Umbilical hernia repair


An umbilical hernia repair is a surgical procedure performed to fix a weakness in the abdominal wall or to close an opening near the umbilicus (navel) that has allowed abdominal contents to protrude. The abdominal contents may or may not be contained within a membrane or sac. The medical name for a hernia repair is herniorraphy.


Umbilical hernias are usually repaired either to relieve discomfort or to prevent complications. It is not always necessary to fix an umbilical hernia. If the person is not in pain, the hernia is often not repaired. Complications may develop if pressure inside the abdomen resulting from daily activity pushes the abdominal contents further through the opening. They may then become twisted or strangulated. Strangulation is a condition in which the circulation to a section of the intestine (or other part of the body) is cut off by compression or constriction; it can cause extreme pain. If the strangulation persists, the tissue can die from lack of blood supply and lead to an infection.


An umbilical hernia can occur in both men and women, and can occur at any age, although it is often present at birth. Umbilical hernias are found in about 20% of newborns, especially in premature infants. Umbilical hernias are more common in male than in female infants; with regard to race, they are eight times more common in African Americans than in Caucasians or Hispanics. While umbilical hernia is not a genetically determined condition, it tends to run in families. In the adult population, umbilical hernias are more common in overweight persons with weak abdominal muscles, and in women who are either pregnant or have borne many children. People with liver disease or fluid in the abdominal cavity are also at higher risk of developing an umbilical hernia.


Repair of an abdominal hernia involves a cut, or incision, in the umbilical area. Most herniorrhaphies take about two hours to complete. After the patient has been given a sedative, the anesthesiologist will administer a local, spinal, or general anesthetic. The type of anesthesia used depends on the patient's age, general health, and complexity of the procedure. The incision is usually made underneath the belly button. The herniated tissues are isolated and pushed back inside the abdominal cavity. A hernia repair may be done using traditional open surgery or with a laparoscope. A laparoscopic procedure is performed through a few very small incisions. The hole in the abdominal wall may be closed with sutures, or by the use of a fine sterile surgical mesh. The mesh provides additional strength. Some surgeons may choose to use the mesh when repairing a larger hernia. A hernia repair done with a mesh insert is called a tension-free procedure because the surgeon does not have to put tension on the layer of muscle tissue in order to bring the edges of the hole together.



In children, umbilical hernias are often diagnosed at birth, usually when the doctor feels a lump in the area around the belly button. The hernia may also be diagnosed

Baby with an umbilical hernia (A). To repair, the hernia is cut open (B), and the contents replaced in the abdomen. Connecting tissues, or fascia, are sutured closed (D), and the skin is repaired (D). (Illustration by GGS Inc.)
Baby with an umbilical hernia (A). To repair, the hernia is cut open (B), and the contents replaced in the abdomen. Connecting tissues, or fascia, are sutured closed (D), and the skin is repaired (D). (
Illustration by GGS Inc.
if the child is crying from pain, because the crying will increase the pressure inside the abdomen and make the hernia more noticeable.

Umbilical hernias in adults occur more often in pregnant women and obese persons with weak stomach muscles. They may develop gradually without producing any discomfort, but the patient may see a bulge in the abdomen while bathing or getting dressed. Other patients consult their doctor because they have felt the tissues in the abdomen suddenly give way when they are having a bowel movement. In an office examination, the patient may be asked to lie down, lift the head, and cough. This action increases pressure inside the abdomen and causes the hernia to bulge outward.

A hernia that has become incarcerated or strangulated is a medical emergency. Its symptoms include:

When a hernia is present at birth, some surgeons may opt for a "wait and see" approach, as umbilical hernias in children often close by themselves with time. If the hernia has not closed by the time the child is three or four years old, then surgery is usually considered. If the hernia is very large, surgery may be recommended.

Repair of an umbilical hernia in an adult is usually considered elective surgery . The patient's surgeon may recommend the procedure, however, on the grounds that hernias in adults do not close by themselves and tend to grow larger over time.


Adults scheduled for a herniorraphy are given standard blood tests and a urinalysis . They should not eat breakfast on the morning of the procedure, and they should wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that they can easily pull on after the surgery without straining their abdomen.


Aftercare will depend in part on the invasiveness of the surgery, whether laparoscopic or open; the type of anesthesia; the patient's age; and his or her general medical condition. Immediately after the procedure, the person will be taken to the recovery area of the surgical center, where nurses will monitor the patient for signs of excessive bleeding, infection, uncontrolled pain, or shock. Hernia repairs are usually performed on an outpatient basis, which means that the patient can expect to go home within a few hours of the surgery. Adult patients, however, should arrange to have a friend or relative drive them home. If possible, someone should stay with them for the first night.

The nurses will provide the patient with instructions on incision care . The specific instructions will depend on the type of surgery and the way in which the incision was closed. Sometimes a see-through dressing is placed on the wound that the patient can remove about three days after the procedure. It may be necessary to keep the dressing dry until some healing has taken place. Very small incisions may be closed with Steri-strips rather than sutures.


There are surgical and anesthesia-related risks with all surgical procedures. The primary surgical risks include bleeding and infection. Anesthesia-related risks include reactions to the specific anesthetic agents that are used; interactions with over-the-counter and herbal preparations; and respiratory problems. The greatest risk associated with umbilical hernia is missing the diagnosis. Additional risks include the formation of scar tissue and recurrence of the hernia.

Normal results

Umbilical hernia repair is usually considered an uncomplicated procedure with a relatively short recovery period. A study reported in the December 2002 issue of the American Journal of Surgery found that patients who had laparoscopic surgery with the use of a surgical mesh had fewer complications and reoccurrences of a hernia than those with the traditional open surgery. However, laparoscopic surgery took somewhat longer to perform, possibly because the laparoscopic approach is often used for larger repairs.

Morbidity and mortality rates

In general, there are few complications with hernia repair in children. The most serious complication is surgical injury to the bladder or intestine; fortunately, this complication is very rare—about one in 1000 patients. The recurrence rate is between 1% and 5%; recurrence is more likely in patients with very large hernias. The rate of infection is less than 1%. In the adult population, a November 2001 study reported in the American Journal of Surgery found a 5% mortality in elderly patients undergoing emergency hernia repairs.


There are no medical or surgical alternatives to an umbilical hernia repair other than watchful waiting. Since umbilical hernias present at birth often close on their own, intervention can often be delayed until the child is several years old. There is some risk that the hernia will enlarge, however, which increases the risk of incarceration or strangulation.



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Esther Csapo Rastegari, R.N., B.S.N., Ed.M.


This procedure is performed by a general surgeon or a pediatric surgeon. It is usually performed on an outpatient, or ambulatory, basis in a hospital. After a few hours of recovery in the surgical center, the patient is able to return home.


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It is also important to note that the patient will need help or at least supervision for dressing and safely getting in and out of bed for the first few days.
hi i have a umbilical hernia after giving birth to my son(4monthsold)i would like to know if i can wait for another year before going through this surgery. how can i take care of myself having such a little kid in my arms?
I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I developed a hernia after my 1st child that causes pain off and on. I was supposed to get it repaired last year but I was concerned about it reoccuring after the next pregnancy. Now that I am pregnant again it's very noticable and hurts as my stomach grows. Is it safe to have this repaired while I'm pregnant? I read that women usually get them repaired in their second trimester. This seems unsafe...I go for my 2nd OB appointment next week and I will discuss it with my doctor.
How soon can I exercise after umbilical hernia repair for an adlut women
I've suffered extreme and chronic constipation due to narcotic pain relievers that never abates and is refractory to all forms of treatment, with extremely hard, brittle stool. The resultant straining during (attempted) defecation probably CAUSED my umbilical hernia--now I'm afraid straining may undo the surgical hernia repair that's prescribed; how will I safely defecate AFTER surgery? and how painful will THAT be?
I am 16 weeks pregnant and had sharp pain on and off due to my ombelical hernia. I am so concerned of doing the surgery because of the complications and risks of miscariage of baby malformation. What are the precautions to keep the problem under control and avoid complications of strangulated blood...etc. Are there any natural alternatives to surgery that some of you might know???. Thanks.
I wish I would have asked about complications before the surgery, I would have never done it. Now that I have the mesh, I am constipated, my abdomen is huge and it's very painful, i have bloody stool with mucus in it. I can't eat and it's even getting hard to move, I am in pain all the time.
lady k
i was diagnosed by my baby doctor to have umbilical hernia after my third baby, and since then i have always experienced excruciating pains and all the symtoms listed above but my problem is that apart from the fact that i dont have money to go through the surgery, fear has dominated the very part of me, Now pls i want any one, organization or religious body that can help me finance my surgery. thanks
I had an umbilical hernia repair 4 days ago and it was done laparascopically. I am constipated from the hydrocodone they are giving me, and I still feel a lot more sore than I expected. The kicker is that I have 5 incisions -- why would this be? I meet with the surgeon on Monday, but I thought laparascopic repair required 2 incisions at most.
queen b
I had my repair last friday on the 4th, i am still sore then expected, i can barely stand up straight, it is not red but there is a burning sensation. I had both procedures done the laparascopically and the open, i have at least incisions around the stomach and the naval area is cut open as well. I seriously hope the pain go away soon because i have to go back to work on the 14th. I am so frustrated and then to top it all off i have 4 stomach ulcers that they were aware of and they prescribed me Ibuprofin for pain. They definitly wanted me to bleed to death. I wish i never had the procedure done....this will be hard to recover from. Take care everyone, Queen.
I had my first repair done Dec. of 07. In 08 I had two more repairs first to fix the mesh, they again to remove the mesh and just put in stitches. Mow Dec. 09 I will be having the repair done again. Pray for me that it works this time!!!
i ended up getting an umbilical hernia after giving birth to my son. i had the mesh put in 6 months later, surgery was a breeze, they gave me hydrocodone for the pain which helped out a lot. just needed lots of help afterwards. the only thing i dont like is, they told me the mesh might rip if i have a second child.
I am 27 years old and found out last night at the Emergency room that I have an Umbilical Hernia. I was sent home without any explanation or information on what I need to do about this or what my options are at this point. I have no insurance, I am scared,confused and in a lot of pain. I didn't even get a chance to talk to the doctor that looked at my cat scan results. The nurse just told me, "you have an umbilical hernia find a doctor." I was then sent on my way. Is the surgery expensive? Please any information would be helpful.
I had imbilical surgery i week ago and im feeling alot of discomfort like Burning pains it also looks swollen should i be worried ?
I had umbilical hernia surgery in 1989. Since then I have had bouts of excruciating pain in the upper left quadrant of my abdomen. The pain went undiagnosed by doctors until recently. I was forced to make several trips to emergency rooms bent over in pain. I was accused, by doctors and staff in very unprofessional terms, of being a drug addict seeking pain medication. At other times I was accused of being a hypochondriac and of having a "belly ache" etc. Eventually I realized that the severe pain always occurred exactly where the umbilical hernia surgery scar was located. I researched umbilical hernia post surgery pain and found that it was very real.
i guess in adults it is that painfull, my 2years 11 months daughter had the operation done two weeks ago, she was up and about playing the next day, never complained of any discomfort. She was only constipated for three days, then everything was back to normal, ofcourse for the fisrt week she needed assistant getting to bed, but now shes back to school, eating more and having no pains.
I'm a 48 year old male and had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia 16 days ago. I had one incision about two inches long directly under the belly button. Of course, the area was very tender and sore for the first few days and Yes, Oxycodone does cause constipation but EVERYONE explains that before you take it. The solution is to take s stool softener if you're taking prescription narcotics. They work. The surgery was successful and I'm pain free. I stared back on my work out program yesterday and i've not had to restrict anything. My Doctor used mesh so that is supposed to help the incision heal faster. I'm reading so many sad comments about their experience with the surgery I thought it might be helpful to read that someone has had a successful outcome.
I had hernia surgery 4 days ago and havent had a bowel movement is this normal?
My question is for Dan who posted a note on Jan. 31. What were your symptoms? I only have pain on/in my belly button, no swelling, no apparent hernia, the pain is mostly noticable when I press on the belly button. I'm trying to figure out if I have serious issue or just a muscle strain? any response would be appreciated.
My doctor done a surgical umbilpcal hernia repair and know i have no navel whatnshould i do?
I have a large umbilical hernia, and I'm having surgery in three days. I had this repaired laproscopically last year, but it returned. After reading all the above comments, I'm very concerned. I was told this would be open surgery using mesh. How soon will I be able to return to work?
I developed an umbilical hernia as a result of pushing too hard while giving birth to my first baby. It was about the size of a nickle and would cause me to get sick and vomit without warning. I had NO insurance to have it repaired. About a year and 2 months I found out I was pregnant again (a complete surprise). Throughout the pregnancy I felt my stomach ripping as my baby grew. I ended up having AN EMERGENCY C-section. My baby was born with heart defects which resulted in heart surgeries. That was 9 years ago, and I still have this hernia which is enormous. To give you an idea as to how big it is... when I lay on my back it protrudes and is the size of a large cantaloupe. And because my intestines can't function completely normal, I am morbidly obese. I can't stand for more than 2 mins without getting nauseous. And because of all that heavy pulling on my back, my back goes into spasms. Can such a large hernia be repaired? I am really scared. I am only 39 and I am trapped in a body that is like a prison. I get sick easily with my asthma and coughing is pure torture... it feels as if my insides are gonna completely bust out. Is there any hope for me??
I just had a hernia operation and i still want to play professional soccer. Can it work?
I've had two hernia surgeries starting with the left side. I had the first one when i was 9 and the second some 6years ago. I find it strange that i still feel lots of pains. I sometimes find it hard getting full erection without feeling pains. Are there medications to help or its just normal. I play soccer and i'l also want to know if it will affect me. Any advice
my mum just died of respiratory complication after an umbilical hernia surgery. if only i read this article, i would have been better informed and look for the best surgeons on the issue.
I entered this page before I had my hernia repair and I must admit I was a bit scared. Anyway, I had the operation 24 hours ago and I feel fine. I passed urine just ten minutes after I was back in my hospital room and this morming I had a bowel movement. After being discharged from hospital, my husband asked me where I wanted to go and said I wanted something decent to eat! After eating, I went shopping, put on the washing machine and prepared supper. Today, I am having a completely normal day. Obviously I'm very careful when I have to stretch up or lean down.
Although I was given tablets to take over the first three days, there has been no need to take anything. If I had known the operation was going to be less traumatic than a trip to the dentist, I would have taken the plunge years ago. By the way I live in Spain but I don't think that has anything to do with it; I have my faith in all doctors.
Any excercise to make the umbilicus reduce quickly or any diet.
I have just been told I have an Umbilical hernia. I am not sure where it is located or how large it is but I do have a drainage from the navel.
Is this something that needs emergency care? I have an appointment for a week from now or should I call the doctor baack for an earlier time.
PLEASE, if you are not in overwhelming pain do not have an unbilical hernia removed. I wish to god I had left mine alone. It slightly bothered me once in a while but now I think it was more about the fact I knew it was there (the little bulge). After having it removed it is now an everyday issue, If I move, bend, sit, or stand the wrong way it hurts. It feels like something is always moving around inside my guts. So forget the surgery, the expense, a little discomfort, or what ever it may cost you, it will cost you more in the long run. Sincerely, Carolynn
My 3 year old umbilical hernia began getting worse. It grew larger, much harder and was warm to the touch. I called the advice nurse and they told me to go to the hospital. In emergency the doctor tried pushing the hernia back into me. I can not describe that pain to you. Turns out that some of the tissue involved in the hernia was strangulated and the blood supply had been cut off to that tissue. It would have caused major problems left to it's own so it had to be fixed. Some tissue was removed and the rest tucked back in and the hernia sewn shut. No mesh was used. I am glad I went in to the doctor. No telling what could have happened if I had not had it checked. I would say get checked and diagnosed. Then make an educated decision.
I woke up yesterday morning, after a night of what felt like a bad stomach, to a lump above my belly button. I felt a bit dizzy, and I was afraid as I looked up my symptoms on google. I suspect I had a weakness in my stomach muscles as I just had a baby last year. I am thin, however, and always work out. I am an American living in the United Kingdom, where healthcare is freely provided by the government, so it is really distressing to see that some people could not get care at all for their hernias. Anyway, I went to the emergency ward and was operated on virtually immediately. I had a cup of coffee in the morning so we had to wait a couple of hours. I had a general anasthesia. Apparently it was just a bit of fatty tissue that had become incarcerated, but there was no bowel trapped and no deadened tissue so the operation was much less complicated. I stayed the night in the hospital and went home today. It feels sore, but I hope to go back to work on Monday. Thank God for the National Health Service.
How do you hold up a large umbilical hernia? Is there any safe way?

