just got my tooth out like an hour ago , and my mouths sore i am scared that the tooth next to the one i got out is still got pain in it .. im very worried about this and i dont want to get another one out , or is it just sore because i got it out? please tell me . im worried about this
i had a tooth pulled in the back of my mouth where the tooth waas pulled does not aache however i am having sever pain in all teeth on that side of my mouth plus and earache can someone pleaase tell me what is going on not only thaat where my teeth now hurt my gums look black and blue. please any suggestions?
its been four days since i had a molar removed ever since i have had server pain which i am taking pain relief what worries me is that i have lost all feeling in my lower part of my mouth will it come back and how long will it take if at all
its been four days since i had a molar removed ever since i have had server pain which i am taking pain relief what worries me is that i have lost all feeling in my lower part of my mouth will it come back and how long will it take if at all
i still have pain in my mouth it been over a month is the bone healing right i have a infection what should i do?
it has been more than a month i had a molar removed ever since i had sensitive teeth problem for beside teeth, when this sensitive teeth remains for ever? pls advise
my daughter had her tooth pulled last week she is worried about dry socet she said a little pain she took motrin for the pain .she was worried about and blood clot how long it take to heal .i dont have to pay nothing for asking do i .
Hope you can help, I had my back lower left molar removed on Monday (it's now thursday)and am in severe pain with it. I cannot see a blood clot in the hole just the bone, so I went back to the dentist yesterday who said there was a very small blood clot there. I have realised that the majority of the pain is coming from a shard of tooth in my outer gum, how can I get this out without going back to the dentist? I am doing salt washes and have been taking pain killers which are not helping the pain.
Thanks in advance
I had my upper left eye tooth pulled last wednesday last night a week later my chin swelled up big time is that normal?
i had a tooth pulled 6days ago, after the 3rd day i thought i had an infection so im on anti-biotics now and a stronger pain killer, the pain in my gum and jawline is still very sever, i cant sleep or eat properly, do u tink there could be somthing else wrong?
had a tooth out last tuesday top right took some pulling still geting pain went back dentist yesterday they put some stoff on the socket worked a bit but my bone still hurts how long befour the pain stops plus gave me some antibiotics but had them 3 weeks ago so will they still work ?
I had a tooth extraction yesterday morning at 11.30am (31 hours ago) and I can feel something coming out of the hole where the tooth was. I had a look and I think the blood clot that has formed in the hole is coming out! I really do not want to get dry socket, what do I do? Should I put a piece of the gauze the dentist gave me over it, or a tea bag like a few people have suggested? Will this make is worse as it was only supposed to be done in the first few hours! Please help - I'm desperate!
I think you can put the gouze on it.. but my Dentist told me that sometimes tiny bone fragments will be there a few days after and not to worry. Call you Dentist and see what they say
I had a tooth pulled 3 weeks ago and I have a dry socket and an infection. My lip and chin still feel like the novacain is wearing off and I feel a lot of pain in my lip and chin. The tooth that was pulled was my last one on thee bottom. I had a root canal done years ago on it and when they pulled the tooth there was a drill bit left in the tooth. I could send it to you. The dentist that pulled my tooth said I had an infection and gave me antibiotics and pain pills. I went back to another Dentist the other day who started me on another antibiotic cipro. I have been on 3 antibiotics so far. I have been packing the opening and using proxide to rinse. Do you have any other solution for to try. I am hurting and scared.
I had a tooth pulled 3 weeks ago and I have a dry socket and an infection. My lip and chin still feel like the novacain is wearing off and I feel a lot of pain in my lip and chin. The tooth that was pulled was my last one on thee bottom. I had a root canal done years ago on it and when they pulled the tooth there was a drill bit left in the tooth. I could send it to you. The dentist that pulled my tooth said I had an infection and gave me antibiotics and pain pills. I went back to another Dentist the other day who started me on another antibiotic cipro. I have been on 3 antibiotics so far. I have been packing the opening and using proxide to rinse. Do you have any other solution for to try. I am hurting and scared.
My daughter had wisdom teeth extracted on 27 DEC 2010. Help.
I had two bottom insisors extracted on monday today is sunday and had a plate fitted,but can now not remove the plate.Can you tell me if this ok?
Yesterday I had my 2 bottom teeth pulled, and i have stitches there, there is NO pain but there is a foul smell..what is it?
I had a lower molar removed I week ago and am in so much pain enough pain to stop me from eating and drinking is really hard too, please help
a friend took his tooth out with a peice of dental floss took him 2 days he told me there is another tooth comeing in i looked i dont see a tooth just a hole that should have closed up this was 2 years ago. also on the inside of the gum where the tooth was theres a round black spot with a red circle in it and a green circle in the red i want him to go to the doctors but he says if it dosebt hurt leave it alone i think there is something bad and his breath stinks
I had a lower back tooth (next to last!) pulled just over a week ago and I'm still in pain- not complaining, though! lol

My BEST methods for dealing with the pain (which is a dull ache at best and a noticeable ache and soreness in my jaw that hinders activity at worst now) has been to overlap 800mg of ibuprofen and 500mg of acetaminophen every 8 and 5 hours, respectively.
You CAN overlap OTC pain meds with prescription pain meds but I'd check with your dentist if you're unsure of what you're doing. Vicodin contains acetaminophen, so no Tylenol with that- but ibuprofen would be safe, AND help with the swelling (which can remain for up to three days with no worry).
I can't take prescription narcotics- I'm in recovery for addiction to pain pills, so I'm going this the hard way!

I also rinse after every meal and irrigate with a plunger when available (less irritating then rinsing AND less risk to dislodge the clot! Ask your dentist for one!). Warm salt water was my dentists' recommendation and seems to work best. Cold water agitates the already agitated gums for me- avoid the cold.

Also! My sweet mother, taking pity on me, picked up a box of grape Cepacol Fizzlers one day after work. Not ONLY do they taste AWESOME (and they really do fizzle!), they work WONDERS on those poor, sore gums! When I wake up in pain, I use one now! It helps get me back to sleep quicker!

I haven't had a great lot of luck with either Oragel or Kanka gel. The Kanka brush has been nice though, very gentle application and no mess!

I bled a lot the first day, but after my appointment (I was sedated and under nitrous, for anxiety, mostly) I immediately went home and went to bed. I slept all day (from 3pm) through to the next morning (around 8am) with one middle of the night wake up to take pain meds.

Yesterday was the FIRST night since the extraction that I've slept soundly all night, but I'm still in a fair amount of pain. I would advise getting on a set schedule of pain meds and setting an alarm for HALF AN HOUR before they're scheduled to wear off so you can take your next dose AND give it time to kick in.

AVOID hard foods and large bites. DO NOT CHEW ON THE EXTRACTION SIDE! NO CHEWING ICE! I've had a lot of luck with soft tacos (mostly bean and cheese), soft serve ice cream, simple or cream soups, spaghetti with sauce (no meat- cheese is wonderful), mashed potatoes and gravy, and sandwiches you can dip into soups to soften up (like a French dip).

And if all else fails, call your dentist! Extractions just hurt, unfortunately, but the pain of having the tooth pulled is SO much less then dealing with the long-term decay of a bad tooth- TRUST ME! I waited FIVE YEARS to have this one pulled.
If your tooth was already decaying, infected, or otherwise complicated, the pain might be a bit worse (mine had been decaying for so long I had only the top 1/3 of the crown and the filling left, hence my gum oversensitivity now, I'm also recovering from a gum infection).

