Cystoscopy (cystourethroscopy) is a diagnostic procedure that uses a cystoscope, which is an endoscope especially designed for urological use to examine the bladder, lower urinary tract, and prostate gland. It can also be used to collect urine samples, perform biopsies, and remove small stones.


Cystoscopy is performed by urologists to examine the entire bladder lining and take biopsies of any questionable areas. Cystoscopy may be prescribed for patients who display the following conditions:

Blood and urine studies, in addition to x rays of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder, may be performed before a cystoscopy to obtain as much diagnostic information as possible. During the cystoscopy, a retrograde pyelogram may also be performed to examine the kidneys and ureters.


There are two types of cystoscopes used to carry out the procedure, a rigid type and a flexible type. Both types are used for the same purposes and differ only in their method of insertion. The rigid type requires that the patient adopt the lithotomy position, meaning that the patient lies on his or her back with knees up and apart. The flexible cystoscope does not require the lithotomy position.

A cystoscopy typically lasts from 10–40 minutes. The patient is asked to urinate before surgery and advised that relaxing pelvic muscles will help make this part of the procedure easier. A well-lubricated flexible or rigid cystoscope (urethroscope) is passed through the urethra into the bladder where a urine sample is taken. There may be some discomfort as the instrument is inserted. Fluid is then injected to inflate the bladder and allow the urologist to examine the entire bladder wall. The cystoscope uses a lighted tip for guidance and enables biopsies to be taken or small stones to be removed through a hollow channel in the cystoscope.

During a cystoscopy, the urologist may remove bladder stones or kidney stones, gather tissue samples, and perform x-ray studies. To remove stones, an instrument that looks like a tiny basket or grasper is inserted through the cystoscope so that small stones can be extracted through the scope's channel. For a biopsy, special forceps are inserted through the cystoscope to pinch off a tissue sample. Alternatively, a small brush-like instrument may be inserted to scrape off some tissue. To perform x-ray studies such as a retrograde pyelogram, a dye is injected into the ureter by way of a catheter passed through the cystoscope. After completion of all required tests, the cystoscope is removed.


Patients may be asked to give a urine sample before cytoscopy to check for infection and to avoid urinating for an hour before this part of the procedure. They wear a hospital gown during the procedure and the lower part of the body is covered with a sterile drape. A sedative may be given about one hour prior to the operation to help the patient relax. The region of the urethra is cleansed and a local anesthetic is applied. Spinal or general anesthesia may also be used for the procedure. Distension of the bladder with fluid is particularly painful, and if it needs to be done, as in the case of evaluating interstitial cystitis, general anesthesia is required. A signed consent form is necessary for this procedure.


After removal of the cystoscope, the urethra is usually sore, and patients should expect to feel a burning sensation while urinating for one to two days following the procedure. To alleviate discomfort or pain, patients may be prescribed pain medication, and antibiotics may also be required to prevent infection. Minor pain may also be treated with over-the-counter, nonprescription drugs such as acetaminophen . To relieve discomfort, patients may be advised to drink two 8-oz glasses of water each hour for two hours and to take a warm bath to relieve the burning feeling. If not able to bathe, they may be advised to hold a warm, damp washcloth over the urethral opening.

Patients who have undergone a cystoscopy are instructed to:


As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks involved with a cystoscopy. Complications may include profuse bleeding, a damaged urethra, a perforated bladder, a urinary tract infection, or an injured penis.

Patients should contact their physician if they experience any of the following symptoms after the procedure, including pain, redness, swelling, drainage, or bleeding from the surgical site; signs of generalized infection, which may include headache, muscle aches, dizziness, or an overall ill feeling and fever; nausea or vomiting; or difficult or painful urination.

Cystoscopy is a commonly performed procedure, but it is an invasive technique that involves small yet significant risk. If anesthesia is required, there is additional risk, particularly for people who are obese, smoke, or are in poor health. Those undergoing anesthesia must inform the doctor of any medications they are taking.

Normal results

A successful cystoscopy includes a thorough examination of the bladder and collection of urine samples for cultures. If no abnormalities are seen, the results are indicated as normal. In this case, the bladder wall appears smooth and the bladder is seen to be of normal size, shape, and position, without obstructions, growths, or stones.

The treating physician can tell the patient what was seen inside the bladder right after the procedure. If a biopsy sample was taken, this will take several days to be examined and tested.

Cystoscopy allows the urologist to detect inflammation of the bladder lining, prostatic enlargement, or tumors. If these are seen, further evaluation or biopsies may be needed. Cystoscopy with bladder distention can also evaluate interstitial cystitis. Bladder stones, urethral strictures, diverticula, or congenital abnormalities can also be detected.


There are procedures that can provide some information about the lining of the bladder, for example, x rays; however, none of these provide as much information to the doctor as a cystoscopy.



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Jennifer E. Sisk Monique Laberge, PhD


Cystoscopy is typically performed on an outpatient basis, but up to three days of recovery in the hospital is sometimes required. The procedure can be performed in a hospital, doctor's office, cystoscopy suite, or urology office, depending on the condition of the patient and the anesthesia required. If general anesthesia is required, an anesthesiologist is present to administer the anesthesia and monitor the patient. The cystoscopy procedure is performed by a urologist, urologic surgeon, or urogynecologist, with assistance from nurses experienced in urologic procedures. If x rays are taken during the procedure, a uroradiologist or radiologic technologist is required to operate the x-ray equipment. Biopsy tissue samples are sent to the clinical laboratory for examination by a pathologist.


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I'm having a cystoscopy performed in a few weeks. I'm very anxious nervous as i'm sure everyone is. How do i relax? Is their any over the counter meds i can take prior to the procedure to relax me? Thank you Rich
zahra danaie
go to the doctor in mehr hospital.there was a person who named zahra danaie.she can help you.
kevin wright
i have recently had a cystocopy biopsy last wednesday (about 10 days ago)and it has been for me a bad time. i had a fixed under general anaesthetic and was cathetiersed.the following morning the catheter was removed and onurination i had a bladder spasm which left me rolling on thr floor . this happened twice and i passed small amounts of urine that day all very painful.i was discharged .i was back in at 3 the next morning as i coouldnt pee .
catheter was installed .2 days later it came out and all was ok for 5 hours then another spasm and that was it i couldnt pee.
back in again for another catheter . it was taken out 2 days ago
i now have pain peing and in th eperineal area but so far no spasms.
one common factor that may explain why i have not had a spasm this time is .previously the nurses all said drink 2-3 litres a day of fluid which i did ,
on the last removal a district nurse said to me drink normally as i would every day so i have been drinking a lot less in fact not much at all and i only get a small stream due to the amount of drink im taking.
i may be wrong but i think the bladder needs time to recover slowly and over working it with loads of fluid intake may not be a good idea .my system had previouslt been flushed out so many times the urine was clear after initial bleeding,
my surgeon said i was unlucky .the district nurse who treated me was the ONLY one who seemed to care who regualry called me on the phone and who has now discharged me ,i still have burning pain and perineal pain and im hoping it will go soon.i am on diazapan and oxoflacin curently .
i am not over this yet but every day brings more time for the bladder to recover .i am hoping i never get a spasm again as not only is it painful but it tightens up your blader and you cannot urinate.
my experience is not typical so i hear but its happening to me
thank you for reading
I had a cystoscopy today. The procedure hurt very bad! I was almost crying. The first time I went pee the paing was just as bad as the procedure. I tried to go again a few hours later and it still hurt. I took a hot bath and took some azo but it did not help. Try and get pain meds for afterwards. If the pain is this bad tommorrow I am calling my doctor to get some.
I had a Cystoscopy and stent placement done in Jan
was advised that I was gonna get some morphine
who was responsible for making sure I was sedated because
I'll tell you what, I'm still bleeding to this day when I urinate
what can I do ????????
to those of you who state that it wasn't so bad with no meds
stop talking bull s***t because it hurt like beyond hell
I am due to have a cystoscopy at the end of this month and after reading the nightmare stories above, I am petrified of the pain I may experience!! I am not good at receiving pain and being Diabetic aswell, I am prone to infection. Can anyone offer me constructive advise on how I can relieve the pain and ensure I am not in this unbearable pain.??
The first time i had a cystoscopy done a couple months ago it was uncomortable but not too painful. This second time was extremley painfu for me, that I cried. This is coming from a person with int. cystitis, so of coarse it was a given it would hurt. I think for the average person its probably a bit painful, not as much as me. And yes after i went to urinate it hurt, like a pinching. the urelle seems to work well, as well as anti-inflammatories. putting hot compresses on your bladder will also aliveate and realx it.
I NOW FLY BACK TO ST. LOUIS FOR MY EXAMS AND HAVE NEVER HAD ANY PAIN AT ALL. THE FLORIDA DR WAS A PROSTATE SPECIALIST, I DOUBT THAT HE DID MANY CYSTOS and his equipment was old, larger, and much more invasive. my advise find other patients in your area and get their experience AND ASK THE DR HOW MANY CYSTOS HE DOES PER WEEK.
I just had mine 48 hours ago. I was knocked out for it thank god. I was home for about 1 1/2 hours and was rushed to er due to the pain. I was told that I was having a kidney spasm. I was never told that this could happen.
I had a cystoscopy done on 2/4/10 and there was some pain but not unbearable. The proceduer was done as an out patient. I had the expected burning during urinating and blood and clots in the urine but seemed to get better untill today when there is more blood and more clots. I have no problem urinating or pain when doing so but I called the Doctor today and was told by one the associate Doctors that given my age (68) and the fact that I have an enlarged prostate that this is not unusual. I do have a very large prostate and am prone to prostate infections so naturally I am concerned. This doctors said that the prostate was probably irritated and will just take more time to heal. Here's hoping for the best and that I never have to have this procedure done again.
i have a cystoscopy tomorrow and i have read everyone comments and now im scared i hope everything turns out fine wish me luck let you know after tomorrow.
I had a cystoscopy this week...I am a 29 year old female and I had it to determine the cause of recurrent UTIs. I have to say it was much more painful than I expected. The doctor used local anaesthetic gel, and he said that 80% of people can tolerate it, but 20% ask him to stop and reschedule to have it done under general anaesthetic. When the cystoscope went in I screamed as it was really quite shockingly painful, but the good news is the pain only lasts a few seconds and then is tolerable. If you are able, I would really suggest asking the doctor to give you something to relax.
I just had a cystoscopy done 2hrs ago and I'm glad I didn't see these articles before hand! I'm a 32yr old male and my doctor was a female and suggested I have one done. I asked her when and she replied right now. Short story was that yes there was a couple of times I had a sharp pain but quickly went away. I was fully awake during procedure and all I can say that it was uncomfortable but very managable. When I got home I ran a hot bath and soaked for awhile and still feel fine. There is a burning sensation while urinating but that was expected. My doctor was very professional and seemed like she has done a number of these so just ask your doctor and find out. GL
I am a female that had a cystoscopy five days ago in the office with a local using a flexible scope. Had no pain whatsoever, he filled my bladder up which was uncomfortable as I have possible IC. Burning on urination for about six hours after. Burning bladder for three days. Today am bleeding a bit. Nurse told me that it is worse for men!
Hi there-
I had a urologist appointment this week recommended by the ER doctor due to a UTI that just won't go away since December. I was expecting a consultation and maybe a quick exam, being that it was the first appointment. Following the consultation Dr. says okay let's go get you examined and when I asked what will be done he replied internal and cystoscopy. Before going, I had read some things about a cystoscopy and my anxiety hit an all time high! I asked for a valium and he said it's really no big deal and I don't need one. Following the manual exam, Dr. notices I am very anxious and says, you've been catheterized, right? I said no, start crying (I am so embarrassed, 39 yr. old woman crying in the doctor's office like a two-year-old) He then says, okay, let's give you 3 more days on the Bactrim and if you're still in pain then you have to get the cysto but we'll do it at the hostpital under twilight.

Here's the problem. I am even more afraid of anestesia - had twilight once for oral surgery and right beforehand I had a breakdown in the waiting room, crying, again. (Please don't laugh- ok you can laugh but don't make fun of me I know I am a big baby and a horrible patient)

I think if I can have some anti-anxiety meds beforehand, and if they give me lidocaine, I can relax enough to let them do the procedure. Give it to me straight - what's the pain level from 1-10, and how long does it last? Also I couldn't help but notice the instruments and they are angled at the tip!! How in the world do they insert that without it hurting?? Someone please answer I am losing sleep over the prospect of this exam :(
Hi, male, 52, out-patient with flexible scope. I just thought I should provide some balance to the horror stories at the start of this thread. I was very fearful reading those first few posts but the procedure turned out to be quite painless. It was fascinating to watch the very clear images as the tube progressed up my urethra. The doctor said here's your sphincter so try to relax but I tensed up instead. He managed to get it through and caused me to suck my teeth but no real pain. Once inside the bladder the feeling was odd but not painful. Afterwards there was slight discomfort a bit like a mild stomach upset but nothing to fear at all.
I am a 41 yr old male, after dealing with slow urination flow/trouble voiding bladder my urologist scheduled a cysto, I chose to be put to sleep in the hospital. I awoke after the procedure, felt fine, but noticed quickly that I was unable to urinate - just some big drops coming out, lots of blood (which is normal and expected), etc.

Called the urologist's office and they told me to come right in and that I would need to be catheterized. I was awake for that and it took them 3 tries with different sized catheters to get one in. To say the process was excruciating is an understatement, its been 3 days and I get the catheter out in 3 more days, hopefully.

I am not sure I can voluntarily go through that again without being put to sleep, it backs up my reasoning for wanting to be unconscious for the cysto itself.
HI I am a staff nurse
what do we advice the patient is it bleeds heavy
after the procedure..
I understand that normally it bleeds but if it bleeds non stop?
Bobby T
I had my cystoscopy yesterday afternoon, im a 35 yr old male. I have to say it hurt like hell, really painful but thankfully it was over in about 3 mins or so. Last night i found my self trying to hold back passing water as the feeling was too much to bear. After the first couple of times i went to the toilet (which was awful, felt like i was peeing razor blades) the sensation did start to ease. This morning there has been no blood in my urine but it does still hurt when i pass water, although nowhere near the extent of last night.