Can an umbilial hernia be incarcerated if there is no pain?

How can you tell if there is incarceration or strangulation? Thanks
Ihad hernia surgery March 2010. ( 4 hernias in naval & 1 between/below breast) incision all the way down stomach. 42 staples. I had two drain tubes inserted during surgery and since surgery , I have had two tubes inserted again. Had 2 liters of fluid drained in hospital & 1 liter draiined in surgeons office. The fluid keeps coming back. It feels heavy as a bowing ball and I look like I am 9 months pregnant. I am 65 yrs. of age. This is causing me a lot of problems. Weakness when walking, shortness of breath, lower back hurting. My doctor does not want to do anymore draining because he is afraid an getting an infection. He says the fluid will go away. Has been 3 months and no less fluid yet. I am afraid it will not go away. I am desperately searching for information and if there is anything that can be done.
This is my second hernia that I had. I'm in alot of pain. will i need surgery right now. I'm obesity and I weight 378.
Has anyone had any experience of their child having an umbilical hernia repair at a year old or younger?... My daughter is being referred to a surgeon but reading the above for adult experience I am now concerned of the impact it will have on her. MAny thanks in advance.
I had my hernia repair about two months ago and everything is fine. There are a lot of nay-sayers on here, but in the long run, you are better off getting the procedure done than allowing it to separate more. You will be sore in the area, I think that is normal, but it does go away. This is a fairly common procedure. I had it done on a Tuesday and was back to work the following Monday. I had a 5kg weight limit for lifting for 6 weeks. I feel great now, and no more funky belly button popping. Don't be afraid. Also, ask your doctor for post-op workouts so that you can regain muscle your abdominal wall without straining or causing the mesh to dislodge.
Is it normal to expect disfiguration of the naval after a small umbilical hernia repair?
i have a umbilical hernia and its hurting very bad for the past 5 days cant stand 4 to long always in bed cant move standing up always sloutching over for comfort. saw the doc he saidmy surgery is in 2 weeks but in the mean time take some pain killers, buts thats not working. what should i do, and no my intestine i not caught cuz i have bowl movement.
I had an umbilical hernia surgery immediately after my birth, i m 20yr old, & i was absolutely fine,from last few weeks there is a sharp pain or strain on & off around my surgical area. kindly suggest me what to do, which doctor to consult, i have no idea how to go about it, & why such pain has started after 20yrs. kindly help me.
After my second pregnancy I felt a burning sensation aroung the belly button. After my third pregnancy a full-blown umbilical hernia appeared. I made the mistake of waiting for 14 years to have it repaired and over those years it got bigger and bigger. I would experience ocassional pain but towards the end I couldn't sleep on my stomach because it hurt. As I work in the medical field, I should have known better. By the time I finally saw a surgeon, it had grown to the size of a jumbo cantaloupe. The surgery took 4 hours and the surgeon had to use a huge piece of mesh. He said that I actually had large loops of my colon stuck and was amazed that I hadn't had more of a problem. It was a rough recovery with lots of pain afterwards, but absolutely no complications. I wore a binder for the required 6 weeks and did no physical labor or lifting for the same period of time. My advise to those who are wondering about repair is to not wait. Hernias can cause bowel obstructions or worse. If they are repaired when small, the surgery is much easier, both for you and the surgeon. It was a long ordeal for me, but I am so glad that I did it. Just not having the feeling of all my insides hanging out is worth it. Plus, if I had waited longer, I may have had irreversible damage as well as gangreen, which could have been fatal. Also, see a good surgeon if you can. If you know anyone in the medical field, such as a nurse, ask who they themselves would go to. Do a little bit of homework. You won't regret it.
Hi I have had an umbilical hernia just about a year now, and seen a surgeon just this past week. I am getting the surgery by tiny insicions, he reccomended getting strong suctures because people tend to get infections by the mesh. I am very nervious I am a young mother with two small children I had my gallbladder removed in 2006 by laproscope with no comlications. It's just this time something doesn't seem right. I am not in any pain right now, the hearnia is about the size of a toonie and buldges a bit. Should I get this surgery done now and worry about complications later? I'm worried about them cutting my intestines or anything else for that matter. Could this be treated or could it be fatal?? And then I was reading earlier that one can pass away from respiratory problems after/during the surgery.what is the cause of this? I really need your input and opinions, I am a young mother, I don't want to pass, I am still so young. I want to be able to enjoy life and see my kids grow. Any help would be appreciated. All e-mails welcome Thanks for your time in advance
Sincerely, Sherry
I am currently in a similar situation and curious to the answer given. I believe I have a very large but painless hernia after four pregnancies with one being polyhydromnios. I am in another country and won't return to the states for another year. Can my hernia wait that long?
I have an umbilical hernia for about 2 years now and was told to keep an eye on it before we go the surgical route. I was told that I need to lose weight in order to do the surgery as I am a obese man.
Lately, the hernia has been causing abdomen pain. I also have noticed that there is a small amount of blood and puss in the belly button area. Is it normal for this type of hernia to have this occur? It is not like it is oozing out of the belly button, but it is there when I have checked with a tissue or cotton swab. I was told to be aware for pain as a sign of strangulation, however I do not want to jump the gun and have surgery if it won't hold until I lose more weight. I have lost 50 lbs but have a lot to go.
i am a 48 yr old man. I went to my family doctor about 6 months ago with a problem. He stated that I have an umbilical hernia. It was a small one and at that time suggested that we keep an eye on it. I went to the doctor again the other day for a check up and he has suggested me to see a surgen. I have met the surgen and have surgery scheduled. The surgery will not be laparascopically. I will have the mesh placed in. The surgen has explained all the risks involved in it. I do have a high tolerance to pain and a strong will not to let anything keep me down. I will post again to let everone know if it was worth the surgery.
I have hives and Lyme rex disease. With this in mind will this operation for my umbilical hernia hurt me. I'm concerned if I have this operation the hives and Lyme rex disease may keep me from recovering.
I am 67 and after watching my hernia get worse, over about 10 years, I finally had to have surgery and had mesh put in. Went to the hospital at 8:00 A.M. and headed for home at 2:00 P.M. Had one pain pill before heading home and took about 4 Advils over the next 3 days. After removing the gauze bandages on the third day, I was able to get up and down a lot easier but had no real pain at anytime. It's been a little over a month and things have gone very well. No problem whatsoever.
can i get hernia repair at the same time when i have my c-section? I am 37 week pregnant?
I am a female adult with an umbilical herni. I have 3 kids, so that is how I got it. Over the last 3 years its gotten bigger and now over the last few weeks its getting bigger and I'm having trouble using the bathroom. Should I see a doctor soon?? Thanks
i had the surgery on Wednesday. It took about 45 minutes. I was back home in about 3 hours after the surgery. I was sore and used the pain medication that they give me for the first 2 days. Since then have just used one pain pill in the morning. After the first 2 days i was able to get up and move around. There is some swelling and brusing in area. I have about a 4 inch incision at the bottom of my belly button. The DR stated that i will have to be off work for the next 2 weeks. In the first 2 days a pillow is going to be your best friend. Hold it against your stomach when you cough and it will help. The pain has not been to bad and i think the surgery was worth it.
questions re imbilical surgery: mesh issurs, lap surgery or traditional? Recovery and strenth after surgery for exercise and golf, biking?
I had a umbilical hernia repair 3 weeks ago and everything went OK until I had the staples removed and developed an infection which caused my stomach to swell to a painful size. I feel worse now than when I had the operation but hopefully everything will clear up soon. As far as returning to normal duties after 3 weeks, I don't know who had this put in the information leaflet but obviously they have not done their research properly because every one I know who has had a hernia repair has had to have at least 8 weeks off work. My job requires me to lift 25kg most of the day which I don't have any problems with but 3 weeks after the operation I can not even lift 2kg.
I have aumbilicus hernia and having surgery to ave it repaired in a matter days my concern is that I have a 7 week old and a 2 year old. Am I going to be able to care for both of my children
J. Ng
My baby girl is just 6 weeks old and has a herniated belly button. I was told by the doctor to wait and see as was mentioned in this article. I've also read up about this condition online and have been growing accustomed to my baby's 'special' belly button. However, I am still concerned to know if my baby is crying from pain due to this condition or from some other reason. I always wonder when she is crying. What signs should I look out for to know that it's time to bring my baby to the doctor about correcting this condition. I'm also concerned that her belly button is quite visible even through her clothing. People are alarmed when they see it.

I'm not aware if anyone in my extended family has umbilical hernia although my husband and I and my other four children do not have this experience. So, I'm not sure if my baby has it because of her genes. I remember an incident when my baby was just a few days old, and when her umbilical cord clip was still in tact, she started crying very loudly like she was in a lot of pain. I later discovered that her umbilical cord was torn away, leaving a wound on her belly button. Although she wasn't bleeding badly, it looked painful and red. The doctor who saw this wound assured me that it would heal. I'm now wondering if her herniated belly button was caused by this unfortunate accident.
I just had a umbilical hernia repair with mesh done openly nonlyproscopic 6 days ago. Although I am mobil yet feeling no appetite..I have noticed that my stomach has the golf ball like bump still on my stomach..but now it harder. Will my stomach look and feel like normal or will I have this which looks like a deformity perminantley, since I am only 26? Its bad enough it was painful, but as a single mother of 2 it is also not attractive on my 5"2 118pound frame not just for others but for myself.
i had the surgery 2 Friday's ago. the pain sucked really bad for 2 day and then got a little better each day. I am not 85%.

My belly button doesn't feel like a normal belly button. When i put my finger in the belly button whole it feels very hard and still can't really put my finger in there. is that normal?
I am 53 years old man and I start to be concern about my bellybutton get bigger and if I press on is hurting me and when I do some work out , I am in good shape I am not fat , this is start to be visible from April 2010 please let me know if is hernia or something else
Was anyone who had this have a 9 month looking belly from this? I have a umbilical hernia and
I'm hopeing this is the cause of my hernia?
I am 33 years old, I have felt a bump by my belly button for about 2 months. I went to the doctor yesterday and was told I may have an umbilical hernia. I have never had children, am not overweight, and am physically active. I have an appointment scheduled to confirm what I was told and possibly make arrangements for surgery. The appointment is 3 weeks away. Can I continue to work out? Should I limit my physical activity in any way? I do not want to make the problem worse! Also wondering what could have caused the problem, all the info I've found so far is related to pregnancy or obesity. Any advise is appreciated! Thanks.
i am 27 years old i had an umbilical hernia when i was pregnant with my second child had surgry when i was 7 months along that went well than it can back when he was 7 months old had surgry agian but now he is almost 2 and 1/2 and i am having lots of pain in the same area. This really sucks. So i'm probley going to have surgry again and i'm hoping it is the last. The surgry is so much pain but not as much as i am in now. The pain comes and goes.any one know why i have to have this so many times?
I had my hernia as a baby, it was huge but didnt hurt and partially healed on its own. It was always tender though. Woke up one morning with my entire abdomen hurting, ribs, stomach was sore. The time it took to get from the bed to the bathroom brought on severe nauseau and fever. the first doctor i went to actually asked me if i was sure my naval hurt even after i explained it had always been sore to the touch. Second opinion and the ultrasound showed i had a small hernia and the pain was from strangulation. 2 mths later it still hurts so bad sometimes i cant breathe properly from bad posture. there is pressure in my abdomen thats really uncomfortable and it hurts to use the bathroom for any reason. if i eat till im full not bursting, just full i cant stand up straight it hurts so bad. the constant pain can be very debilitating even mentally. im at work and doing things i dont remember doing, or forgetting things i wouldnt usually. My personality has changes im not as peppy as i usually am. anyone out there going throught the same thing you are not alone, there are many of us. getting my surgery soon and i hope i dont have another horror story to add. post later on how it went. best of recovery to all who had the procedure.
I had umbillican hernia repair surgery last Friday. Today, wednesday before Thanksgiving, I am doing very well. No mesh was needed since my hernia opening was small, but there was lots of abdominal tissue that had to be put back into place that had gone through the hole. About a 4 inch incision under the b button. IV sedation, no general was needed so that helps with recovery. You can request IV sedation with no problems, you dont have to have general anestesia. Took vicoden for the first 3 days but only the minimal amount. Had bowel movement the third day with ease. Stool softener taken only the first two days.

