Intestinal obstruction repair


An intestinal obstruction is a partial or complete blockage of the small or large intestine. Surgery is sometimes necessary to relieve the obstruction.


The small intestine is composed of three major sections: the duodenum just below the stomach; the jejunum, or middle portion; and the ileum, which empties into the large intestine. The large intestine is composed of the colon, where stool is formed; and the rectum, which empties to the outside of the body through the anal canal. A blockage that occurs in the small intestine is called a small bowel obstruction, and one that occurs in the colon is a colonic obstruction.

There are numerous conditions that may lead to an intestinal obstruction. The three most common causes of small bowel obstruction are adhesions, which are bands of scar tissue that form in the abdomen following injury or surgery; hernias, which develop when a portion of the intestine protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal wall; and cancerous tumors. Adhesions account for approximately 50% of all small bowel obstructions, hernias for 15%, and tumors for 15%. Other causes include volvulus, or formation of kinks or knots in the bowel; the presence of foreign bodies in the digestive tract; intussusception, which occurs when a portion of the intestine telescopes or pulls over another portion; infection; and congenital defects. While most small bowel blockages can be treated with the administration of intravenous (IV) fluids and decompression of the bowel by the insertion of a nasogastric (NG) tube, surgical intervention is necessary in approximately 25% of patients with a partial obstruction, and 50%–65% of patients with a complete obstruction.

An obstruction of the large intestine is less common than blockages of the small intestine. Blockages of the large bowel are usually caused by colon cancer; volvulus; diverticulitis (inflammation of sac-like structures called diverticula that form in the intestines); ischemic colitis (inflammation of the colon resulting from insufficient blood flow); Crohn's disease (a disease that causes chronic inflammation of the intestines); inflammation due to radiation therapy; and the presence of foreign bodies. As in the case of small bowel obstruction, most patients with a blockage of the large intestine can be treated with IV fluids and bowel decompression.


Approximately 300,000 intestinal obstruction repairs are performed in the United States each year. Among patients who are admitted to the hospital for severe abdominal pain, 20% have an intestinal obstruction. While bowel obstruction can affect individuals of any age, different conditions occur at higher rates in certain age groups. Children under the age of two, for example, are more likely to present with intussusceptions or congenital defects. Elderly patients, on the other hand, have a higher rate of colon cancer.


After the patient has been prepared for surgery and given general anesthesia, the surgeon usually enters the abdominal cavity by way of a laparotomy, which is a large incision made through the patient's abdominal wall. This type of surgery is sometimes referred to as open surgery. An alternative to laparotomy is laparoscopy , a surgical procedure in which a laparoscope (a thin tube with a built-in light source) and other instruments are inserted into the abdomen through small incisions. The internal operating field is then visualized on a video monitor that is connected to the scope. In some patients, the technique may be used for abdominal exploration in place of a laparotomy. Laparoscopy is associated with faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays, and smaller surgical scars, but requires advanced training on the part of the surgeon as well as costly equipment. Moreover, it offers a more limited view of the operating field.

Treating an intestinal obstruction depends on the condition causing the blockage. Some of the more common surgical procedures used to treat bowel obstructions include:


To diagnose an intestinal obstruction, the physician first gives a physical examination to determine the severity of the patient's condition. The abdomen is examined for evidence of scars, hernias, distension, or pain. The patient's medical history is also taken, as certain factors increase a person's risk of developing a bowel obstruction (including previous surgery, older age, and a history of constipation). A series of x rays may be taken of the abdomen, as a definitive diagnosis of obstruction can be made by x ray in 50–60% of patients. Computed tomography (CT; an imaging technique that uses x rays to produce two-dimensional cross-sections on a viewing screen) or ultrasonography (an imaging technique that uses high-frequency sounds waves to visualize structures inside the body) may also be used to diagnosis intestinal obstruction.

Unless a patient presents with symptoms that indicate immediate surgery may be necessary (high fever, severe pain, a rapid heart beat, etc.), a course of IV fluids, NG decompression, and antibiotic therapy is usually prescribed in an effort to avoid surgery.


After surgery, the patient's NG tube remains until bowel function returns. The patient is closely monitored for signs of infection, leakage from an anastomosis, or other complications.


Complications associated with intestinal obstruction repair include excessive bleeding; infection; formation of abscesses (pockets of pus); leakage of stool from an anastomosis; adhesion formation; paralytic ileus (temporary paralysis of the intestines); and reoccurrence of the obstruction.

Normal results

Most patients who undergo surgical repair of an intestinal obstruction have an uneventful recovery and do not experience a recurrence of the obstruction.

Morbidity and mortality rates

The mortality rate of small bowel obstruction ranges from 2% for a simple obstruction to 25% for a strangulation obstruction that compromises the blood supply and is treated after a lapse of 36 hours. Large bowel obstruction carries a mortality rate of 2% for volvulus to 40% if part of the bowel is gangrenous.


Such nonsurgical techniques as the administration of IV fluids and bowel decompression with a NG tube are often successful in relieving an intestinal obstruction. Patients who present with more severe symptoms that are indicative of a bowel perforation or strangulation, however, require immediate surgery.



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Stephanie Dionne Sherk


Ileoanal anastomoses are usually performed in a hospital operating room . Surgery may be performed by a general surgeon or a colorectal surgeon, a medical doctor who focuses on the surgical treatment of diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus.


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Emey Hoong
Dear whom may concerns,

Good day.I would like to know more new information about this topic (intestinal obstruction).Here,i'm worried possible of reoccurrence of the obstruction? I done Resection with end-to-end anastomosis since 2003, therefore, involves the removal of the obstructed or diseased section.

After the obstruction and diseased tissue is removed, an ileostomy or colostomy is created? on the other hand, have a higher rate of colon cancer??

How to avoid reoccurrence and aftercare guidelines?

