Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct the shape of the septum of the nose. The goal of this procedure is to correct defects or deformities of the septum. The nasal septum is the separation between the two nostrils. In adults, the septum is composed partly of cartilage and partly of bone. Septal deviations are either congenital (present from birth) or develop as a result of an injury. Most people with deviated septa do not develop symptoms. It is typically only the most severely deformed septa that produce significant symptoms and require surgical intervention. However, many septoplasties are performed during rhinoplasty procedures, which are most often performed for cosmetic purposes.


Septoplasty is performed to correct a crooked (deviated) or dislocated septum, often as part of plastic surgery of the nose (rhinoplasty). The nasal septum has three functions: to support the nose, to regulate air flow, and to support the mucous membranes (mucosa) of the nose. Septoplasty is done to correct the shape of the nose caused by a deformed septum or correct deregulated airflow caused by a deviated septum. Septoplasty is often needed when the patient is having an operation to reduce the size of the nose (reductive rhinoplasty), because this operation usually reduces the amount of breathing space in the nose.

During surgery, the patient's own cartilage that has been removed can be reused to provide support for the nose if needed. External septum supports are not usually needed. Splints may be needed occasionally to support cartilage when extensive cutting has been done. External splints can be used to support the cartilage for the first few days of healing. Tefla gauze is inserted in the nostril to support the flaps and cartilage and to absorb any bleeding or mucus.


About one-third of the population may have some degree of nasal obstruction. Among those with nasal obstruction, about one-fourth have deviated septa.


The primary conditions that may suggest a need for septoplasty include:

Septoplasty is used to correct a deviated septum (B). First an incision is made to expose the nasal septum (C). Pieces of septum that are obstructing air flow are removed (D), and the incision is then closed (E). (Illustration by GGS Inc.)
Septoplasty is used to correct a deviated septum (B). First an incision is made to expose the nasal septum (C). Pieces of septum that are obstructing air flow are removed (D), and the incision is then closed (E). (
Illustration by GGS Inc.

Septal deformities can cause nasal airway obstruction. Such airway obstruction can lead to mouth breathing, chronic nasal infections, or obstructive sleep apnea. Septal spurs can produce headaches when these growths lead to increased pressure on the nasal septum. Polypectomy, ethmoidectomy, tumor removal , and turbinate surgical procedures often include septoplasty. Individuals who have used significant quantities of cocaine over a long period of time often require septoplasty because of alterations in the nasal passage structures.

Septal deviation is usually diagnosed by direct observation of the nasal passages. In addition, a computed tomography (CT) scan of the entire nasal passage is often performed. This scan allows the physician to fully assess the structures and functioning of the area. Additional tests that evaluate the movement of air through the nasal passages may also be performed.

Before performing a septoplasty, the surgeon will evaluate the difference in airflow between the two nostrils. In children, this assessment can be done very simply by asking the child to breathe out slowly on a small mirror held in front of the nose.

As with any other operation under general anesthesia, patients are evaluated for any physical conditions that might complicate surgery and for any medications that might affect blood clotting time. If a general anesthetic is used, then the patient is advised not to drink or eat after midnight the night before the surgery. In many cases, septoplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis using local anesthesia. Conditions that might preclude a patient from receiving a septoplasty include excessive cocaine abuse, Wegener's granulomatosis, malignant lymphomas, and an excessively large septal perforation.


Patients who receive septoplasty are usually sent home from the hospital later the same day or in the morning after the surgery. All dressings inside the nose are usually removed before the patient leaves. Aftercare includes a list of detailed instructions for the patient that focus on preventing trauma to the nose.

The head needs to be elevated while resting during the first 24-48 hours after surgery. Patients will have to breathe through the mouth while the nasal packing is still in place. A small amount of bloody discharge is normal but excessive bleeding should be reported to the physician immediately. Antibiotics are usually not prescribed unless the packing is left in place more than 24 hours. Most patients do not suffer significant amounts of pain, but those who do have severe pain are sometimes given narcotic pain relievers. Patients are often advised to place an ice pack on the nose to enhance comfort during the recovery period. Patients who have splint placement usually return seven to 10 days after the surgery for examination and splint removal.


The risks from septoplasty are similar to those from other operations on the face: postoperative pain with some bleeding, swelling, bruising, or discoloration. A few patients may have allergic reactions to the anesthetics. The operation in itself, however, is relatively low-risk in that it does not involve major blood vessels or vital organs. Infection is unlikely if proper surgical technique is observed. One of the extremely rare but serious complications of septoplasty is cerebrospinal fluid leak. This complication can be treated with proper nasal packing, bed rest, and antibiotic use. Follow-up surgery may be necessary if the nasal obstruction relapses.

Normal results

Normal results include improved breathing and airflow through the nostrils, and an acceptable outward shape of the nose. Most patients have significant improvements in symptoms following surgery.

Morbidity and mortality rates

Significant morbidity associated with septoplasty is rare and is outlined in the Risks section above. Mortality is extremely rare and associated with the risks involving anesthesia. This procedure can be performed using local anesthesia on an outpatient basis or under general anesthesia during a short hospital stay. General anesthesia is associated with a greater mortality rate, but this risk is minimal.


In cases of sinusitis or allergic rhinitis, nasal airway breathing can be improved by using such nasal sprays, as phenylephrine (Neo-Synephrine). Patients with a history of chronic uncontrolled nasal bleeding should receive conservative therapy that includes nasal packing to identify the source of the bleeding before surgery is contemplated. Those who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea have a variety of conservative alternatives before surgery is seriously considered. These alternatives include weight loss, changes in sleep posture, and the use of appliances during sleep that enlarge the upper airway.



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Mark Mitchell


Septoplasty is performed by a medical doctor (M.D.) who has received additional training in surgery. Typically, septoplasty is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, a specialist called an otolaryngologist, or a head and neck surgeon. The procedure can be performed in a hospital or in a specialized surgical clinic.



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How long does a person have to keep the splints in their nose to ensure that the deviated septum heals correctly after surgery? Is 10 days sufficient?
Can Septoplasty procedure be done at the same time as are tonsillectomy? How would someone that goes thourgh both procedures at once be able to breath during the recovery period?
what about septoplasty surgery performed on a 6 year old boy? Any long term side affects?
I just recently had a septoplasty done. In fact, it was 4 days ago. I will have splints in my nose for a total of 2 weeks (14 days), and my nose was a rare case. My septum was extremely deviated, and I have NEVER been able to breathe through my nose. I feel great post-surgery, and had no bruising or intense pain, and the best part is that I can already breathe through my nose, even with splints in place. Three weeks after I got my septoplasty, I will be getting my tonsils out. My doctor said that he would not do both at the same time, due to post-op pain and swelling.
Heidi MJ
I am having my surgery done either next week or the following week (If there is a cancellation it will be sooner).
I have broken my nose more than 10 times, which my surgeon/doctor has seen. None of these times has it been set or had anything done about it. This has resulted in an extremely deviated septum, an inability for me to breathe through my nose, and colds and flus being extended for months due to inability to expel mucus, and permanent severe sinusitus etc.
It is also crooked in that it sits more to one side than another, and also is crooked not straight in the bridge. It is much larger than it should be and I am very self-conscious about it. Unfortunately, although I had hoped when I finally had this surgery completed (I was told I had to wait until I was 15) that he could fix up my nose a bit while he was at it, my surgeon has informed me that (although he is the best surgeon in this field in the country as testified by many doctors I know), he does occasionally break and re-straighten roughly, but only for non-precision work and would not recommend it for me... mainly because I'm a girl. He informed me when I discussed it with him that there are other doctors and surgeons in the country who do do both at the same time and he would be happy to refer me, or that he could do it and I could have the cosmetic side of it completed separately by another surgeon. He also told me though, that unfortunately, he does not think that it will be easy to find a good surgeon in Australia willing to basically give a 15 year old a 'nose job', despite my genuine reason for needing it - all the breakages.
I'm still hoping, pointlessly, that it will look a little better, but in reality, it will probably just look scarred, and even bigger.

A good friend of mine (male,20) had surgery for a deviated septum a couple of weeks ago and told me that he has a little pain, but that he was amazed... he not only had no bruises or scars, his physical appearance is completely normal, which is great.
However, as well as the deviated septum surgery, my many scans have shown what my surgeon believes to be a cyst or growth of some kind in that part above your nose connecting to your lungs..
This has to be removed too so I'm wondering how I'm going to recover from my surgery. He had to have a splint put in his nose, which I do not know if I will need. Again unfortunately I am having this surgery right at the start of my holidays, a real pain because it will limit any fun or socialisation i can have for the duration.
I had done my Septoplasty last week, I had a little pain, but here in Cambodia they block my nostrils within 48 hours, it's the nightmare in my life I cannot sleep because it is difficult to breath through mouth. I ask doctor if there are other way rather than block the nostrils? He said "NO".
surgery(septoplasty) done 2 days ago-- still can't breathe any suggestions? using saline drops - upright sleeping causes panic and anxiety attacks.
My friend had a septoplasty done a month ago. She called me tonight freaking out because she has long strands of brownish stuff coming out of her nose. I can't even describe what it looks like, but the strands are at least three feet long! There seemed to be a big chunk of stuff in these strands and also she is having a lot of pain between her eyes. Is this normal?
Just had it on Tues, worst pain of my life hands down
Had the surgery on thursday. Still have the packing shoved up my nose. It is driving me insane. It isn't painful but, like I said, I'm going nuts! The only pain was on day 2 &3 when my teeth and gums started aching. Felt like a flossing sensation in my gums. bizarre. I am pissed at my doc for booking this surgery on a thursday when clearly these things should be out today (sunday). I hope he is having a miserable day. At least I am pumped up on vicodin, so it isn't that bad. But I am a tad worried about the packing being in too long.
Well i had septoplasty done today along with turbinate surgical procedure. I can say i hurt a lot!! My nose is swollen, no bruising though. I have stents in the nostrils. I was told they would come out about 10 days. I basically feel like i got kicked really hard in the nose! my teeth and gums were immediately sore when i woke up. I have to wear a bandage underneath my nose to absorb bleeding. I have been bleeding semi-clotted blood and having to change my bandage frequently. I was told this is normal for the first couple days. I also have to be propped up while sleeping so that the drainage doesn't seep back in my throat and pocket. It's not the most comfortable way to sleep. I had to have this surgery done due to my septum being deviated and blocking one side of my nasal air way. also i have chronic sinus infections for years now and have been through everything. So the doctor felt this would help with being able to let things drain properly instead of collecting in my sinus'. So good luck to who ever has to have this, it is painful, but i have already noticed i can breathe better through my one nostril.
I had the septoplasty and turbinate reduction done two weeks ago and am having mixed feelings. I did not have any stuffing in my nose - only the splints. I did encounter blood clots in both nasal passages in which I was told to keep flushing the nose until the clots were out as this will cause excessive bleeding. I was not able to breathe through my nose the entire time the splints were inplace (7 days). Once the splints were out it was great. I had a small blood drip for 2 days after the splints were removed. I continue to flush my nose twice a day to keep it moistened because I am unable to "clean" my nose from buggies as the septum is still sore. I go back in 4 weeks for a followup and hope that the procedure worked. I can honestly say that I was never in any real pain from the surgery - it was just annoying to have the splints in and to keep wiping my nose.
I had an SRP + Tonsillectomy together at age 52 and had ZERO complications - an experienced, board certified otolaryngologist should be able to do both w/o problems - it is more likely than not that it is your surgeon choice - there is nothing wrong with getting a second and/or 3rd opinion - anesthesia once for both is safer than doing anesthesia twice -

Good luck,
Deb, MSN, RN
I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction done 3 days ago. I didn't have packing, I have splints that get removed in 5 days. I experienced a fair amount of bleeding and am still using gauze on the outside of my nose due to drainage. I am in a great deal of pain even with the tylenol 3's. I didn't sleep until last night as I had a problem breathing thru my mouth. I look forward to being able to breathe once the splints are removed.
My nose is definitely deviated but ive broken my nose so many times that it looks awful. If i get this surgery can they perform other cosmetic plastic surgery to make it look better? I think that the reason why i have trouble breathing is because my nose is in such bad condition.
I just had this done on thursday. the surgery itself was painless. I was put out. lo. it is saturday and i can breathe out of one nostril only. the splints will come out on wednesday. i have had headaches and pain in my front teeth. im guessing from the tube they stick down yur throat. all in all i believe this surgery is worth it and I will tell more in a few days
Had this surgery done on a Friday, it's currently Wednesday. Pain was not a huge concern for me but bleeding was. I bled a lot right after the surgery and since the blood was running down my throat I started to vomit. The vomiting was the worst part and screwed everything else up. The force of the vomiting would cause huge bursts of blood to come from my nose as well. Eventually tilting my head forward and using an ice pack got it under control. I vomited once more that night but that was it. The first night was hell, slept maybe 2.5 hours, sleeping sitting up is garbage. Second day I did my first nasal irrigation which believe it or not was fantastic. It feels weird but after one time I could already start to get some air through my nose. More ice packs and nose pinching got the most of the bleeding under control. Second night was much better too. 2 Big pillows and then once of those horseshoe travel pillows together give you good elevation while remaining pretty comfy. Sunday I didn't need any more tylenol 3s and was starting to feel like myself. 5 days later I feel like I have a bad head cold and when I irrigate I still see some pretty nasty blood clots but I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I had septoplasty done last wednesday and had the packs removed the day after. I can't describe how much pain you go through when they remove the packs, its horrible. After i had the op i was fine the odd swelling, however i bled alot through my left nostril. its been a week and today i had the splint removed out of my nose. I was screaming the place down it hurt that much. My nose looks slightly different, but to be honest i wouldn;t recommend this procedure to anyone unless your paraonoid or your nose is extremely deformed. Mine weren't that bad and the pain has been imense. no sleep, no taste/smell, constant bleeding. its been hard but im still on the recovery trail. well i can atleast say the worst is out of its way now!
i has a septoplasty and turbinate reduction on the 14 of april, to correct a a breathing issue with my right nostril, i was just wondering if it was normal for the left nostril to feel blocked. i can breathe easly out of my right nostril but not my left, it has a day since my surgery.
had surgery two months ago. lost some feeling in top couple of teeth and lost my sense of smell. dr. never talked concerning the risks involved. has anyone had this happen? please let me know. i'm starting to get depressed. have dr.visit 4/20/10 richard
I had this septoplasty surgery on april 29th and it still hurts. It hurt so much worse than the sinus surgery I had back in Oct. The stitches are really bothering me. I use Afrin but it only works for about an hour. I didn't try using the nasal irrigation cause my doctor said not to but my nose is so stuffed up. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't really blow my nose cause I don't want my stitches to come undone.
I Just had a septoplasty done 5 days ago and found your fantastic explanation of the procedure, why did my surgeon not just point me to your site. I am male 42 and do consider my pain threshold to be high. I stayed overnight and was happy with a 4 hourly dose of injected Pethadine. I wish I had read this first although as I have been through allot of pain in the last few days because I only had access to non prescription pain killers. I would strongly recommend you ask your doctor for something stronger as a backup plan. I also found the post nasal wash quite traumatic and I have had allot of snot curdled with blood. Am now very blocked up almost like a cold I am squirting warm salt water up my nose 4 times a day, also makes my ears pop and the pain makes my eyes water. The good news is my upper lip and gums are not as sore and the swelling has gone down. My liver has taken a beating of Codine, Panadine, Panamax, Inbofine and I have drank so much I got up every hour for a piss. Moral of the story is do it when your younger.
I had my septoplasty done 4 days ago and my nose is packed with a jelly like material. They told me it would dissolve on it's own! How long does this take?? ...what is this stuff?'s driving me crazy and it is impossible to breath. My eyes are tearing continously ... feel like crap!
I agree excellent sight ... I wish my surgeon would have told me more also!
Oh! well as long I can breath better and quite using my c-pap machine??
i has a septoplasty and turbinate reduction in Jan, to correct a a breathing issue with my right nostril, i was just wondering if it was normal for the left nostril to feel blocked. i can breathe easly out of my right nostril but not my left, what should i do I am currently on nasal drops n puffs which allows me to breathe but i need to breathe without those drops. is this a sideeffect of the surgery or did my surgeeon screwed up my surgery
I will be having SeptoPlasty and RhinoPlasty done on the same day, by the same doctor. Apparently this guy is the best in Canada,and he was also on the discovery channel for helping the poor boy in Indonesia, that no other doctor in the world would help.

I am nervous about the procedure, but after he photoshopped my before-after nose,I'm excited to get it done. I have had a deviated septum as long as I can remember, i'm 23. I'm expecting lots of pain, and lots of bruising, but I hope I will be able to recover in a weeks time to go back to work.

I will finalize the results once its done!
I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction this morning. It bled like hell until I put ice on the bridge of my nose. FINALLY, it stopped. I still have an extremely dry mouth and chapped lips. Sleeping will be tough.
24 hours after surgery, I can say I've had very little pain. I took vicodin last night mostly so I could sleep. Even with it, I only slept a few hours. It's very tough sleeping with your mouth open and sitting up. I feel like I could blow my nose and I'd be able to breath, but I know I can't. Since I got the bleeding to stop yesterday, I get to use a sinus rinse this afternoon (24 hours after the bleeding stops). I still have some clear drainage but that's it. But as far as the pain? Non-issue.
OK. I have a HIGH tollerence for pain. I delivered my first son by natural childbirth. I am 8 days post septoplasty & turbonate procedure, splints were removed 24 hours after surgery as it was a Holiday weekend. I'm still in much discomfort! Swelling continues to be a factor. My septum was worse than expected as well. I too am still using the saline nasal spray & ice, but not the narcs. Just using Ibuprofen for the pain. Scared to blow my nose. Head gets totally blocked several times a day causing severe pain, then I'm finally able to loosen a great deal of bloody discharge. WHY, how much longer and WHEN can I blow my nose? Sounds like I am 8 years old with a severe snotty nose but continue to try breathing threw it, why?
I has this surgery done 1 1/2 months ago. There was very little pain -- just a lot of discomfort due to the splints and plugged nose. The splints were removed after 4 days and it didn't hurt a bit. One nostril remained more plugged than the other because they typically make an incision on only one and that tends to be swollen after the surgery. Also, an internal scab forms which can be a blockage for quite some time. I can breathe much better now.
That's rockin good news NoseBreather. My splints come out this Wednesday. The swelling is finally going down so I can breathe some out of my nose. The incisions and stitches feel like my nose is plugged and I could just pull it out. I know I can't but that's the feeling.
Had the splints removed about half an hour ago. FINALLY, I can breathe. I got a couple shots of novacaine (airshots not a needle) up each nostril, the dr. snipped one stitch per side holding the splints in and then he removed them. Then he sucked out all the crap from my nose.

So far so good.
I am eight days post Septoplasty and turbinate reduction. I, too, have had a similar experience with one side of my nose (the side that wasn't a problem before the surgery!) being severely congested and have had trouble sleeping at night as well. Even propped up, I feel more stuffed up lying down that when standing which can be really frustrating come bedtime. All this being said, I am so relieved (and thankful) to have discovered this site and all your comments on the procedure/recovery time. I thought I was alone in this until now! Grateful to know that my pain, experiences, questions are on par with others here. Good luck to everyone preparing and recovering from this!
Ok, I'm now 11 days post surgery. Am I still supposed to be having trouble breathing? Is it due to the inside of the nose still not being healed?
Im day 3 post op with lots of swelling, pain and congestion. Pulled the stoppers yesterday but didnt help at all. Will remove splinters next week. My doctors prescribed flucloxacilin when I called and told them about throbbing pain over sinuses/nose. Tawana - I dont think its good to take Ibuprofen since its an "NSAID" and may/will make you bleed more easily. Use paracetamol/tylenol instead (+/- codein if you want some extra kick). I dont even want to think about still being stuffed after the splinters are out.. Hope I dont have an abcess or something worse..
Yesterday was 2 weeks post op. I'm now breathing through both sides during the day but at night it's a struggle. I find myself having to use an antihistamine spray which always seems to work. The problem is those aren't supposed to be used every day. When can I expect to be able to breathe well enough to not have to use something like that at night?

Buehler? Buehler?
About 24 hours since Septoplasty.. packings come out tomorrow morning. The pain wasn't too bad, just a lot of pressure and some swelling.. but these damn packings are crazy uncomfortable. Dry mouth is quite bad as well.. not fun to deal with. To my knowledge, their is only the packings and no splints as others have described. Will give more updates as the days follow. Appreciate everyone's stories.. well done.
I'm able to not use any sprays during the day or night now though I still wake up a couple times per night to blow my nose. The flushings help but I do have an appointment next Wednesday to have all the stuff sucked out of my nose one more time, which I was told may be the case. The inside of my nose is mostly healed also, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.
I had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty 5 days ago and didn't experience too much pain or bleeding the first few days, however this morning I woke up with a severe nose bleed for no reason. I went to my ENT who placed packing in my nose but was unable to explain why the bleeding occurred so late after surgery. Anybody have any suggestions as to why this happened or has anyone experienced anything similar themselves?
I go to to Otolaryngology - head and neck surgeon today, I have to make my decision whether I want to just have my bone spur removed or that w/my slight deviated septum corrected, I dont know why Im so scared to have this done, it will be done outpatient but im terrified. I have had daily headaches for 6 weeks now, getting unbearable, taking tylenol and ibuprofen daily. anyone have similar issue. (bone spur)
3 days now. - Septoplasty and turbinate removal.

(Day 1) Surgery. General Anaesthetic - surgery took roughly 60-70 minutes. Woke up to alot of pain. Phelgm stained blood in the throat which I coughed up and was very painful. Rolled back into the room to rest. Managed to eat two small triangle sandwiches and few odd sips of cold-iced water. This hurt due to tubing in the throat for breathing. Slept overnight as packs inside nose.

(Day 2) Woke up and asked to take two paracetamol. Less than 20 minutes was told that the packs had to be removed and it would really hurt. This hurt like hell! Streamed alot of tears. Never felt such pain. Was not allowed to move for 30 minutes. I was then allowed to be sent home after 4 hours.
Home - still very sleepy. So sleepy actually that I noticed I could just about open my mouth or even still swallow. So sore. Managed to stay up until late night and slept. Remember to put a towel on your pillow! Alot of blood! Nearly forgot! Don't use an electric toothbrush. The vibrations hurt! The pain...

(Day 3) Alot of blood on face. Cleaned up and continued to take penicillin and paracetamol. Mouth could open much wider. Still bleeding.

(Day 4) Still some bleeding. Good job the football is on.
When will I feel any relief. Had the Septoplasty done on Saturday so around 4 days post op now. Had no packing or splints but feel totally blocked have not been able to breath through my nose at all. It basically feels like I have flu, not a lot of pain from the nose but teeth feel very sore. Not sleeping very well as keep waking up with a mega dry mouth, so this is making me feel worse. I am looking forward to the day on Saturday when I can blow my nose and get some of this crap out.