To prepare for any surgery or any stay in the hospital, a very good probiotic should be taken. I have been taking them daily for 2 yrs, but because of surgery, I started taking a very strong probiotic about 2 weeks prior and will continue with the stronger dose for another 6 weeks, then go back to my normal probiotic that I was on previously.

Ask your surgeon questions before surgery. Get the name of a surgeon from people you know who have had any kind of surgery and see that one if you are not comfortable with the one you have. They work for you, you dont work for them. In wellness to all.
I had my surgery just 4 days ago and I and extremly sore and swollen, was told it will take a week or two for the swelling to go down. I have high hopes that it will heal well and I'll have little trouble with it. Glad luck to those of you that are having it done.
I am a 40 year old single mom of 3 teenagers. I had all 3 by C-section. I have been cleaning houses for 12 years, on my own to support us. I clean about 10 houses per week. How long can I plan on not working? Also, when can I start driving?
Where do I go, who do I see for a third unbilical hernia repair!!?? I don't want to go through what I went through the first two times!! It's bigger now than it was the first two times. How do you take care of these.

Any suggestions?
I had hernia surgery October 2010. incision all the way down stomach. 42 staples. I had two drain tubes inserted during surgery and since surgery , I have had two tubes inserted again. Had 2 liters of fluid drained in hospital & 1 liter drained in surgeons The fluid keeps coming back. It feels heavy as a bowing ball and I look like I am 6 months pregnant. I am 43 yrs. of age. This is causing me a lot of problems. Weakness when walking, shortness of breath, lower back hurting. My doctor does not want to do anymore draining because he is afraid an getting an infection. He says the fluid will go away.My stomach is now back to normal and and now back at home with my family Thanks to God for a successful operation,my advice to people with similar problems,Seek medical help asap go to A & E wear a adominal back for support of the hernia,regular dressing to prevent infection,ask your doctor for Tramadol capsules for mild pain or Diclofenac for severe pain morphine is very effection for pain immediately after surgery after about two oe three days your bowel movement would be working well if you still have problem ask your doctor for lasatex syrup take it with at one cup full of water this would make you open your bowels if you have a hard stomach,offensive smell,dizzy, feverish loss of appetite,neuasea pains these are all signs of infections see your Doctor asap.
I am having an umblical herenia for the past over 12 years. This has not caused me any

major problems so far. I am now 62. I am diabetic. Do you suggest I need to undergo

surgery. The sonography shows free movement.
My 45 year old brother was diagnosed with an Umbilcal Hernia Was told surgery was elective and if he lost 50 lbs. w/o surgery it would go away. I do not know when this diagnosis took place .however the protrusion is the size of a tennis ball .He is afraid of surgery,has minimal medical insurance ,limited financial resources as well as poor judgement and communication skils.Does doing nothing make sense? I wonder if his health is being compromised.Your comments would be appreciated thank you
I had gallbladder surgery in Aug 2009, and this little bump appeared in my belly button in about April 2010. My family doc wasn't able to see the hernia at the time, but when I came back for my annual exam in Sept, I showed it to her again - and she was able to see it. She sent me to the surgeon for a consult at Scripps Hospital (San Diego). The surgeon told me that there is a less than 1% chance of the hernia becoming incarcerated or strangulated. She told me that I could continue with my NORMAL activities with no restraints.

I am 50 and obese, and have negative vacation time at work due to neck surgery this past I decided to postpone the surgery to a time when I can afford to take some time off work. It is considered ELECTIVE surgery unless the hernia has become strangulated (you won't be able to push the tissues back through the hole, and the area is red and painful, etc). Then it becomes EMERGENCY surgery.

There is no way to fix it other than surgery unless you're an infant (in which case it should close on its own).

Hope that helps!
It's very helpful especially for me who have umbilical hernia. It is very informant,but whatwill happen if i will not repair it? thanks
i have a umbilical hernia.i have been having serious problem wen i try to rest. it is above the area and feels like a form of indigestion.i also seem to be this related to posssible complications of the hernia
My brother has an umbilical hernia.He is having surgery soon.He is very obese and has sleep apnea.I am worried.How safe is it for someone like him?
I just found out that I have a herniated belly button ever since I gave birth in November 2007. It doesn't really bother me. I feel it once in a while when I bend down or move a certain way. I just really don't like the way it looks. I'm young and I'm thinking about having another baby too. So, what should I do? I know I have been told it might not be necessary for surgery to be done but how would the doctor know by just looking at it? Can the hernia get worse if/when I become pregnant again? Don't know what to do (need some advice). I just been reading all the comments and alot of them seem to be negative and I'm iffy's about having it done now but I really hate the way it looks.
I am a father of three. I am 46 years old, and will be having my surgery for umbilical Hernia in about six hours. I am afrid of the possibility for complications. I have never had any type of surgery before. My pain have been off and on. However for the past one week, I have not felt any pain. Few hours to the surgery, I am questioning my wisdom to go through with this surgery. I am worried about my three kids and wife should any complication arise. I am the only bread winner in my family. I cannot afford not to be back to work by next week. Please pray for me everyone.
i got mine done , its now 7weeks . i had gastric bypass 2. i wat 2 now wen i can do exercise. and go back ta work i am a cook and cleaner. thanks
I developed an umbilical hernia after having my first child. I have gone to a clinic with concern about the appearance..I was advised to lay on my back and while the physician pressed the contents back in..this was a very painful process. Afterward, the 'outtir belly button appearance was gone. I was instructed to follow that same process at home if the contents slip/ poke out again. That was about four months ago. I have since been having painful abdominal along my sadepressure at the site of my belly button
often becomes very itchy. I feel pain when I am" full", so I have to stop eating befor I am satisfied. Is that common practice? What opportunities might I consider?
Hi All,

I’m a 28 year old mother of two. While I was in the hospital recovering from having my second child I experienced extreme discomfort when I would get up to use the restroom. It felt like my insides were falling out. I would have excruciating pain when I coughed (I had a cold at the time). The nurse gave me a binder to help with the discomfort. I thought this was just a part of recovering from childbirth, but after almost two months of still wearing the binder I knew something was wrong. When I took the binder off while dressing it felt like a tugging sensation in my abdominal area, and my stomach sagged and looked baggy and wrinkly. I also had pain when passing a bowel movement. I decided to ask my OBGYN about it when I swore I could see my intestines bulging through my skin when I laid back after eating.

My OBGYN was able to press his hand through my stomach to feel my aortic valve and spine. He told me I had the largest hernia he’d ever seen and immediately recommended a surgeon for repair. I got several opinions and all of them were disturbing.

The OBGYN said…. The hernia will not repair on its own, and looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about exercises to strengthen the abdominal walls in place of surgery. Exercising would only increase the size of the hernia. Not fixing the hernia immediately would mean being at risk for injury if I suffer a blow to the abdominal area.

The recommended surgeon said: He’d never seen, much less operated on a hernia so large (he actually looked shocked when he measured my hernia). And said I had a 50/50 chance of the hernia re-occurring if I had another child.

My PCP said: That because the hernia was so large it wasn’t something I should worry about getting fixed immediately. Complications arise when the size of the hernia is small and strangulation occurs… in his words, “you could just wear a girdle until you decide to get it fixed”… and when my bowel’s sag out I could just “push them back in and keep movin’”… His words disturbed me most of all….I shouldn’t have to “tuck” any part of me in! I thought he was joking, but he didn’t laugh…

The urgent care physician said… My main concern is strangulation. He ticked off all the warning signs (bloody stool, extreme pain, vomiting…) and said the most logical thing. Though I’m not feeling pain, there’s still a risk. My body’s not functioning normally. Why should I have to live my life not functioning normally when I have a chance to live better?

The surgeon I chose said… there’s a chance of reoccurrence if I do have another child, much lower than 50/50, but that’s something I’d have to decide for myself. I asked about my sagging skin and he said he’d only cut as much as necessary to fix the hernia. He’s not a plastic surgeon, so he wasn’t going to make my tummy look like a model’s. Exercise should fix it. (see next post for part 2)
PART 2: After the surgery the pain was excruciating! It felt like a gang of thugs took turns kicking me in the stomach. I was on heavy drugs that didn’t help, and I couldn’t breast feed or even hold my newborn because of the drugs and my painful state. I was told never to lift anything over 15 lbs again. I walked hunched over like an old woman for many weeks (4-6).

The surgeon used mesh and staples to close the surgical wound. He cut from the top of my pelvic bone to my belly button and I believe he actually removed my real belly button and reconstructed another one using some other part of my stomach (my new belly button is larger and higher than my old one, and the sensation it has doesn’t feel the same…if that makes sense). I think he did a shoddy job stapling me because there were parts where the skin didn’t properly line up (I could see the under layer of my epidermis). I was worried because a couple of the staples fell out a couple of days after the surgery and the state of the cut, but the surgeon was nonchalant about it.

It’s been a year and a few months since the surgery and my stomach still looks pouchy (I think he didn’t take enough skin), and I have an obvious scar that kind of folds in and the extra skin bulges out on either side (think of the way a peach looks), and it’s not going down with exercise! My concern is if the surgeon did such a horrible job on the outside, what did he do on the inside? My blessing is that I’m no longer in pain. I feel “normal” despite my looks. My suggestions to those with hernias are as follows:

1. Get it fixed sooner rather than later. I probably had a small hernia after my first child (I believe the pain I felt with both pregnancies was my hernia enlarging). My second pregnancy made it massive. If you wait, over time it will get larger.
2. Loose as much weight as possible; STAY FIT and DON’T OVEREAT. If you are overweight or over eat, that pressure will only push on your hernia and make it worse and you’ll be in for complications
3. Be sure to find a GOOD surgeon. Check for accreditations, and possibly go to a surgeon at a university hospital. Universities are into the latest and greatest and have an interest in doing a good job besides being in it for the money. They want prestige. Make sure they have lots of experience with hernia surgeries.
4. Know your rights. After my surgery, they insisted I should go home to recover immediately after I woke up (I couldn’t even walk). After reading medical articles online, the extent of my surgery should have called for at least an overnight stay.
5. Tell your surgeon the type of belly button you want. I had always been an innie my entire life up until my second pregnancy. My second pregnancy pushed so much it gave me a permanent outie. I didn’t tell the surgeon, so he assumed I was always an outie and reconstructed a poor excuse for an outie belly button!
I am 35 yrs. old and have an umbilical hernia after the birth of my 1 year old daughter. I have no other children. I got it about halfway through my pregnancy. I have waited for a year after having her to see if it would go down. It has not. I've been contimplating on having the surgery to have this fixed but have been reading so many of these sad and depressing stories about everyone's surgery. I really started thinking I should just suck it up and not worry about it unless it starts giving pain.
Dan... I just read your post and for the 1st time, breathed a breath of relief and am now going to look further in to getting this done. Thanks for you post. :)
I had umbilical hernia surgery about 3wks ago. My procedure was done without the use of mesh and only required a few stitches to sew my insides up. My doc contributed this to the fact that I jumped on it early, therefore catching the hole while it was still small. Thank GOD I didn't read these pages before making my decision because I probably would have opted out after reading all these ut it off if I had read all these horror stories. Although I had some discomforts, I would say my experience wasn't as dire. I experienced soreness for about 1 1/2 days, but that is much expected when you know you're about to be cut on. I never took any of the pain pills because I researched beforehand that they are a big contributor to post-op constipation. But still after straying away from them I still suffered with constipation because it took me a whole week to have a bowel movement. If there is one thing to complain about it would be the miraculous amount of gas pains. I had never experienced gas like that before in my life. Again, it was something that I researched beforehand so I decided to tough it out. Well I can say that on day three things were moving so fast that I was out driving and walking around the grocery store with my wife. During my 2wks follow-up, my doc related my fast healing to the high fiber diet he suggested and my moving around. He still warned me to take it easy because the body heals faster on the outside than it does internally. I must admit that I worry about reaccurance when I return to work, being that my job requires a lot of heavy lifting. But other than that, I would endorse the surgery for those that's on the fence because you would rather take care of it before it gets worse.
My son is almost 2 months old and he has an umbelical hernia,that's the size of a quarter and buldges out when he cries,and also makes a gooshy noise when goes in and out . Is this bad? Is there anything that I can do to fix it? He doesn't seem to be in any pain he's quite comfortable with it
Had a large incarcerated umbilical hernia operation in jan 2010 have a 10 inch scar had three heamatomas drained since . Surgeon operated again in sept to try to ease pain lots of scar tissue and cloudy halo had appeared around latest heamatoma. Surgery not successful another heamatoma still in pain sitting, standing ,kneling ,bending and still not sleeping
I'm 36 year old man with a 1.5 inch umbilical hurnia. I have never had an operation before and i am terrified of needles scalples and stiches. My hurnia recently got bigger when i lifted a big water jug on to my shoulder (bringing in the groceries). So i took my wifes advice and went to the Shouldice walk in clinic (north of toronto). Their doctor took a look at my belly button and said my hurnia would be very easy to fix and probably only take half an hour. He also told me to lose about fifteen pounds before the surgery as it make the proceedure and the recovery easier. So now i on a diet and awaiting surgery on april 15 2011. I must say that after reading these articles my fear went from bad to worse, but im still going through with it because i'd rather deal with it now when its small than wait until it turns green and is the size of a melon. My father had his inguinal hurnia repaired at the Souldice Hospital and said I have nothing to worry about, they are the best at what they do and thats all they do. He said all he felt during the repair was some slight tugging and pulling (because your awake for the repair, but good drugs make you not care). Ofcorse it will be tender and bruised after being cut and stiched, but nothing get worried about. I will re-post on this wall after surgery to report my findings and experience for all the other fraidy cats like me out there.
what is the best procedure for a 57 year old man. can the doctor know what what kind of surgery you need just by looking at you without x-rays.
I had an operation last April in spain to remove my Gailbladder and 17 staples later (keyhole ) my belly button went all infected, red and pussy any way when the surgen took the staples out parts of the scare was still open and he told me to keep it clean and wash it with neat Betnovine, One month later I return to live in UK evantually it healed but a few months later I noticed my belly swelling and it felt like a football inside me eventually got appointment to see the GP in england yep Hernia caused by my operation in spain should never have used staples on a belly button as cannot grip all the layers (my GP was a surgen before changing) I am seeing a surgen next week, but no-one is touching that belly button again.
I have a lot of disconfort, bloating and pain hurts to cough, I have been constipated, my belly button is so hard and uncomfortable I just want it sorted as I cannot do all my exercise and fast walking is getting boring and its ruining my plans.
While pregnant with my daughter I developed an umbilical hernia. I had my daughter when I was 16, almost 17 and I am 18 now so I have had it almost 2 years. It hardly ever painful unless direct pressure is put on it or unless I eat too much and it bulges out.. but it can always be pushed back in. It's pretty small, about the size of a marble, maybe a little bigger. And it doesnt seem to be getting larger in size. Should I be worried? Should I get the surgery?

