Cervical cryotherapy


Cervical cryotherapy is a procedure which involves freezing an area of abnormal tissue on the cervix. This tissue gradually disappears and the cervix heals. One cervical cryotherapy is usually sufficient to destroy the abnormal tissue.


Cervical cryotherapy is a standard method used to treat cervical dysplasia, meaning the removal of abnormal cell tissue on the cervix.


Cervical cryotherapy, or freezing, usually lasts about five minutes and causes a slight amount of discomfort. The procedure is usually performed in an outpatient setting.

Cervical cryotherapy is done by placing a small freeze-probe (cryoprobe) against the cervix that cools the cervix to sub-zero temperatures. The cells destroyed by freezing are shed afterwards in a heavy watery discharge. The main advantage of cryotherapy is that it is a simple procedure that requires inexpensive equipment.

The cryogenic device consists of a gas tank containing a refrigerant and non-explosive, non-toxic gas (usually nitrous oxide). The gas is delivered using flexible tubing through a gun-type attachment to the cryoprobe.


Women who undergo cervical cryotherapy typically have had an abnormal Pap smear which has led to a diagnosis of cervical squamous dysplasia and usually confirmed by biopsy after an adequate colposcopic exam.

Preparation for cervical cryotherapy involves scheduling the procedure when the patient is not experiencing heavy menstrual flow. Ibuprofen, ketoprofen, or naproxen sodium may be given before cryotherapy to decrease cramping. If there is any doubt about the pregnancy status, a pregnancy test is performed.


Cervical cryotherapy is often followed by a heavy and often odorous discharge during the first month after the procedure. The discharge is due to the dead tissue cells leaving the treatment site, and Aminocerv cream may be prescribed. The patient should abstain from sexual intercourse and not use tampons for a period of three weeks after the procedure. Excessive exercise should also be avoided to lessen the occurrence of post-therapy bleeding.


The following risks have been associated with cervical cryotherapy:

Normal results

A normal result is no recurrence of the abnormal cervix cells. The first follow-up Pap smear is done within three to six months. If normal, Pap smears are repeated every six months for two years. If any, recurrences usually occur within two years of treatment. Another option is to replace the initial and each yearly Pap smear with a colposcopic examination.

If a follow-up Pap smear is abnormal, a colposcopy with biopsy is usually performed. Other treatment methods, usually the loop electrocautery excision procedure (LEEP) are then used if persistent disease is discovered.

Following the procedure, it is considered normal to experience the following:


Alternatives to cryotherapy include:

See also Colposcopy ; Cone biopsy ; Cryotherapy .



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Monique Laberge, Ph. D.


Cervical cryotherapy can be done in the treating physician's office. The physician is usually a gynecologist.


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Very informative since I am going to go through this process.

Very relieving
Hi I am 29 years old and I had this done back in 2ooo after having it done I came to realize a few thing fist I can not have a orgasm like I use too. Sorry but it is the truth but now I am dealing with something that more important then that. I have went too a local heath department since I don’t have insurance I cant do too much the fact I am a single mother now lost my husband back in 02 due too cancer its been really hard but I have moved on with a relationship and notice there are times when I have sex I bleed as if I had been cute with a knife. I had blood work done, it turned out all good I am kind of scared if it may be cancer as a sign I don’t know but know that I am afraid of cancer after seeing what my husband went through, I don’t want too put my kids through it again or could this just be the scar tissues pleas write back to me thank you Nicole
Nicole I dont know the answer to that question either. But Im trying to find out the same THING.I hope its just a scar tissue. Your not the only one who feels scared believe me. Best wishes to you... if you do get the answer will you please write back and let me know too. God Bless
Can u cure genital herpes by cryotherapy.

Best regards
More like a questions; how soon after cyrotherapy can you have oral sex and what are the risks?
Im about to have this done and I am pretty anxious. The I had a couple weeks ago did not hurt that bad during, but I cramped pretty bad afterwards for a few days. I know that some mild discomfort may occur, but can anyone who has had this comment more about the possible pain?