One question, I was not told to rinse with saline as the doc gave me an antibotic cream to use, but can anyone give any advice on the rinsing please.

Thanks sure everything will be ok in the end and it will be worth it.
I started rinsing 24 hours after the bleeding stopped which was the day after the surgery. It helps a lot. I'm now 4 weeks post o,p as of tomorrow, and I'm very happy I got this done. I did just get back 15 minutes ago from the Dr. to get my nose picked clean again though due to the formation of the scabs, blood and snot that forms that doesn't rinse out. yes! there are still things that don't come out from rinsing or blowing your nose! But rinsing helps!
I just had the deviated septum surgery done 2 days ago! They didn't have to put any gauze inside my nose but they did put split to help align my septum. They also did a surgery to drain my sinuses by inserting a balloon and then inflating it to open up the passageways. Right now I can't breathe through my nose and I cough up blood. However, I've been waiting for this surgery for ever and hopefuly I can resume my daily schedule soon. I recommend this surgery to anyone who has trouble breathing due to a deviated septum, it greatly improves your life!
Septoplasty and turbinate reduction on June 7. Had a fair bit of bloody draining and pain for first week. At week 1, they took out packing, which was really uncomfortable and made be nauseous. But once it was out, could breathe better. At week 2 took out splints and breathing even better.

Now at week 4. Still feel like I have a bad head cold. Drainage and headaches diminishing but still there. Expected bloody mucus to be done by now, but not yet.

Some things that helped me:
- ice across the bridge of the nose helped the headaches and reduced bleeding.
- started nasal saline spray day after surgery
- was prescribed antibiotics and pain killers. I didn't think I needed the pain killers but was glad to have them for the first week.
- started sinus irrigation after week 1. Gave me lots of relieve and very effective and loosening up that really thick nasty mucus and getting it out.

Where I am at now:
- still some numbness at front teeth and front of nose
- still lots of congestion, but can breathe easier now
- continue to use saline spray and sinus irrigation

One thing I was surprised about was how fatigued I was for several weeks after the procedure. Also, if I exercised too much, I would get a bad head ache, feeling of plugged sinus. Expect to take it slow for a while.
I have chronic sinus infections and migraines. I am also raising my toddler twins. I feel terrible most of the time and exhausted. My ENT is the best around but I am still VERY nervous about having the balloon sinuplasty, septoplasty, and turbinate reduction surgery. I need to be back on my feet and doing well in a week. Did anyone have that experience? I do not have 6 more weeks post op to feel terrible. Suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks!

Just an update. I am 17 days post ops now and have no pain and have started to breath through my nose in the last couple of days although it is still blocked a bit.

Thanks for your advice and Janell, get it done and expect to feel bad for a couple of weeks but things get easier after that, reading some peoples post they feel better quicker so who knows.
My husband had septoplasty + bilateral turbinate reduction surgery yesterday and he is still had blood coming out of his nose.Also he coughs a bit and sometime says 'I think blood is going down the throat' , he says it cannot be a problem and get annoyed when I say it can be a problem.
Do any one of you know similar situation? i don't want to agitated him during this time that's why i asked from the experienced people.
I had septoplasty and tonsillectomy on July 14th. I feel the tonsillectomy is healing faster. The first few days after the surgery were a breeze but was on morphine and percocet for the pain. The septoplasty seems to be causing the most discomfort. I have severe sinus pressure and dizziness and difficulty breathing out of my left nostril. Is this normal? My doctor never mentioned these side affects and haven't read about them online anywhere. I have my post-op appointment in 7 more days.
I just had my surgery done on Monday. My septum was pretty screwed up and this was a revision of 1994. Unfortunately, the surgeon didn't really do what was needed the first time, so I had it redone. My septum was bent first right then left, so it was blocking both my nostrils. I also had my turbonates reduced.

Monday was a very easy day actually. My wife kept telling me that I woud be sleeping the whole day but I was wide awake. I did bleed constantly and was made to sit on the couch. The worst day was the day after surgery as it felt like I had the worst headcold yet couldn't do anything about it. I do have nasal splints but no padding. I called my doctor to find out if there was anything to do with the congestion and he said it would get easier. It is now Friday and it has indeed gotten better. Once you learn to breath out of your mouth, it isn't that bad. I am only waking up once during the night, but have not taken any pain med. It isn't because I am tough but except the congestion, I have had no pain.

I cannot wait until Tuesday and counting down like it my date with my wife. Splints removed and hopefully I can softly blow my nose and clean it out. I have been told no rinses, etc...

If anyone is looking to get this done, I would suggest it. My breathing was awful, to the point where I had a hard time reading my daughter a book because I was short of breath. I guess that is what happens when you can't breath out of either nostril. I just hope this time is the last time.
I'm 24 years old and I'm considering getting a septoplasty/rhinoplasty done soon. However, I can't seem to feel relaxed enough to actually go through with it. I'm dead scared of any risks or complications that could happen during the surgery. Can someone please tell me in full detail what they went through from start to finish? I think knowing what I'm actually getting myself into would make me feel lots better... The more details the better! thanks so much!

What actually scares you? I had no complications from the surgery and the worst part is feeling like I have a bad cold, even though I can do nothing about it. If you go in there knowing you ill be fine, then you should be ok. Don't psych yourself out of it because in the end, it could increase your chances of breathing better
I just had septoplasty done on Wed of last week and had stints and packing in. Went for my first post-op and had stints out yesterday. Thought I would actually breathe better but my head and sinuses feel more clogged than before. I feel really rough and just had no idea what to expect, recovery wise, from this surgery. My doctor never told me this would be rough for a couple weeks. I am miserable and have had little or no sleep for several days. I am going to take a melatonin and my pain meds and try to catch up on some sleep if possible! Hopefully this will easy up more in the next day or two. I still have some packing to get taken out on Friday and they did tell me that the pressure in my face and behind my eyes would alleviate afterwards. I hope this is true!:-)
I had the exact opposite results. I had no pain throuhout the week. The only issue ws the congestion on the day after surgery. Then, over the next few days, it subsided. I got my stints out yesterday and can breath btter. My right nostril is still a bit stuffy beacuse more work was needed on that side but it is a huge improvement. I did have the same surgery back i n1994 but the doctor screwed it up so bad. I am so happy with it this time. I hoe ou feel better soon Julie.
I had septo-rhinoplasty on Tuesday. The septoplasty bit was to make splints to graft in to the side walls of my nose which were collapsing. This is no worse than a severe cold, and I have been comfortable on paracetamol since leaving hospital. I didn't have to have packing or internal splints & I guess these aren't much fun, but I think some people on this site are working themselves up into a frenzy. From what I've read some of those with severe pain are probably unlucky enough to have got an infection, which should resolve with antibiotics so go back to your doctor. I had stiches at the base of my nose and plaster strap across it which are now itchy & go tomorrow. I have had some bruising on my cheeks but it is not a big deal. My nose is tender if my six year old barges into it. The worst bit was the very dry mouth on the first few days and the disgusting lumps of bloody mucus that get stuck in your throat. With saline spray these are now going and I can sometimes breath through my nose. I know things are getting better and I am confident my breathing will improve. My husband also had septoplasty a few years ago to stop endless sinus infections and recovered within 2 weeks. He has barely had any trouble with his sinuses for 5 years now. If your doctor has recommmended this operation, they don't do it for the sake of it. Stop worrying and go for it!
I had my operation over a year ago and for some reason ever since the operation I get nose bleeds. I find this weird as I never had a nose bleed before the operation. Just this morning i blew my nose and had a full on dripping nose bleed that took about 5 minutes to stop. I can have up to 3-4 little nose bleeds a week. Is this normal and what should I do about it?
I suggest you speak to your doctor about the nosebleeds Naomie. I don't think this is normal. It is most likely a small blood vessel in your nose has been damaged by the surgery. If this is the case this should be fairly easy to resolve.

To update on my previous posting, it is two weeks since my surgery and all the external bruising has gone. I didn't have splints, but I had stitches in the base of my nose. These were removed last week (which was like pulling out three giant nose hairs). The internal disolveable stiches are now coming loose, which is irritating and tickles the inside of my nose. Things are still a bit swollen inside, but I can partially breath through my nose. I am now mostly off the painkillers. I have been told all the swelling will take up to six weeks to go so am still hoping to make more progress. I am looking forward to the final result.
i had septoplasty done yesterday. the bleeding is still pretty bad. i have contacted my physician & he instructed me to put NO saline spray but only Afrin a couple puffs per nostril every 15 mins & the blood is still hard & caking up inside my nostrils. actually, i had my left nostril cut on, & my right one bleeds more... the pain gets excruciating but i have to lay in recliner & take 2 percocet 5mg & put a ziploc bag of peas or beans on my cheeks and bridge of nose. crushed ice would do but cube ice is too heavy and puts too much pressure on the nose. if done, you will fall asleep & wake up & do it all again til you feel better...
I just had this surgery done a week ago. I had a perforated septum, which means I had a hole in the nose the size of a quarter in a half. Its the biggest they have ever seen,my nose clotted and bled around five times a day for years, but wouldnt opearte since it was too dangerous and i was a smoker. I quit smoking and finally had this done. I went to a specialist Dr Jay calvert in beverly hills. I had a seven and a half hour surgery, yes you heard me right, they had to take rib cartilage to rebuild the nose. They didnt think they can close it but figured they can change the breathing to prevent clotting. He used a new teqhnique which they will soon be writing about in medical journals and it was the most successful surgery, they closed the entire hole.
(I also did neck liposuction so it should fit my face the new nose. Sine my nose was collapsing to one side.
The first two days was horrible literaly i needed to be in pearle recovery center under nurse care with demerol shots every 4 hours.
They gave me some percodan to recover and the pain subsided literally the next day so like 3 days of pain.
I had packing for 2 days and the splints removed after 5 days no pain.
The nose is swolen a week later and looks like a potato nose but its going down and looks amazing its equal and just im ecstatic.
For some reason after a week I had major insomnia and literally slept an hour in 2 days, possible from anasthesia.
The clotting is annoying since my habit for years is to remove it but I wash it out with saline and need to refrain from touching anything since the tissue is so delicate.
I will keep you updated but I should be good in two weeks
I look great and feel great.
I had a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty last saturday and i was wondering how long i should wait to play football?
An elderly female friend of mine has been advised to have this type of op, under a ''local''anesthetic because of her age...Q has anyone had experience of this? also she is afraid of viewing the op, as she will be awake! any suggestions? Thanks Jane
im on day three after surgery.
minimal pain ( i am on painkillers)

breathing through my nose is very limited so im mainly breathing through my mouth.
Splits come out in about 3 days so im just counting down to that.

its not that bad of a surgery its just quite uncomfortable for the first few days.

stick it out and i msure it will b worth it!
i had septoplasty and polyp removal on wednesday -it has been 3 days since operation- i was able to breathe the day after surger thru my nose -with the splints inside my nose but on the second day-i found i was all clogged up with blood and mucous-- and am now breathing through my mouth-which is annoying- i found a solution to this discomfort though- i took a damp wash cloth -and heated in microwave till steamy-not hot enough to burn a person -just steamy-and when held over my mouth and i breathe in through the warm wet cloth -it moistened my throat and mouth and i felt so much better-yes, being clogged up is a nuisance but it will only be a few days and splints will be removed-i am looking forward to being able to breath through my nose and am happy to have had the procedure done-i am going to take a vicoden before i do go in on wednesday to have the splints removed to hopefully make any discomfort i may have more bearable-good luck to all otheres going through this -
I had the septoplasty surgery done Sept. 17th and was sent home that evening. The surgery went great. I was in a great deal of pain fri, sat, sun, mon and tues. Tuesday afternoon, i went back to see the surgeon and he took the splints out. They were huge by the way. The size of a person's thumb. Anyway, once they were pulled out, I no longer bled and the pain was virtually gone. It has now been 1 week after surgery and I am just stuffy. I can finally breathe through my nose, about the same as I could prior to my surgery. I have to follow-up with the surgeon in 1 month and he said it will take about 2 months for me to fully recover. Overall, I am glad I had this done finally, and everything went well.
My wife had the op in Australia 5 days ago. For the first night she was still under the effects of the GA. The next 3 nights she was feeling very nauseous and vomited once, but was reaching every 30mins. Now, since losing her nauseousness yesterday, she has had an extreme continuous headache. We thought initially that it was a reaction to the GA or the codeine in the painkillers prescribed, however now that we stopped those days ago, we are stuck for an answer.
Hi everyone

I have my septoplasty booked for the end of November. Worrying so much about it, but I have battled with sinus complications my whole life and it has aggravated my asthma. I have never been able to breathe out of my nose properly. It has made a lot of things very difficult, and I'm sick at least every month. My ENT has said that this surgery will change my life.
What I'm most worried about is how much time I would have to take off work? I work at a magazine and so it's a very deadline oriented job. How long were all of you guys off work for?
I had a Septoplasty & Turbinate Reduction done yesterday to correct a breathing problem and sinus problems. No pain after it was done. Last night I got up to use the bathroom and the flood gate opened! I don't have any packing in the nose. I do have a gauze taped underneath my nose. When I took that off I had a stead solid stream of blood! Scary!! I got it stopped up at least to a trickle. Then I used ice on my nose for 10 minutes, off for 10 minutes. I did that for an hour and that took care of it. All of this at 3AM.

Today there is an occasional drop of blood but nothing to be concerned about. Still no pain and not much in the line of swelling or bruising. There is a LOT of discomfort behind my lower lip down to the gum line. There are cuts from my teeth. I think this happened when they inserted a breathing tube in me. As soon as tooth paste hit them my eyes watered up from the pain. After a very FAST washing out with water I was okay.

Besides the comments from my friends (jokes) I feel real good!
I am 12 days beyond septoplasty and turbinate reduction. I have more pain while sleeping but borrowed a wedge to place under my pillow. That is a godsend. The only pain now is when I put pressure on the nose.
I had a septoplasty done on 10/20/2010. Fixed my deviated septum and did a turbinate reduction. Immediately after the surgery it wasn't that bad. A lot of bleeding but that was to be expected. They turned a surgical mask into a nose "Sling" and put gauze on it catch the blood. Wore that for about a day and then the bleeding stopped. Since then I have been rinsing my nose out four times a day and using Afrin twice a day. (As directed)

My nose is sore to the touch which is fine because I can breathe better. Sometimes after rinsing it clogs up again but that is normal. I was told not to blow my nose but I have a few times; not forcefully though. I just close one side and breathe out normally, then do the other side. This seems to have done the trick. I have a very mild headache (almost not even a headache) and some stuffiness.

My biggest issue is with the soreness of my upper front teeth and the numbness/soreness of the roof of my mouth right behind those teeth. Damn it's annoying!!! I hate it. I'm dealing with it though. I have stents in my nose which will come out on Nov. 8th. Anyone know how long this soreness lasts. It's driving me up a wall!!

Overall I'm extremely happy with everything. For anyone debating on having it, do it! It is well worth it.!!
I had a septoplasty done 5 days ago on 10/21/2010. They fixed my deviated septum and did a turbinate reduction. My doctor does not pack the nose or use a splint. Immediately after the surgery I really didn't have much pain. Anthesia was the worst part for me and the nausea that comes along with it. A lot of initial bleeding but that was to be expected and you have a gauze bandage taped under your nose to catch the blood. Wore that for about a day and then my bleeding pretty much stopped. I did have some initial fairly intense headaches, but they seemed to have now gone away after the 4th day. I have been rinsing my nose quite often with a recommended NeilMed rinse kit and while sometimes it stings, it has really helped clear out the blood and mucous. I can totally breath better through my nose already and I am expecting as swelling continues to come down that the results potentially could be excellent. I am hoping my sinus infections become significantly fewer and far between too.
I had a septoplasty done 5 days ago on 10/21/2010. They fixed my deviated septum and did a turbinate reduction. My doctor does not pack the nose or use a splint. Immediately after the surgery I really didn't have much pain. Anthesia was the worst part for me and the nausea that comes along with it. A lot of initial bleeding but that was to be expected and you have a gauze bandage taped under your nose to catch the blood. Wore that for about a day and then my bleeding pretty much stopped. I did have some initial fairly intense headaches, but they seemed to have now gone away after the 4th day. I have been rinsing my nose quite often with a recommended NeilMed rinse kit and while sometimes it stings, it has really helped clear out the blood and mucous. I can totally breath better through my nose already and I am expecting as swelling continues to come down that the results potentially could be excellent. I am hoping my sinus infections become significantly fewer and far between too.
I had a septoplasty done 5 days ago (10/25/2010). The first day wasn't so bad but then again I was all drugged up. I've had a blocked nose since. After I rinse it out with NeilMed or Hydrasense it feels clearer, and I can breathe for a bit, then it goes right back to being full again. I've also had a terrible headache. Tyenol 3 with codeine helps with the headache but not the nose. There is still a bit of blood mixed with clear mucous coming out. I have splints in my nose which will be removed in five more days. Not sure I can last that long. The fullness and headaches are worse when I first wake up in the morning. Is it normal for my nose to be so full and sore, and the headaches, are they normal too?!?!
I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction last monday and only had to take pain relievers for two days and I get the splints removed this coming Monday. Does anyone know if it hurts to get the splints removed? Also I can breathe better already. To those people who are having done or just did get it done there is hope.
Hi having turbanate reductiona and rhinoplasty this Tuesday, and am really really nervous. I was just wondering if anyone experienced bags and puffiness around the eyes before the surgery and if so did this improve or disapear after the procedure?? Thanks
Had Septoplasty done on Monday (6 days ago) in Melbourne, Australia. Very little pain, post-op. Not breathing any better yet - too full of boogers and snot for that! No complications. No bleeding. No splints in the nose either.
Biggest issue is sleeping at night. Quite scary. Have to sleep upright. No such thing as a good nights sleep.
Did have pretty bad headaches though. Took panadeine forte for it. Helped a bit. Got bad constipation and, as soon as that was sorted out, headaches stopped instantly. (So, didn't need painkillers for the operation - just for the headaches)
I will try and remember to come back in a month or so an give an update - as that's what I came here looking for - assurance. I figure that's a good thing though, as people don't bother coming back to update if there's been no problems post-op. So, fingers crossed.
My husband is having a septoplasty done in a month close to the holidays. We would like to be able to drive to visit and recover around family soon after the surgery. I'm concerned about the bumps in the roads and vibrations bothering him. Pending his Doctors approval, would it be better to go immediately after the surgery while he is groggy and can sleep or should we wait a few days? We'd like to spend as much time with family and for him to be as comfortable as possible. Thoughts?
Hi. I had deviated septum and turbinate surgery four days ago. I had no splints - just some packing that mostly disintegrates on its own. I had nasal congestion (awful) for three days, but on the fourth day, I was able to breath better. I had slight headache and awful throat pain (from post nasal drip,) but other than that was ok. I am on antibiotics to prevent infection so I don't have to worry about that. Anyone thinking of doing this, it is really not bad at all. The first couple of days stink, but if you can get past those, you are in the clear.

My question is that I was told that I wouldn't look any different after the surgery, but I have a bump on the left side of my nose and the front of my nose on the top is definitely bigger. Is it normal to have this kind of swelling or is something wrong? I don't mean to be vain, but I was told that all swelling would be internal so I am surprised to see my nose looking like this. Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated.

I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery 6 days ago. I have splints in both nostrils in place of packing to allow for drainage of blood and mucous. I came through like a champ (in my opinion), with minimal bruising, no swelling and what I suspect to be a normal amount of bleeding. The continuous bleeding stopped after about 3 days, after which time I noticed that I no longer needed gauze under my nose - just a tissue to blot at the occasional drip of bloody mucous.

I was sent home with anti-viral drugs and enough Tylenol 3's to K.O. a rhino. The anti-viral drugs I took as directed until I had finished them 5 days later and blissfully, the pain meds I didn't need at all. No pain, just a dull ache in my front left tooth similar to what Fred had mentioned above.

Last night though (5 days after surgery day), while sitting at the computer, I leaned forward a bit too far in the wrong direction and suddenly it seemed that Niagara Falls was relocated to the inside of my skull. I was bleeding more than I had originally noticed immediately after the surgery. It had started streaming out my left nostril and going down my throat and in my mouth. Not a lovely experience, by any means. Of course, it being a Saturday, I couldn't call my doctor, so I shoved some gauze up my nostril to catch the blood going out front and the best solution I could come up with to stop the bleeding was to tilt my head back at a 45 degree angle. After intermittent bouts of hocking up pretty significant amounts of fresh blood and trying to chill out as much as possible, the bleeding slowed to a trickle and eventually stopped.

I phoned TeleHealth (a 24-hour number provided to residents of Ontario) about 3 hours into the bleeding. By that time, I had figured out the best angle for my head and the bleeding had pretty much stopped completely. The nurse I spoke to mentioned that if the bleeding continued and if I couldn't help but swallow it, it would be best to go to emergency at the hospital to see if they could help. Fortunately, it never got to that point.