It does get better, though, y'all. Promise. If you've made it this far, you're on the opposite side of that hill! Don't worry about getting to the bottom, just sit down and enjoy the sunset for a minute or two.
have you ever heard of a dentist letting the patient leave the office with 2 incomplete extractions ON 2 Teeth next to eachother..1 was absesed and one was a perfect tooth,-but the dentist broke off both teeth at the roots and let that patient leave with the wounds exposed and bleeding nothing covering them but a thin bloody piece of gauze and was told to find an oral surgeon in the morning she couuldnt finish pulling them out!!?? please this did happen and became the patient was very ill since then and dont know where to turn!!!
have you ever heard of a dentist letting the patient leave the office with 2 incomplete extractions ON 2 Teeth next to eachother..1 was absesed and one was a perfect tooth,-but the dentist broke off both teeth at the roots and let that patient leave with the wounds exposed and bleeding nothing covering them but a thin bloody piece of gauze and was told to find an oral surgeon in the morning she couuldnt finish pulling them out!!?? please this did happen and became the patient was very ill since then and dont know where to turn!!!
Its been eleven days after bottom wisdom teeth extraction and i still cant open my mouth all the way or bite down fully. i still see the stitches but some have came out. there is a white type film covering my gums on the teeth infront of the extraction and those gums are swollen and loose against my tooth. i want to know if this is normal and if it might be infected?
I had my tooth taken out on Friday it had an infection and was very painful my dentist was surpose to refer me to hospital but she decided to give it ago the tooth came out easliy enough but now im still in pain im pregnant too wich means I can only take paracetmol which isnt really working the pain only goes for around half hour. There seems to be a piece of bone which keeps coming to the surface of the wound everytime I try and take it out it goes back under the hole is this whats causing the pain?? Please help!!
I had an extraction two weeks on tuesday i had a huge abscess on one of my roots they had to drill the roots into two one came out no problem the other has left a shell of bone that feels like the outer shell of my tooth, can you please help, they have given me more antibiotics, thats my 4th lot of tablets, i have exposed bone they tell me, how on earth will my gum grow over and heal its all around the inner part of my bottom molar... the pain is killing ive been back 3 times they keep telling me its normal, can someone out there suggest something or should I get a second opinion.
i had my tooth takin out today an there is something sharp growing out my gum is this right and what is it.
I just pulled out a tooth all the way in the back of my mouth. The dentist had to sew the hole together and gave me Ibuprofen and a special antibiotic (I'm allergic to some sorts) so if you didn't get any advice or antibiotics you should seriously talk to your dentist about it. That's why some of you have got sores and puss. Also smoke less, do NOT drink alcohol for atleast a week and weed may make it worse.
what are the other organs that is connected to the teeth and might cause complication if my tooth is extracted? how about the heart?
How soon after a full upper jaw extraction can I:
1-drink soda,2-smoke and finally eat anything besides
soup?I just had the extraction today.
i had 4 teeth removed 2 top and 2 bottom on thursday 3rd march in hospital, i have stitches and the pain was unbearable after 6 days i went back to the dentist to be told it was infected as i was already taking antibiotics i didnt realise you could get an infection, i am near the end of my second course of antibiotics but still feel pain,its bearable and i take the odd pain killer but when should i expect to be pain free and how long will it take for my gums to heal please advice
Debbie Bickimer
I had a upper right wisdom tooth pulled last week. I am having problems opening my mouth to eat. My jaw hurts and also when I open my mouth my jaws make a noise. My jaw hurts all the time but the pain is not that bad, but it there. I take asprin everyday since the tooth was removed. Will this go away soon or should I go back to the dentist.
i had my bottom left side wisdom tooth extracted on tuesday and the gum had to be cut open and now i have 2 or 3 stitches in the back of my mouth, the pain has been so bad and this morning has woke me up, i can only open my mouth about 2-3 centimetre's, i have really bad pain in my ear and my throat. all pain after takeing 2 co dydramil 500mg every 5 hours, i cant take this pain anymore!!
I had my tooth extracted about 48hr's ago, my face has swollen up a little bit and its quite painfull. I had food stuck in it, but I maganged to get it out. I also have a wierd taste coming from that tooth, is this normal?
after having my wisdom ttoth exracted im having unbearable pain even after 5 days .this shooting pain mkes me soo restless and i havnt slept a wink in 3 days inspite of taking all my antibiotics and pain killers what could be the reason .
i stopped taking warfarin 6 mounths back is it safe to remove my tooth annd when is the effect of anticoagulant cleared from my blood
i got tooth out 3 weeks ago and developed dry socket.after a course of antibiotics and 2 more trips back to the dentist the pain around my jaw and teeth is still unbearable.i am taking pain relief every 4 this normal?
is there any one giving answers on this or is it all just questions??
hi i got my 4 back molars out monday 2 top and 2 bottom the sedation was crap i wasnt that relaxed as i still panicked, its beennearly 5 days and the swelling has gone down but my jaw is dull ache and my bottom gums now making my throeat and the back of my toung feeling swallown, 3 of my gums look like there haeling well but the other one dosnt why is it please help me im such a worrier.
Hi! I hope my experience is helpful to anybody who is nervous, confused, or recovering poorly from a tooth extraction.

I had a cracked/abscessed tooth that was pulled on Monday (April 26), and it is now Friday!

Monday was an extremely painful day for me! The tooth/jaw was so infected Novocain wasn't working properly to numb the extraction area, the dentist used two whole applicators on me too. To make it worse, when he pulled the tooth the top broke off leaving the root inside, he had to drill, remove tooth, drill, remove tooth. It was terrible. The doctor prescribed me 500 mg amoxicillin 3 times daily for 10 days and a heavy dosage of hydrocodone for pain, but even with painkillers the entire right side of my mouth was throbbing and aching the rest of the day.

I was told not to smoke (you really shouldn't, it's bad for the healing process) for at least 2 days but I smoke 1/2-1 pack a day depending on whether it's a good or bad day, and that day definitely was a bad day. I had about 5-6 cigarettes after I got home but only smoked them about halfway. I was worried about the clot so I soaked a gauze with my saliva before smoking and packed it down good against the socket while I smoked and when I was done removed it.

Tuesday I had a stiff jaw and mild pain, but painkillers helped me manage it pretty well. The clot was visible and well formed.

Wednesday to Thursday I panicked because it appeared that my socket was swelling and the clot was shrinking away!

Today I can now see why it would have looked that way. I now have a thin layer of skin over the clot, not at my gum line but a little deeper in the socket. I also have pain around the edges of the socket and shards of bone sticking out. It worried me at first but after some research I realize it's pretty normal.

I also think compared to others I'm severely lucky to have been smoking this whole time and be healing so well, especially considering a drill was used to get pieces of tooth out of the socket. Sometimes there is foul odor accompanied by a foul taste, but considering the extraction site was abscessed I'm pretty sure that's normal too and am not worried, especially because I am on antibiotics.

I'm no professional, but my advice to everyone is give the socket a week to heal, and if you are still in a lot of pain, discomfort, have lots of swelling, etc, go see your dentist because only he/she can give your answers to why you're having so many problems. If you have bone shards and you can't keep yourself from running your tongue over them or they are extremely uncomfortable, your dentist can remove them for you. Otherwise they should come out on their own eventually.