I was talking to a guy who had been in before me and he said it wasn't too bad, but i guess everyones different.
I am totally lost. 6 weeks ago I had a cysto (my first and unprepared) no anesthetic and the doctor then told me that the tube wasn't long enough and the experience worthless. I have had intermittent bleeding and swelling (that has gone down now) but I have a "broken" penis and a urethra which feels hard to touch. I am in China and worried what will happen or whether I will recover its use.
Had the procedure this morning with very little pain. Does burn to urinate but getting better as the day passes.
I'm writing for my Mom. She is 90 years old has several health issues and is going to have this test with possible stent. I am very concerned for her. We go and talk to Dr. today was wondering if there was anyone whom has had this done that is old and health problems like. Heart,Diabetic,Vulvar Dystrophy, Blood Pressure slightly high. I know she will have to stop with Coumidin and that scares me because her blood always get black and thick when we are testing for sugar. Also her heart she has De-fib/A-fib. So many things sounds like going against her for this. What alternatives does she have. Sounds like from what I understand if she does not have this done Kidney will shut down. (it's not draining and she is having horrible backaches right now) Then I think she would have to go Kidney Dial. which she does not want to have to start. Anyone else have all this going against them and done this. I need to positive feedback if any out there please!
I am 45 yrs old and just had my 1st cystoscopy and when I woke up I was in a lot of pain which only lasted a few minutes. I was bleeding and had the urge to urinate badly. I was released from the Hospital once I was able to urinate. I have to say I almost hit my knees it hurt so badly. Burned like razor blades going through me. A few days later now I have had to urinate a lot and afterwards feels strange like a dull pain and pinching in the inside the head of my penis. No more blood but A white liquid mixed with the urine. The Dr found nothing no Tumor or cancer or stone anywhere. thank god for that. But over all I feel better and I am able to finally urinate in 1 toilet instead of 2 LOL. I have to say it was successful so far crossing my fingers. Have to do a follow up in 3 weeks. I was scared to death before going in for the proceedure after reading some of these post. Its not that bad don't get yourself all worked up its over fast.
mizz bee
Started with a 16mm kidney stone. Urologist did outpatient (thank GOD under general anesthesia) cystoscopy and the procedure went well. That was thursday. Four days to stent removal were very uncomfortable but controlled easily with hydrocodone ... when the stent was removed monday, all hell broke loose with pain. Pain unlike anything I had experienced ever, I was out of my head screaming---and I have dislocated a shoulder for several hours, had a kid, gallstones and gall bladder, broken bones, etc. but nothing like this ... started to feel I would black out and hit the floor. Then I started vomiting uncontrollably and knew I would dehydrate (making stone passage/pain even worse) and couldn't hold medicines down. Went to ER in ambulance, and morphine/phenergan instantly took it all away. I finally slept for 4 continuous hours (first in weeks) in hallway in hospital on stretcher. They said it was infected. Sent me home with antibiotics, flomax and a wish for good luck. This week has been hell, but controlled well by pain meds. problem is, I can't live on pain meds. They constipate badly, and I can't work or function on the medicine it takes to knock out the pain. don't know if there is more stone there, hung up, or if something else is wrong. Bad kidney/gut pain whenever meds wear off and it's been eight days since procedure ... BE PREPARED WITH MEDICATIONS and take them PREVENTIVELY. Don't let pain get out of control before you take meds! People kept telling me that, but I didn't fully understand until I went through it. Each day is easier than the last, but this is worst pain and sickness I've ever felt. Be prepared with support and pain meds! (Phenergan suppositories are the key to my survival! Can't keep down the pain meds without them!)
I want to balance out horror stories here. I've had two of these in 11 months for ureter stones and they weren't bad. Both times had in hospital under MAC anesthesia (not general and not local, but regional block while sedated). Felt nothing and remebered nothing. Couldn't leave hospital until I urinated. First cysto, it did burn a lot that first urination, had little bleeding for a day but nothing you can't handle at all. (Far less painful than monthly period). Second cysto, it didn't even burn when I urinated which I was expecting! You are tired afterward but that's probably due to drugs; back hurts just a little but nothing bad. I am not at all worried to have another one but maybe I have a great doc who is proactive about pain mgt (or lucky). I had Vicodin for second cysto but didn't need it. I was lucky and didn't need catheter and I did drink a lot of fluids after to keep things moving. You do need antibiotics, fluids and to watch for possible infection but neither of mine have been difficult at all. Having read this, I will not have one using only local anesthetic however.
I recently under went a cystoscopy last week. I'm guessing I was one of the fortunate ones, as the procedure itself was absolutely painless. Was asleep on anesthetic for the procedure itself. I had a few spasms when waking up but morphine curbed that. The catheter itself must remain for 9 days due to the amt of tissue removed and to allow my bladder wall to heal fully. But other than the tip of my penis being sore from the catheter itself, and an occasional spasm when defecating it's not unbearable. I have to say this. After reading others horrible experiences "shop around" if your having this procedure done. Go to a competent urological surgeon with lots of practice and modern equipment.

Google is your friend here you can look up the more modern equipment online ask lot's of questions such as. What type of anesthetic are you planning on using? If your a younger patient 45 and under my urologist recommended putting the individual asleep for the procedure. He stated older individuals can generally get by with properly administered local anesthetic. But younger individuals had difficulty relaxing and damage could potentially be done so putting the individual under entirely if possible is the best option.

Currently tumor free with clear urine. :)
Just had a cystoscopy two hours ago. I am by nature an anxious individual. So the doctor prescribe Ativan 2 MB. Made a big difference in relaxing me. My urologist uses the flexible scope and had done hundreds of them over his career. Pain...very little. There is a point when the scope is passed near the prostrate gland, which might cause some discomfort (like you are straining to make a dump), but this doesn't last more than 5-10 seconds and the doctor gives you a warning when it will happen. Get an experienced Urologist who has done many of these cystoscopy proceduers. Ask for an ativan to calm the nerves and take it one hour before the procedure. Procedure takes about 5 minutes. For some patioents they might also do an ultrasound of your prostrate through your rear to take measurements. Takes 3 minutes and it is not painful. All in all, its not that bad. Its the fear that makes it worse.
A friend of my had a Cystoscopy procedure done and the doctor removed two growths in his bladder that they found to be "benign." Now his doctor tells him that he has to have this procedure do every 3 months for the next 5 years; what would be the reason for that? Please respond.
that is it! I am cancelling my cystoscopy! too much pain!
My friend is having a cystoscopy done in about a week... She has been told not to take her diabetes medicine for 9 days prior... Is this correct? What happens if she goes into a diabetic state during this time? Please respond as i am worried about her..
28 year old male here. Had number of unpleasant symptoms, the urologist said I had an infection (although didn't specify which area exactly). Antiobiotics helped, and I agreed to come in after 7 days for what was described to me in 15 seconds as a: 'quick, simple procedure, that may produce some mild discomfort.' I didn't think too much of it, and blame myself for not educating more on what I had agreed to. The procedure only lasted a couple minutes, but was incredibly uncomfortable, and painful. 'Mild discomfort' may have been the understatement of the century. I recommend all males ask for some kind of sedative. Immediately after I put my clothes on, I limped to the bathroom holding my side, and had to fight with every ounce of my willpower not to scream when I tried to urinate. Imagine somebody pulling a piece of barbed wire through your bladder and urethra. When I walked out I told the nurse and doctor (who had TERRIBLE bedside manner) that something was wrong. The doctor replied 'Remember, I told you there would be mild irritation and discomfort,' to which I retorted 'MILD!?!?'. I left in a hurry. I live a very active lifestyle and I've experienced a lot of pain in my day - this may have been the worst. I limped out of the office, holding my side the entire way, and found a bathroom in the hallway. I tried to go again, but the pain was even worse. This time I let out some kind of muffled garbled sound that is somewhat related to a scream. So I limped out of the bathroom and to my car, and drove myself home, legs crossed, squirming, and dizzy from having to go to the bathroom. The moment I got home I popped 5 extra strength tylenol. I was freakin out, having to go to the bathroom so bad but not wanting to have to deal with that pain again. I couldn't hold back anymore so I finally manned-up, clenched my fist, smacked myself very hard on the head a few times, let out a few manly grunts, and went. This time, I really did scream. I collapsed to the floor afterward and laid there for several minutes. Same thing an hour later. I called the doctors office, talked to a nurse, and said that I was worried something was very wrong. She said it was normal and to be expected, but they gave me a prescription for something that helps with the urinary tract. I don't think this has any effect on acute pain, but on the plus side it has made my urine look like bright orange soda pop. I showed a few coworkers today and they were very impressed.

Anyways, I'm very sorry if I scared you, but my experience was absolutely terrible. I have a few recommendations which I think will make this procedure MUCH more bearable:
1) Make sure you trust your doctor, and that he has good bedside manner. If he takes 10 seconds to explain the procedure, and seems irritated when you ask a question about it, see another doctor. Also, they should give you papers or something which explains the procedure. Make sure you educate yourself on the procedure! Don't be naive like me.
2) Ask your doctor if he's using the right size scope. I have a feeling that mine didn't.
3) ASK FOR A SEDATIVE!! And have somebody drive you, so you don't have to drive yourself. My 20 minute drive home was terribly unpleasant.
4) If your pain was as bad as mine when you urinate afterwards (and for your sake I hope it isn't) - please remember that the initial shock is the worst. If you keep tightening up, well that's about the worst thing you can do.

It's been about 36 hours now, I can finally urinate with only a slight stinging sensation. Unfortunately it feels like every tube from my urethra to my bladder to my kidneys are incredibly irritated... but I'm just happy I can go to the bathroom now without keeling over afterwards.

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life... please follow steps 1-4 above and I'm sure your procedure will go MUCH better than mine!
i recently had a cystocopy biopsy on april 1st i had catheter put in then in same week i could not pee so another catheter was put in again .but over all i have had to go back in the hospital because they said it was a bleeder so they carterized it then another catheter was put back in until friday pass the 22nd it was removed .then the time i came home i saw clots again a steal seeing them and i am drinking lots of water ,but i am still seeing the clots stop?
i recently had a cystocopy biopsy on april 1st i had catheter put in then in same week i could not pee so another catheter was put in again .but over all i have had to go back in the hospital because they said it was a bleeder so they carterized it then another catheter was put back in until friday pass the 22nd it was removed .then the time i came home i saw clots again a steal seeing them and i am drinking lots of water ,but i am still seeing the clots stop?
Good gracious almighty. I just had a cystoscopy done this morning, and it was hell then and it still is. First, it hurt like hell when the nurse applied the numbing agent! Then it hurt like hell with insertion, during the procedure, and when he pulled it out! What numbing agent! Then the doctor and the nurse just left me there in the room with all the soiled cloths and stuff around my crotch; I thought the nurse was going to come back in and take care of that. And then when she did come in she looked surprised that I wasn't dressed; and when I asked her for something wet to wipe that dark-yellow stuff off my penis and genital area, she acted like I was weird. And then I told her I had to urinate badly, she said that was normal, and then not only did it feel like I was peeing razor blades (I had VD 8 years ago and that's *exactly* what it felt like!) but a small piece of bloody tissue came out when I did. I called the nurse in and told her, but she just said some blood is normal after the procedure, but there was tissue, too! And then the nurse called the doctor on the phone in the next room and said I was feeling "some discomfort" when peeing. "Some discomfort"? It hurt like hell and I had told her that! Then the doctor comes out and says it's painful but won't kill me. Then he wouldn't even prescribe me some pain medication. All he did was say to take some over-the-counter urinary-pain medication that hasn't done anything!

This is unbelievable. Peeing up tissue after the procedure! Please, oh please, if anybody knows something about this stuff, please respond to this. I'm in hell right now.
after 24 hours my catheter is still burning hotter and hotter
there is a problem with my mother my mother biophsy done on december 2010 but still feel pain in urining burning and so much pain going toilet 2 or 4 times with in hour and there when we check urine with microscopic examination in labrorty test urine there is a pus cells shown in urine then we use crane berry juice with and my mother use so many anibiotecs like amiphanem ,amicacine ,pipic acid but still my mother suffring with pain kindly give me suggestion to out this situation
thankss Adnan
Had my cystoscopy a few days ago and i'm just glad I didn't read these post before I went. Personally I think there's a few main factors that determine the levels of pain that each individual patent will experience.

Firstly, the specialists experience when performing such a sensitive operation and secondly to put it bluntly, if your not very big downstairs then, assuming that the implement they use are all a standard size, then logically smaller men will suffer most.

Now I don't mind admitting when at a relaxed state I probably fall in to the later therefore the pain during and after my procedure can be best described as, someone going up my manhood with a chainsaw, seriously, I feel like ive done 10 rounds with Edward scissor hands naked. Nobody told me that you could even be put to sleep, the nurses need Oscars in acting skills as they made me feel like I was preparing for a date with Rihanna when all along they knew exactly was in store, got to hand it to them, they really had me fooled, comes to something when the group of trainee women lined up all turned away, talk about embarrassment, they didn't mention anything about an audience. If it weren't enough being exposed in front of group of female onlookers, they had me thread my pinky through a hole in a blue surgical blanket, talk about drawing attention to the vital area, it must have looked like a new shoot coming through at spring.

There was a tv screen on the side while I was lay down, how awfully considerate of them to provide me with a little light entertainment while they had a look round, I soon realised that the purpose of the tv was so that I could actuality witness the horrors that took place before me. "I'm just putting some solution around the area sir" the specialist said, he kindly showed me a long set of metal tongs with a towel hanging off it and went about bashing my parts about like he was in a casino playing a roulette wheel, It was at that very moment that I realised all was not I was led to believe previously by the nurses. All I could do was take a deep breath and hope for the best O MY GOD what's he doing, I let out a screech and clenched my bottom while a nurse pinned my head down on the pillow "just putting the numbing gel in sir, it will soon be over, there's no need to worry", ah ah ah OUCH what the..."we are nearly in the bladder sir take a look at the screen if you can". Looking at the screen wasn't at the fore front of my thoughts while I was what felt like being ripped apart with a chainsaw. Apart from the pain levels bursting it's barriers there was more embarrassment to follow, o yes, indeed I was uncontrollably wetting myself like a new born on a changing mat. "ok sir we are on our way out its nearly done", some one hit my head with a hammer I thought this is truly unbearable, no no AH AH AH. "There's no problems to report sir, nothing to worry about at all, your all clear", like that was supposed to be of some comfort at this particular time of being a victim of brutal torture. Nobody told me that going to the toilet would present exactly the same pain as the operation, apparently the feeling of barbed wire being dragged through your stomach is perfectly normal.

If you are reading this before your cystoscopy I apologise if I have alarmed you, for all the above is a load of nonsense, but it just goes to show how people can interoperate things differently, its inevitable the there is going to be pain when performing such an operation, whilst I admit it did test my boundaries, the whole thing was lets say, a manageable experience. Obliviously there's going to be some embarrassment along the way but over all, it really isn't as bad as the above post would have you believe. Go and get your op and put your mind at rest.