So, just a heads up - head tilted back worked for my bleeding, in case anyone else runs into that down the road after surgery. All things considered, I think things went pretty well and once I get my splints removed next week, I'm looking forward to some long overdue nose-breathing.
Cindy - I would suggest that you think long and hard about having surgery. I had rhinoplasty done 5 months ago and have been miserable ever since. I never had breathing problems until after my rhinoplasty. Immediately following my surgery, i had a huge chunk of cartilage drooping into my left nostril. I have had virtually no airflow in that nostril since. Long story short - diagnosis is external valve collapse, internal valve collapse and deviated septum. Yes that is right - i had a severely deviated septum that presented no problems until my nose was narrowed. You would hope that a surgeon of the caliber i went to would clearly see the deviation and address it at the time of the open rhinoplasty. But that didn't happen. Five months of hell and now i have to have a septoplasty and grafts placed so that i might "improve" my breathing. I've been told that i will never breathe the way i did before surgery. I know this is the exception - most people will never experience these issues, but just take the time to weigh your options. Constantly having to breathe through your mouth is horrible. Eating takes twice as long because you have to breathe and eat out of your mouth. When you wake up in the morning, your mouth feels like the Sahara desert. It seriously feels like your mouth is cracking as you try to generate enough saliva to actually swallow. My new surgeon has told me that complications due to rhinoplasty surgery are grossly underreported. Be informed. Also, please take this advice "with a grain of salt" - my bad experience is not necessarily indicative of what could happen to you. Good Luck!
I've been looking for a site in which I could give my input on my experience with the recent septoplasti surgery I just had a couple weeks ago. First off let me say that I was so nervous about the surgery, especially since I read so many negative experiences about the septoplasti exprience. I'm sure the overall experience is different for each person. However, I must say I was so irritated at all the loud mouths that were either lying about their experience or were just completely over exagerating about the pain. Maybe I had the best doctor in the world for I could not imagine a surgery going so perfect. Another thing I must add is that I had no packing or splits after the surgery just bandages under my nostrils. This was my first surgery ever and within a couple minutes of me waking up from the anesthesia, I was amazed that I could actually breath better than I had in 20 years. There was some pain at first but they gave me pain killers right away and that I continued to take for a week. The whole time I was on pain killers I never experienced any pain. However, I didn't go messing with my nose or touching or banging it into things either. I was patient and I let my nose heal. I was amazed at what little to no pain there was. On top of that I took antibiotics for 10 days so my surgery wounds in my nose would not get infected. They never did. Almost 3 weeks later and I'm about 100 percent healed. This is the one of the best things that I've done for I can breath better, sleep better and I simply feel better. I wish I would have gotten this done years ago. I was just used to not breathing properly from my nose and therefore I just lived with it. All in all the surgery was one of the best things I've ever done. I arrived at the hospital on a thursday at 7:30 in the morning and was out by 11:30 the same morning. 4 hours later I was done and eating lunch at 12:30. I was back at work that monday after a weekend of just relaxing and not overdoing anthing. Allow a few weeks for a complete healing. I guess I can compare the aftermath of the surgery to the feeling and inconvenience of having a mild upper respiratory infection that lasts for a few weeks.
I am 16 and about to have the surgery on the 17th Dec. And am really really nervous, can anyone tell me if it hurts? and should i be worried?
And if there is anything that i should prepare myself for? And what to expect??
dont worry it doesnt hurt. they put you out. your nose is really sensitive afterwords. i had it done this morning and am experience severe blockage in both nostrils. have to breath out my mouth. its a nightmare and makes me really dehydrated. i dont know how im going to sleep tonight.
Hi, Now being 6 months post op has the surgery made a significant difference? I have it done in less than three weeks, and am having second thoughts... Thanks for your input. Deb
I had Septoplasty and Tonsillectomy both done on Dec 2. It was extremely hard to get any sleep for the first 5 nights. I slept in 5 different chairs to try and stay upright since both my mouth and nose were sore. But sleeping now is a little easier on a bed for the first time last night. I had no packing but did have two splints that will be removed today. The worst part for me was the headaches/migraines. Since I already got them before the surgery, I knew they would be a problem. They sent me home with some good pain meds which I stopped taking for the pain yesterday (was making me groggy).

Things are sore but not too bad right now. However, I might not suggest doing both at the same time since it was extremely hard to breathe and keep your mouth from getting completely dry. I could sometimes breathe out my nose but this was hit and miss depending on the amount of blockage. I have not cleaned out the nose with anything, just clean on the base when things come out. Will see what the doctor says today after he takes the splints out.
I had my septoplasty done 5 days ago now. I also had a tonsilectomy & palatoplasty surgery done at the same time. The surgeon had hoped to use a dissolvable gel packing after my surgery, but due to the amount of bleeding, he had to use ordinary packs. I had to have 2 packs in the right side of my nose (The part in which breathing was so badly obstructed) & 1 pack in the left hand side. The hospital removed these packs at 9am the next morning after the surgery. It was NOT pleasant, there was extensive bleeding after the packs were removed, & I had to have ice on the back of my neck & on the bridge of my nose & the nurse had to pinch my nose shut for a long time to stop the flow of blood, finally after an hour or so, the blood flow reduced enough to let me home, but did not totally stop for 3 days. Removing the packing is painful whilst it is being removed but immediate relief once it is out. About 2 days after surgery I was able to VERY gently blow my nose to relieve some of the running mucous which was a God Send! I have relatively little pain in my nose, just a feeling of pressure at the top of the nose near the bridge of the nose, but it doesn't actually hurt or affect me much. I am wary about touching my nose or fiddling with it too much & I do not recommend having the 3 surgeries done together, as the blood & mucous that goes down the back of your throat from your nose makes you cough & I cannot tell you how painful that is after tonsilectomy & palatoplasty. Overall, of the 3 ops, the septoplasty has caused me the least problems & already I can breathe better through my nose, although it is blocked, it is not completely blocked so there is no air movement at all, which is how it was before! I cannot tell you what a relief it is to be able to breathe through my nose properly, even with it being blocked. Breathing was just fine, with all the surgeries done together & I spent just one night in hospital. Although I won't lie, even breathing after tonsilectomy & palatoplasty hurts a LOT. My advice is, if you have the surgeries done together, make sure you get proper pain relief before you leave the hospital & demand to see the consultants if the nurses are unhelpful (as in my case)...Also, do not try to eat bread, or toast or anything except very liquid-y items after the surgery for quite a while, even though the nurses suggest you do, they are wrong & you will cause bleeding & untold excruciating pain. The most important thing is to drink & make sure you drink even though it does hurt like hell & the liquid does seem to want to go up your nose when you try & swallow it. Ice pop's work a treat if you really can't drink very much. Also try tilting your head back to reduce the liquid trying to go up your nose when you swallow, works for me.
I had my septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction 2 days ago on an outpatient basis. I don't remember but the nurse said when they brought me to recovery I started ripping the bandaging off my face, trashing and trying to get up and leave requiring three nurses and a sedative to hold me down! I will be really hurts! I have needed to steadily take Vicodin and it only offers relief for an hour or two. I am still seeping blood, mostly from my left nostril. The splints come out in 5 days. I am not allowed to blow my nose and have had quite a bit of discharge running into the back of my throat, making it very sore (along with the dryness from having to breathe though my mouth). Cold compresses to my face and the bridge of my nose have been helpful and I am drinking alot to stay hydrated. I would say I am slowly making progress. The goal is to ultimately reduce/elimate recurrant left ear infections, create freer breathing, and eliminate headaches (I had a septal spur). I sure hope this will all be worth it!
I had my septoplasty on Monday (Now Sunday) in the morning and was home by 6:00. My nose was packed and the packing was removed the following morning. Removal is painful, be sure to take a pain pill prior to going to the Doctor's office, then don't drive with the pill. I took one pain pill at the hospital after the surgery and one the following morning. Otherwise I have taken one tylenol at night before going to bed. The pain has not been bad.
I have splints in my nose until Friday. One of the follow up activities is to flush the nose out with saline solution, ie. NeilMed has a terrific product for doing so. I should have started doing this with my sinus infections. It feels funny/uncomfortable when you use it, but it helps a lot. I am doing it once every 2 hours during the day. Even with the splints in and the remaining stuffiness I can breathe better than before the surgery.
I will be back to work tomorrow.

It seemed to take forever. The nurses were very encouraging saying that I was doing really well during the removal! Although probably a panacea comment, it still helped no less! I also asked to see the packing to which the nurse asked me if I had a strong problem there. Honestly though, I was shocked to see that each packing must have been approx. 40cm long! How'd they get all that up there? Wow! Instant relief when they'd removed the packing though!

Had a full breakfast at 7am. Eggs, bacon, cereal, toast, fruit, yoghurt and apple juice. Ate it all!

Was discharged about 10.45am and I went straight home (driven by my wife). I was given antibiotics to take twice a day, panadeine forte if the panadol didn't work, and a spray bottle of saline solution to irrigate 3 times a day. Still wasn't in any pain, except for a little discomfort in my nostrils. Although I was tired, I still couldn't sleep. It's now 8.40pm the day after surgery and I'm going to try sleeping in about an hour (after I watch Sons of Anarchy - great show BTW!).

I have been getting bloody/mucous discharge from both nostrils, plus some running into the back of my throat which I‘ve been spitting out (not comfortable doing it, but it needs to be done). Have been using the gauze intermittently but the tape to hold it on is too sticky and it feels like its pulling the top layer of my skin off when I remove it. Very uncomfortable to say the least. So, I've been wiping with a tissue. I can breathe a little through my nose but I'd say that it's too early to tell. My nostrils are hurting a little. I want to blow my nose but I can’t.

Importantly, my surgeon said he was very happy with the operation and that all went well. I don't expect any complications. He said I could go back to work in 10 days and that's also when I could blow my nose hard too. I'm booked to go to Thailand on Jan 4th so I hope to be sufficiently recovered by then. With summer here, he said I could go swimming in seawater immediately but to wait a couple weeks to swim in a chlorinated pool. I go back for a checkup in late January.

Will report back as I progress.
My word count was originally too long so I had to split the post up: for some reason the second half posted first. Sorry for that.

I'm 39 and had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction (both nostrils) last night at approximately 5pm (in Melbourne Australia). I believe the surgery took approximately 60 minutes.

I was very impressed with the operating theatre at Cabrini Brighton - it was all state of the art equipment, bright and very well organised and presented. Have been in a few operating theatres and this by far was the nicest. The hospital in general was also very modern and nice.

Before the operation, I was asked to take two panadol and a medication to lower blood pressure, While the anaesthetist said I had excellent (low) blood pressure, he told me it was better to operate when the patient had artificially induced lower blood pressure (reduces the extent of bleeding), plus it helped lowed patient anxiety prior to the operation.

The anaesthetist, ENT and the entire operating room staff were exceptionally friendly and made me feel very comfortable and at ease with the surgery. Answered all my questions.

I came to in the recovery room. The nurses were surprised that I was responsive quite quickly. I wasn't in any pain (no doubt they gave me pain medication intravenously), and they then wheeled me into my room after what seemed about 30 mins. The surgeon has packed my nose and they'd taped gauze under my nose as well (no splints) and that did feel strange. I had an internal septoplasty so they thankfully didn't have to cut across the base of my nose. All stitches were internal.

I went back to sleep and must have woken around 9pm. I remember that I had a severe horrible taste in my mouth and realised it must gave been from the anaesthetic they'd soaked the nasal packing in. It really tasted like drinking Dettol straight out the bottle. The nurse gave me a drink of water which while it helped with my thirst, it didn't really help with the bad taste! A mint didn't either. Made it worse in fact, so don't take a mint. I strongly, strongly recommend that you take some butterscotch lollies with you - although I didn't have any, it would have been perfect!

I hadn't eaten since 8.30am and was very hungry. I was given a sandwich cut into 4 which I quickly ate. The apple juice they gave me was fantastic. What was the best though was when I asked if they had ice cream, and they brought me a small cup of vanilla ice cream. The gentleman in the room with me who also had the same procedure also had ice cream and was so thankful that I'd suggested it. What a relief the ice cream was!

The nurses woke us up at 12am and 3.30am to take our temperature, change the gauze and check blood pressure, plus change saline drips when needed. Still had the bad taste in my mouth which made it a little difficult to sleep, but the nurse gave us more ice cream each time we were awake! Again, hurrah for the ice cream - it was a savior!

At 6am, we were woken and the nurse then put ice pillows behind our necks and on our throats, plus given two panadol and some anti-nausea medicine. 30 minutes later, the nurse removed the packing. I can't say that this experience particularly hurt, but it was odd feeling, uncomfortable and made my eyes water a lot.
Update to earlier post: 1 week post up septoplasty/bilateral turbinpolasty. I had my splints out today and what a relief!! Given how sore my nose still is I was prepared for the worst with the splint removal, and though highly uncomfortable the pain was minor (I still had to lay back for a few minutes after, having worked myself up so much before, those splints were huge!) I can already breathe better than I was ever able to before the surgery! I will do my first Nielmed sinus rinse in a bit and have been instructed to continue this twice a day. I have one more day of antibiotics. This last week was much more intense than I had expected. I am envious of those who said they had little or no pain. The first three days I was on narcotic pain meds continuously and basically felt like I had been whacked in the face with a 2 by 4! Top that off with the sore throat from the drainage and mouth breathing and not sleeping well due to all of the above. I am so glad the week is over, but am already happy I had the surgery!
Well, it's now Friday night and I had the septoplasty and unilateral turbinectomies on Monday afternoon. The first two nights were hard to sleep, and I am really sick and tired of hucking up bloody mucous! Have been using the 'Fess' saline spray 3-4 times a day as recommended, but can't see that it's helping. In anything, it's just an uncomfortable feeling when the saline drips down your nose.

I have been gently blowing my nose since Wednesday and that really helps (mostly just lightly-blood stained mucous now). Have been very tired and crappy-feeling. On Wednesday I slept from 2pm - 8.30pm. Today I felt really cranky and short tempered. At night I've been taking the prescribed Panadeine Forte but I don't like the way it makes me feel (like it's messing with my head). Back to 2 x Panadol every 4 hours and that helps. Breathing has improved, but it still feels like I have a heavy head cold.

My wife was a little disillusioned when she told me that I was still snoring. Well duh, it's only been 5 days since surgery's gonna take some time for me to recover!
Septoplasty and Tubunate reduction 4days ago. First three days were the worst, spent most of it unconscious pumped up on percocet. face swelled up like a balloon- honestly didn't think my face could get any rounder. doctor removed the splinters yesterday- have no idea how something so huge could be placed inside my nose. Like so many others I do experience the left side of my nose is blocked and am still sleeping sitting upright. Until the the splinters were removed breathing was very difficult and had a major sore throat from the breathing tube. Right now I'm only taking regular tylenol during the day and only one percocet at night to help sleep. still feels like there is a lot of sinus pressure. Used the saline rinse this morning- coughed up some nasty dried blood and mucus. cannot blow my nose but its annoying that it keeps running and i cannot do anything other than just hold a kleenex to it to soak up the mucus. go back next week for another check up and more suction. hopefully all the congestion is gone soon! to whomever decides to do this- do it when you're younger and be prepared for a uncomfortable first few days. on the plus side my boyfriend now states that i sound like a wind tunnel instead of a wheezing mouse like before =)
I had a tonsillectomy/septoplasty/adenoidectomy/sinus surgery/turbinate reduction yesterday. I feel awful right now, my mom was given instructions but she doesn't remember much. I just hate it when the people in charge of you are so useless. She bought me a saline nasal spray because she was supposedly told to get it. When can I start using it and how often?
I had my septoplast/turbinoplasty 2 1/2 weeks ago and my nose is still really sore to the touch. The pain seems to get worse with cold air, as the day goes on, or the more tired I am. Taking acetaminophen for this as needed. I am using the nasal irrigation twice daily as directed by my ENT, saline spray several times during the day and am now gently blowing my nose. I don't have a follow up with him until Jan 12. (The Nurse Practioner took the splints out). My aftercare intructions said nasal stuffiness may persist for 2-4 weeks after surgery. I still have some minor congestion (though WAY better than before the surgery). Just wondering from others who have had this done how long the pain/sensitivity in my nose will last!
My ENT said to use the saline spray as often as needed up to 8 times a day. They gave me a couple bottles to take home and I had one with me at all times! I sarted using it the day after surgery. I also found that cold compresses applied gently to my nose helped with the pain. I had two and I was constantly rotating them. Hopefully your holiday wasn't too miserable!
I am 64 and 4weeks post-op. Should have done this 50years ago as I could not breath out of my right side. I was expecting a lot worse and pleasantly surprised it went so well. Yes,there is discomfort and sleeping in a chair for 2days. Biggest problem was recovering from the General Anethesia. Use the saline spray, it makes a difference. I pulled out the packing myself after soaking it with the saline and it came out with no pain or problem. Felt great getting it out. No bleeding after the first day and did not need the OCCY for pain. Could breath through both sides after removing the packing. Use the saline spray and switch to a saltwater spray 3 or 4 times a day as soon as you can tolerate, it really helps and opens the passages as it reduces the swelling. Also gargle with saltwater to ease the sore throat from nasal dripping, allows you to sleep at night. Definetly worth the initial pain to be able to breath out of both sides. If you need it, do not hesitate. Good luck!
Thanks Gina, I am using a saline spray now. I had a rhinoplasty 2 years ago and was told to use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and to apply it with a cotton swab. I've been using both the hydrogen peroxide and the saline spray. I am going to have my splints removed in a few hours, six days after the surgery, not to thrilled about it. The tonsillectomy is unbearable compared to the septoplasty. Remember that no matter how much it hurts afterwards these surgeries are worth it!
I am 64 and 4weeks post-op. Should have done this 50years ago as I could not breath out of my right side. I was expecting a lot worse and pleasantly surprised it went so well. Yes,there is discomfort and sleeping in a chair for 2days. Biggest problem was recovering from the General Anethesia. Use the saline spray, it makes a difference. I pulled out the packing myself after soaking it with the saline and it came out with no pain or problem. Felt great getting it out. No bleeding after the first day and did not need the OCCY for pain. Could breath through both sides after removing the packing. Use the saline spray and switch to a saltwater spray 3 or 4 times a day as soon as you can tolerate, it really helps and opens the passages as it reduces the swelling. Also gargle with saltwater to ease the sore throat from nasal dripping, allows you to sleep at night. Definetly worth the initial pain to be able to breath out of both sides. If you need it, do not hesitate. Good luck!
It is day 10 and I can finally speak. I still have to take pain medicine for my tonsils. I had my splints removed a couple days ago and what a relief. So far I'm breathing the same, hopefully when the swelling goes down I'll be able to breath out my right nostril. If not I'm going to feel very disappointed.
I had Septoplasty/Sinuplasty 3 days ago. Things are going pretty well. I have splints, no packing. My biggest problem is this dang dried blood in each nostril. It's like a solidified lava flow. I'm doing the saline spray throughout the day, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. I am so tempted to pick them out.

Any ideas on how to get rid of them?
I just realized that what I have been touching, and thinking is dried blood is probably the splint. Didn't figure it to be that big.

I am 28 yrs old and in 3 weeks i am going to get my tonsils removed and fixed my deviated septum, as part of my research i find most people talking on how bad their recovery is from one or the other, I was wondering, How bad has it been for any of you you had both operations done the same day? How were you able to take your meds? How did you eat enough that your stomach was not upset with the drugs? Is the pain so bad you cant think??? I am looking at it in a positive way but man Am I nervous and jumpy about it? How you control the bleeding adding the bleeding from your throat with the nose?
I had a septoplasty/turbanite reduction done on 12/27. So I'm 10 days post op right now. Surgery itself i was nervous about but it wasn't bad AT ALL. They put you to sleep which is actually pretty fun. I made sure to research just about every doctor that my insurance covered online until i found someone who was dual certified (ENT & facial plastic surgeon) AND who had great reviews. After talking with him he said he has performed over 3,000 of these surgeries so i felt comfortable. First couple days were annoying, have to breath through mouth and that dries the throat pretty quick so not much sleep. 12/29 i had the packing taking out which didn't hurt just uncomfortable, take a pain med before going. Little bleeding and mucous, little swelling of nose, no bruising. swelling was gone in about a week. I suggest taking a full 2 weeks off of everything just to be safe, but 5 days minimum. I can breath sooo well right now it's awesome. post any questions i'll try an answer the best i can.
Hey all,

I had septo-rhinopsty nearly 2 weeks ago. I was in hospital for 24 hours, took a few hours to recover from anaethetic, felt a bit nausious but was fine.
Had my packs taken out the morning after which has been the most uncomfortable bit so far slightly painful and uncomforatble but not too bad.
Had runny stick stuff from nostils for about 9 days best thing for this i kept cleaning it out with hot water and flannel everytime it woke me up.
Was really tired for first few days and couldn't do much or eat much, couldn't fit anything larger than a small spoon in my mouth and my roof of mouth and two front teeth were numb went after 8 or so days.
Had stitches out after 7 days slightly nipped but wasn't painful, scar was noticeable but used bio oil and cant hardly see it any more.
Had swelling after day 4/5 and my face was huge but used ice packs and it went down after a couple of days, didn't really get much bruising.
Running has stopped now and just a bit of crusted mucus but not bad. All the bad stuff has gone and breathin feels better.
Getting splint and inside plastic splints taken off in over a day and looking forward to it. Just really itchy with th cast on more than anything now.

Thats all i can say about my experience and what help. Its horrible having to sleep upright and on back but best for swelling and breathing.

Good luck with all your procedures and hope this info has helped.

I had my five week follow up for septoplasty/turbinoplasty with my ENT today. I thought it would be a simple appointment, but was concerned because I was still quite congested in my left nostril. Turns out I had a large scab in there. My ENT numbed and scoped my nose so I was able to see it on the large tv screen on the wall (yuck!). So, after he suctioned it out (uncomfortable), he found that underneath it was a band of scar tissue. More numbing of my nostril and he cut the scar tissue out (3 snips, hurt!). I was seeping blood again for a few hours after, just did a nasal rinse but am breathing much better now! He said there is a slight chance the scar tissue could grow back in which case I will have to go under again to have it permanently removed...I go back in two weeks for another appoint. I am wondering if this (scar tissue removal) is a common occurance after septoplasty?
Ouch Gina that sounds painful. I went back to my ENT 3 weeks after the surgery and I told him that I had a lot of congestion and bad odor. He told me it was crusting and used some long tweezers and pulled out a ball of mucus from each nostril. The right nostril had green mucus in it. He prescribed mupirocin ointment and now I can breathe better. I don't even think he removed the adenoids, I should've asked him because I looked online at my insurance website and it said tonsillectomy without adenoidectomy. I did have a turbinate reduction so I think that has also helped me with the breathing at night. I can finally breathe thoroughly at night (no more drooling). Swallowing is so much easier now! My ENT told me to come back in 3 weeks, I asked him if it was necessary and he told me that only if I feel like I'm having trouble breathing or if my infection hasn't gotten better. If you are wondering what a tonsillectomy and septoplasty surgeries are like together let me just say that it is not all that bad. Yes the tonsillectomy is quite uncomfortable because every time you swallow the muscles contract, but ice and medication will help with that. The septoplasty is actually not bad at all, although when done along with a tonsillectomy it is more uncomfortable because you cannot breathe with your nose. It is best to do both procedures at the same time, because then you will only have to be anesthetized once.
The following is what I posted somewhere else, but anyways it explains what my experience was like.

I previously had a rhinoplasty a year and a half ago, I still could not breathe through my right nostril. I went to an ENT and he not only recommended a septoplasty but also a tonsillectomy. He told me that he would also remove my adenoids and make my turbinates smaller so that I could breathe much better. Well the day of the surgery everything went fine, painless iv and I felt drunk within 10 seconds. The anesthesiologist walked me to the operating room and I laughed just at the thought of not being able to walk or speak clearly. I was asked my name and birth date and was instantly gone. Next thing I know is I can hear voices and I do realize that the surgery is over, whoa. For some strange reason I was kinda moaning and crying ow quietly repeatedly. My eyes were tearing, they asked me If I wanted some pain medication, yes, I pleaded. I think it was an exaggeration to be crying, I was probably just confused. They gave me spoonfuls of popsicle and in about 40 minutes I went home.

