Tenotomy is the cutting of a tendon. This and related procedures are also called tendon release, tendon lengthening, and heel-cord release (for tenotomy of the Achilles tendon).


Tenotomy is performed in order to lengthen a muscle that has developed improperly, or become shortened and is resistant to stretch.

Club foot is a common developmental deformity in which the foot is turned inward, with shortening of one or more of the muscles controlling the foot and possibly some bone deformity as well.

A muscle can become shortened and resistant to stretch when it remains in a shortened position for many months. When this occurs, the tendon that attaches muscle to bone can shorten, and the muscle itself can develop fibrous tissue within it, preventing it from stretching to its full range of motion. This combination of changes is called contracture.

Contracture commonly occurs in upper motor neuron syndrome following spinal cord injury; traumatic brain injury; stroke; multiple sclerosis; or cerebral palsy. Damage to the nerves controlling muscles lead to an imbalance of opposing muscle forces across a joint, which may allow one muscle to pull harder than another. For instance, excess pull from the biceps, unless opposed by the triceps, can bend the elbow joint. If the shortened bicep remains in this position, it will develop contracture, becoming resistant to stretching. Tenotomy is performed to lengthen the tendon, allowing the muscle to return to its normal length and allowing the joint to straighten.

When one muscle pulls much more strongly than its opposing muscle, it may cause the joint to become partially dislocated, which is called subluxation. Tenotomy is also performed to prevent or correct subluxation, especially of the hip joint in cerebral palsy.

Chronic pain or bone deformity may prevent a person from moving a joint through its full range of motion, leading to contracture.

Contracture also occurs in a variety of neuromuscular diseases, including muscular dystrophies and polio. Degeneration of one muscle can allow the opposing muscle to pull too hard across the joint, shortening the muscle.


Tenotomy is performed in infants with clubfoot, and in older patients who develop contractures or subluxations from neuromuscular disease, the upper motor neuron syndrome, or other disorders.


During a tenotomy, the tendon is cut entirely or partway through, allowing the muscle to be stretched. Tenotomy may be performed through the skin (percutaneous tenotomy) or by surgically exposing the tendon (open tenotomy). The details of the operation differ for each tendon.

During a percutaneous lengthening of the Achilles tendon, a thin blade is inserted through the skin to partially sever the tendon in two or more places. This procedure is called a Z-plasty, and is very rapid, requiring only a few minutes. It may be performed under local anesthesia.

More severe contracture may be treated with an open procedure. In this case, the tendon may be cut lengthwise, and the two pieces joined lengthwise to form a single longer tendon. This procedure takes approximately half an hour. This type of tenotomy is usually performed under general anesthesia.

If multiple joints are to be treated (for example, ankle, knee, and hip), these are often performed at the same time.


Patients requiring tenotomy are those with contracture or developmental deformity leading to muscle shortening that has not responded sufficiently to treatment with casts, splints, stretching exercises, or medication. Tests performed before surgery include determining the range of motion of the joint involved, and possibly x rays to determine if there is a bone deformity impeding movement or subluxation.

Patients undergoing general anesthesia will probably be instructed not to eat anything for up to 12 hours before the procedure.


After tenotomy, the patient may receive pain medication. This may range from over-the-counter aspirin to intravenous morphine, depending on the severity of the pain. Ice packs may also be applied. The patient will usually spend the night in the hospital, especially children with swallowing or seizure disorders, who need to be monitored closely after anesthesia.

Casts are applied to the limb receiving the surgery. Before the cast is applied, the contracted muscle is stretched to its normal or near-normal extension. The cast then holds it in that position while the tendon regrows at its extended length. Braces or splints may also be applied.

After the casts come off (typically two to three weeks), intensive physical therapy is prescribed to strengthen the muscle and keep it stretched out.


Tenotomy carries a small risk of excess bleeding and infection. Tenotomy performed under general anesthesia carries additional risks associated with the anesthesia itself.

