Myomectomy is the removal of fibroids (non-cancerous tumors) from the wall of the uterus. Myomectomy is the preferred treatment for symptomatic fibroids in women who want to keep their uterus. Larger fibroids must be removed with an abdominal incision, but small fibroids can be taken out by laparoscopy or hysteroscopy .


A myomectomy can remove uterine fibroids that are causing such symptoms as abnormal bleeding or pain. It is an alternative to surgical removal of the whole uterus ( hysterectomy ). The procedure can relieve fibroid-induced menstrual symptoms that have not responded to medication. Myomectomy also may be an effective treatment for infertility caused by the presence of fibroids.


Uterine fibroids are more common among African-American women than among women of other ethnicities.

Uterine fibroids can occur within the uterine cavity, in the mucous layer, or in the muscle (A). To remove them by myomectomy, an incision is made into the woman's lower abdomen (B). An incision is made in the uterus over the tumor (C), and it is removed (D). (Illustration by GGS Inc.)
Uterine fibroids can occur within the uterine cavity, in the mucous layer, or in the muscle (A). To remove them by myomectomy, an incision is made into the woman's lower abdomen (B). An incision is made in the uterus over the tumor (C), and it is removed (D). (
Illustration by GGS Inc.

Fibroids affect 20–40% of all women over the age of 35, and 50% of African-American women. A 2001 study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences found that the incidence of fibroids among African-American women in their late 40s was as high as 80%, while approximately 70% of white women of that age were diagnosed as having fibroids. Women who are obese, are older, or started menstruating at an early age are also at an increased risk of developing uterine fibroids. Another study published in 2003 indicated that women with less education were more likely to have a hysterectomy performed to treat fibroids, instead of a less-invasive procedure such as myomectomy.


Usually, fibroids are buried in the outer wall of the uterus, and abdominal surgery is required. If they are on the inner wall of the uterus, uterine fibroids can be removed using hysteroscopy. If they are on a stalk (pedunculated) on the outer surface of the uterus, laparoscopy can be performed.

Removing fibroids through abdominal surgery is a more difficult and slightly more risky operation than a hysterectomy. This is because the uterus bleeds from the sites where the fibroids were removed, and it may be difficult or impossible to stop the bleeding. This surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, although some patients may be given a spinal or epidural anesthesia.

The incision may be horizontal (the "bikini" incision) or a vertical incision from the navel downward. After separating the muscle layers underneath the skin, the surgeon makes an opening in the abdominal wall. Next, the surgeon makes an incision over each fibroid, grasping and pulling out each growth.

Every opening in the uterine wall is then stitched with sutures. The uterus must be meticulously repaired in order to eliminate potential sites of bleeding or infection. The surgeon then sutures the abdominal wall and muscle layers above it with absorbable stitches, and closes the skin with clips or non-absorbable stitches.

When appropriate, a laparoscopic myomectomy may be performed. In this procedure, the surgeon removes fibroids with the help of a viewing tube (laparoscope) inserted into the pelvic cavity through an incision in the navel. The fibroids are removed through a tiny incision under the navel that is much smaller than the 4–5 in (10–13 cm) opening required for a standard myomectomy.

If the fibroids are small and located on the inner surface of the uterus, they can be removed with a thin, telescope-like device called a hysteroscope. The hysteroscope is inserted into the vagina through the cervix and into the uterus. This procedure does not require any abdominal incision, so hospitalization is shorter.


Surgeons often recommend hormone treatment with a drug called leuprolide (Lupron) two to six months before surgery in order to shrink the fibroids. This makes the fibroids easier to remove. In addition, Lupron stops menstruation, so women who are anemic have an opportunity to build up their blood count. While the drug treatment may reduce the risk of excess blood loss during surgery, there is a small risk that smaller fibroids might be missed during myomectomy, only to enlarge later after the surgery is completed.


Patients may need four to six weeks of recovery following a standard myomectomy before they can return to normal activities. Women who have had laparoscopic or hysteroscopic myomectomies, however, can usually recover completely within one to three weeks.


The risks of a myomectomy performed by a skilled surgeon are about the same as hysterectomy (one of the most common and safest surgeries). Removing multiple fibroids is more difficult and slightly more risky. Possible complications include:

There is a risk that removal of the fibroids may lead to such severe bleeding that the uterus itself will have to be removed. Because of the risk of blood loss during a myomectomy, patients may want to consider banking their own blood before surgery ( autologous blood donation ).

Normal results

Removal of uterine fibroids will usually improve any side effects that the patient may have been suffering from, including abnormal bleeding and pain. Under normal circumstances, a woman who has had a myomectomy will be able to become pregnant, although she may have to deliver via cesarean section if the uterine wall has been weakened.

Morbidity and mortality rates

Depending on the surgical approach, the rate of complications for myomectomy is about the same as those for hysterectomy (anywhere between 3% and 9%). The rate of fibroid reoccurrence is approximately 15%. Adhesions (bands of scar tissue between organs that can form after surgery or trauma) occur in 15–53% of women postoperatively.


Hysterectomy (partial or full removal of the uterus) is a common alternative to myomectomy. The most frequent reason for hysterectomy in the United States is to remove fibroid tumors, accounting for 30% of all hysterectomies. A subtotal (or partial) hysterectomy is the preferable procedure because it removes the least amount of tissue (i.e., the opening to the cervix is left in place).

Fibroid embolization is a relatively new, less-invasive procedure in which blood vessels that feed the fibroids are blocked, causing the growths to shrink. The blood vessels are accessed via a catheter inserted into the femoral artery (in the upper thigh) and injected with tiny particles that block the flow of blood. The fibroids subsequently decrease in size and the patient's symptoms improve.



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Carol A. Turkington
Stephanie Dionne Sherk


Myomectomies are usually performed in a hospital operating room or an outpatient setting by a gynecologist, a medical doctor who has specialized in the areas of women's general health, pregnancy, labor and childbirth, prenatal testing, and genetics.


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Kandise Bedford
This was a very helpful article as to preparing me for what's going to happen doing my myomectomy surgery! It helps to get over some of the fear I have for the surgery.

Get me a SKILLED surgeon who can/will do a myomectomy, and NOT a hysterectomy
leave info at THANK YOU a thousand THANK YOUS!!!! There must be at least one real Doctor out there with both true skill, and morally ethical practices. HURRY!
I had myomectomy on March 05 2009 two fibroids was remove from my uerus but since then I never stop bleeding and I have pain on my 2 sides I went back to see the gynaecologist he is keeping on giving me Nordette but everytime I stop taking nordette I start bleeding aigain what can be the problem and what can I do to solve it? I did a HSG the radiologist find out that my felopians tubes were blocked is this was cause by the myomectomy? I had 2 miscarriages before the myomectomy. Please tell me what to do.
I had a myomectomy recently but my doctor made a vertical incision instead of a horizontal one I wonder why it was so, I was a virgin before the surgery and he asked me to go for a pap smear thereby disvirgining me,was it necessary?my fibriods were quite big and multiple what can I do to reduce the chance of they growing again and what can I do to reduce the chances of adhesions
It has been 4 days post-op and my lower abdominal cavity is swollen. Woke up this morning and noticed very bad brusing above and around incision area,which is painful. Feels hard to touch and is tender and hot. Is this normal? I had Myomectomy, total of 21 fribroids and two were very large. A She I use cold compress or go to the ER.