Lastly, the NHS in England often get bad press but I have to say that the service by the all staff involved was nothing less than commendable, they where ver (...)
I am having this done at 10am tomorrow. Under full anesthesia . I have been a nervous wreck even before I started reading here. I will make sure I get pain meds before I go under to be able to take for at least a week! I am not fond of having a male urologist see all my stuff down there or that my husband can't be in the room because it's sterile. I have no pain now but something showed up on a CT scan and he thinks it is an embedded kidney stone. I am wondering if they would even recommend this if I didn't have insurance. I hope I don't have to wait forever to have sex either. I have never had a UTI only kidney stones but there aren't any in my kidney now. I had lithotripsy done a few years ago and was nothing. I am hoping this won't be as bad as everyone says.
Just been reading some of your experiences - I am having a cysto tomorow July 8th with local anesthesia (gell up the penis) Not looking forward to it at all. Will report on the out come later.
Come on guys it is not that bad.I had one done July 7,and the only bad part was peeing the first couple of days.Don't let these people scare you!!Btw im only 12!
I had a cystoscopy three-and-a-half days ago to remove a kidney stone. A laser was used to remove a 7-mm stone lodged midway down my right ureter. The procedure was successful, but I am often incontinent and feel acute pain at the end of my penis when I urinate, as I must every hour or two. As part of the procedure a black thread was inserted into the penis. In four days, the urologist will use the thread to remove a stent (forget quite what this is called) that he uses to dilate the ureter. I suspect that this thread, the end of which dangles outside the penis and has been taped to it, contributes to this pain. To relieve the pain, I take four Tylenol a day and three Phenazopyrdine and drink a lot of fluids. These measures have provided only slight relief. I get some additional relief by inserting my penis in a cup of ice water and urinating. That helps, but not much. None of these measures prevent the urgency of a need to urinate.
had mine done an hour ago, i was asleep the whole time, it didn't hurt at all when i woke up. worst part is when you pee right after, abnormaly bloody and some burning, but it goes away after a little. its not as bad as i expected. reading all these comments just made it worse.
Had a rigid cystoscopy done yesterday under general after experiencing recurrent uti's for the last 10 years (I'm 24 female). Just want to reassure people Reading this that not every procedure is as bad as the above. I came round, no pain but was a bit out of it, necked loads of water in prep for the pain I was expecting when I first had to pee. Went into the loo expecting the worst but it really wasn't bad at all, definitely not as bad as a uti. Was a bit groggy of the anasthetic last night, and got the very occasional twinge around the bladder area, but passed urine fine, very little blood or discomfort.
So go in being realistic. Yes, it very well may hurt due to the nature of the procedure. My boyfriend had a flexible cystoscopy done under local recently which he says was very very painful. But just try and be prepared with meds and keep it in perspective. Assumably everyone is in pain due to the condition which they are being investigated for- I certainly am. What's a few days of possibly worse pain if you can get diagnosed and treated?

Be brave, be prepared, be realistic - not everyone has such bad experiences. But if you do, you're still one step nearer to being treated and maybe even pain free for the rest of your life.

Best of luck to you :-)
I had my first cysto four days ago because I had microscopic blood in my urine. The first question that I asked the urologist was whether he puts his patients to sleep when doing this procedure. He stated that the majority of his patients do receive general anesthesia to avoid possible pain and anxiety. I was thrilled because I definitely did not want to be awake for the procedure despite the fact that most of my friends who had cystoscopes, informed me that "it was no big deal." I awoke feeling refreshed and was able to urinate with practically no burning at all. I continue to occasionally experience minor irritation after urinating but the pain has been so minimal that I never bothered to have the pain med prescription filled. I see no reason why anyone has to be subjected to the pain that some of you have mentioned. I would only have the procedure under anesthesia and would not go to a urologist who refused to put me to sleep! I had only a very small amount of pink blood the first day but overall, the experience was not at all traumatic or painful. And--I received good news. Everything looked good and I didn't require a biopsy. Best of luck to all of you.
I had one done a couple of weeks ago right in the exam room, I was very afraid but it was nothing like the horror stories I have read here, 44F, just had the numbing gel, this was to take a peek after finding 2 large stones in my kidneys, 1 in each, Not fun. Now I am scheduled for a right ureteroscopy for one of the stones, that scares me, should I be scared?
just had a cystoscopy today. I think it was a rigind one. I am 45/female. and I was so nervous!
BUT, during wasn't much at all, similar to the discomfort of a pap. But afterwards for about 3 hours...owww it burned. and they flushed my bladder with an antibiotic i had to hold in for 30 minutes. Now it burns like hell when I pee. drinking alot of water helps , as it dilutes the urine. I never had any blood though. should that be coming soon? I did not have a biopsy.
also, the doc could tell that i did not have IC. how can they tell that??
i just had it done and it didnt hurt at all, but it did feel wierd and uncomfortable
55 yo male - just had a cysto this morning in my urologist's office - all normal. The worst part was when the scope was passed through my prostate - that was moderately uncomfortable but lasted just a couple seconds. Right now though, I'm pushing fluids and having a lot of burning pain when urinating - like a bad urinary tract infection. I'm hoping that will resolve soon. I haven't taken any pain meds yet.

My brother died of bladder cancer and I was having some alarming symptoms, so having this done to make sure I'm ok was worth the time, cost, and discomfort in my opinion.
I had one done yesterday. :( I have had pain when I urinate for years and it hasn't be caused by UTI or any infection. So my doctor recommended I have a cystoscopy done. It hurt really bad, I cried so stinking hard. The initial pain when they are putting the scope in the urethra and as they are pushing it further is super painful. As they fill your bladar up there isn't as much pain but still uncomfortable. Afterwards, using the restroom burns like the dickens! Unfortunately, after going through all of that, they still dont know whats causing my pain. I'm Thankful it isn't anything serious, but seriously frustrated that no one can tell me what is causing me pain.
I'm a 50 year old male and about a year ago I was diagnosed with microscopic hematuria.

Other than high blood pressure I am in good health and feel fine. A CT scan showed nothing -- but my family wanted to know for sure that I am fine, so I finally made an appointment with a urologist and he recommended a cystoscopy. I had to wait about 3 weeks before the procedure and it was a really long 3 weeks. I did a lot research and I think I've read the comments here on this site about 10 times.

The procedure took place early Friday morning. The male nurse put a numbing lubricant inside me and clamped it shut. This stung a little bit but it wasn't bad. Then the doctor came in with a flexible scope and began to look around. It was a tiny bit uncomfortable, but easily manageable. Fortunately, the monitor was turned so I could see it. Pretty interesting trip down my urethral canal!

Unfortunately, the trip was interrupted by a stricture, which looked like two smaller tunnels with cobwebs hanging in front of them. The urologist tried to navigate through the stricture six or seven times with no luck. The last few tries hurt a bit.

The doctor then told me that I had three options: allow him to use a tool to widen the stricture, schedule an "operation" to "fix" the problem, or just forget about it. (He said the blood in my urine could be caused by the stricture.) I didn't want to have to come back so I told him to try and widen it.

Not sure what tool he used, but it was some kind of rod. No camera attached. The rod may have been bigger because it hurt a bit more going in and it became quite uncomfortable when he was trying to widen the stricture. After several minutes we both felt a "pop" and he went back in with the camera. There was a lot of blood now, which made visibility difficult. After several more minutes of trying he told me that I would have come back in and go under general anesthesia. I was NOT happy about this. I thought he was about to give up when he suddenly said, "And there's your bladder!" He looked around and everything looked great!

Because of the blood they decided to put in a catheter and this was pretty painful, but over in a few seconds. Once it was in the stinging was pretty bad and I thought there was no way I'd be able to take that for 3 days. But after about 15 minutes or so it felt a lot better and I was able to drive myself home.

The catheter was a little uncomfortable at first, but only when I moved around. I've read horror stories about catheter removal and painful urination after, so I was pretty nervous this morning when I pulled it out.

After taking a couple of Percocet and one of those pills that dye your urine to reduce stinging, I cut the little tube that keeps the balloon inflated. My research told me that there are two ways to remove the catheter. One smooth tug, or slower. When I first pulled it was uncomfortable, so I stopped and the pain went away. Then I eased it out a little bit until I felt some pain and stopped. Kept this up until it was completely out and it didn't really hurt much at all. (I've heard it can be worse when the catheter has been in longer.)

Now my only big worry was would I be able urinate, and how bad would it hurt? I've been drinking lots of water all morning and about 20 minutes ago I felt the urge. To my great surprise it didn't hurt at all!

So that's my story. If it hadn't been for the stricture (they are supposedly rare) it wouldn't have been a terrible experience. Not even close to what I had been imagining, anyway. I hope my experiences are helpful to someone else about to go through this procedure!
steven stg
I had the procedure done a few days ago, thank god it lasted a minute or less. Some days I feel a minor discomfort when urinating, but, otherwise, I am fine. At least, I know that my bladder is normal. Happy health to you.
Hi all! I just want to say i am 13 and yesterday i had to go into hospital to have a flexible cystoscopy, because i am so young, and it is an invasive procedure i was put under a general anaestetic. I woke up in recovery with a little bit of a headache and an unbearably sore throat. However my throat was only sore because i had tubes put down it to keep me breathing, no need to worry if your not being put to sleep you wont have these tubes. To help stop the sting when you pee after, drink cranberry juice. When you pee it may sting and there will probably be some blood but dont worry this is normal. If you dont feel to ill, have got out of bed, been to the toilet, and had something to eat and drink you should be allowed to leave!!
Good luck, you have no reason to be nervous, the people looking after you are trained proffesionals.
Hermione xx
hi all. did you guys get any urine discharge constantly after getting cystoscopy procedure? i am on day 2, and i keep getting a urine discharge, and it won't go away...
Hello everyone,

I had a cystoscopy under general anaestetic on Tuesday 13 December. Personally, the procedure didn't hurt. In fact, when I woke up I felt fine and actually wanted to go home right there and then! I was kept in hospital for the next 1.5 days. The day after I was able to walk to the bathroom and take a shower and on day 3 they took the catheter off and then I was able to pee normally.

There was a little stinging but I didn't think anything of it as some Ural will take the sting away as well as Yarrow tea (drink at least 3 cups a day).

Due to the lab having inconclusive results of my biopsy, I had to have a CT scan on day 3. For the next few days I slept a lot as I felt quite tired (Thursday), then on Friday I had to have an internal ultrasound (they found two cysts) but still no news about this abnornal cell inside me.

On the 23rd Deecember I felt uncomfortable 'down there' and went to the Chemist to get some thrush cream (it alleaviated all discomfort) however, I started bleeding. I phoned my specialist who asked me to pick up some antibiotics and do a urine test. It is day 6 of antibiotics (tomorrow is the last day) and I will have a little burning feeling when I pee.

TAKING CARE: After the cystoscopy I was told not to drive for about 4 days; Not to lift anything heaving and to Report any unusual bleeding.

Ask any questions that may concern you, read about books, natural medicines that may assist in healing post procedure.