Okay make sure you have a humidifier at all times, keeping the throat moist will lessen the pain and prevent any bleeding. Take your pain medication every 4-6 hours at the onset of pain. Keep your head elevated and chew crushed ice. Remember to eat soft foods for the next 2 weeks, anything abrasive can cause bleeding and send you to the emergency room. My throat bleed on the fourth night and I was able to stop it by applying an ice pack and chewing more ice. Make sure you have someone responsible to help you for the first 5 days.

Foods I recommend: popsicles, gelatin, baby food, mashed potatoes, ice cream (after 7 days), and pudding. Avoid hot food and acidic food.

I had my splints removed on day 6, the discomfort is very subtle and mild. I have a tendency to freak out and cry, so today my ENT removed one stitch in each nostril, that part was completely painless but the next was not. Next, the splints were removed, it really is not painful unless you think about it being painful. I go back in two weeks for another revision. I feel really great now that the splints are out, because I can immediately breath through my nose (though it is still very swollen inside). You can begin cleaning the nose the day after your surgery using a cotton swab and neosporin. I asked my doctor about using hydrogen peroxide and he told me not to. You can also use a saline spray but only up to 4 times a day is recommended. Do not blow your nose until the splints are removed and do this very gently. Also, do not blow your nose hard for a few weeks, a medium blow after 2 weeks won't hurt you.

The tonsils will appear white for some time until the scabs fall off, that hasn't happened with me yet. The uvula will be really swollen right after the surgery but will go down in week. Remember that no matter the discomfort and pain these surgeries are worth it!
I had nasal/sinus surgery 9 days ago. This included septoplasty, trimmed turbinates and removal of a few nasal polyps. Like most people, I dealt with the dry mouth and mouth breathing before the packing was removed but really wasnt having any pain. However, after the packing was removed I started having terrible aching in my upper front teeth on the side my nasal insicion is located. Its frustrating for me because I am scheduled to return to work in 2 days and cant be taking narcotics. My antibiotic is finished, am wondering if this is from "trauma" caused by the removal of the packings. Any input is greatly appreciated!
Hello, so it's been 3 weeks since my septoplasty/sinuplasty. Things are going okay except for the congestion and what really concerns me is the stuff I'm blowing out of my nose. I'm just hoping it's normal...maybe someone can fill me in. It's kind of sickening, but it's scabs and looks like blood clots and brown crap. Anyone have any input? Hope I didn't gross you out.
7 weeks post-op and procedure # 2 is now sheduled. 2 weeks ago my doctor removed a band of scar tissue which had grown between the turbinate and septum with local anesthetic in the office (very uncomfortable). For 2 or 3 days after my nose was wonderfully open, but it soon started beccoming congested again. Yesterday nasal endoscopy revealed that the band of scar tissue had reformed. So, I have to be put under general anesthetic again to have it cut out and have some type of plastic sheeting sutured in to keep the surfaces separated. I am pretty disappointed here!
Hi, I had septoplasty with the turbinate reduction done 5 days ago. The splints come out in 4 days. I was wondering how bad it is when they take out the splints and what they do? I had alot of pain after the surgery until the next day when the packing came out then it was a little better. I have a terrible time with dryness though and use the saline spray alot. Not much bleeding after the packing was out. Just that the sutures feel like barbed wire sticking out on the inside of my nose. In all I'd say its not bad and worth it. Looking forward to being splint-free but anxious about the removal process.
I had septoplasty and turbinates removed this past Thursday. I was scheduled to have the splints removed this coming Thursday but the doctor said to come in today or tomorrow to have them removed to alleviate some of the symptoms I've been calling about.

I'm afraid my septum will not heal properly if taken out too soon.

Does anyone know the length of time splints should remain in your nose after surgery?
Has anyone had this procedure to correct constant migraines? I have read about this being able to correct migraines due to a deviated septum triggering them. I have suffered from
horrific headaches around the eyes and sinus, without the sinus's being affected for years and it all started after a bad punch to the nose in middle-school. I have been given different things for my headaches even chiropractic care, all of which do nothing for my insane migraines. When I get them I just want to die, the pain is so bad that my body shakes and I vomit. So I wanted to see if anyone had this surgery to correct there headaches and if it worked? Thank you.
I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery done the 2nd February, and was sent home the same day. The left tampon didn't work properly, so despite it being a successful surgery, I was throwing up a lot of blood I'd swallowed and was generally feeling very sick for two days until I returned to the hospital. The plan was for the tampons to be removed, but once they removed the left one, it bled so much they had to insert another one. It was the worst thing I've ever done, and I'll probably remember all the blood all over myself, the doctor, the nurse and the bucket for the rest of my life, but it worked, and the bleeding stopped and I stopped being ill. They removed the tampons a few days later, and after that, everything's been going very well. I had almost no pain, and already after a few days, I could breathe fairly good. I'm looking forward for breathing and smelling to get even better, though. It still surprises me whenever I smell something. The only thing I'm negative about is the information I've received from the hospital. If I hadn't found this site before my surgery, I wouldn't know anything about what to expect, because they either didn't tell me anything, or everyone had different advices.
Had my septoplasty done on Feb 7. Packing was removed 2hrs after the surgery. Very uncomfortable but nurse said I "aced" it and could be a model for a video on the procedure! Well, since then I have had minimal pain but feel like I have a MAJOR sinus infection. Wish I had found this site prior to having the surgery. I probably would not have had it done so maybe better I didn't see it first. The best thing I have gotten from this is that I appear to have average results to most here. Yes, ugly mucous and constant post nasal drip. Using the neti-pot really helps. I feel so good when I can see the "goop" coming out. I believe I could have done better if I had been younger (I am 60) I still can't say that the surgery was worth it. Hopefully in the next week or so, things will be "normal" whatever that is.
I had sinus surgery (FESS) and septoplasty on the 17th Feb (10 days ago)
Today I am feeling horrible, I can breathe through my nose but it feels like its always running, I have a headache and my nose is aching. Every night since the surgery I have woken up to mucus-y blood at the back of my throat (gross I know). I slept elevated on my lounge for about 4 nights after surgery and then I couldn't take it anymore,... I had to get proper sleep in my bed!
I have been doing regular irrigations with the saline solution, and after a couple of days of no blood, today I got a big hard clot out of my nose, (sorry.. graphic and gross). Today I feel like I have a head cold. I am certainly glad I can breathe through my nose though, I think the first couple of days of not being able to breathe through your nose has to be the worst, although the pain wasn't as bad as it is now on the 10th day. I had finished my antibiotics on the 6th day so I'm not sure if I should really be getting a repeat.
my father had this surgey 6 weeks ago and is now suffering with severe, migrain like, headaches, is this normal? thank you
I had the surgery February 10. It was a nightmare not being able to breathe through my nose. I had anxiety also but my husband talked me down, thankfully. My gums and teeth still hurt and I want to cut my nose off my face. I'm sure it's from the swelling inside of my nose. I was prepared for 2 -3 weeks of misery, but this is getting old. Tomorrow we see the Doc.
considering getting septoplasty done as my septum is deviated to the right. have had trouble breathing through my nose for years and fluid seems to drain down the back of my throat instead of out of my nose.

not to sound vain, but has anyone who's had the operation noticed any difference to the appearence of their nose in any way? (obviously after the swelling has gone)

thanks in advance
Hi, I had my septoplasty done 20 days ago. I only had nose packing which was removed the following day (it hurts alot, but the pain subsides quickly). I bled alot for the first week, had to go around carrying a moist towel and a klinex box everywhere (to clean the blood, NOT to blow the nose). The nose was not bruised, only swollen but that goes away in about a week. The nose itself didn't hurt that bad, it just felt like it was kicked hard. I was prescribed T3's but didn't take them because I needed to study (ANY university students, i do not recommend you get this done during reading/spring break or christmas holidays, because studying will be extremely uncomfortable).

I would say the worst thing, is that you can't breathe through your nose and your mouth gets dry and sore, so i literally could not sleep for 3 days due to my throat hurting so bad. I found that having a humidifier in your room helps alot, also, placing a moist towel over your mouth while breathing through it helps. I ate jello for the first 3 days because it relieved the soreness of my throat, drinking extremely cold water was also painful, so i just drank water that was slightly cold, and gatorade. I was told to drink a lot of water to get rid of the blood in my throat ( there was always always alot of blood there, sooo annoying)

Now on day 20, i can breathe mostly, but my right nostril still gets plugged and gives me headaches. I've been excercising lately and have found that i am extremelyyy tired and my nose gets even more plugged.

My main concern now is that my teeth/gums are hurting (all of them), when i bend my head down or up, not when i am standing normally. Has this happened to anyone?

Other than that the surgery went great! and i can notice the difference in how much air i can get through my nose (when it isnt plugged) amazing, feels great. Goodluck to anyone that is getting this done. Hope my suggestions help.
I broke my nose 2 weeks ago and have just been diagnosed with septum deviation in the posterior area , ie. bone and cartilage deviation. I work very hard lifting furniture and have asked my surgeon here in spain if i can leave this opertation for 6 to 7 months. My nose is broken in 3 places. My main worry, is if this opertion is left for this amount of time, would this cause a) complications or b) more post operative pain

please advise urgently thankyou.

Jacqueline osborn
i am goin for a septoplasty due to a deviated septum, i am scared about the packing they put in your nose after the operation... can anyone tell me how long the packing is in for and how long it is untill i will be able to breath through my nose.. thanks Mel
Could anyone tell me if they had pre operative tests that included blood tests prior to septoplasty which my son will be having next week. We went to have pre-operative tests today but it did not include blood work. He just filled in a general questionnaire about his health and they took weight and blood pressure. My son is 22 and has never had an operation or general anesthetic. I think I am more worried than he is. I will not show him this website as I have read some stories which might make him apprehensive. But it is helping me to prepare to help him. So thank you everyone for sharing your stories.
I had septoplasty on March 4th (Friday) and the splints were removed on Monday the 7th. I was told they don't pack the nose anymore. This adds to the pain and discomfort. The overall pain was minimal. Lots of drainage though. I've been doing a saline rinse for four weeks now and its great especially since everything is in bloom and my allergies are kicking in. I did notice a foul odor from my breath on the 28th about 3 weeks after surgery. I believe it's coming from the mucuos/blood still draining from my nose. Anybody had this bad breath post surgery?? Overall, I'm so glad I got the surgery. I can breath so much better and I don't snore as often or as loud as I use to. Surgery is highly recommended!!
I am 9 days out of having septoplasty for a very diviated septum, I had alot of discomfort in the first 4days and the bleeding was pretty bad and having the dressing around the front of my nose for nearly week was fun,but that has all eased now with the exception of touching my nose that hurts in my top teeth. The only thing I am having a few issues accepting is I still cant breath from the right side of my nose which was why I had this op, is this normal? I have read alot of the comments people have written from their op's and no one has really mentioned how long after they could breath better except some who were able to nearly immediatly, any help would be wonderful as I am starting to worry..
I had septoplasty and columnplasty (think thats right) on Weds last week (6th April). My septum was badly deviated from birth and the column between nostrils didn't actually cover the septum as they were bent in opposite directions. I had a general anasthetic for the first time and it was all fine - at the pre op tests they just did the weight, height and general medical questionnaire and tested for MRSA. After the op the packing/wadding was taken out before I left the hospital (went into theatre at 3.15pm and left at 7.30pm)and it wasn't very painful more an uncomfortable strange feeling. Not too much bleeding just a bit of a runny nose which made it seem like there was more blood than there actually was. I was sick once after I stood up to try and get dressed but apperently they had given me morphine during the op which can cause some people to vomit. I was out of sorts/sleepy/woozy up until Friday evening but then have been fine since. Very stingy sore and tender to touch - swollen slightly but can breath through both nostrils now. think it might be a bit more tender as they have cut and moved my column as well so that is stiched to the newly positioned septum. I am not sure if the bend in my nose has been fixed as it is still swollen but I think it is still partially there and without a full rhinoplasty specific plastic surgery procedure the surgeons will just do what is necessary to make your airways clear and leave your nose looking much like it was to start with. As my surgeon said at the assesment 'don't be bringing me pictures of Claudia Schiffer and asking for a different nose as I won't be doing anything to the appearance of it, just fixing the breathing!'.Overall not bad just understandably a bit sore as any cuts and stitches would be.
I had a septoplasty, a sinus cyst removed, and a sinuplasty under general anesthesia one week ago. my surgeon did not put in any packing at all but did put a silicone splint in each nostril (which are still there).

I didn't experience and pain. Just a bit of discomfort. I had a total of two drops of blood the night of the surgery.

The one thing I would recommend is that patients use Sinus Rinse (bottle) aggressively as soon as possible after the surgery (my doc gave me the okay two days afterward). It took 2-3 days to remove all of the crusts but it has helped immeasurably. I am breathing well through both nostrils (and have been for a couple of days).

My doc wants me to leave the splints in as long as possible (over a moth) but has left it up to me. I was on board with leaving them in for a month even yesterday but they are becoming uncomfortable and are inhibiting my breathing somewhat. I'll probably have them taken out sometime next week. At that point I do believe I'll be finished with my doc.

If you are in suburban Detroit I would highly recommend Dr. Jan Akervall in Farmington Hills. He operates at both Beaumount Hospital and St Joe's (Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor). He is very competent and makes a point of keeping abreast of state of the art procedures. I feel lucky after hearing so many horror stories from others.
I had a septoplasty, inferior turbinate reduction, and cartilage grafting procedure done 5 days ago due to left-sided nasal obstruction that I've suffered from basically my entire life. Essentially, I've been like 80% blocked on the left side - it only opens with Breathe-Right strips or flaring my nostrils. I had it previously worked-up, but only now decided to get it fixed. I did my research and had the procedure done by a dual-board certified ENT/facial plastic surgeon at a major university hospital.

With respect to the surgery, it's really no big deal. You check into the hospital, change into a gown, they start an IV, push some sedative medications, and I don't even remember getting wheeled into the operating room. My next memory is waking up in a recovery room feeling hungover, sleepy, generally crappy. After an hour or two, I was able to sit up, sip ginger ale, and take some oral Percocet. No real pain or discomfort from the nose at this time. Note: I had no packing, just two hollow splints that allowed some airflow through the nose.

The first few days of recovery were tough. I had 10/10 throbbing headaches for the first two days that were only relieved with Percocet and an ice bag over my head. I also had to rinse my nose out with saline solution every hour. The headaches stopped on the second day and I really haven't needed the Percocet since then. Curiously, the nose itself never hurt all that much. Bleeding was also an issue - I had to change my gauze pad every 45 minutes or so for the first few hours post-op, but this slowed down considerably but the end of day #1 and stopped completely on day #2. I was afraid of screwing up the septum by sleeping sideways, so I did my best sleeping sitting up. Got maybe 2 hours of sleep a night this way - not fun.

Days 3-5 have been a lot better - not a whole lot of pain, headaches are gone, no bleeding or runny nose. I've just had this thick mucus that blocks up my splints and prevents my from getting any airflow. I've been mouthbreathing, but this isn't such a big deal to me. My doctor recommended I use hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip and gently rub the inside of the nose up to the splint. The hydrogen peroxide gets the mucus to "firm up" and stick to the Q-tip so big gobs of it can easily be pulled out (gross right?). It helps but I can still feel a lot of congestion (mucus) above the splint deep in the nose that I obviously can't get to. It sucks not being able to blow my nose but I've gotten used to it. Did I mention my doctor wants me to use saline spray each hour while awake? He basically said you can't use too much of it.

Anyways, I get the splints taken out tomorrow and I'm hoping it helps with the congestion a lot. Will keep you guys posted. All-in-all, if I'm able to breathe fully through both nostrils, I think the discomfort of post-op will have been well worth it.
What a relief to find this site and for all of you to share your stories. I had my Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty done yesterday morning. I was apprehensive but it all went quick and well according to my ENT. I noticed straight away that I can breathe through my left nose which was blocked before surgery. I have splints inside my nose. I have started sinus rinse NEILMED yesterday late afternoon after having my surgery and it was a big relief to see all the blood, mucus and what not came out.
Now it's day two, have been having problem sleeping. My nose is blocked and quite badly on the right hand side which was fine before the surgery. Will need to check with ENT regarding this, as a few mentioned above about the same blockage on the good side after Septoplasty. Also have anxiety from not being able to breathe through my nose, but standing or sitting up right is better than laying down.
As far as pain and bleeding nose, I experience just a slight discomfort yesterday, though I took the Panadeine anyway. The Dr also gave me antibiotics for 10 days and a antibiotic cream to put on my nostril, to prevent infection. Bleeding nose was major yesterday after the Ops, and it has subsided significantly on day 2, mixed with clear mucus. I find soaking the drips with the cotton tips help to prevent crusting.
Have an appointment on Friday with the ENT, hopefully he will remove the splints then and look forward to being able to breathe better.
I was concerned and cannot sleep tonight due to the congestion on my nose, but it seems to be common which is comforting.
Thanks for sharing the stories and will update Friday if the splints are removed then.
can anyone tell me how much you can breath with the splints and are theyin both nostrols.And I also seen tubes being pulled from someone after the surgury and is that better thin splints. The problem is I had it done one the left side many yrs.ago.I had pulled the quaze halfway all of this is replaying over&over in my mind I hate breathing from my mouth only. Many thanks
I had a septoplasty 23 days ago. Nurse mistakenly took out my nose pack in only 26 hours , and there was a bleeding a lot. Then nurse just pack it again to stop bleeding BUT not like before .Then nurse took out that pack after that day.Though i could not breath through my nose totally for 10 or 12 days and slowly it open but i could not take breath easily cause enough air could not get inside my nose . I have been cleaning my nose everyday i feel easy to take breath while cleaning bt after 3-4 hrs slowly it became hard to take breath again. Especially my left nose's hole is quite open and easy to take breath from it but from right side nose's hole is often cLOse.Will i be all right?? What is my Problem? What should i do to be totally fine?
I began posting back in Dec 2010 when I had my surgeries. Apparently something is still wrong with my nose because I am still having a tough time breathing through my right nostril. For the past month and a half I believe I've had a sinus infection. Sometimes these surgeries are just unsuccessful for some. I can't say that my septum is still deviated because I haven't seen my doctor. I believe it is inflammation and possibly nasal polyps.

Oh dear Sadeep, that nurse should be held accountable, the nasal splints should stay in the nose from 5-7 days. Don't blow your nose to much because that just causes more inflammation that blocks the nostrils. Try sleeping on your left side so that the swelling in your right side of your nose can go down.

Joannie when I had a rhinoplasty I began to experience headaches and once the sensitivity of my nose was gone the headaches were gone, except I do suffer from a different type of headache now, tsk tsk. My recommendation is for your son to keep his head elevated and not bend the head down.

I recommend anyone to read my other posts from December and January to get a bit more info about the surgeries.
Sir ,i have the friend who has been operated for the DNS surgery one year after that she started dizziness and the vertigo.her neck was kept hyper extended for the 3 days, after that she was discharged and given medication foe the same . she under went repositioning but no major changes. she has neck flattening (i.e. loss of cervical lordosis.) she has been given regular ex. for her neck. Now till today she is suffering from dizziness and vertigo.
Plz guide me what to do next? i am confused is her major ear structure are damaged?
Awaiting for the reply
Got my septoplasty and turbinate reduction on the 1st of Sept and no problem until sat the 3rd and all hell broke loose on the migraine dept. the stupid Dr on call said drink more caffeine, what a horses ass.
I get the damn nose splints out tomorrow and hope it resolves the face pain and migraine, I won't ever do this again.
I had septoplasty and turbinate done on Tuesday. I have not slept and the pain meds dry me out too much to breathe through my mouth. My doctor has agreed to remove stints tomorrow rather than Monday, (the typical 6 days) My question is, if they can come out in three, why do they leave them in for six? Does removal help considerably? If not, I could wait it out, but I am so congested and my liver is taking a beating with the tylenol for pain. Does anyone out there know if removing stints so soon will compromise the procedure? I won't do this again.