And to anyone getting a tooth extraction, don't let this experience of mine worry you! This is a tooth that had been cracked and abscessed for nearly two years because I'm a college student with unemployed parents and everywhere I called was $1800 or more for a root canal, and an extraction was $500 or more. I finally found a walk in clinic last week and it was $30 to be examined and another $30 to have the tooth pulled. I'm very thankful that places like that exist, but sad they are so hard for people who need it to find.

Back in 2006 I had a wisdom tooth pulled. Not impacted or anything, Xrays just showed my dentist that it was coming and he asked if I would like to have it pulled or if I'd like to wait and I told him to go ahead and pull it. It wasn't even painful, no swelling, nothing. Just took some time for my gums to heal up after being cut. So it goes to show the more problems your tooth is having, the more likely complications are to occur.

I know dental care is expensive and sometimes you feel like you can put it off, but the faster you get into a dentist's chair after a tooth chips or you feel a wisdom tooth coming in, the more pleasant your experience will be.
is it normal for a dentist to tell you your wisdom tooth needs to come out now, (because of the severe pain, and it's also infected) to start the extraction, but fail to complete it saying he can't get it out? And sends you to an oral surgeon, who is unable to see you until 5 days later? And meanwhile with just a few stitches to hold together your completely cut up gums?
I had a root canal done last thursday by a specialist, reccommended by my regual dentist. The specialist did the root canal on tooth 14, which had a big hole in it. I thought the specialist would at least cap the tooth at the same time, I didnot happen. It cost me $275.00 that day. So, I called my regular dentist office, they said I needed $567 more dollar to cap and crown this tooth, that is with insursance. In the beginning, I remember telling the hygenist, that I wanted that tooth pull, she kept on saying, that you donot want to do this, and I said Yes I DO, so the doctor came in and said the same thing she was saying,so I gave in. Nobody at the office gave me any price before I went to the specialist. And I did kept asking about the total price, before the specialist. Anyway, without the cap of the teeth that day, after the rootcanal, everything I bite down or teeth hit another teeth, the pain was awful. I finally, got it pulled. Couldnot stand the pain or the cost. I should have went with my first instinct. Oh yes, the first dentist office insist they were in my network. I find out later on that was not true either. So, always called your provider. That first visit, was $75.00, just for a cleaning. Oh yes, the first dentist office, said they would charge $200 to pull it. I found someone in my network to pull it for $70. I had to this blog.
What does a dental suture look like inside my mouth on the 2nd day after an extraction??
hi iv just had my top back tooth taken out an im still gettin pain goin to my head an back down is this normle or could they taken the wrouge tooth out
i had a top back tooth removed 11 days ago, when the tooth was finally pulled with it came alump of my jaw bone and pulled a whole in my sinus, this causeed alot of bleeding through my mouth and nose, when i put water in my mouth it poured out through my nose, i still have stitches in my mouth and my cheek has been pulled across to close the badly ripped gum, is this a common occurrance when removing a tooth. it was done under a local at the dentist,
I also had a tooth extraction yesterday and i was wondering how many days should i not eat with the side that the tooth has been extracted from?
S admia
I had a loose white layer on top of a blood clot after wisdom tooth extraction, I moved it because I thought it was food :( How long till it reappears? ..Will this cause any issues?
I had a surgery to move a tooth from the roof of my mouth and the wound is like covered in orange stuff or something from food how could I clean it. It has been 6 days seance the surgery
how long after getting a full set of dentures can you eat solid food?
Roseanne Gallagher
Hello I had two of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time.I am taking the contarceptive pill diannte is it safe to take if im taking pain killers and injections for next few days?i already missed one pill because i didnt know if it was safe to take or not?i have no pain but realy bad sweeling is this normal?please help thank you.
I( had 4 teeth removed on August 9.2011 ansd I know have a blister on my tongue ia that normal.
How many days after having a tooth pulled will you normally lose your blood clot. I rinsed to hard and my blood clot came out after 7 days of having tooth pulled. Will this cause a dry socket?
I have a big big blood clot over the area and droping on the side of the gums please help me!!!
I had a root canal done a week ago. I am still experiencing some pain and my sinus is realy bothering me. My dr. change my antibiotic to Clindamyacin 2 days ago and put me on hyrocodone again. He's calling me tomorrow to see how I'm doing and it's about the same. I'm starting to get worried as it is also affecting my sinus. We don't have a lot of money and my husband is very impatient with me about this. I don't know what to do.:(
I got 4 wisdom teeth removed a week from yesterday and yesterday I lost the blood clot resulting in nonstop blood for 36 hours now. I have been putting pressure on it and also ice and salt water, nothing seems to be helping to stop the bleeding so it can clot again. i called and dentist and he said I just have to wait it out but it is preventing me from sleeping and doing only neccessary things. Any one know how long it can take for it to stop bleeding and any other ideas on how to make it stop would be very appreciated!! Thanks
i had a exraction pulled on monday its friday now i now felt something sharp on my upper left tooth what could that be. they gave me some pain medicine it didnt help one bit what should i do.
I had 3 teeth pulled about a week ago and 2 more on thursday. the ones ijust got pulled are causing me alot of pain. so bad im taking pills every 3-4 hours, i also noticed a bit of white were the holes are is that infection?
paragraph 6 may be helpful in answering your questions...
i have no idea why but im turning 12 in december and bout a year ago my tooth fell out and it wasnt growing out 8 months its so anoying i tought i had to go to the dentist but after 8 months it grew but its still growing and its growing so slowly that im still waiting for it to grow back bout 3 4 months
i had a tooth pulled tues. it is fri now and i feel something in it. it looks like a little white piece. i cant tell if it hard or not and no its not food. what should i do?
I had 2 small molars axtracted 2 days ago. It still feels quite sore, and aches quite alot after the extraction, I kept getting food stuck in the hole, and when I tried to get it out it stinged but its fine now. I have to get 2 other small molars extracted in 5 days, and I'm dreading it! My dentist was being so gentle but I have an ear infection and he was loosening the tooth my ear really hurt! Believe it or not but the pulling and tugging that was going on hurt more than the injections, when he was pulling he stopped for a second then he just yanked it out and there was a huge crack I was shaking for about 20mins! It bled quite alot afterwards but its fine now. I don't know how I'm gonna eat when I get the other 2 extracted because its 2 on each side, top and bottom, guess I'll have to stick to tomato soup for the rest of my life.
hi, i had a bottom molar out on thursday, its now sunday and i am still in alot of pain even though i have been taking painkillers every 4 hour sinse i have had the tooth pulled, to the extent i cant sleep, i am swollen. the dentist did have a little trouble removing the tooth, but is this normal to be in this much pain still?
I had 2 abcessed pulled now I have a dry socket and infection is coning out of the sockets making me deathly sick is that dangerous because the infection is goin n my stomach but I am vomiting
i don't know what xactly is problem with my teeth may be its a gums problem. everyday in night blood comes out of my gums. from a long time i have no pain in my mouth but it bleeds a lot everyday in night and also when i brush in morning blood come's from gums.why is these happening what problem is these and plz suggest me what i should do. is these b.coz stress, diet or not brushing properly
Hi, I had my tooth extracted 11days ago. Ive got some stitches in my mouth. The dentist asked me to come in yesterday to remove these stitches. But I live in bangkok, and as you may have heard bangkok is absolutely flooded at the moment. There can be no commuting or even doctors! Ive got to help myself. I wont be able to see a doctor for probably another 2 weeks. I feel slight discomfort at the area too. I dont know if i can undo the stitches on my own. What should i do?
Olay I got a question I got my 4 wisdom pulled thusmorning arouns 9 andts midnight bow ans a stitch fell out!!! Will I have more pain or should I go in?
Someone PLEASE give me some advise and or help. I had a tooth surgicaly removed on Monday. It is now Saturday and it is still hurting as bad as it was when it first got done. The doctor gave me some medication to take to get rid of the pain and I took it like it said on the bottle. Come to find out it was to strong for me and made me get sick. (the night of the surgery) Will that cause me to get a dry socket? I have stopped smoking, drinking, rinse my mouth out with warm salt water everyday, do not brush the teeth around the hole, eating soup and or soft food. Am I doing something wrong? The stitches fell out yesterday while brushing my teeth and ever since, the pain has gotten much worse. And the past few days there has been a foul smell coming from that hole. I can brush my teeth multipal times and it will not go away. What is that smell coming from and how can I get rid of it? My face is still swollen, it has gone down a little since the surgery but not much. I am still talking funny because of it too. My dentist said that he had to remove some of my bone because the root of my tooth was attached to the bone. Could that be why it still hurts so bad? Anyone that has any advise would be very much appreciated.
Can I do tooth extraction while taking the medication JALYN ( dutasteride and tamsulosin hcl) capsules?
I woke up Friday morning to sever pain in the left jaw and swelling- a lot of swelling. I tracked down a dentist and confirmed that I needed antibiotic before he could treat me. I took as directed and went in Monday for extraction. There were two abcessed teeth and when he gave me the shot needed to numb it I could feel it "pushing" the infection around in my jaw. It did not take long and it only hurt for a few hours afterwards but I have been feeling very dizzy and my sight is sometimes blurry. I almost fell! Is this possibly from the infection that I had. I'm still on the antibiotics but there is still some swelling.
I got my two bottom wisdom teeth pulled 6 days ago and I was wondering if it's normal to have like a bony peice sticking out of my gumj? And when will I be able to eat solid foods
my husband took out two back teeth about six weeks ago, and has been in pain ever since, he says his jaw is closing and his gums are numb. can you help as he wont see any one
I had my tooth removed 2-days ago and noticed that my Gums had turned dark grey with a little black is that an infection.
I got all my teeth pulled 6 days ago at a one day denture place , and when I take my top denture out it has a fowl smell. What should I do about it? They stay in place without any help so I don't use any adhesive
Kim, your husband NEEDS to see a doc asap.
From what you have said it sounds like blood poisioning. Without treatment this will result in a very high chance of a heart attack or stroke.