Good Luck!
I had a cystocopy April 2011, and I'm still having pelvic pain. I went home the same day but was not instructed to take it easy or stay home. I was in pain the next day but I worked that day. I don't think I had enough heal time. Every now and then I feel discomfort and pain. Is this normal.
Hi. I'm 17 years old and I have already had 2 cystoscopys. I always get Versed to help me relax. Also, they've always given me some medicine that makes me fall asleep during the procedure. Just request it. :) as for pain, I experienced a lot of pain right before my urine came out but it helps tremendously if you drink A LOT of water. Hope this helps. :)
Karen hall
I am due to have a cystoscopy next week and after reading coments I am quite scared, I got told it would only last 5 minuets, I don't think I could Stand someone messing around for 20- 30 mins, can u have a general anaesthesia or something to numb you, I can't even relax when having a smear test, just feeling really nervous, can u advise anything that will make it easier .
I had a cystoscopy performed under full anaesthesia 2 weeks ago and i had post-operative complications. A bacterial growth was found (which explained the re-occuring utis)and it was removed out of my bladder but the scab that had formed inside, where the growth was burnt off, removed itself so i had alot of blood and blood clotting and had to stay in hospital for a week later. It was very painful for me when i first urinated after the operation which is obviously normal so i think many people do not need to stress. My specialist said that i was a very rare case that happens every 5 years or so and that sometimes it just happens with no cause at all. Although blood thinning meds can affect it also. It still hurts when i urinate but that just means i have not fully healed considering i just got out of hospital so people should not stress.
I just had my cysto yesterday under light anastasia. I was out like a light before they prepped me thank goodness. I'm a woman and I had a male surgeon. My procedure was done in the hospital. I woke up and the recovery room was freezing. I zonked for a bit, woke up to my husband next to me and I was freezing! I was trying so hard to snap out of it enough to get dressed, just so I could warm up. I was chilled to the bone. I felt some burning down there and when I went to the bathroom, it really feels like your peeing razor blades!!! They wheeled me out to my car and my husband had to pick up the prescriptions. They gave me vicodin for pain, pyridium for urinary pain and an antibiotic to prevent infection. My kidney hurts, but I had a dye injected to check for a stone. Everything came back fine. I'm in a lot of pain down there and I've peed out quite a bit of blood and had a few blood clots. I guess I'll call the doc tomorrow if I still have blood clots. I'm grateful for being asleep during the procedure and the meds offered afterward. I'm uncomfortable, but it's manageable. I'm using a heating pad down there and it's helping with the pain.
never had infection problem, a asshole dr. name barton tanenbaum los angeles told me he wanted to do a painful but only 3 min procedure, i trusted him and said o.k he said he coudnt do it this week bacause his tools were dirty and i could get a infection so to come next week, i wanted a prescription he said he would give me next week. this idiot gave me a horrible enterococcus and e coli infection that cause nothing but problem in my sexual organ and urinary tract, now still suffering after 15 months. been on antibiotic 6 months trying to get rid of this asshole only 3 min procedure.
Igor Vonnapalus
i HAD IT DONE TODAY AND BOY DID IT HURT. Doctor SAID IT WOULDN'T HURT BUT IT DID. BEFORE YOU DO THIS SEE YOUR PRIEST FOR A CONFESSION. Later you might condone a revenge toward your Doctor. Its recommended to delay as much as possible and later make other excuses to delay the surgery. I found out later that this was normal in my family to have urine in the blood. But I did it anyway and to my dismay pain will follow you for two days of agony. Think before they put the knife to you or some kind of instrument to hurt you.
I'm a 44 female and just had a cystoscopy yesterday. The procedure was done right in the office exam room with just numbing gel. The only part that was uncomfortable was when they inserted the water to stretch the bladder to check for IC. That only lasted a few seconds and then the catheter drained the water back out. The rest of the test was mildly uncomfortable. I tried to pee right after the procedure which took some concentration and the burning was very painful, but not unbearable. The next 7 to 8 hours were very uncomfortable with a constant urge to pee and burning when I did. The doctor gave me a prescription similair to Azo which worked wonderfully. One day after the procedure, I am pretty much back to normal. I guess I had a good experience as compared to some. I wouldn't hesitate to have the procedure done again if ever necessary.
Alan Dester
Above are some of the reasons that I will never have any form of invasive procedure. Most of these procedures are unneccessary and cause more harm than they do good. I will take my chances.
Alan Dester
Also, never get versed or any other kind of "mind control drugs", they can cause serious memory problems (read up on any thing before agreeing to having it) and are primarily there to make the patient more compliant for the ease of the doctors.
i had flexible cysto today 5 hours ago.. i wish i could read this all before my cysto.. well i got 1st pain when anesthetic gel was inserted into my penis.. well the 2nd pain when systo-cam reached at the point where prostate starts and when the tinycam reached in bladder doc started moving cysto handle to examine the bladder it was also painful. when the procedure ended doctr told me the result is this moment i though why i decided to go for cysto.. i was blaming myself.. after procedure i went for pee.. it was also very painful.. i told doctor but he said its normal dont worry...doc prescribed me antibiotics for 5 days... my advice for those who r thinking for systo.. they should go for it if it is very necessary otherwise avoid it... in my case it was not necessary doctor alrady told me that there is only 3 to 5 % chances to have any abnormalities inside but i decided to go for it.. why i did it..
I had a flexible cystoscopy. They used the Lidocaine gel. The gel stung like hell when they put it in. Then came the flexible cystoscope. I became completely iresponsive except for screaming and screaming and screaming. As a man, I have never screamed before but the pain was as if my whole body had been lit on fire. The doctor just literally ignored my pain and rammed that black cable all the way up my penis and into my bladder. In my worst nightmares I thought this was only something that they might do to POW's in Vietnam. A cystoscopy was by far the most horiffic experience of my life. You B.S.ers out there that profess no pain must have a piece of chopped wood for a penis and a rubber hose down through the middle for a urethra. Any guy that doubts that inserting a object into your penis is agony, try ramming a Q-tip up it about 4 inches and twisting. That feeling is only touching the surface of what you are going to feel during a cystoscopy. Also note that most Internet comments are sensored on other sites. Any negative comments about cystoscopy are removed as "not being medical." No wonder so many people are fooled into getting this exam. Also, afterwards I got an infection in the bladder from the procedure. It's only by the grace of God that I finally found a doctor that knew how to cure that one with the right antibiotics. Septra worked and Cipro didn't.
I just had a cysto/biopsy done on Thursday (general anesthesia)and haven't
had any problems. They told me I'might feel sick, and for me to eat only soup the first
2days... I had a chicken sandwich from Chic-fil-a right after surgery :) (I know I'm bad)
Only thing I hate is that I have to wear this catherter for 9days!
I also had a cysto on April 30th in the dr's office(they used a numbing gel)
And went to work right after... no problem.
how much that cystoscopy cost? is it expensive? can you range how much is it cost in Philippine peso?
I really need help on my next move. I'm 19, and after having UTI's for two years straight I got a cystoscopy done a week and two days ago. I'm still peing blood, and it's becoming very very red. I'm still experiencing frequency and intense pain when I pass urine. I developed severe anxiety from the 2 years of being in almost constant pain and now I'm just absolutely terrified that things are only getting worse. Is this in any way normal or do I really need to see a doctor?
Just had a cysto done this afternoon. It's definitely uncomfortable but tolerable. When the cystoscope is inserted, it immediately feels like you have to pee really bad and I felt a sharp pain when passing through the prostate area. Luckily it was over quick. Everything was normal except the doc said my prostate was swollen. The experience sucks but it's not nearly as bad as some of the horror stories on here.
I am 41 yr old male had my cysto done this afternoon and it was not as painful as thought it would be. My result was normal. Felt little discomfort when the cystoscope was inserted but the pain was not intolerable and the good thing is everything was completed in just 2 minutes. I was able to urinate normally with out any problems after the procedure.
Well, i had a flexible cysto done today, as i have been experiencing problems when peeing. I am a 49 year old male and live near London England. Anyway i went in and she squirted an amount of local into the eye (it was some sort of gel). Doctor said i could watch the whole thing on the TV Screen that was raised above my head when i was lying down. I said no I'll look somewhere else thanks !! She then inserted the tube, which felt strange, but not painful and water was being pumped into my bladder at the same time. No messing about it was in my bladder in about 15 seconds, i was surprised it took so quick. The only discomfort is wanting to pee !! After she took it out, i had to do a flow test which you just do a pee and then they scan how much is left using an ultrasound. When i got home the first couple of pees were painful, but its not too bad now after 5 hours . Like they say its worse thinking about it than the actual thing...relax !!
After suffering with repeated bladder infections for nearly a year I had my first Cystoscopy with a flexible scope in May this year. There was no pain whatsoever though I did experience a slight burning sensation when the scope passed through the area of the prostate. The Cystoscope showed that I had a large number of stones in my bladder some of which had embedded themselves in the wall of the bladder. Scary as this sounds it was better than having tumours. I have total faith in my Doctor and had no qualms when he said that I had have a rigid Cystoscope under general anaesthetic in order to remove the stones. This was carried out at the start of this week. The stones had joined together to form one mass and had to be broken up. I believe that this is carried out using laser. Unfortunately this produced a very large number of pieces that required multiple entries in order to remove them all. As this was done under general anaesthetic I felt nothing at all. When I awoke there was a certain amount of discomfort both from the procedure and the catheter which had been fitted. I remained in Hospital overnight and was discharged the following afternoon. I returned to the hospital two days later to have the catheter removed. I remained there for four hours drinking loads of water so my urinary discharge could be measured before and after urination to ensure that the bladder was functioning properly. Everything is functioning well. Yes there is discomfort urinating and I have passed blood and bits of tissue but what else was I supposed to expect. The answer is to drink lots of water in the days following the operation in order to thin out the acid in the urine which reduces the pain when urinating and to expel any solids so they do not clog up the pipes and cause further problems. It is 5 days since I returned home from the operation and I have experienced none of the pain described by the earlier stories. Everything has been well within tolerable levels. The only problem I have had is that I had very little control over my bladder. The amount of time between feeling the need to urinate and actually passing water is almost uncontrollable, we are talking about seconds. I have spoken to my doctor and he assures me that this is because of the trauma of repeated penetrations by the rigid cystoscope in order to remove all the stones and that this will return to normal over the following days. It is 24 hours since the removal of the catheter and I am noticing that even this short amount of time has been sufficient to allow the problem to improve. I can now walk casually to the rest room in order to relieve myself instead of running like a lunatic while undoing my trousers on the way. (This can really shock visitors to the house who have not been warned and is definitely not something you want to be doing in the shopping centre) I have to return to the hospital in three months to have another flexible cystoscopy to check the results and to ensure that there are no bits of the stones left inside, I have absolutely no problem with this . As previous writers have pointed out, we are all different, people have different tolerances, some people are more stoic than others and some people are just plain drama queens. Try to control your fears and relax when the procedure is taking place, tensing up just cause’s resistance and will result in discomfort. Try to be realistic about your expectations post procedure, don’t expect everything to be honey and roses, you may experience uncomfortable effects, if you are afraid, this will certainly allow your mind to exaggerate the effects. Follow your doctors instructions, drink lots of water, don’t be afraid of a little blood in your urine, it will improve in a couple of days. By the way I am 65 years old and apart from the day of the operation I am not on pain killers. All the best to you if you are due to have a cystoscopy, I hope that you have found some comfort from my experiences.
I had a surgery about 1 years back though URS ie doctor inserted a device through my penis and removed the kidney but after that i got tuberclosis in the next month .But still the pain persist in my penis and kidney and i thought that it may be due to the tuberclosis or may be it will take some time to heal the wounds inside the penis .Its almost 1 year and every month or week i feel pain in my pain and right kidney lower part .
I'm 29 now. For the past 7 years I have had bladder/urethral issues. The first time it ever bothered me came on sudden after I had gone to the bathroom to urinate. I had a burning sensation that lasted for about 30 minutes or more. I hadn't had sex for a really long time up to that point so I knew it wasn't sexually transmitted. I went to the doctor and they analyzed my urine and found nothing. They put me on the cranberry pills but they did little to nothing. The uncomfortable feeling moved to my bladder area. My doctor referred me to a urologist. When my bladder wasn't bothering me and it was just in the urethral area it would burn after urination. I tell the urologist this and he says it sounds like a nerve problem other than urinary. So I'm referred to a neurologist and he tells me this has nothing to do with nerves. That was around 6 1/2 years ago. So basically I've just dealt with it. I have recently moved and went to a urologist in the new city I live in. He suspected a urethral stricture and recommended a cystoscopy. My father which is 57 had one a few months ago and he had no trouble at all. Said it didn't even burn when he urinated. I read alot of information online about the procedure so I kinda knew what to expect or so I thought. The nurse cleaned me and inserted some lidocaine into my urethra. This was a little uncomfortable and stung a little but was bearable. The doctor came in for the procedure and started. As the scope moved through I could feel it. I don't think the lidocaine went very far. He reached the exterior urethra sphincter and there was a bit of discomfort but it was bearable. The whole procedure was uncomfortable and some of it may have been from not being relaxed and maybe having to force the scope through these areas. The test was done within a minute I would say. The doctor didn't notice anything out of the ordinary so basically I'm back to square one and just dealing with it. I had always thought it was Interstitial Cystitis and he seems to think that may be the case. Immediately after the procedure I felt like I needed to urinate do to the fluid being passed into the bladder so the doctor could see. I began to urinate and really couldn't tell that I had started cause I could fell it. After the urine flow stopped I had a tremendous burning sensation. Probably the worst I had ever felt. I stayed in the bathroom for about 5 minutes pouring hot water over my penis to relieve some of the discomfort. I urinated once more while I was in there and it was just as bad if not worse than the first. I went back into the exam room and he could tell I was uncomfortable and got me some blue pills that were supposed to relax muscles. I went outside and walked around for 20-30 minutes cause the burning was so bad.
I ended up going back inside and they gave me an injection for pain. I walked around for another 10 minutes or so outside before going back in asking for a prescription for antibiotic to make sure I didn't get an infection. The nurse gave me one pill. I then drove home and was still uncomfortable.
After getting home I started drinking lots of water which made each urination more bearable; you won't want to urinate because you are scared of the pain but drink LOTS of water and go ahead and get the first 4 to 5 urination's out of the way as they will probably be the worst. If there is anything that helps with the pain it is warm/hot water. I made it a point to go ahead and get the water nice and warm coming out of the shower head before I began urination so I could jump in there in case I couldn't deal with the pain.
My procedure was at 3 pm on Thursday and I got up and went to work the next morning at 7. Don't get me wrong I've had a little stinging the past few days during urination but if you drink plenty of water it isn't bad at all. I have also been taking the blue pills once a day. I called the doc the next morning to get a prescription for antibiotic and they said they would call it in but never did so I ran to the Urgent care center and got a doc to prescribe me some. He was shocked that it wasn't prescribed to me to start with.
So all in all the procedure was uncomfortable and the first 2 urination's were almost unbearable but I think if you can relax and possibly get the doc to give you some kind of pain medication or an injection before the procedure it won't be as bad. Also make sure you get a prescription for antibiotic so there isn't a chance for an infection. Would I want the procedure done again? Not unless I absolutely had no other choice but if you are having problems and find no answer it is probably a good idea to make sure there isn't anything serious going on. Some people deal with it better than others. My father had no pain but I did so there is no sure way to tell how each individual will do.
SW FL Female
Hi, everyone:
Last year I had a cystoscopy in the Dr's office, BTW, he was higly recommended. Only received numbing gel and a local shot in the area for pain. I can't say it was painful, but it was REALLY almost unbearably uncomfortable, and I did not watch the TV screen. Had things called "fronds" in my bladder. Dr said they are not polyps or indicative of precancer. But because a FISH test indicated a propensity for bladder cancer, he wanted to do a biopsy even though the cystoscopy didn't reveal anything troubling. I said I would have to be knocked out for that. Had day surgery for the biopsy and all the fronds were cauterized off, a couple sent to pathology. No precancer or cancer evident. Went back for a 1 year follow up this week. Microscopic blood still present in urine. Dr wants to do another cystoscopy in office. I am devastated. Do not want to experience that again. But day surgery was no walk in the park, either. Was sick from anesthesia for 3 days, had to have a catheter in for 24 hours, and it hurt like hell for three days or more to pee once it was removed. That red pain pill that is supposed to help with pain while peeing had such negative side effects for me, I opted not to use it, but then I had to deal with HORRIBLE pain peeing for 3 days. I will probably go through with the cystoscopy in the office, but I am hoping something like mamography will be available for bladder issues. If a 3D image of breast tissue can be achieved by a technique that isn't invasive, why can't a similar technique be used for bladder tissue? I hope someone develops the technology soon, or if it is already out there, someone please tell me where. I guess I'd rather put up with the discomfort than terminal bladder cancer, but the screening and detection processes are similar to medieval torture and in the 21st century I wish less tortureous procedures were available. I stand in solidarity with each of you, so next time you have to go through this hell, know someone is with you in thought and sends you strength.
Not at all what I was expecting after reading the Mayo Clinic online version. Slight discomfort is not accurate at all. But I will be honest - I much prefer the way I had it done. I had it done about 2 hours ago on a routine visit to the urologist. I did not need a cath (not yet anyway). All I had before hand was a valium (because I was nervous). Anyway the numbing stung. The telescope going in was not bad until the hit the prostate. By the way, for the men, if you going to have this done and your prostate is enlarged, you need to know going in that there is going to be a lot of pain. A LOT. The very good news - It only lasts for a 1 to 2 minutes. Agree with everyone that the urinating afterwards has been terrible and there has been a considerable amount of blood and clots. I called the doc and they said this is normal. I hope so. I am chugging water. I will let everyone know how I feel in a day or so. Good luck and God bless to you all. Nobody should have to go through that pain.
I am male 61 years old had the flexible cystoscopy done today at the doctor's office. The nurse applied some numbing gel and waited for ten minutes. The procedure was done in 1 to 2 minutes. I don't know about other patients, but mine was very tolerable. It is not something that I wanted to do, but it really is not as bad as other respondents here. For a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate this 3 or maybe 4. Maybe every procedure is different, mine was very tolerable and the peeing afterwards was very tolerable too. Just very slight burning sensation for the first one or two pees and everything is back to normal. No bleeding. I did my normal daily workout an hour later with no problem. Maybe I got lucky. I hope everyone will have the same very tolerable experience.
I have kidney stone operation in rigft side through systocsopy and A DJ stenting done.After the operation I filled illness,Headech with high fever ,and vomitingOne of my testis sowlen .Dr. said it is orchaitis .I took medecine for that .After one month DJ stent removed through systoscopy.Again I filled illness,Headech with high fever and vomiting.Our phesician said small infection inside so he gave some antibiotic .All the problems gone but now i feeling tiny pain in right side.What is the reason for this pain please give me some advice.
I have kidney stone operation in rigft side through systocsopy and A DJ stenting done.After the operation I filled illness,Headech with high fever ,and vomitingOne of my testis sowlen .Dr. said it is orchaitis .I took medecine for that .After one month DJ stent removed through systoscopy.Again I filled illness,Headech with high fever and vomiting.Our phesician said small infection inside so he gave some antibiotic .All the problems gone but now i feeling tiny pain in right side.What is the reason for this pain please give me some advice.
I'm a male, 55, who has always figured I had a bladder the size of a peanut because I have to pee 20 minutes after I drink anything and not a lot of urine ever comes out at any given time. I don't drink beer because of it. It's been that way since I was in college. It got worse the past couple of years and at times I have to go so bad I twice couldn't make it to the bathroom and yep, peed my pants. If I am driving any distance, I have to keep an empty thermos near me in the car because when I have to go, I can't hold it. Gross, I know, but true.