Normal results

Tenotomy allows the muscle to stretch out, proving more complete range of motion to the affected joint. This promotes better posture and movement; and may improve the ability to walk, stand, reach, or perform other activities, depending on the location of the procedure. Pain may be reduced as well. Club foot is usually completely fixed by proper treatment. Contracture and subluxation may be only partially remedied, depending on the degree of muscle shortening and fibrotic changes within the muscle before the procedure.

Morbidity and mortality rates

Properly performed, tenotomy does not carry the risk of mortality. It may cause temporary pain and bleeding, but these are usually easily managed.


Tenotomy is usually recommended only after other treatments have failed, or when the rate and severity of contracture or subluxation progression indicates no other more conservative treatment is likely to be effective. Aggressive stretching programs can sometimes prevent or delay development of contracture.

See also Rhizotomy .



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Richard Robinson


Tenotomy is performed by an orthopedic surgeon. It is performed in a hospital.


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Darcy Figurel
This was a very informattive piece. We have heard of the surgery but knew little about it. Our niece is 14 and has MILD CP. would she be a possible canidate for this. Thus far the have been trearing her with a leg/foot brace do too her toe walking.
Thank you,
Darcy Figurel
cj hegenbr
pls help = last week i underwent a bicep tenotomy and was not given a cast. doctor also requested immediate physical therapy. thank you, still in alot of pain
Kenneth Streck
I am a 35 yr old male with Mild CP, primarily affecting 1 side. My Achilles tendon is very tight leads to significant foot pain as I walk incorrectly on my toes. I am a very active individual. I work out 3 times a week and hike as much as I can. Currently this is preventing me from even going to the gym as I limp so badly from now foot, knee, hip pain. I stretch my tendon as much as I can, but in a short time it will become very tight. I would like any and all information on a tendon release as an adult who is active and any details on it's success/failures. Thank you very much,
My son (11 yrs. old) has mild CP & walks on the side of his foot. Last March he had a heel release and lengthening the tendon. We just found out today that he needs to have more surgery. The doctor mentioned Dwyer Osteotomy and another procedure dealing with the tibual and it involves a "Z" - not much help I know. Can you help me understand these in anyway. As of right now he is schedule to have surgery next month.

Had a tendonesis done and have pian at anchor site and bicep now they suggest a tenotomy will this help and what arm and hand functions will be lost? Thanks
I am an adult male who has had tight heel cords all my life. Nono of my dr's ever really mentioned that they could be a real problem - just a passing comment that I had extremely tight heel cords. About a year ago I complained to my current PCP about ankle and knee pain. After x-rays of the ankle he sent me to an orthaeopedic dr. This Dr said that the ankle and kne problems, and possibly cervical spine problems were related to the tight heel cords. He was amazed that I had not had major issues before, and even asked if I had to have special shoes as a child. He sent me to Physical Therapy. THe therapist said I had the tightest heel cords he had ever seen - could not even get me to 0 degrees. After several weeks of PT, I was at about 5 degrees. Starting to have knee and ankle pain again - and neck pain. When I first had the neck pain a few years ago I was sent to a neurologist - one of the dr's that commented on the tight heel cord. After a few months of being treated by him I told him that I bought new shoes and my neck pain was much better - he did not believe me. Adding that incident to the other stuff the ortho doc said is when I came to the conclusion that the two were related.

Long way to the well for this quesion - at my age, would surgery be of benefit?
My child is 6 yrs old. As a result of CP he is currently walking on his toes (without any pains). The Doctors advised that he need tendo release operation. My self and my wife are worried because of the risk involved. Kindly advise me.
my 2year old son is waiting for a date for the operation for lenghthing the tendons in both feet as he is a tip toes walker, we have spoke with the surgeon, yet didnt get the chance to ask questions, can you tell me what the operation entails ?,how long the operation will take ? will he be in alot of pain ?how long will he be in casts ?will he need physio afterwards ?and does the operation have a good chance of stoping the tip toe walking ?