I don't know if it's just me or others share the same experience but three months after cryo sex hurts like he**. It really is so painful. I wonder if this is an effect of the procedure or just me thinking too hard that this is the effect. I feel like crying already...
I just had this done 5 days ago. it was easier than i thought it would be and i actualy feel great now
My wife recently had cryosurgery. She had all the normal symptoms with the exception of strong intense abdominal pains for nearly a month (the first two weeks being all but unbearable). We contacted the gynecologist office and received basically the same response - "the pain will eventually subside". We even had a ultrasound done to detect any abnormality, but nothing there. The doctor said there is nothing more he can do. After a month or so the pain did subside somewhat. However pain has never disappeared. Especially in the evenings, she still has pains, some days more intense than others, but always discomfort. Also, if she eats even the smallest amount of food (especially after 5:00 pm or so), the pain intensifies and does not allow her to rest all night. Friends say it is gall bladder but she didn't have any problem before the procedure.
I had the freezing done about 4 days ago now and even with everything I read and the people I spoke with, I was still not prepared. I have had a child who is now 7 and honestly? I'd rather have had another child than go through this. I know things are different for each person but it was honestly the most painful 3 mins of my life. At least with having a baby you get something out of it after the pain is gone. I took 3 Advil before and the Dr. gave me something about 45 mins before he began and it was still way worse than menstrual cramps. Now, after 4 days I am still cramping the discharge is not any less and now I have blood with it and passed a chunk of tissue the size of a half dollar. I'm swollen and my abdomin is knotted and tight.
Just curious if anyone else has felt this way afterwards
I had the freezing done about 4 days ago now and even with everything I read and the people I spoke with, I was still not prepared. I have had a child who is now 7 and honestly? I'd rather have had another child than go through this. I know things are different for each person but it was honestly the most painful 3 mins of my life. At least with having a baby you get something out of it after the pain is gone. I took 3 Advil before and the Dr. gave me something about 45 mins before he began and it was still way worse than menstrual cramps. Now, after 4 days I am still cramping the discharge is not any less and now I have blood with it and passed a chunk of tissue the size of a half dollar. I'm swollen and my abdomin is knotted and tight.
Just curious if anyone else has felt this way afterwards
I had this procedure done yesterday. It went much worse than I expected. I had some sort of vasovagal reaction. While they were doing it, it was okay. I had some cramps, but not much worse than period cramps. Afterwards I got up & started to walk out to the waiting room, and all of a sudden started getting horrible cramps. I couldn't even stand at the checkout desk. I got an extreme hot flash & felt like I was going to pass out. I ran back in & went to the bathroom & thought I was going to throw up. I gagged but nothing came up. The dr. came in & took me to a room where I layed down for thirty minutes & still got no relief from the pain. My body was shaking really bad & I couldn't stop it. I ended up getting admitted into the ER and was on an IV and got a pain shot. They also prescribed me two different pain medications. The pain hasn't returned much since the shot, only slight nausea & fatigue. Also have alot of watery discharge. Did everyone else have to go back after several days and have tissue removed?
I had this procedure done a month ago, I waited a week before i had intercourse, had watery discharge at first 3 weeks now i am bleeding when i have intercourse, and spotting. Is this normal my doctor seemed a little evasive.
you shoud have waited more than a week before having sex, your body wasn't even healed yet. i was told to wait a month.
Rachal: I had this done the 17th and have been exhausted and EXTREMELY swollen. I just had a half dollar size chunk of tissue fall as well and have a call in to the doctor. Did anyone else have this and if so what did your doctor say?
cervical infection can be cure by cryotherapy?advantages and disadvantages?
IS Cryotherpy is good for womens cervix part
my wife had a problem. doctors suggest for Cryotherpy, suggest what to do ?
I just had this procedure done 4 days ago. The first day, I was perfectly fine, and then, I was hit with this unbearable pain in my entire pelvic area. I could not walk, sit, lie down, or do anything. My abdominal pains were accompanied with burning urination, back pains, excessive bloating, fatigue, mild body-ache, fever and chills. My husband thought it was appendicitis, but, it wasn't. I have read the comments of several other women who suffered through the same as I did. I wish I had never went through with the cryotherapy. I have some white colored discharges that are probably the left-overs. Nothing makes the pain go away. I would think that permanent nerve damage might have a role to play in these procedures. I wish I was told of the risks before I went through with it.
Had the procedure done 3 days ago experience a lot of cramping that day. I take 2 pain pills before the procedure and it help later with the cramping. After the procedure I was okay no cramping just the water discharge. I figure it would have been worst. The procedure was not that bad...
I had the procedure just 8 days ago and am doing well with it. I didn't think it was all that painful just a little cramping. The discharge has been normal clear untill 2 days ago now I am bleeding. Is that normal? and it has a bad odor is that normal. I worry the odor my come from infection.
I had this procedure done about a year ago and found it extremely painful. I drove myself to the appointment since my doctor told me that it wouldn't even hurt. Immediately afterwards i had the most intense cramps. I almost passed out and threw up before i even made it back to my car. Cramping lasted for a few days afterwards and I had discharge for at least 6 weeks afterwards. Unfortunately my doctor just said that i need to go for another session of cryotherapy. I'm extremely upset and frustrated that they didn't get it all the first time. Wanting to look into other options. Perhaps something that is a bit more accurate.
I had this procedure done 3 days ago. My doctor said no sex for 3-4 weeks, expect discharge. Basically, she said it was going to be like having your cervix scar up and if you stick anything inside it, it will bleed. My doctor mentioned not even to put a tampon on. The procedure, for me, was not bad at all. I feel more discomfort when I get a pap smear, she had me lay down for about 20 min. after the procedure and I have an appointment in 3 weeks so she can see that everything is healing well. I did ask about any risks and my doctor did not mention any cramping and/or pain, I did notice that some ladies were fine during/after procedure, but then experienced extreme pain. I sure hope that does not happen. I will hopefully post good things after my 3 week checkup. Good luck to all you ladies, I know that everyone is different, but sometimes it sucks being a girl. p.S. I am 26 years old with no children, I just pray that it does not affect that or my ability to have an orgasm.
I had the procedure done about a month ago, it was very uncomfortable I was in pain. My doctor explained everything to me, he told me that I would have a lil pain and discharge that would have an oder, he said the Oder is from the freeze chemical and stress, basically you should try not to worry so much. I didn't have sex yet... I'm waiting a month and a week. I had my 2week checkup & im healing good. :) sooo I hope you lady's stay calm Nd wish you the best