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Emey Hoong
Lisa BartoloLanders
i would like to find out if there is anything that can be done to avoid another reoccurance in a small bowel obstruction. I have just had my second sugery in two years, both with infection after. I was told that the reason for the obstructions, were both scar tissue. I would like to avoid this happening again and would appreciate any information that you have that would help me avoid another surgery. Thank you, Lisa BartoloLanders
Marsha Grim
Please advise regarding recommended dietary and activity restrictions following surgery for small bowel obstruction caused by adhesions. Thank you. Marsha Grim
Sue Wiedemann
Jan 1, 2008 I had emergency colostomy performed when a diverticula ruptured; 4" of sigmoid colon removed. 4/25/08 it was determined my body was in good health and a reversal procedure was performed. 4/30/08 infection developed, but no antibiotics were prescribed; I was released 5/1/08. 5/13/08 I was readmitted with 103 fever of 3 days and it was determined a fistula under the repaired stoma had developed. Another 8 days in hospital and I was released.
Over next 9 weeks I progressed extremely well; all indications were good that no bags were required and I was wearing no more bandages for any drainage.
7/29/08 I returned to clinic to complain of swelling around old stoma area and tenderness. It was announced that I had developed a hernia. A CT was prescribed. I am awaiting results of that scan.
Two days later I am seeing redness around the 'hernia' and the area above and below the stoma are very hard, not soft like I was told hernia would be.

note: I am 60 yr old female; 5' tall; 119 lbs in generally good health.

I would appreciate some feedback from here.
I have been under care of university physicians; I seldom get the same doctor to see me.

Thank you.
rose lynn
sir, i want to know what are the causes of intestinal obstruction, why is clear liquid diet recommended, what are sample food menus can be given to a patient who has this illness.. i'm a nusing student and i have to know these for our case study..
N. Payne
To Whom It May Concern,
Mrs. Wilson is a 92 yr old female; 5'1"; 178 lbs. Patient has renal failure; she has been undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis for the past 2 years (with great success).

Recently she has been diagnosed with a small bowel obstruction. Treatment has consisted of the administration of intravenous (IV) fluids and decompression of the bowel by the insertion of a nasogastric (NG) tube. Also, a series of x rays have been taken of the abdomen, as well as a series of CT scans. However; no antibiotic therapy has been prescribed.
The patients surgical history includes:
**1946** total hysterectomy/appendectomy; **1983** gallbladder **2006** placement of Peg Tube (for feeding) inserted for one month then removed; **2006** placement of PD catheter (for dialysis)... still in place with no complications. Also, patient has no history of constipation issues.

The conclusion is possible adhesion's from previous surgeries.

The conclusion is possible adhesion's from previous surgeries.

I need answers to the following questions:
1) Is it possible for this surgery to be preformed through laparoscopy?
2) Is it necessary to remove the peritoneal catheter?
I think I have some form of obstruction of either the large intestine or the small intestine, because of constant constipation. I would also like to know if this problem can cause a negative effect on a male sexual organ. Also if I have a partial blockage can iit affect my bladder because I constanly urinating especially at night. Also what are alternative treatment without surgery.
Hello I had an complete small intestate knot and had it repaired May 3rd of this year. It is now Sept 10th I find myself still healing from the surgery. I have Lupus and Fibrmyalgia so I know that in itself makes recovery harder. I take a lot of medications and have been on the constipated side my entire life. Since surgery It is even worse going 5-9 days without going, even with Herbs "smooth move" which worked great before surgery, stool softeners and laxatives. I should also had I had gastric bypass July 1 2002. When I do finally go and I am so sorry if this is too much information. Its similar to giving birth not, My bowls are so thick and there is so much that it is so overwhelming sometimes one occurrence will last as long as 15 minutes. Like I said I know this is not a great topic I am so sorry, I lost my insurance in Oct last year so going to the doctor is very hard for me. Has anyone else experienced this much problems with there bowls and if so is there relief in site?

Thank you all
Brandi in Ca
FOR YOUR FUTURE REF..Dear whom may concerns,

Good day.I would like to know more new information about this topic (intestinal obstruction).Here,i'm worried possible of reoccurrence of the obstruction? I done Resection with end-to-end anastomosis since 2003, therefore, involves the removal of the obstructed or diseased section.

After the obstruction and diseased tissue is removed, an ileostomy or colostomy is created? on the other hand, have a higher rate of colon cancer??

How to avoid reoccurrence and aftercare guidelines?
I have tried to find a diet for myself that is nutritious, not fattening, and does not stress my Crohn's Disease. I know there are low residue and fiber diets, however, I have had 3/4 of my colon removed along with several sections of my small bowel. Due to all the surgeries, I have problems with obstructions when I am in a flare and eat healthy, nutritious foods such as raw vegetables, raw fruits, etc. I take supplements, but due to the nutritional loss from constant bowel movements, I feel hungry most of the time and end up eating more than I should; hence weight gain. I have always had a weight problem, but it has gotten worse since diagnosed with Crohns. Can you help me?
my wife undergone surgery for intestinal obstruction on 25/05/2010 she is under recovery.can anyone suggest regarding future precaution and life style, food habits etc.
Kristie Jones
I recently was found to have severe intestinal adhesions when having a hystorectomy four weeks ago. My ob/gyn perfomed this surgery as well. I was told that my inestines were so intwined that they looked like a large ball of twine. Since the surgery I am still experiencing lower spasms and pain in my stomach in intestines, I am unable to eat many things besides soup and such, and every time that I do eat I cramp and hurt.
My question is this: how long will it be before I am able to eat some what normally again? How long does this pain last? I just assumed that after four weeks I would be able to resume some sort or normal living again, however if I still do not take some kind of pain medication in the morning and afternoon the pain is pretty intense considering I have a really high tolerance for pain. My biggest concern is that there may be other issues there that maybe its not healing properly, or am I just being too impatient in the helaing process of this type of precedure? I am not very educated on this type is health issue so any advice that is offered would be greatly appreciated.
I am a 23 year old girl constaintly suffering excruciating bowel obstructions (result of bowel surgery as an infant), I have been admitted to hospital for this 9 times over the last 6 years and am terrified this will happen again.
I asked the doctor if there where any life style/diet changes I could make to lessen the chance of another obstruction and he basically said, he can recomend a diet high in fibre and fluids but nothing really will prevent it from happening again.
He also said he is not keen on doing surgery as often the post surgery results are not great for this problem, he said everytime they go in they can cause more scar tissue and make the condition worse. I'm really at a loss about what I can do about this am I just destined to have pain and reccuring episodes for the rest of my life? :(
I had a small bowel obstruction surgery from scar tissue just 3 months ago. April 5th 2010.I remained after surgery 10 days in the hospital with the NG tube ,etc. etc. I am eating small but frequent meals. I am 5'8" and 129 lbs. I also eat yogurt, take ascidophliuds tablet once a day and Mira Lax at bedtime told to do by my surgeon. Will my bowels ever return to some normality?My appetite is not exactly good but I force those little meals done. Oh, I am also taking Omega 3, my surgeon likes that alot. Now, will it take time for scar tissue to regrow or Is it already regrowing from this surgery? I am 59 years old. I honestly thought this surgery was a nightmare and this is coming from someone with multiple spinal cervical and lumbar surgeries with rods and screws put in my body. Any and all answers,comments, words of advise is all very appreciated. Thank you in advance, JoAnn also any information of reading?
Wow I have been reading all these articles and they all sound like what is happening to me. I am 52 years old and have been dealing with bowl obstruction for 11 years now. I started with cevical cancer and lots of radiation which caused a stricture of my sigmoid colon which caused me to have an emergency colostomy. Well I had a reversal about a year later with temp. Ileostomy for 4 months and several incisional hernias later,I am so lost. Ihave had about 17 small bowl obstructions and ng tubes to last me a lifetime. I have tried eating patterns, reglan, liquid diet and yes even fiber. Had a glass of the most popular orange fiber and ended up with an obstruction. If I get stressed or uptight(who doesn't now a days) back in the hospital with SBO.
I drink miralax everyday, I'm so afriad not to take it. I can't travel or enjoy life I'm so afraid of going further than a 20 mile radius of my hospital. I have had the adhiesions removed before about 3 years ago but they keep coming back. 9 days in the hospital-pain med-no food is a typical SBO episode for me. If anyboby knows anything different to do, please let me know.
I had a surgery to repair my intestines due to another surgery. The doctor punctured my intestines while doing another surgery. Another surgeon came in to fix the other doctors mistake (found out later that the original doctor tried to cut scar tissue when he shouldn't and that is how he cut my intestines). Well this doctor did a great job. He mentioned that what he did would last 10 years but I will need to have the scar tissue removed or I will start to have obstruction in my bowels. Well, I did start to have this now I am worried that I will not be able to have my intestines fixed so it will last for another 10 years. I do not want to have a bag. Is there any improvements on how to repair scar tissue in the intestines?