kind regards
This article gave me clear facts. Thanks. After 53 years of having mild CP, I am having heel cord lengthening surgery done on the foot with the highest heel. I wonder, after the procedure and the cast(s) and PT, if it really is possible for my foot and ankle to be at 90 degrees for the first time that I can remember. How much improvement is possible and what is my part in making the results as positive as possible?
Because of a severe stroke I suffered I had to have tendon lengthening operation. I was told I would have intensive physic therapy. I have had none. The op was a success but I am concerned that no physical therapy is detrimental to my foot. Can you help with this concern?
I am 46 and had a blodd clot with compartment syndrom in one of my legs 5 months ago. I went through three months of PT for heel chord contracture with minimal results. My heel was 3 inches off the ground. I had the percuntaneous lengthening process last week. I also suffer from a host of other circulartory issues. So far the only problem I have had is pain. The non-weight bearing cast is to be on for two weeks then I switch to a walking cast. not sure when I am to start PT again. Hopefuly this will resolve my toe walking and foot pain.
My daughter is 7 years old. She has mild CP and her only difficulty is toewalking. I have done physiotherapy, which helped for while but could not continue it. She is wearing brace on that leg now. I want to correct this problem. I consulted so many doctors, some advised me botox and some zplasty. PPLLLEASE AS A MOTHER, I am very concerned for my daughter. Please guide me what is better for her botox or surgery?
Joellen Emmerick
I would love to hear from others about their ankle issues. I am 42 and have been dealing with my right ankle rom issues. I don't know if this is due to a knee injury or if I too had a mild form of CP. I am not sure since I don't remember having walking issues before. Thanks!
Did anyone here try serial casting?
Looking for information.
I am an adult with mild CP. I am a veterinary practitioner now so I understand the dynamics behind the bio mechanics. I had "heal-cord lengthening" twice as a child. I am able to put my foot down and achieve neutral position. I however, cannot walk properly with my heel to the ground first, then rolling up on the ball of the foot on that side. So, It helps the gait because you are not on your toes, but the gait is still not normal. I have mild contracture in my left elbow and I plan on getting help in that department with physical therapy. Now that I have 3 children of my own, I can only imagine the stress that you as parents have with deciding. My heel-cord lengthening was done 38 years ago. It was done twice because I was too young the first time and not yet walking. It re-contracted. The second procedure came with a staph infection. I still did great. For the sake of quality of life, you really need to discuss pros and cons with your physician. I cannot imagine not having the procedure done and I am grateful it happened. Recovery time was easy and there is little risk.
My two year old grandaughter will be having her tendons cut for the second time the first time she was six days old. She will be put back into cast for a 2 week period this will be her fourth round of casts, she has been walking in the previous casts. Will she be able to walk after the tendons are cut?
Just got a 8/10 toe flexor tenotomy done today. This was very informative before my operation and I did appreciate the information! I do think that those considering this operation need to keep in mind that it is pretty painful and if done on feet, can be very limiting to your mobility. Both of my legs are in casts for the next month. My surgery was very quick, and smooth, and was also an outpatient surgery, since it is fairly minor. And right now, I wish I could have more pain medication! Ouchie!
caroline greengrass
I had flexor tenotomies done on both feet done at the same time, 2nd and 3rd toes, in March 2012 and it was the worst mistake of my life, I was not told at the time that I would not now be able to grip the toes, I don't now walk properly I cannot go onto tip toes, and they are now saying I have have some neurological damage. In my opinion if you have curly toes like I did and are considering this operation, I would think again, as my life is not the same anymore :((
My daughter is 38 and severely handicapped with CP and brain damage. She is to undergo tendon surgery on her elbows/wrists/one foot and her hands the end of the month. I am very concerned about the pain level she will experience as she can't talk. Does anyone have any info to provide? Thanks so much for your help.
When you cut tendons, there is virtually always at least moderate pain involved for some time...the length of time depending on the procedure, location, any manipulation performed post-surgery, etc. Physical therapy will also likely be required in order to stretch those tendons that need lengthening. After the procedure(s), pain management will be necessary probably for a number of days (usually through the use of oral opoid pain meds...hydrocodone is commonly prescribed along with prescription strength ibuprofen in case the pain is manageable with a non-steroid analgesic). Ice packs are also helpful to control swelling.