PS. When I went to the doctor, she basically told me an umbilical hernia is just an outtie belly button and it's not a big deal and then referred me to a surgeon.. however after reading everyones comments on here, I have become pretty worried.
While pregnant with my daughter I developed an umbilical hernia. I had my daughter when I was 16, almost 17 and I am 18 now so I have had it almost 2 years. It hardly ever painful unless direct pressure is put on it or unless I eat too much and it bulges out.. but it can always be pushed back in. It's pretty small, about the size of a marble, maybe a little bigger. And it doesnt seem to be getting larger in size. Should I be worried? Should I get the surgery?

PS. When I went to the doctor, she basically told me an umbilical hernia is just an outtie belly button and it's not a big deal and then referred me to a surgeon.. however after reading everyones comments on here, I have become pretty worried.
I had an umbilical surgery may 2010 and I got pregnant in june ,it is now two weeks since my delivery and i am having pain around the area and my lower abdomen,even more painful when i am passing stool, i am also having some unexplainable feelings in my belly like a fainting feeling especially when falling a sleep, i went to the doctor but she said its because i just had the baby and my body needs time to heal, but i'm not satisfied with that since i know that i've had these symtoms before i did the surgery, i need a second opinion please can you help me?
@ Marty. Yes Marty I am in the exact same boat as you. Can you ask your dad that as far as the proceedure goes did the doctors have to give him a spinal tap in order for him to get numb?
And yes I am horrified of needles myself. So please keep me posted on the outcome of your surgery and be 100% honest about it.
@ Chauncey. Hey nice to know im not alone. No they dont give you a spinal tap at Shouldice Hospital. They give you a local anesthtic(a series of small needle pricks in the area they are going to cut to numb the skin and hopefully feel nothing). They also give you what they call a sleeping pill, but my dad calls them some good drugs. He said after you take the pill, you dont care what the doctors are doing, your on cloud nine. Then, before you know it they walk you off the table and back to your room to sleep for about four hours. The next day the doctor comes back to remove half of the staples from your wound(Yes i said staples) and the third day he removes the rest. Im not looking forward to that part, but they say staples are supposed to heal better. Now this is only the case if your going to shouldice hospital north of toronto. If your having it done at a regular hospital its day surgury. They knock you completley out via IV, do the job and you wake up in your bed with either stiches, staples or steri strips(tape). My operation is in two weeks and im defacating kittens right now, so if i pull through this mutalation, I'll post here how it went.
is it possible for a repaired hernia done 7 months ago to re-occurr?
How long is repair time for a 31 yr old fit tradesman?
Well i had my surgury on Friday april 15 and let me tell you make the f sure they knock you out for it. They told me "ahh you wont feel a thing". Well thankfully i didn't feel the knife cut me and the freezing needles weren't even that bad but it felt like the surgon was purple nurpleing my gut for half an hour. Finally at the end they gave me somthing else in an iv that made me drift in and out of conciesness. Sorry about all the spelling mistakes, on tylenol 3 right now. I got back from Shouldice today and im still glad i went there than a hospital because they do a superior repair that they pretty much garantee to never re-occur. However the actual surgery was not pain free nor do i wish to repeat it, but i am glad its done. There is quite a bit of bruising but the cut is really healing fast and boy do they look after you there. Its like a fancy hotel with awesome food and everyone is in the same boat. Its fairly expensive @ $190 per night now with a minimum of three night stay, because they have to take clips(not staples)out. Half the day after and the rest the third day. All in all no surgery is fun and im sure you still hurt from the hospitals repair because my friend from work had his done there and said he is hurting like a bitch, so why not get the better fix at shouldice if its gonna hurt anyway. Like i said just make sure they knock your ass out, and dont take no for an answer. Marty V over and out!
I am due to have my hernia operation done in a weeks time. I have 2 children aged 4 and 1. I developed my hernia afetr my second child was born.
I hope the recovery time will be short, as my little girl is starting to walk and she just wont sit still.
Good luck to all who are due to be operated on.
Well I had my umbilical hernia for over 11 months from over lifting at the gym I am rather healthy 33 years old smoke like a few cigarettes a day and I was always scared to get it fixed since I read too much on the Internet and read every comment on this page. Well I had open surgery yesterday with mesh and this is day two I had some discomfort but now I am feeling a little better I think I'll be fine. I just wish I didn't read all these articles about this. If your scared of the surgery get it over with I saw a doc last week and I had surgery in less then a week. Don't put it off or the horror story can be you.
I will keep you posted how my recovery goes
I got a bellybutton hernia after having my first child. He is now 2yrs old..I thought exercising would fix it but it didn't. I am now 6wks pregnant with our 2nd child. I want to know will my herniated belly button be a health risk to me or my unborn baby? Would I have to get it fixed soon before my baby is born? Or is it something that can wait after my baby's birth?
had a colostomy reversal and not this lump called a hernia! thought my problems were over!
I have a small peri-umbilical hernia that I have ben advised to have surgery for. I am certain that this can be done under local anaesthetic which is what I want but my local surgeon will not do this. How can I find an NHS surgeon willing to perform this with local anaesthetic somewhere in the UK as I am prepared to travel alomost anywhere.




i am 22 and i got surgery for a umbelical hernia of last year and well recently i am going for my second operation how long do i have to take for my wound to fully recover and go back to work?
I just had the procedure and am post operation by 3 days. I am a 44 year old male. The first day after surgery I returned to work for 4 hours. I do not suggest doing this. I am currently paying the price. My belly button feels like it is on fire. I have no redness or swelling and no sign of infection. I just think I expected too much too fast. My surgery was traditional (no mesh). I am taking 1 to 1.5, 7.5/500 Opiate pain tablets every 2 to 4 hours and resting on my back. This of course helps. Getting up and down can be a challenge and assistance is sometimes needed. Also, don't wear a belt or dress pants. Sweatpants and a loose shirt are best. Keep all pressure away from the surgical site. My dressing post op. was white in the navel with a clear plastic sterile & sealed bandage about 5 inches square. After my 4 hour mistake, it turned red with blood, but did not leak. I am also taking Keflex as a preventative measure as prescribed by my doctor. Expect constipation, as pushing for a bowl movement is painful at the surgical site. Ex-lax and stool softeners do not aid, nor does the Opiate pain medication in making a bowl movement. Limit your food intake as this along with the lack of making a stool has distended my stomach a bit, adding to the discomfort. I would expect at least 5 days bed rest would be the best. I hope this helps, don't hesitate to email me with questions. BfD
I had surgery mid-day on Thursday (the 28th) and am having problems with digestion. My hernia was small -- maybe a centimeter in length and barely visible. I have no pain at the incision site but have cramps and can't go to the bathroom without the help of powerful laxitives. My cramps aren't severe but are quite uncomfortable. My belly is extended. It's normally flat, and it's now rounded and particularly puffy around my belly button. There's no redness. I haven't taken any pain medication since Friday due to the side effect of constipation. I have full energy (too much to possibly sit) and have been doing my normal activities minus workouts. I walked yesterday in the hopes of helping digestion -- no luck. How long should I these complications with digestion? At what point are they a concern?
I had this hernia surgery over two weeks ago and its pissing and I'm wondering if I should go to the Doctor or not.
Question-had successful umbilical hernia surgery over a year ago. After about 2 weeks post op my lower back muscles began hurting after I would go to bed. After a year now I still wake up after only a few hours in the worst pain ever. To describe it would be upon waking up it's like Charlie horse cramps at the bottom of my ribs. After a hot shower, pain meds and stretching My muscles are very tight like you would get after a cramp in your hamstring or calf. doctor visits, chiropractor visits, muscle relaxer...nothing helps. I'm on the edge of a breakdown as I'm mentally physically exhausted from the pain and lack of sleep. Need help.
I had the open umbilical hernia repair procedure done on Friday Sept 23, it has now been 4 days since the surgery. The hernia developer while pregnant with my now 13 month old daughter.
I have more pain control with ibuprophen than with the 5/325 percocet, but find that I have a very large belly afterwards ( I look pregnant again) and ice packs seem to help with the discomfort. After reading a few other comments on here, I think I will refrain from any pain meds starting tomorrow morning, as I have had digestive issues and eating prunes, raisins, fiber cereals have not assisted at all with producing bowel movements. At what point should I be concerned that I eat and produce nothing. No urges to try o even say I'm constipated and cannot, since the need to even try has not presented itself as of yet.
Was anyone else placed on lifting restrictions? I was told no more than 10 lbs for 6 weeks, yet the Dr said I can lift my daughter on a limited basis, and the nurses said absolutely not. (She weighs 22 lbs ) ...who do I listen to? Lol
I've also been staying at my mothers since surgery to have help with my. daughter, but I firmly believe id get more rest at home! (I'm a single parent )
I had laparoscopic hernia repair on 9/30/2011. I am recovering from a horrible time in the hospital. I believe I had respiratory problems, anesthia problems. A one hour procedure turned into a two day hospital stay and the docotr acted like it never happened. Today, the hernia looked like it was coming back. I regret having this surgery. If you are planning this surgery, consider traditional surgery, get help, know that you will have to wear a binder for 6 weeks to keep the mesh down and avoid fluid from builing up in the area. Remember if it is in your abdominal area, know that it will be very uncomfortable. I will be looking for this surgery to be re-done. I know now that I do not want the mesh.
i had lap unbilical hernia done,spent three days in hospital the pain is so servere on pain killers every four hours,if you are considering this operation please have someone with you for a least a week to help you can not do anything the pain is so bad ,i have never felt pain like this,it is day 6 and are still in so much pain the swelling of stomach makes you lose your appertite and i just sit or lye down to ease pain i thought this would be so much easier can not see me getting better for weeks i hope you go into this opperation knowing what your in for i told the doctor i did not want to know bad mistake,cant wait to be out of pain,the only good thing my belly button looks great the question is was it worth it i will answer that in a couple of weeks!
I have a hernia lower down my private part it have been come off and on for about 5 yr now but since I married it always come off and off paing me but the doctor said is hernia but other doctor said is vein due to open space if my blody that bring out the vein .