i got hit in the nose on the weekend and my septum on my nose is in agony its swollen on one side and real pain full and im finding it hard to breathe i got no brusing ?
Hi guys. I had septoplasy done yesterday morning 26th sept.
My nose has been bleeding non stop since and I'm abit groggy today.
Can't eat much n drinking with a straw. Apart from that it seems ok!
I had my last painkillers on 26th sept 9pm , havnt taken any this morning's now 10am.
I can feel abit of dull pain . I really hope it's worth it cos it's horrible sleeping with ur mouth open !!
Nice reading everyone else's experience! Xx
what would be the effects of a deviated septum possibly caused by a broken nose and not diagnosed for 44 yrs.
I had Septoplasy and a internal reduction of a nasal bone fracture on Sept. 27th. Let me tell you, the first 2 days are pretty rough. I had my work done under general anesthesia. I think the biggest problem for me were the splints in my nose and the headache that came with it. My splints on the inside of my nose were removed (nothing pleasant about that) on Thursday. I have to wear external splint for at least 10 days. Overall feeling better today. Nose, face and mouth are sore in areas I did not expect but overall things are starting to look up. I hope everyone else has good luck with their procedures.
I had septoplasty and minimal turbinate surgery (at least that's what I've been told over and over) last August, 2010. I'm having serious pressure pain, not so much higher up like sinus-head pain, but a constant pressure-pain back behind middle of nose. Also, my upper gums above my 2 front teeth feel the same kind of pressure-pain. but not as often. My inner ear canals feel full all the time, and itch like crazy sometimes. I've been told more than likely, that there has been nerve damaged during surgery, that has not healed, and may never heal. I have worse sleep apnea now, than I did before the surgery. I'm really fatigued most of the time.They have taken CT's before and after, and after, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. The doctor in charge says he's done over 40,000 of these (really) and my case is rather unusual. Gee, I feel like I won the lottery! Has anyone out there has had similar problems? Any suggestions? I'm 65 years old, and a Nam Vet.
Hi cat! How are u know?? I had my surgery 26th just septolplast . I feel like shit today :o(
I feel like how I did before but worse!
My right side that was blocked still feels blocked!
When I look up my nose I see the left side open
Can breathe thru it a little but right side closed up n see it's blocked by
Cartilage which I'm hoping is swelling.
Been 13 days since had op. Can anyone help.
Had my Septoplasty done on Friday. No packing in my nose. From what I've read about packing it can be very painful. The hospital gave me a piece of gauze wrapped around a strap which attached to both ears to catch the blood. First day had to change it about every 10 minutes or so. Used it for 2 days. Used a saline solution every three hours and as soon as I got home from the hospital. Used Afrin the first 2 days per instructions. Now only use it at bedtime. Only took Advil the first 2 days. Pain was very minimal. Today is my 3rd day and I'm feeling better. Still some stuffiness and get tired easily. Still using the saline rinse every 3 hours. Also still sleeping in my husband's recliner. Don't know if it will help my sleep apnea or not yet. Sure hope so. This procedure was not as near as bad as I figured it would be. Dr apt. on Thursday. Don't know if splints will be removed then or not. Not looking forward to that!!
is there difference in the nose shape after SMR and PP nasal surgery?
if is it thn tel me nose look better or bad??
I had a septoplasty and turbinates surgery done 18 hours ago. The surgery went well,however I am in horrible,horrible pain rite now. I cannot sleep bc of this pain and soar throat from having to breath from my mouth. I have twin boys that are 5 and an 8 year old son. I only took 3 days off from work...but now i am quite worried that i should have taken more time off! My nose is still bleeding pretty bad and even with the vicodins this is one of the most painfull things I have ever gone through. Any advise on how to slow the bleeding would be appreciated. I have been applying ice on and off for the past hour or so but its making my head hurt worse than it allready was. Im so misreble and I prey this pain goes away soon:(
Excellent, keep up doing the great work , very valuable information i liked it a lot.
had nose surgery and awhile back and i keep snezzing and blowing my nose...well the left side is not have no air comen in our out and its very painful can something major be wrong...
HI Jaine!
Hi had septoplasty a month ago n my problem side is fine
But now I can't seem to breathe thru left side!
I can still see stitches in my nose too!
I think it's bollocks that in the uk u don't even get
A follow up!
I was told the surgery went fine n that's it.
I'm well annoyed
I had septoplasty and turbinate surgery done yesterday. Found myself in a little discomfort that they gave me demerol through the IV for. Surgery was done by 10:45 and I woke up in recovery after 1pm and was having extra bleeding and clots that they had to suck out. Eventually had to put some cotton balls in to avoid having the surgical-jelly packing placed. Bleeding seemed fine from their point of view after that. I was sent home around 4pm. Pain was minimal and found I could only sleep for an hour or two at a time since I cannot breathe through my nose. Nose itself is not in any pain just feels like horrible cold/congestion. My surgeon warned me that the splints holding my septum together to heal would cause me sinus headaches and I have felt those today. Tried just taking ibuprofen but eventually had to take the percocet that was prescribed to me and an ice pack on back of head where pain was before it finally went away. I have to keep my splints in till next friday (about 10 days) before removed. I have had a bit of oozing and have to keep guaze pads tucked under my nose with a strapping around my head that holds guaze in place. Changing it about 5-6 times a day but they said it would be fine to have for several days and may see it increased initially if I was up and moving a lot. Only thing driving me nuts is that I feel like I really need to blow my nose and I can't and lips are getting gross from mouth breathing. Other than that, things are going well according to their directions and expectations.
Hi, my colleague is having this procedure done and is extremely worried - should he be? we are expecting him back at work within 48 hours, and judging by all the comments that shouldnt be a problem - as seems like maybe he will just have a bit of a headache and possibility of a small bit of bleeding when he sneezes (which he doesnt do very often aynway!) Any thoughts?
Hi All, I am 29 year's old and had the surgery done on 11/3/11 (septoplasty, turbinate reduction, cyst removal) all in all, the surgery wasen't terrible. The first night was horrific though as I had packing (tampon like things) stuffed up both sides of my nose, I had terrible pressure and pain and didn't sleep at all. 9:00am the day after surgery, I was told to go back to the dr's office and have the packing removed. That was painful, but only lasted about 30 seconds per side. I never filled nor took the Tylenol #3, just a couple of regular tylenol for the first two days. I still am pretty congested, and not allowed to blow my nose, and get really congested as soon as I try to lay down at night, but during the day things seem to be improving. I am not in any pain, just a little pressue, but I still am not breathing too well through the left side (the side I was deviated toward), but I am told it will get better. I will return to the dr's office in two weeks for final clearance. I can re-post then if anyone desires~
I am getting the deviated septum and turbinate (still don't know what that is) surgery on Monday. Ever since I was little I always have had congestion and constantly get sinus f
Infections. To top it off I got a dog and everything just got worse. I had horrible mucus to the point where I could fill an entire cup with thick disgusting mucus (it came up so constantly I got tired of getting up two mintues to spit it out). Fineally after I hurt my back and got xrays n found out I had a torn disk In my spine I decided to go to an ear nose and throat dr too to find out what the heck is the true problem. Now before this a year ago I found Out Im allergic to dOgs dust mold and pollen which all happen to be directly in my house so I did the allergy shots which certainly toned down the mucus and I relieved. But my net dr suggested either more shots or surgery. I immediately said surgery! I understand the procedure won't cure my allergies especially because I'm not going to give away my dog. But I am truly hoping that if I continue to reduce the allergen exposure (Allergy blocker pillow cases n sheets dusting n vacuuming every couple days--gets tiring). But I'm hoping with all these things I will stop with the embarrassing hawking n horrible headaches and sore throats!! For a 21 year old girl (getting this 4 days after my birthday) I think I have a high pain tolerance so I was confident and ready for this surgery n definantly ready for this change but I think I may have psyched myself out by reading everyone's stories :( I also have very high anxiety n OCD so I kno I only took my confidence away by reading but I couldn't stop. I'm just really hoping it is not horrible because I hate blood, I already have a horrible time sleeping, and I just feel like my anxiety level is going to shoot thru the roof and idk what I can do to feel some.. Relief? By the way I was wondering did anyone experience any problems with contacts/glasses? I hate wearing my contacts but I feel like my glasses are going to hurt. Well I feel a lil better telling my story and by reading everyone else's experiances! Hope everyone is breathing well :)
I have this strange problem from past weeks that at times when i tilt my head and move it back straight again few drops of water starts pouring down from my nose. I know this is not the subject right now but can you advise me on this? i'm tensed.
I have this strange problem from past weeks that at times when i tilt my head and move it back straight again few drops of water starts pouring down from my nose. I know this is not the subject right now but can you advise me on this? i'm tensed.
Rishi - are you using the NetiPot? With my first sugery, I had that issue, even hours after using that contraption.
HI I am going in tommorrow to do a septoplasty surgry and after reading most of the experiences that you guys had I am preparing myself mentally strong to go through the pain, breathing and bleeding discomfort. I'll let you all know as soon as I can be back on.
Hi Two days after the surgry and the stuffy nose is the most discomfot i am getting . Not much pain and bleeding.
I had the surgery on October 21. I am almost 6 weeks post-op and still get some swelling and pain in and around my nose. However, it is the best thing I have ever done. Had chronic sinusitis for over a year and finally had enough of the pain. For those of you who are getting ready to have the surgery, yes it can be painful (take the prescribed narcotics, don't try to tough it out!), and yes the side of your nose that was clear will feel more congested (that is the side they go through to do the surgery), but for me it was worth it.
I just had this procedure done last Tuesday - no pain at all- but i cannot breathe out my nose and am really congested, plus i have not stopped dripping blood at all... I see the doctor in 2 days so hopefully i will have an explanation because i thought i would feel better not worse
I had septoplasty and the other procedure to clear out sinus cavities, whatever it Is called,
on November 30th. I had no packing, as my doctor does not believe in it, only stints. The nose was bleeding pretty strong for the rest of the day, but slowed down at night. I really never had sore throat after the surgery, which i was told is due to movement of the breathing tube during the surgery. Next day, i barely had any bleeding, but totally stuffed up. My doctor warned me about all this - that it is going to feel like a very bad case of sinus for at least a week. He encouraged me to do nasal irrigations to reduce crust formation. I didn't really have pain concerns, but I am still taking Percocet. The reason is that about 4 days after surgery I started having tension-like pain in my two top front teeth. It must be from the breathing tube, I read here that someone else had a similar experience. The worst were the first 3 nights, you have to sleep propped up to prevent post--nasal drip. Also, if your nose is still bleeding, you don't want the blood to ho down your throat and into the stomach as this will cause you to throw up and make things even more uncomfortable. The nurse told me all this before the surgery. The nights were miserable because You can't breathe thru the nose, and the mouth dries up what seems like every 15 min causing you to wake to drink water, very miserable experience. Right now I feel remotely that I am getting some air thru one of my nostrils, but I can't call it breathing yet. I want to mention that no one should expect being able to get back to work in 2-3 days. Having general anesthesia takes a lot out of you, count on being out for a week. I had surgery on Wednesday, and was able to do some work from home on Monday, but I wouldn't be able to drag myself to the office! I have stints taken out tomorrow, wednesday, my doctor said I would immediately feel better, so I am planning on going back to work on Thursday, 8 days after surgery. I will try to post an update in a few days.
Hi, just posting below my yesterday's post. I had 2 of 4 stints taken out today, will have to go back in a week to get the remaining 2 out. The doctor used a numbing spray, then with scissors cut some stitches in my nose, wasn't painful, just a bit weird sensation. Then he pulled the stints, again weird sensation, but not painful. I IMMEDIATELY was able to breathe! Then he took some long tube and suctioned deep in the nose. What a relief! I still have some discharge from my nose, no bleeding though. The nose is not 100 percent clear yet, but I feel I am getting there. I asked the doctor about the pressure-like pain in the top teeth, he said that happens sometimes but it will go away. I will try to post next week after the remaining stints are out. Good luck to all!
Thank you for your reports. It's comforting to hear others' experiences and know mine is normal. I was worried that my doc didn't give me an antibiotic for when i got home and that i might be bleeding too much. Your stories helped restore my faith in my doc and his choices. Still not sure,though, whether i should have vitamin k :/. Would that speed healing?
I am 12 days post op, I didn't have any splints or packing (except just after surgery, they took out prior to leaving surgery center) and did not have a very deviated septum. So it was HELL, I couldn't sleep, mouth was so dry, pain was so intense. I've been on Hydrocodone 5/500 off and on. I only had bleeding for just over 2 days, I was very nauseous for many of the days, prob due to the gunk trickling down my throat, so I've been on Zofran too.

I tried not to use the pain meds and was actually getting to where I didn't need them, then I went to the Dr. for post op "cleaning." I walked in there with probably a 2 on the pain scale and when the anesthesia wore off I was upwards of 10. It was weird, I remember coming out of surgery and if felt like I had the most incredible breathing experience. It was like I'd never breathed so deep before. Kind of like maybe there were blowing air up my nose, but they weren't. Then just after my "cleaning" I felt the same thing and then BAM the most intense pain. I've been on pain pills pretty much round the clock since last Thursday (it's Sunday, Christmas Day now).

I am doing NeliMed Sinus Rinse Bottle vs. the Netipot and it stings a little bit and my eyes water. And I am blowing my nose constantly.

My pain always presented behind my eyes and on my cheek bone area and it's still hurting there. I hope I didn't go through this for nothing. Does the pain go away? Maybe I've just been doing too much with Christmas and all, but my gosh I wasn't expecting this. I can't imagine the pain associated with traditional FESS.

Please tell me that the pain behind my eyes will get better!
Pam Scheuchenzuber
I am a mother of a 27-year-old daughter who had a setoplasty in August of 2011. I am so angry that not all possible risks are stated on the consent forms or even on web sites as this. If they were, Drs. probably would do a lot less surgies. My daughter has suffered from severe headaches from damage to the trigeminal nerve! The trigeminal nerve travels from skin of the upper part of the head, mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and sinuses. It travels all over the face and jaw line. You also, need to be informed that you could loose your sense of smell. My daughter is being told she has to manage her pain with terrible drugs and may or most likely have severe headaches for the rest of her life. Some neurologist say the headaches could over a period of two years slowly go away. She is seeing doctors from Johns Hopkins. The best of the best. Shame on you EENT'S. You have a moral obligation to inform your patients! Most dentist, now inform their patients of possible trigeminal nerve damage when removing wisdom teeth. Drs., you owe your patients this knowledge! Future patients, ask many Drs. Of all areas of medicine if they would take this risk. You would have to have serious needs to be addressed for them to say yes. Only some HEENTS would say yes. If you need a setoplasty, proceed with caution! My new quest in life is to make this information mandatory on consents forms.
After having difficulty breathing my whole life, I had a septoplasty and a bilateral turbinate reduction just before Christmas 2011. On the evening post-surgery, I vomited a lot of blood and my doctor had me come in to his office at 8pm so he could stop the bleeding and add more packing. The following morning I woke up and immediately vomited 3x more blood and also had blood streaming out my nose. My doctor had me come in so he could remove the packing and re-cauterize everything. Then he packed twice as much more to ensure I would not bleed again, which worked, but the excessive packing really gave me a headache and my eyes were swollen along with my nose. On the Monday after Christmas, my doctor had me come in to his office on his day off so he could remove the packing and splints, and do some suction as well to remove the clots and drainage. I experienced so much relief at the release of pressure on my sinuses, and I COULD BREATHE!!! The biodegradable packing remained in, and that came out in the shower a few days later. Two weeks later, I am breathing great, but I am still experiencing extreme pain/numbness in my teeth. The doctor said this was due to removal of my deviated septum that had grown close to my teeth and it should go away soon. I truly hope it does, because I don't know how much longer I can deal with the pain in my teeth which painkillers and Tylenol do not touch. All in all, while this was a painful experience, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to breathe, and to breathe through my nose in my sleep.
hi i had septoplasty done 20 years ago how long do it last i just got teeth pulled out and my nose is giving my pain since and red in colour can anybody help

I had a Septoplaty done on the 8 of December, 2011 and I still have a very stuffy nose is this normal? How long before I can breathe ok from both nostrils? Thank you.
I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction on Wednesday the 11th. I can't wait until I get to sleep through the night again! My teeth are feeling sore, kind of like when I had braces and just had them tightened. I don't have packing, but I can feel the splints in there. My favorite thing to do right now is to take a very warm bath and allow the steem to go up my nostrils. I do keep some gauze next to me to absorb the drainage, sometimes a little bloody. Then right before I get out, I cup some water in my palms and put my nose in it. I find it helps the dryness in my nose. After I get out, I use the saline spray to moisten my nose, place some gauze underneathe and lay back on the recliner. I can't sleep in bed yet, but I hope to soon! I cannot wait for these splints to come out! Keep water next to you the whole time for the dry mouth. I'm loving Slurpee's right now! :) I hope you get the rest you need and let me know if you have any secrets for some relief.
It gets better people! I'm 3 months op! I feel better
And can breathe!! Nose still slightly sore when I touch it,
Still wash it out as dried blood is still a problem!
I had a septoplasty, bilateral inferior turbinate cauterization, ethmoidectomy, frontal sinus & maxillary sinusplasty for a deviated septum and huge nasal polyps. I'm post op 3 months now and although I am just now starting to breath better through my nose (although sometimes it's still suffy) it seems as though I've developed something else, very strange. I have severe shortness of breath, with excessive yawning as if I can't catch my breath and it almost seems as if I have forgotten how to properly breath and can't remember how to breath correctly. I have shallow breathing and fatigueness at times. I know I have been extremely anxious and panicky lately due to this surgery especially since I've had two infections including (MRSA) now on my right maxillary sinus, but can't shake this thing off. Oh also, my throat has been sore and dry ever since the surgery, I've had a stroboscopy of my throat which they found vocal cord assymmetry but they say that's nothing to worry about, and doc also said it's probably because one of my nerves was damaged during the endotracheal intubation. Has anyone experienced the breathing issue? or maybe it's just severe anxiety?

On thursday (2-feb-2012)septoplasty was done, Yesterday onwards Dental pain is comming, some times headache also. PLease suggest me.

thank you
I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction exactly one week ago. There has been minor discomfort but very little pain. My ENT said my septum was severely deviated. I vomited blood three times on the first day due to all the blood draining into the throat. Days two and three were uneventful with zero pain. Day four I began sinus rinsing eight times per day and it caused vomiting twice on that day but did not hurt. The rinsing doesn't seem to help. Talking causes slight pain but if I sit still I feel fine.

I have trouble sleeping sitting up due to my snoring vibrating the nose and hurting it, and also due to the mouth closing automatically and I gasp which wakes me up. If your teeth get cold from constant mouthbreathing, just coat them in vaseline. My nose is still completely plugged 7 days post op but I am waiting patiently.

My advice is to ignore all the whiners online, my whole week has been painless. Vaseline helps with the lip dryness and tooth pain from mouthbreathing. I have been unable to chew or talk due to pain but again sitting around feels totally fine. Make sure to take your antibiotics.
We will all have different responses, but for me, after 7 days, I was able to drop the painkillers, as I had hardly experienced any pain to be honest. A little sore throat from the general anastethic tubing has taken time to subside.
For the first 4/5 days I kept the nostrils clean and re-gauzed to catch the oozing, and after 2 weeks, I have started to play my trumpet again, albeit gently!
My breathing has improved but my partner is noticing my snoring as Im still sleeping on my back , as side sleeping not recommended while its all healing.
Go for it!
I had septoplasty and bilateral turbinate reduction 4 days ago. The pain medication made me feel sick and all the blood draining down my throat into my stomach made me vomit. I was able to tolerate the packings until then. After vomiting, I was about to lose it and luckily the Dr removed the packings the next day. Once the packings were removed, I was able to breathe normally through both sides of my nose. This was amazing because I have had sinus congestion my entire life. One concern I have though is almost too much airflow and somewhat dry sinuses. Maybe it's just because im not used to it, but my sinuses are so clear now that they often feel dried out. I also have alot of crusting inside my nasal openings, especially an night when trying to sleep. I have another doctor appointment in two days for a cleaning. I'm hoping that will relieve some of the crustiness I've been feeling. Although to this point it's been a tough recovery, I know it takes time. I'm hoping within a few weeks I'll be feeling normal again.
i had what i think was a sepltoplasty on wensday feb 29th,my nose got broken from a fight a week previous. Anyways not even 24 hrs after my surgery was complete and i sent home,the splint in my right nostril came out as a result from getting sick in the middle of the night. i believe this was supposed to be stiched in like the one in the left side but it wasnt,now im going though a hell of a lot of pain the meds the doctors gave me arent taking the pain away,imafraid that my nose isnt going to be fixed right. I dont know if im just freaking out or if i should really be worried,has anyone had their stent come outt sooner then expected??..if so what was the end result?,and change in your prognosis,and should i get back to the doctor like now??
Severe sinusitis. Taking antibiotics, no luck. Complete pain in left face, teeth, watery eyes, severe headaches. Cat scan with emergency appointment at ENT specialist. Left facial cavity completely inflamed. 99.9 % blockage, due to a deviated septum. I am 37 years old. Started antibiotic Augmentin compounded with something to help absorb! Super strong. Taken for two weeks. Another exam, same blockage. Antibiotics relieved intense pain, lessened the infection. Still runny nose and post nasal drip. Surgery Feb. 29th. One week prior to surgery started another round of Augmentin. Five days prior 30 mg.prednisone/steroids. Wow. feeling a lot better. Surgery performed. Septoplasty to correct deviated septum & left sinus irrigation opened. Surgery in recovery, very nauseous. Gave me something in the IV. Very dry throat. First day home, very groggy from meds in hospital. Rolled up sponge taped under my nose for light drainage. Change two times. Alot of drainage in the back of the throat. Blood mixed with clear mucus, for a good five to six hours. Could not breathe out of the nose, mouth breathing only. Swelling in the nose area, eyes and face. Can't pull top lip down due to stitches inside nose pulling. Swelling, but no pain meds needed. Only pressure. Continue the antibiotics every 12 hrs & steroids. 20 mg. once day. for five days post surgery. Surprising, pressure, but not enough pain to take the pain meds. Steroids work well for the swelling. Ate a lot of dry saltine crackers, drank lots of spring water,ginger ale and clear chicken broth (bouillon cubes) Kept rested, head elevated, didn't bend head forward for anything or instant pressure. Still no pain meds needed. Very happy about that. Upset stomach with excessive drainage in the back of the throat. More crackers. Roughness of the crackers combined with salt helped to get the mucous down too. Gave me nausea meds just in case, but didn't have to take. Can't blow the nose or sniff too hard. Hardest part. Day 2. No more drainage out of the front of the nose. Still drainage in the throat. Mucous with blood. More crackers & ate some cream of chicken with mashed potatoes. Still pressure & swelling around eyes and face, very light bruising. When steroids start to wear off can feel it. Day 3. Finally drainage just clear with a little blood. Small drips from the front. Clear. Pressure is mostly in the eye area left side of nose. Stitches pulling, so careful. A little scabbing right in the front of the nose inside. Annoying, burns. Put a little bactitracin with q-tip to soften it. Moved around for a couple hours. Big regret, pressure worse in face. Back to resting. Day 4. less swelling finally. Getting back to eating normal. Just keeping with the same regimen. Swelling less, pressure in face around eye. Drainage clear. Day 5. Can lightly breathe through nose with mucus, a relief. Swelling is only at night. Steroids at 7:30 every night so works well when asleep. Day 6. Follow up at surgeon. Numbed me up, sucked out extra mucous, a little painful. Checked with camera. Dr. very happy with healing so far. Down to 10 mg. steroids once a day.Day 7. Have to start the nasal rinsing 2 times a day. Bought the kit ~ Neilmed sinus rinse kit. Started 1st rinse. Nerve wracking. Swelling started up again. 2nd. rinse a little better. Still on the antibiotics for another week. Day 8. Woke up feeling a lot of mucus drainage, over all swelling is light. Just pressure in the face & eye/upper nose area. Over all I wanted to write this experience to help people feel confident in their decision to get surgery. I was very scared. I am very happy with the overall experience. I thought it would be a lot worse. The regimen of steroids with antibiotics I believe helped me considerably. The long term effects of not getting the surgery would definitely cause more problems in the future. I hope this helps anyone researching the procedure. Will update on any issues as result (...)
Wanted to add something to my post. My surgeon did not use nasal packing!!! Rather used what he called a dissoluble sponge! Stitches also will dissolve on their own. I believe this was why I did not have the problems that some people have. No splits were needed! I have heard that packing procedure is obsolete and not the modern way of doing it. Keep that in mind when choosing your surgeon. Surgeon was skilled in plastic surgery as well. regrets!
I had mine done a week ago. My surgeon used the packaging and it was fine and then of course the taking it out. Didn't hurt much just felt very weird. The first day my front teeth were sore, I had some dizziness (but unsure if it was the operation has blood tests showed iron deficiancy) and headaches. This lasted four days. I was on antibiotics, panadol and panadeine forte which definitely helped. Now I can breath fine through my nose whereas before was usually blocked on at least one side. I can't smell which I was unable to do before surgery so hopefully in the next week or so I will. I am still getting some headaches but it is mostly fine. My nose is sore every now and then but other than that all good!
Hello everyone, my boyfriend just got done with surgery yesterday. We had a rough night. It wasn't because he had any complaints about his nose, besides the mild blood drips. He was having trouble with the roof of his mouth and his teeth were tender. My question is what would be the best solution for this? Also, when will he be able to use the saline ocean spray to clean his nose?
Will my whole face be bruised afterwards? Is it very uncomfortable afterwards and am I allowed to Smoke?