Bottom line is that it does definitely hurt. However, especially with someone with special needs, physical therapy is crucial to a successful outcome. It won't be a lot of fun, but stick with it. Do everything the therapist requests, and when it hurts, treat accordingly. Good luck!
My wife has suffered from Dystonia in one extremity (the left foot). Deep Brain Stimulation has worked but the foot still is turned due to contraction. A tenotomy or achilles release is recommended. Awaiting a scheduling of this procedure.
My special needs son is having heal cord lengthening surgery next week. He has cp and autism. He is unable to speak. Wondering and concerned about how much pain he will be in. He is 16 years old and his toes are now deformed from toe walking. I can hear his bones making crunching sounds now as he gets out of bed and he is losing some mobility. I don't know anyone who has had this done and wondered about success rate and pain management. Is this the right decision for him. Hoping to improve his quality of life but worried that something might go wrong and lose his ability to walk completely.
how much does procedure cost , i have muscle dystropy , i stand on my tip toes about 3 inches off ground , heel dont touch ground ,i can get around good but i'm starting to get knee , back and neck pain , so i want surgery but the docs are not comfortable with me having the surgery cause i move around so good and they dont want to do it , cause they worried that it may cause me problems , but i'm getting tired of standing on my tip toes , i'm 29 yrs old most people dont notice it but i hate it , what should i do ?
I had a bunion surgery 4 weeks ago and the doctor also lengthened my big toe tendon. Now my toe will not raise at all and the tip is floppy. I am so depressed about this. Can the tendon be shortened again to fix this?
I'm a pátient with severe Generalized Dystonia. I've had successful DBS Surgery. It enabled me to move out of the nursing home I'd lived in for 7years! There was one area that was not helped and continues to get progressive worse. The flexor tendons, especially the R. Hand, the index and ring fingers are severely contracted. My Dr. Is concerned because there seems to be a problem developing with the skin on the palm of the hand. Despite washing it regularly with Ketoconzole 2%, there is often a terrible odor from where the long fingernails, which are almost impossible to trim, are digging into the skin. The contracture is so bad I can't bend the 1st joint back in order to trim it. I'm left with trying to find a way to bend the nail back and forth so that the nail breaks off. I kid you not when I tell you I've broken off pieces of my index finger that measured 13/16 inches long. Just for the record, I receive injections of 500 units of Botox in my forehead, eyebrow, eyelids, under the eyes, my checks, jaws, and Mastator neck muscles and both Bi-cepts. This has been very helpful in control the Blepospasms (sp). Without it I become functionally blind and my jaw is pulled almost 1 in. Back making it almost impossible to talk or chew! We tried using Botox on the Ulnar and Medial nerves in my forearm and wrist. This was counter-productive in that it weakened the muscles in my wrist to the point that it was almost impossible to control my silverware. My Hand Docttor has told me I'll need tendon surgery sooner than later. Are there any new surgical techniques, that have had positive outcomes for fixing flexor tendon contracture?
hi my 19 month old daughter is unable to walk as she is unable to put her feet flat and her heels aren't fully developed , we started physio therapy but they don't believe it will be enogh and have mentioned operations , csats ect , can anyone give me some advice or info please
My 2yr old son had tenotomy three weeks ago. he walks with the cast, but with his knee bent forward and his toes slightly up. yet to walk on his flat foot. the doc says he should remain in the cast for another 3wks. he asked that I train him to walk on his flat foot while in the cast. I have been trying but its difficult he can only stand on his flat foot. Pls advice on what physical therapy I should employ.
eva johnson
I am a 27 year old female. I got compartment syndrome and was in the hospital for a while and my foot got the foot drop. I have no motor skills in my left foot and it is stuck and stiff. It will not plant on the floor, i have to use crutches to walk. I had a halo on my foot to try and raise it up but it raised and dropped again. Is this tendon release or tendon stretching appropriate to try and raise it back up?
Hi my name is Rachael & I had the tendon release in grade 10 now that I have growing my foot is back to tge usual foot dropping the toe on the ground & I'm very right in my ankle & foot & I'm turning 23 this week & my dr thinks I need another tendon heel realese so I am waiting for a specialist date to see a orthapidic surge nan way my question for you is has an of you had it done 2 before ?