Thank You
Hi I am now undecisive... I do not have children, but having great pain during my menstrual and slight pain afterwards. I've had fibroids for sometime now, and not having done anything before now learned that I have multiple fibroids now and want to know the best option(s) for me at this time. If this helps, I'm thirth-six and I'd like to maybe have a child one day. Any information is greatly appreciated
hi, i had a myomectomy in june 2008.the two years were normal but now it is troubling me by irregular periods and spotted bleeding for 20days please help weitheri need asurgery again or to remove the uterus.
when having full removal of the uterus because i had lots of fibroids why did i start bleeding inside and require another surgery?
I had a myomectomy recently (about 28 days ago).every day i was better.but suddenly i felt strange pain in the upper side of the incision.I dont know is it normal and whats the reason?
and tell me pls what can I do to reduce the chances of adhesions.
Thank in advance
I had a Myomectomey recently done (previous week) and has proved to be success ful as of now. I am mentally anguished as he insurance firm denied me relie citing myomectomy to be a treatment for infertility. Please can someone help me understand if myomectomy is a treatment for infertility in all cases.
Hi,Had open myomectomy 2weeks ago. have not seen my period for this month though i m due for it since a week ago so why the delay? i m having mucus like discharges from my vagina which is not offensive but makes me worried
i have done a scan and it results that i have a submucosal, a pendiculated and subserosal in the lower segment of the uterine.
the docter recomended a myomectomy can i do a laparascopic or abdominal sugery?
can the fallopian tubes with adhesions be unblocked when they are doing the sugery?
thankyou for the information you provide.
is it true that they regrow later in life and also can it cause tubal blokage.
I had myomectomy laparotomy done 6 months ago to remove 8 fibroids, 3 of which is the size of a football.Not sure why my doctor called it myomectomy laparotomy as it was a huge incision.The big ones were 12cmx11cmx10cm EACH.My doctor has at least 30yrs of experience & he said this is one of the worse he had seen.I didn't have any symptoms for first 5 yrs other than look pregnant & all of a sudden in a matter of weeks; I was dealing with dangerously high blood-pressure, failing liver & kidneys & very low red blood count, very low potassium & iron,& i was peeing 50 times/day.I was in & out of emergency twice because my bp shot up to 210/98 due to the fibroids & I was on the verge of heart-attack & stroke.I was scheduled for laparotomy in a week coz my kidneys were failing.I was too tired to be stressed about the surgery but recovery was one word->very painful.My incision was 11" horizontal across my abdomen.The first 3 days I was in so much pain I can't move,can't cry,can't sleep,can't eat & I was on both IV morphine & oral pain killers. Then, they force you to cough so that you don't catch pneumonia-that really hurt big time.The morphine also made me itch.I was out of hospital in 2 days & the next 8 weeks it was just pain.It took about 10 weeks to START feeling better & about 6 mths to be better & I'm still feeling tired & trying to raise my iron level.I still feel the occasional jab of extreme pain as if someone had stabbed you with a knife but I no longer feel like I am dying.My doctor did a great job because I would've been dead if not for him saving my life.Fertility wise, I am only at 50% compared to healthy women & I would've to have c-section when I give birth.
I had a myomectomy surgery 3 months ago, I would like to ask if it is not dangerous to have intercourse after 7months and also to be pregnant. My husband is away right now and he is planning to have vacation this coming June. I'm worried because it might be risky for a myomectomy patient.

Thanks a lot
l'm 29, no kids, desperately want half a dozen now. Am due for a myomectomy in a month, was warned sternly that should things go wrong my uterus my be removed. Hopefully the next time l am on this site, l will b sharing some good news. Its amazing how this whole fibroids issue is always on my mind.
Hi, I'm 42, no children and I've just had a laparoscopic myomectomy. My operation was 2 weeks ago today. I've always had problems with my periods and had 2 fibroids removed previously without the need for surgery a couple of years ago, but I decided to seek help again after experiencing heavy periods, flooding, pain during ovulation and bleeding every 2-3 weeks. I was also quite severely anaemic. My gynae consultant discovered I had a relatively small fibroid (about the size of a satsuma) growing in my womb wall, but outwards rather than in. It was putting pressure on my bladder and one ovary. He also found 2 other smaller ones in the womb cavity. He suggested I had 3 options; 1) do nothing (not an option), 2) laparoscopic myomectomy or 3) hysterectomy. Even though I'm not particularly maternal, I found myself tearful at the thought of a hysterectomy and just not quite ready for that. So I decided on the LM after discussions with my lovely, long-suffering boyfriend, my smashing mum and my fab mates. It's now 3 weeks. I had the op in the afternoon and when I came round I was groggy, had the catheter in and was on a morphine drip. I stayed in 2 nights and went home late morning on the Wednesday. At first, the worst thing was pain in chest & shoulder from the gas they pump into you! And the removal of the catheter took me by surprise too - bit uncomfortable! Going to the loo burns for a while and you have to be careful not to strain...;-)! You might find you are a bit congested and although it feels uncomfortable to cough, do try to get rid of it as it helps to prevent a chest infection. Drink lots, it helps you wee and prevents urine infections. Cranberry juice is good! And fresh fruit/veg to help you open your bowels - believe me, you feel a lot more comfortable after that's happened, although it may take a few days for it to happen. Don't panic! Make sure you go for a little walk for about 10 minutes every hour or so, this helps with preventing DVT. Oh, and big Bridget Jones pants are good as the top doesn't sit on the wounds!
It's 2 weeks today and I'm feeling not too bad. I've got 2 weeks before I go back to work and I'm confident that I'm going to feel ok. My wounds are ok, although there is still some bruising around each of the incisions. They are starting to itch a little! I still have brownish/red discharge. The worst thing is the little shooting pains in my private bits, particularly when I change position in bed. At least I can now sleep on my sides - I found I had to sleep on my back for the first week or so.
If you're about to go through the same operation, I want to wish you the best of luck and to reassure you that it probably won't be as bad as you think, but be prepared to take things easy for a while and let yourself recover. Good luck!
Michelle, thanks for posting all that detail, it's just what I've been looking for. One question - did you have laparoscopy - how many incisions? The comment about the Bridget Jones pants is what I really like: I'm hunting for this answer - would bikini-style pants cross over the incision sites?

I have an unstable pelvis and wear a special brace just under my hips to hold it together. I'm worried that the surgery would mean I can't get support for my pelvis for a long time as the brace is in line with bikini pants - not to mention the damage from cut muscles, the surgical man-handling, and the sustained position through surgery.