I found this support group/message board when researching again information on sinus surgery. To make a long story short, I am 34 years old. On February 17, 2010, I had my first FESS. The surgeon also had to do more, like work on the turbinates, but I was too out of it to remember anything that he did- LOL. This time, he did the work on both sides.

Jump forward to January of 2012. I had just gotten married, and we thought that I had caught a cold in the Virgin Islands at our destination wedding. However, the "common cold" does not last more than eight weeks. So I went back to the ENT, who prescribed a round of medicine to try to fix what he thought was sinusitis. Unfortunately, I have severe corn and gluten allergies, all of which were in these medicines, so they could not be taken. He went ahead and did a CT scan of my sinuses and told me that he honestly expected them to be clear and have the problem with my constant coughing me something like bronchitis that was associated with my lungs. To his amazement, the left side of my sinuses are more clogged than they were before the first surgery. Ugh! He has no explanation for this and said that in all of his years of practice, he has only had to redue to surgery a couple of times. That is my life story. If there is a 1 in a 1000 chance of something happening, I will be that person.

Needless to say, I am frustrated! I feel like an old woman, because I cannot breath and make it up the stairs without getting short of breath. My workout sessions with the trainer have gone from a solid 30 minutes to, if we are lucky, 20 minutes when the breaks to breath are added into the time. My husband and I have yet to spend a full night together, without be going out to the couch, because my coughing and snoring wake him up; this is no way to live a newlywed life together!

The last time I had the surgery, I had to spend the night, due to the blood clotting disorders that I have and the need to monitor them. To be honest, this is wonderful, because the nurses help change the disgusting dressing, and I can sleep since there is a constant IV of drugs. However, then I missed two weeks of work, and recovery seemed to take FOREVER! The doctor assures me that I will be fine, but I leave for a 19 day tour of Europe six weeks and two days after the surgery. So the question becomes, how long have most of you spent for recovering from this surgery? Since only half as much work is being done, maybe the recovery will take half as much time? Or, is this being too optimistic?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Hi, I am post op day 6 from Septoplasty with bilateral turbinate reduction under general anesthesia. I was instructed to remove my own packing on post op day 2. Gross and painful, like pulling something out of my brain! It was a nasal tampon of sorts and was as long as my index finger. I nearly passed out and had to lie down after removing each one, but what a relief to get it out. My surgeon assured me that it would not stick, as it was coated and was made of a gel like material with fibers. I have only heard of one other person being told to remove their own packing before. She posted a video of herself on youtube and it helped to at least see what it would be like. Anyway, the doctor told me to start nasal rinses twice a day after the packing was out. No blowing the nose. The splints won't come out until almost 2 weeks post op. I have had some relief with the rinses helping with removal of gunk and clots, but there still seems to be a lot of stuff up there,still. I can get some air through my nose most of the time, so that's good. Still sleeping in a recliner. I am still wiped out after a couple of hours of activity. Finally off Codiene and taking plain Tylenol and ice packs a few times a day. Having some pain around the front teeth and roof of mouth, which I understand is normal. I did not have any bruising, but I hear this is normal. Mainly have sinus headache like pain. Thanks to all who have posted and good luck to those seeking info on this procedure. Just remember, everyone is different and everyone will have a different experience. Lets just hope that in the end, it was all worth it.
Had the septoplasty, turbinate removal and some sinus adjustments on Wednesday 18th April, and stayed overnight. Day 1 right after the surgery I recovered very well. In fact the sandwiches I was given was not enough, I ended up ordering delivery to the hospital, I polished off a whole tub of fried rice and chicken satay skewers. I watch a movie,made a few calls, and bang! As soon as I tried to sleep the bleeding kicked in. I called the nurse in to change the gauze and up the painkillers as it started to throb, the injected morphine and after that wore off I had endone and panadene forte. I change the gauges a few times myself, barely got any rest. Day 2. Nurse extracted the tampon like padding which was more foul than painful. Had a shower went home, had a sandwich, continue taking keflex and panadene forte. Had a light chicken soup for dinner. Day 3 slept pretty much all of the night and day before. Rinsed out the passages and alot of gunk came out. Felt alot of relief. Day 4 started to get a throbbing pain just below the left nasal passage, I just applied to some ice and it seems to have disappeared. Day 5 ... Will keep updated. My overall experience I had is inline with my expectations. It would be foolish to think that little or no discomfort would take place. Will re update on the 26th April after my ENT appointment.
I had septum surgery and turbinate removal two days ago!

I have a splint up my nose as the septum was pushed as far right as it could go.

I have not been told to do any cleans of any sort and my nose is very blocked. I do go see the specialist in 4 days to get the splint removed. I'm sure that could not hurt as much as having the packing removed, that did not go well for me at all!

I find sleeping the hardest part, do tired, but can't sleep!
Had septoplasty and Turbinate reduction done on Sat 12/05/12. The packing was removed on Sunday morning before being allowed to go home. At the moment my head feels like it is going to explode with the pressure below my eyes. Ibruprofen and Cocodamol help. I have been using a sinus rinse 3 times a day since Monday night and was quite disappointed that more Gunge did not come out. Hopefully the full benefits will start to kick in after about 3 months
Going in Fri. for septoplasty. After reading all here not sure how I feel about recovery. Kind of freaking out now. Anything I need to do in advance? Thanks
and when I feel up to it I will post about my experience because like it or not : ) these post have been helpful.
Septoplasty, turbinate etc...doc describe the septoplasty as a rather intensive one, with major repairs beyond what he originally anticipated due to not being able to see at all into left side. He said towards the back/upper it was very badly bent, crooked, etc.etc.
It's @6hrs. post-op & home, drinking cup of coffee, beleive it or not hot/warm coffee feels good on my throat. So, as far the actual surgery experience all good, obviously didn't feel a thing. Recovery, very well, no nausea etc. Only bad part had to wait a bit for ice and/or cold drink, throat really rough feeling. Asked for more morophine in recovery stage 1 and then later in phase 2 did get a percocet right before leaving & prescribt for later & antibiotic.
NO PACKING - so releived about this, only stints. Surprisingly, no running bleeding, only some bloody drainage cough up & a little dried cakey from nose. I guess/assume I will see more once I start flushing, not really sure when doc said to start but I'm waiting until tomorrow.
So, as for at this exact moment, did take another pain med.a few bit ago, so feeling okay, still, how I can best describe is like stuffy nose, little pressure, jaw sore. Very little swelling, no bruising. I can definetly say I can already tell a HUGE difference in my left side breathing, finally feel like I'm getting a full breath in through that side.
All for now, I will try to follow-up in a day or two and let you know how it's going. Hope this helps because I know many/most of these post did help me, just to get an idea of what possibly to expect. Biggest thing for me is the NO PACKING, so relieved.
Wow! I had rhino and septo 6 days ago...all I can define this as is OUUUCHHH ! I have had several differnt kinds of orthopedic surgeries and this is the top of the pain list. My nose had been broken a week earlier in several places and that was uncomfortable and I rather deal with the jacked up nose than this. My teeth are so sensitive that I can't breathe in my mouth without wanting to scream but there is no other option due to the fact that I couldnt get a smigen of air through my nose for the first three days. The bleeding was terrible I had to change my gauze every 15 minutes or it would run down my lips into my mouth, the blood clots that were going down my throat made it harder to breathe, the pain from gagging on the bloodclots made me want to curl into a ball. all I wanted to do was drink some water but my throat hurt so badly that I couldnt.Sleeping sitting up was pretty terrible too. I'm feeling much better now that I can breathe and the bleeding has stopped but my teeth are still super sensitive and im hoping this goes away. im honestly scared to death to get my cast off because now I fear the tiniest possibility that my nose will get bumped before the pain subsides. thank god for morphine and percocet im on both and still have pain...I think I might have died without it. Don't do it unless you must I would never suggest this to anyone! I still have yet to sneeze :( the thought is horrifying
Hello Everyone!

I am from the UK and had septoplasty on Thursday evening (today is Sunday) as it was bent towards my right nostril. SO far things are OK, the surgery went fine, I was booked in via the NHS at a private hospital at 1630 and went for the op around 1800. It lasted around 60 minutes (including recovery room time) and was wheeled back to the room to see my wife. I felt fairly awake considering and of course bunged up due to having two tampon style packages up my nose, one in each nostril. Under my nose I had a gauss pack that held in place with two straps that sit behind your ears which catches the blood dripping from your nose. Yes having the packing up your nose is uncomfortable and I have to admit I didn't sleep that well that evening, but I expected that I suppose. They kept me dosed up on Co-dine and Paracetamol.

The next morning I was woken up by the nurse (felt like I had just got to sleep) and she gave me more pain relief. An hour later, around 0700, she came back in the room and removed the packing from my nose. It wasn't nice, but wasn't really sore either. You wont be thanking the nurse that's all I shall say! I ate fine, though it hurt to open my mouth a lot. I came home a couple of hours later. Found I have stitches up my nose (wasn't told about this) and on reading this forum have found that I wasn't given any aftercare products like you guys in the States seem to get (such as creams and nasal washes).

I have a follow up appointment for 3 months time. I don't have any splints in.

Slept sat upright again on night 2 and my nose cleared slightly up my good side (left). Knocked my nose on night 3 with the duvet whilst in bed and the centre of my nose hurts, surely I cant have done much damage to it just by knocking it slightly?! needless to say, I panicked and was up at the mirror with a torch up my nose to see what I had done. As it happened, possibly coincidence, my good side went blocked and added to the panic that I had gone and bent my septum in to my good side thus blocking it. I just panic about everything, always thinking the worst!! however that night, both side cleared a little and inadvertently must have been breathing through my nose in the night, woke with it feeling sore and dried out! What the hell do I use to moisten it with?? I tried Vaseline and it stang :(

Have been trying to clear some of the scabs away from my nose, using warm water and cotton wool buds (little plastic sticks with cotton wool on the end) and the entrance is better that it was. Occasionally getting a glimpse of what it will be like to breath through my right side again though, sometime even being able to taste and smell through both nostrils. Only time will tell.

Still getting a dull pain in my nose, so going to keep up the pain relief. Why be in pain if you don't have to be!

As for those of you complaining of sore gums/teeth, sometime the nerve that feeds the top gums and teeth can be damaged or bruised by the op as it runs along the centre of your nose close to the site of the op, I'm sure things will have settled in most cases.

My septum is still pretty sore on Day 4 really. Can see its pretty swollen inside my nose and can see snot up there too, what I'd give to blow it. It hurts when I scratch the end of my nose, I can feel it putting pressure on the inside of my nose around the septum, I take it that's normal?

On the whole I found this forum helpful, hope everyone is breathing a little easier.
Message to Matt & Question About When Will I Be Able To Breathe Properly?

I'm day 19 post op (deviated septum). I don't have problems with smell, so I can't comment but..

I also can't breathe as I'd like through my nose, particularly if lying down - have to try to sleep with mouth wide open, which results in sore dry mouth & throat & hardly any sleep

I'm hoping I'm a slow healer - after the op (which was quite painless) - my nose bled non stop for 21 hours

I also have a growth in my nose - noticed it straight away, was like a rounded big lump of new nose/skin - horrible! But take heart, after 2 weeks it started to reduce in size (it's currently just a scab connected to a whole load of other sore scabs on the inner surface of my left nostrel). Maybe yours will disappear by itself too.

My nose is very sore/stinging - Maybe it's because it's dry? I use a sea-salt spray 4 times a day but I sniff a lot & once a day at least, I blow my nose to get obstructing lumps of god knows what out in the hope that it will help me to breathe! Maybe I'm drying it out!

My main concern is not being able to breathe through my nose at night yet (the main reason I had the surgery in the first place!)

I've read on a different site that it can take up to 8 weeks for some people be able to breathe fully, so I'm hoping that I'm just a slow healer & the surgery has worked. In the meantime not being able to sleep means not being able to work full time & as I'm self employed, it means no pay!

Has anyone else found it takes weeks before they can breathe properly?
Wish I could reply directly to some comments made above as some posts obviously seem more relevant to my specific circumstances than most. Mixed bag by the look of things, some people satisfied others not.

I won't spend my time (or yours complaining) so I'll get right to it.

I'm writing 12 days after my surgery and here have been some highlights:
1. I have ZERO sense of smell; for a point of reference on what I mean EXACTLY, I sprayed my deodorant directly in front of my face and couldn't smell anything. Nada
2. I had to go in to Emergency on Day 9 because my headaches were so intense
3. I cannot breathe remotely properly out of either nostril (again this is day 12)
4. I (wish I was exaggerating) have just noticed a 'growth' that is rather large growing over the scar tissue from where the procedure took place.

Not a happy camper by any stretch of the imagination. I have obvious concerns that I will NOT regain my sense of smell and that by my (unprofessional) opinion, I'll likely have to go back under the knife quite soon to remove the growth. This growth has actually blocked the nasal passage completely and I can't breathe out of my left nostril at all. The right passage is congested so there is no breathing through my nose at all (e.g. the entire purpose of this procedure to begin with).

Interestingly I have not read about anyone else above experiencing a post-op growth which is freaking me out a little bit, although I did see something online elsewhere about someone else saying it happened to them.

Can anyone shed some light on the 'growth' thing? Also, what are my odds of regaining my sense of smell back? I do recall in the last 12 days tasting some garlic in something I ate, although faint...any feedback is appreciated and welcome. Thx
Hello there! I had Septoplasty and Turbinectomy Bilateral surgery last Friday in Canberra ACT Hospital Australia and came home on Saturday. I do not have any splints or packing in my nose of any sort. I have had little to no pain (as yet) :-)). My throat is red as I was experiencing a little blood draining down which made me squirmish but rinsing my mouth frequently with salty water and sucking lozenges and of cause being more elevated helped. I'm using a nasal wash twice daily and this is helping. I am on antibiotics and just taking it a little easy. I can smell for the first time in so long and what a great feeling:-). I go back to Canberra to see my Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist in about 3 weeks for a check up. So far! so good with me!.
Hi everyone,

I'm one week post op, and have only just taken the time to look at this website - very helpful.

I've experienced the aching teeth/jaw and discomfort of headaches, and quite frankly, am disappointed about how long it's taking to get over it. However, the fatigue is the thing that's bothering me. I just don't have any energy.

The "growth" described by Matt may be a scab, as I have just removed one when i did my twice daily nasal wash (which I'd forgotten to do yesterday). As much as I don't enjoy the wash, I think they get you to do it for a reason, and I now feel a little better.

I'm not sure about the stitches thought - I don't think the doctor mentioned them to me, and I don't know if they just dissolve or if I have to have them removed. Any thoughts, anyone?
Its been 4 days since I had Septoplasty and Antrostomy surgery.Stayed in hospital overnight.Septoplasty carried out to allow enough access for the surgeons intruments to perform the Antrostomy surgery.Operated on at 8:15. Woke up in recovery at10:15.I was worried before the operation about getting severe headaches,as they knock me around badly.I was pleasantly surprised
as I did not get any headaches at all.The only pain relief I asked for, was 2 panadienes for the trip home as my wife was driving.The only down side was the stuffing up my nose,which made it awkward to breathe through my nose.The surgeon removed the padding the next morning.Still no pain.Back home now and expect my energy levels to return to normal in the next few days.On the up side was the mushroom risotto on a bed of mashed pumpkin,yoghurt,fruit salad.
hurt so bad felt like i got punched 7 times by a boxer lol in alot of pain i am taking tylenol 3s penyseline and advil and it seems to work with the pain a lil bit
Hi all

I had the septoplasty surgery a week past Monday, procedure went well and I was discharged from hospital same day. Experienced some leakage from my nose for a few days afterwards along with the aching jaw and teeth. I was taking over the counter painkillers regularly for the first week to take the edge off the dull pain I was experiencing. Nose was packed with the disolving foam, which started to flush away using the saline solution after three days, not that pleasant an experience but it was a relief to know it was clearing.
Both nostrils are now clear and I have definitely noticed an improvement in breathing through my nose.

For those who are about to have the surgery, please do not panic, I am not the bravest of people but my experience was not the worst.

I'm now 24 days post surgery and am still feeling unusually tired. On top of that, one side of my jaw is so sore I have trouble biting on that side of my mouth - not good when I'm served a lovely steak for dinner.

However, the headaches have subsided and the nose generally feels clear and easy to breathe through (although still not quite right).

Having my four week follow up consult in two days and hoping that within a week or so I'll be back to normal.

Good luck to those who are about to have the surgery - be prepared for a 2-3 week recovery period (I had thought it would be around one week and was caught out a bit).
I had septoplasty on Monday 6th August, as well as surgery to expand the airways and removal of nasal pollops. Apart from a "tight" feeling around the nostrils, i am pretty good.
The nasal flushes are a little uncomfortable but can already feel some benefits after just 3 days. I just wish i had had the surgery years ago, as i am feeling the benefits of clear nasal passages already. Good luck to anyone about to undergo the surgery.
Had my surgery on Aug 10 around 4pm. Woke up with nostrils packed and dressing under the nose. No real pain, just a little soreness. Very uncomfortable evening with nose packed, unable to sleep, changed dressing a few times after it soaked through with blood and mucous. In the morning I removed the packing at 9:30a and was immediately able to breathe...huge relief. No major bleeding, just a small amount of discharge remained. I did begin to get congested as mucous moved around and my nostrils crusted up. I found that the saline spray actually made things worse for some reason. By third day discharge pretty much stopped and I was feeling pretty good. No change on fourth day, and on fifth day I was back to work. I started the sinus rinse that evening and it really flushed out most of the buildup in my nostrils. Today is the fifth day post-op and I feel great...almost doesn't feel like I even had a surgery except that I'm breathing better out of my left nostril. I'm guessing from reading some of the horror stories here that my condition may not have been as bad as some. I'm sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop..
had septoplasty, turbinates and polyps done friday 17 aug, in at 1130 out at 1330, then stay over until 1400 on sat. packing taken out with minimal fuss and pain. little discharge but excellent advice from surgeon and nursing staff means i am confident about the next few weeks. i had suffered for years with limited air on my right side but already i can feel the volume of air in that side is much better. overall i am sure that the continuous blockages in summer and winter will be a thing of the past, many thanks to the surgeon eva papresch and the nursing team at the luton and dunstable hospital.
I had septoplasty surgery 4 days ago.only problem that really bother me is that i can not breth from my noise and i have to breath from my mouth so I cant sleep well and get up suddenly because my mouth really is without would you please give me some information about decrease this problem? thanke you.
I had my septoplasty done about 6 weeks ago. All went well, but I was very tired for about a week. For the past month, however, my breathing has been clear, but my nasal passages are so dry I feel stuffy. Is this normal? Does anyone know how long this side-effect will last?
I am 71 years old and had septoplasty 4 weeks ago. I would not have it done had I had done better investigation. Pain, bleeding, severe sinus pressure, ear ache, constant headache, extreme dryness at night and panic about breathing were some of the problems I encountered. I am still blowing blood after my sinus rinses. My doctor said he only had one other patient who had these problems in 12 years. Some how I find that hard to believe. I pray that if anyone needs it done he or she will find a great doctor with a compassionate bedside manner.
Have any of you had your nose straightened when you have your septoplasty done? i am waiting for my date but i didnt get told if they going to straighten my crooked bone =/
I had my surgery done on Jan 21st and today I went back and had the tubes removed. The surgery on Monday was out paitent and I did fine just stayed so stuffy and misreale because I couldnt breath, mild head aches due to conjestion. Having the tubes removed today was not painful just uncomfortable. I still have slight nose bleeds but this will continue untill everything is healed. Not only did the Dr have to cut and straighten my secptum they also did the baloon into my sinuses to open them up and they had to cut away lots of scar tissue to help open them up. After my Dr removed the tubes, he did the sinus vaccum to remove blood and muscus. He told me to take a deep breath through my nose, I did and it was the 1st time in 30 years that i could. I was so happy I could have cried. I know that may sound crazy but when you are stuck with messed up sinuses a divated secptum and 6 to 8 bad sinus infections each year. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to breath through my nose. I go back on Feb 7th for him to check my stitches then I should be able to blow my nose again. Untill then I can just swab my nose and neti pot to keep the sinuses moist. Good luck to everyone!
Had my op five days ago and it has been painful and uncomfortable. The operation itself went quickly but came round with an awful headache caused by the drugs. I got home and the evening was pretty rotten as I don't think I agreed with the anaesthetic, slept very little that night maybe 3 hrs in total with constant waking up as my nose dripped constantly a clear/bloody/guey mess and this stops you from sleeping.

Post Op Day 1: I awoke feeling awful with a feeling of the worst nose cold and feeling of pressure, nose continued to stream and drip clear/guey/blood filled fluid, I had to make sure I kept on top of my meds which consisted of 1 x 400mg Ibuprofen and 2x Co-dydrymal every five hours, again the night was intolerable and managed around three hours sleep due to being uncomfortable a very sore throat and dripping from the nose.

Post Op Day 2: This morning I actually felt perkier for around five hours and then BAM I dropped again, nose streaming, mainly clear today but streaming none the less, you could not really go out like this, I have been very carefully cleaning the inside tip of the nose with a tissue, CAREFULLY, the cut inside the nose is yet to start healing.

Post Op Day Three: Today was the first day out of bed for a few hours as the meds seemed to be working to a point, nose is still swollen and still running like the clappers, still clear but with regular blood deposits, after seven hours up I had to retreat to the bedroom again feeling pretty awful and a early night was had.

Post Op Day Four: After getting up to address my nose four times during the night I made it till about 2.30am when I finally had to give in and get up, feeling awful, guessing the meds stopped working. Today has been up and down with a very very sensitive nose, even to the lightest tap, I think the inside at times is wanting to crust up around the incision but my nose is running still with pinky coloured goo from my nose, my skin all around my nose is now very raw and I have a cold sore starting, feeling pretty run down now, thank god I have another 9 days off from work.
Every night I hate going to bed knowing its going to be another night of sorting my nose out and getting poor sleep, I think it is improving but know it may get more painful yet.

I will keep updating here, so watch this space, this is not an op to be taken lightly, its in your face literally so there is no getting away from it .