Marty Collier
My nineteen year old daughter had fibula free flap surgery three years ago. As a result, she developed contracture of all toes on that foot. Physical therapy did not help, so last month she had tenotomy, but only on second and third toes even though big toe was most distressed and painful. She had general anesthesia, incision on bottom of both toes, and metal pins inserted through center of each toe. My question is, was this much procedure really necessary. When we asked about big toe on day of surgery, Dr. said he couldn't do at this time because he did not have the necessary screws available on that day. I am ignorant. Only today I discovered that less invasive procedures are possible. Your thoughts on this, please. Thank you.
Caroline Singh
What type of physio is recommended after 6 percutaneous tenotomies?
How many toes can be repaired at one time and can both feet be done at the same time.
All of my toes are curled and flexable except the great toe.
yogendra dubey
Thanks for sharing such a detailed information on Tenotomy. Truelly appreciate.
My mri report says incomplete tear of the right adductor longus asponeuorosis insertion on the right pubic bone with thickening
Kathy Armstrong
Just had the tenotomy on 8 toes in the office 1 wk ago returning for the stiches to be removed this wk had four injections each toe felt it on several toes requiring additional injection more pain on several than I expected toes some toes pretty sore took bandages off in 4 days as directed was able to take shower toes are looking better some more than others see what happens
My 82 year old mom had a stroke which left her paralyzed from the waist down. Her left leg is contracting and scissoring severely so they put her on baclofen and klonopin. She used to be more animated and talkative, but the meds just make her like a zombie. It seems like the quickest solution is to cut the tendons to her hamstrings behind her left knee, but the doctor says she isn't a candidate for the surgery (my guess is that insurance doesn't want to pay for it). I've read that it could be done under local anesthesia. It that true? She does take medication for high bp but is not on blood thinners. Do you see any reason why she would not be a candidate for this surgery? Should we get a 2nd opinion? What type of doctor do we need?
Leonard Hughes
51 mild cp, pt is working pn me getting this on both legs she sais this will give me better balance with both feet flat on floor but it will reduce strength. Anybody offer insight?
Kim Jones
I am a 63 year old male that has mild CP affecting my left heel cord. Over the years I have just accepted that the fact that I would walk the way I do. However, over the last two years my heel cord has become tighter and tighter so that walking in normal flat souled shoes or barefoot is really uncomfortable. I have always been very active in all kinds of sports but have slowed down due to my age and just walking at times is unpleasant. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he says I should get a complete tendon release of my heel cord. They are saying I will be in a weight bearing walking boot for about four weeks. Have any of you close to my age had this procedure done? How soon after the surgery were you able to actually walk around and go to work? Did you experience any complications i.e. nerve damage, loss of calf muscle strength or long term pain. Any response would be appreciated. Ki
My son is mild to moderate CP. The function of his right hand is very limited. But people stare at him because his hand is up next to his chest. He has worn armsplints since the age of 1 year. With the tenotomy operation limit the use of his right arm even more? We always hope and pray for some miracle cure!
Please my 13 months son has being scheduled to have a surgery to release tight achilles tendon in both legs because he tiptoes. But im so worried. Please what are the risks involved and how long will the recovery take. Please do you think we should go ahead or there are other effective alternatives.
I was born with club foot. The Doctors put my legs in casts and I would put the cast through the bars of my crib and get them off. They even put them all the way up to the very top of my legs and again I was able to get them off. My Mom said the Doctor told her he had never seen a child be able to get out of a cast let alone 2 that went all the way up that high. I am 36 now and have problems with my heal cord being right and causing a lot of pain. I played tennis for many years and would go to physical thyerapy almost every day. I tore tendons in my bad foot a couple years ago and the Mri results also showed I had arthritis is that foot. I have developed a herniated disk and other back issues that they believe have been caused from my foot. I