i am 25 year old male, who underwent an appendectomy 28 days back. It was a complicated surgery because my appendix was suppurative and was ascended to liver. Doctors had to made a 6 inches incision to remove the appendix. I was discharged after 4 days. On second night after discharge I had multiple episodes of vomiting and abdominal pain. It took whole night to settle the pain through medicine. I was on normal diet by then. Then the seventh night at home, the same problem occurred of pain and vomits. This time it was unbearable and I was rushed to ER. It was found that I have developed small bowel obstruction. They inserted NG tube and kept me on IV fluids for 2 days. On the 3rd day i was feeling normal. I kept my hands on liquid and semi solid diet. I was discharged on the forth day. At home I just had lunch (semi-solid) and the pain took place again the following morning. I bear the pain but in the evening I had a vomiting. My family took me to ER again. I was dehydrated and the same problem of obstruction was diagnosed. The similar procedure of NG tube and IV was carried out. I took the first sip of water after 3 days.

In addition, I underwent a Liver Transplantation as a donor to my father in 2007. The doctors said that the internal wounds of Liver and appendix surgery has stuck to the intestines. It will be resolved via conservative treatment because according to doctors, to perform 3rd surgery was not viable.

I came home 3 days back. I am still on liquid and semi solid diet. Plus, I stay constipated on and off, so I take lactolose syrup every night.

I wanna ask, when will I be able to resume my normal diet and activities.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Mourad M. Aly
Since having open umbilical surgery to repair a bowel obstruction I am having unusual complications. In addition to usual bowel movements I "leak" (encopresis) fecal matter when urinating and at other times. I'm not even aware of it. Could this be an infection, or is the bowel still partially obstructed, or is it a muscle problem related to the surgery? The problem is actually getting worse with time. Should I be seeing a doctor? The surgeon or my PCP?
My nephew is 3 months old currently. He was born with an intestinal blockage. His intestines were knotted up and 12 inches of it had to be surgically removed. 2 days ago, he started with what appeared to be stomach virus symptoms, which has since been diagnosed as another partial blockage due to the scar tissue from his first surgery. It is unknown at this time if another surgery may need to be performed. With any surgery, there is obvious risk of dying...which the doctors have told us it all depends on his will to survive at this point. Please send any information relating to this condition; especially in infants and how common is death seen in 3 month old children with another surgery? All prayers for him and our family are much appreciated. May God Bless and thank you.
My son had been shot 3 weeks ago in the abdomen. He had surgery on him lower bowel and has since had to have further 6.5 hours surgery as this had become blocked. The 2nd surger was friday 28th and there has been no movement on his bowels since. The doc has said that he would have hoped for some kind of movement by now. This has made me so worried and I wonder if he shall need further surgery and if he will ever be able to function properly again
Dear Doctor,

Can you please help me, actually my daughter has undergone an intestine blockage Surgery, can you tell me how soon she may have her normal diet as she has just 6 months old.
It is approx.11 months since small bowel strangulation surgery had to be performed from small bowel . I now have another huge incision from the surgery. I must take Mira-Lax and Benefiber everyday or I would never have a bowel movement. The movements are tiny as baby movements even with those products mentioned. I put back the weight I had lost from the NG tube and over 2 weeks in hospital, but now I am left with very little appetite. I still pass horrible odor of gas right after eating. The doctors say this is normal. But it is destroying my life and my mind. Is this now my new life? Do you think I will have another obstruction? Will I ever get my appetite back? Does the gas last forever? I am 59 years old . I am 5'8" 135 lbs. Is there anything I can do ? Any other people out there like me? And why doesn't the bowels go back to normal? Please HELP with answering any of my questions. I am afraid to leave my house due to never knowing when I might pass gas in public.This has ruined my life and Medically I do not ubderstand why. I take Vitamins, Fish oil as tol to,drink plenty of water, and doing everything they tell me to do ,but no relief in sight. Does this even cut one's life span? The NG Tube was so horrible. Thank you in advance. In need of some answers. JoAnn Russo
My caecum was twisted and had to be removed, with about 3" of sm.intestins and 3" of large. Then reconnected. It has been 3 weeks and I am still in terriable paine and some nausea no vomating. How long will this last and how long is the recovery time.
My caecum had to be removed. The surgery went well. It has been three weeks and I am still naving a lot of nausea it is like every other day. I have a great day and then a bad day of nausea. Is this normal or is there somethng I should be conserned about? I go back to the surgon on Tuesday. What do I need to ask him. Zofran or phenegran will not help the nausea..
I am not able to do anything on those days it is so bad. Thanks Mary
how soon after surgery may normal diet and activities be resumed???
Pam Merritt
To Whom It May Concern,