I am fifty one years old. I had the procedure done after I was diagnosed with an abnormal cervix after the loss of my unborn baby (stillbirth). This was over over twenty five years ago. I did not have much pain, during or after the procedure. It took care of the problem and I went on to give birth to three more children. The only strange symptom I noticed was that I failed to have a period the following month. I highly recommend that for anyone that goes through it, be sure and follow your doctor's instructions.
Hey girls,
I went In just for a well womans exam. Got a call that my paps came back abnormal and I needed to go back to the doctors office. There he explained that it showed I had abnormal cells. He wanted to do a colposcopy and if he saw anything that he would have to do a biopsy. He ended up cutting 6 pieces to send for a biopsy. It hurt so bad!!! No anesthetic used :/ the girls said it would take about a week to get the results. ( took 2 weeks) I finally called them and they said the results came back positive and he wanted to do cryosurgery right away. I have the highest level of abnormal cells. The doctor said it wouldn't be to bad and nothing compared to the biopsy.I had my procedure done 3 days ago. I guess everyone is different because for those 2 minutes it felt like eternity. Cramps almost felt as bad as contractions afterwards. He wants to see me back in 3 months and get tested again. I still have the watery discharge and the foul odor seems to be going away. Yesterday I felt fine but today I was getting really bad cramps and my back has been killing me. I hope he got all the bad cells, I dont want to repeat this procedure ever again...
i am 23 years old and I have had it done twice in the past 4 years
I went for a regular check up in august and they called me a week later. Ladies whenI got this call I went blank it was like I couldnt hear or hear. Okay they told me I needed more tests done because it looks as if I have hpv and cervical dsplia.I wa referred to a specalist and he performed a biopsy and when i was supposed to go my medicaid cutt off so i couldnt get my results.So i made a oppointment at a local income based clinic. When i got seen he told me I had hpv associated with warts but I dont have any and stage two cancer. I have a opp on the 8th of this month to have the cryotherapy done. Im terrifed I am a single mother who is now 24 and I'm all my daughter has. If you ladies want to respond it would put my mind at ease. God bless you all and I'm sorry were all going through this.
I just had the cryo done 5 months ago, and I am still having severe cramps and it hurts REALLY bad to have sex with my husband. ( it never hurt before) and I don't have insurance anymore and can't go to the dr. to see what's wrong
Is this normal?
Has anyone ever tried to get cryotherapy done without the gynocologist suggesting it? I have a referral to get it done, but just from a family practice doctor. I have found it really hard to get someone to do it.
I had my cryo exactly 6 days ago! Severe cramping is an understatement compared to the 3 minutes it took to freeze my cervix. However, the odor of the discharge is becoming unbearable for me! I'm honestly not used to vaginal odor unless its that time of the month! Speaking of that, I take birth control pills to regulate my cycle because of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)! I started a new pack Monday! I spotted for about an hour yesterday but no regular flow! So my question is, can cryo delay your period while on the pill?
I just got the freezing done yesterday and hearing wat everyones saying I hope doesnt happen to me ... It was very uncomfortable and did not like it ...afterward I had alot of watery discharge which they said is normal I really want to have sexual intercourse with my husband why cant we?
@Elizabeth At this point, your cervix has to heal! 9 times out of 10, you will bleed if u have sex! I read that anything (penis, douche and other objects) are potential for infection! My two weeks will be up this Thursday, finally I feel normal again
I had cryotherapy for the 1st time 2 days ago because of cervical inflammation,even though I didnt have any symptoms,PAp smear was Fine & clear,just a lot of smelly discharge (BV) which has been Gone after 7days of antibiotics,My Gyno prescribed me clindamycin vaginal cream to be used 24hr after Cryo , Im wondering WHY ,Cuz I read everywhere NOthing should be inserted there at least for 3 weeks , I havent use the cream yet & sooo worried of infection ,the yellow odouress discharge has started after Cryo agian :((
Hello, I had my procedure done about three to for years ago because I had an abnormal pap which turn out to be the highest form of dyspisia. So my doctor did the cyro it was extremely painful (mind you i took 3 vicodin before my appt) and I had to drive myself home it was terrible. But years later I have never had any more kids not that I have tried but its been extremely close calls that would normally result in pregnacy , but I have never gotten pregnant after my first which was prior to my procedure. Now I have been experiencing bleeding during and after sex which last sometimes for a short time afterwards and for days( which i am not sure if its my cycle because is abnormall) I am not sure what going because I dont have very good insurance that cover a gynocologist.
Does anyone have similiar symptoms? oh sex is painful just if it is too rough or up against my cervix.
Hi my names elizabeth its been about 3 weeks since I had the freezing done I hhad intercourse 1 week after and I had no pain no bleeding I felt normal ive been having intercourse since im afraid that if me doing that can put me in serious danger im scared can some one please help and give me advice ??
I got this done 3 days ago and i have a huge concern I just have read that this should be done right after your period, not during or before. I was not told that, my period is due or next weekend 8 days after this procedure, is there any side affects or complications cause of it?
I went to the doctor yesterday for what I thought was something else, but it turns out it was this procedure. The doctor told me that there would be mild discomfort like cramping during the 6 minute freezing portion. The pain was so intense but not as bad as when they were done. Immediately I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain and the cramps. The doctor had not warned me about what could follow and when I told her that I was going to throw up, she said that it does happen sometimes with patients. I tried to drive myself home but threw up at a nearby parking lot and had to call someone to get me. I continued to have severe pain for the next two hours, gagged, and threw up. It is the day after the procedure now and I feel better but there is still some uncomfort. I wish they had prepared me with more information before hand but I am definitely waiting the 2 week period before engaging in sex.
I had mine done a week ago. I looked it up on the internet beforehand which just freaked me out. The whole thing was easier for me than the colposcopy I had the week prior. It just felt like cramps to me. After I drove myself to the store to pick up pantyliners. I did feel a little tires but made it home. She told me I would have discharge so I figured pantyliners would be ok. Hell no I have been leaking like a faucet for a week now and it does have an odor. Pick up some pads if you don't normaly use them b/c you will need them. I can't wait for this to stop because I feel disgusting. I also feel like everyone can smell my discharge (which btw started clear and now ranges from yellow to bloody.
i had this procedure done 3 days ago and it hurt like heck...cramping was really intence now i am also having back pain bloating and my dr said my fluid would be clear not it is a yellow collor and does not smell nice at all i want to take a bath but afraid of infection has anyone attempted a bath and is ok pleasse let me know im such a clean person as i am feelin like a faucet myself cant wait for it to end but truly blessed better this than wait and down the road have cervicle cancer...stay strong everyone...