have also had prp done in that foot, casting to stretch it, more physical therapy with little to no help . I was told i need surgery to leanthen the heal cord. I am in the process of trying to find a doctor in my area who not only does this surgery but takes my insurance as well. I just had injections done last week in my facet joints. I was feeling fine until last night I took my daughter to a store where I was walking around and I think it activated it ! I am hoping once I have my foot fixed the I my back will get better!! My right foot is a whole side smaller and if you look at my calfs the left one ( good foot) is almost twice the size of my right (bad foot) I put more weight on my left and overcompensate using the left way more then I do the right. When I have pain in my right foot I will walk a certain way that is another cause of my back problem . As much as I don't want surgery I actually can't wait to get this process over and get my full self back!!
I am a 49 year old woman facing a seasoned Achilles' tendon lengthening in both legs. I walked in on my toes all my life and had weak leg muscles but no doctors ever suggested to my mother that medical intervention was needed. At age 38 I saw an Othopeaidic doc and seed if my tendons could be lengthened so I could get my heels on the ground. He did it and I consider it successful. 10 years later they are tight again and I ha been battling sever pain in my right interior tendon, knee and hip. I have been too many different specialist and no one has given me clear answers. I am trying to decide whether to take the risk/ pain / recovery and cross my fingers that it will give me relief from pain I have lived with everyday for 4 years. Hearing many comments about cp. wonder if I have that?
My 12 yr old son had Bilateral lengthening in both his feet, which is flat feet, I believe that through the surgery he got damaged hamstrings because for a whole year since surgery he can only walk on one leg the other refuses to straighten he uses crutches we have been doing physical therapy and splits but nothing works. He hops around on crutches with his leg and knee bent. Can anyone relate they say its neurological problem but he was fine before I BELIEVE THIS WAS DONE THROUGH SURGERY.
my baby is about 2 months old with both club foot.doctors suggest operation after 3rd cast .my baby has short achilli tendon.can his tendon get length by physio tharapy,ankle exercises without operation.plz help me im v upset
Jennifer Armstrong
I have almost 8 year old Autistic child with ADHD and high anxiety who has always toe walked. We have done 3 + years of PT. PT did not recommend heel cord snipping because it was a stimming issue. New PT set us up for orthopedic pediatrician for consulting. New PT has already thrown out the procedure once again and I have told her this is not a option. Any advice from individuals with ASD and there treatments?
Kelly Blaze
Hi , I'm a 16 year old girl I have to get this surgery done not on one but both legs. I was wondering would they be able to do one foot at a time?
Dora Brown
I am due,to have,an ACJ excision and right Shoulder Tenotomy and just wanted to know,what do they attach the tendon to when its,cut?
My surgeon just surprisingly attempted to not extend my state disability and send me back to my rough occupation after the exact 6 month mark. Seemingly due to the "6 month mark-your healed" on paper--as opposed to looking at me as an individual case and all of a sudden. There has beed diagnosis of nerve damage both by my surgeons' P.A. and the pain management people as well. I can barely walk enough to get by daily, and my foot is still in very much pain. Painful during and worse post therapy. I go to bed in (difficult sleeping) pain and I wake up a bit better till I get up and walk around. I been in pain from the day i Tore my Achilles tendon. there's been Not much relief and this seems to be in no interest to my Doctor/surgeon and P.A. I was able to get them to extend me one more month, but they sure were very reluctant / unconcern about my current condition and told me to go to work / do whatever. the tendon is intact. HUH??? Well,,I can't !!! I don't get it? because they are overlooking my diagnosis and current condition and I am concerned and wondering what to do? Anyone? Please? thank you in advance. Rick
who will take care of me and extend my disability till my condition improves for me to return to full hard duty? I am a commercial truck driver (mixer truck) my whole job requires 2 healthy feet to say the least. I told my P.A. I would not be able to take any of my prescriptions if I am to return to my work , nor will I be able to attend therapy,pain management, or doctor visits or get a night sleep without some type of assistance for the pain. My work wants me back but only on a full duty back to work basis. They will not cater to me being in this condition. My foot will nt work for me in my job duties currently. I can not have any of these current meds in my system, it is illegal in Ca. commercial driving law. SO I am stuck in ruff spot and quite frankly I did not see this coming either. What is right or wrong here ? And what can I do?