go to the doc asap.
i had my tooth extracted 3 weeks ago i formed dry socket syndrome which was horrible i then had an antibiotic dressing to fill the gap this has now dissapeared as the dentist said and has been fine for 2 weeks i have since notice small pieces of tooth keep coming back and i have pull bits out my self :L and i have also notice a red vieny lump has occurred this doesn't hurt but i don't know what it is does anyone know ?
I am eighteen years old and have no teeth. All were extracted when I was sixteen due to gum disease together with weak and brittle teeth. I have just had my four wisdom teeth which were erupting out.It never crossed my mind to try and keep my wisdom teeth. I wear full dentures which are a good fit and are comfortable and I am very happy with them.They are easy to keep clean. I brush them at night and soak them in a cleaning solution overnight and put them in in the morning. I never wear them to bed in order to rest my gums and jaw bones Dentures are not as good as your own teeth but as my dentist said they are not a substitute for teeth they are a substitute for no teeth. When my teeth were extracted I opted to let my gums heal and settle for three months on the advice of my dentist before getting dentures. He did offer me immediates put pointed out that I would have inumeral adjustment in the first months and they probably would never fit as good as permanent dentures after a period of time to allow for full gum shrinkage and the bones to heal. All my friends acccepted me as I was, although a few were facinated, but being toothless does curtail ones social life a little. I am now back in the same position. I cannot wear my dentures until my gums which were suture, heal. I am happy to be rid of my teeth and free from dental problems for life. I do look a little funny at the moment and getting up in the morning and not putting in my dentues is strange. The teeth are out a week and healing is going well. Two of the sutures have already completely disolved and hopefully very shortly I will be rid of my pink smile. It is a nice feeling at times in private to leave out the dentures and go about at home without them. I do it regularly in the evenings and only wear them at weekends when I am going out.I am however confident in public without them and have only a slight lisp now. Talking on the phone one would be unlikely to guess I am toothless. Once I am healed I will not continue to go in public without them (I think)? I can eat almost anything except nuts and without my dentures I cannot eat apples and corn on the cob. Toffee is lovely with bare gums but tends to stick the dentures together and I then can't open my mouth or speak until it disolves. Icecream should always be eaten with bare gums;the feeling and taste is unbelievable. Nobody should be in any way concerned about having to get dentures. They are a thousand times better than problem teeth.
I had all my teeth removed last year & I wear my dentures but only when I go somewhere because my mouth or my gums are sore & white patches appear on them & my tongue at least once a week. Now I have a sore thorth all the time. But when the white spots on my gums leave the skin peels on my gums. The white spots sometimes are like if you have a abcess tooth. My gums are hot all the time. What could this be?
Raynard Wahl
I had tooth pulled 6 weeks ago and this week have part of jaw bone behind tooth extraction area sticking through gum and cutting my tongue severely, it has affected my speech and swallowing abilities, what can be done?
Hi, I had a jaw tooth out 6 days ago and i'm still having pain and discomfort. When should this stop, and should I see my dentist?
I got my second molar tooth taken out today , can i be able to eat a sandwich?
My 79 yr old aunt got most of her teeth extracted 2 days ago and has been sleeping mostly since then. Is that normal?
I had my upper left last tooth removed because a dentist put a crown on after his root canal 8 years ago and it was always painful he said it couldnt be because he did a root canal well 8 years later I find out he missed two of the roots and the roots somehow rotted the tooth underneath anyway I had a huge hole where they pulled tooth bled for two days then I just had a hole there now I have this thin layer over hole that feels like a bubble is this normal?
I had a tooth remove 4-5 years ago and the gum where the tooth was is still very painful . I still have to chew on the other side. Is this normal or could there be some other problem?
ok so i had my tooth extracted about three months ago or so, and for some reason it still hurts to this day. i got a dry socket where the tooth was extracted. so finally i called my dentist cause the pain was not going away, and nothing seemed to ease it. i went there 3 days ago, he took a x-ray and he couldn't find anything wrong, he said the only thing he can think of is that when i was eating something, something sharp might of irrated it. but im pretty sure thats not it, if i had done that the pain would eventually go away, but its not. and it feels like the pain is coming from my bone underneath my gums. i dnt know what to do now??? my dentist thinks theres nothing wrong, but i know there is, cause it wouldn't hurt like this 3-4 months after. someone if anyone knows please let me know. oh an another thing is, its not swelled up or anything, it just aches and hurts throughout the day.
hi oviously if you are on this site its due to a procedure you allready have had done or plan to have done in the near future, i have struggled with dental problems since childhood and am still a verry young woman, i just had all my upper and lower teeth removed in two seperate sergories one last week and one this week i came to this site myself seeking ansewers to mostly find a bunch of questions... i would advise anyone who has or will come to this page to visit the american dental association site and it can be verry helpfull in many cases. my question was more asking how long it has taken people on here to heal from the same situation but found not many people on here share my situation HOWEVER: i have been through many dental procedures before now and would like to give some advice myself.. if you have had a extraction in the past 24-48 hours and bleeding presists use a dampened tea bag as this will cause the blood to clot (DO NOT USE A DRY ONE IT WILL PULL OUT THE CLOT CAUSEING DRY SOCKET) also something i didnt see on here anywhere for pain relief was a heating pad (do not fall asleep with this on your face!) alot of people think heat will cause more pain and its simply not true, do not use anything wet or damp or it will make it worse instead try throwing a few towels in the dryer on high heat, then fold and use as a compress on the area this has proven to be the most effective immidate way i have found to get rid of the pain. also if the extraction site has already healed and you have no open wounds in your mouth a great homeopathic treatment is clove oil you can buy it over the counter at many pharmysis but alot of times have to ask for it to be giveing to you from behind the counter, if you are ok with chemicals the best stuff i have ever found is known as red cross be sure not toget this on your gumbs or anywhere in your mouth other than directly on the tooth hurting as it WILL burn your mouth but is verry effective in comparison to most over the counter remidies. Also before you go to any dentist do some research on the internet on the dentist i have been to some great ones and also some hack jobs ( hense why i had two seperate sergorys because the first person tore my gumbs up way more than nessisery, and proceeded to start trying to pull my uppers within one miniute after injecting the area with numbing medication and i was not numb and when i cried out in pain he pulled his overcoat off and stormed out the room refusing to waite for the pain medicine to kick in to finish. worst part was when i went to a actuall sergon he was able to put me under and extract all my upper teath for half the cost of the dentist so i would also highly highly advise chekcing into price as well instead of jumping on the first available apointment as tempting as it may be due to the pain also looking into a actuall sergon can prove less costly especially because a dentist job is to keep you coming back where a sergon is ready to perfect his work, also i have done enough reserch to find out a dentist has the minimal amount of schooling in this feild of work a periodontist who is a gumb specialist has way more schooling than a dentist. infact as a friend of mine who is a periodontist just said dentists are ruining the field of dentistry temporarly fixing teeth knowing that they only have a short life to live and this is to keep you coming back tooth after tooth and paying more money i hope my advice can help someone and ty everyone else who actually gave any advice and didnt ignoor the plees of others in pain as well
Prior to two teeth extraction what dosage of valium is recommeded
i got two wisdom teeth pulled out friday morning its already thursday and now i feel a lil hard bump in my cheek idk if its normal sumone help ! it doesnt hurt only if i touch it but i got a lil surgery because were dey pulled out my wisdom teeth they had to cut some of my gums
Hello< i have four teeth pulled wed. two on top in the back and two on bottom in the back both on my left side. and the bottom site is already closed up is this a good thing?? Does that mean i heal fast??
My 16 year old had all 4 wisdom teeth removed on the 8th and today is the 15th. She did as expected the first few days and clotted fine. On the 4th day started having spasms and the doctor called in a relaxer. It has been 7 days today and she is still having to take lortab 7.5, advil, phenagran and the muscle relaxer for pain about every 6 hours. She was up all night with increased pain in her ears and temples. Instead of getting better she is getting worse. I wouldn't think she had a dry socket, she stopped bleeding only 3 hrs after the surgery. She doesn't smoke and has followed all the rules. She is running a low grade temp, and has just been unable to be active due to the pain. She is still eating soft foods when I can get her to eat. What can I do or ask the doctor to do. We are seeing him today, but he doesn't seem concerned. This child has had several surgeries and normally doesn't take pain meds after, but this time she has. I truly think something is wrong. What could it be?
I had a tooth extracted two weeks ago got caught between a wisdom tooth and the tooth ahead of it took 45 min to get out now I have puss comming out of my eye and my face in swollen and numb, is this normal?
i had tooth removal yesterday but the tooth was not totally removed,due to decay tooth was broken and somepart was left inside,the doctor hardUp to remove the left over so he did a little surgery but he cant.because he cant remove he sew it wd threath..he said its question is Can it not cause me a harm,or it might cause so much pain for the future bcoz itz not totally removed.. need ur ideas pls
after deciding to get my teeth extracted
1st dentist wanted to wait 6-8weeks before inserting dentures
2nd dentist said he could do immediate.