@ jcvengros, I know exactly what you mean regarding the odor. I had my cryo just two days ago and MAN! I bet I went to the bathroom 10 times at work in a 12-hour shift just to ensure that I stayed 'fresh'. So embarrassing as I can smell myself immediately when it begins leaking, which is basically constantly throughout the day and especially when I first get out of the bed in the morning. My MD told me to get a douche kit and fill it with 1/2 part water to 1/2 part hydrogen peroxide. He also said if I wished, (not that I would let my boyfriend come anywhere NEAR with the smell) that we could resume sex after a few days. Everything I've read online strongly discourages everything my doctor said would be OK so I am totally confused. I just know I do not want to go anywhere for fear of someone catching my odor. My doctor said the odor basically comes from anaerobic bacteria from the cervical slough. I was not prepared for this though! And knowing now that I will have this for several weeks is mortifying.
doctor salem
I want a video to explain the tecnique , period of freezing, if the doctor should fix the cervix by an instrument or not ?
i have had a cryotherapy done on da 18th of may 2012... the pain was like i having anotha baby.. for da 1st 3mins of it but the 2nd time they did it didnt hurt as much buh i was walking funny.. buh i had this clear waterly discharge... and its gettin on my nerves i wantd to kno honsetly how long do this waterly discharger lasts cause it been feelin like im peeing on myself (sighs) and i want to know how long do i have wait to have sex... cause my boyfriend and i havent had sex since march and he been trying and im tellin him no... soo i want too know can anyone give me some advice
I had cyrotherapy on 10-5-2012, the procedure was not painful but the used of the speculum was absolutely unbearable. A bit cramping during the procedure and was gone two days after. Normal discharge, clear fluid, which my doctor said should go away in a month. Although the my doctor advise I can continue with regular activities, I kept my activities light and minimal exercises no heavy lifting etc. Thank heavens for an understanding husband, we haven't been intimate since the procedure, which is recommended for three weeks. I was very afraid, but we have to think of us as being the lucky ones. Imagine all these women battling cervical cancer because they did not have the opportunity to catch it in its early stages like we did or the young women who haven't had children and have to go through these processes. Wish you all the Best! and God bless.
Just wanted some info please if anyone could help. I'm due to have surgery done on my cervix on Friday and I've come on my period can the surgery still be done
I just got cryo done on Friday 2/1/13 bcoz dr. Said I have CIN 2 and they have to freeze it and I was suprised I haven't feel any cramps like others . It's just so much liquid and smell a little . I change my pad so often so people around me won't notice any odor incase . Dr. Said 3 months I have to go back for another paps. He said No sex for 2 weeks but I want to be in a safe side so I'm gonna wait till 1 month .
I just had this procedure done this morning - about 4 hours ago. It was a bit uncomfortable and some slight cramping in the first minute during the procedure but got a little more intense directly afterwards. I felt better after the doc gave me some aleve. I have somewhat painful cramps during my period so he prescribed me a heavier pain pill in case I need it. Within the first hour I spotted just a little. Now after 4 hours its almost as if I am on my period. Hopefully that will pass today.
I had mine done on feb 13,like everyone said it was a little uncomfortable,I cramped for a hour,felt a little Nashua ,still 3 days later I'm still thawing out!! It's a nuisance but then again I'm glad it wasn't cancer they found 😀
I had it done 4 months ago. It was the worst pain I've ever been through in my life (I had a baby three months before the procedure and the pain wasn't as bad as the cryo). I had terrible abdominal pain and bleeding afterwords too. Sex is no longer enjoyable. It hurts so bad. I feel terrible for my husband because my very healthy sex drive is none existent now. I would never have done it if I would've known this was going to be the outcome.
I had the same thing done a week ago my boy friend came over and we had sex and now im bleeding should i be concerned of getting a infection
I had laser ablation done instead of cryotherapy because I had such a large area in my cervix that was abnormal. I freak out very easily and get extremely anxious, so my gyno gave me an IV with Valium to help me relax. She also gave me 4 numbing shots in my cervix (which I barely felt). It has been a week since the laser and I feel fine! It did not hurt one bit and it was very quick. If you have the option, definitely go with laser and ask your doctor for some Valium if they offer it. Honestly I didn't think I was going to be able to do it because I was terrified, and it ended up working out extremely well. Good luck to all you ladies.
I had this procedure done 23 years ago and had little complications. I decided to do some research today because I just had a pap done and it is unusually painful. Back than we did not have all the info at our finger tips and was handed a big unreadable pamphlet. Through out the years i had some discomfort (nothing to bad)a little spotting here or there depending on where my cycle was. 4 babies later I am happy I did it. Hang in there! I am grateful for such a procedure considering the alternative.
I have been diagnosed with a rare condition Prinzmetal Angina and had 5 heart attacks last year. This condition is worsen by my hormone cycle so they are experimenting shutting my ovaries down to see if my symptoms improve.
i just had this done yesterday and it honestly wasn't that bad. i didn't even feel it 'freezing.' my doctor said that it is different for everyone, obviously, since most things are. afterward i has some serious cramping, like i have never had before. it was so bad that i was getting nauseous. i took a nap for a few hours and it went away. the worst part of the whole thing is the fact that you're literally leaking out clear fluid for a few days/weeks.
I had cryo done 2 weeks ago due to abnormal pap. I did feel some cramping during the procedure, but it was not unbearable. I told my husband it was like all of my female parts were trying to get away from the instrument. I was able to do the normal things afterwards (cook dinner, do some laundry), but when I went to bed I got the worst cramps outside of labor. The cramping that I felt in the office intensified X 10 and no pain meds would work. The worst pain was when I had to urinate. It felt like a bladder infection and it felt as if my bladder were bruised. I even went to my GP to be tested for an infection. I did not have the burning or the frequency problem, just the pain. It wasn't just bladder pain either. It felt like someone was prying my vagina open with a crowbar every time I went to the rest room. GP said my urine sample was perfect. The pain has to be from the procedure and no one told me to expect that. I have not had the bad discharge or odor, but I had cryo 2 years ago and did not have discharge or odor that time. I think I did not feel the cramping because I had it done in conjunction with removal of endometriosis and I was in a lot of pain anyway. My dr. told me to douche every day alternating vinegar and benedine and he said sex was not a problem. The only thing I could not do was use a tampon because it would stick to the scab that was forming on my cervix. I am wondering if anyone else had this intense bladder pain? Sometimes it hurts just to let the water in the shower run down my stomach. And a seat belt feel like death.