I had emergency surgery March 3 for a bowel obstruction. Scar tissue had cut off the blood supply to about 6 inches of my small intestine. After the adhesions were cut, the bowel regained blood supply and remained in tact. Since the surgery it was discovered that the ends of the bowel that were in a knot are now inflamed and narrowed. I am trying to reintroduce solids to my diet. I know that when I do this I take the risk of experiencing intense gas pain and pressure and pain in my abdomen. This sometimes last 3 or 4 hours.

I would appreciate any advice on how to reintroduce food into my diet. I am currently on a low residue diet, but can still eat only small amounts of solids. How long before I can expect to eat something and remain relatively pain free? Is there any reading you can recommend? I feel like I am the only person who has gone through this and am beginning to feel frustrated and helpless.

Thank you,
P Merritt
Thank you for the opportunity to ask. What diet is recommended to avoid repeated partial sbo from adhesions. low roughage, low fiber? any source for info?
this section is really informative and brain storming ..
My father had a resection for bowel cancer, with a non reversable colostomy - initially after about two weeks he started to recover and eat and drink normally. His condition then started to deteriorate he could no longer tolerate food or liquids bringing everything back. He was admitted to hospital for 10 days where his bowel was decompressed with a NG tube and he was placed on IV. After this time, about 10 weeks after his initial operation his condition rapidly deteriorated and he was back in hospital, this time they found a partial blockage, not caused by cancer but by mucous/stools his bowel was cleaned out and he had an ileostomy bag fitted and the colostomy bag removed. He seemed to start recovering normally, until about 10 days after surgery he can no longer eat or drink and his condition has again started to deteriorate. The hospital staff don't let his family know his prognosis or how this can be resolved. If there is any advice you could give me please let me know.
Kind regards
My husband has lost his appetite over the past 7 days. When he does eat, he has abdomonal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrea that has an unordinarily putrid odor. He is cramping in his stomach and muscles such as arms and shoulders and legs. What do these symptoms indicate? I lost my job several months ago and health insurance so he is reluctant to go to doctor or E.R. Thank you
I had surgery for a small bowel obstruction and hernia repair 2 weeks ago. I am still having difficulty eating and drinking. Everything tastes bad. How can I get past the bad taste?
My dad had cancer 21 years ago of his deuodeum.. When they did the surgery, they left my dad cut open and gave him a shot of radiation, and now that procedure has created radiation adhesions and the adhesions wrapped around my dad's small intestines and causing a blockage... No doctor around our area will operate on him because where the blockage is so close to his liver and pancreas... He has a feeding and drainage tube in his stomach, and he's also been in and out of hospitals because of dehydration.. I was wondering if anybody or know of anybody that had any similar case like my dad's condition, and if so, how did they resolve this horrible condition?
how to delete my old comment with my real name???! please help..thanks
My fiance had a hernia repair on 5-20-11 and on june 5 2011 he was admitted for diverticulitis. The doc said he had two 4" pus pockets on his colon and his diagnosis was diverticulitis. He had 8" of his colon removed on 6-13-11 and was recovering well when he took a turn for the worse on 6-17 and got very sick. On the 18th a catscan was done and they seen where the colon was fused together had ruptured and he had 6 more inches of his colon removed and a colostomy. He spent 28 days in the hospital and was deathly ill. I need answers you guys... do you guys think while having the hernia repair something went wrong??? The dr told him he has no strict diet and that dont sound right at all. He now has 4 new hernias!!! What do i do please help me he is 34 and we have 6 kids and he is miserable with the way his life is.
Victoria Henley
Hi, my name is Victoria Henley my brother Melvin Henley has pancreatic cancer and had an whipple procedure surgery done on September 1, 2011 and now he is experience a bile obstruction condition. The doctor said that they cannot do the bile obstruction procedure because his I and R was to high and could not bring it down is there any facility that you can tell me about in the state of illinois who can help bring his I and R down so that he can have the bile obstruction procedure done.

Thank you
Ms. Victoria Henley
Hi I recently just got out of the hospital for a small bowel obstruction it was not major no surgery needed but I was curious if it is okay to drink beer already or if I should wait
I was recently in the hospital for a bowel obstruction. I was able to have an NG tube and decompress the obstruction without surgery. I have been told by someone in another state that this is an outdated procedure - cruel and dangerous. Is this true? I think I'd rather have an NG tube than surgery which I was able to avoid. Please comment on this.
Barb Rudyk
Husband age 64 had adhesions on the bowel surgery. It is now 20 days later and Dr. says he has a partial blockage. Still has NG tube in. He has diarrhea. Will this clear up or will he need more surgery. The doctor said is is wating an extra week because he had such a difficult time after surgery. (in ICU for 3 days).
My brother in law had surgery Dec. 15th because the doctor that went down his throst through his intestine tore his small intestine and they had to do a bypass to his large intestine. It appeared to work but 2 weeks later he was in the emergency room with a blockage in his large intestine. They have been unable to undo this blockage and to make matters worse he has pancreatic cancer and was comprimised with the fact they had to operate so they cannot go back to operate again. A lot of bad bile went throughout his body when the tear occurred. Is there anything that can be done to relief this blockage without surgery. He is living with a saline IV and morphine for pain. He is only 57 and feels like the doctors just sent him home to die.
Which they did, but has anyone heard of something that could help him. He cannot eat because of this obstruction and cannot poop. HELP
Stacey Mahabir
To whom it may concern;
My mother was addmitted to the hospital about 3 weeks ago. She had been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. They had removed what cancer they saw from the colon. Yet there was cancer cells found on the lower back/upper leg region. The doctors stated that they would rather have Chemo remove those cancer cells. She began to recover well. There was no need for a colonostamy bag to be attached to her.She started to have an appetite.