I went with the 2nd but am curious what amount of time is normal for the procedure?
I don't think this guy is normal and question his practicing.
How long from 1shot of Novocain before begin extracting?
How long should it be to extract approximately 16 teeth?
How long should you sit in the chair before you are sent home?
does the dentist normally call to check on you?
I ask because I was in and out in under 45minutes
15min for numbing
15-20 afterwards
under 15 minutes for actual extraction.
This isn't normal isn't it? This is only one of 10 things that were not normal.
I am suffering hard because of these mistakes.
Would like to know what you think..
Thanks Kelly
I had tooth #18 exxtracted about 2 weeks ago, the doctor said he could not put in bone graphs because there was a cyst under the tooth and that he had to send it to pathology. What causes this and is this cancer? He said there is a big open space under the tooth that he pulled. I see him next week but I noticed that I can not maintain my balance and that I can't walk in a straigt line. It just kinda of hits me and I never know when it is going to happen. Could this be related to the tooth being pulled or the gas that was given to me during the procedure. I only took one pain pill right after I left the doctor's office. I do have some tingling in my jaw also. Hope you can shed some light on this.
I had 12 teeth extracted yesterday and thought I'd be in so much pain today or swelling something but nothing! I also had to get stitched. When will the stitches come out? And is it normal that I feel nothing? Will pain come tomorrow or something? I'm a bit confused yet happy I feel nothing..
Hi all. Yesterday I had 8 or 10 teeth pulled... all back molars. I stayed numb most of all yesterday and when the numbing was gone Ibuprofen did the trick. But, today I'm much more sore... my jaw, my cheeks, my whole mouth. The Ibuprofen is still helpful, but I've had to take 2 pain pills today to help. I pray, pray, pray that I do not develop a dry socket. They are excruciating. But, all in all, it has all gone very well. I think most of my discomfort is from the pressure of the teeth being pulled and the force that had to be used. My dentist rocks. He is very kind and gentle. I was very, very nervous, but it was okay. To me, the worst part was being numb so long. I still can eat only very soft foods or drink so I'm kind of hungry. But, I've managed to have some milk, broth, applesauce, pudding, and mashed potatoes. I think I will probably require soft foods for another few days.

As an encouragement to others... I was about as scared as scared can be, but it really was okay. Find a dentist that you trust and have confidence in. And, just do it. From one who knows... don't put off the work. It will only get worse and worse and will require more and more work to be done. Don't wait.