Today I finally got around to having a cystocopy. My pain threshold is pretty high, but I gotta tell ya, this was one of the most excruciating things I've ever experienced. Even the Lidocaine the technician inserted was painful. The probe thing that filled my bladder was so painful the doctor suggested we stop and do the camera thing some other day. I told him if he didn't do it now, I knew I would never come back. More Lidocaine, more pain, cold water, more pain and the insertion of the camera probe felt like he was sticking a razor blade through the urethra all the way to the bladder. I was pounding on the table, kicking my feet, yelling and practically in tears. I've never felt anything so painful. Had I known it would be this bad, I'd have prefered wearing friggin diapers for the rest of my life instead. I expected some discomfort (I understand that despite my experience, the vast majority of men having this procedure done experience only some discomfort; I only wish I was one of them.) I felt pain for a couple of hours afterward and as everyone else mentions, it has been painful urinating since, but it is getting better the more often I go.

The doctor told me the amount of pain I was feeling was "profoundly unsual," but of course couldn't or wouldn't tell me for sure why that was the case. He said he wanted to wait until tomorrow to provide his complete diagnosis. Of course now I'm worried it's something serious. Well to be honest, I'm more worried that I'll have to get this test done again. If I do, they are going to have to stick IV drips in both arms and pump me full of anesthesia before they come near Mr. Hose Monster again.

So apparently somethin's wrong up there which is why the procedure hurt so much. I know plenty of other guys who have had the same procedure and none of them felt anything more than a little pain and discomfort. If you're scared, I recommend taking a Xanax or two before you go, but it's probably going to be less painful than you think. Unless you have whateverthehell it is that I have wrong up there, then don't worry about it.
Hi I had a cystoscopy under general anesthetic also my uretha stretched two weeks ago, and to be totally honest yes it was a little uncomfortable. I bled for a day or two and had a burning sensation but... It was honestly not that bad and nothing to fear I,m fine now and it has helped with the urethal inflammation I suffered
Hello There, I guess I can say I was surprised to have this Cystoscopy procedure as I originally presented to A&E with a small bowel obstruction, they found I also had a huge kidney stone. This was removed under a general anesthetic. It is day 3 post op,
I am still peeing blood, I have pain also, I have a stent in my left kidney that will require removal in a few weeks. I guess every body is different with their situation. I hope the pain stops soon, I am taking 2 panadiene forte every 4 hours, it does help.I am also taking ural satchets for the burning, it is good. I was told I would get more stones in the future due to my lack of hydration as I have no large bowel or rectum which causes terrible loose stools.
grace i had a cystoscopy done yesterday it was not that painfull, but it was uncomfortable after because i had burning when i pass urine, plus it had blood, but it ease up a little, but you know what is getting me frighting is when i insert my finger the next morning to clen up myself my finger had like stale blood in my passage is that normal, and secondly i am feeling like if my heart is beating under my breast, should i consult the doctoe
Hi all, I had removal of double J stent from my right ureta 3 days ago, the procedure was painful but for only 2 minutes. I felt the rigid guide tear the first part of my man bit hole, the next pain was when the scope passed through the prostate, but as I said, only 2 minutes. Today I awoke with male tent pole syndrome,it was really painful, I hope the partner is forgiving for a few days as it is intolerable, good luck to you all.
I had my annual cystoscopy today and it hurt just as much as it did last year. I had to change urologists due to relocating out of state and my new doctor doesn't believe in giving his patients a Valium prior to the procedure, doesn't believe in using any type of numbing agent and doesn't like to prescribe Pyridium for the buringing after the procedure. My previous doctor did all of these things and by the following day after the procedure I was good to go and feeling fine. This new doc laid me up last year for about 3 days. I hope I don't have the same situation this time. Hang in there. BTW, I had bladder cancer about 7 years ago.
David Craig
Cystoscopy was by far the worst pain that I have ever endured in my life--and I mean by a factor of 10. I am just a normal guy and I would say that I have a high pain tolerance. If I did not have kids, I never would have agreed to have this procedure--but I did it so they could check if I was cancer free--which I was. I would describe the pain as what I would imagine a man feels when he is getting his legs cut off by a chain saw! I was screaming like a man on fire during this procedure and my doctor was cussing at me that I was passing out and that I better not because he didn't want to have to call the EMT's to take me to the hospital. This procdure is way over the top of many men's pain threshold and they only do that flexible cystoscopy as a cost cutter to get you out of the office more inexpensively. Negative comments about pain are censored on most medical information websites. For you lucky few that say that you can put a heavy wire cable up your penis and not feel anything, I feel sorry for you. Obviously your penis is very incapable of ejactulation if you can stuff a cable down it and feel nothing! For you regular guys, I recommend an experiment. Push a Q Tip in your penis about 2 inches and twirl it around. That's just a very small taste of what a cystoscopy is going to feel like. A very small taste!
lisa bajor
I am 82and half YOUNG, on marc 15 dr told me I have a tumor in my left kidney, 1.8cm by 1.25cm. Before taking out my kidney, he told me that he want to look around in my kidney. On the 12th of April 2013, he did in a day surgery, in the Hospital. When I wake up I was in the most PAIN what I have in my whole life. They could not control my pain for hours, blood pressure was 290 over 145. I could not speak, or scream or think I was so week. I could not move, but four hrs. after the surgery they told my family to take me home. before I left took me to the washroom, and had chunks of blood in my urine. Next day went back to ER Pain, blood, and piece of "STUFF" in the urine, the tube what he left in was irritating and extra pain. Yesterday (Monday 15th ) Dr. office called noticing the ER report, and have appointment today at 3;30 at his office. Still bleeding heavily, and burning, week and upset that He did not told me and prepared me for what could happened. I am in Canada Toronto, most of you are from the States. Here we are insured for everything, no money to pay. I do not know if the Health System works the same way as in the US. I thought before, that I had asked all the important questions from my dr. but reading all the blogs here I should of do more "homework" Thank you for listening Lisa
I'm due to have this procedure next week but after reading all these posts, I don't think I will bother and will cancel my appointment. It seems quite barbaric to put you through so much pain and suffering only to be told everything is ok. You then spend weeks/months getting over the experience and the pain and you are no better off and you still have your original sympton(s) and gained new ones.
The only benefit I can see is that if you are inflicted with more pain then it will take your mind of your initial sympton.
For those on this forum who did not feel any pain I salute you as you must be hung like a donkey whereas for me magnifier and tweezer are the order of the day.
I have been on various web sites to read about what the procedure involves and shoving a pencil size probe up your urethra will bring water to most peoples eyes, it does mine just thinking about it.
What a way to spend Memorial Day Weekend, I work full time and look forward to hassle free time off,
it's not happening this year.
Thursday into Friday, I'm in my 22nd hour since the surgery. I was put to sleep so the surgery itself was painless. The doctor used a rigid scope, I didn't have a say in the matter, he said he will use a flexible scope under local anesthetic in the 3 month follow up visit. I had a small superficial tumor remove from my bladder, the 1st 8 hours was very painful to pee, I yelped like a dog at the beginning of each pee, once the pee was flowing I was ok. The color in the first 3 hours was reddish but color is normal now except I usually pass a blood clot or tissue with most every pee I have visible bleeding at the finish of the pee, blood drops. I have to use my wife's incontinence pads because the bleeding soils my underwear, now I know what it's like to be on the rag. I just hope the bleeding stops soon, update to follow.
Update to 95 Stu, Saturday 9am,I am on Cipro antibiotic started on Friday. In the 29th hour since the surgery bleeding has finely stopped, one pee blood spotting event in the middle night but cleared up in pee's since, my goal to be ready to go back to work on Tuesday looks obtainable. This procedure sucks but if it saves my life it will be worth it.
Have to go on July 3 have no information no symptoms just not sure if should do this procedure your comments have been helpful don't know if it is a good idea thanks again
I had the procedure today. I was horrified after reading some of these stories. I feel stupid for being so scared. There was pressure & uncomfortable but... It was no big deal. I had a little burning & blood present with using the bathroom. It wasn't bad.
I had a Cystocopy on June 25, 2013, no pain until June 28, 2013, and it has slowly gotten worse. I am taking about 4 or 5 Tramadol a day and my return for my urologist is July 18, 2013, I called the Urologist Office they told me to just deal with it, it is supposed to hurt. I think that is incorrect you go for 5 days after with out pain meds and you start taking pain meds the 6 day after the procedure? You know something is wrong. After that comment I decided to go to a different urologist and they made an appointment for the same date. I am working on getting my medical records from the 1st doc. also the 1st doctor told me I had a bladder infection based on the cystopy even though the urine test results were negative. I called the doctor's office they will not relay my info tothe doctor and they tell me I do not have a bladder infection
Hi, female 38, I had a cystoscopy yesterday, had 1st one in January this year, 1st one was very painful as had to have my urethra stretched as very small apparently! Didn't hurt yesterday as doc gave me more local as needed to stretch to 30mm this time!! Resting today, hurts to pee but feeling better as day goes on. I find the more you can relax, the easier it is!
Hey. I just got home from having my cystoscopy. I read all of the posts here and frankly was scarred to death to go. Trust me, it is no big deal. I have an enlarged prostate too. It was uncomfortable, sure, but not like the horror stories you read here. If you are scheduled to have this procedure, don't focus on these comments. I told my urologist about the posts here and he said he was scarred when he had his first one too. My procedure went like this...lydocaine injected into the end of the penis, waited 25 minutes and then the procedure took about 5 minutes. He was all in in less that a minute. The worst part was passing through the prostate. Mine is enlarged, so having that is supposed to be bad. No big deal. Was it uncomfortable...sure was. But very quick procedure and was over before I knew it. I was expecting more torture that never came. So relax and don't focus on the negative. It will be ok. The worst part is peeing after. But I can deal with that. Good luck and relax.
Had flexible cysto + biopsy + fulguration, 3 catheters, rigid Cysto w more fulguration at 29(Male).
Felt like sliding down a sword right on your sensitive parts. Cysto`s and Catheters should be renamed `DEATH SWORDS`.

Didn`t have anything for the pain except some local gel at the start. Flex cysto was shockingly painful. Fulguration was just uncomfortable (being electrocuted on your insides doesnt feel good, but I was forcing myself to laugh through it (distracted the doctor even because I was laughing out loud going `YES BURN IT MORE BURN IT GOOD!`(lol)

Doctor was great but kept saying `relax, dont tense up youll make it hurt more`. For the record, when you have a tube inserted where a tube should not be inserted, you CANT RELAX.

Catheterization no.1 was ridiculously painful, the worst one. Doctor lady was in a rush and used only minimal gel, then proceeded to jam it in like she was stuffing a turkey. I will never forget her face, uncaring and robotic.

No.2 Was complete opposite, i didnt even know it was in and done, Nurse used alot of Urojet (lube+painkiller), she was a 25 year veteran nurse. Literally I was so tense I was hurting myself, expecting it to be the horrible pain from the first time, but she just said, relax, its done. I didnt believe it til I looked down to see. Was almost nearly painless. I was almost crying with relief. Morphine may have helped.

No.3 Was brutal, the UroJet is a MUST. Also ask for little packets of lube if you can and slather that all over the hose periodically throughout the day, it will take the edge off (everytime someone bumps the bed its like electrical fire in your privates, my god)

GUARD YOUR CATHETER TUBE like its your lifeline. Someone tripped over my catheter line and if I wasnt gripping it with a Deathgrip it would have been ripped out of me (with balloon inflated inside, no less)

Rigid cysto was done while completely knocked out, thank goodness. Was the best procedure, woke up instantly (from my perspective), without even 1 second passing. Scariest part was signing the pre-op forms where you have to write that you understand they can permanently perforate your bladder or damage your ureters or other such bad things.

Luckily the surgery seemed to go well :)
2 months later I`m out, but still have periodic twinges of pain from urinary sphincter. Not sure whats up with that.