I had my cryo done 6 days ago. The procedure was "uncomfortable", but not that bad. The cramps the first couple of days were like severe menstrual cramps. Today however, I just doubled over in pain and felt a little wetter than I have been. I went to the ladies room and am bleeding pretty bad. I was not due for my period for another 4 days, but I guess it could be early. Ive never had my period cramps feel like this before though. I honestly feel like I might pass out. Anyone else get their period early and have unexpected pain and large amounts of bleeding? I can't tell if the blood is more than my normal period because I always use tampons...always have, so no idea what normal is.
I had this procedure done 7 weeks ago tomorrow and had bleeding for the first 6 weeks. I finally stopped and waited an entire week to have sex. I had sex today and started bleeding bright red blood again about 8 hours after the fact. Is this at all normal? Will it ever stop? I would NEVER have this procedure again and would NEVER have agreed to it knowing this could have happened. Please advise. I really don't want to go back to the doctor only to have them poke and prod and do even more damage.
I had cryo procedure done on July 1st 2013. Drove myself to and from the appointment. Never took any pain meds. I have high tolerance for pain. I had the normal clear fluids and such like others have mentioned, cramps etc. Changing pad continuously. A wk and a half later my period started on schedule and the cramping was awful. I have not yet had intercourse. I wanted to follow my doctors orders. Said DO NOT have sex or insert anything in the vagina for 5-6 wks that included douching. My husband has been so patient and understanding through this whole thing. I probably would rather do this than do the LEEP or D&C again! I've had uterus and cervical issues for 5 yrs! Been going for pap every 6 months. I do hope this is the last of my procedures. My gyno did say that he wanted to cryo (thats why I agreed)and not do a hysterectomy as of yet. Good Luck to all you ladies! Btw I'm 42 and have 3 children, I'm sooo tried of this vaja-ja issues.(Men will never really understand how sensitive our parts can be and what it goes through in a life time.)
I had this done on July 29, 2013. I took 2 extra strength Tylenols an hour before the procedure. I didn't feel much at all. I had little mild cramping that night and clear discharge now for 2 weeks. It will be 2 weeks on Aug. 19th since the procedure was done, I just finished my normal period couple of days ago. Now just having very little clear discharge.
i had this done June 27 (period was june 20). first three minutes were unfamiliar deep cramps and the cold sensation turned to mild heat waves. by the 4th minute i felt more relaxed. the freeze took 6 minutes. i needed to stay laying down for another 20 min as the cramping was now more severe and i felt a bit dizzy and slight desire to vomit, but it subsided. i normally get very mild monthly period cramps for the first 30min of flow, afterwards its of no bother and pain. after this procedure i continued to have heavy cramping for approximately 5 bours. my water discharge lasted a few days. by the 7/8th day i was back at the gym. no discharge after day 8 or 10. no cramping either. my new menstrual cycle arrived on time, but for the first time ever experienced period cramps that took about 3 hours to subside. my period flow was very red thick at first but by day two back to normal. on the second period cycle now august, i felt my typical 20min light cramp. normal flow. my experience in the recovery was great. BUT my libido is completely down. i produce no cervical mucus. there is no type of cervical mucus (either the frothy white or clear egg white type). this is of great concern as cervical mucus is an important factor in fertility. i have never had a problem with cervical mucus production, i can only hope this is a temporary situation and not a symptoms of damage due to the treatment. my 4 month follow up is October 17. please who ever had abnormal or normal pap results please post your follow up. did any of you have any cervical scarring or also experienced lack pf cervical mucus. please and thank you
Four days ago I had my cryo done (Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013) and it is now Saturday. I experienced severe discomfort throughout the whole procedure. My luck, the rod got stuck inside of me and my doctor didn't show any remorse. He tried thawing it with a swab that was soaked in hot water but that didn't help at all. He was somewhat yanking at it until it came out and I'm afraid he might've ripped me or something. About 10 minutes after the procedure I tried getting up and immediately felt light headed and nauseous. My mom and boyfriend had to call a nurse into the room and she laid me down again and put a cold rag on my forehead. I had to wait another 20 minutes before I could get up to leave. When we got home I laid down in bed and started having THE worst cramps of my life. My menstral cramps are terrible, and these cramps were about five times worse. I took an extra strength Midol and my boyfriend laid down with me, trying to calm me down. I cried from the paid for about 30 minutes and eventually fell asleep. My discharge has been extremely annoying. It seems like I have to change my pad every hour/hour and a half. I have to wear the overnight pads because it's so much. The discharge has started to have an odor, and I started seeing a redish tent to it two days ago. When I wipe there is a very little gooey-like yellowish substance. I haven't had much cramping besides when I have to use the restroom. I've felt some constipation as well. My doctor said to wait a week until having "relations" again, and I'm supposed to have my follow-up PAP in four months. I'm really concerned about the discharge because I haven't been able to work out or be around any friends. I also have already missed this whole week of work, and I'm missing this coming up week too. I'm even more concerned about my sex-drive and fertility.. I'm 19 going on 20 and plan on having a family within the next 6 years or so. This is the worst thing I've ever experienced.
I had the procedure about 4 weeks ago, I waited 3 weeks before I had any sexual intercourse with my husband. But I noticed anytime we have sex, I wake up the next morning with light bleeding. I hope this isn't a complication, the discharge has reduced a bit, but not totally. Please can anyone help on why the light bleeding and if it's something that seriously needs to be checked out.
I had this procedure done on Nov.1. Bearable cramping and heavy discharge with odor. Had sex 12 days after (which dr recommended 7-10days) and everything was great. Today Nov. 17, I'm having my first period after and I'm having severe cramping. Did anyone else experience this with first period after your procedure?
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I had cryosurgery 4 days ago, mild cramping day of, but have not had any discharge at all. Do some people not have watery discharge?
I had cryosurgery 12 days ago. The consultant did say that he had to do it for a little longer than usual as a large part of my cervix was affected. I have had the watery discharge. I have not passed anything bloodstained at all. I have had lower back ache (period type), and some referred nerve aching down my legs, for the 12 days since the treatment. I was told that I may have to have the treatment repeated within 3 months as a large area was affected. Should I still have lower backache two weeks later?
Hi I had this done when I was 24 years old a nd now I have no sex drive what could have done it please help me out