I'm 19 years old aint been to a dentist in over 6 years & today I finally went & they removed 3 teeth next to eachother (top, back, left hand side) the numbness has gone & I have really bad pain, & it won't stop bleeding. Any suggestions on pain relief & how to heal quicker as got to go back next week for another 2 to be removed, I would be very greatful thanks.
had a tooth pulled a week ago,in so much pain..had medicine put in twice for dry socket but still so much pain.what can I do?how long will the pain be?plz help I'm so tired of crying all the time,I just want my normal life back..
I'm having two teeth extracted tomorrow at 2pm. My right lower wisdom and the molar beside it... Both are broken and would've been taken care of long ago, but lack of funds prevented that. The last time I had a tooth extracted my dentist prescribed me pain medicine and I was able to take two days off work no problem. The socket healed and I was out of serious pain thanks to the meds. This time, I'm really concerned since my employer refuses to let me take any time off of work. I'm already off tomorrow, but in his words, "You are expected back to work on Friday, no exceptions." Getting up at 6am for my shift Friday sounds impossible from everything I've read, and experienced, in the past. I'm wondering if I will be able to work regularly on prescription meds? I'm also not sure if I'll see the same dentist as before since it's a fairly large dental/medical clinic that cares for low income families. Will pain meds allow me to push through my day at work and are they normally prescribed for two side by side extractions? I can't loose my job, but these teeth have to come out. Any info or advice? I could really use it! Thanks...
My upper lower tooth(moller) was pulled on Wednesday of last week and today is Tuesday of the next week. I cannot feel or see a blood clot, so is that neccessary to see or feel a clot or can I have one deeper I cannot see. I have pain in my lower left teeth area and no tooth pulled there. I take two extra strength tylenol for pain there. The upper extracted area is still swollen on my cheek a bit but not much...Please I need an opinion
soo i had three teeth pulled yesterday at 3pm in the afternoon should i be able to smoke a cigarette and not get a dry socket
Hi i got one of my left bottom molars taken out today, due to unbareable toothache, any way, i got it taken out and a few hours later im left with the same toothache that i had before the tooth was taken out. what the hell? Im in agony! the pain feels like its in about 2 teeth and in my gums/jaw when i press on the teeth in that area, what could this be?
My lower right molar was extracted last friday( due to a fractured root) and initially there was little pain.The constant pain set in on monday and continues incessantly. The stitches fell out this morning( which seems early) and as much as I try and avoid painkillers I have givien in to them today. I have no idea if a clot has formed and am not sure what to do next. Any advice is appreciated.
I have to have my teeth pulled on the top. My insurance will only pay for dentures if I wait the 6 to 8 weeks for my mouth to heal. My teeth aren't really visable , but would like to have something in my mouth so it doesn't look so funny while I wait. Something to prevent my gums from shrinking back and looking funny. Even if I only wear it when I go out in public. Any suggestions?
I got three of my wisdom teeth taken out 5 days ago and I can't open my mouth all the way anymore and I'm worry that I can't open my mouth all the way anymore. Will I be able to open my mouth all the way?
I am getting all my teeth pulled Friday I will not have the luxury of being put to sleep or relaxing gas. I just want to know how bad I am going to be in pain
I had a front tooth taken out on Wednesday and a partical denture fitted, I'm still in a lot of pain, can u advise the best pain relief please
I had #28&#29 pulled this past Saturday, it is now Wednesday and I
have not had much sleep. The holes seem to be closing but the pain is unbearable
what can I take to eliminate the pain? I was prescribed
ibuprofen but it isn't working I am taking advil liquigels but it seems
to only last a couple hours please help I literally can't
take this pain anymore!
hi,, i'm male by age 20. I had a left molar extraction six days ago.. There is a blood clot in my extraction area.. I'm very fear about dry socket..already i had a hole on my same tooth before extraction which cause bad only i pulled of this tooth.. Can this current blood clot replace old hole..?!will i get a clear response from yours?! Thanx in advance.
Tracy Hodgkinson
I had a tooth bottom right third from back removed three days ago. The extraction was very quick no problems and very little bleeding. But as each day goes by the pain from the surrounding teeth is becoming worse it feels like my whole gum area around site is throbbing and I find myself having to take constant painkillers, I have diabetes type 2. I have become unwell on and off feeling very hot at times and my jaw is swollen, I also have a funny taste in my mouth too,could I have a infection? I had an upper tooth extracted two years ago and never had any problems like this and that extraction was a lot more troublesome than this one!It's now 2.58 am and I find myself looking on the internet for help!
I had my extraction today at my right lower jaw (molar) and i have two more teeth to be extract at my upper jaw (one in left side molar and right side molar). my question is, can it be possible to extract both at the same time? and when should i meet my dentist for the next extraction?
Had an extraction today Thursday, lower right molar due to excruciating pain mainly at night and not being able to bite cos of pain. I have a lovely clot formed on the top after extraction now but I still feel the same toothache pain I had before it was taken out! The adjacent teeth are now also throbbing, as is my jaw, ear area, and a shooting ache (similar to banging your funny bone) from my jaw, down my arm and ending up in my right thumb??? I wasn't told about the after pain or prescribed any pain killers. I feel reliant on ibuprofen and paracetamol but still in agony. I just want to be able to sleep at night!
I found that the T3s that were prescribed to me made me feel even more ill after I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. Surprisingly my migraine strength Advil worked perfectly. Since I was also put on antibiotics I took my Advil the three times a day with them. Worked like a charm. I also found that using damp, warm tea bags helped stop the bledding relatively quick. Soups are also a perfect thing to eat so long as they don't have lots of little particles in them.
I had a upper front extracted two days ago. The pain is really bad at night. Had to take my vicodin I use for my back to relieve the pain. The pain goes into my nose. Feels like when I had braces adusted many years ago. The pain is so bad. If it goes into Monday I will contact the dentist. Had a flipper made until I can get a partial. Sometimes when I swallow liquid it goes into the nose.
Well I see someone has already ask my question a couple year ago but I don't see any replies to any questions ask on here. Im going to ask again and hopefully my answer will be posted some how. I had all four wisdom teeth extracted about 9 days ago. At first I thought I had a dry socket because Im still in pain. I went to the dentist a couple days ago and told him all my symptoms( foul taste pain feeling sick headaches sore throat nasal pressure and neck pain) but he looked inside and told me I was healing great no dry sockets. I told him three of the spots seem fine as far as pain but one at the bottom has lots of pain. He said Im just still a little sore and prescribed me stronger meds. I go home and its has been a couple more days since going to the dentist. I still have pain at the bottom and now I see a bubble. The foul taste has increased still have headaches and feel sick but the sore throat neck pain nasal pressure are gone. when I spit I can still see a little brown but it doesn't taste like blood. Im worried my gums are infected. After reading so many horror stories about dental problems Im wondering if I should go to the ER or wait until Monday to see my dentist again. Im out of antibiotics and still have some pain meds. I gargle salt water which helps with the foul taste. What can I do for a gum infection after extractions? Im pretty upset that he didn't really acknowledge my symptoms before. I feel he just wanted money from the beginning. I went in for a simple teeth cleaning and asked about removing one wisdom teeth which had a hole in it. I was not in no pain at all. Just wanted it out because the teeth hole smell bad. he insisted I get all removed because I would need it in the long run because of the limited space in my mouth. I only had one wisdom tooth in my mouth to start, the other three did not grow in, yet he insisted taking all of them out before. hoping I will be ok for one weekend.
I'm a 66 year old female. I had an upper, very back molar removed this morning. It didn't go smoothly and required stitches. My question is: I'm hearing and feeling a lot of clicking noise in the sinus area above where the molar was removed. Should I be concerned about this?