It's been a while since you posted, but if you check back, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks again for sharing, and hope you're doing great now.
I finally go for my fibroid operation even i hate to go to hospital.My first experience sent for emergency cause of my fibroid bleeding soaking bloody so i have to be given 4 pints blood,its the cause of trying many other treatment and heaty herbs and keeping it too long about 4 years and after 2 times postponed for my operation.why takes me too long to accept the operation cause i cant accept that i have to operate my 3 organ out ( uterus,ovary,falopian tube) and monopause earlier but i finally go for my operation scared if i got bleeding again and no more second its my 50 days already after the OP .I went through hard time dont know how to get up from bed.feeling pain at the operation part,eating problem no appetite problem with bowels.try taking supplements to get the wound dry fast and i am improved a lot but still have to go for good diet steam fish with rice,must take care because you never know the inside of your tummy even outside the wound already dry my question here what would happen of early monopause what else i need for my healing recovery.i am 50 years old ,do ineed hormon pill or any advised which i dont like to look sick anymore and look young always "hehehe" and healthy ya
I had fibroid operation two years ago i still experience abnormal pain .can i know what is wrong?
Im due to have an injection tomorrow to help with blood loss and my myomectomy is on the 26/06/12. I'm really nervous now and worried as many say it causes more problems after the surgery. My consultant would not let me have a hysterectomy only myomectomy was offered as i'm 31 and have no children. My periods at the moment affect my life, i'm on 2 out of 4 weeks, with heavy bleeding and alot of pain, been admitted to hospital a few times for flooding and am on iron tablets constantly. i'm hoping thid op is going to allow me to live a normal life, good luck to anyone whose waiting for the op and hopefully we can smile in a few months
me too katrina im scheduled for ab myo on july,, single large fibroid :(( i had a second doct opinion which recommended me to myomectomy (first one told me to have hysterectomy ,, i said that will never happen )well scared as hell but i decided to face it ,since that u will have it b4 me (im sure will go good)pls write here after u will b able ,, i know it depends on the body,, but girl im freaking out too;(((god bless
Just got home after my ab myo last June 22. I've been reading all the posts, hope I will get better soon. Only worry now is my swollen tummy and irregular bowel movement. Is that normal? Thanks!
Its been six weeks since i had my ab myo. I had 62 fibroids removed and im still bleeding and discharging something brownish and mucous like. Is it normal or shd i see my doc.Didn't have it easy with recovery but its an experience u never forget.
Im 6days since I went for myemecto,it was such an experience as I took months to be operated.Initially one gynae did not discuss with me and complete removal of uterus was approved,I cancelled the operation on the day it was to be performed.I was so scared to go and try for the second chance.As I changed gynae I got used and became free to go foran operation.Its painful but its for a good purpose.Ask questions and Google to be knowledgeable of any operation to be done.
I just had a myo 10 weeks ago and am still in the process of recovering. I think a safe bet is to find a fertility clinic and they could refer you to a surgeon who will save the uuterus. I requested an MRI before my surgery and they said no. The ultrasound was wrong showing 2 fibroids and I wound up with 2 procedures. The first being a lap and the second being the more invasive. I had one large grapefruit size fibroid located posteriorly. 2 blood transfusions later I am trying to get my iron level up. After my surgery the surgeon said she was always going to do an mri before doing a lap. Great, that really helps me. I am glad I had the surgery, unfortunately my only option was to go with a university fertility clinic as it is the only option where I live, they have students with them during the surgery and I definately felt like a guinea pig. I think having a lap comes with a risk of not stitching the uterus up correctly, so if you have a large fibroid it might be best to go with the bigger incision and be sure that everything is closed up. Acupuncture helps in thickening and strengthening the uterus post surgically as well as yoga and walking.
Hi all thanks for sharing. I went to three drs. The first one did the ultrasound. Told me I had 2 or three large ones and it would be easy bc they were on the outside. 6.5 cm, 5.5 cm and another about 5. Luckily I went to the 2nd. He seemed really concerned about the size. I wanted the robotic surgery. He wouldn't do it given the size, but recommend a highly recognized dr. That dr requested an MRI... There are 11 fibroids ranging from 6.9 to 2 cm in size plus a number of small ones. He says it may well be 30+. He's willing to do the open myoectomy since I haven't had kids. That would allow me a slim chance of pregnancy if i ever meet mr wonderful . Told me I can opt for hysterectomy. Less complications... Given the fibroids can come back and I'm only 38, will the open myo be worth it.? I don't have a heavy flow but low iron levels. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated, :)
ok people if you have any problems with your health go see your gyn i had a 8.45 fibroid remove yes i got cut which i did not want to and it too me 3 years to 4 years to go threw what i went threw very painfull and the gas is the wrose but you do feel better and it does get a little better each day good luck...
Hello ladies

I have also suffered with fibrodes for years, and took me a while to decide the best course for me. I consulted different doctors and tried also chinese medicine for removal of fibroids.
In the end, i was still with painful long periods and finally decided to do a myomectomy since i am 32 and still want to have children.

The surgery went well, i am 3 weeks after operation and it was not as bad as i thought. Spent 3 nights in hospital, on the first day with pains and under medication. Second day after operation, they removed the catheter and i was forced to go pee and walk a bit,weird at first.
I had 7 miomas removed, and i had one in the uterus. The incision was in the bikini line.
The best tips i can give to anyone who is going through that:

Stay calm (doctor gave a mild sleeping pill the night before procedure), it is a fairly common procedure and choose your doctor properly
Walk slowly from the second day of operation for about 10 minutes, it helps on recovery a lot. I did a few walks during the days in the clinic, and felt better.
Drink plenty of fluids
Bowl movement will only return after a week or so after operations, i think i was scared but ended up eating prunes to make the job easier lol
Rest a lot
Wear loose comfortable clothing and underwear that does not touch the bikini line, so as to not cause abrasion at the incision point and cover the lower abdomen (which is swollen after operation)

So far no complaints, no pain and not under medication.

I stopped all medication within a week after operation and feeling great, my period is back to normal, so amazing, i am so happy. Still have a week off work and walk for a few minutes everyday, increasing time at a normal pace each day.