PS. IRRIGATION IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST. (power-washing then suctioning your bladder vigorously thru tube. Its the worst thing EVER, even worse than catheterization and cystos. PRAY YOU DONT HAVE TO BE IRRIGATED.)

moral of the story: ASK FOR UROJET (not sure on spelling), Get packets of Lube from nurse. Be kind and sympathetic to your nurses and doctors, give them no reason to be brutal with you!
Male 54, I have experienced 1 catheter, 3 flexible cystos (all awake with numbing jel)... I have microscopic blood in my urine and in a couple of weeks I will go under general anesthesia to have a rigid cystoscopy procedure to do bladder biopsies,bilateral RPG and bilateral collection of urine to aid in a diagnosis of the source of the blood. My experience with cystos have been mixed based on the doctor that performed them and the amount of numbing jel that actually remained in the tip of my penis. Most nurses seem harried in the application of the jel and if most of the jel ends up on the floor or the paper sheet then the nurse seems to take the "Oh Well" attitude... You will pay in the long run if you don't have sufficient numbing, so don't be embarrassed to request more jel if you feel it leaking out around your junk during the application of it... I think the difference between pain levels of many of the stories here relate to the type of cysto used during the procedure, Rigid vs flexible... The rigid cystoscope allows the doc to have greater access and control to do biopsies but this type of cysto is very painful and should be done under general anesthesia in my very general laymans opinion since I am not a doctor, only a patient with experience. I am not so nervous about the procedure but I am terrified of being put to sleep. I tried to convince my doc to give me a spinal block but he said I really need to be totally out for this procedure. I will return and share my experience once I have actually had the procedure at the end of November. Thanks to all contributors to this site, I can't say the posts gave me peace of mind but I can say I was educated...
david craig
This is one of the few commentaries that is not censored to remove the truth about cystoscopy pain. Let me tell you that I am a guy and the flexible cystoscopy was EXTREMELY PAINFUL. VERY, VERY, VERY. More pain than I have had in my life all wrapped up together. Don't expect your penis to ever work the same or feel the same after having a pipte or hose pushed up it into your bladder. Common sense.
I am a 31 years old female and underwent my first (hopefully last) cyst oscopy yesterday. I had an irregular "snowman" shaped kidney stone that was trapped in the lower part of my ureter. My Urologist advised of all the possible side effects and possibilities that could happen during the procedure. Because of my nerves and suffering from stone pain for the past 5 days, we opted for general anesthesia. After my procedure & recovered, I was released with Norco pain medication. The procedure itself was painless of course with the help of anesthia. However, I am pretty sore today. My lower abdomen and right flank area are pretty tender. The pain meds help and I'm currently using a heating pad. My Urologist said to expect some discomfort over the next few days and to refrain from strenuous activities. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery!
35 female and just had this done today. It doesn't hurt. You may feel a little discomfort as the scope begins insertion but other than that it was a breeze. Expect some burning afterwards when you urinate, which is what brought me to this site.
Hi guys, i am a mature man of 50 - i have an enlarged prostate and have had a csytoscopy before. I am currently on a tablet that supposedly "reduces" the size of my prostate. From reading some of your posts it appears that we men are "neglected" for want of a better word when it comes to our health care needs and we seem to be pretty badly treated in the health care system due to our gender! I have experienced what DAVE on here said in his post.With all this talk lately about how men must take responsibility and ownership for their heath is it any wonder that we as men avoid going to see the doctor - I know that I do if I can get away with it!It seems that some doctors and nurses are uncaring when it comes to the issues effecting us men and should not even be in the profession!
Patricia Barratt
I was diagnosed in 2007 with Bladder Cancer and since then I have had numerous Cystoscopies and removal of tumors. I have never felt any pain whatsoever after the procedure, only a slight discomfort when going to the toilet. I am going back in hospital to 9/06/14 for yet another removal by general anaesthetic. It doesn't hurt.
I am sure that some people experience some pain but that is a little price to pay if it's going to save some ones life.
I had this procedure done yesterday morning. Flexible scope. I saw the scope sitting on the tray next to me and about died when I saw how large it was! It's the size of a straw.I had topical numbing. Prepare yourself, it hurts. The good news is mine only lasted about 45 seconds. Once the scope reaches your bladder the discomfort is bearable. The rest of the day I went about my business as usual, until I had to pee. The pain caught me so off guard! I could hardly stand to wash my hands. It felt like I was having the procedure all over again. The pain is slowly going away after urinating. My Dr. Didn't find anything and didn't prepare me for the symptoms afterwards. I was given a handout on over active bladder... If I ever have to have this done again I think I will want to go the anesthesia route. Good luck everyone.
Just had a cystourethroscopy at Mayo Clinic last week, fishing for the source of blood in my urine. While the patient information stated that "you may feel mild discomfort" during the procedure, that literature must be intended for the NBA-power-forward-packaged males only. This 3 minute exam stung like hell throughout for a "normal-sized" 62 year old. Didn't help that the doctor started discussing my prior-day CT scan results during the cystoscopic review and wanted me to make decisions after being in pain for several minutes. Never again without a general/regional anesthetic.
I had this done 5 days ago under general anesthetic... I am still in pain and don't know what to do... It has made the original problem much worse !
ive had my second lot of bladder botox 5 weeks ago they have been back inside me 3 times since as ive had a massive infection inside my bladder now on tuesday this week my surgeon an 2 others talked about me an my problem for over an hour an now found out why they cant kill this serious infection i have ? why cos ive no lining to my bladder inside so now on tues they are going to re coat it ? with what ? an how long will it last on my bladder inside an also i self cath twice a day
I had a cystoscopy due to UTI with bleeding a week and a half ago. I was given Macrobid for the infection which was echoli. A week and a half later, I bled again. I went to a female urologist and had a cysto. The nurse numbed it with gel and I felt pressure when the doctor put the scope up. She asked if I bruised easily because I had black and brown spots inside m bladder. She let me look. I saw discolored areas. She said not tumors and referred to as "lesions". She said to come back in 3 weeks for another cysto and that will be all done if gone but if not, I have to have a biopsy. She ordered a CAT scan of kidneys and not sure if bladder. Anyone else had these spots inside their bladder? Not sure if she thought due to infection. She seemed to think the bright red blood was not part of the infection but not sure. Am getting the CAT Scan ASAP. I had hematuria (microscopic blood) in my urine for years and my primary care doctor was a Nephrologist, and he refused to do a 24 hour urine or anything further. Mygroup dropped him and I went to a new Primary Care Nephrologist who said to go to the urologist after the bleeding the second time. Any woman seen these discoorations inside her bladder during a cystoscopy?
59 year old male here, just had a cystoscopy because of nodules on my prostate. The nurse applied a Novocaine type product to the insertion point,that took me by surprise and hurt for a second or two. Then they inserted the rigid scope and it hurt further in, enough to catch my breath and say holy s_ _ _ (not out loud). When it was in and they did what they had to do it did not hurt at all. 30 seconds later it was over. Hurts to pee the first day but is getting better all the time.
I had a cystoscopy today I thought, The nurse was lying, about pain when, I asked she said no.she sprayed me with this solution and then injected gel into my bladder and urEtha then I felt coldness about 15 minutes the Dr came in I was so scaredShe put the instrument inside I did,nt feel a thing she then used a pair of scissors for a biopsy,I did,nt feel that either she also used water did,nt feel that until after when I urinated it was cold instead of warm urine All in all I felt nothing except for now I burn when I urinate, I went home did laundry even though burning,I was catherterized last week for a speciman that hurt worst, then this procedure.I just laid there looking at the ceiling .She said I just had a little irritation that she wanted to biopsy but it did,nt look like cancer or anything,it maybe from the uti I have.Iam a big baby when it comes to pain,When I read about this and people's comments it scared me If I were you do not read up on a procedure before you have it everyone is different,the Internet is remarkable for information, sometimes too much ! Good Luck
I had a cystoscopy today I thought, The nurse was lying, about pain when, I asked she said no.she sprayed me with this solution and then injected gel into my bladder and urEtha then I felt coldness about 15 minutes the Dr came in I was so scaredShe put the instrument inside I did,nt feel a thing she then used a pair of scissors for a biopsy,I did,nt feel that either she also used water did,nt feel that until after when I urinated it was cold instead of warm urine All in all I felt nothing except for now I burn when I urinate, I went home did laundry even though burning,I was catherterized last week for a speciman that hurt worst, then this procedure.I just laid there looking at the ceiling .She said I just had a little irritation that she wanted to biopsy but it did,nt look like cancer or anything,it maybe from the uti I have.Iam a big baby when it comes to pain,When I read about this and people's comments it scared me If I were you do not read up on a procedure before you have it everyone is different,the Internet is remarkable for information, sometimes too much ! Good Luck
Just wanted to post a milder experience to balance out some of the horror stories here. I found this site the night before I removed the catheter at home from my cystoscopy and quite frankly it scared the heck out of me. In comparison however my cystoscopy was a breeze. I am a 43 yo male and had it done to investigate occasional bleeding. It turned out to be from scar tissue that my urologist was able to remove during the procedure rather than having to do a second surgery. My one piece of advice is don't duck the meds. If you have a low tolerance for pain tell your urologist/surgeon. If they tell you not to worry about it then you have selected the wrong urologist/surgeon. No need to be a hero here, we aren't back in the 1800's. I chose to be put under during my procedure which by the way affords them a greater latitude to correct anything they find while they are inside and makes the procedure virtually painless. The worst of it was the nurse finding my vein for the iv and the burn of the sleep meds going in. Since they removed some tissue I had to go home with a catheter over the weekend. Very uncomfortable but manageable with Advil and the meds they gave me to prevent the burning sensation. If you go home with a catheter get yourself some Neosporin to lube the area where it goes in. It makes a world of difference. Took the catheter out myself this morning, there was a little discomfort and some blood bot nothing terrible. First urination was a little hot with a tingle but not painful. I had one kidney/bladder spasm before I left the hospital. It hurt but didn't last long. The worst part of this whole experience was worrying and waiting for pain that really never came. Talk to your doctor so you know what to expect and take the meds.
Broken Arrow
Ron @ #67 above is spot on. I think women and men respond differently to this procedure, so I can only speak to the male perspective, but you dorks who think you're being macho by claiming it's painless are duplicitous or impotent.

I'm a 50 year old male who is happy to say he can still achieve an erection at the drop of a hat anytime anywhere if need be and even if need not be. Except now, after three torturous cystoscopies, I feel like Jack after he went up the hill with Jill and broke his crown. Now, when I get an erection, it hurts like hell and it hurts even worse when I ejaculate - as thought I'm ejaculating battery acid after my utrethra's been filleted by a sadistic master butcher. It literally hurts so bad the combination of pleasure and pain associated with orgasm almost knocks me out and leaves me feeling weak-kneed and depleted. Now I know what a sadomasochist feels - but I don't like it - not one bit.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I went into the urologist for another issue and now I have this issue. My manhood's broken and I don't know if it will ever be fixed or healed. I know I don't trust this urologist to make it right, but now it's made me distrust all urologists and physicians. Are they just glorified barbarians who have more schooling? Aren't they suppose to heal rather than causing more harm?

I know this - I'm at wit's end and I have no recourse. I'm looking at the prospect of never enjoying sex again because a clueless urologist permanently damaged my penis. Let this be a word pf caution to anyone considering this procedure. Think long and hard before having it done, and I would suggest not doing it unless it's absolutely necessary - for example to have bladder tumors and growths removed.

If anyone else has had a similar experience please share it. I am six week now since the last cystoscopy and there's been little to no improvement with the erection and ejaculation issue resulting from it.
Today I had my second cystoscope. The last one was 2 years ago and it was very painful. At that time I asked the doctor to stop first when he reached the sphincter as the pain was unbearable. Then he withdrew the tube but said its important that he gets to see inside. So I asked him to try again. This time i shut my eyes tight and winced when he tried to enter the sphincter. The pain was unbearable but somehow he was able to get through.
But today was different. The pain was so unbearable that I had to yell stop stop. and he just could not finish it.
Next time I am asking for a general anesthetic.
I am a 39 year old man with an atonic bladder (cause unknown) and mild urinary retention. For this test no pain medication had been prescribed to me but as I like to be proactive I drank 750ml of water and took a Tylenol Ultra and a Motrin Extra Strength about 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the procedure. When the urologist took hold of my penis and inserted the local anasthetic gel via a needleless hypodermic syringe. This stung and was a very strange and weird sensation as it worked its way up my urethra. A few seconds later he plungled in the cystoscope and directed my attention to the large closed-circuit monitor, so that I could watch what was going on at the same time as I felt it. There was definitely some pain and discomfort right around the entrance of the urethra in the head, but no pain although a feeling of fullness farther up until he reached my prostate. He then cautioned me I would feel a bit of discomfort, and I did as he forced it through the prostate and into the bladder. It wasn't exactly painful, but it was uncomfortable. He injected some saline solution into the bladder, but I did not feel this at all. He indicated that apart from the atonic blader, everything was normal, no strictures, inflammations, tumors, stones or other abnormalities of any kind are present and so the cause of the atonic bladder is unclear although it might be congenital. He then quickly removed the cystoscope, which was less painful than when it was put it. The cystoscope was not inside me for more than one minute at most, I believe.

I did go to the bathroom and I felt nothing farther up inside but it stung a lot around the tip. I had to urinate twice within ten minutes before I left the hospital, then took my ride home. Before I left I took another Tylenol Ultra and Motrin about 30 minutes after the first two and another 500ml of bottled water (this is not consistent with the directions on these drugs but I didn't care). At home I drank lots of water, let's say 500ml every hour, right up until I went to bed. I also took the Tylenol Ultra and Motrin every four hours at maximum dose for each. As the local anasthetic wore off, there was definitely a burning sensation when urinating and urination became quite frequent (but then of course I was drinking water like a fish). So before I went to bed, I took some old Tyelenol 3 from a different procedure.I had to get up once during the night to urinate and this was the most painful urination so far, I did feel a bit of the "razor wire" effect from my bladder neck through to the penis head that many guys talk about. But it was with dulled blades if that analogy makes any sense, because of course I had been popping Tylenol Ultra and Motrin Extra Strength and drinking water like a fish all day and now was doped up on prescription strength Tylenol 3( Tylenol plus Codeine) too. Then I drank more water and went back to bed.

Next morning the pain was less than it was the previous night, and focused back around the inside of the head; there was no more deep interior discomfort at all. I now switched my drug regimen to Tylenol Extra Strength with Motrin every four hours because I didn't want to irritate the urethra with too much caffeine (Tyelenol Ultra contains caffeine). I kept drinking lots of water and kept urinating every hour or so, with pain steadily decreasing throughout the day to just a mild stinging around the tip by nighttime. I also took two concentrated cranberry pills with water, one in the morning and one in the evening. The next morning I woke up and took a Tylenol Extra Strength but no Motrin and a cranberry pill, and cut down on the water. I had only some mild stinging around the tip in the morning and so went to work. It is now after work and I have had no pain or discomfort of any kind while urinating today.
As a follow-up point I think how this procedure affects you (speaking about men) has a lot to do with what your problem is. If there is any kind of inflammatory process whatsoever up there, I suspect it would hurt you a lot more than it did me, for a lot longer. Like a UTI times ten. That's why some men say it isn't too bad and others say it is pure agony and hell. But the urologists ought to prescribe painkillers to every patient, I shouldn't have had to rely on an old stache of Tylenol 3 to see me through the worst part.