Post Op Day Five: Last night I could not get to sleep till 2.30am, sleep pattern now messed up, the running of the nose has calmed down considerably, still like a cold but not constant ALL the time and this allows some sleeping from half two to around half nine today, my longest sleep yet.
I forgot to mention I have a numb patch on the roof of my mouth just behind the two front teeth, this is a complication the doctors mentioned as the nerves are connected, I am hoping this is not permanent, its not the end of the world but you notice it from time to time, when drinking or brushing teeth more so, also I have had no sense of smell until today, my nose on the right nostril from time to time is clearing through to a point, not enough to breath but just occasionally to allow very very very gentle blowing out to clear onto a tissue, its pretty horrid what comes out but I have noticed a foul smell every so often appearing, nope it is not nice but it has given me some hope that I have not lost total smell which is a worry to me. This is on the side of the nose that was NOT cut open for operation.

To clarify I have had both Turbinate Reduction and Septoplasty.

I will continue to post up on here

Post Op Day Six/Seven : Sleeping has started to improve even more, seven hours the last two nights.
The swelling of the nose is dropping down but with this the smell got worse to the point my girlfriend could smell it and said it smelly like a morgue, pretty disgusting, with this I used the shower head to rinse out both my nostrils, this seemed to help, 24 hrs later the smell started to return along with a foul taste in the mouth, so I rinsed again. I have since done some googling and sourced a saline solution that is designed with this op in mind and is to be squirted up into the nose to keep things clean. A shame I was given NO help from the hospital in regards to any after care.

Post Op Day Seven: A full nights sleep at last, brilliant, the swelling has continued to drop and gurgling noises are to be heard through my right nostril with occasional air circulation. The nose running started up again today. Tonight the left nostril also started gurgling but still blocked completely.

Looks like I am getting somewhere, although tonight I had a little wobbly of feeling sick and woozy, the shopping it would seem knocked me for six, its so easy to jump the gun, I was supposed to be going back to work on Wednesday next week but I think I will take the rest of the week off giving me two and a half weeks off, I may be improving but the energy levels are so very low, for every up at the moment there seems to be an equal down, I am determined to not go back to work too soon and mess this op up, thankfully my employers are understanding.

Still for two hours or so today I was able to breath fairly well through both nostrils not perfect but it was great it showed itself as this is what the whole thing is about.

I am generally off medication now but still take the odd one to hold off any soreness.

The nose has stopped running all the time, this came about as the congestion started to clear.

Both nostrils are to a point clear, I can inhale through both up to about 80% there is some congestion high up in the nose, exhaling is a little more difficult still.

The nose has become dry now somewhat but I am using a saline spray to keep on top of this, first thing in the morning the nose is now crusty and dry and again the spray helps most of this.

I am taking this all in my stride as a change is as good as anything and I feel as though my nose is going through healing stages it needs to.

These last few days have been a big relief after last week.

The cut in one nostril where they did the Septoplasty is still only held in place by the stitches, if I wiggle my nose you can still see the cut and the skin still separated from each other, I guess the healing side of this will be a while before it starts to tighten and pull together and knit.

I'll Keep these updates going so folks know what to expect as regards to this part of the healing stage..

Post Op Day Twelve :

Not to much change in the last two days, exhaling through my nose is still difficult but the airways have stayed fairly clear with inhaling, not perfect, congested but breathable.
The last few mornings are woken with a very crusty nose and I have to use the saline spray to moisten them up and clear out gently. Pain medication is now down to a minimum for when I feel really gritty but the pain is gone just uncomfortable at times.

I expect the congestion too last some time as the healing continues.

I had my septoplasty about 8months ago, my breathing is loads better but I now suffer with dry nose and mouth more or less all the time, really bad at night. i never get a full nights sleep, I use the saline spray but it only relieves it for a while. Any ideas if there is any thing I can use.

I just had a CT scan done on my sinuses, it showed that I have sinusitis and a deviated septum. I have an appointment with an ENT on March 22nd to go over my options. I have absolutely no trouble breathing from my nose now, I just get frequent nose bleeds (reason for CT scan). Is surgery really needed for this, are there any other options, has anyone else had just the nose bleeds? Thank you and good luck to everyone else.

Six weeks in now and I can breathe clearly again. Occasionally I get that dodgy smell slightly so I just rinse the nose out with warm water, sorry this is gross but it is usually a collection of blood and snot far up in the nose, this is the repairing going on.

My nose is no longer the be all of everything.

Still a little numb at the bottom of nose but it is wearing off now.

I can close my mouth watch telly and breathe through my nose alone, great.

Good luck everyone, I hope my posts have been of some insight.
is there any scaring
does it help with hearing
can you go back to work two days after
Have been to see a consultant due to difficulty in breathing. He has suggested a septoplasty due to my deviated septum but reading the post recovery issues I think I will not bother going down that route.

Have two small children and feel I will not be able to cope with all the pain and discomfort this will bring. Thank you to everyone for writing and being honest with your experiences. My consultant told me it wouldn't hurt!!!
HI IM CAROL had the Septoplasty surgery on Thursday today sunday surgeon was really happy wyith the way operation went see him next wed for a checkup feeling quite good good attidude as well but I must no black eyes little swelling but mainly just feeling all stuffed up am using the saline solution regulary but apart from my head being blocked I feel great and in time it be all worth it yes we can breathe again been so long wish you all the best and like me a quick recovery Carol
Its like a mirror, follow Simons post from 216 backwards, I'm following the same route as he did very nearly down to the time line. I'm on post op day 6 and I've just found this site. I'd wish I'd found this before so I knew what was to come. The tips I can give are: Just because there's no black eyes etc, give your self plenty of time to heal, just because you don't look as though you have been beaten up isn't to say you have not inside your nose. Take all the pain killers you can because the pain creeps up on you from day 2 and for as long as you can, don't be a hero to the pain! The nose wash is called Sterimar isotonic, have plenty of it and use it, lots!. If you can be given something to make you sleep then take it, I hate being 'crabby' through lack of sleep. Cotton bubs, a bright small LED light and a magnifying mirror will be your line to clear breathing, you will get use to looking up your nose and removing 'the little nasty's'. Throat pastels and lip barm are also good to have by your bed for the night because you will be breathing via your mouth and a big jug of liquid. This is what I can offer so now its back to the worst 'cold type' symptons I've ever know inc sore throat and await the day when it all goes away which according to Simon will be in about 2 weeks. Good luck to one and all.
I had my deviated septum repaired as well as a turbinate reduction. I was terrified to have the procedure done because I heard how horrible the recovery could be. I am now on day 5 post op and am doing much better than the first few days. On the first day I sat very still in my recliner with gauze taped to the outside of my nose and slept. I was very grateful for the pain meds. I had the packing as well as splints. I was very dizzy and nauseous. I ended up throwing up a ton of blood. I hear that's normal since the stomach can't digest blood. It was horrible. I was dizzy disoriented nauseous an throwing up. It was horrible. By day 2 I got my packing out. I was so dizzy I couldn't even walk. I'm so grateful my doc gave me some meds for the nausea. They have helped a ton. I am still super stuffed up and have a headache but the nausea isn't as bad and as long as I don't try and do anything I'm ok. I get the splints out in 3 days. I can't wait as I can feel them in my nose. I am looking forward to the nasal washes that I'm allowed to do after the splints are removed. I'm hoping that will help with my dizziness. Thank you for this site. It's so comforting knowing my experience is normal. I hope to come back with great results that confirm this is all worth it. I believe my iron is low which is making it hard with all of the loss of blood.
Update. I am now on day 9 and feeling so much better!! I was able to get my splints out yesterday. I was shocked by the pressure change! It is so nice to be able to breathe again. And with the turbinate reduction my nasal passages are much more open. I've never been able to breathe so well in my life. Although the first week is horrible! And I mean horrible! I am so glad I did the surgery. I am still experiencing headaches and I feel like I've gotten chlorine up my nose when I breathe but now that I can feel improvement and actually breathe through my nose I'm glad I went through all of the misery to experience breathing the right way. Will I ever have this surgery again? No, once is enough for me especially with 4 little kids that depend on me being at my best. I'm grateful I had a recliner to sleep in as we'll as a husband who took care of everything while I went through the hardest part of recovery ... The first full week. Good luck to anyone out there that is about to have this done. I can sympathize with what you will be going through. And for those ladies out there, I would never do this surgery again if I can avoid having my time of the month at the same time. I was losing way too much blood and I believe that's what made my recovery so hard. I don't think I would have been so dizzy or constantly light headed if I wasn't going through that at the same time. Good luck out there!!
thomas rigney
Monday it will be one week post surgery. Can't sleep, can't breathe. I was ill prepared for what was to be post op. Monday I go back to the dr's for a check up.
Karen Alaska
I had my septoplasty done one week ago and the splints removed three days ago. I was amazed at how little real pain I had. It hurt like heck when something would touch my nose (like when I swatted at a mosquito in front of my face and got my nose too), or when the dog licked my nose because I was snoring as I slept on the couch. I also had some phantom upper teeth pain (I wear dentures). There was a lot of gross-looking reddish-brown drainage (don't wear anything nice while you're healing) and you MUST sneeze through your mouth, not your nose! My friend scared the heck out of me when she told me that having the packing taken out of my nose would be worse than the pain of childbirth, but I had silicone splints and it did not hurt at all (VERY nice surprise). Best of all, I immediately noticed I could breathe out of BOTH sides of my nose. I have a constant small drip of clear fluid, but am told that is normal and will go away in a week or two. I do the saline flushes and this helps to loosen and get rid of the blood clots/dried blood and keep it all moist (use a q-tip and gently put some antibiotic ointment just around the inside of your nose to help with keeping the nose moist). I am SO glad I had this done! Hopefully I won't keep getting sinus infections one after another now. Oh, another huge plus...I am sleeping better and I wake up without a swollen face/eyes now!
Six weeks ago I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and a bit of rhinoplasty in order to improve my breathing. Thankfully, I'm breathing much better. But, I have horrible dark bags under my eyes. My ENT doctor who did the surgery said these should improve with time, however A plastics surgeon said they could be permanent. Is it possible this is permanent?
Almost 7 days after my surgery. Deviated septum, turblin reduction and removal of a spur pocket that had created an infection. My question is, when does the pain stop? I am on Oxycodone and add 1 extra strength Tylenol to it to make my pain bearable. If I take anymore, it is lights out. I tried today to go back to work, while on the dosage described, and only made it two hours before exrruciating pain made me go home and take more meds to fell better. Then right to bed to sleep. Pain generates from the end of my nose down into my teeth, which I am sure if I pulled out would feel much better. My anxiety is through the roof as I still feel like I have been hit by a 2x4 and my boss is anxious and being passive agressive to get me back to the office. I had missed lots of work due to sinus infections that will not go away. My question is how much work is usually missed?
I was diagnosed last week with Sluders neuralgia (septal bone spur) and will have surgery soon to correct it. I have had chronic headaches for years and it feels great to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. All the information here has been great and will help me to prepare for what is coming. There is no choice for me if I want to get rid of these almost daily headaches. Thanks for the information!
I'm scheduled for Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction next month. My doctor does surgeries on Wednesdays and has recommeneded that I will be out of work for the remainder of the first week in addition to the entire next week. So, 8 working days off, including the day of surgery. I hope that helps a little - sorry to not be the voice of experience.
This website is helping me to understand the recovery, as well as freaking me out a bit.
Wishing you all the best,
I have a septoplasty, inferior turbinate reduction, and Polyectomy in about a month. The doctor told me I will only need about three days off of work and after reading all these I don't know if he is right.
I had Septoplasty and inferior turbinectomy on 9th Sept. I had a deviated nasal septum. I have a question. My splints will be removed on 9th Oct i.e. after one month.

1. Are splints usually placed inside nose for this long period ? I had blood coming out of nose for 1 week after op.
2. Also, I dont touch and feel my nose and dont know if septum is completely in center. should I expect both airways completely equal ? with septum in exact center ? My left nostril was almost blocked before op, and I still cant breath the same as I can from right, so what to expect ?

Julia and devin
You should take about 10 to 14 days off after Septoplasty. I had septoplasty and I took 3 weeks off as I could, but I think I could resume normal office routine two weeks after septo, but no hectic routine for first four or five weeks because nose gets stuffed after 5 to 7 hours and one has to do the irrigation and cleansing.
10 days ago, I had surgery for my deviated septum (septoplasty). While I heard and read all the horror stories, my experience turned into a non-event. Surgery was 75 minutes long. I went home, and had minor leakage. I had NO pain, NO black and bluing, NO nausea. I had to sleep almost upright, and had to breathe through my mouth. A small price for a priceless surgery. Two days after surgery, I had the packing (flexible plastic tubes about 3 or so inches long) removed. It was the first time I was able to breathe out of my right nostril since I was a teenager! I am finishing off a 10 day supply of antibiotics, prescribed as a precaution. My surgeon saw me yesterday and said I had textbook surgery. The septum is perfectly centered, and healing quicker than expected. Agreed, I think my case was an exception to the rule, but the relief I feel is unbelievable. I cannot exercise, lift any heavy objects, or fly until fully healed (estimated time = 1 month). The shape of my "Roman nose" is the same, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Kudos to my Northern Virginian ENT doctor. She's the best!
Septoplasty this past Wednesday. No packing, no stents a little bleeding for 24hrs post op. Septum is perfectly straight, I can breathe and I am In a bit of pain but tolerable. I don't know where all of these bad cases are coming from but mine went very well. In to O.R at 13:00 and leaving hospital by 17:00. Irrigating nightly followed by poysporin, this part sucks and have to do this except wih Vaseline as a lubricant for 6 months.
I am 25 years old and have been chronically ill with sinus and throat infections for the past couple of years. Last week (October 1st) I had endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty, turbinate reduction, tonsillectomy and my adenoids out all in one operation. This surgery was the most terifying thing I could imagine- I am the biggest sook! The ops went well although I am still on pain meds every few hours including endone, panadine forte and oxynorm liquid. I stayed in hospital overnight as my heart rate was tachy and had low blood pressure for several hours post op. For the first 48 hours my eyes and nose were bruised and swollen but that has gone away now. My nose bled and ran constantly for the first few days and I had to rinse it with saline several times a day which helped clean the yuck out! I have found the pain associated with the nose operations to be tolerable however the tonsillectomy has been incredibly painful. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND having both done at once. I am not able to breathe through my nose yet as I have two splints in which will get taken out tomorrow. Having to breathe through my mouth has made my mouth very dry and my tonsil area red raw. I have had to take antibiotics which I started to take immediately but began vomiting due to an empty stomach, and couldn't eat because of the throat pain- double edged sword! I have had headaches and external pain around my nose but nothing to complain about. I have had referred pain in my right ear caused by my throat which has been nasty. My advice is to write down or record the times of your meds and retake just before your next recommended time to avoid bouts of serious pain. I have set alarms throughout the night to remind me so I avoid waking up in agony. Having had tonsillitis 7 times this year I am glad to have had them out but be warned the recovery takes a good two weeks. I am a teacher and cannot imagine going back to work one week post op as I cannot speak yet. I have found cold wet face washers on my forehead and the back of my neck helpful for pain and also ice packs across my neck 24/7. All in all it hasn't killed me, it's just been a week of extreme discomfort which will hopefully be followed by a healthier and happier lifestyle! Good luck to all who are considering!
I just had sinus surgery in which I had the balloon sinuplasty and then tons of ployps in the nasal cavities and had my nasal passages opened since they were closed completely. I have had chronic migraines for 26 years. Back to this sinus situation,I finally was referred to an ENT doctor,regarding an infection I was treated with a 20 day course of anti-botics and steroids but nothing helped.A special sinus CT scan and it showed that every inch of the sinus cavities were full of gunk,my nasal passages were closed.The doctor/surgeon who used the endoscopy machine saw I had polyps everywhere he can see up my nose and it was enough that the balloon sinuplasty was not going to be enough so the more invasive surgery was booked.My question is that after surgery the doctor told me that he removed as many nasal polyps he could but there were still quite a lot of polyps in the areas under my eyes,the sphenoid sinus,and behind my head,Ethmois sinuses. He said to operate could affect my eyesight and brain functions so we will deal with them down the road...whatever that means. I just want to know if there was any danger in leaving the polyps in those sinus areas? Would he be keeping track with sinus CT scans from time to time? Is there medication I can take to either shrink or get rid of those polyps and keep me from getting sinus infections again? Friday Oct.18th will be my 3rd post opt. appt. for suction. My hope is that this will improve the sinus headaches,pressure,snoring and better breathing but God willing it will help in decreasing the amount and severity of my migraines. So if anyone knows about the question regarding the polyps in the sphenoid and ethmoid sinus areas that can't surgically be removed, how and will they be treated? Thanks for time to read this. Malissa
I had my septoplasty and turbinate reduction on Wednesday. It is now Saturday. I think more must have been done to my right side than my left, as I have no pain on the left side but lots of pain on the right. I am still bleeding on the right side although it is a slow bleed and does not worry me. My face is visibly swollen in the area of my sinuses, but no bruising. Sometimes I can breathe through my nose and my left ear feels clogged and a little painful. I was initially given Tramadol for pain, but it wasn't doing me much good so the doc called in a prescription of Norco which is similar to Vicadin. Since yesterday I have been pretty faithful about taking the pain meds every four hours, otherwise I'm extremely uncomfortable. I have splints and no packing but don't really feel a lot of pressure. One side effect I didn't expect is the weeping of my eyes. After the first night, when I was finally able to get 4 hours of straight sleep after taking Tylenol PM in place of the prescribed pain meds, my eyelashes were stuck together with salt. Nothing painful, just didn't expect this. My eyes still weep from time to time. What has helped me most at this point in addition to the pain meds is the Tylenol PM for sleeping, since it's very difficult for me to sleep propped up on pillows, and icing my nose. I got up enough courage to shoot some saline spray up there last night and it didn't hurt at all. This was mostly to loosen some scabbing as the doc even told me that the saline wouldn't go past the splints. I'm looking forward to feeling better, as I don't yet. Advil has always been my go-to and I really wish I could take it to help with the inflammation, but it promotes bleeding so that's not an option. Just wanted to share my experience so far, as I read a bunch of posts on here before my surgery to help me understand what the recovery would be like. Sometimes I feel like it's crazy that I elected to have this surgery, but I was tired of feeling like hell for 3 months out of every year, as it would usually take me at least a month to feel better after a bout with sinusitis coupled with ear infections. If I got a head cold, I knew it would eventually turn into an infection, but I would have to wait to do anything about it until the infection was obvious to a doc who could then give me Levaquin (antibiotic) which would make me feel like hell in addition to feeling so bad from the infection itself. Will try to remember to post an update in another couple days in case my experience is helpful to others going through or getting ready to go through this. Grateful at this point to know that I have the next week off of work. Not sure how others have managed going back so soon!
Hello everyone, I am getting septoplasty in seven days. My deviated setup is from injury. Is my septum less likely to go back and shift back if I wasn't born that way after surgery? I am also getting my nasal passages opened up more with surgery. Will I be in a lot of pain with this and what is the best pain medication for this??. Thankyou for your advice, Karen
Had my septo about three weeks ago, still off work because had bad reaction to the antibiotics and painkillers and was very sick for a day or two, so its set me back a bit. Occasional headaches when I wake in the morning, sometimes splitting headaches. So contacting doc on Monday to ask advice, all being well could be back at work in a week.
Should I have noticed a marked difference yet? because I haven't really noticed yet.
Hi Karen,
I had my septoplasty and turbinate reduction three weeks ago yesterday (on Oct 23). I didn't have any set-backs like you did, apart from not having my two-week check-up until a couple of days ago (almost 3 weeks post-op) where the doc suctioned out a bunch of gunk including parts of the dissolvable sponges they had put in during surgery which i didn't even know about until the other day. Last night I started the sinus rinses (previously I'd just been doing saline spray) and got a bunch of extra gunk out. Today is the best I've felt since surgery. The first day that I noticed a marked improvement in how I felt was on the 10th day post-op. It sounds like your bad reaction really has set you back and I am sorry to hear that.
I read all I could about this surgery before I went through with it, paying special attention to people's experiences, yet somehow in the back of my mind I didn't think it would be so bad for me. Funny, huh? My experience has been pretty much in line with others', except for those people who seemed to have an easy time with it.
I don't know if this helps at all, but thought I would share. Sometimes it's just nice to know you're not alone when recovering from something like this.
Wishing you (and everyone else!) all the best,
Additional note: I had my splints removed 6 days post-op. The doctor assured me prior to surgery that this wouldn't hurt, but it really did hurt. It was a relief in a way too, as once the extra pain started subsiding a couple of hours later, I realized that I actually did have some pressure. The splints were digging into my tear ducts which is what was causing my eyes to tear. My husband went with me to this appointment and was amazed at the size of the splints. He wondered out loud how they had even got them in there in the first place!
I got a Septoplasty today because of a deviated septum that was causing really bad nosebleeds. They
Would occur daily for about a month until finally I would get it carterized. When that stopped working the doctor suggestsuggested a septo. After the surgery my gums and teeth hurt like and my nose burned. I got some pain meds and antibiotics and it was ok for a while until a couple hours ago. My nose is extremely blocked, swallowing hurts and I almost choked while eating a soup. 12 hrs after my surgery and my nose burns, it is swollen, my gums and teeth hurt, and difficulty swallowing. Sleeping is out of the question. The only silver lining is that I get my packing removed this Friday morning. I just have to suck it up for a bit longer and hopefully everything comes out ok! :/
I am 10 days post op on a septoplasty / turbinate reduction. Pain was minimal, breathing was amazing after 3rd day when they removed splints, but my biggest problem would be the inability to sleep. Every night I get a few hours in and then the post nasal drip starts and wakes me up.It feels like I am suffocating when I am laying down even on 2 or 3 pillows. I have had to start anti anxiety meds that I take at night once awakened by this feeling, just so I can get back to sleep. Prior to this I have never needed meds to sleep. It's miserable. Am wondering how long I should expect this to go on. Thoughts?? If you experienced this and I am not alone, please feel free to contact me and let me now how long it lasted and what you did about it, or how you were able to cope with it to get some sleep..
3 weeks after having sinus surgery which included a septoplasty, I had a very severe and spontaneous nose bleed. Bright red blood pouring out both nares and down my throat. After being seen in the ER (the insertion of the nasal device used to stop the bleeding was the most painful thing that I have ever experienced). 2 days later, I needed emergency surgery to incise and drain a septal hemotoma (from middle septal artery?). What could have casued this so long after the inital surgery and normal healing?
I had septoplasty surgery 2 years ago for a deviated septum. The bridge of my nose is noticably wider. I can see the difference and it changes my face. I know my doctor put something to keep my nostrils open. I can feel them on the outside of my nostrils. They kind of bend. Can I get this removed? and is this considered a cosmetic procedure?