What should I do about this now .I am confused the most important thing is that I always have strong shit, always finding difficult to toilet ,due to my toilet is very strong so when every and going for toilet ,the pain will come out big at my private part.
Just because I'm slim and over 50 doctor thinks is normal to have a large belly. He pushed the umbilical hernia back in, but so much pain. He says too small to do anything with. Just left to suffer in pain then...I wish I was the american here in UK who got immediate attention...but hence, I'm not I'm just a british citizen through and through with british great, great, great grandparents, fighting with the doctor to help the pain... foreigners are so lucky here in UK...they get it all for sure.
After a Davinci radical prostatectomy (2years ago) a small hernia developed in the belly button area (this is where an incision is made to actually remove the prostate after it is cut from the urethra). After the removal this incision is closed only in my case it was not successfully repaired. The protrusion first showed up within 6-9 months and was not too noticeable two years later it is much more pronounced although there is no pain or discomfort. My question is: what are the criteria for waiting to schedule repair. I am not anxious to be "laid up" again for several weeks and my urologic surgeon has been pretty "cavalier" about what caused this damage.
I just had my umbilical surgery on Nov 16th and I have to say, my surgeon prepared me well for everything to expect. I will have to say that the pain is way less than I thought it would be. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being almost none to 10 being unbearable, I am between 1-2. This was a day surgery in at about 6:30am and home by 3pm same day. I was sent home with a pump via catheter into my abdomen that delivered a steady stream of novocaine. This made a HUGE difference as I did not need a narcotic pain releiver. This pump remained in for the first 72 hours and I had a belly wrap (a large piece of stretchy material that wrapped around my abdoment and was secured via velcro tabs). They did send me home with a prescription for a narcotic pain reliever and it is filled, but it has only been taken a few times - more to sleep than anything else. But following the exact directions the doc/nurse gave me has resulted in feeling 10 times better than I thought I would. I had a laproscopic procedure, so my incisions are small and only covered with sterry strips, so far so good. I have been able to move around my house,shower and am responding well. I just wanted to share as this has been a positive result. My hernia ended up being larger than expected, so it was important that I get it done sooner rather than later. Please just make sure you ask your surgeon and nurses every question you can think of - it made a huge difference for me as there were no surprises. May those of you who are still experiencing pain begin to get relief and get better quickly. For those of you about to have the surgery - remember that everyone responds differently to surgery and you are your best advocate when it comes to making sure your doctor works WITH you. Best to all.
AFTER my 2nd baby, i do got umblical hernia,
my cousin is ayurvedic doctor and she recommended me aanttr vridhivatika and the waiste belt..n asked me to avoid constipation at any cost.i dnt know about tommorow.but for today,i had my ultra sound..its size is less than wat it was friends.u can also try ayurveda.
Alisa Green
I had emergency surgery March 2011 for an incarcerated umbilical hernia. I spent 4 days in the hospital. I was very sick. A few months later an area at my naval got bigger and it now looks like i'm pregnant. It has a little bit of a blue color and I've had cramps tonight. My doctor that did my surgery won't do surgery because I still owe my bill; because I didn't have insurance. Am I n danger over this?
I am a 47 yr old man and am about to have my third umbilical hernia repair. The first one was in the naval center. A few years later I developed another above the naval. Both repairs were done without any complications and I have a great surgeon. Not that I was extremely over weight but wanted to drop 30lbs. When I started loosing the weight another hernia appeared on the side of my naval. The first was repaired using stiches and the second with mesh. I believe mesh will be used again and I will be glad when this is repaired this Jan 20th. Again the same surgeon is doing the repair and I feel confident this will be the last. Guys and gals it's not a big deal. Very common and worth having done.
Just had double herina repaired, one 2" above belly button and another around belly button. Done laproscopicly, same piece of mesh covering both defects. I am 40 year old male with a beer belly, pain and half a golf ball sized swelling that i could push back in, really bothered me towards the end of the day. After surgery 6 holes all around, felt like i got punched in the stomach hard. Can not get in or out of bed by myself 5 days later. Did not poop for 4 days. Only walking around like zombie helped traped gas pains. Getting better every day. At this rate i think i should be able to work as a repair man in 3 weeks.
Hi I am 31 year old female and just had umbilical surgery on January 18,2012. To tell you the truth it hurt like hell for the first 4 days I was useless. I couldnt hardly walk and having a bowl movement took like 3 days. The surgery was a Lap which I had 7 little hole all around my belly. I felt so gassy all the time trying to make myself pass gas was difficult. I only used the percocet pills for the first 2 days and I was done with that I didnt like how I felt. The doctor also gave me Toradol which was good for the pain. Also I thought I had one defect and they found 3 one big one like the size of a penny and the other were very small. They did place a mesh over all three. Now over a week I notice above my navel it still looks like I have a bulging hernia when I stand up but when I lay down it goes away it feels like I have a peice of fat floating. The worst pain out of all was my belly felt like a million pounds the first 3 days after surgery. Now I can have bowl movements and still feel a lil gassy, but everyday is a new progress for me.
I have to say, after reading the comments on this page I was extremely nervous about getting my umbilical hernia repaired. In the pre-op room, my blood pressure and heart rate were abnormally high I think from anxiety. I'm 28, had the surgery about 6 hours ago, and am in no pain except while sitting up and down. I've been walking around and even got in some study time for school.

I was only prescribed Ibuprofen (800mg) and it seems to be doing the trick. From what I have read above, it sounds like the difference in a lot of people's experience is the surgeon and hospital they were treated at. I guess I was lucky to have a great surgeon who was rated one of the best in the country for the procedures for several years in a row. He was able to do a smaller incision than he anticipated and no mesh was required!

Maybe I just lucked out, but I thought maybe I could provide some relief to those who are as worried about the procedure as I was from reading all of these comments. PLEASE research your surgeon and the facility he/she works in before getting any operation done!!
Josh (again)
Oh and I drank some milk of magnesia and ate some prunes, so hopefully there is no terrible constipation/gas in my future *fingers crossed*!
Is it normal to still have a bulge one week after umbilical hernia surgery?
I had umbilical hernia repair about two weeks ago and I have to care for my 22 pound son. I had help for the first few days, but now I'm on my own. Is this harmful?
I just had the mesh umbilical surgery two weeks ago, mine is still swelled up enough to see through a shirt. Met with the surgeon this week for follow up, he said that is normal and your body will absorb the fluid in time and it will go down. Bummer part for me is he said no full swing golf for two more weeks :( For those who worry about contsipation after surgery, you should because that is how I got this hernia. Be Sure to use Stool softner after your surgery!! I had prior colon surgery and the pain meds are terrible and would get" very backed up" and the straining caused the umbilical hernia. Good luck and hope this helps someone.
I've had a small (about 1 cent) umbilical hernia for a few months now. It doesn't hurt much, but I notice it bulge when I cough, laugh, or workout. It almost bothers me more that it's in a grey area for treatment. I could have it fixed, and it would probably be fixed easier since it's not serious. But on the whole it doesn't bother me and all surgery is risky. Grrr. I don't want to wait for it to get bad, but sometimes they never do! Still undecided on a repair...

Any suggestions?
I've had a small (about 1 cent) umbilical hernia for a few months now. It doesn't hurt much, but I notice it bulge when I cough, laugh, or workout. It almost bothers me more that it's in a grey area for treatment. I could have it fixed, and it would probably be fixed easier since it's not serious. But on the whole it doesn't bother me and all surgery is risky. Grrr. I don't want to wait for it to get bad, but sometimes they never do! Still undecided on a repair...

Any suggestions?
I've had a small (about 1 cent) umbilical hernia for a few months now. It doesn't hurt much, but I notice it bulge when I cough, laugh, or workout. It almost bothers me more that it's in a grey area for treatment. I could have it fixed, and it would probably be fixed easier since it's not serious. But on the whole it doesn't bother me and all surgery is risky. Grrr. I don't want to wait for it to get bad, but sometimes they never do! Still undecided on a repair...

Any suggestions?
I'm sixty and developed a bulging belly button AKA hernia. Do you think it could be brought on by doing 75 crunches a day for the past 5 years?
I am 6 days post-op from my umbilical hernia. (like a lot of others i had problems with constapation from narcotics but dulcolax and prune juice cleared that up.) My biggest problem is the drainage from my belly button. my surgeon told me it is a good sign, as long as it is clear or pinkish tint. I am back at work and go through 3 shirts in an 8 hour day, and thats changing my dressings every couple hours. Does anyone have an idea about how long the drainage will last? my surgeon won't give me a straight answer. And I am sick of the embarrasment and having to change my shirts all the time.
Freddie Carlton
I am looking for good Doctor, i mean one with good experince for doing Hernia surgery. I live in St Clair shores Michigan. Need to take care of this after having it so long no symptoms of problems but just sick of looking at it. Just dont have any information or doctor for this type of procedure any feedback will be helpful. Thank you
i have a very large umbilical hernia. went to see surgeon a few years ago and he would not operate on me. this basket ball size growth is now very painful. if i touch the swollen area the pain is unreal. i coughed two days ago and it felt like more tissue ripped open. now if i eat anything the pain becomes unbearable. can only drink fluids and this is not good as i am type 2 diabetic..i have orthopedic surgery on july 6 and do not want to mess that up as it is total knee replacement surgery gone wrong and am in a wheel chair because i can not walk now. i am frightened right now and do not know what to do. one option is not to eat. oh yeah i can put my hand on my belly button area after i eat something and can feel food being pushed through my stomach and small bowel. can anyone o
ut there tell me what to do next. SIGNED big overweight looks like i am nine months pregnant.
I was just told that I have a umbilical hernia, and diverticalitis and also I have irritable bowel. Iwas having horrible pains in my lower left side. I don't have any protruding belly button. It really hurts when I lean over and stretch. Can any one tell my if that's a symptom of the hernia. My doctor didn't tell me what to do about it. Any advice would really help.
I am a 30 yr old woman who had my hernia surgery done 6 weeks ago. I awoke from the procedure in an extreme amount of pain, and continued to stay in pain for about 3 weeks. Slowly I started feeling better but for the last three days the pain has returned. I can't sleep, it hurt's to cough, bend, move, sit, lie down, anything. My surgeon told me some people just have more pain than others and there was nothing that could be done at this time because I am technically still in recovery. I wish I would have never had this done. They won't give me anything for the pain now but instead told me to take Tylenol, which is useless. This pain is in my left side and almost feels as if someone is stabbing me, it also is to the right of my belly button and that pain feels like a tugging pulling sensation. I just wonder if it ever will go away, my surgeon said I should be thankful they used dissolving tacks on the inside because people who have my pain after surgery with the regular tacks have pain forever. I don't know what to do.
my husband had a small umblical hernia repair done surgery went well he's using only tylenol for slight discomfort he has 8 staples on his belly He wants to golf 9 days after surgery still will have the staples in Is that safe??
I had a umblical hernia in 2007, w/ my first child. I had the surgury a couple of months after I had my child. When I went in to have surgury I hadn't went down from have the my child. Now my belly sticks out like im 2-3months pregnant and hursts, my bowels are not normal and the dr says that it is normal.Im only 110 lbs, so just imagine how that looks. I've had another child since than and the dr states that it just strechted the mesh out, and there is nothing wrong w/ it. Someone please tell me is this normal a gurdle doens't even help hold it in.
I had surgury for a umbilical hernia 8 days ago. I am in a lot of pain now and bloated really bad. Having a lot of trouble getting my bowels to move even with the use of laxitave and stool softener. Go back to the doctor on Tuesday but I can't believe the pain that I am still having. I can understand being sore but not like this. Taking pain meds but they don't even seem to be helping. Was cut and had mesh implant. Should I still be having all this pain and bloating? Should I be worried and go a head and call my doctor or just wait to go to the follow that I have with him. How long does it take to start feeling better. Just not feeling like moving right now because it hurts. Any advice would be greatly apprecated. Thank you Candy
my baby is booked for umblical hernia surgary in 4months time and he will be 3yrs by then,pls do i go on with this even when their is no obvious pain or discomfort as a result of d hernia. can someone advise me pls. tanx
What are the complications that may occur after having umbilical hernia repair for an adult male? I have had two of the the internal sutures pop out into my belly button. Both were removed by the surgeon. I am experiencing a stabbing pain in the belly button area. Also, there is a foul smelling secretion in the belly button. Can someomeone tell me what might be happening?
sarita teotia
My sister's husband has this problem. His navel get infected for long time and yellow pus comes from this .would you like to halp me .send me doctors list of ncr for treatment .i m from india. Delhi.
Got 25 cent piece size one I'm 55, no pain no docs. My wife just calls it my Budda
I am 58 year old male weighing 215 ponds with a big belly. I had a large inguineal hernia repaires 5 years ago with a small umbilical hernia yust stitched together. Two years later the umbillical hernia came back and was repaired with mesh. About 3 months after the surgery I was in an uplanned situation of 3 short heavy lifts and there was pain afterwards and the lump never went down after the surgery and now it has been 1 1/2 years and it seems the recurring umbillical hernia is getting larger and the intestines popped out a bit and i pushed them back in. I talked to my old surgeon and he wants a lower abdomen ultrasound to know for sure. What should I do? How can i strenghthen these lower abdomen muscles. I have always been a very physical person and strong and these hernia complications are very confusing and disheartning.
If you can afford this, there is one hospital in Canada that specializes in hernia repair. It is Shouldice Hospital (very easy to search on). I am a 62 year old male in fairly good physical condition. In 1963, I had a left inguinal hernia performed there and never had any problem with it. I was 13 at the time and a farm boy performing heavy labour. At the ages 14, 15, 16 I also worked as a (16-year-old) labourer in the summer months with a construction crew, then came home at night and unloaded bales of hay. Recently, on October 26, 2012 I had a minor umbilical hernia repaired there and enjoyed my stay at the Shouldice Hospital in Toronto Ontario. In 1963, I shared a room with a used car salesman and an Amish youth, a horse breeder. Laughter after an inguinal hernia can be quite painful. My layman's advice about mesh is that it should be avoided when ever possible. It may be required in cases of a femoral hernia where proximity to the femoral vein/artery/nerve precludes the use of stitches. Again, I am very pleased with the outcome of my recent surgery and have the signs of a 1.75 inch incision above my navel. I now have an "insie" and not the slightly protruding "outsie" that existed before. Not ever a hen's egg or baseball-sized protuberance, it was just a source of some discomfort when lifting weights. Again "Shouldice" is the word. See what others say.
I had an umbilical hernia Nov. 1st, 2012. I'm on the 4th of day since I had surgery. I have a extreme swelling on both my legs, from my upperthighs all the way, down to my toes!Is this normal?
Mhay Maranan
Im mhay, i got diagnose having umbilical hernia 3yrs ago...I still have it until now coz I am not prepared for the operations due of some circumstances. I just want to ask, if i its ok for me to be pregnant eventhough i have this kind of illness?
karen walker
I had my naval hernia repaired almost 3 weeks ago . I had to take a trip to the ER and they did emergency surgery on me. I still have some discomfort , it does look a little red but I dont think that its infected. I clean it twice a day and I put an antibiotic ointment on it. Right above where they opened my belly button , it feels hard and is sore to touch but not extremly sore. its nothing like the pain that I had that took me to the ER in the firest place.Im just wondering how long will this area stay hard and why si it hard and a little sore to touch.
I am haveing my Gallblader and Umbilical Hernia Surgey on Monday At 7:AM. Doctor said that it well be ok, very little pain. I have a High Tolernce for pain. Anything I should know about befor Monday, Jan 21, 2013?