Then this past Friday she was rushed into the operating room. They stated that she had to have an emergency surgery as there was a kink in her intestines. They saw that the white cell count was high. Following the surgery she was vomiting quite a bit. I want to know what can they do to stop her from vomiting and having nausea. And what could have been the cause of the kink in the intestine?

i had my 2nd bowel resection 5 days ago, both due to blockages caused by adhesions in my abdomen ive been reading this post and the questions asked, i can only pass on what my doctor has told me, the diet advice i got was to eat small and often as not to overwhelm the internal structure, do not over eat on the high fibre food but choose an easily digestable healthy meal, i asked my doc what could i do to ensure i didnt go through this again he was blunt and to the point, in my case it was adhesions, and theres nothing casn be done to prevent adhesions the only thing i can do is not overwhelm my body. im a mother of 4 so having this happen twice now has scared me if im honest but i shant let it ruke my life with what ifs! i wish you all a healthy speedy recovery x
Wow! I found this site by accident. Will try to respond to some of the comments that also apply to my experience. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks following a total blockage caused by a very large cancerous but non metastisized tumor. I also discovered I have Lynch Syndrome, an inherited "cancer causing" genetic issue. During the first week, the surgeon put a stent into my intestines to try to empty my very distended bowels. It worked better than his fondest dreams. Poor nurses!! Then I had the surgery, an open incision, for some reason he was unable to do a laproscopy. I had one of those tubes down my nose pumping out stomach contents for the entire 6 weeks and was not allowed to ingest anything except a few ice chips a day. Nutrition was through an IV. My small intestines were paralyzed and had to learn to work again. I have had terrible diahrea for a year now and it is just finally getting better. I was completely housebound due to that. Nausea is still a continual problem and I take a lot of ondancetron. Expensive but helps a lot. Oh yes, Due to the Lynch Syndrome they also advised me to have chemo. It was extremely rough and they discontinued treatments after 7 of 12 planned cycles. I am still having problems from the chemo after 10 monts of starting it. I thought I would feel better instantly, but it is far worse than I anticipated. Food was a real problem. Just now I am finally able to eat small amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. I make fruit smoothies in a blender, and all vegetables i make stir fry style. Beef, I have the butcher shave it so that it is tiny pieces and digests better. I have also learned to crave greek yogurt. It is very high protean and easy on your system. The question about beer - I would hold off for a while more - - any bubbly stuff is hard on your system and can slow down the healing. I had terrible gas - smelled disgusting. Glad I live alone! The gas is pretty much gone now, but my feces still smells really bad and when the toxicity from chemo is coming out with the feces it scalds my skin like battery acid. I use a lot of cream on my butt. I am thinking that you just do not recover as soon as you wish to. I still get tired and fall asleep in my chair nearly every day. I would simply say be kind to yourself. Your body will tell you when you are ready for more activity. Learn to love well cooked rice to go along with your cooked vegetables. I love chili and spicy foods but my body does not like it yet. My body was in extreme depleted condition so it has taken longer than normal to heal. I am so thankful that I (by luck of the draw) got a wonderful surgeon. He came to see me every day for all the weeks I was hospitalized. It was a 30 mile RT to see how I was doing. I told him to do what ever was needed, but I refused to walk out of there with a bag. Stubborn old bat. Spend time online and study what has happened to others and it will help you become better educated. Especially if you end up needing radiation or chemo. Then it is critical to fully understand - My best wished to all of you and yours. Sincerely Candy Griffin
just came home from 12 day stay in hospital from second major surgery from strangulation of small bowel from scar tissue. Large surgery 2nd one.feeling weak, need a good liquid diet, can you help? this is so hard to handle. only small amount of gass, and very little clear moment from bowels maybe once a day, please help, so afraid, , thank you JoAnn
jeanne sumstine
Had a resection small bowel 3 weeks ago and awaiting old habits to return. How long does it take what is the best diet to be on? I was sent home from er the first night from the ER saying it was constipation and in reality was a strangulated small intestine which I find now I could have died.
I am scared to death.
linda chester
My last op one of 8 was a resection of upper and lower bowel in 5 places as well as removal of appendix all in one go!!! Very painfull indeed and it was a horrible recovery.
Cynthia Miltimore
I have had extreme pain in my lower intestines for 4 weeks now. I went to my primary doctor and he did a CT-Scan which showed I was full of, well, full of poop. I then went to see my gastrointerologs. My primary doctor gave me some really awful tasting syrup. Nothing. The other doctor gave me some medication to take twice a day. It is suppose to get your bowel going. Nothing. I have been in pain for so long now. I know my body, there is something really wrong here. Nothing has helped. The pain is so bad it wakes me up at night and I walk the floor. I'm so tired of feeling this way. No matter what I take, no bowel movements. Don't know quite, what to do. Thanks for letting me share.
adeniyi mahmud
my son had this surgrey december2011 and it reoccur now which he is under going it. What could have cause this reoccurence
after feeling like I had to have about 2 days I went into the emergency room to have look and after CT scan found I had a small intestine blockage they then did a camera it's an emergency surgery 12 inches of my intestines removed. the pain was horrendous for almost 1 month. they gave me great pain medications the medication that managed the pain. since then I've had alittle pain. what is only been a month and a half. I am still under the surgeons care I'm due for colonoscopy and endoscopy. I have laxatives that took in the beginning but now I don't have to as I do go to the bathroomquite a bit more than I did before
Kim Norton
My husband had lysis of adhesions surgery a year ago, since then he consistently has large volume of flatulence.
What could be the cause and how to treat it? Thank you.
My boyfriend had surgery to remove 4 feet of small intestine due to a blood clot causing a blockage. His surgery was march 19 2013. Still today he is throwing up everything he eats or drinks. His surgeon says this is normal and he just needs to wait to it to heal. The doctor won't even make an appointment to see him. No other doctor will see him because they didn't do the surgery. He had lost over 42 pounds now only weighing 152 lbs. he is only 30 years old with a height of 5 feet 10 inches. The doctor put him on a regular diet. I have since put him on clear liquids but he still can't keep that down. What is wrong? Is this normal?
A friend went to the er with extreme stomach pain vomiting diarrhea. Was almost released as undetermined but we argued for one more ct scan. diagnosed with twisted small intestine/ileus. He was kept in the hospital 3 dys for bowel rest. 2dys later symptoms returned.Er said they could treat his immediate pain only. Next dy symptoms returned along with bloody stools and fecal vomiting.Again er said they can only treat his immediate pain but they cant help. what do we do?