I had this procedure done about 10 days ago. I took a pain pill and it was the worst pain I have felt during the procedure and the after cramps right after they complete the procedure. I stood up to get dressed and started to feel as if I could pass out on top of dry heaving as if I was going to vomit. I have a high tolerance for pain and didnt expect it to hurt this bad. There is a clear/yellowish discharge which is highly annoying because you just leak all day and apparently it lasts a month :(. I am still having horrible cramps and have been trying to work from home since sometimes they get to an unbearable point. We all have different bodies and my doctor said some women are more sensitive in that area so they usually experience more pain. I am just hopig through all of this that it fixed the issue, and best of luck to all of you ladies!
I have cervical ectopia. Blood only come after i had sex.my pap test was normal. My gynocology told me blood come for ectopia. So she gave me cryotherapy. I have water discharge. I am worried if i sex again blood will come again?
I am having the cryotherapy done tomorrow and was already nervous and now after reading these comments, I am scared to death! I am 30 with no kids. I do have questions now that I know to ask my gyno from peoples comments so that is a big help! I will let yall know how it goes after tomorrow.
I had the procedure 13 days ago and I have been suffering with mild to severe cramps off and on. I have been having an upset stomach too. I had the watery discharge, then the odorous discharge, and now hardly any discharge but it still has some odor. Today, when I woke up, I had horrible cramps and back pain. My entire pelvic area felt like it was in a vice grip. Then I starting getting pain down my legs. It was unbearable and had me in tears. I have an appointment with dr tomorrow. I can't understand why this is getting worse rather than better. The pain down my legs is making me so miserable- it's almost like my legs are being frozen. The bones just ache so bad! They feel cold but they are not cold to the touch. I can't get comfortable no matter what position I am in. I just took some pain meds so hopefully I will make it through the night without going to ER. For a simple procedure, this is not at all what I expected!
I had my procedure done a week ago. First 2 minutes was very painful. When I stand up from the bed i feel dizzy and my whole face was redd. I drove my car went back to home. Discharge is coming like I am having period. Still there odor is awful. I am afraid of beingt around with people. But my labbie become down I feel. Doctor recommended me to use vaginal cream after 20 days of procedure.
Now I don't any pain I stopped the workout. I have read somebody is bleeding i hope i will not experience through this.
I also think it might infect my pregnatal issue after some years. I am not sure.
Dont worry u will get fime.my mom had too
She had a large cervical erosion which is getting cleared after two cryos.my mom wants a hysterectomy but doctor tells no. What to do?dr says not to worry but what to so?reply
I am 19 years old & I had to have the cryo done. I do have a 8 month old daughter & had the cryo done 2 days ago. The couple minutes of pain during the cryo was worse than labor pains, in my opinion. I now have been leaking what seems to be the watery discharge, but I woke up this morning and I had to pee. I was walking to the bathroom & I peed all down my leg. I did not know it was coming out. My doctor suggested it was just the watery discharge but it was yellow & my pad was soaked with yellow & it smelled like urine. He told me to monitor it for a few days. Has anyone else had this problem.
I am 26 years old n I had my cervix freezed 2momths ago occurred to positive HPV.I went through so much pain after now what I have that I won't stop bleeding since if I have sex is worst so I stopped this really sucks I went to the doctor last week n he told me I was fine not to have sex for two more weeks.I see some of ya ladies are going went though this. Has ya bleeding stop what should I do please help.
Looking to see if the freezing will help me. I was recently diagnosed with HPV and cervicitis and have bleeding sometimes with sex. BF is getting freaked out when the bleeding happens and wants answers and so do I. Dr doesn't seem to want to do anything so I need to get answers and do some research so I can take this back to her and get something done
I had the Cryosurgery in July 9,2015 had the normal symptoms that my doctor to me pain watery discharge smell etc, waited 3-4 weeks to have sex.so I did when I had sex it did hurt and started bleeding a little like I was about to start my period that last only 3days this happen one more time and we use condoms both times. But major concern is didn't have my period for. Two months (my period is irregular sometimes but not like this though) and my period finally came yesterday was lightly bleeding Normal but today is different story bleeding really heavy cramps were really bad but that stop once I took a nap called my doctor and the nurse told that period just could be having a heavy but I explain to her it's not this heavy and the only time it's been this heavy is when I had miscarriage .so the nurse if you feel really concern about go to the er 😑 Please if anyone has gone through this please help out here
I just had my cervix done today and was not prepared for the "during" part. The first thing I felt was cold all over followed by a huge heatwave and was in a heap of sweat and becoming nauseous. Then the cramps waist down to my knees and begged for it to be over while resting for 3 minutes. The second part, I started gagging and told the Dr I might throw up and she said she's never had any patients actually throw up, but I did almost as soon as I sat up when everything was done. Then could barely walk to the bathroom and the cramps never left. I thought about calling my mom to drive me home, but wouldn't have a way to return to get my car later on, so I drove very slow and cautious. Every bump in the road was like a kick in my stomach and about 1/2 way there I felt dizzy like I was drunk. When I got parked, I was so happy to be home and exhausted, I almost took a nap in the car, but had to tell myself I got this far and the bed is so close. I tried to text my mom and let her know I made it home, but had trouble with the letters, clicked send and passed out for about 5 hrs. Then when I got up, it hurt so bad to pee. Am I the only person who feels like this was the most horrendous thing ever and if anyone else did vomit too? I've had 2 kids and thought this would be a walk in the park, but luckily they're big enough and nice enough they made me dinner after school. As a single mom, I don't care if I ever have sex again, but I just want to make sure I'm here for my girls until they're old enough to take care of themselves.
Just had the cryotherapy done on October 2nd. The cramps are so bad that I couldn't even make it to work for a week. The bleeding hasn't stopped I've had tissue come out in the blood, went back to the doctor they said give it 30 days to see if the cramping and bleeding stops. The way I feel makes me feel like this is going to be a long healing process than I thought it would be, I've been taking Tylenol 3 and ibuprofen at the same time for pain and it seems to be working for a while now. I pray that this procedure is worth all the pain I've been having.
I am 43 years old, a widow. I had cryo about 3 months ago. After the odourless watery discharge that lasted for a month, I started having heavy odourless creamy discharge. The doc said it was okay and should clear before the followup pap smear 3 months after the procedure. I am worried cos it hasn't stopped. I also feel some sensation in my virgina sometimes.Are these ok?
I'm reading through these and I am not seeing anything about the risk of this affecting future pregnancies? Does anyone know what the risk involved for that aspect is? Frankly, I could care less if I ever have another orgasm or pain free intercourse, I just want to know if this will ruin chances of having children. I go in for my cryo in 2 weeks...and from what I have read from all of you ladies, I am not looking forward to aftermath. Prayers for all of us going through this wonderful life obstacle!