Good luck :)
I had a myomectomy 26 days ago. I thank God for speedy recovery, I want to know if the pain I feel just under my navel is normal as that is the only place I feel pain.MY inciscion is from below my navel down and another at my bikini line. My period came though a bit heavy for 6 days but. My doctor said no cause to worry. I feel better each day except for this pain.
I had large fibroids removed last year in August 2011. I'm still suffering from bad period pains each month and vomiting. Ive recently had a scan done to check whether regrowth in fibroids but not. Can anyone suggest what is the best way forward without having to go on the pill?
Hello I had an abdominal myomectomy ten days ago. My belly is swollen but seems to be going down. I had four fibroids removed one very large, size of soccer ball down to smallest size of grapefruit. Mine were on my rectum which affected my bowel movements. I had cramping every day and worse during periods. I am also anemic. My doctor refused to give me a hysterectomy since I have no kids and hormonal effects. He could not remove all of the fibroids as to save the uterus. Now I fear the remaining ones will grow before I get pregnant. I had a bikini incision. The area of skin directly above the incision is totally numb. It's also the area of the swelling. I wonder if the two are related. Will I get feeling as the swelling goes down? I thought my four month pregnant-looking belly would be flatter. It looks like I will have excess skin. I regret not getting a tummy tuck but it was denied since I have not had any kids yet. I started taking a stool softener daily to assist with BM and it helps, a lot. I have just walked around the house but I think I will go outside tomorrow for a walk. I was waiting because I had a temperature in the hospital and stayed four nights as opposed to the scheduled two. I am drinking tons of water. Juices I dilute with water and lots of fruits and veggies and some fish. I hope I am able to get pregnant and carry to term. I will have to have a c-section if I do. My doc couldn't emohasize that enough. I expect my first period soon and hope it is better than before. Good luck to all and thanks for the outlet. Anyone else numb?
I am scheduled to have the myomectomy in a week but I am starting to get nervous. I am a very active 31 year old single mother who works more than full time as a nurse. My plan is to go back to work in two weeks assigned to phones for a few more weeks. I am asking you ladies to please let me know how you recovered? I am having so much pain and bleeding. It is time to have the procedure but financially I cannot be off work for more than a couple weeks. Please help :(
Hello Everyone
I am so confused. My kids are 15 and 25 years old and I do not want anymore. I have had fibroids for years and I have had the freezing done twice and my fibroids are back again. I have them inside of my uterus and my doctor told me that I needed a hysterectomy. I am scared because I have extremely high blood-pressure and the fibroids are growing as I speak. I wonder should I get a third opinion or just go ahead with the hysterectomy? I really do not want a hysterectomy. Any suggestions?
I just had a myomectomy on Nov. 12. My last 2 periods were heavy but not as heavy as they were before the surgery but for some reason i just got nmy period again 2 weeks early and the first day was alright. but the second 2 days were horrible the blood clots i have are still a good size. Is this normal to have unusual bleeding the first couple months after surgery?
Ok ladies, I had my myomectomy on December 31,2013! Yes, it was that serious I was willing to miss New Year partying. At 32 partying is still a must! I originally begged for a hysterectomy which most of you know if you're young and no children the doctors do NOT want to do it. I have been off and on different birth controls since 2003, I gave up after it just wasn't working. My body was overriding them after about three months. Last year I started getting sharp pains,nausea and heavy bleeding week before thentwo weeks before my menstruation. So, I requested a hysterectomy. I did the ultrasounds knew I've had fibroids for a few yrs now they had grown and multiplied,so I tried the Lupron 6 months. Lupron and birth control, the birth control is to offset the horrible hot flashes and other symptoms while adding the hormones needed. Afterwards, I ended up with the pains and heavier bleeding. I mean tampon and overnight pads that weren't lasting a hour!
Which brings me to the myomectomy. My before gynecologist retired and ended with a new one. He was okay with doing a hysterectomy,but, told me about the myomectomy. I was still head over, I want a hysterectomy and wanted one for years. After some talk from my Besty and mom I decided to go with the lesser first just to avoid later regret.
So, December 31 I went in at about 12. I did get anxious the week leading up to the procedure. I had a second opinion earlier in the month because I wanted to get it done sooner. Do try to have a second opinion just to make sure everyone is on the same sheet of music. All the test align and both doctors are aligning in prognosis. Do your homework! The Internet has so mush information everything from forums to doctor and medical research. Read it. I was anxious the day of, I've never been in a hospital past a few hours! Make sure you have all affairs in order so you won't have to worry about things. That's the second key,PLANNING. Everything from who is walking the dog. If you live upstairs or have an upstairs home. Who is going to drive you around town,down to what you're packing for the hospital. I went in surgery came out and was admitted. There will be pain. I had the button administered meds,push and it sends the meds. Use it! You're paying for
it. The catheter was removed on day two. I was ready to get up and walk immediately. Pain is part of it but you need to get up and started trying to walk,going to the bathroom. You're not rushing your recovery you're helping it along. Use the spirometer that builds your breathing. Read all the paperwork the nurses give you before you go in the hospital. Start practicing the breathing techniques and how to hold a pillow against you to cough. I did need a blood transfusion mainly because I had my cycle the week before and there is quite a bit of bleeding in the surgery. They check to make sure you pass gas or have a bowel movement. I didn't start passing gas until day three but I had to use a laxative ( magnesium citrate) to help with the bowel movement. I already take stool softeners but I needed a little help. By the way, day one and two is liquid diet! Day three I came home and I actually had a LazBoy chair so it was easier to sleep in that, kicked back. You definitely have to sleep on your back for
the first week maybe two.
Once again start helping your body recover by MOVING! At week two or so started trying to sleep a little on the side, just a little. Use a pillow lay the pillow beside u and turn just a little if it hurts don't do it a lots. Just work it everyday a little at a time. Walk around the house to the bathroom, the kitchen, like that. Don't pick up heavy things, nothing heavier than a gallon of milk maybe less at first.start with half gallon,lol. Don't bend over, use your legs. Bend your legs, not your body! Put things at arms length. Water,remotes,phone,ect. That's where the prior planning comes in, setting up the area where you will be most of the time. Do NOT DRIVE the first week or two. You don't want to kill anyone,the meds they give like Vicodin slip up on you. Be responsible! For the first week keep the meds steadily in your system to keep down pain. This will help you recover better, because you can do a little more if you're not in a lot of pain. Then gradually try to scale back as you will realize you can handle doing just a little bit more. Don't overdo it! GRADUALLY!
I'm on three weeks or so. I went back to school January 7th, the first night was hard, the meds were making me sleepy. The second night I took my meds slightly earlier and was better the
Jeans can make you feel some discomfort in the vagina and lower abdomen,so, try to wear things not so constricting. Yoga pants and skirts work wonders! So the first week back was a little rough some deep aches like to the core of my vaginal area. Take ibuprofen for ridiculous aches. Get plenty of rest and eat healthy. My cycle came on schedule. I did have some sharp cramps a day or two before and it is heavy,so, I'm trying to keep my iron level up since that's a problem area for me. I'm on day 2 of my cycle and it's heavy. I opted to stay in bed because of some cramping definitely have a pain reliever and prepare for potential heavy bleeding and clots.
So recap,
Dr visit/ second opinion if u can
Study myomectomy in and out forums and medical articles including doctors who do the procedure
Go get it done
Recovery, don't baby sit it but don't overdo it
Anything ridiculously abnormal for more than a day don't go to a forum call or visit dr.
Note: i am only sharing my experience and what I did to make this process less stressful and back on my feet. I am not a doctor and each woman's body is different.
Hi. I'm 24 and virgin. I have a 8*9*7 cm fibroid lying from submucosal to subserosal linning of posterior to fundal wall of the uterus.
my gynecologist plans to myomectomy. what kind of incision and anesthesia is required?
doesn't it shrink by use of medication (luprun)?or should I use medication befor surgery?
how long does it take to recover?
can I exercise after surgery?how mwny weeks after it?
I'm 36 and had a myomectomy on 3/15/2013 (almost 4 weeks post). I had a vertical incision to remove 4 fibroids. Initially, they estimated the surgery would take about 2.5-3.5 hours, but due to the location and size of the fibroids in my uterus, my surgery was closer to 4 hours. I did take Lupron for 6 months prior to the surgery to shrink them. My doctor said that Lupron works to reduce the size of them anywhere from 20-50%...I think mine shrank about 20-25%. Since I took the maximum dosage allowed for Lupron, this was the smallest they were going to be, which wasn't small enough to eliminate concern.

The type of incision depends on the size and location of the fibroids, and probably your physician's preference for removing them. I would have preferred a bikini cut, but my largest fibroid was about 9 cm, and she needed to do a vertical incision for the best access to my uterus. My incision extends from just below my navel to just below the bikini line.The bottom of the incision is still very sensitive, probably because it's an area that's always covered. I think I had general anesthesia. (Suggestion: bring a pillow with you to leave in the car going to surgery. You will need it to "cushion" your tummy on the ride home.)

First 2-3 days, you will feel pain, but it does get better. The prescription pain meds do help -- use them! I could only sleep sitting upright, as any stretching in the lower regions was too uncomfortable. After about 1.5 weeks, I was able to sleep in my bed, but only on my side. I'm still not able to sleep directly on my tummy. Constipation is common -- they had to open your abdomen to remove something, exposing your intestinal tract. It took me about a week for that to subside, using Colace (stool softener) and occasionally some Miralax.

I have to keep reminding myself that I did have a major surgery, so it's ok that I'm unable to do a lot. As I said, I'm now about 4 weeks post surgery, and I feel really good, except my energy level still hasn't fully returned. Loose clothing like dresses, skirts, and yoga pants are my wardrobe staples! I'm able to drive, and the only time I experience a little pain is while sleeping when I attempt to turn to my other side. I tried grocery shopping by myself yesterday, and though I didn't pick up anything heavy, I was exhausted after pushing the basket through the store. I asked for help pushing the basket to my car and unloading the groceries. I did have to come home and REST. I wanted to start going to the gym, but I know that I'm not ready for that. I can walk, and that's what I'll keep doing unless my body tells me otherwise. Best move around, but don't overdo it. Take it easy and don't try to rush your recovery. As Nina said in her previous post - every woman's body is different. You have to listen to YOUR body.
I am 26 years old, no children and I am 6 weeks post myomectomy surgery. I found out I had one large fibroid (the size of a grapefruit) about eight months ago. After changing my diet and in taking different herbs and yet my fibroid got bigger I decided do a myomectomy as the doctor advised the fibroid had almost taken over my whole uterus. Days leading up to my operation I was very nervous, think I lost about 5 lbs from worrying. The day of the operation came I was nervous as hell. Anyway I got to the hospital the nurses managed some how to calm me down. I was taken into the operation room about minutes to 3'oclock that afternoon , I noticed the nurses injecting a liquid into my IV.