i need to know how painful and what procedure has to be done to extract my top tooth that is laying sideways in the top gums of my mouth .the dentist didnt extract it in 2003 when all my top teeth were pulled and i was put into a top denture plate right after the last 4 teeth in front were pulled . it is now 2014 and that tooth is poking through the roof of my mouth .it is causing pain and pushing on my denture plate. my dentist said he cant pull it because its to hard .he refered me to an oral surgen i am very scared of what has to be done to remove it . help
I had all of my teeth out last Monday the 19th of May and my mouth is hurting so much is this normal slso whst foods can i eat
My 11 year old son has been seeing a dentist and orthodontist about his teeth.
He has two teeth in grown on the roof of his mouth. If has been strongly
recommended they be removed. Saw the surgeon specialist
to make the appointment. He advised that they cut open the roof
of the mouth (top palette) like a big flap remove teeth then stitch it
up with stitches coming through front gum above teeth. These
stitches dissolve. He told me he does hundreds of these ops. Has
anyone heard of ingrowns in the roof of the mouth removed like this?
The surgeon is in a reputable clinic but am just naturally worried for
my son and his mouth. Would appreciate experience feedback.
Many thanks!
I made an appointment with my dentist to have a lower back tooth extracted but the day of my appointment I had a phone call to say my appointment was cancelled due to the dentist being ill, I was in pain for nearly three weeks up that point so I went to an emergency dentist and my tooth was extracted however I still have painful tooth ache three weeks after the tooth has been extracted which gives me headaches, the cavity has not closed up but there don't seem to be an infection I will be making an appointment to see my regular dentist tomorrow however I am interested if you have any ideas as to what the problem could be thanks.
I had my tootn extracted 5 days ago and now iam experiencing traumatic pain in the tooth next to it. Is this normal. There is still some inflammation. How long will this last. I had a course of antibiotics before I had my tooth removed. Please help nurophenand codine forte take the edge off JUST but there is still alotof pain
They took out tooth but the pain is unbearable for 2 weeks now
I had a cyst removed, the doctor had to cut and peel my gums back to extract it. I have stitches and my gums in that area are white and puffy (and extremely painful of course). Why are my gums white, it looks like it's infected almost. This is one day after surgery and I have been taking antibiotics.
Hi.I had my tooth pulled last week Monday. Then went back on thursday because of the excessive pain I was feeling. And found out it was a dry socket . Now I still have slight pain and tingling sensation on my lower jaw on the same spot wher my tooth was pulled and I have food stuck in my gap. I can't get it out. Is my going to be fine. Please help..
I had my tooth pulled out Monday and today is Sunday. I was rinsing my mouth out with salt and warm water, and something fell out of the hole where I had my tooth pulled at. I was wondering can you rinse out your blood clot? I hope not!
I got my wisdom tooth pulled about a month ago is it normal to still have a blood clot in the area of extraction?
I have epilepsy , had a tooth tried last year
Two days later I was rushed not hospital with
Septacimia now suffer with very bad salt low levels
I have to have them all out soon , and am very frightened
Any advice
Thanks .
I had a back bottom tooth extracted 1 week ago. I have a dry socket and infection but it now feels like the teeth on top above the extraction are aching , can you tell me is this referred pain or the infection spreading. The last 2 lots of painkillers don't seem to of worked (cocodamile) and I'm on my 4th lot of antibiotics since middle of November. I'm worried that they have given up working?
I had two teeth pulled out few days ago. I didnt feel any pain, just a little bit aching around the extraction site. But now my extraction sites have white films. Is it infection or a good sign as it's healing?
I had extracted upper wishdom tooth 7 days ago.i still feel badly pain in gums. Dentist said that there is no dry socket complication and wound is heeling. I am taking medicine of combination "Paracetamol 325 mg, DICLOFENAC sodium IP 50 mg, SERRATIOPEPTIDASE IP 15 mg).
for how many days this pain will continue. is there any remedy for it. is the above medicine have any side effect if taken for a long.
Please advise.
My boyfriend got a tooth extracted yesterday because it was a bad cavity. He slept over night with his head elevated like the doctor told him to do. When he woke up the blood clot was still in there but it was also outside of his gum and formed a huge blood bubble and there was blood all in the corners of his mouth.. Is this even normal? No dentist will see him. He's scared and confused.
Michelle Cannode
I had my tooth pulled out a week ago. So they put stitches in my gums. They took stitches out yesterday. I ate on that side and it was hot fries . And it started bleeding . Should I b worried.
I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted about 14 days ago. Everything was fine during and after the procedure, however, now I can feel there's a large hole (like a tooth socket) on my upper right. I had figured that my risk of getting dry socket would be this normal, or am I worried for no reason? It's Friday night so I'm concerned and have no one else to ask at this time.
Hello everyone, I have been through tooth extraction many times before and I have dealt with Infected teeth having to be extracted. Today I had an appointment for getting my upper left, Infected back tooth pulled out. When we did the procedure first she put this numbing jell on my gums and waited for that to settle in. Next she gave me a shot (Fairly big) But it wasn't enough. So she ended up giving me 4 shots (I do well with needles and shots) It wasn't so bad, You could feel the pressure and it pinched quit a bit. After the shot she let that settle in for a couple minutes then she cleaned my mouth with water and a vacuum type thing that sucks in all water and infection (My infection was very bad and it starting oozing out liquid type stuff). After that she grabbed a tooth puller and just started wiggling it around. It didn't hurt at all, You just felt a bit of pressure, And in the end you don't even notice it's over. It was really quick and an okay procedure. Now I can't feel my tongue, gum or lip. It takes a few hours to ware down. But anywho, I hope this helped :) And I wish the best for all of you!
I cracked my tooth biting down on a pimento seed. It cracked in 1/2 so dentist removed crown. Before he could remove root, I had a anxiety attack from having sat to long and they had not done good job in suctioning out my spit, so I felt like I was gaging, this led to panic attack. This was 1 month ago. I still have root in place, with no pain. I have medi-cal so I can not find anyone to do general anesthesia. My Mother says just leave it alone. What kind of advise can you give me?
My Daughter had wisdom teeth pulled two months ago and is now having problems with swelling and her head is hurting.he had a problem getting this tooth out that is the same side her jaw is swelled. please answer as soon as possible.Thank You.
Will we do extraction to the patient with prosthetic heart valves
I had wisdom teeth pulled one and half months ago and is now having problems with pain and my head is hurting. I had a problem getting this tooth out that is the same side of my jaw. please answer as soon as possible.Thank You.
I got a number 31 tooth pulled on Tuesday and it came out good... I went back Friday because I was feeling something like a teeth part around the gum... I was told that it was just bone and that the tooth came out good and the bone around it will heel and my doc. said that there was nothing else he could do and he was not going to go messing around in that place... Has a bone ever been left around a number 31 tooth and is this really normal? It also hurts because I feel the bone scratching agents my gum... This is not good.
Devin Spooner
My wife had all her teeth pulled 4 days ago ,and she still has a lot of pain and swelling ,is this normal?
my son-in-law had tooth pulled 1 year ago and still having pain in that place, went to dentist , took xrays found nothing what could be wrong.
I have had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out about 3 weeks ago now, and I been experiencing this numbness/pain on the left side where they pulled out my wisdom teeth, and it just feels weird when I bite down or chew anything now. I did call my oral surgeon, I had to leave a message. Any answers to this pain? It hurts, and I'm going to Kalahari tomorrow.
I had a tooth pulled about a week ago. It made an infection and my dentist put this stuff into the socket that tastes like cloves and said it should pull the infection out. I had it done for 3 days the pain stopped and I've since then gotten braces, but today my cheek bone hurts really badly when I blink my eye. What must I do?
Hello, I've had a tooth extracted about 2-months ago now (possibly more). This unfortunately isn't the first tooth to have extracted. I have an intense fear of choking and the fact that I've had teeth extracted has made me think I've an inability to chew food properly. This intense fear has taken over my life. The most recent extraction has left quite a large gap and I'm finding that I am constantly making a clicking noise (not with my jaw but what I'm under the impression is my gum itself). It's like a vacuum is being caused by opening and closing my mouth. It's driving me crazy and emphasizing my fear as mentioned here. Is the clicking noise a typical sign of the gum healing and will it settle down as the gum hardens? Thank you.