my father had small bowel obstruction surgery july 2012. he is still complaining of nausea, constipation, and bloody stool. we want to know if he has had plenty of time to recover or is this something that takes a long time to heal from. Who do we need to contact and what can we do to help him heal faster? also, he loves to workout all of the time but can not due to his obstruction. Can he workout? and if so can he do sit-ups and go running? please email me back. thank you
Hi.. I also had an bowl obstruction done to me. I was in the delivery room given birth to my baby.. everytging went perfect. Later that even they were prepping me for surgery the next morning to have my tubes tied. After I woke from the survey i screaming in pain and they said its normal.. after screaming in pain for two days they sent me home with pain meds and said I should be fine in a few days.. well after the first night of being home all I did way cry everyrhing was a blur. Finally that morning I couldnt stop throwing up blood. So we called for help and I was rush to the hospital. When I got there they said my intestines were cut and my body was septic and all my organs were falling. They rush me into surgery and the doctor save my life after being in the hospital for 45 days. I never wanted to go back.. but the doctor that save me told me I would have a hernia in 6 months and I did they couldnt do the surgery with a scope so they had to cut me back open this was 5 months ago now I have these things called lesions and thy hurt constenly.. and my doctor told me last month I have another hernia and have to go under another surgery.. I lost and confuse I was told I was going to get better and I'm not my health has went down and I'm only 28 I have 3 boys and a wonderful husband.. and I'm scared to death if this surgery and don't want to have it .. I know I said that doctor save my life but when ther telling Ur family u might have a good chance of dieing.. thats when god was there he wasn't ready for me... So all of this because of a doctors mistake???
Alok jain
Dear sir, My father is suffering from Subacute obstruction due go intestine adhesion. He has lost 9 kg weight in last 45 days and has been hospitalized but. without any improvement in his condition. Should we go for surgery as I understand that adhesion would reoccur. He is able to pass gas but vomits daily and is presently 50 kg weight is 50 kg and age 68 yrs. Rgds, Alok Jain
Angela Edwards
I had surgery a few weeks ago I had an obstruction in my bowels from scar tissue and I am having some of the same pain in my left side and nausea could there be another obstruction
My friend had laprotomy as a result of typhoid 3 years ago and complained of stomach pain like 4 weeks ago, he was diagnosed to be having adhesion and another surgery done for him. Two weeks after they last surgery he is back in the hospital complaining of stomach pain. What could be the cause and what can be done to prevent re occurrence going forward
My sister had total abdominal hysterectomy 13 days ago, on 4th day of surgery she had severe pain and fever, they found bowel perforation and did surgery.she been on NG tube since then and is the 14th day she hasnt pass gas neither had any bowel. No fever but very weak . We pray for her but dont know what is next. Anyone been in this situation , we need some info please.
wsyne bolton
I've have inguinal and two more the same time I've had trouble four months naw hurting pains in my groins I've had staph break out on me they made me go home 30min after surgery .went back to surgeon he acted like he didn't won't nothing to do with me I have infection told him that .he said I didn't my neck face swole up of infection couldn't remember my dogs name naw they staph went away or eased with antibiotics naw its starting again 7pussy knotts coming up under my arm pit but aint nothing wrong with me every were I went said it was staff never had this problem till after surgey I have so much trouble were they fixed the hurnias to almost 4months I need help won't nobody help me figure it out hospitals tell me nothing wrongand I no for fact it is please help if anybody can @ thank u PLEASE
I had an appendectomy two years ago. I didn't know it nor did the doctor tell me but he cut my intestines. This resulted in a small bowel obstruction. I had rode with my husband on our 18 wheeler to Texas, we are from NC. My obstruction was complete and they waited five days to do surgery. I was so sick. After the surgery, I found out that my intestines ruptured allowing fecal material to spill out. These doctors gave me NO antibiotics. They found out that I had a severe infection five days later. The doctor opened my incision, drained it and sent me home the next day with no antibiotics. After three long days, we rented a car and my family came to TX to get me, we arrived back to NC. I didn't even get to go home. Went straight to our local emergency room. They sent me to a larger hospital by ambulance. I had severe infection, blood clots, bad pain and absesses. 4 months later, I have a huge hernia. My surgeon in NC said it was because the infection caused my stomach muscles to be destroyed. Another surgery in two weeks. Now, since the doctors in TX didn't give me the care that they should have, I will most likely have to have hernia surgery every two to three years. I am in constant pain. I am only 43 years old, female and my life will never be the same. Doctors are supposed to help you not hurt you! Bowel obstructions are a medical emergency and I should have had immediate surgery not have to wait in intense pain for five days.
My husband had two surgeries four days apart for small bowel obstruction and spend forty five days in the hospital. Now home he is unable to eat due to an anorexic type situation. He was like this in the hospital however they didn't pay much attention to his diet and and keeping him for so long was a mystery. During the last week he had to be treated for pneumonia. He is getting weaker and weaker and the only thing he can eat is cream of wheat and drinks ensure. Not much ensure however because his stomach rejects a large amount of food. I noticed there are no answers to all these comments so I am wondering about where I can get some help. The doctors here don't know what is going on and are suggesting Cleveland Clinic or some other place. I am hoping you have someone who answers these comments and questions. He really needs help because he seems to be fading away.
Had a SBO (open) what? and for how long are there dietary restrictions. When is playing a Saxophone allowable?
I had emergency gallbladder surgery in 2004. The Doc left me with a Jackson
Prat hanging from my chest.2007 brought the small bowel surgery. This Doctor said my Gallbladder surgery is what caused this surgery. What ever held my GB in place, well those tenicles grew around my intestines and closed them. So the new Doctor takes out 18 inches of small bowels. Since then my rectum leaks liquid stool and itches beyond belief. Leakage is horrible and the itching, I can't stand. I've put up with this for years, can you give me some helpful information. I don't care what I have to do. Thanks
Joanne Cheong

I had my appendic operated, followed I had another two more operations done on my stomach. My final understanding of my second operation was that the intestines were knotted up really badly. I couldn't walk, eat, sleep and was under painkiller injection until the day I had my operation done.