At about 6:35 pm I woke up, the first question I asked the nurse if the surgery was finished and how much fibroid was taken out. She said yes and they was one large one and two small ones the size of peas. I did not need any blood transfusion as I had minimal to no bleeding during the operation. I spend two days in the hospital was actually disappointed to leave because the nurses and my doctor really took good care of me. Anyway the first week and a half was most challenging getting out of bed was a task and having to sleep on my back was torture for me. I must say my recovery went quite well did not really have you use much pain killers. My doctor even told me the day after the surgery my uterus snapped back right into place after he removed the large fibroid which he was surprised by. I had a period exactly a month after my surgery and it was normal no heavy bleeding and no large blood cloths passed. I must say doing that surgery was the best decision I have made in a long time. After about three weeks I started to lose weight around my tummy area. I am due for my six week check up tomorrow to see if I am healing as expected on the inside, so I can resume work in a few days.
Hi Ladies, this is 9 days after ab myo and I should say I'm alrigth. There is swelling just above d bikini cut and very heard. D once flat tommy is now bigger,guess that would go down. I urinate often and sometimes with pain. I hope all of this is normal and would change with time. Bleeding still aldough it less than when I just came out of surgery. When will that stop? Prior surgery I was on Zoladex but bleeding never stopped,menses came and heavier too with clots so I had to go in for d myo. Wish all of u a speedy recovery too
Hello every1. I did myomectomy surgery & Polycystic Ovarian Drilling on 27th March 2013 to remove 3 large fibroids. I knew I had fibroids for years now (since 2007 when I did an ultrasound),but I was really ignoring it. They grew larger with 2 dominant ones measuring 8.9 x 7.5 & 8.7 x 7.8cm.For the last 2 yrs I started having irregular periods & had anaemia. There were days that I was so weak that I woke up & my body literally dropped back in the bed as I was so weak. This normally happened the 1st or 2nd day during my menses. Hence i dedided to have the surgery.

At first the thought of surgery was really daunting as I hate hospitals & had the fear of the unknown for the surgery. The fact my symptoms were persisting & I was tired of being sick, I made up my mind with some persuasion to do the operation.

I must say God is good all the time as I didn't need blood & my gnae told me that I didn't lose a lot of blood. I took the spinal anaesthetic so I heard most of what was going on except in the last part when I started feeling pain so I was given Morphine thru the IV.
It was a bikini cut & I really found it hard to turn & get up out of the hospital bed. At times I moved too fast forgetting I had done surgerym the nurses had to remind me to take my time + use the rails @ the bedside to assist me to get up.
After all of that I wanted to leave the hospital the next day, but was discharged 3 days post surgery.

Recovery for the 1st two weeks was awful as I felt excrutiating pain after the meds were done. Eating lots of fruits & veggies along with cranberry juices helped to get the body back on track. Walking for 20-30 mins each day helped to heal the body a whole lot & I lost couple lbs by eating less starches.
The cut which was a "bikini cut" was tender & below the navel was sore + scratched/itched a lot.

My advice to any1 about to do myo surgery is: a)seek a good gnae b)build ur blood count by taking iron tabs (don't forget to take vitamin c in the form of citrus fruits) so the body can absorb the iron c)After surgery roll on ur side, use a chair or the bed rail to u in getting out of bed d)eat lots of fruits of veggies 2)eliminate processed foods 6)do lots of walking.
After 10 weeks u may feel near to normal again like me or for other persons, after 6 weeks they feel fine. Every1 has a different body, but our bodies will respond postively if we treat it right.
Hi everyone, my name is Pauline. I just wondered if any of you have experienced left sided weakness after a Myomectomy ?
I had my Myomectomy in 1992 after my doctor suspected an eptopic pregnancy, which turned out that I didn't, but on doing the
operation a very large fibroid was removed. During the operation I lost a great deal of blood and had to have a blood transfusion. I ended up with a large rectus sheath haematoma which completely filled my lower abdomen and I was in agony for months with it. Because of the low blood pressure at that time I had a transient ischdemic attack which is like a mini stroke and this affected my left side. I complained of pain in the left iliac fossa, where the incision was made, many times and found I kept losing my balance and was not co-ordinating very well. In 1993 I had to have a full hysterectomy, the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes were all removed. My gynaecologist told me it was a very difficult operation as he had to also make several repairs from the Myomectomy. I had a twisted appendix, a closed loop bowel, numerous adhesions, and hernias. I was put on HRT and Beta blockers as I my blood pressure was high and I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine which gives the pain in the head but also left sided weakness. Over the last twenty years I have had several attacks and also have them after anaesthetic and my blood pressure is always very high. I don't have the confidence to go out on my own anymore in case I have an attack, so these complications have caused a lot of problems for me over the years.
I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had similar complications. The advice I would give anyone due to have a Myomectomy or Hysterectomy is to make sure the surgeon has a good reputation and had successful results. I would not wish
anyone to experience the problems I have had and still do. Good luck to you all.
Dee Dee
I just had my Myomectomy Thursday. My fibriod was the size of a small cantaloupe. I am 34 yrs old. I was in good spirits the morning of, my doctor and surgical team were wonderful! However the post-op was awful. I was in recovery for about 1 1/2 hrs. Still in considerable pain...asked when they wanted to try walking. Nurse Ratchet grabs me up out of bed- tells me to walk to the bathroom and pee. I advised the nurse I did not have to go. I went in the bathroom and passed blood (not urine). I was advised to get dress and they discharged me (2 hrs post op)! I was sent home with a fever, as white as a sheet and no instructions on care. I was given Percocet which I refuse to take- because some many people become addicted to that garbage after surgery.

I have been washing with antibacterial soap, using ice during the day and heat at night. Because I was not bleeding I was allowed Motrin for pain. I strongly advise taking a stool me!

Today I am 72 hrs post op- and I have been sneezing (seasonal allergies) and I had a bowel movement...I am now bleeding and start to pass clots. I'm clearly upset but the sane part of me is trying to gauge the flow. If anyone has advice I would greatly appreciate it- I'm laying here with tears just pouring down my cheeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Dee Dee - i sincerely hope you are feeling better.

I have just undergone the same surgery (11th Sept) and thankfully am on the way to recovery. I had the epidural anesthesia as recommended by the team and was unable to more for some time (8hrs) so a catheter was fitted and i had no issues with peeing the following day. Passing stool was another matter but i was put on a liquid, then soft food only diet and am now on solids -though avoiding consuming eating much starchy products - sticking to fruit, vegetables and a little chicken. Which i think would help and avoid the need for stool softener and avoid bloating. I was quite swollen after surgery.

I started menstruation 2 days after the surgery and informed the doctor, who explained this was quite normal and that my menstrual cycle will likely be disrupted for several months. So it could be the bleeding you experienced afterwards was a result of that - but of course doctor's advice should be sought. Clots would be normal also but that depends greatly on the size experienced.

I did not have much information on the procedure before surgery, excepting what i read on the internet, as i am in thailand and the doctor's english was limited, patient reassurance does not really come into play here! but these articles helped prepare me in the 3 days between diagnosis and surgery that i had.

I had the standard cut (as illustrated by B above) and apparently this is quicker to heal as it does not cut across the muscles but rather between them. So the post op pain i have felt has been minimal and i was able to get up and walk the following day, and 2 days later was almost walking upright - though slowly. Now a week later I have had the skin clips removed and I am able to walk properly... i made 3km yesterday and plan to walk about the same distance each day to build upon my strength. I am able to lie on my side using a pillow for support and no need for pain killers after the 1st week post-op

Unfortunately due to the anaesthetic I was unable to roll onto my side which left me quite sore in the bottom and I am still slightly numb in the glute muscles - again the doctor has reassured me this will fade and If not i should revisit in 6 weeks. Unfortunately for me I must go on a long haul flight but I'm healing well and able to walk about very easily. Does anyone have any advice for getting comfortable on a plane (12hour flight!)?

best wishes to all who need a myectomy and to those who are in recovery.
Hey. Had a mymectomy August 12th everything went well had my first period September 12th for ten days with one day of cramping. Now this month, October, I had one period on the 8thru 12 and another one started on Monday the 21st.Went to the doctor today and told me that my uterus was very weak and that's why am bleeding again and I should never try to conceive am so sad I have cried all day.Someone please ease my pain and tell me that you did get a baby after doctor said don't even try.
I had a myomectomy 3 days ago and have been in excruciating pain and now have severe pain in the top of my rib cage and pain and numbness in my left leg.Why this? I asked my doctor and he said he doesn't know which I am extremely dissatisfied with his response! Please Help!
Hi Kat,
I had my 2nd myo on 11/19/13, the 1st in 2007 and had the same symptoms after surgery. It's normal as a side affect from the anesthesia. Just rest and take walks around the house so you do not end up with blood clots. After about 2 weeks you won't remember the pain and will feel better.