My tooth aches so bad bcos there is a hole nd also bleeds everyday. I Wna extract it but am thinkin it had to be weak before ? Pls cn I go take it off now cos it's hurts sooo bad pls help
I had an extraction about 4 days ago and i had bone graft and it stitched up i woke up today with a half of my hole covered and some of it open like a hole i have no pain or anything does this mean i got a dry socket?
I just wanted to comment to the lady whose 11 year old son had a tooth on the roof of his mouth. My daughter had something similar. She was slow to lose her baby teeth. When she was 16 she had the last of her baby teeth removed - in preparation for braces. After getting an x- ray, the dentist realized that there was no replacement adult tooth underneath - this was a eye tooth! - We then went to see a dental specialist - and after having a full scan - this Dentist realized that her adult eye tooth was in fact - on the roof of her mouth - about an inch and a half from where it should be. He actually decided to pull the tooth in place... He did an exposure and used her braces to slowly pull the tooth in place - it took about 2 years and she had 3 times when she had the top of her roof cut. It was just over $8000.00 for the total procedure - including her braces. She also had another mis- placed tooth that was sticking out the side of her upper right gum - this too was fixed with her braces. She now has amazing teeth. So - if anyone ever is told there child has a tooth growing on the roof of their mouth - it may be a good idea to make sure it doesn't belong somewhere before you have it pulled.
I had a molar removed on my lower jaw as I had a lot of pain and it was swollen with a lump. I was told I had an infection in the bone next to the root canal. I was given antibiotics and had the molar surgically removed with 5 stitches. It has now been more than two weeks since having it removed and I have been on two courses of antibiotics since the operation and the pain is still excruciating at night. It hasn't´gone. Is this normal? What should I do? Could it be a bone infection?
Never let a common dentist extract a tooth - go to an oral surgeon. I made the mistake of letting a dentist remove a lower molar and he messed me up. The procedure was horrendous and painful and now, over one week past the ordeal, I still have excruciating pain. The dentist played it off as "normal", but he either covering for ineptitude or is clueless of what he did. I am now afraid this pain might never go away. The dentist was doing procedures that he was not qualified to do because his practice has lost a lot of patients (found this out after the fact). Basically, he needed the revenue and is sacrificing his patients' well being for money. Again, NEVER let a general dentist do any tooth extraction!!!
taylor schmitz
i just had my wisdom teeth out a week aho monday.The swelling is gone but jaws are still very tender.Can i still use heating pad to help jaws heal?
Can somebody help me. I went to my dentist appointment Thursday and got my the root of my tooth pulled. They pulled my tooth in there office they numb my gum and just pulled it. They never have me pain killers all they told me was not to drink out a straw, smoke, and dint spit and this was all. So after the numbing went down my mouth is in so much pain. Can somebody please tell me what to do
zanele radebe
I have a tooth ache and needed to remove it and the doctor asked me if i have too much blood cause apparently if you have too much blood you cannot remove your teeth because its too risky and you might end up dying. just wanted to confirm how true is that?
I had two teeth extracted three weeks ago on my upper left jaw and up until today i'm in pain the pain has on up to my ear and now causes me a headache.what could be causing this?
I had a lower tooth pulled yesterday. It was the 3rd tooth to the right of center. I have not had pain, I don't believe that the tooth was infected, but was decayed sufficiently to need it removed. Today I have been freezing cold. I discovered by accident that taking a pain pill makes me feel warm and comfortable. My blood pressure is lower than normal at 117 over 66, but I don't believe that is concerning. What I want to know is why I am so cold, (wearing a light jacket and covering with a blanket in the house doesn't warm me up until I take the hydrocodone). I stay warm for about 4 hours and then the bone chilling cold returns as soon as the hydrocodone wears off. Why?
My brother had his top teeth pulled and dentures put in several years ago. His teeth sre now growing back in and one is coming thru his cheeck. What is this and what causes it. Whst to do? And most of all WHY? PLEASE give us answers!
July 2018 started with toothpain (44) and went to see dentist. Had x-rays done and given an appointment week after by which time the pain was horrendous. The original dentist was not seeing me but a much younger dentist instead. Was told they will put a filling between gum and tooth and that be doing it. OK! Well, not so had to actual beg to see dentist after suffering now with worse pains but in a different location as they operate from various places. More x-rays and prescription for mouthwash which actual is not covered under our Health Plan and cost another $ 30.00. So, I spend in total at this dentist office over $300.00. RESULT: So much more pain now had to go to emergency dentist. Was referred to a endodontist who took more x-rays and told me that there is no root canal and he be sending a letter to dentist and me go to dentist. Back to a dentist same story removing filling now and placing a new replacement filling there. Did not help. So, send back to endodontist and received root canal which is over $1000.00.
Did not help still the pains now however getting worse more and more from all that touching about by dentists. Eventual I found a dentist who looked at the x-rays and showed me that actual there is a fracture and clearly to see. Again x-ray and tooth extraction charge. It is now 7 month in total I am with pain now no longer from tooth as it is gone BUT in the bone. For all the 7 month I been on 5 different antibiotics, and still at present. To this day I am in pain now as explained in the gum/bone. No one can give me an answer and seem to belittle my situation. SO MUCH for DENTAL. I wish someone in the field of dentistry would know WHY the pain now has located itself to bone after the tooth has been pulled. It seem to be an infection as my body does do all the infection signs. ANYONE knows or has suggestion?
I had my sinus cavity pulled and it broke off my dentist told me that he would see me in 2 weeks they had to work itself out is that true
toni rosa
i had an infected abscessed tooth
pulled 4 days ago i am a diabetic so it takes longer to heal but now the site is burbning and painful [i do smoke] but is this normal? thank you
My six year old cousine had his 6 decayed tooth removed at once because the dictor recommended it, but now its bleeding and his in pain. My question is was the procedure right, to remove 6 tooth at once?
I had 2 front of my teeth extracted 3 and a half days ago been trying to be careful with eating and stuff my gums are swollen bad were they were excited I'd that normal dont know what to do and hurts any advice I would appreciate it were one tooth was extracted cant see in it anymore theres whit around it the other there is white bone looking poking out and can still see in it
I had an extraction Tuesday and today is Saturday, it's still a little red and swollen a little. What do I need to do?
I had a tooth removed 10 days ago now into the 11th day, I stopped taking pain killers after about day 6, but today I have needed to take pain killers for the pain... it’s not excruciating pain but it’s enough for me to need to take pain killers. The site looks clean and I don’t think I have dry socket. It’s just very uncomfortable. How long should I be in pain for as it’s getting me down now? I take neurofen plus which contains codeine, this helps for about 5 hours... I was in less pain before the tooth come out but I didn’t want root canal, I’ve had the tooth out next to it about 3 years ago and from what I remember This was fine, it’s the 1st lower tooth from the back I had extracted 11 days ago that’s causing me grief... is this the healing process or should I be concerned?
Mr chappell
- hello sorry to trouble you I had a wisdom tooth taken out on the 10 of February it is now the 15 of February and i have a lump near the hole i can not talk very easy as it hurts i can not eat very easy either will this get better soon please i go for a check up on 16 march thank you
Mr chappell
Hello sorry to trouble you again I had a wisdom tooth out on 10 February it is now 3 March I get pain when i am talking and it hurts when I clean my teeth i have never smoked how long will it be before I am o k again thank you from mr chappell
I have Hadley sinus spot on my gum ..turns out I had a crack in my crown got the tooth removed a few weeks ago but the socket has healed but the gum feels very hard .what causes this please

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