Knowing that after this operation, there could be another come back of adhesion collite intestines. How unfortunate! I have been in and out the emergency for many times in a year. I consulted my specialist, and was told that another operation is not recommended. Nowadays, I am depending on pain killer, medications for going to toilet to pass motion.

I really wanted another operation, but, I know another operation will cause me more complication with the adhesions. However, my stomach has been growing bigger, which I felt so uneasy when people look at me in a way. Nowadays, I couldn't control my daily routine for going to toilet, I have different pain sensation, even at times when I sat long over the computer, I am able to feel the heaviness and slight uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

I had to stop working for my work performance is not suitable for me sickness. However, I will be getting another different type of work, which is really a blessing to me. Please let me know, what is other option for me in this form of case. I just want to know how bad will it be for the last resort for me.

Thanks for reading. To everyone out there, don't give up hopes, cause I have been having this for ten years plus.
My name is wilson I had an accident in january that cause obstruction of my intestine. This was diagonosed by june the same year after six month of the said accident. I have been operated and the surgery was successful, I have notice all the necessary sign that my intestine are functioning ok. And it is ten days after the operation without food or water. Please I want to know when I am expected to start taking light meal and water as I am running out of energy. Thanks
William Johnson
My father went to the hospital hurting from when he had surgery before. Scar tissue kinked his small intestine. He Cried in pain for five days with no anibiotics. Only morphen for pain. The doctor knew wat was wrong but prefer to wait and see would it unkink itself. His pain got worst,breathing got bad,and lost speach. Then body went into shock and completely shut down. Because the sugery was performed after gangrene and infection went threw his body. He lost 90% of small intestine,kidney,also liver,and lungs how long could he possibly live? Please be 100% truthful. I need real answers.please help me.
shawn maxwell
My wife had abdominal radiation for colon cancer and a partial colostomy. She's endured several partial bowel obstruction surgeries and I don't know how she does it. I keep reading there is no rhyme or reason to predict SBOs but there have to be commonalities in some groups (in my wife's case Hispanic).
o Is stress a viable factor?
o What components of high or low-fiber diets have the highest efficacy for Hispanic females?
o Are some high fiber foods like Nuts and/or Raw Vegetables beneficial or harmful regarding SBOs?
o What the heck is visceral manipulation and how does it actually help?
o Will a generally low-fiber diet (supplemented by added soluble fiber (like Meta-Musil), or osmotic laxatives (Mira-Lax) be beneficial for people prone to certain SBOs?
o What activities are good for people prone to certain SBOs?
o What activities must be avoided?
wendigo price
As of currently I am experiencing a condition called gallstone ileus. Problem is they are having a problem locating the stone' it is not a calcium deposit. Is there anything you can reccomend other than a balloon enteroscopy? And or technique that I can do at home to hopefully pass this on my own. I would like to avoid a massive surgery in the quest of finding this. Thank you!
sue nias
I was rushed into hospital with strangulated hernia and blocked small intestines, ihad to have a section of my intestines removed, iwas in great pain and the doctors left me three days before taking me for emergancy surgery.I thought that was awful leaving me in so much pain i wanted to die. i am home now it 8 weeks since my op and im suffering bad wind and shooting nerve pain in my tum. is that normal? when will it go. thank you ps ive had cameras down into my stomach etc and everything is normal apart from a large sliding hiatus hernia
I had a severe bowel stricture at terminal ileum (diagnosed as crohn disease) and nothing working for me including immune system suppressors.
Finally I found out resveratrol which exists in grape seed.
It also exist in some kind of white wines with different ratio.
I used it for one year and observed considerable improve in my health starting from the first week.
You can try and see the results...
I just wanted to share this information with people who have similar symptoms with me and have no hope about cure.
I hope it works also for you.