And yes, my package works fine and is not made of wood and rubber as some have suggested is the case for those who don't suffer eternal rather then brief pain from this procedure.
Follow-up to my previous two posts. For the record I did have several residual irritations for almost two weeks after the procedure, which seemed to come and go randomly but which I am sure were related to the procedure. As of two weeks everything was back to normal. So, I would say the minimum recovery time from male flexible cystoscopy is two weeks, assuming no biopsy and nothing is actually abnormal in your urethra or prostate. I think if you had a biopsy or some kind of inflammatory process in your urethra or prostate before the cystoscopy then recovery must be at least three or four weeks. And as I saw, I do think they should give prescription painkillers routinely to every flexible cystoscopy patient.
I have this procedure done regularly as I have survived bladder cancer. There is a way to minimize the pain of the scope. Once it is inserted, bear down as if attempting to urinate, this allows the scope to pass through the prostate with minimal pain. If you can keep the prostate relaxed you will be much more comfortable not only during the procedure but afterwards.
Thought I would comment on here for others to see. Had my procedure today, was in and out in no time (general anastetic) although had to wait a while for my slot in surgery. The procedure went fine and as it was so quick I was discharged within an hour after the procedure. The painful but however was going to the loo afterwards! Peeing razor blades as other people have described is about accurate for me. I also noticed that sitting down seemed to 'dribble' blood / urine out into my boxers but that soon subsided. It is painful to go, but better to try and keep your fluids up. I found it really helped the pain if I ran a warm bath, gritted my teeth, had a wee n then jumped straight into the bath! The pain eased off quicker that way for me.

I would certainly advise general as local dosent sound all that nice. It may be more time consuming but it's certainly no way near as painful. Either way though I presume the razor blade pee for 24 hours or so is still the same, but it does get better honest. If it's still severely burning after a few days, go see your GP as the surgeon might have damaged ur urethra or there might be a minor infection

Hope that helps!
I think your experience with the cystoscopy really depends on your current health and condition. I had one at 36 and it was quick and painless. My doctor just did it as a precautionary measure because I had seen blood, which we assumed was from kidney stones, but he wanted to be sure. I wasn't in any pain before, during, or after. I was prepared for burning and bleeding, but none happened. I took Tylenol as a precautionary measure, but I don't think I actually needed it. My doctor told me I could work out later that day (the procedure was outpatient in his office). The only slightly uncomfortable moment was when it was inserted, but that was literally for a second or two and then it was not painful at all. To be honest, ladies, a pelvic exam and Pap smear are much worse!

I realize that many people have bad and painful experiences with this, so I am not trying to minimize it, but please realize that there are also those of us that had absolutely no trouble with the procedure, so please don't worry too much! My worrying beforehand was definitely the worst part.
Karen Wilde
My son had a cystoscopy and urethrotomy 2 weeks ago. This is his 6th. This time a lot of bleeding and pain after. Is getting a lot of pain and discomfort in the shaft of his penis and sore to touch. Should this be happening. Any answers welcomed. Thank you.
I am a 33yr old female and just had a cystoscopy today under general anesthesia. It was so painful when I came to and it was/is god awful when I have to pee. This is my 2nd one and I have to say I'm experiencing much more pain then the first (the 1st was still painful and I was awake for). I will NEVER have this done again unless it's a life or death situation.
56 year old male, had one done this am was sudated for it all went well no pain , but now after procedure when i pee very painful, was not given anything for pain, but am calling doctor for something, advse anyone having this done to make it known in advance before you go home that you want something for the pain, because you most likly will have it.
Had my flexi scope done on a friday. Bit uncomfortable to say the least. But expected. Wasnt expecting that the on the sunday urinating was more painful than that of sat. If you keep hydrated keep your urine clear it seems to burn less. At least six pints water day should do it. Hope it helps.
karen bracknall
My boyfriend had a cystosropy, Retrograde Pyelogram Bladder Biopsy. Can this procedure cause Kidney Failure?
Today I had a cystoscopy and I would say it was mildly uncomfortable, similar to being catheterized - however I was on tramadol 50mg x 2 and diazepam 5 x 2 mg before the procedure and had been injected with an antibiotic just after it. - I would not require those meds to be or to self-catheterise, just a lubricant sometimes with a very short term local painkilling action had always been enough.
So I imagine these meds helped my pain and discomfort wise during and after the procedure.

Expect some soreness and to feel like you 'need to go' even when you don't or can't for a while, everyone is different so I'd always advise patients to call their healthcare provider when they feel something needs outside attention beyond what they feel they can deal with.

On arrival home trying to pass water was not happening even after 2 litres of fluids taken in 1 hour including the fluids used in the cystoscopy - I had an unused sealed in date, sterile catheter in the home that I could have put in by myself prescribed for an emergency situation if I went into retention, which was at one time random and common.

I was trained by Nurses on how to do this 9 years ago and it had saved me a lot of time and stress 2-3 times and also stopped my calling them out at 3am if I was ever in a situation where I simply would have had to wait hours and fill up so much I’d be very uncomfortable. Only ever do this if you have been taught how to though and feel well enough to do it. If I was running a high fever and required a catheter inserted I would never do it myself as fevers can affect concentration,judgement and fine hand movements.

It would not be impossible to get a nurse to come out but as I was discharged from in the home treatment ,it may have meant I could have required a hospital visit and the associated travel, waiting and having to tell 5 people the same thing over and over can be really difficult when very uncomfortable.
I was exhausted - possibly because of sedation and was looking to deal with the situation myself and call the hospital if I got in trouble.

I'd not had a catheter in situ for over a year and was determined to not go back to the frequent UTI's and on a few occasions dangerous associated fevers even when using the most aseptic techniques, this is a foreign body and bugs tend to gather on or in the exit holes of catheters - in my opinion they should be changed at least monthly, not 3 monthly in people like me.
Costs of devices often make local health teams perform bladder washouts where complete replacements would be more prudent in the interest of getting any bugs out of the body that were on the already installed indwelling catheter - rather than push any infection further upwards towards the kidneys with force from a washout.

So anyway I decided to wait it out pressing lightly on my bladder area, and trying to relax myself as much as possible In the area of the bladder, exercising the muscles inside that cause a stop and start passing water and- eventually 30 minutes later I passed water but did start to sweat, quite a lot, a little like when one has a uti.

I tested the water and it has no leucocytes or nitrates were in it but some protein and an acidic pH was apparent. This got weaker the more I drank and passed water.

Diagnosis at cystoscopy was urethral stenosis and the Surgeon mentioned I will need another op. The pain I was already experiencing he said is probably from scar tissue from the first op and did mention that it may not go away even after the next surgery.

My tolerance of pain may be heightened because of the amount of time I had been on internal devices in the past and obviously the meds used.
It’s now 5 hours on from leaving the Hospital and a 7/10 pain has a 3/10 - so I think an early night is in order.
I went with my 32 yr old son to the urologist since he was having problems urinating. When he was 1yr old, he had 2 tubal blockages in his urinary tract.. So in the last few years it has got worse with not being able to pee for just a few seconds and not being able to feel when he went pee. Since my urologist was not available we made an appointment with his partner who I had never met. He was an older man and I did not know to ask him how many cystoscopys he had performed. Well we went in for the evaluation and told him of the birth defect of the 2 blockages and the microscopic surgery he had back then when he was 1yr old and how his urine would reflex back up into his kidneys. Ok, so today he does the procedure, but then he RAMS the camera scope up him and tore the blockage, My son screamed and the doctor says sorry,, and my son says to stopped that it was excruciating pain, the doctor for a second time RAMS it further and my son screams again and saw all the blood coming down the tube on the scope. He asked for pain meds but the doctor oh, you won't need it,, it will pass. So I call and tell them he is in pain and needs it. The doctor tells my son he did him a favor by breaking through the scar tissue because now he does not need surgery! I was so livid! He was nervous to begin with and now he is traumatized and in much burning pain when urinating! We had to wait 4 hours to get a pre-auth from the insurance company for the pain meds of 6 vicodin.. The pharmacy said they could not fill it since he had been prescribed 6 pain meds the week before and they had run out. I was told that his insurance will only allow those types of meds only once a month! So I put in a message to talk to my urologist who works in that office tomorrow and let him know that my son needed a stent to keep this from closing up again, and that the doctor should have put him under anesthesia, not to mention using a camera scope instead of a surgical instrument that should have been used for that instead.. Mind you they can take tissue samples, but he did not, he used the camera scope to tear through the scar tissue! He did not even give him any antibiotic! He is in much pain with the burning excruciating urination. The whole purpose for going in was to see if the blockages/scar tissue had returned and to schedule him for surgery.. once in surgery and the blockages removed, THEN he could have looked into his bladder, which we did not even discuss since it was his kidneys that needed to be checked due to the urine that would reflex back up into his kidneys.. Medicine these days has gotten sloppy at the expense of the patient!
Paul Mendolia
Yeah the women say its no big deal to get a cystoscopy...Of course. They don't have to access the bladder like we do. It hurt and burned like hell and the doc. is telling me to relax or it will hurt more...HUH!. Well I am still alive. I got through it. thank God no cancer.
D. Burley
Had a cystoscopy 2 days ago, male 59. Only had a local gel. I about passed out in pain when the doc pushed the instrument into me. I do have enlarged prostate but he kept saying "relax" which didn't seem to help. He said "very vascular." I'm not even sure if he finished any pictures or viewing. The pain was excruciating. I don't think that procedure will happen on me again unless I'm OUT! Peed out blood, and burning, for the rest of the day but after that seems to be fine.
I have a bit of a horror story that I'm sorry to share. I was told I would be given local anesthetic, but when I arrived in the morning I was not. My urethra was too small for the scope to go in. They kept telling me to relax, but it wasn't working. The scope was too big. It felt like a razor kept trying to be inserted into my urethra. The worst part is they kept trying. For at least 10 minutes I was in terrible pain and crying until they gave up. So the doctor decides to stretch my urethra. Again, I'm under no sedatives or anesthetic. No gel, no anything! The pain was so unbearable, so I began to scream. He finally gets the scope somewhat in. Things start to go fuzzy. My body is shaking. And I feel like I'm going to faint. He says he did the entire procedure and it was clean, but he hardly looked inside since it was so difficult to get the scope up into my urethra. Then he walks out and doesn't tell me anything about what I may experience afterwards. He just wishes me luck on my upcoming move.

Thank god I had an incredible nurse! She oddly had to whisper to me about the pain I was going to be in and the blood that will most likely follow. She said she understood because she went through something very similar even though the doctor claimed it wouldn't be painful. I was so confused as to why they didn't give me any anesthetic. Then I get my discharge sheet that says everything is normal even though the doctor told me I needed to see another Urologist (I'm in the middle of a move) to determine what to do about how small my urethra is claiming that may be the root issue of all of my urinary pain. He straight up said the urethra was not normal size, but the report says otherwise. The report also says I consented to things that I never consented or signed off to and that I was told about what would happen before and after when I was not. Now I'm home in terrible pain. Urinating feels nearly impossible but the urge is more frequent that I've ever experienced. Blood is coming out as well. I plan on calling tomorrow if still in excruciating pain and demanding for pain killers. I will NEVER do this again unless I'm under, and I sure as hell will never be seeing this doctor again.