I actually got my Cryotherapy done yesterday, it wasn't as bad as the biopsy I had to go through but the cramps haven't seemed to go away yet. Also, as soon as I was leaving the office, I began having hot flashes and I'm only 23 yrs old. I got in my car turn the AC on and let the air hit my face. I was burning up, as I was driving I began to feel really nauseated and lightheaded. Each time I'd close my eyes it was taking more and more time to actually open them and watch the road. I felt like I was about to pass out behind the wheel. Finally came to a red light and felt all the vomit coming up my throat, thankfully I had an empty plastic cup in my drink holder that I could use. Just hope these cramps go away, I don't mind the watery discharge I just don't want any pain.
Hello everyone I went to get my cervix frozen on Monday an honestly the biospy hurt more. I did my research but actually doing the procedure is something far more unexpected. So far there is no pain or blood or cramps just the constant watery discharge. This morning 5days later the discharge looks a lil yellowish an smell a lil funny hope this pass fast because its making me uncomfortable. No sex for me for at least 2mths taking extra caution hope my boyfriend understands. I pray that God take care of us woman who is going through this safetly and we don't have to it more than once. God bless us all
I had this procedure done on Monday just gone and I have been in Pain and hot flushes and been sick I have also had the watery discharge as well I have had no bleeding but I have got my information sheet from the doctor who did the procedure and it says I can't have sex for two weeks after the procedure and reading what everyone else had put I don't know weather to trust the information I have or do what everyone else has done and wait a month with out sex which I don't think I can do as a woman as got needs and so has a man
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I had this done about 5 weeks ago. I experienced the watery discharge for 2 weeks, then id bleed every 2 days for about 10 mins(bright red), this stopped after the third weed but now im having a mucous like yellow discharge with no odour.. im afraid that it might be an infection. Does anyone know?
I had the cyro done back in June, it is now December - 7 months later. I have always had regular light 4 day periods every month. Now i will bleed for 2 weeks straight this dark brown stuff. I am unable to wear a tampon during that time, due to it hurting. Then after that is over i will have my week long regular period which adds up to have a period for 3 weeks in one month. My cervix it still not healed and i bleed during the follow up pap. I waited a month to have intercourse, when i do have intercourse i bleed a few days later. This has pretty much been a horrible experience for me and i wish i would have never done cyro. When i was 24 i was at stage 3 and they did a different procedure it was less painful and i was fine during and afterwards I healed great. This time at 32 i was stage 2 and did the cyro. I have became so emotional during this time and have cry spells. I think it is due to my hormones being out of wack right now. Shouldn't I be healed already? Has anyone experienced this? I'm so tired of this!!
I did cryotherapy in nov, I resumed sexual activities after three weeks, I notice I spot after sex, I still feel cramp. Should I have another Pap smear test and cryotherapy.
I had my freeze done last Wednesday. It only took a few minutes and was not painful.I had no cramps. My legs shook a little from the position and time in the stirrups. I was a little dizzy afterward but when you sit up slowly, take a few deep breathes I felt fine.My Dr. and nurse did not leave the room till I felt normal. This was much easier than the biopsy. The watery discharge is handled by a pantie liner. I have't had to wear a pad yet. It is not bad for everyone. My guess would be the time and care of your Dr. during the procedure and the size of the space to freeze. Get all the facts from your Dr. or your nurse you see every time you visit.
I had mi cryo three weeks back, but am experiencing a lot of pain/cramps...what could be the cause... Tried painkillers wt mi gynaecologist but no improvement...
Hello everyone. I received an appointment in the post for me to have cryosurgery done tomorrow (1st August 2018) due to the biopsies taken from my cervix showing chronic inflammation. I was also told whilst having the biopsies taking that I have suspected HPV virus (not the one associated with sti) I was already worried and anxious about it because I didn't know what to expect as I've been told and read different information. After reading all of these comments it's making me feel even more anxious and I'm not sure if I want to put myself through it. I'm only 30 and I've got 2 children,one of which is only 8 months old. Me and my husband would like more kids but I've read that cryotherapy can in some cases stop you from being able to have more kids due to cervical scarring from the procedure. Also some of these comments have stated painful intercourse and having no sex drive or orgasms. My husband is sex mad and would not like it if I'm not able to enjoy it anymore. I'm really scared right now and I don't know what to do for the best
I've been reading your comments and I'm sorry for everyone that found cryosurgery painful. I had mine done 3wks ago and I did experience some discomfort during the procedure but nothing major. I had the watery discharge for the first 2wks. Now it's just the yellowish one no longer watery. I do get cramps here n there but I take some painkillers. Haven't had sex since a week before the procedure. Doc said to wait 6wks. It's tuff on my boyfriend though but in order to heal I have to comply with what doc said. However my period is 3days late and I hope when I do get to have sex I don't bleed like. I also hope it doesn't affect any chance of conceiving in the future cz I only have 1 child. She's 15. I'm 35 btw and would love to have one more. Good luck to those who haven't had cryo yet and a speedy recovery to those of us who have. Ps. Just follow docs instructions, explain or go with your partner's so they understand. So that you don't indulge in any sexual activity until you've completely healed.
I had the freezing procedure done 13 days ago. I was unprepared, went in for cervical Cancer screening and boom they notice the abnormal cells on my cervix. So while I am still spread out, am shown the problem area and the Doctor is telling about what they could do to treat, am scared with no idea what the cryotherapy treatment is.
Right there and then am asked if they could do the procedure, obviously I consent, no Pain killer given before hand, they start, I get to feel the cramping or a feeling a little pressure in the abdomen. In a few minutes they are done.
Back home I get to feel a little abdominal pain on the first day and a slight headache which I think was due to me having to process everything on my own, emotions and all.
13 days on apart from the watery discharge, which isn't that heavy, been using panty liners as opposed to actual pads. I noticed that the first week my left breast sort of produced a discharge when the nipple was squeezed the colour of the first milk a woman produced after giving birth (oh I had my breasts examined too, they are ok. Going into the second week the milky leak is gone. The watery discharge is on.
Was supposed to start my period today,just spotted in the morning and nothing all through the day,so not sure if I will have my normal period or not. Been given 6 weeks away from sex, douching or tampons I plan on sticking to that.
After reading your comments here, I thing the procedure affects each woman different, so far apart from the emotional distress I can say I have been ok and just hoping when the time for sex comes it won't hurt or affect me in reaching orgasm 🤔. To you all healing from the procedure I with you safe and total healing to you who are about to undergo it, may you go through it bravely, you are chaps who can do this.