I hope you still read this message board. I am 3 weeks post op and I had the same type of surgery as you. Lately, I have been feeling the symptoms you described above... like excessive yawning, short of breath, throat dryness, etc. But nose breathing has considerably improved. Like you, I am a very anxious and panicky person. I was wondering if you ever found the root of that problem and want to know how you are feeling now? Will this pass? Were they panic attacks due to surgery?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

I had Septoplasty turbinate reduction 8 days ago, and I'm finding that I'm spitting out dark colour clots some big in size and also when I blow my nose I'm getting dark colour thick like slug looking stuff come out, my ears hurt too, and the top of my inside of my mouth is very sore is this normal or should I get it checked out?
I had Steptoplasty yesterday Monday 15th September . I have to say they gave me painkillers but so far not needed them I had no bungs up my nose but it is congested with blood and runs every now and then. Only side effect was being a bit tired have stayed of work Tuesday but will go in for a couple of hours tomorrow and hopefully back fully on Thursday.
Must admit I do heal quickly and not one for lying around or days off work so sooner I am back to work the better. Sympathise with those who are in pain though nothing worse.
The worse part for me at the moment is the congealed blood with runny nose. So for all those going in for it it does not always turn out with pain etc.
Thank god for all of your comments and entries! I just had septoplasty along with the removal of a large sinus polyp three days ago and I have been so uncomfortable (unable to breath, unforgiving nasal crusts, pressure and dryness) I thought I was going out of mind. Reading all of your experiences have really helped me calm down a bit and realize I just need to give it some time. The claustrophobic feeling of both nostrils being so locked up has been a true challenge. Didn't have much pain at first, but as the nasal crusts get worse, it's been difficult to eat or even smile without significant pain. I see my surgeon in three more days, and even though many have described the experience as extremely painful, I CANNOT WAIT for him to clear all the "debris" out of my nose.
Once again, I want to thank all of you for sharing your experiences. Comparing and constrasting post-op stories has helped me keep my sanity.
Hi there. Just wondering I had my procedure nearly 2 years ago and I occasionally still get a drip (discharge) from my nose. Its not flemmy but it can be a little yellow in colour and it happens sometimes just for a day and then it passes. It will run out of my nose unexpectedly. Has anyone else experienced this. I have spoken to my ENT person and they said they had not know any other cases like this.
Had my septoplasty and bone spur removal from sinuses 5 days ago and having splints removed this afternoon. Was never in pain after procedure - was given hydrocodone and it easily handled any pain and off meds as of yesterday except for antibiotics. Def an uncomfortable procedure - I want to blow my nose so badly! The saline flushings help a lot, so I recommend them. Sleeping is not possible, but hoping removal of splints and suctioning of my nasal passages today will provide some relief. If this surgery gets rid of my frequent and debilitating sinus headaches then it was well worth it, but just know that it isn't a walk in the park. Be aware that there is no dignity with this surgery - you will be a bloody, snotty mess for awhile. Again, hoping splint removal will help. I will try to update about stent removal since I have such high expectations for it - and Thanksgiving is only 2 days away!!
So had my stitches and splints removed yesterday - a painless procedure - and it was total relief. After my doctor suctioned out my nose - I know, gross! - I could finally breathe again and blow my nose - I am so happy!! My sense of smell is starting to return - I can almost taste my coffee this morning - and most of the swelling is gone. BTW I am in Massachusetts and am a 61 year old female, so given my age, I think I have done exceptionally well with my recovery considering some of the horror stories that precede my comments

My pallet is still a tiny bit numb and I still don't have any appetite at all (am drinking green smoothies to get nutrition) but rest assured I'll be having turkey and all the fixins tomorrow on Thanksgiving. So what am I thankful for? I thankful that this procedure is behind me and I look forward to a sinus headache-free future.

Best of luck to everyone!!
Y. Moneim
I am on day 8 from my op . I wonder if this choking/ post nasal drip stops . Otherwise I have some facial pain as if I got a sinuses
I had my surgery yesterday Dec. 1. In the Op room around 0900 and on my way home before noon.

No pain at all (haven't taken the oxycodone since the night of the surgery). Just this incredibly stuffed nose like the worst head cold I have ever had, but can't do anything about it.

I go see the surgeon next Tuesday for the stitches and whatever else he has to do. Glad to get Angela's feedback on it being painless, given some of the earlier comments.

Any chance that the stuffiness will subside a little before I see the surgeon and have it cleaned up?
I am 16 days post op and still feeling fed up. The nights are the worst as I still can't lay down and have to sleep propped up. I wake up with my nose blocked up and feel like I'm suffocating. I still have stitches visible in my nose actually one came out this morning, but they collect all the mucus and it dries up and blocks my nose, gross! Hopefully all this discomfort will be worth it!
I have to say, I had my septoplasty done in 2004, and it changed my life. No more snoring, no more sinus infections, no more struggling to breathe during exercise. All that changed last year, when I started having breathing problems again. My sinuses feel stuffy, yet there is nothing in them. I started using a netti pot which helped, and I was put on allergy medicine. I have been to several ENT specialists, who say nothing is wrong. They have ran tests and scoped my sinuses, but can find nothing wrong. Two of the ENT's believe the congestion could be caused by scar tissue forming from the previous septoplasty. The only thing that seems to relieve it is over the counter sinus spray, such as Afrin. Obviously, that is addicting, and works less and less over time. I am currently searching for relief of this problem.
Hello I want to share My story with anyone thinking of having a septoplasty done.I will give a bit of background info.I am a 30 year old male,when I was 15 I was playing baseball at school and got hit right on my nose with an aluminium bat.I will say the pain of that was actually less than the surgery itself.I will get into the scary details in a minute but before you read them know this,IT WAS WELL WORTH IT!Ok so after that caused a pretty deviated septum I always had rather bad breathing. My tonsils are very large and my septum very deviated. In 2013 I was diagnosed with sleep apnea after a sleep test.quite severe.Doc took one look at throat and nose and said I think we can cure it.Surgeon said it wasn't going to hurt and id be prescribed t3.I wasn't that worried.I went under I woke up in the most agonizing pain I have ever felt my face was on fire. Only after 15 mg of morphine did nothing I got something called tamarind. Then the pain just melted away.Little did I know it would be the last time I would have relief for about 5 days.My face was on fire for 5 days the 2 percs ever 3.5 hours barely took the edge off.Day 6 I felt human again and didn't need meds.The most annoying part was the stints that were in for 3 weeks. When I went back to have them pulled it was a very uncomfortable sensation but only for a second. Once the doctor had me blow my nose it was incredible my left nostril I could breath from for the first time in 15 years.I was a special case and its been a year and 3 months since and its still tender on the tip but its getting helped my sleep although didn't cure it.I just had my tonsils pulled and im on day 4.everyone told me how painful it was and I was scared.Truth be told I would take the tonsillectomy 1000 times over than deal with the septoplasty pain again but it was worth it my tonsils were huge but the pain only hurts to talk or swallow the nose was always there burning uggh ill never forget it.Everyone is different.when I was in the hospital for the night for my nose there was another man there whom Id asked how are you feeling he was walking around no pain didn't need meds for his septoplasty.I saw him again 3 weeks later getting our stints out he said he felt great the whole time.I guess it depends on how crooked your nose is.
I had the surgery five months ago, guys. I hate to tell you that I'm still having pain and discomfort. My doctor said it takes 6 months to heal. Don't be surprised if you some really painful days for several months. Apparently it's normal. I have pain that shoots to the top of my head, pain around my eye, in my ear, etc. But I can breathe better. :)
Is an assurance that the surgery will work? and how long will it take for my nose to heal?
I just had the septoplasty surgery last week Thursday and my splints removed yesterday. I wanted to know if anyone has experienced similar pain to what I'm going through now. My cheeks still feel really achy and in pain. It's pretty much been like this since the day after surgery. I've been in so much discomfort and pain for a week now. Just felt a lot of pressure and pain around and on my nose but now it's mostly in my cheeks. Has anyone experienced this??? I just want it to go away!
I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction, large septal spur and maxcillary retention cyst removed all on the left side on 8-25-15. The first few days I was in pain but took the pain meds that were given so slept most of the time. I was lucky that I could still breath out of the right side. Did the saline rinse as instructed but the afrin for congestion was painful so only used it once. After splints were out started irrigation along with saline spray. Have had pain in cheek, gums above front teeth which doc said is normal. Healing very well which is credited to the neti pot irrigation and saline spray. I'm now adding h. peroxide on Qtip then neosporine to nostril. Key is to keep moist while healing to minimize bleeding and infection. I can breath even with swelling on left side. Very glad I had this surgery! Glasses hurt to wear all day so have to remove them often.
Forgot to mention no snoring since surgery now 17 days post surgery. Before surgery could only breath out of left side about 20%, now about 80%.
Forgot to mention no snoring since surgery now 17 days post surgery. Before surgery could only breath out of left side about 20%, now about 80%.
Had septoplasty today. This is my 3rd in 10 years. The first two I had packing. This one I did not. Have other health issues so chronic sinus infections are part of the package. Yes there is pain. Yes there are sleeping issues. But each was worth it. Day one take your pain meds every 3-4 hours around the clock. Sleep when u can. Day two-keep taking pain meds around the clock. Day 3-4 take pain meds as needed. I didn't return to work for 7-14 days with the first two. Work wanted a release b4 I could return. Don't go back until u have to do so. Rest as much as possible. The post about playing football is a joke. Months b4 returning to contact sports. I'm a teacher and putting ur hand near my nose is enough to make me jump. Oh and one thing I didn't notice in previous posts is about laughing. I have friends who send me jokes. Bleeding occurs when you laugh! This time without the packing I bleed upon standing. Not sure about this. Will call tHe doctor tomorrow and ask. Have surgery on a Monday-Wdnesday in case of complications. I have RA. The pain meds and anesthesia take away all the pain of the RA. A true blessing. I know pain and these surgeries are about a 4-5 on a scale of 1-10. The headaches are the worst for me. The face pain is tolerable without meds. I couldn't use ice bags, even chips b/c touching the face is a no no for the first day. Depending on how much rotor opting is done, the more the headache and tooth/face pain. Rest rest rest. Have someone wait on you. You deserve it. BTW no one mentioned when it is safe to go out in public. My doctor stated to stay home due to virus/infection possibilities. But I never got an definite answer. Anyone know?
I had a septoplasty with terminator reduction done 3 weeks ago. Still having quite a bit of pain on the bridge of my nose and inside of my right nostril. I also have trouble breathing out of my right nostril . It is like there is an obstruction there. Wondering what the recover time is for this type of surgery? When does the pain stop? My upper teeth hurt, inside my mouth hurts. Was not expecting all of this. I am tired all of the time since the surgery.
I had my septoplasty surgery three days ago. It has been a very easy recovery, no pain but some stuffiness. I did not have any stints or packing placed in my nose, which likely why it has been so easy. When I first came out of surgery I could breath so well but on day 2 it started swelling & dried blood/mucous made it little difficult.
I wake up at night with stuffy nose, usually blocked on one side or the other. During the day I generally breathe acceptably. I have been to 2 ENTs. Both want to do septoplasty and turbinoplasty. My question is: Why both procedures? One ENT says he would do turbinoplasty only if I wanted, but didn't think it would help and didn't say why. Has anyone had ONLY turbinoplasty? If so, did it help? I really feel that it is my turbinates swelling at night which cause my problem, even though the CT scan shows I have a deviated septum. I thought doctors preferred to start with least invasive procedures. At least in my case, it looks to me like having only a turbinoplasty to begin with to see if it might be sufficient to resolve the problem would be the prudent route. I think turbinoplasty is done using local anesthesia and the recovery probably much easier. Thanks for responses. There seems to be scarce information available on these topics..
I had my bilateral septoplasty 32 hours ago and so far it has been a rough recovery. I had a nasty cold the past couple days but doctor proceeded anyway and I'm thinking that was a mistake. Both nostrils are painful, swollen, and extremely congested with bubbly mucus. I so badly want to give them a good blow and admittedly have been breathing heavy through them just a bit. The Percocet every 4 hours helps for about 2.5 but then wears off. My front teeth hurt yesterday and along with roof of my mouth but today all my teeth feel sensitive. I have tubes in each nostril but no packing, I almost wish I had packing so I didn't have this bubbly mucus cracking around in there. Unless you absolutely need this procedure, I'd exhaust all other options first.
Had the surgery two days ago and got the packing (gauze) removed yesterday in the morning but I still have the splints inside of my nose inside my nose there are now a lot of dried blood and the nasal spray the doctor recommended to me (Afrin) doesnt help to get rid of them, any ideas?
It's been exactly a month since my septoplasty. I actually feel slightly worse than I did before my surgery. My nose is throbbing, my post nasal drip is horrible and I feel like a zombie 24-7. Pain killers and anti-inflammatories do nothing for my pain. I thought I was suppose to get better, not worse. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? How long will I feel like this? Cheers!
Christos K.
On April 11th I had my septoplasty and the removal of a polyp from my right vocal cord. Eight days later, my recovery has been progressing well.
On May 2nd I will see my surgeon who will monitor my situation. I cannot believe how smoothly everything went, considering my age almost close to four-score. The first surgeon, overseas, advised me against the septoplasty, claiming that she would not perform it on patients past the age of 65. However, here my physician as well as the surgeon treated my case as an ordinary case. I am very grateful to the surgeon and his team who performed such a task with so much ease!
Craig D.
Septoplasty/turbinate reduction surgery on 4/20. Now the 26th and other than some soreness in my right nostril and occasional headache/top teeth numbness, I couldn't be happier. Sleeping all night long and without my CPAP. Started using NeilMed rinse the day after surgery and have done it twice a day since. Did not have packing or splints. Doc said I didn't need them. Use saline spray about 10 times a day and Neosporin on the incisions. I work in concrete cinstruction and was already back to work yesterday. Would have liked some more time off, but I got bills to pay and mouths to feed.
Jay A.
It is 3AM on the day immediately after my surgery for a deviated Septum. Like many of you I read many articles to gauge pain, discomfort and uncounted on symptoms. I got my sinuses worked on as well. My symptom was chronic post nasal for the last 6+ years. Yes it sucked and yes this was a primary motivator for returning to some sense of normal. I am a sixty year old man. I am adding those things I haven't found in other articles but in retrospect seem to make sense. Your throat could be scratchy as they might put an airway in you so you could breath during surgery, makes sense. I have had some nicely rated headaches in my first 24 hours. My teeth ache as well. I have come to the conclusion not to be a guy and work my way through the situation without meds. The med bottle was my friend when keeping pain management in check, go figure!

The other item is the mass amount of dried blood in combination with the nose stents made nose breathing very difficult. I wont lie to you it actually created some anxiety for me and I am not the type to be anxious about anything until this morning. That is why I am up to find an outlet to get my mind off the misery of the moment.

As a post script, I have had an elevated PSA for my prostate, another curious aging problem. No cancer detected in 2 biopsy's but we are still trying to figure out why it is rising. My third biopsy next month. The good news no bad news scenario is stil in effect. The reason I mention this is between the anesthesia and the prostate mystery I wouldn't pee last night after being able to before I was discharged. So now I temporarily have this f'n bag to wear for a few days. All in all I could be happier but I am saving that emotion for the day I get these nose splints out. You can drop me a line anytime if you are interested in any other details. or
Jay A.
Update to Last Thur April 26, 2016.
The right nostril has been cooperating and not bleeding. The left one is another story. It has kept me up at nights because I hate the gauze mustache. I even taped it to just below the left nostril. Nose isnt clotting real well and drains at night. I became desperate early this morning and put it in place and got 4 good hours of rest. The cath bag is going tomorrow THANK GOD@! I cant stand that thing and it really does something to your overall demeanor.

This Thur the stitches come out. We will see what kinds of bleeding issues I run into then. Keep you posted. I think I am turning the bend but the first 48 hours suck!
Jane Hill
Are problems associated with deviated septum influenced by climate? I.e., are the symptoms better or worse in dry hot weather, e.g. Phoenix, AZ?
Please can you help me I am now seeing the third ENT specialist and not getting anywhere. I have a setal spur with a large turbinate and have suffered about every one to two weeks with terrible sharp pain the top end of my nose which creates a headache as well, this can stay up to two to three days. I also find that I wake up in the morning with this pain and sometimes if I'm lucky it will lift away once I'm up and moving around but not often. I have been told that they not sure if the septal spur is causing this pain and headache as many people have had the operation and it has not worked for them. I'm so sick of this huge stabbing pain mainly on the side where the septal spur & large turbinate is, but I also have the area all at the top of my nose aching and a headache. Will this operation help me?
I had septoplasty done 6 months ago with no change just had second one seems more promising.still can't sleep and have stuffing and split with gauze for drainage. Pain is fine headaches are annoying but not a big issue, bleeding isn't to bad again annoying having to wipe but hay ho not to fussed but the SLEEPING now that's the issue having to sleep with my mouth open is horrible especially sitting up. Other than that everything is good. Word of advice do research on your surgeon before going ahead like I said this is my second first one I think he put me to sleep and punched me in the face a few times and called it a day from the results ( came out breathing worse with a huge bump on my nose)
I just had the septoplasty done 12 hours ago, and I am miserable. I am in so much I pain. I don't know what I should do. It's 230 in the morning so in won't bbb able to reach my Dr. until morning. I think I over did my activities, ca use I started bleeding and hurting really bad. Any suggestions? Not mean plz! Thank you Tammy!.
Had my surgery, Septoplasty and turbinate reduction, 6 days ago. No packaging or splints, no bruising,, I was able to use my right nostril for the first time in years right after my first nasal cleanse. Still blocked and at this point dry, stitches irritate my nose, causing me to sneeze a lot. Found using Vaseline on the inside of my nose lubricates things well and stopped my sneezing attacks.

Can't say I've been in any major pain after the first night, just very awkward and uncomfortable to sleep sitting up. Live for my nasal cleanse, allowed 3/day, do them religiously - no blowing rule is terrible for me, been resorting to breathing out through the nose after a cleanse, only time i feel clear.

Seems live had a much easier time than most people here.
Thanks to comments in here now I know I'm not the only one in pain.
God forgive me for my tears but this has been terribly painful, now I'm in my third day after sectoplasty and turbinate reduction and still I can't sleep at night and my nose hurts like hell even if it is getting a little bit better. Vomited blood for hours after surgery, the gauze under my nose is full of dry blood and hurts althoght now it seems like it's dripping less both in my throath and nose. Had to sleep in many different positions just to get a small amount of sleep. Brutal recovery but is getting a little bit better
Hello I just had surgery on my nose yesterday and I have a big blood clot in one of my nasal passage ways and I don't know if it should stay or should I contact my doctor hope I can get some help
Hello I just had surgery on my nose yesterday and I have a big blood clot in one of my nasal passage ways and I don't know if it should stay or should I contact my doctor hope I can get some help
I had laparoscopic septoplasty / turbinate reduction surgery about 10-days ago (at University of Miami Dr. Jose Ruiz.). It was a fully invasive procedure (septum cut open, twisted bone removed and turbinate glands reduced.) Procedure time was about 45 minutes under full anesthesia. I got admitted by 7 AM and was back home by 2 pm. I was back partially working from home day-after. My doctor did not leave any annoying gauze inside (never does I heard.) After anesthesia cleared, breathing was already 100%. Following days I felt mild pain but no more than typical discomfort you may feel after a dental deep cleaning. Blood drained for about 48 hours. I experienced some mild headaches -controlled with painkillers. It is important to clear up that I never stopped breathing through nose after the surgery. From the second thru fourth day I felt constipated at times but never less than 30%. Doing saline rinses every 4 hours helped. On day 5th I walked up with left side about 90% blocked (as before surgery.) On day 8th, I went back for follow up. The doctor cleaned removed blood clog stuck way back of left nasal passage. Since then breathing is close to 100% now. Today nose is still tender inside. I still feel stitches (to self-dissolve.) I keep doing rinses twice per day - speckles of blood still come out.
Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction done six days ago. Today had the splints removed (Is it possible they were secretly clipped from my brain, hehe). No really, that hurt.
All I can say is for four days I bled and now it's just kind of gooey. We'll see how this plays out.
My nose looks less piggy and swollen today but still not close to normal.
That is it so far.
Hey, I had septoplasty three weeks ago. Still have congested nose on one side. The sinus irrigations I do at least 3 times a day helps some. What concerns me is I continue to have this hazy feeling that I’m not fully clear headed. And it sometimes leads to anxiety moments. This site has been very helpful in seeing others experience and some similar post op conditions. Keep posting thxs
I am writing for my son Ben who had the septoplasty surgery and he’s feeling awful. He’s afraid the plastic stent filling for one nostril is falling out. Can he gently push it back in? Please let us know your adivice. Thank you, Barbara and Ben
I had septum repaired Thursday, it’s Saturday. First night awful. Was very sick. Yesterday not too bad. Today nostrils full of scabs. Feels raw. Using saline rinses and ointment on edges of nostrils. No significant pain just nausea. Not eating much. (Which probably isn’t a bad thing). Just feel bad.
I had Septoplasty 4 days ago since I was unable to breathe from one nostril. My surgery was done at 8am on a Friday, so I had to be up around 5am to get to the outpatient clinic on time for pre-surgery stuff. Worst part for me was the anesthetics because I hate needles, but nothing else was really that painful overall. First day after surgery I bled a lot, but it went away the next day and was able to remove the bandage under my nose (still have splints). Sleeping was hell, I woke up multiple times with anxiety and panic for no reason. This slowly has gone away, I had a full nights rest on the 3rd night. Splints are removed tomorrow morning and plan to take T3s and the pain killers I was prescribed for it. But very much looking forward to them being removed. Here is some things I experienced, how long they lasted, and how to help them:
-Dry mouth/sore throat(lasted about 2-3 days)(Keep water and chap stick by bed)
-Excessive nose bleeding(lasted first day)(Use the saline spray if they let you, let the blood clots form)
-Discomfort in nose(all days so far)(pain killers and being a trooper)
-Teeth and jaw discomfort(first 3 days)(pain killers, chew small and slow)
-Excessive salivation(first day)(this was a weird one, but just having a cup to spit until it goes away(** Drink lots of water** I did not do this when I was spitting a lot and I ended up passing out from dehydration and hitting my head hard))
-Headaches(1-2 days)(Tylenol Extra Strength)
-No taste/smell(1.5 days)(Nothing much besides clearing up snot and dry blood anyway you can in nostril, as surgeon/doctor after surgery if you can clean in anyway, I was told I could not, but slight brake that by using a damp cotton squab to clean)

Again, process is not done yet and this is my own account. Varies by person in terms of what they experienced. I am 18 and was happy I got this ton when I did. Even with the stints blocking most of my nose, I notice a large difference. Thankfully, I had no swelling or bruising and I did this over my college's spring break (extended now from the COVID-19) and had time to rest. Best of luck to anyone who gets this(and do not fear a lot of these horror stories, its a small chance with a good surgeon and there is a response bias as people, who had bad things happen, will want to talk about it more if it goes south)

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