Note: when you have severe bowel blockage and pain, you can heat some olive oil and drink a few spoon, it will relieve you
David Gilbert
Hi , I had a small bowel obstruction last Nov 1st 2014 , and ended up having a part of it removed. The obstruction was a mystery ? maybe congenital. the surgeon said, my recovery was good and have been ok since except very windy , burp a lot and fart a lot !!! Is this ok or does my diet need a tweak? I was fine one day then in agony on all fours for four days till I had the op , very frightening experience, because also the surgeon couldn't say what was going to happen and I traumatised myself by the news of a possible wakening with a Stoma bag , but was a very lucky man cos I awoke with nothing . I am a very fit gym going bloke before and after op 50 year old dude , but I did not look after myself very much during my early years by doing all kinds of drugs orally for many years , I hope there is somebody out there who has some answers to my strange story and request some kind of answers to my wind !!! :)
My sister had surgery for rectal cancer.She was sent home after .8 days and became very sick.diarehia would not stop,she had high fever.they did cat scan and found leakage and kinked colon. Back to surgery, cut 8 in. Off colon.She is still very ill. Bringing up bile and nauseated.she is very weak and no food for 3 wks.she thinks she is going to die.She is 67 and was in good health.
Harpawit Singh Jaiya
Im Harpawit Singh, age 23, im a Bodybuilder.
80 days ago, I had gone through a surgery for small bowel obstruction.Theres a 4-5 inches of cut on my stomach. Im feeling better day by day.till now im on a complete rest but now i wanna start my workout routine..should i start now or should i wait for some more days?? Please help me regarding my issue.
My email:
Regard's : Harpawit Singh
I started suffering with diverticulitis in my 20s but because I was so young and I never ran fevers as many with this disease tend to, I was misdiagnosed until I was 46! Over all those years I had 4 US, 2 scopes, and 1 CT. I was told by more than one dr that nothing was wrong. However, both scopes showed some diverticulum. I might add that the 1st scope was done when I was 38 yrs old. And in-spite of diverticulum showing up I was told my results were normal as diverticulum is often seen and received no education about diverticulitis. The next scope was done when I was 45 by a different dr. He told me that diverticulum showed up but that 70% of the population has diverticulum and never have symptoms. He said that he thought I was having female issues instead and told me to come back to have another scope in 10 years! I went to my OBGYN who even did a laparoscopic exploratory and said all of my female organs were in top shape! The stomach aches persisted and were more often and lasting more like 10 days instead of 2or 3 days. Finally one morning I woke up and felt like I had a ball in my lower abdomen. I went in to work that day at the clinic that I managed inside of a hospital and I mentioned to one of the drs in passing that I felt like I had a ball in my stomach. Thankfully he said let me feel it. Immediately he said lets do a US. From there they wanted a CT and it showed that I had full blown diverticulitis! My intestine was so inflamed! They did a cbc and all of my labs were NORMAL! Except my platelets were a little high which they had been showing a little high for 10 years! The whole time I was fighting abdominal pain! And I was always told nothing to worry about! My wbc that morning was a 7. It can't get better than that! Long story short, I had gone all of those yrs without any antibiotics for treatment because my wbc was always normal. But that day they put me on antibiotics and I ended up going thru 4 rounds of antibiotics before the pain was completely gone. At that point since I worked with many doctors one of the surgeons that I worked with recommended I do an elective surgery while I was well. So I did. Very bad mistake! She closed my incision right on top of a diverticulum pouch and of course it leaked! After 3 surgeries in less than a week and 19 days straight in the hospital I went home with an ileostomy bag. Barely strong enough to walk myself to the bathroom once I got home. My pain was awful for weeks. 5 months later the bag was reversed. But then I continued to have pain and 20 trips a day to the toilet. After 12 more CTs and after a year of my doctors disagreeing of what my problem was my OBGYN finally took control. All along he said I had adhesions but my surgeon would not hear it! He did an exploratory surgery and found that I had awful adhesions! My whole reproductive system was webbed together and I had to have a complete hysterectomy. I had a lot of adhesions on my liver and stomach wall. There were adhesions of the rectum and other areas as well. After these were all cleaned out the 20 trips to the bathroom stopped instantly! Sad to say adhesions have come back and now instead of 20 trips to the bathroom I have gotten backed up so bad and can't have a bowel movement. I still have awful unexpected pain when I bend or sometimes just reach over to buckle my seat belt. But the good news is that I went to a different specialist in Kansas City and she told me to stop eating all red meat. She said she doesn't really know why it makes a difference after these kinds of surgeries but for some reason it does. I haven't eaten red meat in the last 5 mnths and the backed up bowels have stopped! So if anyone is dealing with blockages that are constipation related I would advise kick the red meat! With so many of us complaining about the same symptoms I don't understand why our doctors don't realize the connection with red meat and constipation after bowel surgeries.
Naveen panwar
Hello friends...i have gone through my small bowel surgery(macklum diverticulum perforation) on june 2012 after 3 months of that, my doctor told me to live normal life as everyone restriction. Then i was living my life as the same way everybody live but after 3 years 8 months i.e on 6th february 2016...i had fresh blood stool then i rushed to the hospital immediately, then they did CT scan, capsule endoscopy,entroscopy after that they came to know that ulcer is formed at the same place of my pre surgery.Then i again had a small bowel surgery and they cut my 6 inches small intestine.Now i am at my home and the doctor recommended for the normal diet.
I m 25 years old, please help me and let me know what to do for not having such problem in future. Please tell me that gyming and outside eatables is the reason for this. i have to take light diet for my whole life to avoid this small bowel problem.please help me..
thanking you
Ben takon
my mum was operated upon around last year august of intestine obstruction ever since then she has been unable to recover .she has grown very tin,lost apatite for food and goes to toilet over five times a day.she is always week and I don't want her to die pls what do I do.pls someone tell me she can get back to normal again
hai doctor I am 21yrs old i am teenage guy i have a problem in my stomach some green liquid exists i got treatment to remove the green liquid but after operation of 2days of high cost operation its regenerating i don't know what to do plz suggest me i am leaving hopes on me.plz suggest as soon as possible
Please replay me as soon as possible,
How long days staying in Hospital after small intastine bowel obstruction surgery.
In nose tube also which day removing.
I am naot talking water last 8 days, and i want required water,
Deanna Butler
My sister is 71 yrs old diagnosis with Heart Failure, Multiple Myeloma, and Hypertension, She started having problem over 2 months which she was hospitalize for Bowel Obstruction which they had to perform colostomy surgery. which she ran into other problems, she had to have tracheotomy found out she had bowel obstruction cause by myeloma ( bone cancer) which cause her Bowel to be paralized. she has heart blockage, can't keep any food down, lost a lot of weight ,she's so week and has had 3 mild heart attack.
I was wondering is there any kind of invasive surgery that can be done so she can get the NG tube placed in her stomach for nutrient needed to under go surgery for her heart
55 years old, female. Gastric bypass 20 years ago. I've been hospitalized twice in two months for small bowel obstruction. No surgery either time.
I'm constipated and when I do go it is very difficult. I now smell feces on my breath. I cannot eat much, for the most part soft foods.
What should I be requesting from my doctor at this point?
patricia njobvu
Hi,i had a laperatomy performed on me on 14 february 2017 cause of intestinal obtruction,four months after surgery i have not had my menstration and passing air too much even my stomach at times swells up then after some diarroah it goes down,on the right side abdomen there is always pain.please what should i do?
Zelda Oberholster
Hallo, I need to know how to get my stomach going after intestine surgery? Still om full fluids. Regards Zelda
Hello and thank you for this blog.i tightened my belt too much and seemed to squeeze my lower intestine to a smaller size.I've had cat scans done and x-rays and a colonoscopy and there's nothing there like cancer or a blockage or anything else.but I still can't go.i've been taking medication but that seems to have stopped working.i don't have a blockage or adhesion's like most people seem to do I need surgery?it's about 12-14 inches from my exit place (i think) and i was wondering if they could remove the lower intestine from my exit place and reattach it?i'm desperate for an answer to my there some kind of tool they could use to expand my intestines?i'm sure that would work but I don't know anybody that does please
After surgery will the patient pass motion soon after surgery?
I had emergency surgery 12 weeks ago for bowel blockage. Such pan. Hospital stay of 5 days. No am till having pain even though CT with contrast, Scan, Xray and ultrasound. Also on antibiotics for two weeks ($600) and m till in severe pain in lower right side of abdomen. GP, surgeon and gastroenterologist all say it is OK, but I know it is not. What next ?

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