Edward Wright
I want to start yoga and ti-chi exercises but am extremely stiff in all my tendons. Will tenotomy be of benefit to me? How much does each procedure cost?
I have a hammer toe. Can this procedure be done to correct it.? Also do all orthopedist perform this procedure?
I had a flexor tenotomy on eight toes (four each foot) two days ago. In a lot of pain right now. Meds are helping slightly but pain continuously there. After how long should I start to feel relief? Staying in bed besides walking, with crutches, to toilet.
My son is 32 and has Stiff person syndrome (SPS), also known as stiff man syndrome (SMS), is a rare neurologic disorder of unclear cause characterized by progressive rigidity and stiffness. The stiffness primarily affects the truncal muscles and is superimposed by spasms, resulting in postural deformities. He has leg tightness and unable stretch his right hamstring. Would this surgery been good for him?
Mark Zinzilieta
I had surgery on all 5 toes at one. Hammertoe and bunion surgery with 5 pins in the first 4 toes. . My middle toe is still trying to creep under the second toe and pushes it up and over into the big toe. ( mid March). Today (July 10). I went in for flexor tenotomy on the middle toe to allow it to be straight and in its normal location. Having some pain now but look forward to healing and pain free someday soon. Doctor did an excellent job on both surgeries .
Jonathan B
I had hammer toe surgery on both feet about 2 years ago and my toes retracted except for my 2 big toes. I don’t want to go through the surgery again and I am thinking that a tendon release on my bent toes will significantly help. I have bad balance because of hammer toes and my feet will only let me stretch so far. Also, they are in pain after I walk to much or perform a certain activity. Should I have a tendon release procedure done?
Tenotomy more than once in the same tendon is it preferable
jack lavelle
How any hammertoes can a flexer de atomy operation happen at one sitting?
I had a tenotomy on one toe four days ago, will i be able to bend my toe after tenotomy? I get depressed every time i curl my toes and that one sticks out:(
I have a tbi that happen at 9 years of age. My right foot foot mobility was affected. I have worn braces, had cast made so i wore 23 hours a day, i done three rounds of botox and night splints. I am turning 21 in oct and my foot has gotten worse over the years. Now i am falling a lot more. My physical therapist decided we should talk to a surgeon about tendon lengthing. But the rehab doctor decided he would to serial casting to fix my problem but my mom did research and that i was a canidate for the surgery but the rehab is saying serial can work. I need answers on what is best in the case before end up breaking other bones due to excessive falling.
Jeffrey C Colston
I'm a para from a cancerous tumor back in 1995 it wasn't bad before but I recently had stroke and my legs are working against me now with all the spasms do think be good idea to cut tendons.
About six months after having anterior hip replacement and what appeared to be a good recovery, I began having pain when walking on the outside of my thigh. Thinking it was bursitis I was given a shot for that with no relief. I also have some groin pain and had an ileo psoas injection with no relief. I have done PT, acupuncture, no relief. An MRI about 10 months ago showed tendinopathy of the glueus minimus and gluteus medius. This has been going on for almost two years. A masseuse recently told me I have a lot of scar tissue in my thigh. I also have less muscle mass there. I currently limp when walking which is affecting my back. I am 79 years old, in good health and very energetic, but walking a block is difficult. Might this procedure help me?
Lee Wade
My issue is related to some of the questions others has asked on this page. I am interested in the answers received to questions How may I find the answers to questions and/ or results of their procedure.
caroline greengrass 18
I had flexor tenotomies to my 2nd toe and it was one of the worst mistake of my life,
Joyce 24
I had a bunion surgery 4 weeks ago and the doctor also lengthened my big toe tendon. Now my toe will not raise at all and the tip is floppy. I am so depressed about this. Can the tendon be shortened again to fix this?
Thank you
Hi, my number is 43 I wrote that a few years ago. My son still does not walk but, now hes depressed and wants his leg cut off. Does anyone know any surgeons I could get advice off that may help. I just need some advice. Thanks.

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