Thank You

Ed Werner
i am saddened to see so many surgeries gone sour. i am 4 weeks out after my umbilical hernia repair done with mesh insertion via incision. i judge results to be no worse than advertised. hydrocodone will complicate recovery so do use stool softener. don't want to be forcing anything so soon after. There are still palpable scar and/or mesh artifacts about the navel, but no pain, no other issues. i was shovelling some snow 8 days later. Doctor said 'if it hurts, don't push it. get active'. first 5 days are rough, tho. Doctor put lots of superglue on there, takes a couple of weeks to just slough off. no staples, no suture removal. i prefer to have procedures while i still heal well and quickly.
I have just had my surgery for umbilical hernia. I am now in extreme pain in every part of my body, accept my left leg, which seems to have fallen off. Is this normal ?
All these people made me not want to go get my umbilical hernia repaired. I have had mine for about 5 years now and have a lot of pain in and around my belly button. I am only 25 years old and you people talking about how much the surgery hurts has scared the living shit out of me . . . thanks for that.
Have been wrestling with an umbilical hernia for about 2 years now. Have had very few pain days which is why I am procrastinating. My Doc at UCLA says "have it done" better now then later. After reading the majority of these letters if it doesn't get any worse I think I will live with it. Wear a hernia umbilical belt and hope for the best. I am 82 years old.
Start by saying I'm 23 and 17 days post para umbilical operation. I live for Olympic lifting. I busted mine out doing a heavy 425lb squat that I had done a thousand times and kept working out because I thought my interior ab belt was sore. Wasn't just sore lol. Result of extreme and habitual inter abdominal pressure over time, eventually tearing the linea alba line of fascia above the umbilicus(weakest spot). A painful quarter size hard lump above my belly button, went from working out every day for years to no more. Firstly, realize that inguinal(groin) hernias are most common in males (common sports hernia). Of para umbilical hernias the majority are either found in babies or obese older females, so young males getting this is fairly uncommon as far as hernias go, especially exercise or lifting induced. Also realize that of all hernias para umbilical and umbilical hernias have the highest recurrence rate aside from incisional hernias. I've done a TON of research (more than all of my college essays ) and I've found that one in my demographic should opt for an open mesh repair. Open surgery basically makes it more accessible for the surgeon, just leaves a scar and is quicker and cheaper. Also the most significant info I found was that of over a dozen surgical studies over many years/countries concluded that mesh repair has the lowest recurrence rates; which is my main concern, busting it open again. Mesh does present complications such as increased infection rates and chance of body rejection, and finally adhesion, but is the strongest seal option, therefore for me the best option. Meshes are advancing too and are not quite the ones you see on lawyer commercials. Also Studies show to go with tension free repairs such as done with mesh. You see, if you go with just a primary suture or mayo suture (just stitch up the abs without mesh) this potentially creates tension in the fascia (area sewn up) or abdominal wall, which will likely create a greater chance of eventual recurrence. Many surgeons in India still perform these older methods. If you have the ability to go to Shouldice in Toronto (they only do hernias), they are world renown and don't use mesh, yet this was unrealistic for me. Surgeon said he found 2 para umbilical hernias in there, huh imagine that. Also be smart and research your surgeon, it does matter, there are good surgeons and ok surgeons and occasionally bad surgeons THIS IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW. I thought any surgeon would be appropriate but I learned it makes a difference through research. First 2 days post op are painful as hell, I was cursing in the hospital in front of my grandma which I'd never done lol and I'm alright with pain. Need help getting off the couch, just stay down. Went from deadlifting 500lbs to my grandma carrying my bookbag lol talk about Achilles heel. They only gave me 15 oxycodone, not enough and no prescription refill, BS. Didn't drop a deuce for 4 days and man was it a 'massive' relief. Think ahead, consume your fiber and stool softeners, I didn't. My brother made me laugh a few times and this was a TERRIBLE pain, man it hurt, the worst I encountered, thank God I didn't sneeze or have a cough. About 4 days and I was walking all over the place. 17 days post op and I still haven't done any training, bit of odd pain, and was told to wait about another month, GOIN NUTS and losing alot of muscle. Would be nice to find some rehab exercises, closest I found was rehab for DIASTISIS RECTI.
I had laparoscopic day surgery for my incarcerated umbilical hernia on 3/25/13. I had an awesome anesthesiologist; the last thing I remember before surgery was him pushing me to the elevators and him telling me I would be out in 30 seconds. I don't remember getting into my recovery room one hour later. I was definitely in pain upon wakening. I was prescribed Percocet 5/325 for pain and Colace for constipation. The nurse advised me of the pending gas pains from the CO2 they put into my abdominal cavity so the doctors can see my organs better. The gas pain was the worst pain I ever felt in my life, which went away after 5 days. Also, I was not able to help myself in and out of bed the first week. I was not able to stand up straight the first 2 1/2 weeks. I tried to go to work into the second week and that was a big mistake as you cannot drive and take the pain meds. So the doctor ended up prescribing me two more weeks off from work. In week three, I am definitely feeling better, but not 100%. My only concerns are continued pain and the area around my incisions feel hard, which the surgeon described as scar tissue that should go away in about a year. I had an "innie" before the hernia, and so far, it is still an "outtie."
richard f watson
i will be having my surgery on the 23rd of april 2013, will keep you all updated as to what happens, i am having the mess and large incisions, i have read all your comments, and your helpful hints to help me along, wish me well, i will need it !!!
I am a 62 yr old female. A bit overweight (178 lbs). I was diagnosed with a umbilical hernia about 2 years ago, & the surgeon wanted to do surgery then, but I don't have , & can't afford Ins., so I said as long as it don't hurt, I can just live with it.. But now it has slowly started to hurt (not severe, but maybe a 4 or 5). I feel bloated all the time, & I can't eat a lot all at once. I am just hoping that I can wait another two & half years, until I get on Medicare, & I also hope Medicare will cover it ?? I just pray that the pain don't get any worse..
Had my repair done on the 22nd of April, my surgeon told me it was a minor outpatient procedure. 4 small incisions and a few sutures to hold the mesh in place. I woke up to incredible pain, 8 incisions 1-3" all around my abdomen. Then I was given a picture showing the mesh held in place with 31 rivets. The surgeon never came in to speak with me after, and did not contact me the next day for my follow-up as he had promised. They gave me a script for 30 hydrocodone and sent me out the door, 4 days later in extreme tearing stabbing and burning pain on my left side and lower abdomen I called back and had a nurse arguing that I should not be in pain still and they really did not want to write a refill on my pain meds. At that point I started screaming at her and told her the surgeon told me I would have 4 small incisions and instead I had 8 large incisions and I wanted an explanation. At this point she was like hold on, I could hear the surgeon in the background talking to her and she comes back and says fine Ill call in a refill and hangs up. Two days ago I had my post op follow-up it was suppose to be with my surgeon but when I get in the room its a young 25-30 yo female PA doing my post op. I told her I had questions for my surgeon and she is like well he is in surgery today so your stuck with me. She would offer no explanation why I had so many incisions or rivets instead of sutures, or why my incisions were so big they needed sutures to hold them closed. She did say the horrible tearing stabbing pain on my left side was perfectly normal as that is the hole they " forced " the mesh in through. She told me it would hurt like that for about a month. She suggested I use tylenol PM to help me get some sleep.

Getting out of bed today I felt like I tore my side open. The pain was so horrible I fell back into the bed and nearly lost consciousness, for the next 4 hours I could not even move, my body totally shut down. Once I got feeling and sensation back and felt I could move I called the emergency number they gave me for my surgeon and I got an answering machine. I left a message detailing what happened. 30 minutes later an office clerk calls me back and tells me they called me in Vicodin to my pharmacy. No sorry you are hurting, no hope you feel better, no inquiry about how I am feeling, nothing but we called in Vicodin and goodbye.

Wife leaves work to get my pills, 10 Vicodin.. 10 to get me through what their own PA said would be a month of this torture.

Let me tell a if I had it to over again, I would live with the hernia, and the slight discomfort it was causing.
This is in response to Joe's post from May 10. I had a ventral umbilical hernia repair surgery done on May 8, I've had the mesh implant with titanium "tacks" as the Dr. informed me. I want to start by saying I'm so sorry I ever had this surgery done! I feel so badly for all of the people who have had such horrible experiences with this surgery as well...
I can identify with the excruciating pain and not being able to take care of is the most humiliating surgery I've ever had and I've had several...everything from a total Hysterectomy to a Gall Bladder and Disc Removal in my lower back...NONE of these other surgeries can even begin to compare with the pain and weakness I've had with this!!! Thank God my Husband is retired and has been with me every step of the way...he deserves such accolades for waiting on me hand and foot. The Dr never informed me of the stool softener I needed to start immediately...and after four days of not having a B/M we started with stool softeners, laxatives, and even suppositories it took five days before we had any movement. I was so nauseated for the first four days I don't think I ate enough to keep a bird alive...the pain meds didn't touch the pain...I can't sleep more than two hours at a time and I can't sleep on my side only on my back. I'm on day 7 today...and starting to feel a bit more like myself today finally. I pray that anyone who is thinking of having this surgery really does a lot of research before they make the final decision. Good luck to all of us who are still suffering...take care.
How does the pain compare to having one's legs amputated? Cant imagine it being much worse.
heba ali lashen
what's approch necessary for patient with umbilical hernia
I had a hernia repair done years ago. I have a large bulge comming out over my navel now. I am a police officer and wear a heavy belt with alot of equipment on it. I was told this may have caused the hernia to push through again at a lower site. Is this possible? Should I reschedule and have it repaire, I'm 60 years old and very active in alot of sports.
Had my umbilical hernia repaired now 17 days ago. Laprascopicly. . . Yes had a lot of pain, but allergic to the pain meds so took some tylenol/advil. Went back to work for half a day on day 4. I stopped taking tylenol/advil as they were tearing up my stomach. Day 5 was at work the full day, taking some naps. Day 6 worked the whole day, no naps. Yeah was uncomfortable, and at times painful, but really ok. Day 6 I was off and slept the whole day. By day 7 pain was just about gone, except with certain movements. I started going back to the gym, treadmill mostly and only walking as jogging hurt, some machines with very low weights (I do bodybuild on the side so am in shape and know how to not engage my core). . . . Today was able to jog without it hurting. I pushed myself everyday, but would immediately stop an activity if I even had the slightest indication of discomfort. Rested whenever I could, and it's really been ok. Sorry for all the horror stories on this forum, just not been my experience.
I had my umbilical hernia surgery 3 weeks ago. First week was rough, second week a bit better. Doctor sent me back to work after 2 weeks. The 2nd day of work it starting hurting more. I've noticed that sitting crunches my stomach which makes it hurt more. I had one hole and one 2 inch incision (they said it was more complicated than they thought it would be, took a long time to get to the hernia, and then my insides had started twisting around the hernia). Went back to the Dr. last Thursday, he said it's normal, try ibuprophen for the pain (which didn't do a darn thing!) Over the weekend, I notices a bit of white discharge and fluid draining a little bit from the hole. Also, a new area in the upper right side of my stomach now hurts. And today, my belly button area looks and feels just as protruded as before the surgery (it wasn't like that after surgery until now, the skin inside was actually loose). I'm worried about infection or that it needs to be drained or something. I think they rush people back to work way too quickly and don't give them proper time to actually heal. May call the Dr. again tomorrow. It's frustrating!
Good day to all! I am 34, 5'2" and weigh 118 lbs. I lead an active life style and do yoga. I got an umbilical hernia 8 years ago, on the 4th month of pregnancy with my first child. The hernia was fairly small and didn't hurt much overall, only if I lifted something heavy. I did plenty of research and was contemplating about having it repaired for quite a few years, as I've read both positive and negative feedback from people who were brave enough to have theirs done.

I'd finally gathered my courage and decided to go through with the surgery myself. Had mine repaired 11 days ago via incision, under general anesthesia, using a mesh. When I woke up in the recovery room, the well-intentioned nurses only wanted to give me Percocet, which I refused. So, they offered me a low-dose of another narcotic, which made me fall asleep and stop breathing. That wasn't fun for them! Everyone was happy once it wore off and I haven't taken even a simple Tylenol after that. I was in pain, but it was tolerable as long as I didn't make any jerky movements. Going to the bathroom was not a problem, just took a little longer, but I didn't need any stool softeners.

The doctor told me that since I'm fairly young, fit and healthy, recovery and bouncing back to normal for me should not be a problem. I have to say that every day I notice progress. My movements are freer, less painful and uncomfortable, the stomach, that first looked like I swallowed a melon right after the surgery, has almost completely deflated, the hernia no longer protrudes through the belly button, and I can move almost as quickly as I did before. My biggest concern was returning to my regular exercise routine and to practicing yoga, which I am still planning (hoping) to do! Meanwhile, the only minor complaints I have is very slight discomfort in the navel area while lying down or sitting, and some swelling/hardened tissue above the navel, also more difficulty breathing, which is an ongoing problem for me :)

As of now, 11 days after my surgery, I am able to do light cleaning, cooking, and I started driving on the 6th day after my surgery - which was quite uncomfortable, but I had no choice.

I'm staying positive and hoping for the best, as I wish each and everyone who has undergone or will be undergoing the same procedure. It isn't a "minor" surgery, as many like to refer to it. It's pretty painful and takes away your independence entirely in the first week of recovery! Take care of yourselves, and don't try to push yourselves to the limit in this case, healing is very important. Also, losing weight will help tremendously, as less fat tissue on the stomach will not push the navel out as much.