Helen don't give up, my doctor told me to wait at least a yr. before even trying. She definitely stated that I will need infertility treatments and a C-section. I would just focus on your body healing right now and maybe later searching for a more compassionate doctor.
Hi ladies,
I have terrible periods and i have 2 ultrasounds tomorrow to see whats going nervous so keep me in prayer guys and good luck and blessings to you all!!!
I am having a myomectomy in a few weeks. I just stopped my periods, I have no problems except Pain from my fibroids.
what should I expect from this type of surgery.
Hi ladies,

I was first diagnosed with fibroids in 2009 after going to get checked for a longer than usual period which occurred two times in one month. The ultrasound revealed a cluster of fibroids measuring just over 3cm. I was put on birth controls for a year and we monitored the fibroid annually. In 2012 I discovered through one of my yearly ultrasounds that my fibroid had doubled in size to just over 6cm, at this time the doctors decided to monitor the growth through ultrasounds every 6 mth. My family doctor felt it was time to do something but the specialist disagreed because the fibroids caused no major symptoms, I didn't have any children and I am young. Six mth later it grew to just over 7cm again my family doctor sent me to the specialist thinking it was time to act. The specialist was not alarmed by the result and simply insisted that I just get pregnant. She even went as far as telling she didn't recommend surgery because she couldn't guarantee not taking out my uterus. I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place as I was just getting to know my boyfriend and we were not ready to have children but yet the fibroid grew. On Jan 2, 2014 I did another ultrasound which revealed a now 8.5cm fibroid. I decided to see a different specialist and was referred to one on the 28th. He recommended surgery and said he would never advise me to get pregnant with such a large fibroid. My myomectomy (bikini cut) is scheduled for this Friday Feb 7th at noon and I am terrified. I'm only 29 and really want to have children. I've only taken 3 weeks off work (I work in an office) Is 3 weeks enough? Please keep me in your prayers...I will post again after surgery if all goes well.
i believe everything works out for the best,goodluck to all
Hi, I am having a myo in four days, my uterus is 22 cm and they say I look like I am 4-5 months pregnant. I am concerned that the doctor wants to do a vertical cut from my belly button down. I really do not want this, is it normal to have a vertical cut with this size uterus?
I'm having an open myomectomy on May 9th. I will have done 7 weeks of lupron leading up to it. I'm on week 5 of lupron an can already feel significant shrinkage in my fibroids - my abdomen is not distended like it was. Prior to lupron, I had a pedunculated fibroid outside my uterus that was about 9cm, two intramural fibroids about 9cm, and 1 intramural fibroid about 3-4cm.

I've read that lupron can make it hard to detect smaller fibroids, so they may be missed. Is this more of a risk for laparascopic surgery? If the surgery is open, my understanding is that the surgeon can feel for even very small fibroids, so is missing them due to lupron still a risk with open myomectomy? Has anyone here done treatment with lupron prior to open myomectomy? How were your outcomes?
hi, my mom had a fibroid surgery in the uterus three years ago. but after surgery she has been suffering from whitish discharge. she's got mild pelvic cavity. what can we do now?
Had my myomectomy april 2014 about 8wks ago 58 years old . I have pain in the lower abdominal it is a nuisance just when i think i am recovering. Can lift, everything seems so heavy now. Stomach swells some days. Doctor only gave me a few days off work but i had to go home for about 3 weeks still not myself. How long will i have this pain and bloating? Help ladies
Hi! I had a myomectomy done in January of 2000. My Doctor remove 7 tumors 3 of them was the size of a grapefruit and the other 4 was the size of a golfball. He told me that it was a possibility that the tumor can grow back and their was a possibility that I might get pregnant and I may not because of the scar tissue. I did got pregnant in October of 2001 had a baby boy in 2002. Some of the tumors came back and I had a heavy menstrual cycle it was really bad. My doctor took me off of my birth control pills. I became pregnant again in 2003 had another baby boy in 2004. I had 2 C-section my cycle was getting worse and the pain from the tumors was getting worse also. I did had a baby in 1999 but that when I found out that I had a tumor and it was growing right along with the baby, I was carried the baby for 5 months but the baby was too premature only weigh 1 lbs. 4 oz . He die the next day and I didn't even get to hold him
. I ended up having a laparoscopic hysterectomy in 2008. Life is much better now.
I had a myomectomy 2 years ago and i have noticed that just before my period and when i ovulate i experience pain and discomfort. Will the pain ever go away? Should i be worried?
I had a myomectomy 4 months ago and my uterus was sutured and am worried to know if it will affect my ttc. However I am scheuled for HSG next month. Please anyone with such experience?
Hi ladies, I had a myo two years ago all went relatively smooth. I'm a very active woman so I didn't experience much pain. My periods were regular before,but now it's irregular to nonexistent. Does anyone have this problem?
I'm a lady of 40yrs old I ve been operated the whole womb on the 6 of AUGUST 2014.I don't ve kids but I'm not worried cause I was very bleeding.I don't now what is going to happen when time goes on.Am l gonna get the menstuation after healed
Hi guys i had my myo 3months and recovering well but i sometimes get weird after a while..and my scar its still solid.My doc told me everything its ok but honestly dis pains bother me..and hey guys lets stop eating red meat its bot good for us...may God be with us
I had my second myo on 19 Aug 1st myo was 7 years ago. This time the fibroid size was around 10cm in diameter with 2 endo smaller in size. My gynae put me on 6 months lupron / lucrin jab. Had my first jab a week after myo to stop my period supposedly but period came on 12 sep with bad cramp for 2 days. The flow and lasted for a week which is my normal cycle. A week after that which is now, i'm bleeding - fresh red spots. Anyone out there experience this before? Worried...
I had my second myo on 19 Aug 1st myo was 7 years ago. This time the fibroid size was around 10cm in diameter with 2 endo smaller in size. My gynae put me on 6 months lupron / lucrin jab. Had my first jab a week after myo to stop my period supposedly but period came on 12 sep with bad cramp for 2 days. The flow and lasted for a week which is my normal cycle. A week after that which is now, i'm bleeding - fresh red spots. Anyone out there experience this before? Worried...
I had myo just 3 weeks ago sept 15th and now belly hangs i can my dr refer me for tummy tuck to fit this
i had my myo in 2010 July.i recovered within three weeks and my periods has since come back to 32 but i want to have my first child.can i go ahead? do you think i will be able to conceive?
Hi i had fibroid removed in november 2013 .if had constant blood loose since .twelve month doing my head the doctor put me on the pill but it didn help .im 48 had it with these periods and discomfort .when will it stop
I had a myemectomy a week ago. Experiencing alot of gas and pain after I urinate. Although my period started on time and lasted the normal 4days. The healing process is progressing quiet slow.