I am a special case though where my urethra was too small for the scope. But the doctor was terrible and made poor decisions regarding my comfort.
I HAD A CYSTOSCOPY ON nov 26 under general anesthesia and was discharged same day with catheter. The procedure went comfortably. I was prescribed my Dr. to take CIPROXIN 500 MG TWICE A DAY FOR 5 DAYS AND GENURIN SEMPLICE FORTE thrice a day for 5 days. I was advised to come back after one week for the removal of catheter which I did today Dec 3. During the whole past week I experienced a very painful and sharp burning sensation while urinating. I told the Dr. about it today but he simply remarked "this happens". After removal of Catheter today I returned home. The first urination was horrible I not only experienced terrible burning but urine had started driping on way to the bathroom. The second urge was worst as before I reached bathroom I had emptied my bladder. I had no control whatsoever to stop the flow. This was about an hour ago. Can some guy please advise me what to do as it is late evening Friday and the next appointment with the Dr. is after two week (it is public hospitalm specialising in Urology) I am 74 Male
Had cystoscopy and biopsy done in Feb 2015 and crikey was it painful. The outcome was an inflamed bladder and I still have chronic cystitis. Am on a low dose maintenance course of antibiotics, and whenever I have a flare up back on a treatment of antibiotics. I hope I never have to endure the procedure again. I was told "mild discomfort" I guess the urologist/gynaecologist forgot to mention pain.
My dad had cystoscopy dec 17,2015 and until now he is still bleeding, had catheter put in 2x. Went to the ER several times due to inability to urinate, had irrigation and all that to clean up the clots from the bladder . I just want to know if you guys have an idea if this is a sign that my dad has a bladder damage coz of the cystoscopy? Tomorrow is my dad's check up and I want to have any idea what to ask the urologist because I'm thinking to change a urologist for second opinion however having doubts for if I do so, we will definitely will be back to zero to go to a new doctor.
54 year old male. First time doing this procedure.
Glad I did not read this before as I was already nervous. Had it done due to recent low urinary and BPH concerns. My doctor used the flexible type. After the initial pain relief on tip. He started
I took a small jolt. The worst part when he reached or passed by the prostate section. I was expecting pain but it was so fast of a pain that I actually yelled for a sec. I am not the kind to yell in doctors office c aught me by surprise.
Then he made it to blader and the worst seemed over. When he pulled out it was no pain like before.
Now every time I go to bathroom it hurts real bad
It's been 24 hours hope I start to improve soon.
54 year old male. First time doing this procedure.
Glad I did not read this before as I was already nervous. Had it done due to recent low urinary and BPH concerns. My doctor used the flexible type. After the initial pain relief on tip. He started
I took a small jolt. The worst part when he reached or passed by the prostate section. I was expecting pain but it was so fast of a pain that I actually yelled for a sec. I am not the kind to yell in doctors office c aught me by surprise.
Then he made it to blader and the worst seemed over. When he pulled out it was no pain like before.
Now every time I go to bathroom it hurts real bad
It's been 24 hours hope I start to improve soon.
shante reader
I had a cystoscopy and retrograde yesterday. I received anesthetic. Went in at 10h20 woke up pass 12h00. So I dont know anything about the procedure while I was out, only what was explained pre and prior the procedure. Yes the burning is severe when passing urine but gets better drinking alot of fluids and takind my pain meds. P
I had the rigid cystoscopy done under general anasthetic and after the procedure the urinating was painful and I started bleeding heavily and also passing large blood clots about the size of a 20p coin , so after a nights stay in hospital and antibiotics I rested for about 3 days and the urine cleared up with no more blood, so I went back to work thinking it was all over, but after 5 days with no problems I suddenly passed more blood, purhaps I over exerted myself causing the bleeding?? How long should the healing take??
I had flexible cytoscopy done recently (male). Had been told in the briefing beforehand that the insertion of the anaesthetic gell into the penis might sting, but really - it didn't much. I didn't notice the device going in, but did have 3 pinches of pain as it went through the prostate area - he said to relax just before then; maybe I didn't, I don't know. He said do you want to stop (as I yelped, louder than was justified but of course one fears that pain is preceding more, worse, pain - it didn't actually). I said go ahead. I think the anaesthetic he squired into the penis and tried to push up it whilst the end was (painlessly) clamped, had not quite gone up that far. And in a moment he was in the bladder, and wanted me to examine the screen (I felt queasy, and had little interest in this). My large prostate had, it turned out, made the bladder muscular and small;the prostate was constraining the urethra at that point making it hard to pee. I'd already had an ultrasound and a very expensive high resolution MRI of the prostate/bladder with enhanced contrast via gadolinium that was injected into me half way through the MRI via an automatic canula (a syringe left in your arm), so I don't know why they couldn't tell from that; oh well.
I was at this point feeling queasy; he didn't spray water into the bladder for long (I hardly felt it) - maybe 60 seconds in the bladder - and then he removed it. This time I felt nothing - I think it had pushed anaesthetic into the upper part of the urethra around the prostate, and that had had time to work. On the way out, he pointed out spots on the inside of the urethra where it went through the prostate (indicating possible recent undiagnosed bacterial prostatitis). Getting off the couch, I felt still more dizzy and semi-fainted and was asked to lie on my back with my legs up on a chair; how embarrassing. A biscuit later, I had the first pee (they leave in you, the water they put in); painless. But in doing that, you are peeing out the precious anaesthetic; the end of my penis began to feel sore, and I realised that the next "first" pee, excluding that very first one, might be tricky. He had given me a 100 mg diclofenac suppository (painkiller) to put up the rectum an hour before, which I had, and I asked for more. You'll be fine, he said, but you can take ibuprofen if you like. 45 minutes later, I tried to pee at a public loo on the way home - too painful so after two attempts, each time only expelling a few drops, I gave up and got home just as fast as I could. Next time, at home, I read to first get in a shallow warm bath; then get out and pee in the loo. So I did. I found that if you can pee THROUGH the initial sharp pain, the pain is much less once you've got the flow going - although I still whimpered a little. In truth it was NOT unbearable. I was motivated by the thought that putting a catheter into such a bruised urethra would be bad indeed. I drunk plenty, as all sources say that the pain is because of the salty urine flowing past the bruised urethra tip, so diluting it helps. This worked - next time was less bad. Third time just strong stinging, but really not bad. Overnight, I had drunk less, and the pain level was therefore not less as the wee was less dilute - the reduction stopped (but it was quite OK). Next morning I drunk a lot, and by mid-day I was peeing weak pee without any pain. At no point did I pee any blood, not even pale pink; but in between pees, the first day, I leaked a little stuff (clear - and I don't think it was urine; it was something from my slightly outraged urethra, I expect). The only part of the urethra that ever hurt when peeing for me was right at the end (of the penis) - I think this is so for most men. If I needed one again, I'd do it - but get a lot of sleep the night before, and eat a biscuit or sweet tea right beforehand, to reduce the risk of fainting.
I had the procedure this morning on an outpatient basis. They used a gel that stung a bit to numb my penis and after a 15 minute wait the doctor did the procedure. He well prepared me for what was expected and while there was some very minor pain it was simply uncomfortable. It's best to relax which I tried to do but its not easy when they are sticking a tube up your penis. More pain comes after when you have to urinate. That really stings though not to the point that you shriek! I read that it's best to drink a lot of water after the procedure but if that makes me urinate more often I'm not sure its a good idea. But I will probably do it. He did find some bladder stones but I've never had a problem urinating. He said that they might be from not fully emptying my bladder so I may have to go back to potty training.
It has been less than 24 hours since I had my flexible cystoscopy.
I am 26 year old female who has blood and protein in my urine and was to receive this procedure in order to rule out any bladder issues that may be the cause of this.
A few hours prior to the procedure I had a renal ultra sound to check over my kidneys.
Now 100% the waiting around, worrying, over analysing, torturing myself thinking it was going to be horrifically painful was certainly the worst part! The first thing I said once the surgeon was finished was is that it?! So this shows it was not anywhere near what I had build up for.
I had urine and blood checks prior to the procedure and also a consultation with nurse to go over any concerns I may have. Then asked to change into gown removing everything on my bottom half but I got to keep my top half of clothes on which to me, made me feel slightly more comfortable in some sort of my own clothing. Just before being taken into the surgical room one of the nurses who would be helping the doctor came to talk to me and take me round to the room.
Every one of the nurses doctors everything were so welcoming and really helped keep me calm. Spoke to me during the whole procedure which I will say amounted to around five mins!
Once in the room I was asked to lay on the bed, bend my knees bring my feet together and then just let my knees fall to the side very much the same position females have during cervical smear tests. Then large sheet with square hole was placed over the area one nurse wiped the area with antiseptic gel. Now all of this was explained step by step before they did anything to make clear to me what they where doing.
Then doctor injected local anaesthetic gel into my urethra with no needle just the syringe. Then immediately afterwards he inserted the scope.
This was very very uncomfortable. Not painful as such just uncomfortable. Once it was in the nurses spoke to me a bit to keep my mind off it but as u can imagine that was a hard task. The doctor filled my bladder up to enable the scope to check around my bladder. Again the turning of the scope was uncomfortable I could feel the movement. Then he said ok am going to take it out. Count to three. I did and it was over.
The sigh of relief that it was over so quickly was an amazing feeling. Straight away before I could even get up he told me everything looks normal and ur kidney test is normal so no follow up everything's as it should be. Thank goodness for that!
Before I was able to leave the hospital they had to make sure I could pass urine which I did. Mild discomfort at that point but no bleeding or stinging. And after having a consultation about aftercare I could go home.

Once home I experienced stinging and a bit of pain around two hours later and each time I went to the toilet. Also early this morning I woke with sudden huge urge to pee. During the toilet it was stinging and a bit painful just like having an urine infection.
One thing I felt had worked a little to help the pain is having a jug of warm water and pouring the water over my pubic area slowly as I urinate. The warmth and the fact I am concentrating on the water seems to be helping. I have got a cramp feeling this morning and as thought I need the toilet all time but this isn't hugely painful more uncomfortable. And hopefully should pass by later.
I have had no bleeding what so ever since having this procedure done yesterday!

Now this experience for me I understand will be totally different from others. But I wanted to share as for any young female around my age may have a fear of this and scared so ur not alone I did to. But the pain and discomfort is worth it knowing that you get ur results.
Micah M
Hi I'm a male 13 year old and I would like to say I got scoped while I was awake (took about 4 to 5 min) and it hurt like crap! I grunted and kind of twitched at some parts but bared through it. After the scoping the doctor told me and my mom that he couldn't find anything but I had swelling down there that wasn't normal so we went to a different doc and got me scoped under anesthesia and found swelling in my bladder that looks like autoimmune disease. My mom is still waiting results from the tissue samples but all I'm saying is just its worth it to get it checked it hurts like shiz ( also to pee after the scoping) but its worth it.
HI . I am female scheduled to have one next week in the urologists office, and i am simply petrified. I have had a chronic UTIs for the last 6 months. Everyone (females) that i speak to tell me its no big deal, just uncomfortable. Nothing like childbirth, i hear. I am so anxious that i nearly had a panic attack today. I was given Ativan today, and planning to take it before my procedure next week. Some of these posts are comforting, and some, i wish i hadn't read. Ill share my experience with you next week.
I am a 46 year old man and I had a cystoscopy and it was the most painful procedure I have every had. I was sweating and nearly passed out. I would recommend that you try and get pain medications for it. For some people it isn't that bad, for others it is extremely painful. The doctor told me that the procedure is easier for older men, so if you are younger or middle aged, get pain medications! Afterwards wasn't as bad for me, just a little uncomfortable.
I just had the cystoscope and I was sedated
The only uncomfortable part was urinating other than that no complications

I'm glad I didn't read any of these post beforehand I would have been scared to death
I have a 3mm kidney stone on my right side that been bothering me,so I want to the doctor one Fri and he said thatt it would have to come out thought surgery
I though they do not do that on those small of kidney stone but probably he does
I just hope the goes away for every and never comes back
I hope this work that way I can tell him how much better I feel and their no pain from the stone that it is all gone just hope I see the doctor after because that way I can tell him that pray that I can tell him that .
I was on here a couple of weeks back looking for reassurance that it didn't hurt.
I had my camera up almost 2 weeks back and I didn't feel anything apart from a very very very tiny pinch now and then. The only thing that I had was that it burnt a slight bit after when I needed to go for a wee.
It was that pain free I wandered what all the panic was about.
Hope this helps :)
John F
I had a cystoscopy on Tuesday. Investigating a persistent UTI after a prostatectomy.
As the consultant remarked the procedure is easier if you haven't got a prostate!
Apart from very slight initial discomfort there was no problem at all and I was able to look at the screen and we discussed the images.
Slight burning sensation on urinating for a day or so. But nothing painful.
I do wonder whether the skill of the operator is the determining factor.
Had recurring bladder cancer for 6 years, medium and high grade tumors, so many cystoscopy, TURB and TURP procedures too, but chemo and BCG never worked, but praying and in June 2016 began to eat apricot kernels, 8 a day, now for over 1 year NO cancer was found during recent cystoscopy... praise the Lord
Having been c-scoped, I highly suggest having this procedure done IN HOSPITAL under GENERAL ANESTHESIA, and have the doctor give you pain medication to take to minimize spasms, and urination. Hot compresses on my abdomen, and hot shower on my abdomen area and hot baths helped me a great deal. Make sure doctor give you pain medication. I was in so much pain from spams I called 911. Good thing is the spasms only last a few minutes. Walking them out helped. Next time I will be sure I leave hospital with ample pain killers and muscle relaxant to reduce spams. Two years ago I had c-scope in office with no anethesia and that was terrible. This should only be done in hospital, in my opinion. The pain medication is HIGHLY effective at reducing spasms.

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leonard smith
i had 2 uteroscopies in 3 weeks. the pain was beyond anything you could imagine. now im having problems getting an erection an my penis is twisted like a pretzel. any comments
It is my very first time visiting your blog and I am very interested. Thanks for sharing and keep up ;)
Hurts to pee
I had a cystoscopy done two days ago and now I’m looking up comments because I still have pain and discomfort from the procedure. It was relatively painless until I was told to squeeze my sphincter and then relax it. Instead of relaxing, I tensed up and he forced the scope past my bladder. I was screaming bloody hell and the rest of the procedure was a nightmare. All I remember is hot white pain and how unprofessional it was for the doctor to force the scope even though he could clearly see through the camera that I was all tensed up. Now days later, I still have a nausea feeling in my stomach like I just got kicked in the testicle. It is unbearable and all the symptoms I came in for initially are all much worse. Frequency of urination, hesitancy, forcing (lots of pain initially) and starting and stopping often. Not to mention constant leaking. I really regret having this procedure done. I just want to know that it will get better and I don’t have any permanent damage due to forcing the scope through my clenched muscles. :(
Pain After
I had a cystoscopy earlier today, Dec 2. Did not know that was going to be happening. Totally thought it was a consultation appointment, but glad to get down to business. Anyway, it was performed right there in the office like a pap would be and hurt about the same. Lidocaine via a syringe (no needle) was used to numb and I was given an oral antibiotic after to prevent infection.

The strange part was the water they put in your bladder to check if it fills properly then comes out when you stand up, so that was a bit messy.

The worst part was that the dr did not provide any after information so when I left I had to urinate and went to the bathroom in the building. I literally almost passed out from the pain and started sweating the burning was so bad. It literally felt like peeing glass and I've had many UTIs and kidney infections, which is why I needed the procedure. Worst pee of my life!

Anyway, that made me terrified to pee again, but it was significantly better after that, especially since I picked up AZO, which the doctor finally recommended. I had to go back to the office to ask if the pain was normal and was told yes and to pick that up.

I was planning on going to work after, but there is no way that was happening, so headed home and slept most of day. I think my body was in trauma from the shock since I had no idea that was going to happen this morning. Some pain tonight with some blood, but much better.

The only other part I wish someone told me is my urine is orange. I thought it was from the iodine used, but it's actually from the AZO, so that's normal too.

Overall, easy-ish experience for this 34yo female, no children. The worst part is that first pee afterward and it'll improve from there.
Ali Haytch
I've been reading these comments eagerly before my own procedure, finding them very helpful, and can now comment myself. It is a very uncomfortable procedure, and in the boundary between pain and discomfort, it straddles the two I would say. I suffer from chronic prostatitis, am a 36 year old generally healthy male. I have prior to the porcedure been experiencing a burning sensation when I urinate. I had a bit of morning anxiety on the day of the procedure, a restless night of sleep, but was somewhat mentally prepared for it.

Now, the procedure itself: the more clinically and efficiently done, the better you will cope. By clinically and efficiently, I mean that the doctor and accompanying nurse cutting to the chase and getting down to it rather than dilly dallying by making small talk and calming your nerves. In my instance, I found the performing doctor to be refreshingly brusque with a touch of humour. The lidocaine gel stings as it is deposited in your urethra, but the sting is quick. What I found particularly helpful during the minutes long procedure was focusing on my deep breathing. The nurse and doctor also tried distracting me with chatter (which is when small talk does help!), which was useful for taking my mind off what was happening downstairs. And then it was over. Nothing unusual was found by the doctor.

The first few times I went to urinate was very painful, taking ten minutes at a time. Sharp stinging pain. Drinking copious amounts of water and taking paracetemol for the duration of the day helped immeasurably, so much so that by the fifth and sixth time going to urinate, the pain had nearly completely subsided. The next day, the pain with urinating had disappeared and normal daily activity could be resumed. I consider myself quite fortunate in that at no time did I experience blood when I urinated, something which is quite common I was told by the doctor.

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