Sending love and well-being wishes to all!
Susan Collins
I have a open umbilical hernia! Still not sure about surgery! Have a great friend who had the surgery but it has come again!
I had this procedure done with the mesh 7 days ago and I died in surgery. I've been dead ever since then, but now I really don't have to worry about that darn hernia anymore. The best part is that I'm not in any pain whatsoever. I say go ahead, have the surgery. What's the worst that could happen? Besides, now I don't have to even pay for the operation.
I have a very small umbilical hernia about the size of a grape or maybe even smaller being repaired within a day of writing this. I am also involved in professional wrestling. Am I able to go back to professional wrestling (like what you see on TV) after I am completed healed? Will I be able to keep lifting weights as well?
im getting my umbilical hernia surgery may 21 2014! ive never seen seen so many whiners about this surgery! go to your doctor after complications from the surgery!
my hernia is getting bigger and you can feel it when im standing up and when make a stomach muscle its hard as a rock! i have no pain there but if i let it go for a while and it gets strangulated then im in deep shit! so better to get this done when u have insurance and have a chance!
I had a umbilical hernia surgery on April 16 , yesterday started feeling pain to the left of my belly button, if I push lightly on the top of the belly button, the pain immediately shoots to that left side area, its a very sharp pain, seems to radiate from the hard lump in the belly button. Its hurting alot and seems worse when I am standing or moving. What could this be?
I had umbilical hernia surgery over 10 yrs ago and healed fast and nicely. Was only given Tylenol 3s which I didn't need to take and now im told that my umbilical hernia needs to be repaired again plus I also have another hernia above it. Im not in any pain and I guess I will have to get the surgeries again. Oh well things happen.
I had surgery for my hernia at 9 am today 11/6/14. I'm in a little bit of pain tonite. But after having the surgery delayed twice and spending 3 days In hospital. I'm glad to be home. Hopefully it all goes well. I will keep you posted
Hey all you fellow belly button catastrophes!!! My problem started before I saw any hernia 5 yrs ago. I was having stomach pains and had dye rn through my system and cat scans and finally told I had a herniated umbilical. I thought oh well and a couple yrs later started seeing the protrusion. It wasn't until recently when I was drunk and running around the bowling alley with my shirt off that a hot girl told me I should get that fixed as by now it was the size of a golf ball. So off to the surgeon I went and believe me I thought it was going to be cake walk. I left the hospital with no pain and felt after a few days off it was time to get back to work. I was only at work for a few hours and bent over and felt something pop horribly. That was the beginning of my problem. I noticed that the half moon shaped - under skin stitch job to hide the scar had separated and there was the red mark next to my belly button. The skin eventually tore and then there was a little bleeding which I thought nothing of and just covered with a gauze pad, causing the wound scabbed over. Well I added no Neosporin or any other medical ointments nor took antibiotics. a few weeks later I began seeing the yellow puss oozing out of the scab and went back to the surgeon. He looked at it with me laying down and then began cutting the stitches away opening a half dollar size hole which was also 3 inches deep because of my belly fat layer. He told me that the infection had gone deep into my wound and if a cavity formed it would eat away the mesh. From then on for 10 days I had to use a dropper to dispense hydrogen peroxide and then cue tip the corner of a non sterile gauze 3 inches into my wound and believe me its not a natural thing to do. 2 days ago the surgeon told me just to climb back on the operating table and he cut the wound completely back open to check the mesh which was thankfully not infected and I'm back from the hospital with an even bigger wound to care for and lots of uncertainty in the future.
My advice for anyone getting the surgery is to insist on being prescribed antibiotics post op even for just precaution. Take those for at least a month religiously. If you see any pussing start the hydrogen peroxide with laying on your back for about an hour and then on your stomach to allow it to drain before putting the gauze on. It helps just laying on towel on your bed. After a week of puss you need to see your surgeon before it gets too deep.
Four days ago I had my surgery, no mesh required. Had the impression that my stomach would be a bit "sore" for a few days.
More than that, but about a 7 for the first two days, but slowly subsiding. From my mastectomy surgery ten years ago, where there was no pain after the day of the surgery, through several other surgeries, all the way to full knee replacement in which the pain was very bad, for a very long time , I would rate this as something quite bearable and necessary.
Be sure you realize that taking pain pills (which I took with this surgery and the knee replacement), can cause constipation, so obey the doctor's orders regarding medications for this, or you will feel very miserable. Also realize some people have a higher threshold of pain than others so don't feel pressured by others if you need them. Like my doctor told me, it is the quality of life that is important... for the moment. And as octogenarian (80 to those you who don't know), I no longer plan to wear a bikini. And to ease my mind, about "waking up from surgery", I always flirt with the anesthetist and make a date with him for after the surgery. Smile, life is worth it.
Hi :(
I had the laparoscopic hernia umbilical surgery 6 weeks ago, I still have pain in the belly button-
I do not know where to go on this, do I again take a chance with the surgeon who repaired it?, I got a hernia after my 2nd pregnancy at the seventh month term-I waited after 6 years to repair it, as it got worse. The hospital I was in was merciless on my care, and I feel that this has much to do with the issue, why would it still hurt? I do not pick up heavy stuff since the surgery. I only saw my doctor to talk to me after the procedure the day after at Noon time. I am really worried about what it means for me-please no more surgery! :( Sucks!
I had my umbilical hernia repair last month and I did have the worst pain ever weeks after. However, I'm at week 5 and feel much better. I do have some pain where the anchors are but my surgeon told me I will have pain on and off for 12 weeks or so. I trust her seeing she did another surgery for me in the past. So there is hope from surgery. Just don't overdo anything and you'll be fine.
So I had my umbilical hernia repair 2 weeks ago. I didn't notice the bulge because I have a 2year old daughter and althoug I lost almost all my baby weight, I figured I was just fat. I had been experiencing a sharp stabbing pain above my belly button thats how I found out I had a hernia. After seeing a general surgeon he recommended surgery since it was so painful. I did not research about surgery. I went into it with faith and trust! After the surgery I felt ok just very uncomfortable if my stomach moved around at all. When I woke ip day 2 post op and tried to get out of bed I felt more pain than I have ever felt even having a kid woth no drugs felt better.. As long as u stay still on your back and try not to get up durimg healing u will be ok. I slept with an icepack on my stomach for 2 days the pain was really bad. Later the second day I got up to use the bathroom when I stood up I became very nautious, on my way to my bedroom i felt dizzy and became very faint and within a second of remember feeling this way I fainted and collapsed on my stomach and hit my back as I hit the hard wood floor. Scared I waited and went to the hospital where they did a catscan, bloodwork, and a check up to see what was goin on.. They found nothing and couldn't understand why I fainted they assumed it was from the pain and upped my percocet script (which gave me piercing pain in my head) i didn't go to the bathroom for a week(bowel) but when I did I noticed that the pains i always gpt in my belly button when I did were gone.. It's a great feeling to know the surgery worked and the pain was gone! but after 3 days of pain and getting up and feeling better it was all worth it. I suffered with pains in my stomach from not doing the surgery and I am glad now that I did the surgery. No pain no gain.. I am 32 and i went for my post operative check up at the appt i memtioned that my stomach felt hard above the belly button and i was told moist heat would bring the swelling dowm and make it soft again.. I asked what is moist heat i've never had surgery before and they told me a wet washclothe under a heating bad 20 min atleast 4 times a day
Hi I have a question I just had a surgery repair 4 weeks ago and wanted to know how long I can wait to sleep falt on my stomach I been sleeping on my side and is its normal to feel something poping up so when I cough or when I sneez or laugh I do feel like a ball I dont know if is cuz im still sour in the inside and how long can I start having sexual intercourse and do I need to lose alot of wight im 5'7 tall n wight 216 lbs
Had laproscopic surgery to repair my hernia on Thursday, Nov. 6th, 2014. Today is Monday, Nov. 10th, 2014.
I was ok the first couple days, just discomfort and A LOT of pain.
Yesterday though, was complete hell! Pain and nausea all day! I spent half the day sitting on the toilet with a bucket on my lap... I was horribly constipated, but it still felt like I might have a bowel movement at any moment! The pain I felt every damn time my body heaved to vomit made me feel like my insides were ripping out and I was dying!
Today the nausea is gone, but I still haven't had a bowel movement... I have stabbing pains in my lower right abdomen and the right side of my back. Should I go see a doctor ASAP? I have been using the powdered stool softener I was prescribed, and today I am able to have my coffee. I really just want to poop!
Hi Andi,

Constipation after a hernia repair is normal. I have an appointment to find out if I have a hernia (I definitely believe I do!) next Thursday.

If I do, I will be adamant about surgery. It causes a lot of pain, and it is getting worse (fells like someone is grabbing me from the inside and twisting, ouch!). Before the surgery, I plan to add prunes and prune juice to my diet BEFORE the surgery, and will be buying laxatives to use if I don't have a bowel movement within a week of surgery. I know how to handle constipation, just because I had chronic constipation growing up (it could have contributed to the hernia I believe I have now). I'm fairly certain my plan will reduce my bowel movements to near water, which will make it easier.

For you, it sounds like you're experiencing normal constipation. Try using an actual laxative, and continue the stool softener. If you still have it, I would go to the hospital/see your doctor.

Also, if the severe pain continues make sure you see the doctor as well...From what I've been reading, pain for 2-3 days to several weeks seems normal. The few people who have experienced pain for months or years obviously are not normal, I do not expect this.

Hoping my appointment goes well next week. My doctor is adverse to surgeries, which is why I'm researching the subject now...
Oh, and another thing is: You could ask your doctor about using a suppository. I would ASK first, even if they're over the counter where you're from. I mentioned my chronic constipation in my previous comment, and I myself have used them. They usually have instant effect. They're a fairly unnatural intervention, which is why I think the other options are better.

Obviously talk to your doctor about anything you aren't sure about. I like giving advice, but it's not medical advice. Good luck...
Going in Tuesday to have surgery hoping and praying everything goes ok not looking forward to the pain
Like Helena I had open umbilical hernia surgery 24 hours ago. I was up within about an hour to urinate at the hospital. I have one drainage tube that I have to empty twice a day. I did sleep for about 4 hours after arriving home. After that I rested on the couch and had dinner. I have been sitting up with no problems. I feel good and I am glad I did the surgery. I think there are always more people who write negative effects of surgery than people who write positive experiences. Actually my throat hurts from the anesthesia tube more than my belly hurts. Sherbet helped that. My biggest problem has been I am a stomach sleeper which isa no-no with the drain tube. I believe if you go into surgery with a positive attitude the results will be better. After having this umbilical hernia for 3+years I am glad to be getting my belly button back! I joked with friends that I am getting my sexy back. Like I said positive attitude can make a difference! Good luck!
I had my umbilical hernia repair one week ago today. It was done arthroscopic. If had 2 surgeons because I also have a very large fibroid tumor. The were 2 surgical plans - fix hernia arthroscopically do an exam, pap D&C and biopsy of the fibroid. 2ND plan if the hernia Dr could not do surgery arthroscopic and had to cut then I would had the fibroid removed, etc. From my 1st day in the Er, do the day of surgery my Dr's and medical staff have communicated what to expect, why they might do, issues, etc. It got paperwork explaining what to expect too.

If your Dr is not communicating upfront let them know your concerns. If they don't respond find another dr. The one thing I was told was this was their game plan and it might change depending on what they find when they go in. So they might say 4 incisions and you have 6. My Dr's told me they would only do incisions that were necessary.

Because of my situation and weight, over 300 lbs, I was on a 23 hr observation at the hospital. 1st time out of bed was awful, went to the bathroom couldn't wipe myself and getting back to bed was equally as bad. Now, each time I moved it hurt less and less. Don't be afraid of the pain meds at first, take them. At home you will probably want to sleep in a recliner or lift chair. If just started sleeping on my back in the bed 2 nights ago, because that is when I'm felt comfortable. Do It still have pain? Yes, but it is not as bad, each day gets a little better.

It ended up with 6 incisions plus a new belly button, so 7 total. Smallest less that 1 inch, largest over 3 inches and biological mesh inserted . My body has to heal and that is a lot of disruption to my body. Be patient each person is different,today is not as good as yesterday because I'm over did it, so I'm taking it easier today.