Not sure if I should fuss about the pain after urination?
Tnx ladies, really appreciate your experiences. God will heilp us all. Please do anyone know of any local medicine or herbs that can reduce or shrink fibroid? Please my people, can someone recomend any one for me? God bless you all.thank you.
Hi guys i had myemoctomy surgery done in june 2014,and i still have weird pains till to day,but s pains normally occure after intercourae or if its gayne says everything it's okay when he checks through the scan. But its kinda disturbing to have weird pains then the gynae says everything its ok wherelse i feel pains,he said its probably my op scar.. This is affecting my love life because i only have intercourse when the pains are better. Im really worried. My periods are normal the only concern i have ita these pains..#praying#

Is there anyone experiencing this? Please help

I'm 40 and had an open myo 13 days ago. I actually had 15 removed, with the largest at 15mm and 2 more that were around 10mm and 7 mm. Judging from the number of interns that stopped by my room and said "Wow" I'm guessing that was pretty bad. I have the bikini incision around 6 inches long. My Dr said all went well. The first thing I remember when waking in recovery was the insane urge to urinate. I kept telling the nurse "I have to pee". I didn't realize I was on a catheter. I didn't have much pain afterwards, I was on an IV drip of dilaudid though. The morphine made me super itchy, and even though I had sporadic nausea, I was actually even able to get up and walk a bit down the hall on the first night. Everyone kept telling me I was doing fantastic. The second day was a different story. They thought I was doing great so they took the catheter out (which doesn't hurt, but is a little uncomfortable). When they stood me up to walk again, my heart rate shot up to 160 and I started to spin. Afterwards, my heart rate wouldn't return to below 120. I could tell everyone was a bit concerned. They did an EKG, a cat scan, and took blood. After finding nothing abnormal, they took me off the dilaudid and replaced it with something else (can't remember), reinserted the catheter (which hurt a little) and gave me a pint of blood. Apparently, they didn't feel I needed it during surgery because nothing bled excessively, but I did lose quite a bit due to the fact that there was 15 incision sights. This worked wonders and by late that night I had a normal heart rate. I spent that night being monitored and remained great all day on the second day after. By the third day I was using the rest room without assistance and went home. Be forewarned, that you will be very gassy the week or so after the surgery. It hurts to strain, so it helps to have a little pillow or something to press against your tummy for a while. I found the pillow also helped when getting up or changing positions once I was home. I managed a bowel movement on the first night home, which relieved some pressure in my belly, yet remained very sore for about 3-4 days. I never spotted much and not at all after the third day. At that time I was able to stand and shower by myself without much pain, although I tired a little easily. At about 8-10 days I felt good enough to cook dinner and do some small things like load the dishwasher. I just started by period on day 12. It came right on time and seems to be normal to slightly heavy. It's day 2 and I only have mild cramping. I am now able to walk around without the pillow, and have no problem getting up and down. Tomorrow is my 2 week and I am hoping to return to my desk job on Monday which will be 18 days after surgery. I was scared for this surgery but aside from the second day hiccup it has gone really well so far. I'm happy with my decision to do it. Tips: get yoga pants or spandex that are snug on your tummy and high-waisted. This will provide some support. Buy some granny panties that hit well above the bikini line or it will rub.
what is the cause of white discharge after 1 year of my uterus surgery.i had also pain in my stiches.please tell me?
I am terrified, I got call from the doc this morning and my procedure is the 28th. How long is the surgery itself? I'm 34 and still wants kids, the fibroids have cost me at least one and the doc thinks this is my best shot. I have at least 5, 2 considered very large and that is also causing my uterus to be enlarged. I am pain constantly and sex hurts so bad I cry. I have never had any complications from previous surgeries, but now after reading these I am a little worried. I am scheduled to fly to Alaska (from STL) and go on a cruise for a week 5 1/2 weeks after surgery. The doctor said I will fine to do this, what do you guys think?
Marlynn Harrison
I had a myomectomy 11 days ago but I'm still feeling pain after walking only for a few minutes and pain after standing for only a few minutes. Is this normal to still be hurting and swollen slightly after 11 days post op?
Jenny Chy
I had my myomectomy 18days ago.. I tank God for gradual recovery now, I can do some little chores at home, though still feels little pain at d left side of my abdomen but doing very OK in my appetite. took meds for pain killer only 10days. Apparently, i take a lot of water to easy out some bacteria as doc instructed, dnt knw, did regular peeing almost every mins of d day get me so worried and uncomfortable, so wanna ask if is normal?
hi, im hoping someone could help me, i had my andominal mayomectomy about 4 weeks ago, im recovering well. But i was having a foul creamy discharge for about 10 days, and recently noticed a black string (piece of thread) along with my discharge.i am being treated for a possible bacterial infection. Im worried about the piece of string, can it be the internal stitches? Why are they coming out?
It's 4 weeks after my myomectomy surgery (horizontal cut). Recovery went remarkable, however I noticed totally numbness on left side under scar. Right side has no complication.
Is anyone experienced this complication?
If yes, how much time takes to get feeling back?
Been about 3 weeks since my open myomectomy.had 12 of them the biggest with a diameter of 9cm and 7cm. I think the surgeon opted for open coz of the size. Surgery went okay. Some blood lose so low blood count. Maximise on iron foods or supps to build the blood before the surgery. Also had a slight fever after that had me on strong antibiotics coz infection after surgery is serious. Went to work two weeks after but half day and lots of walking around in the office ,but fatigue is adrupt. My periods were slightly heavy but normal towards the end. But spotting thereafter after I thought they were over. External scar has healed well but the internal is what is takes time. Holding all physical activity till 6wks. I can comfortably press against my pelvic area without any pain. Slight discomfort when I sit too long without standing. All the best and eat healthy. .before and after
Tanya Ochoa
I just had my myomectomy on November 4, 2016. Laproscopy and he removed 11 fibroids. So far it's gotten better everyday. Days 1-3 were the hardest. It hurt to get up or to lie down and I couldn't go to the bathroom for the first 6 days. Between the gas that they use to blow your stomach up during surgery and the incision pain it was very uncomfortable but now a little over 2 weeks later and I don't have any incision pain anymore. I'm going to the bathroom very easily but I just get tired easily and feel winded easily. Now my doctor is recommending a second look laparoscopic treatment to deal with the scar tissue. Did any of y'all have it?
I had my sygery about 2 months and 23days and I have my first period on the 19th to 24th of November
But I discovered that after my period am having yellow discharge it was flowing lightly
But now it's flowing much what do I do, is it normal .
I had a myomectommy 12days ego. Every thing went well but after ten days I started having a serious navel pains. It's so excruciating that it saps my energy. Can someone please advise me on the way out of this pain.
Had myomectomy in 2012 nd Laparoscopy in 2016, I've been experiencing terrible pains in my lower abdominal. I'm having a heavy flow during my periods, also clotting what might be the cause? I no longer enjoy sexual intercourse because its so painful.
Hi Everyone,
I had a myomectomy. It was performed by my GYN. I was put under before I went to the OR because my doctor knew how scared I was. I don't remember the recovery room. I remember the hospital room, and my son being there. I have four tiny insitions, you can barely see them. My uterus was also removed I was told it was very large 17cm my doctor even took a picture of it to show me, but I still have my overies to keep my hormone leves intact. I was given pain medications in the hospital. I stayed for two days. My doctor said it was so I could rest. I had a cathader in place it must have been done while I was under. I had lots of pain for the first week. I am now on my second week and I am not experiencing any pain so I don't have to take pain meds. I am also a diabetic so they thought that my healing and recovery would take longer but so far I am healing faster than they thought. My diabetes has been uncontrolled for a while. I am so thankful to God for providing me with amazing doctors that truely care about my well-being. Dr . Seethapan is an amazing GYN and surgeon. All my doctors are through Med Star in Olney, Maryland. I am feeling so blessed that I am not in in pain, and Today is Sunday June 11, 2017. I had my surgery May 31,2017,and this Wednesday the 14th will make two weeks and I haven't had any complications except constipation, but I was told to expect that and to walk a couple of feet each day to build myself up.
My fibriod was also held on 3 months before and my uterus is saved. I am 40 years of age. But I am still suffering from stretching and heavy bleeding. Please suggest me .
Hi guys, im 28years old & I’m 3 weeks post Myomectomy, I had around 6 fibroids and also 2 polyps removed, everything seems to be ok except for the fact that I’ve been bleeding on/off since the op, my Gynaecologist said I must relax & that it’s quite usual, but some days it’s heavy and others it’s only spotting, has anyone else had the same thing or something similar? Please advise as I’m very paranoid about it... thanks
Hello ladies, I had my myomectamy on the 20th December.