Much Love from Zambia.
Hello I am 29 Years old - 5 kids - I had the cryo freezing on May 23rd of 2019. My Gynecologist told me that it would be mild cramping during the procedure and maybe a day afterwards but nothing major. It is now 17 Days later and I am still having cramping, a tingling burning sensation in my stomach, abdomen and pelvic area. I have body pains, chills and hot flashes. I am up and be down on any given Day. My body just doesn’t feel the same. I called and left a message for my gynecologist to let him know what I was experiencing.. his Nurse called me back and said that I shouldn’t be having this pain it’s abnormal. The gyno performed this procedure for 25 years and no woman has complained about the pain I am having. He/she made me feel so little as if I’m my pain didn’t matter as if I was making this all up. To this day I am in severe pain and I began to research to see if there were other women experiencing the same pain. I am glad to know I am not alone, but it’s horrible that these doctors perform the surgery as if there will be no pain associated with it. I am praying for everyone who received this surgery and for those who are preparing for it.
I went through cryosurgery 3months ago, 1week before my period was due.and my period started on time and was the usual. However, the next periods after that have been unusual. I start cramping and spotting the day my period is due and it lasts for 3-5 days and goes from brown to dark red clots and then my normal period begins and lasts for 7 days like it used to. Does anyone else have this problem?!
Hey. Had my procedure done 5 days ago. Found the freezing process very painful didn't think I'd be able to get Tru it , was told I'd 30 seconds left it felt like a lifetime. When it was finished I became light headed straight away and nearly passed out. I got sick about 5 times it was honestly desperate. I have had a small bit of watery discharge but no pain after or blood. I had no bleeding after biopsy also so hoping I won't . My birthday is next week gonna be 30 and I'm being taken away for the night , sex will be on the agenda and if I'm not bleeding more then likely I will go ahead with it . Hoping for the best.
Hi everyone, I had my crysurgery done on the 18th of this month. Before the procedure I did a little research and saw that some people would take ibuprofen before the procedure so I called ahead of time and asked them if it was OK if I could take 1 ibuprofen 200 mg. The nurse told me it was OK. During the procedure it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The doctor froze me for 3 minutes then let me rest for 5 and then froze me for another 3 minutes. The 1st 3 minutes it was some cramping (not as bad as the 1st day of my period, that's typically when I have the worst cramps) But the last 3 minutes of the freezing I couldn't even feel it. I did how ever feel a little cold lol. For the rest of that day I did feel a little light headed um no headaches but did feel some cramping for 2 days. I had a lot of watery discharge for the next week. My menstrual cycle started the day after the surgery so on top of the heavy watery discharge I had blood as well. Normally when my menstrual cycle hits I don't have a bad smell, However, the fishy smell started 2 days after the procedure. Yesterday I notice the smell is getting lighter it's not as pungent as before. Also the bleeding has pretty much subside. Still haven't had any crampings no pain but last night I was giving my husband oral sex and of course I was extremely wet like normal. But then I couldn't hold in my orgasm any longer and I...had an orgasm..mind you I didn't touch my self nor did my husband touch me, but because I hadn't had sex for almost a month I was just letting it build up and poof..orgasm (it felt great, it didn't hurt). I called my OBGYN and told them what happened and she told me Try to not let that happen again because the doctor told me not to have sex not to insert tampons not to douche for at least 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure. So she told me that I should be fine, but Try not to let it happen again, because my cervix is still trying to heal. She also told me to clean myself really good to prevent any infections. I'm really sorry to hear that there are so many women on this thread that have been having extreme pain and all these questions that don't seem to be getting answered I truly hope that everything works out in the end or that you at least get answers. My doctor never said anything about any side effects apart from cramping during the procedure, these doctors really need to start informing their patients about what really could happen so we can way out or options before getting the procedure done. Also I would Go through at least 3 pads a day, That's how heavy this watery discharge has been for me so far.
I wish you all luck and I pray that we have better options in the future more safer options especially ones that don't result in women not being able to have an orgasm.
Blessing to you all sisters.
I have done my cryotherapy 2 weeks back, can this abnormal cells comes back aft the therapy?
This is the absolute worst thing every, 5 days after the discharge and gross odor, cramping, I just want it over with. I dont want to move out of my bed, I've ask my fiance to go get me sexy diapers cause one pad isn't enough, he laughed and wouldnt go get them. I feel like this is worse than child birth. I feel for all of you going through this its horrid. And no sex for 6 weeks ugh...
I have an IUD (Kyleena) Can they do cervical cryotherapy with the IUD in place or do they have to remove it to do the procedure?

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