Listen to your body and most importantly talk to all medical staff involved, if they won't communicate find someone else and go to your appointments with a list of questions and a notebook or someone else to make note of what is said. Dr's know you mean business when you are prepared.
I had `open' umbilical hernia surgery repair little over three weeks ago--March 2nd. So far so good. However, I mentioned to my surgical nurse (at the surgeon's office) that I have been having dull to mild pain that is more or less nerve pain radiating from the left side of my belly button. It doesn't get any more painful(like that after surgery)--just `irritating' and annoying, and with feelings of nausea. I thought I stressed my wound or maybe had an infection. The nurse told me that this is actually normal--in the process of healing. As long as I don't see any liquid discharge from the belly button, or have any fevers. I take a prescribe hydrocodone/Tylenol pill when necessary (last 6 hours) and compensate for the drowsiness. I also realized that I should not put undo pressure around my belly--dress pants/jeans. So, I am wearing my summer shorts all during recovery. I'm expected at work (teach at a local high school) by April 6th--in eleven days from now. Not sure how I will do. The nurse said that they can give me another note for work--mentioning that I will continue to experience mild to discomforting pain for the next couple of weeks, and may need to take a few more days off. Other than that--post surgical recovery is difficult--dealing with pain management. Be patient, get lots of rest, eat a good fiber diet, drink lots of water, and do take your pain meds when necessary, so you are not suffering (like did a few days ago).
I am a 72 year old male had a Umbilical Hernia repaired with mesh last Monday morning came home early Tuesday morning
So far on pain small amount of swelling that will go in a couple of weeks. For your bowels eat all bran with prunes and
you will have no bowel problems.I did not need to take any pain medication.I wish I had this operation months ago
I feel so good.
Hello. Please can you advise me where to take my baby to get her umbilical hernia at a government institution in JHB Gauteng South Africa.
had my umbilical hernia repair on the 1st april, home the same day, over the next 10 days was in a lot of pain and very swollen with no bowel movements. woke up at 4am and I had foul smelling blood and puss coming out of the would, rang 999 and straight to hospital to a and e had a emergency op, it was a big absess that had bust behind the scar. had to have it cleaned out a drain in and staples in again and 4 days in hospital, 2 weeks later I am still under dr and still off work and still in discomfort, wish I too had never had it done, my job is manuel handling patients so god knows when I will get back to work
I have undergone to Umbilical Hernia open surgery, Please suggest me which type of exercise I can do and after how much time? I have 1year baby. also suggest me can I take chance to have one more baby? If yes then after how many years?
I have one too. It did not hurt at first - but it was obvious. Recently it started bothering me and I feel discomfort in my lower bowels when I push on it. Have Dr. apt tomorrow at 10:30. Will let you know how things go.
I had gall bladder surgery in 2006 and the doctor clamped me off wrong, this caused an umbilical hernia and I had to have it repaired because it got strangulated. The mesh was staph infected and had to be removed. It almost killed me. The infection touched my heart, lungs, and was shutting my kidneys down. For reasons beyond my control I had to wait until May 27, 2015 to have it repaired again after it became a problem and pain medications daily. What was supposed to be one incision and 2 hours surgery turned into 13 incisions and 5 hours surgery and 5 days in the hospital. I am home but I am having the worse pain. Not where the hernia was but all around where they put the mesh. This unbearable. I am taking Aleve for swelling and pain medications that are still not helping. Does any one have any suggestions for the pain?
james Dooris
I have a friend who has a umbilical hernia that has been repaired twice and now 5 years later needs repair again is there anything that can be done this time to prevent another occurrence?
I went on this website to see if the mesh they do the hernnia surgery is included to the mesh law suite. So I thought I would share my hernia experience with you. I got my 1st umbilical hernia surgery done in 2008 with the mesh at a VA hospital. It was a breeze.I was like "yee haw"!! In & out in 3 days. No pain medication nothing. I then moved from KY to CA. Was doing well until I had to have it redone at a new local hospital in 2012. It was suppose to be a new state of the art hospital. I went there instead of the VA Hospital. I was in alot of pain & wasn't feeling good at all. So I had the surgery done there 2 days later when their surgeon came in.. He did the surgery & sent me home 3 days later. So, ok I went home with the small mesh surgery done about 3" incision. I was throwing up all night. I decided I was not going to spend another night throwing up. I should have gone to the VA Hospital then but went back to the local hospital. I was still in alot of pain & throwing up this yellow bile. It just wouldnt stop. Finally this same Dr. came in. He decided to get a cat scan to see what he was suppose to do. He had an IV put in & knocked me out. He was pumping me full of morphine for 5 days. He then informed me that he had to take out my gallbladder (according to him because it was full of stones. He had to remove 6" of my intestines out because they were strangulated. And I had an insision 12" long. So I ended up being in the hospital for 2 weeks on morphine. Finally sent me home with oxycodone. I was not allowed to drive until he released me, so that was 6 weeks. So guess what, "ITS BACK!!" So he tells me that he will not do the surgery again until I get a gastric sleeve done. And I have been trying to get that done. No luck getting that done yet. So I have this 5 lb hernia that keeps getting bigger & bigger. I'm kind of stuck with it right now. They are making me jump thru hoops to get all this done. So I currently have a hospital bill of $175,000. and it still isnt fixed. So, thats my story. Hope it helps someone out there. Thanks for reading this.
I am 37yrs,had my first umblical hernia repair in 2012;by then it was small and painful.My doctor said I needed an emergency surgery which was done at that time without a mesh.The swelling continued and a repair with a mesh was done in 2013.To date, it's even much bigger like an 8 months old pregnancy; I also have a liver condition/ascitic fluid in my abdomen. I take urine inducing medications daily to dispel the fluid from my abdomen.The hernia is growing bigger and bigger every sinfle day;I have outgrown all my wardrobe attires-seriously lowering my self esteem.On and off, the hernia gets so painful esp.when I eat a lot.Should I go for a third surgery for the hernia?I have not received any liver treatment due to treatment in-accessibility coupled with cost challenges, yet the fluid in my abdomen is constantly increasing further making my abdomen more protruded. I feel so ashamed of myself because of how people talk about me;"that ever pregnant woman".Any help out there for my liver as well pls!
Had an incarcerated umbilical hernia repaired by incision three weeks ago. My doctor did not use mesh as I am a diabetic and have a primary immune deficiency and he felt it would not heal. My A1C is 5.4. I had major abdominal surgery 7 years ago and the hernia occurred along the original incision line. The worse part for me was the exterior staples taken out last week. The pain and redness was awful and I developed a slight infection around the bottom three staples. I do notice that my abdomen looks more bloated now although my abdomen has never looked normal since the earlier surgery. I was on antibiotics for 17 days and the incision site looks like it is healing well. Another follow-up appointment to go to today.I am a singer and I still can't fully support the high notes but each day gets easier.
My mum just had her umbilical hernia surgery 2 days ago and still she can't move from bed
She is still in hospital . she is having difficult to breath and vomiting
Can someone plz tell me is it normal after surgery
And when she can eat and walk
I had umbilical hernia repair with mesh 6 days ago and I'm still in pain, the first 3 days was terrible I couldn't even get out of bed, I couldn't sneeze, cough, laugh or cry without having severe pain in my abdomen. the past 3 days have gotten better with the exception of today, I woke up feeling better and then decided to go walking outside for a bit. Huge mistake apparently because now I'm home and I'm in so much pain I'm contemplating going to the e.r but I don't want to because they're just going to make it worse by pressing my stomach and examining it. I'm honestly regretful for going through with this surgery it has been the worst recovery of my life and the constipation from the pain meds (that hardly help) was unreal, the colace didn't work immediately. I'm just so miserable and I don't have my follow up for 2 more weeks. Someone help? Did something go wrong? Why am I in such pain now?
I'm a single 25 year old first time mother, my son is 1 years old now and I just discovered I have a umbilical hernia and after seeing a specialist a couple days ago it was stated that I will have to get surgery but I'm upset about it because I don't really have anyone to help me care for my son and my mom is busy sometimes, and the doctor said i can't carry/lift for 2months because i won't heal from my surgery and my hernia will return, what should I do? Because I don't want to have a serious problem where I will have to get a emergency surgery.
I had laparoscopic umbilical hernia surgery without mesh Feb 18,2016. The first few days I experienced alot of pain, but about two weeks I felt normal., but now I feel a small lump around my navel area when I touch it, and I also have a huge prego belly which look weird on me because im on the slim side (110lbs) I never had a huge stomach except for when I was prego. My navel still bulges out to. My doctor keeps telling me its normal and after I heal and work out I would have my nice flat tummy again. I don't think my surgery was don't right at ALL, but i go to another follow up appt. March 28. Hopefully things are different.
Is anyone else experiencing my symptoms? Please tell me im not going crazy. Im really disappointed.
I am a 51year old male who had a right iguinal hernia repaired laproscopic in 2009. I never felt right after the surgery and also noticed a tiny tiny lump on the left side of my nice swimming pool belly button . I complained to my doctor for 6yrs saying i wanted a scan. Sure thing, ive just had a double repaired. An ig and an um from poor surgery the first time. Thnx Jacobus Jordan NOT. Now, the surgeon who did it this time open has destroyed my belly button. IS THiS COMMON ? Things still dont feel right 5 weeks later. 1st time, mesh lifted on the iguinal and the lapro caused the umbilical.
I read the first 30 or so posts on here and then just gave up on humanity- the internet is not and never will be a replacement for an actual health care provider. First off all, if you have a serious problem right now- GO TO THE DOCTOR. People who write about things on the internet who have little to no background in medicine will not be of any help to you, they will actually probably make things worse. It is rare for people who are perfectly happy with their surgeries to find health forums and complain, and it is pretty common for people who are unhappy to come vent online. That being said, here is some advice:

Umbilical hernias are often congenital, and most are repaired by pediatric surgeons when the child is a baby, and they have no long term complications. If you get an umbilical hernia as an adult, the most common causes are pregnancy and things that increase the amount of stress on your stomach, such as obesity. If the hernia is very small, and nothing is coming out of it, you may be able to take the "watch and wait" approach and may never need a repair. However, if your hernia is large, or you have a loop of bowl coming out- they can be very dangerous and you need to get it surgically repaired. Every surgery has both a risk of bleeding and a risk of infection, including this one. However, your risk of strangulating your intestines is much higher, which can lead to complications such as ischemia and infarction. Essentially, your intestine can die, and you can become septic and also die (worst case scenario, but you see my point). At least go get a consult and see what your options are at there very least.

About the surgery: For all surgeries, there is a (small, but still there) risk of infection, and if you are in poor health, other complications are possible. However all of these things are taken into account before you will be put on an operating table, and a doctor will not recommend surgery if you are not a candidate. Some people seem to be upset that the surgery is painful, and unfortunately all surgeries are painful to some extent. That is why you are put under anesthesia and given painkillers after. Abdominal surgery of any kind is a little harder to recover from because your stomach muscles are involved in so many movements. You cannot expect to heal and be pain-free overnight. You will also need to follow instructions to keep you incision clean and not overdo things. If you are overweight or obese, it may take you longer to heal, and you are certainly at a higher risk for other hernias or a repeat hernia. Keep in mind that hundreds of women get C-sections every day in the US and that is a much more painful and intensive surgery then this, assuming your hernia is not already the size of a child (If it is, please go to the ER).

I came across this post while doing research and wanted to clear up some misinformation. In case you were wondering, I have had an umbilical hernia repair- I was only about 17 and mine was congenital and as a self-conscious teenage girl, I wanted it fixed. The surgery was mildly painful, and since it was very small, no mesh was used and I went back to school about a 10 days later. Now I have a nicely healed scar that is barely noticeable, and I have never had a problem since. Now I'm in medical school hoping to go into surgery. Please do not neglect your heath, and if you need advice in the future, see an actual medical provider.
rosemary johnson
Recently I have developed shortness of breath for which physician cannot find any reason, not heart or lung. I had an umbilical hernia that was the result of gall bladder surgery. Could the hernia cause shortness of breath?
My newborn baby started showing signs if Hernia by the 8th week. THE PEDIATRICIAN said it was nothing to worry about except it became painful as she grew up. And that in some cases it corrects itself , otherwise surgery may be recommended by age 2/4. My baby being a female is just to beautiful to take the 50-50 gamble, just in case she wants to be a model in future, so I got a second opinion and found out there was an easier and cheaper way to guide the Hernia back to normal state it was from birth before the 6-8wk post birth swelling. You can either tie up the waist with a tape bandage to guide the navel back in and prevent the bowel from poking through. But the more effective option is to place a button on the swollen navel like a lid (find a button that fits exactly inside or on top the navel, a small button that swims in the navel won't do the trick) press in lightly and then hold in place with a plaster.You can also hold with a bandage if you dont like the plaster on baby. Leave for 2wks and change either every week or every 2 wks, but make sure you keep the navel & plaster neat and tidy. When taking off the plaster apply baby oil as u pull off gently to prevent any bruising from the gum on the plaster. The result halfway through the second month of use was astounding. The navel was back to normal and the hernia was gone.
I had umbilical hernia surgery 4 days ago. I had to get my gallbladder taken out so the surgeon said he would fix the hernia also. I have had this hernia since the birth of my first child, which was 26 years to the day of surgery. Surgery ended up not being so easy. The hernia was much worse than what the surgeon thought it would be. He had to cut off 2 big masses before repairing the hernia. I'm in a fair amount of pain but only take pain medicine at night. No bowel movements yet. Just looking forward to the swelling and pain going away. Feel like I have been stabbed and my stomach looks like someone beat me with a bat. I had a horrible time coming out of the anastathia. Nurses were giving me pain meds to take with hot coffee before I even was awake enough to know where I was. Kept telling me if I didn't get my numbers up i would be staying in the hospital. They told my husband to go get the car and they were telling and helping me get dressed. I guess it was close to 5 they wanted to go home. Will have to wait a few days and see if it was all worth it.
My son is 21 years old and he had the umbilical hernia surgery about three weeks ago he is still sore and some pain if course, he had the mesh put it in as well. Now he is saying that the area around his naval is hard. My question is does the mesh get hard eventually?
Sequoyah Rabbers
I had umbilical hernia surgery 2 weeks ago I suffer from chronic lower right back pain, mucusy runny stools, and sometimes severe belly pain and belly is rock hard by incision and still very bruised is this normal or should I go in?
I am a 54 year old male. I have had stomach pain that had gotten worse over the course of 5 years. I was having irregular bowel movements. I had a lot of test. Cameras in places they should never be, Changed my diet several times. Quit enjoying foods and beer. None of that worked. Then a new doctor was examining me. Noticed I had a severe "outtie" belly button. Asked how long had I had this? I said about 5 years ago it started and over time it continued to get bigger. I went to a hernia specialist and he recommended surgery asap. I had the surgery 4 days ago. I did not take the Oxycodine prescribed. I did take ibuprofen 800 mg and acetaminophen for the first 2 days. I ice the area frequently. Now I only have a bit of discomfort below the sutures area as the blood drains that way(gotta love gravity!). That pain I have felt for the past years is lessened a lot! I am feeling regular again. I am going back to work tomorrow with restrictions on lifting and such for several weeks. So far I am glad I had the procedure.
Ernest Davis
Is it normal to expect disfiguration of the naval after a small umbilical hernia repair?

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I had unbilical hernia surgery about 3 weeks ago after having my intestine get incarcerated. So far , so good. Feels a lot better. I did not realize how bad I was feeling before the surgery, it had just become normal to feel that way. Excited to get the 6 weeks over with so I can get back to normal activities as far as lifting things.
James akers
I had umbilical hernia surgery yesterday they told me I have only two incisions why do I have nine incisions
I had umbilical hernia procedure nearly 4 weeks ago, I have 1 incision, no mesh, no side effects.Belmont hospital NSW
Chris Shinabarger
I had a umbilical hernia, in june of 2019,. All was o.k then a few moths later it started to get a puss pocket on it and I went to surgen and he stuch a stick in it about two inches. and drained it and said that should do it. Well that didn't do it so I went back several times for him to put me in pain by pocking it and doing several things to it. This went on till December. Then he said he needed to do another surgery to fix it. This was December. I thought it was fixed then here it came back again, he then started poking iodine strips it it and gave me a bottle so I could do it at home. Finally I went back and thought it was healing and doc did to. However its back, I also have a small hole that appears some of my stomach is poking out, wont heal and now the tunnel has moved it appears. I can take a qtip, cut the cotton off and poke it in the hole about a inch. I called dr he said put gause on it, this was during covid . So What to do. I don't think I am going back to that surgen but what to do, I keep losing jobs over it. Anyone else have that problem

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