Background & timeline: I am 34 years young, very active and on a balanced diet, no kids. I noticed something is off with my body 1,5 years ago, went for a check up but the nurse refused to send me to a specialist, I have immigrated to his country some years ago and felt hopeless... So, 6 months after that nurse refused to send me to a specialist I went to my home country, did an ultrasound, MRI and saw and gynecologist who said I have two fibroids. Fibroids were 10 cm and 4 cm in diameter then... came back to Canada and managed to get a referral for an ultrasound (again, for a confirmation) by a doctor from a walk-in clinic (bless his soul). The doctor referred me to an amazing gynecologist (bless her soul too) and prescribed iron to bring up the iron level. From the time of ultrasound to my surgery it took less than 8 months. I was referred for monthly iron-level check ups and an MRI before the surgery. I researched a lot about how to treat fibroids and myomectamy was what I went to ask for from my gynecologist. She also prescribed me FIBRISTAL - amazing non-hormonal drug that completely eliminated all symptoms of fibroids along with the periods for three months.

Day of surgery: I was in high spirits, sending selfies of my gown to my friends :) doctors told me I was the healthiest patient they ever had to operate on. Surgery lasted about two hours from 8 am, I had a small horizontal incision around my bikini line and general anesthesia. Post-op recovery room seemed EXTREMELY LOUD when I woke up, no pain, I was very thirsty though and with a catheter. My friend was next to me and seeing her lovely face definitely brought peace. I was in and out of sleep for the next 24 hours, no pain. Tried drinking apple juice in the evening and almost puked. Advice: stick with water day 1.
Next day: I was tired because I didn't get a proper sleep, but feeling ok on dripping painkillers. I was hungry but very nervous to eat because I didn't want to be sick, been drinking lots of water. I've been given an anti-nausea medicine, then took a courage to have a little bit of beet smoothie my friend brought - went totally alright. I drank the smoothie and had a granola. I was monitored closely by nurses, they were taking my blood pressure, pulse and blood every few hours the whole time I was in the hospital. My catheter was out (unpleasant but not painful in my memory), breathing and leg exercises do magic, some mild blood-like discharge from my vagina but no pain urinating. I walked around the ward and to the washroom ok, not straight up though. My gynecologist/surgeon was checking up on me for two days in a row and said I could be discharged "tomorrow". Had a proper veggie dinner.

Day 3: I had a good sleep, still on painkillers, no pain unless I moved awkwardly. More smoothies and granola for breakfast/lunch, took awhile for my doctor to come see me that day and discharge me. My friend picked me up from the hospital and I stayed with her for three days through Christmas.

Day 7: I was feeling good, just relieved from a constipation, eating normally, nothing heavy and still on some painkillers, just low on energy. Came home, made dinner and feeling good.

It's Day 10 today: I really have problems sleeping through the night - nothing to do with pain, just insomnia. No pain, I do my chores at home, groceries are being delivered. I feel like I am on a great path to recovery! No discharges, some bruising around my belly button and incision.

To all of you being anxious about the surgery: 1. Read posts above by Dalila, Erica, Tracy and Nina above - stay positive. 2. I really hope you have a good gynecologist you could read up on, and they have great references, experience and are a nice person. 3. Try to have a balanced diet with as little of processed foods as possible and be active. 4. Have someone you trust to support you through the process, someone to remind you to take good care of yourself and look after you particularly the first few days after the surgery.

Wishing you best of luck and good health!
I will try to keep you ladies posted as my recovery progresses. Right now I am just listening to my body (and mildly suffering from insomnia).

All my blessings, Mae.
I'm 2 weeks post lap myo, had 3 subserosal fibroids removed in a 6 hour surgery. I was absolutely terrified going in, had never been under GA but had no nausea or adverse symptoms when I woke up. My surgery was urgent as the fibroid (which turned out to be 3 stacked on top of each other) was causing complications plus growing visibly week by week, over 10cm x 9 x 8 sticking out making my abdomen lopsided. I'm a yoga therapist & prepared for the surgery by strengthening my core & pelvic floor which I think is making a positive difference in recovery. I'm in my mid-40s but by the 3rd day I walked 1.5 hours total (10m/hour & once 25m), at snail speed but still felt like a superstar. Pain was less than what I was experiencing before the surgery & with fibromyalgia 10 years ago. The only issues post-op have been pain since taking a 4.5 hour flight a week in, approved by the doc but NOT recommended based on personal experience. Also have insomnia since anaesthesia & bladder spasms which I hope will pass. Am feeling positive overall. Reading forums like this one were a huge emotional support in the weeks before the surgery so thought I would share what is really a positive experience all things considered.
Aziza nuhu
Has anyone had seromas or hematomas in their abdomen after myomectomy?
I had them after my myomectomy, very painful. I have been searching all the forums to see if anyone else had this complication but have not been successfully. Can anyone share their experience please . Thanks
My myomectomy is scheduled on February 28th and I'm nervous! Never had GA. If anyone has any advice to give me, it will be greatly appreciated.
Aziza nuhu
Hi Varsha, don’t be nervous. I was nervous for my surgery aswell, because it was my first ever surgery. Make sure to let the anesthesiologists know you have never had GA before and you are nervous about it. A good doctor will reassure you and make sure you are comfortable with meds before going into OR. That was my experience, I fell asleep before I got to the OR and when I woke up surgery was done and I was in recovery room. Hope this help, and wishing you the best...
I would just want to know why is my belly bottom hurting and paifull and sensetive after 1 month ? I had a vertical mymectomy
Hi.pls my tummy make noise alot after my mymectomy and also feel some little pains in d both 3month gone now, but I do scan dat show dat I have PID, and I show it to my doctor who said Scan lied sometime, and since d day I do d Operation,he told me not to take any drugs like connection,is all dis normal???pls help me,am in need of children.
I had myomectomy surgery 6 days ago, and I have been healing as expected. The only problem I am worried about is that I am passing lots of gas and urine. I per like 25 times a day and through the night which wasn't so before the surgery. Also, how many months can I start trying? My gynae said 6 months but that's a lot because I know some people use 3 to 4 months. Pls belp
I had myomectomy 3months ago which Octobers 2019, in January 2020 I had sex during my ovation period, and since Feb 8,9,Am having low abdominal pain. Please what can be cause for the pain. Thanks
I have been battling fibriods for about 5years now, I spent the last 3years ignoring it,and all of last year trying all local and Chinese herbs that were purported to shrink fibriods. Obviously it didn't work
I finally had a Myomectomy 11days ago.i was blessed to have a understanding Gyna and the hospital staff were all very nice to me
My mum was very nervous so I had to keep a brave front for her, I remember dancing into the theater to the delight of the nurse who commented she had not seen a patient like me
I was given a spinal anesthesia at first , so I was chatting with my surgeon during the procedure, an hour later I was given a GA when I complained of a headache.
First thing I remember when I woke up was I could not breath, my chest was constricted and it felt like a bag of sand was in my chest, I remember thrashing around and the nurses and my mum had to hold me down, I threw up some thick mucus and immediately felt better I was so thirsty but wasn't allowed to drink water, I kept Drifting in and out of sleep, the sleeping injection they gave me didn't knock me out long enough.
Day 1: catheter was taken out and I was allowed to take liquids, water felt bland I could only manage juice
Day 2: I had a bloody headache, doctor said it's a result of the anesthesia, peeing was painful
Day 3: hurray, I stooled for the first time, it was uncomfortable and painful but I was happy cos I was told it will take a week, I was discharged on day 3.
For the past few days ive been taking it as easy I can, bad case of insomnia as I am not used to sleeping on my back and sleeping on my side is painful. Headache creeps up on me but not as bad as the first few days.
Been passing out gas a lot.. Heheheh
I have light vaginal bleeding so I wear a panty liner it has reduced now
I feel pain on both sides of my stomach and a numbness just above the incision.. Doctor says it's normal
Can't stand for too long, serious pressure around my waist when I do.
Road to recovery is slow but promising
Hope this helps anyone out there

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